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What I want to do, is create some Space Cannon for the Vine; naturally the Canon for Space will be completely unrelated to that of Earth. (Unless let's say someone tries to invade Earth). So I'm here to ask people to create races, cultures, way of life. Planets anything to help this get started. I do ask that you don't over power space with a whole bunch of superheroes.

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We do have some, couldnt hurt to have more just saying there is some. Theres the Ninjans(Zicarra primarily) Symaarians(Warsman primarily) Keresh(Ravek primarily) Teres Morba(canonly near extinct race of mine.) Theres others but I dont know them.
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Yes, I know that (Ziccarra) but what I want is to establish a "world" we're they races aren't foreign to each other.

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ME!!!!! I am the last of my race. However... I do have my own Prison Planet.

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The Kllk are a strange race. From head to toe they look like they were created from pieces left over during the creation of other races. Their legs are bird like in appearance with sharp talons at the toes while their broad body is humanoid but has a thick carapace on the front and a turtle shell on the back. Their arms are non symmetric as well. The left one is humanoid although well muscled featuring a dextrous five fingered hand. The other is crab like with a powerful pincer instead of a hand. Their head looks very much like that of the western dragons in human mythology featuring an impressive and at the same time protecting chitin collar. Where their body is not covered in deep blue natural armour (the feet though not the legs, the left arm and the head save the collar) scales only a tint lighter cover it. Due to their unique appearance they believe themselves to be superior to all other races supported by their faith in a "creator people" who created all races with the Kllk as first and most perfect. All others are just bad copies and jealous of them. This evokes a great xenophobia in them and the theocratical ruler, the Tzzk, usually does his best to use that fear.
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@Risky: Awesome!

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@Verde Cortega: Thanks. :) Was part of an old character history I wrote about two years back. had a character who was a human/Kllk hybrid space pirate. lol
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I am Batmanian

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@Risky: You should bring them out.

I'm going with Verde for this; she's a Ninjan Scientist; whom was sold into slavery.

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More races hmmmm? *plots more wars of conquest*

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Aka (Star Child's)

A StarChild is a member of one of the very first sentient's to evolve in the chaos after the creation of everything. They have superhuman abilities, including enhanced strength and agility, breathing in space, sustaining weapon fire and explosions without injury, and enduring atmospheric reentry. They also seem able to freely move in zero-gravity.

Each Starchild a fixed set of laws, called "Slave Chains." if they do not abide by their Chains, each member would be destroyed. The Chains of the Starchild can conflict with each others. "Save those about to die, hurt those intent on killing, protect life, protect the universe,"

In extremely violent battles, such as when two or more Starchild fight, they will go completely berserk, attacking and destroying everything around them, having been consumed by their own instincts. They refer to this state as being in a "Frenzy." Aware of having destroyed hundreds of solar systems while in a Frenzy, they strive to prevent each other from fighting .

Starchilds apparently live only for destruction and can apparently counter all the other races with ease. While Frenzied, they releases powerful shock waves whenever they moves through space, powerful enough to destroy nearby ships. Computers calculated that if they continued to remain in Frenzy, they would ultimately release energy on the scale of a supernova explosion.

(basically they would be everything that the universes should be afraid of, it it wasn't for the fact something enslaved them to do good things)

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Ninjetic Galaxy

The Ninjetic Galaxy is a galaxy that exist towards the North of the Milky Way Galaxy. The original name was the Curlarat Galaxy, however the Ninjans conquered most of it; changing the name to the Ninjetic Galaxy. The Majority of the Ninjetic Galaxy is made up of Ninjans, with the Talabethians coming in at a close second. The Ninjans are a female dominated society; they're lust for galactic conquest allows them to be highly hostile and militaristic.

The Talabeth's are a docile people (Delta Sha is a Talabeth), The Talabethian Home world was destroyed by Reginald, however they Talabethians share planets with the Ninjans as well as house their own colonies on moons throughout the galaxy.

Planets within the Galaxy

  • Tyrain
  • Ninjeta (Destroyed by Darkchild)
  • Ninjeta II (Destroyed by Ziccarra)
  • West New Haven (Destroyed by Ziccarra)
  • Riolua
  • Virgil III
  • Celadon
  • Reshira
  • Folcrum
  • Thresh
  • Parshua
  • Pluto
  • World Terminus
  • Omega Sin
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I could give this a try.

