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Hellfire Club, New York 5:30 P.M.

The lighting in the relatively dark room was confined to a single space at the center of the 15 by 12 foot area. Under the spotlight sat an older gentleman tied down to a wooden chair, the wrinkled features of the Caucasian weathered by vicious beatings suffered over the last 24 hours. The masked enigma, Milo, stepped into the circle of light, his apathetic visage veiled by the mask, a sight that inspired whimpering terror in the man's heart as he looked upon the muscular build of his captor.

"I don't know where she is, I swear!" The man yelled before bursting into a shameful fit of tears. "Stifle yourself, or you will force me to kill you." Milo commanded, his gaze focused on the pitiful heap of flesh seated before him. A snot filled draw of breath ushered in a small moment of silence, broken by the Keijijo Kaze. "Two days prior to your arrival an anonymous tip came in. You were spotted with the girl. Relinquish her to me, and you will be released on your own cognizance. It is a simple request. You have nothing to gain, and everything to lose."

The man shook his head, tears strolling down his cheeks once again as all hope of escape from this prison left his mind. "I have a daughter. But she isn't a mutant. I can't give you what I don't have. Please just let me go." he pleaded. Without words the Tranquil sunk back into the darkness. The man, now alone, looked about the area, trying to perceive what truly lie within the darkness. The unmistakable sound of shuffling feet playing with his senses. "Wait! NO PLEASE!" Were his final words as beings, born from the shadows, converged upon his form with lethal intent.

Strolling through the bustling corridors of the Hellfire Club's New York venue, the Tranquil tried to shake off the tingling feeling of impending danger. Yet he knew his senses would not betray him. Karma was rampant in the atmosphere this afternoon, and the Tranquil decided to prepare himself. War would be at their doorstep soon.

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Catalina Liafador

Following The HFC's attack on the Trinity Tower in Finland, Catalina returned to her own sinister ambitions. Over the course of two weeks; Cat disguised as Spectrion had been hijacking cargo ships; in an attempt to find the components for a nuclear bomb. With her intentions unknown, she finds herself in the midst of a HFC, VV conflict

Somewhere in the North Atlantic 4:30pm

The star-spangled…hero? Had easily infiltrated the lower decks of the cargo transport; those guards that weren’t incapacitated by his ruthless might; were killed when the hit the frigid waters. He was fast, too fast for anyone to get an accurate ID on him. The NCIS rummaged through what was left of the halted ship looking for any clues that might give away the identity of the attacker.

“Do we know what this ship was hauling?” an investigator asked; swiping the command deck for finger prints. “Nuclear fuses, second ship raided within weeks” A representative of the ship asked; flipping through his clipboard. “Fuses?

“Yes these fuses are what set off the warheads; whatever was stolen here today…was just a microcosm of a much more devious plan; and we may not have too much time.”

“Sir! We found a surveillance tape” both investigators glanced at each other before; quickly moving to the deck to view the tape. “Ahhh hell, it’s him” one of them men, sighed whilst running his hands through his discolored hair.

“That there is one of them Trinity guys, better alert the pentagon.” He said, removing his phone, while eying a clear cut image of Spectrion running through the ships’ crew.

Hell Fire, Club. New York City 5:30pm

Though she was the lowest member of the Black Court, Catalina knew her worth. Rarely did she actually ever visit the club, tonight was different; she was in the process of reveling in her latest achievement. Her demeanor had become increasingly sinister since; being raped and poessed by Y-intercept. It was as if the Flower of Carnage still had significant influence on her.

The fight between her and, Trinity member Spectrion proved more useful to her plans; then she originally thought. The only missing piece was Kari; the Genesis Mutant that would mark a new order for the ages.In the recent weeks after the assault on the Trinity, Catalina worked arduously to frame Spectrion of theft. With Kari’s DNA she could release a powerful atom bomb in the middle of any city; the death toll would be horrific. The ashes would give birth to more powerful mutant breed, a breed that’d put the final nail in the coffin for humans. Slowly appearing through a portal of darkness with her shadow behind her meditating; there was a devious snare plaster across the Renegade Liafador’s face.

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Addams Estate

"I can't find Kari. She's not on this realm, but that doesn't mean I'm useless!" There's a lack of respect resonating from the yellow eyed prodigy, and his opposite cannot fathom why. It's this lack of common sense that prevents the two from ever reconciling. "Please, if you can just give me another chance. I swear I can locate the girl. I can help you." Her crocodile tears weren't tolerated. Her shaken demeanor wasn't treated. Instead she's met with indifference, hoping she'll recede into the devilish mechanisms known as her life.

"Where do you think you're going? Hello! I'm talking to you", it hurts to know she's caused this damaging divide, but she won't lose hope until they're repaired. "I can be of great value. I can shift reality. I can--" He stopped before the brash brunette, turning around, only to stare into piercing violet eyes.

"Don't. Don't list your accolades. No one gives a damn", the maniacal matriarch wasn't fond of his tenacious tone, yet she understood his rage was genuinely justified. Rather than cause a ruckus or infiltrate an issue that didn't require her presence, Miss Michelle instead decided to assist her former flame in this latest endeavor.

"Tranquil. He's asked for your knowledge of Shinigami. He's demanded your assistance in the assassination of Shiho. He is the epicenter of all your troubles. Milo may not have the girl, but he withholds someone much more interesting. A pawn he holds onto. One that'll probably tickle your fancy." She teased the existence of Assault, a cherished member of thee Trinity.

"The Hellfire Club", he pulled her inward by the wrist, gently kissing her frigid skin in thanks for her assistance. His delicate touch however televised a myriad of imagery into her calculating mind. Strings of possible timelines streaming through her entire being. "Before you go. Before the brooding departure", she rested her head against his chest, feeling his apathy permeate their embrace, "Why go through all this trouble, why opens old wounds, when they're just a bunch of strangers."

"They're different. They feel like family."




"I'm your family. It's why I can't let you die." Clarice looked over to the overseeing Shinigami, ashamed to showcase emotion so openly. It was his strength. It was her weakness. However, it wouldn't prevent an unwanted intervention. Because she'd protect her precocious prince, till death did them part.

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Hellfire Club, New York

In the aftermath of Kari's unforeseen disappearance, the Hellfire Club's White King found himself involuntarily entrapped by momentary disbelief, further augmented by his surprising lack of knowledge regarding the cryptic circumstances regarding the dubbed Mutant Messiah's departure from the Trinity's Helsinki headquarters. Subsequently retained composure and postured poise enabled the Debonair Don's transitory focus onto other prioritized matters, namely his monarchical duties centered on the high-society club's gradual elevation to undisputed global glorification. And while innately concerned with uncovering Kari's undisclosed location, the enigmatic Martial Arts Einstein finds himself in preparatory anticipation for an impending confrontational dilemma involving the Vine Villains' misinformation of the Hellfire Club's supposed capture of the youthful Mutant Messiah.

Fashionably clad in a luxurious, three-piece, two-button Ermenegildo Zegna Centennial suit, flawlessly augmented by the classy panache of an accompanying vest of stylistic flair followed by the joint inclusion of a lavishly presented silk tie, Don Andres' prominent sartorial style culminating with an elegant cotton-silk, and collar bar wordlessly speaking volumes of his charismatic class and mesmeric regalia. The Cultured Catalan's smooth raven hair, stylishly cut short and close to his head around the back enabling the fashionable blending of the sides into the top layers with maintained length for an aesthetically boasted sweep and suaveness, silently exemplifying visual immaculateness. Isolating himself from external undesirables, the White King temporarily indulges in the provided luxuries of the Inner Circle VIP lounge, briefly retiring his unblemished, perfected physical frame to an approximated sofa of artistic extravagance.

Physically governed by postured poise, the Martial Arts Maestro executes a rapid hand gesture, wordlessly requesting one of his preferred alcoholic beverages from the nearby waitress. As an appropriately iced glass of Johnnie Walker's Platinum Label is rested before him, Andres incites the attention of an imposing bouncer defensively positioned before the ostentatious entrance to the VIP lounge. "You, tell someone to call the White Knight, Milo", he began, "I need to speak with him".

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Grand Central Station, New York

Daemons mind was still racing with thoughts of his recent meeting with Tranquil. The man, if he even qualified as a man anymore seemed off something was troubling him. More information was required, the leather jacket Daemon was wore broke apart thousands of flying insects took to the sky, they would find the intelligence he needed. In the meantime he needed to mobilize the VV, reaching out with his mind Darkchild latched onto that piece of him that connected his consciousness to that of Noir. "My Queen, there's been a change in our plans. The children will have to wait. Grab the members you can, contact the others and get everyone to New York."

Before she can reply, the bugs return like a tornado they descend of the heavens flying in a circular pattern around some large mass. About five feet from the ground the bugs disperse, dropping the mass like a bundle of rocks onto the hard floor, returning to daemon and forming his leather jacket once more. The teenager releases a grunt as he hits, then bursts to his feet "Hey what the fu...." his sentence ends abruptly as his eyes meet Daemons. "I'll take your silence as a sign that you know who I am." The leader of the Vine Villains says. The boy nods twice, "My insects brought you to me so you must have the information I desire. What do you know of the Hell Fire Club?" A look of puzzlement crosses the young mans face before he responds "Ummm, the club is located in this city. They recently attacked the group known as Trinity seeking a mutant child with special abilities. I've been informed that they recovered the child and brought her to their base of operations here in New York." A satisfied smile crossed Darkchild's lips "Thank you for the information." He said turning his back on the adolescent. "Wait." The boy called. Looking back impatience showed on Daemons face, "I want to help, let me join the Vine Villains." Daemons scowl deepened "And what can a teenage offer me?" As if he were waiting for the question the boy smiled, his eyes began to smoke, his skin turning a bright orange before he burst into flames. The flames were all consuming, the boy was no longer visible. The eyes of every pedestrian in the station turned toward them, screams erupted from the amassing crowd guards ran to assist and were caught in the typhoon of fire. When the smoke cleared and the flames died down, the teenage was gone in his place towered a giant of men adorning a dark grey military suit, a heavy trench coat rested upon his shoulders and a gas mask covered his entire head. Daemon's image was reflected back at him through the lenses of the mask, a crooked grin showed how impressed he was by the mans display. "Welcome to the team." He said turning and walking through the distraught crowd, over the guards ashes to the entrance. The eight foot tall hulk following him.

