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Copy had indeed waited for Aztek to get out of prison. Copy was disappointed to get scum like him for his first fight. Copy wanted to fight a hero, not a villain. When the psycho finally got out of the prison Copy thought to himself

"Man. I so wished we weren't fighting at a prison."

Copy then said

"How about we take this fight into a grassy plain?"

Copy then waited but Aztek was to cocky, so he attacked ignoring Copy comment. Copy dodge the fire and landed on a the roof of the police station and his eyes were glowing red with his optic blast and he said

"My offer still stands."

Copy then waited.

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Copy watched as Aztek listened to Copy. When Aztek teleported there Copy then said

"Wooh. At least I moved him from the prison. Our battle could have let millions of prisoners escape."

Copy then saw two policemen outside and saw what he did and one of them said

"Go kick his ass, Copy."

Copy smiled then he spoke the magic words


After finsihing the spell Copy teleported to the Everglades.

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Copy appeared in front of Aztek and said

"Yea, its much better."

Copy did always love the environment. Copy then looked around and saw the beauty of nature. Then Copy said

"Last time you got the first move. But this time I HAVE THE FIRST MOVE!"

Copy shot his optic blast straight towards aztek. Hoping it would land a hit.

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Copy watch as this villain was very cocky. Or he just wanted to see what Copy can do. Copy decided to show him. Copy put his hands out and they started glowing a bright blue. Then a bunch of lightning bolts shot out of his hands. They went all around Aztek and then shot down at him. Copy then said

"Lets see you dodge this!"