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 The Keresh Empire is one hailing from the far reaches of unexplored space, pouring across the galaxy, taking world after world in the name of their empire, Crushing all who stand in their way. The Keresh are as secretive as their are violent, there is very little intelligence available on this armor clad warrior race. One thing is certain, no world is truly safe from the Keresh war machine forever.
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@RavekTheConquerer: That's descriptive

#15 Posted by Ravek (2969 posts) - - Show Bio
@Ziccarra_Liafador: Their secretive, they wear full body suits of battle armor and conquer planets. What more do you need? :P
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@RavekTheConquerer: I need Galaxy info. Government set up and planets within the galaxy. No one will no they are out there, but I need to know how many of these planets come up as uncharted. Besides I know not every Kereshian(?) lives within that galaxy lol

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: Fine I'll type something up :3
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The Pacifistas

A highly intelligent race of nonviolent humanoids, the Pacifistas have devoted their entire life to the pursuit of knowledge and scientific advancement through peaceful methods. Born on a distant planet named Salus (the only habitable planet in this particular planetary system) orbiting a colossal star in the Andromeda Galaxy, the Pacifistas are utterly repulsed by acts of violence and prefer to remain concealed against hostile alien species. The Pacifistas are similar to the humans on Earth in terms of appearance, with the only notable physical differences being their retarded aging process, their pale violet skin and glowing eyes. A relatively old race of aliens, the Pacifistas have become scientific masters of their planet and with a thirst for knowledge, have decided to embark on a journey across the universe as an opportunity to study reality's mysteries and cosmological anomalies. Their planet Salus is governed by a democratic organization of scientists and social status is determined by intellectual levels. Preparing themselves for the harsh environments in the vacuum of space, the Pacifistas constructed energy-generated armored suits that completely encase their fragile bodies, granting them enhanced physical capabilities, as well as numerous technological advantages such as life-support systems and even energy-based weaponry for defensive purposes only. Traveling the universe in pursuit of pure knowledge and peaceful intellectual advances, the Pacifistas are an elusive race, preferring to remain hidden so as to avoid any hostility in a harsh universe.

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Adrexian Galaxy

The Adrexian is a spiral galaxy that is 147 lights years East of the Milky Way galaxy. The first and sole Earth cosmonaut into the Galaxy and one of it's Planet is Shinji Tsukazaki (December 17, 2011). On his tour, he discovered the planet Cerulan,(located on the Rankii Traverse) a planet similar to Earth inhabiting a race called Ceru. There skin is shades of blue and green; and there feudal planet run by advanced technology. There cities are built with the landscape instead of against it, believing in respect for nature. Despite there feudal societies there neighbors aren't belligerent as expected. They're government is a constitutional monarch rostered with relatives and citizens employed off intellectual merit.

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@Olympian_Champion: @Mr. Mercury: This is Awesome

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: Thanks :)

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@Risky: Do you have a Galaxy for them?

@Olympian_Champion: same

#23 Posted by Thee_Champion (5789 posts) - - Show Bio

@Ziccarra_Liafador: Once galaxies, planets etc. are established, are you planning on creating a canon space RPG?

#24 Posted by Shanana (54150 posts) - - Show Bio

@Olympian_Champion: Yes

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Royal Excelion Empire

The jewel of the Excellion Empire is Tauras the homeworld and economical center of the Vargas galaxy. The Excellions use thier financial/scientific and military might to hoard steal and generally rampage their way through rival systems in order to achive their target of purging the galaxy of other alien bloodlines. The empire consists of 3 seperate systesm each with a high commander who answers solely to the Prince Regent who is the grand commander of the empires mighty forces. The king and queen of the empire are in charge or parliment and the grand school of science and technology centers respectively.

All races taken over by the Empire are prurged of their inferior DNA and reformed into an Excellion form. Their apperance is humanoid in nature however their genetics and strenghts are unknown at present.

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Quarian lol

#27 Posted by EdwardWindsor (14517 posts) - - Show Bio

What's that mean ^ lol

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#29 Posted by EdwardWindsor (14517 posts) - - Show Bio

Ah yeah, well i like the look. Not a mass effect fan but the look is cool. I prefer sword and magic RPGs