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Somewhere nearby grand central station. Before Daemon's arrival


During Peter's sleep in the dark, dirty alleyways of New York, Last Pyre would normally remain awake. Going into his own mind to contemplate things while he wasn't burning or tormenting Peter. His mind was not a complicated place as it was simply a large, black, empty space, in the middle of the space was a cube made of fire that burned calmly with a welcoming orange color. There was no noise from the fire, it just was. For Last Pyre this was utter tranquility, an escape from the pleasures of burning people, a place where it was just him and his thoughts. He was stood on the top of the cube, standing upright like a soldier except that his hands were clasped together round his front. He relaxed in his mind as he stared off into the endless darkness, the sheer emptiness being nothing but bliss. Until he was disturbed, a vibrant red flashing light appeared in front of him and a pulse of anger went through him as a demon decided to invade his privacy. He recognized the demon instantly, it looked like a thin goblin with small horns that pointed towards the back of his head. He was only four and a half feet tall and carried a pair of bellows in his right hand. "Xaphaaaann!"Last Pyre roared, he flew towards the scrawny demon with a mighty trail of flames behind him and went straight for his throat with his left hand. "No no no Last Pyre wait!!" Too late. Last Pyre's hand made direct contact with the demons minute neck with a loud crack as the small demons neck broke. Xaphan] wheezed as Last Pyre constricted its tiny neck with one hand raising Xaphan high into the air whilst Last Pyre hovered on flames. Xaphan clutched at Last Pyre's fingers but could not free himself and eventually stopped struggling so much and went limp. "If you do not give me a good reason for being in MY mind, I swear by the beard of Azazel, I will rip out your ribs one by one and shove them down your mouth" He loosened his grip on Xaphan and awaited the small demons reply, Xaphan coughed for a brief moment before finally speaking "You need to relax more, honestly Last Pyre""I WAS RELAXING!"Last Pyre grabbed at one of the ribs, going through the skin and muscle like it was paper and ripping out the rib with ease the small demon screeching out a high pitched almost pig like squeal, but before he could stuff it down the small demons mouth he spoke up again "Wa-wait!! I have a message from Vetis" Last Pyre's hand stopped as he was putting the rib inside the demons mouth. "The demon of corruption? What does it want from an entity of fire and death?" He pulled the rib from the Xaphar's mouth and shoved it back with the rest of its ribs. It let out another wail of pain as Last Pyre let go of Xaphan's neck completely said softly "Well you have my attention." His voice suddenly became loud and harsh "Make it quick!".

A long discussion ensued, describing how a certain mutant girl by the name of Kari being held in a place called the "Hell Fire Club". She apparently held great power that was non supernatural as far as they were aware. The plan of Vetis was to corrupt the girl so that the force of Hell could have a new weapon in their arsenal. Last Pyre still wanted more out of this deal seeing as he was going to have to capture her alive, he was promised two things; His real name which he had forgotten since the incident in 1500 AD, and a ritual that would return him to full power. With this in mind Last Pyre gladly accepted and bid Xaphan away with a pleasurable "Thank you"before punching it in the face "AND NEVER COME BACK HERE!".And with another bright flash of red light Xaphan was gone, Last Pyre enjoyed the peace again for a couple of minutes. "Perhaps there are others that could help me collect this girl without harming her, I should look into this. Best to tell Peter first" He awoke and he did just that. Peter lazily accepted the information with little interest almost being put back to sleep by the long list of demon names that spouted uncontrollably from his mouth as Last Pyre spoke went back to napping as if he were oblivious to the carnage that was about to ensue.

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@andres_knightfall: Arriving at the Inner Circle's exclusive lounge Milo removed his mask and grabbed a glass, wishing to partake in indulgence of the exquisite alcoholic drink Don Andres had acquired. After pouring himself a glass and taking a slow sip Milo's glance sifted from the clear liquid to the Knightfall King. "Quantam entanglement is a much easier method of contact don't you think?" Milo said, referencing the high tech bracelet his valiant leader had bestowed upon him before there operation in Finland. Another sip was taken, warming Milo's stomach and accentuating a feeling of relaxation akin to heavy meditation. "So what is it that I can do for you on this daunting evening Andres?"

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The various members of the mighty faction of criminals had been hard at work. Gradually they’d been developing a way to alter rays of the sun. These methods used would alter the minds of the youth, which would force them into coming to the Hill. Manipulated into servitude the various younglings would turn into slaves. It would be a marvelous step to bringing about the revolution of this sad world. The alluring spider sat in her throne watching as the fabrication for the device was underway. A voice however of a familiar lover echoed in her mind. The king of this vicious colony told her to alert the other members of the team. Rising from her seat the arachnid kneeled down to a group of scarabs running by. “Go tell the others to meet in the main room it seams Daemon needs us.”

Within thirty minutes time the numerous members of the Vine Villains had gathered into the room. Not everyone was expected to arrive, naturally some of the members would be to busy with previous matters however. “It would seam that our leader has discovered the location of the much desired Kari. This mutant had been pursued by a few of you and as most of you know has been sought after by numerous others. So gather what you need and ready yourself to venture to New York City. I’m not going to bother telling you some elaborate plan and don’t expect any of you to formulate one. Could if you thought it beneficial but I don’t intend to. Let’s simply make our presence known.”

New York

The teleporting device brought Noir to a rooftop not to far from the designated location. A PDA type device told the violent spider where she needed to go. Acidic webbing was used to swiftly pull Noir to the wall. Her natural stealth had been put to use as she slipped into the building. Now however it was just a matter of time before she would be detected. There was no mistaking the wealth and prestigious qualities of the club. Security measures would alert of Noir’s presence in time. It had become a race, Noir Aracani the four foot eight heartless killer began sneaking along the ceiling within the shadows. A noose of caustic webbing just waiting to ensnare one of the Club’s members.

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The Hill, Location Undisclosed

Daemon's plans seemed to be coming together, for a being of Earth Icarus proved to be quite the acquitted scientist. After several samples, tests and questions he had duplicated the process which Cha'var No'vat of Cha'vak a planet billions of years ahead of the relatively young Earth had used to create the parasitic organism originally. The first batch of symbiotes was incubating, they would be in the incubation chamber for forty-eight hours at which time they would have reach full maturity and need a host to survive.

An array of sounds filled the halls of the underground, the secret facility hidden under the Hill where all experiments and preparations were made for what was to come. Curious the parasitic creature went to investigate. Drones, warriors and demons alike were all bustling through the halls making their way to the main chamber, where Daemon's throne rested. Upon it stood Noir, Queen of the Vine Villains told the mass gathering of Darkchild's discovery that this Hellfire Club held a mutant child who possessed immense power. Those that knew of her existence would do anything to get their hands on her and it appeared the mutant rights advocates at the HFC had succeeded where so many had failed. Now the Vine Villains would storm the club and take Kari for themselves.

ReEnforcer watched as Noir armed the teleportation device, he could fly to New York but that would mean leaving her in the enemies nest for hours. Feeling a stealthy entrance would be to their advantage the symbiotic organism's shape changed a great deal of his mass being dropped completely until he once more resembled his Monarch host. The butterfly hurried through the closing portal following close on Noir's heel.

Hellfire Club, New York City

The two were instantaneously transported to the Hellfire Club, as soon as her feet hit the rooftop Noir burst into action. A vision of stealth, she prowled the rooftops obviously on the hunt. The parasite left her to her own devices, one did not become queen of a group of super powered individuals without being deserving of the title.

ReEnforcer found entrance to the luxurious club through a window on the south east side of the building where a guard was sitting upon a ledge smoking a cigarette. When the man inhaled after release a long trail of smoke, the monarch butterfly dove into his mouth. The guard gagged and dropped his lit cigarette as his has clasped his neck. The attempt to cough the parasite back up was futile, like fighting a rivers current before the man was able to make a second attempt ReEn was already in his appendix. Absorbing the raw materials of the guards internal organs the parasites shape transformed once more, clawed hands ripped the mans chest apart from within. The guards body fell lifeless to the floor in a most horrendous display of gore, ReEnforcer stepped out hunching over and examining his surroundings.

Before him was a hallway which seemed to stretch the length of the townhouse. Doors lined the hall on both sides, private rooms ReEn guessed for the clubs illustrious members to partake of their carnal pleasures. The symbiote stalked the hallway raking his claws through the doors one by one to see if anyone of note was within.

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Shortly after Eisen gave his information to Daemon and his orders to Icarus he was caught frolicking down the hallways playing with his flute by an enticing woman he surely wouldn't forget so soon. It was the queen. She told him to meet her together with the rest of the team, playful as he was though he didn't leave her alone as she wanted to attend to the others, following her every step and playing annoying and shrieking tunes on his flute she finally gave in and told him about the circumstances, giving him a slight time advantage to the others.

"Thank you madame, I'm glad you enjoyed my play! I take your information as a homeless person would a penny in his hat. I'll be off then!" he said before taking a bow and leaving while suddenly playing clear cheerful tunes

"I suppose i can't completely leave them out on the open... would be unfair of me i guess... " he said while moving his arms in a manner only a symphonic Maestro would understand

His Nanomachines quickly began to act as their master gave out the complex command, bringing the instruments he had created before together with his plan to catch the children to the meeting point of the gathering the queen had originally planned for Eisen to attend. Again, Eisen sent a scarab-like nanomachine manifestation that carried the instruments and the instructions, it resembled more of a fat bumble-bee that could barely hold itself up in the air due to the small wings and the overweight. The message is as follows:

"Beep beep bo Zzzzzt... Nah I'm just kidding." The Nanomachines began to split up into the desired instruments while a much smaller scarab now further gave the lesson "Each of these instruments can be used by any one of you, i have made quite an array. Each and everyone of them have slightly different effects, the war drums in the form of bongos can resonate with your body and heighten your physical durability and strength as it tenses your muscle and skin tissue. The guitar can be used to send out amplified shockwaves in a cone in front of you, depending on how you play it, if you play it high enough i guess you could shatter everyone's eardrums in a, say one yard vicinity, but that would include you so don't. Another pair of goodies are the Zill's. Once you shatter the two of them together you can temporarily incapacitate the people surrounding you through the sheer force of sonic waves reverberating through their ear drums, you yourself won't be affected by it because you're standing from the point it originates at, sending itself outward and being more effective the farther you are away from it. I'd say the farthest you could stand away would be ten meters for it to still have effect. I have some special ones for the King and Queen, but I'll take them with me and give it to them once we arrive."

During the entire speech Dynamo already made his way to New York, in anticipation of the marveled child, Kari. It didn't take long to find find a few of his comrades, he just had to follow the trail of blazing destruction.

