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Hahahaha wow can you only do that with 4 packs of pudding?

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@Ruhi_Tugu: Nah, six is optimum. :P

But I ran out of pudding.

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@Icarusflies: :\ Did you eat it?.... :P
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@Ruhi_Tugu: Yeah. We got TONS of pudding when I got my wisdom teeth out, and that was all I could eat for a while. This was the leftover. I didn't want to get more because then I'd have to eat it and if I see one more pudding cup I'm going to be sick. x_x

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i lov it i like the  part when Solenoid Spin has the paper how to stop the cat. great job in video now i gotta get pudding i'm hungry

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Pudding casserole a la' pudding.

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Your hat is pudding. My argument is irrelevant. 

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Crap! I forgot to write the recipe down! I'll have to watch it again!

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Im hungry for pudding now...

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@StrikeDown: Should pudding be paying me for advertising like this? O_o

@Decept-O: Yes…the fanciest of all puddings.

@Emperor Gonzo Noir: Your darn right it is!

@.Longshot.: OH NO! THE HORROR! Also, I think you missed the Christian Bale cameo, you have to watch it until you find it. xP

@RedheadedAtrocitus: I'm not. x_X

I don't think I'll ever be hungry for pudding again.

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@Icarusflies: You and me, man, we're done professionally. 
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That dastardly "CAT", how dare he try to steal the pudding? Will the world ever be safe from pudding thieves? The horror!

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 *Transforms into Bill Cosby
( I can't stop laughing, this video just made my day, God I love this place. Thank you Icarusflies  ʘ‿ʘ   )

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Ahaha!  Love the hat. XD
Can we expect a sequel featuring Jell-O in the future?

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Such simple directions! Maybe I can try this without causing an explosion!

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Have I told you how silly I think you are? LOL!!! Your dog is ADORABLE. Another great video! :D

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@Decept-O: Never fear….Solenoid is striving to build the ULTIMATE anti-cat device! So far he's decided raw meat and cheese are the best way to go! But until then…keep the pudding under lock and key!

@cyberninja: O_o

NOOO! It's a Bill Cosby! BACK Bill Cosby, it's MAH pudding. MAH pudding Bill Cosby!

(:D So glad to hear that!)

@M.S. Feather: >strokes invisible beard< perhaps we can…

(Though I've got a few other videos in the works, I just need people to answer my casting call because I need a little help with them)

@MrUnknown: MAYBE! But be careful, 80% of all pudding related accidents happen in the pudding!

@The Psyentist: ^_^

Thank you! Calypso LOVES being 'Cat' she gets so many things to eat.

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@Icarusflies: I bet!
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Pudding = Win lol

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DO NOT EAT THE PUDDING! This was hilarious! Great job!
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Thats one huge kitty hehe :p