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Sebastian leaned in the shadows of the Las Vegas casino. If he was out of costume then he would be more then welcome here but his alter-ego was an enemy of the state and was waiting on the bright night in vegas for his target to enter. Sebastian saw the many people in the large casino gambling and having fun two security guards stood at the doorway although Sebastian had snuck by them fairly easily. Sebastian had prepared well for this encounter but judgeing from what he had heard about his target he knew it would not be easy.

Sebastian prepped his pistol sliding a silencer on it. Hopfully he could get a vital wound to the target before he even noticed Sebastian was there on the upper level of the casino. Putting his hands on the gold railing Platinum kept his eyes focused on the doorway waiting and as the people in the casino laughed and gambled they had no idea it might be the last night of their lives as the two villains clashed.

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Constantine walked the lonely streets of Glasgow, a bit far from were they were meeting but co could handle it, finally he found what he was looking for, a vintage black mustang with red race stripes. The little coat flapped in the winds behind the small puppet of a man, Con was no taller than knee height, he tiptoed to look into the car window, leather seats - even better. He took out a blood stained knife before teleporting inside the car. He smiled to himself it had been a while since  he'd been behind the wheel. He started the engine by using the knife and he was off. Puppet con steered in and out of traffic using his teleporting abilities to dodge any oncoming traffic.

He had to leave a brick on accelerate because he couldn't reach the pedals. from his coat Constantine pulled a sheet of paper out, it had the location. In a matter of seconds Constantine was off the roads of Glasgow and on the roads of LV, dead ahead was the meeting place. Time to make his entrance, Constantine teleported the car through the air landing in a style that smashed through the doors killing both guards instantly, Con jumped out of the car his sword brandished and ready to fight before the car went flying over to the other side and exploding. causing major havoc amongst the gamblers....

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Out of nowhere a car smashed through the doors crushing the two security guards leaving a grusome mess of their insides everywhere. Before Sebastian could respond he saw his target hop out of the car the man is short Platinum thought to himself cockily as the car ripped through the air and hit the side o fthe casino cuaisng a massive explosion killing many. The lucky ones on the side began to flee as the foundation that was holding the second story up collapsed and Platinum was forced down smashing through a poker table "dammit"

Brushing splinters off himself Sebastian surveyed the massive chaos taking place as the patrons of the casino ran everywhere trampling each other and running for the nearest exits, in mere seconds everything had turned into a bloody mess Sebastian glanced around to see the dead gamblers blood and insides lyieing everywhere. After shaking away the headache and coming back to reality Sebastian ducked behind some of the ruins taking out his pistol and aiming down the sights to line up a shot.

phut the sound was barley heard as the bullet from Sebastian gun whizzed through the air directed at Constantine's stomach and as any sounds were drowned out by the insane screams of the Gamblers Sebastian knew that his target was not awaiting him. Sebastian hopped over the small bar counter hiding behind it to block himself from being seen and for providing cover with his pistol still in his hand.

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"La-laa-lee-la La-laa-lee-la" Scott hummed as he ran through the chaos his sword out and awaiting for battle, he held it out at the side cutting the legs off anyone he ran passed, his opponent was a villain, just like me Con thought, this should make it more interesting. He ducked and weaved in and out of peoples legs sliding over or under tables. phut and Scott caught a short glimpse of his opponent, the force of the shot pulling him backwards and literally knocking the stuffing out of him. soon he was covered in debris as the second story started collapsing, it seemed he had made quite an entrance.

He awaited a few seconds to heal before standing back up and wiping the muck off him, being a puppet now the healing process was quite different from when he was human, the same with him being in his vampiric state. Con had a feeling he might need it tonight. Being a puppet he seemed stronger, faster etc. like when in his vampiric mode at normal human state. Anyway Scott had caught a glimpse of the man attacking him and know he could be seen quickly jumping over the counter, the kid was fast.

Constantine threw his sword at high speeds toward the wooden counter aiming for were he thought th enemy landed, if that didn't work just in case Con pulled out his guns of god and teleported overhead. The man could be seen, Constantine pulled the triggers a few times loading a high amount of bullets toward his enemy before teleporting to outside where he landed and rolled across the newly cut green grass covering himself, from where he'd just teleported from, by laying up against a fountain, pistols still at hand.