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Both corners of his lips subtly curl upwards in a visually pleased smile in reactionary response to Milo's immediate agreement to a necessary meeting. "But of course, Senor Milo", a composed inclination of the head functioning as a subsequent, respectful acknowledgement of the prodigious White Knight's presence. Instinctively assuming aristocratic posture while simultaneously facilitating self-comfort by elegantly leaning into the lavishly maintained leather sofa, Andres began, "First and foremost my friend, please, do me the pleasure of thanking our intelligence services for alerting us to the plans of these heh... villains". Momentarily pausing for a brief indulgence of his Johnnie Walker, Platinum Label scotch whisky, the Debonair Don soon diminishes his glass' physical elevation from his lips, gently resting it atop the table appropriately positioned between the White King and the White Knight.

"Though, let us not underestimate them. One of them, Daemon, I know him. He is peculiar, to say the least. I firmly believe that you are the most powerful of us all in the Inner Circle", implicitly highlighting the importance of Milo's peerless raw power to the high-society organization. "Not the most dangerous, but clearly mi caballero, your power, at least here, has no equal. And it is of the utmost importance that you put that to good use against these people". Gradually adopting a somewhat, more serious demeanor throughout the duration of conversational banter, the Charming Catalan continues, "I mentioned Daemon before. I have not studied him extensively you see, he has given me no reason to be observant of his activities. But what I do know of him from past encounters is that he seems to possess some sort of insect-manipulation", pausing, "In addition to that, he harbors a collection of genetically grotesque abominations. Creatures of evolutionary perversion". Readopting his incipient charismatic flair and relaxed confidence, Andres resumed, "The others unfortunately, I don't know. But I am certain that they do not surpass your power. For the sake of caution however, I want you to use this for the upcoming conflict", instantaneously, a technologically forged European longsword boasting a captivating ebony blade of futuristic metallurgy materialized atop the Knightfall A-List's lap.

Briefly immersed in the intellectual appreciation of the enigmatic weapon's bladed artistry, Andres' ocular attention was immediate in reverting to Milo. "This is my sword, Ether. The blade is composed of subatomic Trion particles, the building blocks for a previously experimental metallic substance of mine. In addition to being nearly unbreakable, the substance absorbs energy of any form, and can be used to substantially amplify absorbed or un-absorbed energy, particularly from the person wielding it. You'll find it more useful than me, you are an energy manipulator, no?", rhetorically questioning the White Knight prior to conversational continuation. "The sword's subatomic makeup is structurally strengthened by a quantum shield controlled by... well, lets call it my brain. Because of it, the sword is indestructible. Nothing outside of directly manipulating the laws of quantum mechanics can affect it". Further verbal elaboration followed, "There is more to that weapon but most of what it can do cannot be done without my personal quantum supercomputer", lightly tapping his temple, highlighting the importance of the M.D.D.S. in Ether's effectiveness. "Do not lose it. And do return it once you're done". Content with the provided information, Andres concludes, "I won't personally participate in the battle unless I have to. But I'll remain in contact with you. If you do find that you do need assistance, please don't hesitate to inform me".

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As Last Pyre followed Daemon he unattached his flame thrower from his right leg and held it proudly in his right hand, before pulling the trigger and unleashing the intense flames. Already, he began to feel the small pulses of pleasure travel through his body, he swayed his right arm from left to right as he gleefully made his way to the entrance of the Hell Fire club. Laughing maniacally and letting out small moans of demonic pleasure among the screams of those caught in the blaze he sped up his walking pace just a little bit, in his opinion there was no point in dwelling on these smaller pleasures when he could be feeling even more pleasure burning down the Hell Fire club and killing all the inhabitants. Aside from Kari of course. When he and Daemon reached the entrance Last Pyre's outside body temperature just passed 150 C, the very tarmac he stood on became soft as he stepped closer to the entrance. "Who needs doors?" He said aloud. He let go of the flame thrower letting it dangle by the pipe that connected it to the fuel tanks on his back, he then proceeded to move his two hands in a spiral like motion whilst making faint hissing sounds. Soon a small pillar of fire formed from nothing, it grew larger and larger becoming more curved and coiled as it did eventually reaching 25 ft into the air. At the top of the pillar it seemed to split into three, the three ends grew bigger and twisted, the first end on the left resembled and crocodile's head, whilst the one in the middle seemed to look like a cobra's head and the final end on the right formed the head of an angry lion. The monster let out a mighty roar from all three heads, fire spitting out of each one. "Do you like my abomination, insect man?" Last Pyre gestured for the 25 ft beast to make an entrance for them. The heads all seemed to bow simultaneously, before the beast rushed towards the building and burned its way through the structure like it was not even there, wreaking havoc and spewing fire over anyone unlucky enough to be the first in its fiery gaze. The beast left a nice big gaping hole in the front of the building, Last Pyre went up to the hole and posed like a servant would when showing someone their room in a hotel. "Right this way sir" He said to Daemon in a polite yet mocking tone. He laughed at his own joke as Daemon entered, then proceeded to follow him into the Hell Fire club.

A wave of pleasure hit him as the multiple civilians were burned to ashes by the raging beast he had created earlier, in this rush of pleasure he announced "Oh yes. Come, COME TO ME AND BURN FOR MY PLEASURE!" His voiced sounded like a mixture of anger and joy. His temperature had started to increase even more quickly, as his outside temperature was now 400 C. The ground he stood on began to glow red with heat, it would not be long before he could melt it by merely touching it. This would have been good, but because he had to retrieve this girl alive he would not be able to touch her without seriously hurting her. "You may need to be the proverbial hands that collect the girl, mine are a little" he paused "Scorching". This problem also meant that he would have to hold back on the fire a little around the girl, but for now he let his monster have its way with the screaming civilians and let himself feel the pleasure once again. He knew that it wouldn't be this easy to take the girl and that any moment now a hero would show up to try and stop the madness, but he cared not. He simply stood there and basked in the pleasure as he awaited for any order that came from Daemon. He grabbed his flame thrower and spewed some flames onto those that had just managed to avoid his creation which was still as enraged and destructive as ever. It continued to tear through the people and the building, winding around creating more searing holes. If Last Pyre could smile, he would.

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The various members of the organization the lunatic belonged to were deeply elaborate and complex. Each was likely to cause trouble in their own distinct ways and leave nothing but chaos in their wake. Azylum however didn’t listen to the winded speeches or pay attention too much of what was said. That wasn’t her, Zulu was just something to let go in a location want rendered into anarchy. If anyone wanted to hear a plan from the violet haired psycho was this.

Zuly the other side of the woman’s scattered mind would stay at the Hive for protection. Meanwhile Zulu would take that AWESOME guitar the other crazy person left. She would play a wicked guitar solo and murder everything. Was it the craftiest plan no, but again that wasn’t why someone brought someone like her anywhere.

New York

Violet hair hung down her back nearly brushing the asphalt of the road. Her attire was the usual wear of the notorious psychopath. The top had a somewhat spider like appearance with a logo similar to Noir’s on the chest to complete it. What the queen and her had in common was arguably little to none, at least their outfits had a similarity to. That and the cute butterfly thing that joined the team recently had adopted the logo as well. Maybe she should invest time in making that the team logo? Her head shook wildly as she tried to bring herself back to focus. There were people to bulldoze and a building to slaughter or something. With elagent grace the violet violent vivacious vixen ventured to a unscathed side of the grand building that was the club. Playfully she stretched as if getting ready for a performance carefully tuning the guitar so it was comfortable for her. Content with the layout the ring on her finger expanded to a size where she could use it as a guitar pick.

Her hands would proceed to play a favorite melody of hers. Every note precise and accurate within the song. She was known as patient zero to Azylum’s Asylum, said to have been born into the padded rooms. During the isolated livelihood that had come from her child years the guitar was one of the relaxing hobbies to escape it all. That and dreaming about unicorns with chainsaws for horns. A lunatic’s dreams however was not the topic of today. No the point was she could play and her fingers orchestrated magic, assuming one cared for the song at least. However the symphonic warrior that was Eisen had made this guitar for destructive intention. A barrage of shockwaves escaped the guitar as Zulu played. Walls shaking and destabilizing windows likely soon to shatter in small puffs of glass that maybe would blind someone. There was even a possibility it would shatter bones. Of course this was also likely to ruin her hearing for the rest of the night. But it’s not like a violet haired dog collar wearing sociopath would care about that.

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The deliverance of invaluable information on the Vine Villains leader only furthered his own, having encountered the man and his lackeys in a combat prior to his defeat at the hands of Y-Intercept. Also, it seems the White King would not send his knight without equipment designed for war. Quantum created defense, impenetrable by all means, now supplemented by an offense equally as potent. The charcoal longsword was weightless, an attribute unexpected from visual appearance alone. Returning the mask to his face and placing the hood over head, Milo rose to his feet. Extending his open hand, the appearance of a sheathed katana, the Geijutsu Hoko, manifested in his open palm then both weapons were latched onto his hip. In the same instance the Hansha, heavily bandaged, appeared strapped to his back, nearly as long as his entire body. Carrying the lethal trio of blades Milo nodded at Andres earnestly. "I appreciate your offering. This sword will do me well in the coming battle." Deep within the Hellfire Lair the rumbling tremor of a terror attack could be felt. Seems the Vine Villains were bold enough to bring the fight to New York.

Multiple breaches had been made, now that the Keijijo's senses focused on the impending dangers approaching. Panicked patrons plowed through the doors in a mad rush to escape the lost of their luxurious lives. A siren wailed from the left, shattering glass and continuing the quakes. At least five different threats approached from various angles. Unsure of how to proceed Milo decided he would wait, until a gargantuan entity made its presence known. With three flaming heads representing a three different animals the fiery monstrosity laid waste to the aristocratic businessmen who could not evade its sight. Drawing the Hansha Milo immediately removed the bandages with an artsy twirl of the mighty sword. Nigh instantaneous speed placed him high above the monster as the lion head devoured a rather obese woman. The sword came down hard, cutting clean through the trio's individual necks. Yet the monster did not dissipate. Its defeated form was sucked into the luminescent weapon along with the fires it created, dousing the immediate area.