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The Keresh Empire

 Located in a remote system more than 300 light years from the Milky Way Galaxy, Keresh'nava, the Keresh Homeworld, is one of three inhabitable worlds in the system, not including Lexeron, the lone moon of Keresh'nava. The Keresh themselves are a warrior race, once conquered by a now extinct race, these once peaceful people swore they would never be enslaved again. Despite the belief that the Empire is some sort of military dictatorship, the Keresh Government actually consists of a council comprised of representatives from the various Keresh worlds, with a group of senior councilors, elected by the general populace overseeing the meetings. Keresh'nava's climate is naturally warm and a mix of tropical jungle and temperate forests. The Empire itself comprises an estimated 3,000 worlds scattered throughout the vast emptiness of space, with a population believed to be in the Trillions and a military force in the Billions. Trained from birth to be warriors then shipped off for military training at age 6, until they reach 20 where they are then deployed to the various warzones across the Empire. Despite their war-like nature science and the arts flourish within the Empire and education and medical care is free to everyone. The Keresh, when first encountered by the galaxy at large where believed to be machines because of their body concealing armor and refusal to interact with other races in any way other than combat. It's best to avoid Keresh when encountered at large and advised that one never try and venture to the Keresh homeworld, those that managed to make the trip and return told tales of massive space stations throughout the home system and fleets of starships ready to vaporize any unwelcome vessel.
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@RavekTheConquerer: Oooooooooo

I think that's enough races for now. Anyone else will just add on to the storyline.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: :3
#33 Posted by Shanana (54150 posts) - - Show Bio

@RavekTheConquerer: Will you participate, you won't need to use Ravek

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Cue a uneven yet settled brotherhood between keresh and excellion empires. Before the eventual breakdown and war lol

#35 Posted by Shanana (54150 posts) - - Show Bio

Eh, I'm using the Ninjans; however the Ziccarra-esque character won't be participating

#36 Posted by EdwardWindsor (14517 posts) - - Show Bio

Hmm alt making time for me I guess then. Will get it sorted tomorrow since the later I leave it the more likely it will clash with having to make first cops post.

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Sounds good

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@Ziccarra_Liafador said:

@Risky: Do you have a Galaxy for them?

The only have a single planet (Kllkr I) and several large space stations circling around the planet on which they live. The form a tightly knit community and the whole planet is basically one big autonomous city with a population of over 14 billions. Their society is theocretical meaning they are ruled by the priests of the Creator People. The climate on the planet is dry and hot mostly producing savannas and jungles but interestingly enough not deserts. Their technology level is slightly above human standard with lasers and blasters being available as easily as blackpowder weapons are on earth. They don't like the idea of conquest much since they would have to set their perfect feet on tainted ground or would have to even interact with oother impure species but are more than vicious if defending their planet or one of their numerous space stations. Thanks to their zeal, their high strength and even higher durability they make excellent soldiers not afraid to die.
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@Risky: Awesome, Really I just needed the galaxy so I know where they call home, but I'm guessing it's throughout space.

#40 Posted by Risky (12660 posts) - - Show Bio
@Ziccarra_Liafador: Errr... I never thought about the galaxy but I'm canonly establishing the Nicaria Galaxy as their home galaxy now. It's about 14.000 lightyears away from earth. A galaxy with a red giant for a sun and 18 mostly uninhabitable planets circling around it. Most of those planets have been reduced to nothing more than seared pieces of stone by the high radiation of the sun, only Kllkr I and Treex are the exception. Treex is a rather cold planet far out that has brought forth no life itself but would theoretically be able to support life if it settled there. It's constantly on the direct opposite of the orbit of Kllkr I and is seen as a bad omen.
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@Risky: That sounds badass, When I can post as Verde again, I'll set it all up.

#42 Posted by Shanana (54150 posts) - - Show Bio

Jedi's and other known races are welcomed

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: Already have a Keresh Empire alt ^.^
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Im ready

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I was going to go all endepth on the Teres Morba...but their extinct and I am lazy lol they were basicly twilek jedi. Only existing remnants are associated with Azrael and Kayle

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The Universals: Supremely powerful beings on the edge of the universe. There are 4 of them. Pax, who is motivated towards peace, Zartoch, who wishes for war and destruction, Animus, the brave, and Sapientia, the wise. The goal of the Universals was to create this Universe for the Lord. Now they are tasked with monitoring it. In the Coming of the Star Child, the Universals created the Star Child when there was too much magic, which is not from this universe, in this universe to destroy magic. The Universals base is a fortress outside of time and space called the Stronghold.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: Is this relevant to 'ordinary' Vine Prime continuity?
#48 Posted by Shanana (54150 posts) - - Show Bio
@Izaiah Yes it is, once I have the storyline created I'll start it
#49 Posted by Izaiah (5562 posts) - - Show Bio
@Ziccarra_Liafador: Okay. I could write something up about the Xantroan Empire (and related worlds) if you like.
#50 Posted by Shanana (54150 posts) - - Show Bio
@Izaiah That's be great