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Sebastian's bullet hit and Sebastian found out the man was litterly a puppet and not a vampire. Or at least not at the moment, barley dodgeing the sword Platinum felt two bullet enter his body one in his shoulder and the other in his foot he was already hurt but not fatally in any way. Using a force feild blast to make an exit Sebastian jumped out and rolled on the grass to pick himself up as the building collapsed and came down in flames. Sebastian had been to vegas before and at night in was one helluva sight bright lights all over. Kind of like Times Square. Sebastian quickly brought himself back to the real world as he eged around the ruins of the casino and over to a small fountin where the puppet had landed pistols in hand.

Sebastian grabbed his katana and hid in the shadows the night. Appering on the side of the fountin Sebastian chucked a grenade at the puppet "Catch" Sebastian said shooting it with his gun cuasing it to explode blowing off small chunks of the fountin. Then quickly Sliding on the grass and doing a cartwheel to pick himself up and send a slice flying at the puppets legx if anything to weaken him.

Sebastian spoke "You know i prepared for a vampire even lugged this stupid wooden stake the whole way" Sebastian said as he took the stake out and threw it at the puppets head. The white slits that animated Sebastians eyes on his mask became lower and lines in a angry way.

"So lets see what ya got puppet"

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He watched, breathing sharp breaths,  as Platinum  exited the building by using a force field. He stood up  at the same time as when platinum rolled on the floor. From what Con could see of his opponents face it seemed he wasn't expecting an immortal vampire puppet, but rather a normal vampire, Constantine was a long way from any sort of normal. By the time Con was back to concentrating properly Platinum had disappeared, the kid was quick. "Catch" Con had barely any time to think of what to do, and automatically opened a miniature portal, lucky he did, the grenade went through and exploded, leaving Constantine unharmed, but he couldn't say th same for the fountain which had had got one half of the explosion.

Unexpectedly he was knocked to the floor his leg had been taken out from under him. Platinum spoke "You know I prepared for a vampire even lugged this stupid wooden stake the whole way" In a matter of seconds  Constantine was rolling out the way as a stake  went flying toward him, just skimming his head.  Platinum now looked angry, ooh this is when it gets good Con thought to himself. "So lets see what ya got puppet" said Platinum as Constantine pulled the stake from the ground and went for a stab to the kids gut.

"I'm a far way from being your everyday vampire, kid."

Con teleported away, making sure he was still in sight, to a rooftop, soon he was running and teleporting from one to another, all around PlatinumWarrior trying to confuse him. Con quickly teleported, after satisfied his opponent was confused enough, in front of Platinum, Stake clutched in both hands, he held it high before slamming it down toward PW's face.

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The stake collided hard against Platinums chest armor but the wood it was made out of wasnt enough to hurt him fatally. Trying to catch sight of Constantine with everything from his eyesight to his suit's radar and as both got terribly confused Sebastian barley had time to react to the stake that came smashing onto him knocking his body into the grass blood dripping from his nose and lip.

It was time for Platinum to look at the situation a bit more. Okay he's definitly some sort of puppet creature so flame,water and electricity will probably be my best bet to kick the stuffing out of his ass. The thoughts went through sebastians head as he pulled out his fast recoil crossbow a weapon he did not oftenly use but would be important to the battle simply because of how fast the arrows would fly. Setting the crossbow to a mode which would light the arrows on fire right before they went flying Sebastian shot a cluster of three fire arrows at Constantine one aimed at his throat another at his head and the last one at his leg before he put the crossbow back in the suits space for it.

Sebastian then did some acrobatics to attempt to annoy the puppet before rolling over to him and sending a slash at its chest. Platinum slowly backed away some of his wounds bleeding others that never began too. "Maybie theirs more then meets the eye for you but mark my words you will be dead by the time the day is done" Platinum said as he became angryier and backed away to give the puppet a chance for what he knew would be one hell of a fight.