@lastpyre:@darkchild: Not to far behind was an unfamiliar, yet the attachment he carried labeled him as the creator of the recently subdued pyro-cerberus. Accompanying him was none other than Daemon. Acknowledging their presence the Keijijo Kaze reclaimed the wraps that coiled around the Hansha then placed it on his back. A strong leap positioned him directly in front of the two men, arms folded, stern glare concealed by the mask. "Had you arrived with some respect, you would learn that you have been deceived by whatever it was that persuaded you to target this establishment. But your transgressions against us will not go unanswered. Prepare yourself." A bluish white aura enveloped his form, akin to that of lightning. With invisible velocity Milo closed the distance between the two men, at approximately 400 miles per second, and drew the ether long sword, attempting to take both men's heads in a single swipe.

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Reading some academic articles on psychological disorders in a private sofa. He had newly arrived at the club after a session with some business man and he was trying to pass some time before going back to meet another patient. Taking a sip from his favorite wine he got lost in the articles. Only after called up for a few times by one of the workers of the club, he came back to realms of reality. ''Something is wrong?'' The man staying before him talk without hesitation, informing him about the arrival of a band of people named Vine Villains. Thanking gently for the news he dissmissed the men from the sofa.

Taking his famous hat with him, the black bishop left the sofa for another day. Checking the minds of the people around he felt the nearest presences of the white king and the white knight. White knight was in one of the VIP lounges possibly prefers avoiding the conflict and the knight had allready onto the enemy. Quickly making a mind link between himself and the other two circle members, the black bishop sent a message. 'Anything I need to know about our unwelcomed guests, Senor Knightfall?'

As he got close to the entrance he could feel the ever accelerating heat and the loss of hydrogen. Some people had passed him, yelling and screaming for their lives. The sight of the burning entrance, neither the blazing beast of destruction, nor the two villians standing behind it had an affect over the black bishop's posture. With no visual change in his face he looked discreetly. he walked with his usual rythm with reconstructing the place with every step. He was moving a step forward and the time was moving back around him. The burned places was deburning, fallen pieces of the walls were floating back to fit their old place. Watching him walk was like watching a movie backwards. ''Haven't you heard, my good men? This is a 'no stags allowed' club.'' With a twisted smirk taking over his mouth, he looked at the men with his emotionless blue eyes.

He could see the white knight had gotten between the two men for a fast attack. Without wasting any time he sent out psionic wave to the two men before concentrating on the white knight. Limiting his powers to the white knights movements he had connected with the time flow. Fastenning the flowing time around the white knight he had boosted Milo's allready impressive speed to upper levels. After the attacks conclusion whether it be successfull or not, he was gonna attempt to throw some telekinetic knives towards the two beings that stood before him.

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Darkchild watched as Last Pyre's demonic creation reigned fire down on the large estate which acted as the Hellfire Club on the upper east side of the city. The giant snakes tail whipped back and fourth crushing buildings indiscriminately. Innocent bystanders ran screaming from their homes. While patrons of the highly exclusive club echoed their screams in terror stricken voices and attempted to flee only to be devoured in flames. A devilish smile came to the dark haired mans face, it would be quite awhile before the Hellfire Club would be able to recover from this incident. One of the greatest pulls of the club was anonymity for it's members, public and political figures do not like their shadier affairs broadcast. Now they were dying, a twenty-five foot creature stood at the door to the club, the flames which engulf the building reaching higher than he. The scene would be visible for miles and soon news crews, the New York Police Department and the New York Fire Department would arrive on the scene, none of who would be able to do anything to stop the impending conflict.

Although the spectacle was sure to attract the attention of some individuals who were better equipped to deal with the situation. Moving to Pyre's side Darkchild raised a talon like finger piercing the titans side deep enough to draw blood, placing the finger in his mouth Daemon licked it clean "With this I offer you a bit of protection." Daemon reached deep within himself, feeling the death all around him. With invisible hands he grasped those souls on the brink of death, extinguishing the final flames of life. Manipulating the energies of their life forces Daemon formed a force field which encompassed the entire townhouse, it wouldn't hold indefinitely but it may hold the masses back just long enough to allow the VV to find Kari and whisk her back to the Hill. The only ones who would be able to enter unaffected by the current would be the members of the Vine Villains, all others would be plagued by the hundreds of souls which made up the shield, the feeling would be akin to thousands of blades piercing ones brain.

A silhouette appeared in the entrance way unconcerned with the forthcoming flames. Almost as soon as it had appeared it was gone once more. Daemons eyes shot left and right searching, in less then a second he located the man high above, his hands gripping a massive broadsword. Using gravity as a tool, the mans body fell upon the neck of Pyre's abomination the sword cutting clean through its neck. However there was no blood, the beasts body did not fall to the ground dead, no it was absorbed into the very blade that delivered its final blow.

The man, Daemon had identified as Tranquil landed back by the entrance to the club, retrieving some material from the ground he wrapped the sword and place it on his back then lept before Last Pyre and Daemon. "Had you arrived with some respect, you would learn that you have been deceived by whatever it was that persuaded you to target this establishment. But your transgressions against us will not go unanswered. Prepare yourself." His last sentence promised retribution though the first spoke of misinformation. The statement caused Darkchild to glare at Last Pyre, before turning back to Tranquil "If what you say is true, I shall wish to discover that fact first hand. Although even without Kari in the equation, I am quite sure it would have come to this eventually." Tranquil's words could be a ploy to turn the VV against itself, or throw them off Kari's scent.

Without replying Tranquil lunged forward into an attack, the speed of which was incredible his velocity seemed to increase as he grew closer. A sword once more in hand and surrounded by an azure aura resembling lightning Tranquil's blade was positioned so it would cleave threw Darkchild's neck and the gargantuan Last Pyres midsection. The skin on the Dark Lord's face changed from its human like appearance to a metallic insect like shell, in an instant his entire body was covered head to toe. The armor like substance shredded Daemon's clothing, leaving them hanging in tatters. Just before the masked warrior's blade connected Darkchild raised his chin bearing his neck to the blade. As the weapon connected sparks were sent up, but the blade did not draw blood or leave a scratch. The sword stopped dead simply sliding off as Tranquil's momentum carried him past the leader of the Vine Villains.

His head still raised Darkchild laughed at the blow, distracted by his overconfidence the Child of Darkness was caught unawares when the telekinetic blow hit a moment later sending him flying backwards into the charred remains of a BMW. Standing quickly, Daemon examined his body still covered by the metallic exoskeleton. Despite the armor there appeared to be a stab wound in his right bicep, a telekinetic blade, mind over matter Daemon thought, the powerful mind of the thrower had allowed the blade to pierce Darkchild's shell when Tranquil's blade could not.

Daemon's gaze pierced the man now standing in a now undamaged Hellfire Club entrance way, the source of the telekinetic attack. "Take him." He told Last Pyre. Daemon's gaze lifted to the skies above, still clouded by smoke even after the flames had been extinguished. Reaching out with his mind Daemon sent the following message "I know your there. The swordsman is all yours, play him a symphony of death." Warlock was not of the hive mind but at this distance that did not matter. Darkchild had taken the blood of every VV member within himself with the knowledge of some, others not so much. This allowed him certain advantages he would always be able to find them, they would not be harmed when passing through one of his constructs and he was able to telepathically communicate with them over short distances. With the club members out here well in hand, Darkchild proceeded into the club continuing the search of the mutant child, Kari.A swarm of locust surrounded Daemon, when they dispersed he was gone. Deep within the complex Darkchild decimated guards, patrons, men and woman, armed and unarmed indiscriminately in his search for the young girl.

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He continued to watch his creation tear the place apart violently whilst burning people. He loved to stand there and just feel the pleasure of those that burned. He saw Daemon walk up to his side, his finger seemed to form a dagger like appearance. Last Pyre was not sure of Daemons intention, but he realized that Daemon did not know that under his clothes was no skin, blood, muscle or bone. It was just a permanent inferno, and so he batted Daemons hand away before he pierced his clothes. "If your intention was to draw blood for some kind of sacrifice, then I'm afraid that you won't find blood in me. For underneath my clothes lies nothing but fire." Daemon looked disgruntled but nodded anyway. He seemed be focused on something else, but Last Pyre couldn't quite tell what was. He lost interest and began spreading more flames throughout the room.

As Last Pyre expected, someone had decided to intervene. In the middle of all the smoke and flames he saw a man jump onto the head of his flaming monster and cut through its middle head, as he pulled out his sword Last Pyre's creation it seemed to be sucked into the very sword and with it the surrounding flames were extinguished. Before Last Pyre grew angry the man put the sword on his back a leaped towards Last Pyre and Daemon. Last Pyre noted his agility and took this into account as the man landed perfectly before them. The man with the mask said "Had you arrived with some respect, you would learn that you had been deceived by whatever it was that persuaded you to target this establishment. But your transgressions against us will not go unanswered. Prepare yourself. Last Pyre was caught in bewilderment, he knew that demons liked to lie to each other but he could normally tell when something was false. He looked back at Daemon as he glared at Last Pyre. Last Pyre shrugged as Daemon replied before he could "If what you say is true, I shall wish to discover that fact first hand. Although even without Kari in the equation, I am quite sure it would have come to this eventually." Even if the man in the mask was telling the truth Last Pyre wanted to burn the club to the ground along with anyone inside, if the girl was not there it would only get worse for them.

Suddenly, the tranquil attacked Last Pyre and Daemon. Swinging what appeared to be a long sword made out of a light blue aura, aiming to cut the head off Daemon and cut Last Pyre's body. The man was fast, too fast to dodge, but Last Pyre was not worried for no conventional weapon of science could damage him or even hurt him. The worst it could do is cut his clothing which could be regenerated anyway. However, before the blade could strike Last Pyre the attack was thwarted by Daemon who now wore a metallic exoskeleton. Last Pyre saw the sparks fly off Daemon's undamaged neck and he let out a small laugh towards the swordsman, mocking him for his failed attempt to do any damage. As he laughed he felt a telekinetic knife pierce through his body and come out of his back, narrowly missing the fuel tanks on his back. The telekinetic knifes failed to anything besides cosmetic damage to Last Pyre's clothing as inside him was nothing but flames, so he stood there nonchalant. While the fuel canisters on his back were only for show, the force of the blades hitting the tanks would have sent Last Pyre flying backwards just like Daemon. In the seconds that the daggers went through his clothes incinerating beams of fire came out of the gaps left in his clothing, capable of burning through almost any material besides adamantium the beams would indirectly harm anything in their path. Last Pyre sealed up the gaps in his clothing to stop the beams. "Pathetic" said Last Pyre. "Such arrogance, backed up by such simple yet weak attacks". From behind he heard Daemon order Last Pyre to attack the man who used the telekinetic attacks, while Last Pyre would have preferred to take on the person closest to him he obeyed, grabbed his flame thrower again and pulled the trigger while keeping it pointed down. Creating a makeshift rocket for him to cover the distance between him and his target.

Last Pyre landed in front of the man, a circle of fire spreading out around him as he did. He stood up straight to show the man just how small he was in comparison to himself. Within seconds around 15 white hot, flaming tentacles were protruding from his back and chest. They began attacking the man, 4 tried to restrain the man's limbs, another 4 were whipping and making slicing motions in an attempt to shred him to pieces, 5 were trying to stab the man going for the chest and head and the final two formed snake like heads and went for the man's eyes in an attempt to blind him. The tentacles were swift and unrelenting, the flurry would make most dizzy from watching. But Last Pyre figured that this adversary may be able to defend from this onslaught, so while tentacles worked from the front another thicker tentacle of white hot flame appeared from the ground behind the man. It would try to stab the man in the back, hoping to pierce the heart. The only real option for the man would be to run away, like the coward Last Pyre expected him to be. "Go ,weakling, and run from my flames" His voice was full of hatred yet it seemed to have an undertone of excitement with it. Through the combat his outside temperature had doubled to 800 C and his feet began to to sink slightly into the floor as it melted beneath him, and fire had already begun to spread throughout the room once more.

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A couple of his Nanomachines Dynamo left inside the Hill found signatures of a life form just outside the of the dome, now not any of course but of a possible valuable asset. Assuming the form of a scarab yet again it collected itself and flew towards the mysterious figure. It was a woman, but no ordinary one. In a battle like this we could use every hand possible.

"Hey there missy!" the bug suddenly spoke from beside her "I know i don't look that trustworthy, and given the fact your in a desert, you might think the heat has gotten a little to your head and all... but no I'm real and I just wanted to let you know, if your interested in any kind of action... I... or we could use some assistance." slowly spreading out it's wings it sprung up and landed on top of her head "Don't mind me, just tell me when you make your decision. I'll help you along the way if you want too"

Gleefully approaching the gargantuan hole in the wall, Warlock can barely play a straight tune because of the grin that passes on his face from the chaos abound. Rich businessmen and other probable high profile people are making a run for their lives, his companions surely already stirred some things up. Resting his hand on the wall as he climbed through the gaping hole he saw a man barely on the edge of life and death. His face was frozen by terror, a sheer impossibility for someone's world to be rocked in a manner of seconds, the carpet pulled out from under his feat so to say. Single tears start to drip down his frozen cheeks which swiftly start to vaporize around his charcoal burnt body. A fathom luminescent aura seems to be getting pulled out of him, not before long Eisen noticed it was Daemon's doing by looking to his right. The victims body probably began to feel colder, due to the hypothermals, so he tried rough attempt at consoling him.

"What's wrong now you look so sad, losing your soul doesn't feel that bad... " he said while bending down to him

A failed attempt it seemed, as the businessman's expression turned into a face that was about to scream, not uttering a sound, maybe because of terror, or maybe because of the fire draining the oxygen around him. Before Eisen mentioned anything he could probably only think about dying, and wasn't aware of the horrendous fate that he was losing his soul to create a soul barrier

"Oh well... " he said as man's neck tilted down as a sign that he had passed away, or rather passed over there to Daemon "At least i found myself a blood bag."

Using the materials at hand, namely the corpses with some blood left in them, Dynamo spreads some of his Nanomachines out into them to enhance his resources, an Ace in the back of his sleeve if he was pushed back somehow. The energy that the scorching embers emit also suffice to fuel his power capacity bit by bit, if a longer fight ensued he could surely make use of his gained energy to transform into his first advanced form, "Copper Electric", for the first time in actual combat. While his attention laid elsewhere, a seemingly spectral blade passed right past his eyes, though clearly directed at the ones in the fray.

"Enough foreplay, time for some action!" at that moment Dynamo received a telepathic transmission from Daemon "I know your there. The swordsman is all yours, play him a symphony of death."

Now standing inside, he catches a glimpse of the two opponents at hand, spectating their movements to further enlarge his personal database simply by observing. His selected foe, the "swordsman", seemed to have an unworldly speed at his disposal, something that needed to be dealt with. Eisen had two options, either gain energy to raise his own, or slow his foe down by all means necessary. Due to the fact that he didn't have enough energy to change his form yet, he would have to stick with plan B.

"Ahem!" he said rasping his voice

Holding up his Flute, he begins to swirl it around like a Maestro's baton, metaphorically commanding the impending mass of Nanomachines that have festered through the corpses, though only for show. Eisen's backup plan for when he is pushed back had to be fast forwarded, in an attempt to even out the odd's with his faster opponent. The approaching mass was a sight to behold, as the five corpes that remained relatively unharmed have been transformed into Eisen's image. The Nanomachines he transplanted into them earlier nurtured themselves on their victims blood and multiplied until they were able to duplicate their master's appearance, though with far lesser abilities.

"Well then swordwielder, i shall be your opponent for tonight, have at me! Or rather, us!" he said jokingly

Two of the doppelgangers already stormed the man from the left and right flank, while three approached from the front, which one was the real deal?

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A woman wanders through the deslote desert known as the Sahara, wearing a dark cloak as her only means of protection form the burning sun. It's only been a few months since she was exiled from her homeworld, and she yearns for killing as a maggot hungers for flesh. Wiping the slight drool from her mouth as the thought of it crosses her mind. She has been In search of destruction. In search of power and the feeling of it, as its own reward. Almost as a beacon of hope to her answer her wishes, a scarab looking creature appears beside her.

"Hey there missy!" Lady grimm stands raising an eyebrow in amazement at the creature's ability to communicate.

"I know i don't look that trustworthy, and given the fact you're in a desert, you might think the heat has gotten a little to your head and all... but no I'm real and I just wanted to let you know, if your interested in any kind of action... I... or we could use some assistance."slowly spreading out it's wings it sprung up and landed on top of her head "Don't mind me, just tell me when you make your decision. I'll help you along the way if you want too"

"Action you say little one?" A ravenous grin slowly spreads across Grimm's face revealing a set of carnivourous teeth. Lady grimm slowly sits on the sand of the desert, crossing her legs and closing her eyes. Focusing her meditation on the darkness in this world, images of pandemonium and death floods her mind. Groups of people causing an uproar and violence. Burning buildings in sight and a gruesome creature tearing at both buildings and people in its path. "I could use some action, little one." Redirecting her focus to build up as much dark energy as possible, she shrouds herself and the scarab that has remained on her head in a blanket of shadows. "Let us join in, eh?" She whispers to the bug as she teleports to the location of violence.

Opening her eyes, Lady Grimm's vision sets upon the scene that was in her vision set into full motion. "Haha! Yes! This! This shall quench my thirst!" Shouting she begins to raise enormous shadows that begin to pull down walls of buildings and pulling at whatever they can grasp, and ensnaring fleeing civilians. "Haha!" Her maniacal laugh, ringing through the street as the shadows squeeze the life out of their prey. She clenches her fists and raises them slowly as if she were a puppet master, attempting to raise the bodies of the recently deceased into her undead slaves. She pauses in a moment of puzzlement. "You're souls? Where have you're souls gone?" Before she can inquire any further at her inability to conjure the dead, she hears a voice that doesn't seem to be screaming in terror. Rather calm and confident actually. Lady Grimm turns her head to the source. A man holding up a flute in the air, as if he were commanding an orchestra.... "Interesting...Very interesting." The vicious grin returning to her face.

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Black bishop stood with all his might as the telekinetic knives pierced through his opponents. Within seconds the armoured one had dsisappeared and the masked demon had turned towards the black bsihop. The holes that the knives opened through the masked demon's chest had closed and the demon showed no pain. As the demon moved the flames had followed. Carefully scanning the mind of his adversary, black bishop smiled indicating his enjoyment of the situation. ''Who is in there? I can see there is another you. The question is wheter you both like the burnt flesh or not.'' The calm and strong voice of his had also sent through thelepathy. The key could be the other one. He thought positioning himself to the oncoming battle.

The demon had moved fiercly. With the fiery tentacles coming out of his body demon stood with a seeming pride on his pose. The deadly fires of the tentacles shined with illuminating light. Tentacles moved in some outstanding speeds with the dead of the Black bishop as the only purpose. Without moving a muscle Adhene looked at the demon with a contemptuous look on his face.Stretching his muscles Adhene took a quick step as his mind had created a big imaginary bubble around himself. His body wasn't as fast as it used to be. His muscles were weaker and his moves were slower though he was trying to turn the tides with his powers. As usual he slowed the time inside the imaginary bubble he created while pushin the time forward within the limits of his body. From the outside look he was going extraordinarily fast and the fires was a little slower.

Four tentacles came to restraint him. as he sove the slowly moving tentacles he jumped, spinning in the air. The tentacles passed around him giving him a little bit burnt feeling but nothing more. As he made it to the ground another four came with more sinister purposes. Instinctively connecting to his psionic might, Adhene sent out a powerfull telekinetic wave to disrupt the fires trajectory and form and then pushed himself forward instantenously. Without having a second to think five tentacles pierced the air to stab him. Pushing himself with all the muscles he got he jumped between the tantacles while pushing them with a powerfull telekinetic force. As his hand met the ground he pushed himself up again for a spinning move. The fires fiercly passing near his body he had finally took a breath as the newly emerged to snake heads passed between his legs. He could feel the burnt flesh all around his body with every tentacle he parried. The intensity passed as black bishop layed to take his hat from the ground. Holding his hat, he had seen another yet a little weaker tentacle coming to pierce through his body. Inhaling a bg amount of oxygen he had created geometric shapes in his mind to contain the tentacle and pushed the time backwards to cease it's existence.

Black bishop slowly stood up. His special tailoring made suit had been ripped apart and burnt for the most part. His face had some ash marks on and his hat was half burnt. ''Who said anything about running?'' The doctor talked in a half cocky voice, grinning without a sign of any unenjoyment. The rippings on his suit had started slowly dissapering with all the burnts and the dirts. His hat had birthed another half out of nowhere, turning into better than before. Without giving from his pose he smiled, the time heals everything he thought as the burnt flesh on his body healed. ''All the pain you cause. All the sorrow. The blood of these innocent people is on your hands too.'' Said once again trying to converse with the other persona of the demon standing before him.

Adhene had run with all his strength. Slowing the time around to get to an unordinary levels of speed. Directly going to the fire demon he tried to push the flowin of time bacwards on the demons body to lower his heat levels. Completely controlling his movement he went to meet the demon face to face. Fastenning as much as he could he threw a punch. His punch had been enchanced to a massive strength caused by Adhene's speed time effect. As he punched with his one hand, he had consturected a sword made from raw psionic energies. After the outcome of his first punch he was gonna go for a slashing to inflict physical pain as well as mind raping him even though plainly punching him had some other purposes.

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The Liafador Legacy mischievously rose through a darkness portal in the floor; her eyes shifted back and forth with ill-intent. After framing the Trinity’s star-spangled hero; The Hellfire Club came under attack by Daemon and his, low-class villains. As disgusted as she was, there was no denying the ferociousness of the VV. In a situation much like the one that went down at the Trinity Tower; the HFC were on the defensive.

The sound of battles echoed throughout the hallowed HFC halls. Deciphering who was who, was pretty easy, Milo and Daemon expunged the most energy. She had yet to detect any of the HFC ladies, but figured they’d appear at a more opportune time.

What caught her attention amidst the calamity was the enthralling sound of nails running across wood. The Chaos Queen sat on her throne; with her shadow standing defensively behind her. The red carpet that lined the linoleum floors soon turned a perfect black. “Sorry, I like to arrive late” she said, with a thick Latin accent. “Get him” The shadow phased right through her and broke off in a dead sprint down the hallway.

Her shadow guard, evaporated right before making contact with the abysmal beast; opening a portal from behind the symbiot; the shadow figure launched a spin kick towards its jaw in hopes of drawing first blood, the cost of fighting Cat was a two for one deal.

The Chaos Queen herself sprang from her throne doing a front flip into battle, at the climax of her jump; she dissipated into a shadow and appeared on the back end of the beast. “I’m on my period, you guys picked the wrong day” she grunted, creating a blade from the darkness.

Still enhanced by the genetic code of Spectrion; she channeled his precognition; striking not where he was, but where he’d eventually end up. The two on one assault at the hands of the young Liafador was just the beginning of a whole host of problems for the VV.

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The man Last Pyre was fighting had tried to call out to Peter who watched unable to handle the sheer pleasure that Last Pyre also felt, "Who is in there? I can see there is another you. The question is whether you both like burnt flesh or not." To this Last Pyre replied "He cannot hear you, he shares in my pleasure of burning and is too caught up in it to even speak" .Last Pyre's many tentacles slashed, stabbed and whipped but it was all not no real avail as the artful dodger seemed to easily react to each attack, jumping and using his telekinetic powers to disrupt and avoid the onslaught of attacks. Last Pyre put this down to two things, either his opponent had super enhanced reactions or he was a time manipulator. It was quite entertaining for Last Pyre, even if his attacks were unsuccessful it still provided him with the enjoyment of watching someone dance around his flames like a monkey. However, he was disappointed when his back attack did not work and was starting to become more annoyed by the dodging. The only damage done to the other man seemed to be cosmetic, the man stood there confident and proud for dodging Last Pyre's attacks "Who said anything about running?" he said with arrogance. Last Pyre grunted as the man began to repair his clothing and heal the small burns, Last Pyre finally sussed out that he had to be a time manipulator for he did not sense regenerative magic in the air as the man repaired himself, that and there was only a few ways to take his fiery creation out of existence. And one of those methods was through time manipulation. One main weakness for such a power is that it can't be used for extended periods without intensive training and even then its almost sure to take its strain on the mind, Last Pyre knew this and figured that if he simply kept on attacking he would eventually tire out his opponent. As he pondered a new way to attack, the man tired to speak to Peter again but Last Pyre blocked of the communication and automatically sent forth his mind defense which would set the mans brain on fire both physically and mentally as a way of showing that entering his mind would not be tolerated. "If you think you can just jump in and out of my head like that you can think again". The man also attempted to reduce his temperature using time but Last Pyre would have none of it, he stomped his foot down and let out an enraged roar and he was back up to 800 C. While this did slow down the progress of his climbing temperature, it did not do so for very long.

Before Last Pyre could begin another onslaught the other man had begun his attack, running towards Last Pyre with the intent of punching him directly in the face. Instinctively Last Pyre brought his right hand up to his chest with the palm facing outwards. He splayed open his hand as the man's fist came close, creating a very large incinerating wall of orange fire which would have no trouble turning the hand to nothing more than ashes and making short work of any telekinetic shield in play. Normally he would not bother with such a defense, but he figured that a time manipulator would not just try to punch him without having a trick or two up their sleeve. This was just to insure that there was no threat. Last Pyre guessed that the time manipulator may be able to stop himself before throwing his fist through the flaming wall that Last Pyre had made, so to follow up from the block he would push his hand out and so push the wall towards the target, but Last Pyre did not stop there. After this he began to murmur strange demonic words under his breath and little sacks of fire appeared all over him, "I hope you're not afraid of spiders, nahahahahahaaa!" The sacks simultaneously exploded and tens of thousands of smallish spiders of pure fire burst out, as the spiders landed they went to surround the man with their sheer numbers. As time progressed the spiders would only grow larger and larger, they also started to shoot fiery webs at the man in another attempt to restrain and burn him. Even if the man put up another shield it would be unlikely to hold out against the combined strength of the flaming spiders as they are now, it would be near impossible to hold them off if they all grew to full size. He stood confident that his fire spiders would get the job done, but decided to throw in a couple of fire balls for good measure. His temperature had not been raised so much as his outside body temperature was only 1100 C but the rate of increase would pick up again providing the time manipulator didn't interfere again.

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Fighting erupted in every direction and at every angle as the HFC's ranks began to impede the VV's destructive search for the mutant masterpiece that was Kari. Daemon and his lackey had refused to accept Milo's declaration as truth, and their ignorance proved just as powerful as their armors. Accelerating well above supersonic speeds provided no extra strength as the weapon was virtually weightless, an attribute the Keijijo Kaze had not accounted for when striking at the ever advancing intruders. With no real strength behind the attack, the ether long sword harmlessly bounced off of the metamorphic armor adopted by the insect manipulator. The lack of connection altered the course of his attack, allowing the pyromaniac to remain unscathed.

Yet the help of the black Bishop proved more effective, momentarily crippling Daemon and revealing an interesting amount of information about the pyromancer, whose genetic makeup was composed solely of heat based energy, which spewed from the orifice of what would be a flesh wound to a more humanoid opponent. The duo charged off, one engaging the Black Bishop, and the other seemingly put off by the challenges laid out before him, ventured deeper into the Club. A mystical musician stepped up in his stead, twirling an elegant flute with effervescent dexterity. Coincidentally, this motion was followed by the arrival of morphed corpses akin to the opponent's daunting image.

Five in number, approaching from three separate angles. An attempt to slow the Keijijo Kaze down? Possibly. As a Elite Keijijo Milo had mastered techniques such as clone production. With his nigh limitless pool of chakra he easily summoned twenty clones which emerged from a large plume of smoke. With chi divided equally between the group of doppelgangers detection was virtually impossible. Believing his numbers sufficient to hang with the opponent for a moment Milo removed himself from this battle, invested in the destruction of the pyromancer, viewing him as the most chaotic threat. A dark princess arrived upon the scene, oozing energy that taunted Milo's danger sense upon visual contact. This battle would require his best to be won, and even then, it may not be enough.

A fire wall raced towards the Black Bishop's rear, further damaging the interior which was practically charred to pieces by the flame incarnate. Infuriated with the destruction of something the Tranquil had invested time and effort into He dashed towards the obstruction and unleashed an intense gust of super cooled wind, halting the wall mid stride, dousing the flames. With exponential lung capacity he continued this gust, extinguishing the innumerable amount of fiery spiders that had been summoned by the pyromaniac. Turning his focus upon the fire starter Milo kicked up his pace to sub orbital velocity. Drawing the Hansha, he used the air friction to create a cyclonic current of -25 C razor wind around the energy consuming blade. Raising the heavy weapon up over his head he attempted to execute a two handed slash intended to severely damage the enemy's flaming core, and drastically reduce his temperature.

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Lady Grimm is almost mesmerized by the flute player's abilities. Seeming to be able to take care of themself, she diverts her attention to a building that has been charred and heavily damaged from the group of individuals that had requested her precence. Still unsatisfied from the chaos she had created on the streets of the city, she manipulates the tentacle like shadows to destroy a few walls of the building in front of her, so that she may make her way inside. The sounds of metal on metal and fire blazing in the building has peaked her interest. She slowly levitates through the torched halls of the building, in search of a worthy opponent as the civilians were more of an appetizer for her hunger of violence. Quietly floating through, she hears a thick latin accent down the hallway,

"Get him" in a commanding voice. Lady Grimm slightly peeks her head around the corner as she sees another woman flip from what seems to be a throne and disappear behind a creature's back. Lady Grimm's senses are overwelmed by the darkness coming from this woman and what seems to be her shadow. "Ah, a worthy opponent at last. She seems to have the advantage against that beast. A little unfair, wouldn't you agree?" She quietly whispers to the insect like creature that has still remained on her head, " I had a throne once, let's see if I can take another, eh little one?" The strange woman moved with quick attacks as if she knew were the beast movements were going to be. As she moved to make another strike, Lady Grimm rapidly teleported in front of her and gripping both her forearms with the shadows she manipulated from the ground floor. "Tssk tssk. We will have no more of that to this creature here. Your quarrel is now with me." With the spawned shadows still immobilizing the woman's arms, Lady Grimm cocks her right fist back . Slowly drawing power from the surrounding darkness and shadows into her arm to perform her strike enhancement, she speaks through her jagged, clenched teeth, "I am Lady Grimm, look upon thy death!" Her eyes dead set upon the woman in front of her, she targets her abdomen with a glowing black fist. The entire time Lady Grimm prepares for the attack, her mind is slowly commanding a shadow to grasp a cement piece of wall over the duo to fall, in the rare case her attack were to fail.

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Beings of inconsequential power ran from the rooms as ReEnforcer claws shredded the doors in half. The rooms offered a variety of displays from sexual fantasies to sadistic scenes of cruelty and torture. The parasite paid them little mind, striking down those that came within arms reach. Suddenly the crimson velvet on the floor of the hallway before him turned pitch black. A strikingly beautiful woman with hair as black as a starless sky and abyss's for eyes appeared before Monarch. “Sorry, I like to arrive late” she said in a thick accent.

“Get him” the command came quickly and a clouded shape burst forth from the woman. Just before making contact the dark figure vanished, expecting an attack from the rear ReEn spun around one-hundred and eighty degrees. The black mass, which the parasite now realized as the exact size and shape of the woman was in the midst of a kick. Bending his torso so that it was flush with his left leg as no human could, the parasite was able to avoid the oncoming attack by a mere fraction of an inch.

Just as he was correcting the position of his body the symbiotic creature felt a sharp pain pierce his back. An obsidian blade extruded from ReEnforcer's neck the blade having pierced in an upward angel as he was almost two feet taller than the woman who held the weapon. A blade would not hurt the symbiote normal but they woman had someone pierced the parasites host. The monarch butterfly would help but it would take time, ReEnforcer would need to finish this battle at 80% strength. Lashing out in rage the Enforcer's arm changed to a long sharp blade pivoting his body he slashed at his foe aiming the arced sword at her midsection in an attempt to cleave her in two.

The dark beauty's blade now no longer encumbered, she attempted another strike. Before ReEn could counter the attack a second woman appeared between them. The new arrival grasped the woman's forearms with shadows of her own halting her strike. "Tssk tssk. We will have no more of that to this creature here. Your quarrel is now with me." ReEnforcer did not know who this woman was or why she had intervened but he did not care, he would leave the two woman to quarrel amongst their selves while he dealt with the slender shadow of the mysterious beauty. Spinning around once again he released a ferocious barrage it began with a piercing strike of his right arm which was still in the shape of a curved blade. The second blow was a slash of the claws on his left hand followed by a toxic spit. ReEnforcer was unaware if the shadow could be hurt, he hoped it was merely an extension of the woman and whatever happened to it she would feel. If that was not the case, it had still been able to make contact with him so his blows should be able to connect with it.

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@lady_grimm: Sitting atop the shadowy mistress as she delves into wreckening, it catches a glimps of her whisper seemingly directed at it as another woman appears "I had a throne once, let's see if I can take another, eh little one?" It's head turns in a ninety degree angle out of confusion, yet every single Nanomachine it embodied caught the notion of the sentence, and so did Eisen who has a direct mind link to them. Twitching with it's antennas as they shortly emit an electrical bolt between each other, it foreshadows the coming change...

@trauma: Idling by the hive to learn more about this world a few of his dispatched Nanomachines find a person of interest approaching yet again. This time, taking the guise of a snake it slithers it's way towards the ominous person.

"Ssssaayyy... you wouldn't be happened to be interesssted in some action now would you?" It's slithering tongue hissed in an out rapidly while patiently awaiting the mans response "You ssssee we have a little dilemma on our handsss... asss we are currently engaging in a battle against another team... " the serpentine creature began to swirl itself upwards and wrap itself around the mans head like a turban "It will give you cause, and if we ssssucceed it could alssso pay off... jusssst follow my directionsss and we should be there in no time..."

@tranquil: Continuing off of the three sided onslaught that was about to take place Eisen's adversary had a trick of his own. Suddenly Eisen's sensory detection counted twenty equal copies of the same being he had just tried to attack. Dynamo himself had trouble containing his usual thoughts and personality and had to manually control each and everyone of their movement's, and the doppelgangers he had were only five in number, so what did difference lies in the technique of their clones? Eisen could barely think clearly, he had to result to more instinctive nature's to get everyone to move fluently. Annihilate, exterminate , obliterate! Impulsive commands that took quite a lot of conscious control for Eisen but he managed to pull the chain off. In response to that it was nigh impossible to discern which one, or if any at all, was the original. With the help of Eisen's uncanny cybernetic intellect, the most probable solution was swiftly found. Equal distribution. These clones would have to have a will completely of their own, not completely connected to their originator for him to still be in sane condition, and most likely with split powers. The omen that the bug on top of Lady Grimm's head had shown, was about to take place...

"Well well, it seems you have me beaten in the numbers game, but it will do you no avail... the circumstances, the time that went by, and the heat my buddy is emitting will shortly beckon the beginning of the end of our battle. Be prepared for a more challenging threat!" he said while staying silk smooth in the beginning but turning to a more darker tone to the end, probably because of the strain the mind link is putting on him

Dynamo himself joins in on the now six versus twenty frenzy to gain as much energy, velocity and power as possible, one of his doppelgangers already seemed to be overwhelmed by a concentrated attack of three clones, the other four still being able to hold their ground, Eisen quickly dissembles the incapacitated one to gain power and loosening the strain on his mind.

"Just a little bit more... " he said while sounding a bit calmer

In that moment he realized that another two have fallen, but were held down instead of killed not to make any notice, a clever attempt for a sudden strike. Simultaneously getting rid of the two, the remaining twelve ninja copies attack Eisen and his remaining doppelganger, slaying both in their stand whereas Dynamo seemed to drain pieces off of it just before falling to the ground. Eisen's seemingly lifeless body was now surrounded by a half circle of ninjas, the tides have turned for the worse... Or did they?

A pitch black metallic fluid seemed to sprout out of the remaining three corpes and slither their way through the cracks across the crevices of the broken hell fire club floor, and latch unto Dynamo. Before sheathing their swords the shinobi dozen cock their weapons at the sight of an uprising Dynamo, seemingly changed in appearance, now with copper / bronze colored hair and slightly different eyes. Was this the same man? Without any vast motion he slowly began to rub his finger tips like a child would if it got some chocolate on them to rub it off.

Copper Electric

"A fight well fought, my gift, from me, to you."

Dynamo now said in his new appearance with his palm held open in front of him, w

ith a gentle blow Dynamo gave the fine metallic dust in his palm a whisk and hurled it towards the wind, encompassing them within it.

"My ability to change forms when I gain enough energy unlocks new powers for me, Copper Electric as you see me now can create lightning not unlike Tesla could back in the day, by creating an undercurrent from the Nanomachines I had placed from one point to... let's say my finger tips."

Holding his hands graciously to the air, a fine tuned finger snap from both hands gave way to the arrival of raw power surging through him. The instantaneous chain lightning coursed through the clones and enveloped the rest of the room in momentary darkness as the lightnings flare slowly faded, leaving only Dynamo in it's path.

"I lust for more dear shinobi! My hunger for knowledge demands more!" he said in a thrilled manner

Eisen would have to keep at it if he wanted to keep his form, or up the ante if he wanted to grow even stronger, for the power coursing through him is only temporary...

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Hidden Location, NYC

A rectangular table sits amongst a vast armory. A single lit candle drips wax on its surface. The short flame illuminates the weapons as if on display at a museum. This was an environment for a specific type of being. A word that comes to mind is soldier, but a soldier wants to return home from war. No, this was a place for a warrior. A man who was bred for war and could not survive without it. At the head of the table sat Trauma.......

The warrior had remained hidden for years, taking contracts under the name Blood Reaper. He never met his clients face to face and only accepted cash through a middle man. His identity and location were untraceable......until today. As he sat with the shadows of the room covering his body a strange occurrence unraveled. What appeared to be a snake began to speak.

"Ssssaayyy... you wouldn't be happened to be interesssted in some action now would you?" The snake spoke with a hiss. Trauma stayed quiet and alert only for the serpent to continue "You ssssee we have a little dilemma on our handsss... asss we are currently engaging in a battle against another team... " Trauma looked the snake in the eyes and softly spoke " Tell me more" The creature began to slither to the head of the warrior, slowly laying its cold body atop of his head. It spoke again "It will give you cause, and if we ssssucceed it could alssso pay off... jusssst follow my directionsss and we should be there in no time..."

Trauma's interest would not allow him to decline. So without words he began to arm himself. His hands reach at a gun rack for a Ruger SR22 pistol. He swiftly places a clip inside and cocks the gun. After holstering the pistol his next and last weapon of choice sat on a small steel box. The weapon was a katana with a gold laced blade. A blade fit for a killer with speed and no lack of power. The snake hissed once again " Nice choicccce, now letssss go" Trauma quickly escaped the lonesome room through a hatch leading to the streets. The serpent guided him through the shadows of the busy city. Until finally they approached a building with walls torn down. The snake made its way from atop of Trauma's head to his left arm "Thisssssss way" Trauma jumped in through the destroyed portion.

His confident walk through the hallway of the building soon turned into a quiet creep as he realized just where he was. This was the Hell Fire Club. It was known throughout the city to avoid this headquarters unless you wanted a war. Trauma quickly snarled at the snake " You never mentioned anything about this" The snake quickly replied " You need to come out of the shadowsss. Thisssssss iss your time to reveal yoursssself. Join our forcesssss and become unssssstoppable."

His return

The reluctant "Blood Reaper" couldn't help but agree. He continued down the hall until he approached two women in battle. As one attacked the other a loud battle cry was heard "I am Lady Grimm, look upon thy death!" The snake then nodded it's small head, "That'sssss who you need to help!" Trauma smirked and drew his pistol. He would wait until the perfect time to strike. It was finally time to reveal himself to world once again.

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This assault had been an utter travesty! Zulu was not a calculated plan constructing individual. When she entered the domain of the coming feud her goals were different then that of others. There was no desire for the emergence of some mutant super weapon. If someone were to say Zulu wanted a weapon and analyzed her mind for details the only evident similarity would be this. “Mr. Pyro Pete needs to make me a firekitten!” Indeed she did sing these words as she played the destructive guitar. A pet made of scorching flames however is not very relative to say a mutant weapon.

Then of course was the location itself that they were invading it was nothing more then destructible location. These walls they were pristine made of the most fine of stone and architectural brilliance. They had portraits of the members that were pretty and unique. It was aweful! Fine arts needed to be on walls that were dingy and rotten as this added a sort of majestic quality to the imagery. Then there was the people that ran, who she was sure were all probably tied to crime or suggestively explicit work. Yet everyone of these patrons screamed like a sissy and ran. Zulu wanted them all to pull out gold or diamond encrusted Call of Duty guns! Lastly their was the real members of this place that did in fact resist them. Through the damaged walls she could see Ms. Shadow fighting Deatholicious and Moody Duke Nukem seemed to be coming to help her. Mr Phantom Opera appeared to be having a clone war with Mr. Pyro Pete and the Nanomancer. And that appeared to be it, like Sir AlienGoo, Bugman, and Lady Spider had nothing to fight. What kind of house party was this! That’s when her eyes fell on a target just for her.

To the violet psychopath the man looked like some kind of pimp. She had always wanted to slap such a person across the location of ones back talking bs. So eagerly with almost a skip to her advance she ran through the crumpled wall leaping into the air theatrically. A short but wicked tune would come from the guitar before she’d land in front of her target. The melodic rift would send a trio of sonic explosions into the matter in the radius. Of course to Zulu it was just her typical madness, however if successful each explosive wave was likely to make mush of what it contacted with. Landing the lunatic musician would spin as her body lit up with spiritual flames. The energy radiating from her body burned like white hot flames but glowed instead her signature color. Within the motion were two attacks, the first was the guitar which was being used like a baseball bat. Upon impact not only was it likely to burn flesh and break bone the reverberations would likely cause another musical explosion. Continuing in her spin her free hand would trigger the expansion of a circular blade. The bladed hoolahoop weapon aimed to split the pimp into two separate halves.

Finishing her artistic movement would lead to the saying “you need a bowler hat!” With the rather bizarre statement would come a beam of energy from the lunatic’s right eye. Of course the laser was purple that was a given, and made of the same odd spiritual flame it had a very devastating impact to whatever it hit. The ideal target was the top of the Pimp’s head. His brain blown off his pretty face was the desired effect, though most people probably wouldn’t bother looking into the ‘goal’ of anything someone like Azylum did.

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Following a preemptive strike on the Trinity Tower in Helsinki, Finland; Ziccarra Liafador and the shattered Trinity; resort to nomadic measures in an attempt to learn the identity of their attackers. The chancellor of Venezuela revealed to Ziccarra, that it was former teammate Xenon that revealed the location of the Towers; and Kari to Andres Knightfall of the HFC. Daemon and the Vine Villains lead an attack on the HFC, before Ziccarra can; now with both of her enemies in the same location can the Trinity defeat both groups once and for all.

Enter the Trinity

Ever since the destruction of the Trinity Tower, Ziccarra laboriously schemed to seek retribution on the perpetrators of the attack. “The Hell Fire Club” the four words spit from her mouth with near flawless elocution. Not too long ago, she sauntered through the halls of the respected venue; her time there was spent performing a detail reconnessience of the machinations of the HFC. Her initial walk-through notified her of Mercy Sheridan, a “friend” whom had revealed the location of Isadora. Tranquil, a Keijiko-Bravehart; whom Ziccarra fought only to be defeated some time ago. Catalina, her niece; the Catalan Count Andres Knight fall, her former brother-in-law. The amount of skill congregated in that one area, where directly opposed by another one of the Trinity’s adversaries The Vine Villains, led by Daemon. Blessings filled the air this day, as the Trinity Matron plotted and planned according to the events unfolding.

“Lethal Force has been authorize” Ziccarra commanded connecting to each and every one of her hidden members via commlink. “The Hellfire Club are responsible for the destruction of our tower and the loss of our staff; show no mercy in your extermination of them.” There was a complete lack of passion in the voice of the Malagan Marquess; sounding almost robotic in her commands. Entering the front door of the HFC compound with her mask propped on her head, she turned with one shoulder directed down the corridor.

The cataclysmic battle between both sides had churned onward to a fever-pitch that none of them noticed La Malaguena stalking the threshold. In typical Red Cardinal fashion, Z fired her psi-blades spiraling like a blossoming rose down the hallway with the intention on taking out whomever entered the fray. An illusion spread out throughout the entire building transforming the entire HFC HQ into an empty city.


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@tranquil: @adhene:

As the flaming wall and fiery spiders were about to attack the time manipulator the swordsman from earlier decided to intervene. Using a breath so cold that it extinguished the wall and the vast majority of the spiders leaving a useless amount behind. "You're no fun" Said Last Pyre grumpy that his little plan was foiled by the swordsman. Not wanting to get caught in the opponents breath he opened his hands, pointed them towards the ground and fired a powerful stream of fire in an attempt to rocket himself away from the swordsman, but instead of using his breath again the swords man rushed towards Last Pyre at such a speed that he was less than a blur to him and even though Last Pyre was already flying backwards the sheer speed combined with the length of the sword meant that Last Pyre could not quite escape the blow. When the sword reached Last Pyre it went about an inch past the line of clothing on his chest, sending a chill through his existence. Last Pyre roared out in pain as he tumbled in the air, only just managing to stick his landing. The clothes had already repaired but the pain from even that small strike was excruciating, he had not felt pain in a long time and the shock made him dizzy. He went down on one knee, clutching his chest with his right hand and tried to counteract the temperature reduction. He was successful, but the pain still stung like a hundred wasps. However, the pain left, soon replaced by nothing but hatred and rage. Last Pyre stood tall and his clothing seemed to change to the color red just as a metal bar went red when heated, "HOW. DAARRRREEE. YOOUUUUUU." He shouted so loudly that it could be heard throughout the entire building and the ground shook violently from the activity beneath the ground. For in his rage Last Pyre had began to bring magma from the bowls of the Earths mantle causing tremors from the tectonic movement made by the magma forcing its way through the crust.

Fire had completely engulfed Last Pyre as he continued to roar in anger, flames went everywhere, burning anything that was not already reduced to ashes. He launched explosive balls of fire that were about the size of a child at the swordsman and the time manipulator and tendrils of flame sprouted from the ground and whipped at both opponents to keep them back. He could feel the magma getting closer and closer to the surface, any second and it would erupt from the floors of this building. But suddenly things were different. The HFC had been replaced instead he and everyone else were in an empty city, Last Pyre figured that it would either be an act of teleporting or it was simply and illusion. There were no screaming civilians around, but then he and the others could have sent to another realm. He decided to test it by seeing if he could still feel the magma close to the floor as he would not be able to feel it so close or at all if everyone had been sent to another realm. His test was successful, he raised his hands into the air and the lava came spewing out of a massive hole in what Last Pyre confirmed to be an illusion. "Hah, you cannot fool a fire!". As the lava flowed Last Pyre started by creating a man shaped golem of lava that stood around twenty ft tall, the man molded from in front of Last Pyre and he stepped into the monster wearing it as a suit of molten armor, from here it would be easier to keep the lava at a high temperature so that it would be less likely to turn into stone when cooled. Next he pointed his left hand at some lava and turned it into a large flock crows that went to swarm the swordsman and the time manipulator, he then pointed his right hand at some more lava and ten knights of lava emerged from the lava, all of the knights were around seven ft tall and appeared to be wearing heavy medieval era plate armor. Seven of the knights had sword and shield, while one swung a huge molten flail, another carried an over sized hammer and the final one duel wielded two large axes. The knights charged the two men, the one with the flail went with with four regular knights to attack the swordsman that had attacked Last Pyre earlier. Meanwhile, the knight with the massive hammer went along with three regular swordsmen and the knight that was duel wielding the axes. If this was not enough, Last Pyre directed the flow of lava from the hole towards the two men meaning that the floor would soon become an unsafe place to stand on. The ground was still shaking and the air was rich with Last Pyre's anger and chaos. He no longer cared about his so called allies nor did he care about the girl. He went back to doing what he loved. Burning everyone and everything.

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Having recently joined the ranks of the newly established Trinity team the also serving Paragon readied himself for inevitable conflict which would most certainly threaten his entire existence on the earth. The reason for joining the Trinity was simple, but the reasons for joining this battle were slightly more complex. A talk went down with Ziccarra showcasing her plans to breach into Venezuela and locate Xenon, the leader. His arrangement with her meaning he'd be allowed to join the woman in her "visit" into the country and even show her a feasible way in due to having escaped there himself once, in return she had asked the Paragon to ally himself with her during this battle against the HFC and assist. Naturally he had agreed.

Preparing himself hastily taking his iconic emerald bow combined with a deadly array of specialist arrows, a glove from Animus allowing for energy arrows to be created virtually meaning he could never run out, coupled with a myriad of other technological gadgetry from the industries he felt his life was in good hands - his own hands.

Receiving the signal from his leader the Paragon swiftly made way to the entrance of the HFC base only moments after Ziccarra had arrived, he himself having tailed her moments behind to avoid a sneak attack defeating the duo. Bursting through the doors his eyes gazed upon the sight of battle....the biggest battle he'd seen in his life. His bow resting in his hands, an arrow resting upon the bow. The emerald archer waited for inevitable combat.

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As Adhene rushed with all his might the fiery demon moved for a counter. As the punch about the land the demon created a fire with immense heat. Instantenously connecting to his telekinetic enery he pulled out a shield before pushing himself as back and as fast as he could. Almost sure that the fire would catch up the white knight had come to aid, extinguishing the flame. As the black bishop landed on the ground he found himself surrounded by fiery spiders. Adhene gently stood up and fixed his hat as the spiders moved just to meet their ends at the hands of Milo. With a gentle smile he looked at his ally. ''You have my Grattitude, my friend.''

Before making another offensive move he made a quick jump altered with time to get faster and extended his hand to Milo. As Milo passed to once again meet with the fire creature Adhene's fingers touched his body for a second. His psychokinesis along with his ability to copy working accordingly gave Adhene the sight of Milo's big skill pool and some part of his memories. The black bishop's eyes had glown as his powers worked. A vicious smile covered his face with the newly acquired abilities. As he landed back on the ground and was about to make his move against the demonic adversary he heard a guitar and see the arrival of a young woman before her real arrival thanks to Milo's danger senses.

Pushing his muscles to they're limit's he took a step backwards followed by a fast phased back flip and with a few telekinetic arrangements to the situation, he avoided the devastating sound attack. As he took a breath the lunatic girl came for another attack spinningly. Taking advantage of his newly gained senses Adhene too made a spinning move. The guitar passed right through him though the fiery auro of it left a big burnt to his chest. Right after the guitar passed he grasped the ground and pushed himself back as the lunatic came with her blade. Flexing his psyche black bishop sent a powerfull telekinetic bolt to stop the blade and push himself back to avoid the attack with creating some distance. Before being able to have breath of fresh air he was under the trajectory of the violet beam that came after the bowler hat mentions of the lunatic. Relying on solely his reflexes and the danger senses he jumped. The beam had burnt his hat and some of his hair was gone with it.

He gave himself a second to catch his breath. The burnt flesh on his chest was giving him a big amount of pain and his muscles was in screaming cause of the movement. He had been pushin this old body too much and he was not sure hwo long he could keep it up. Connecting to his telephaty he gave orders to guards to stay put for his signal. ''I may consider the bowler hat, now.'' He said without showing much remorse. He was a little angry to the loss of his hat, a little excited with the fierce battle and in some pain with his body's current situation. He took a deep breath and looked at his chest. His suit was in horrofic shape and there was a big line on his chest. He put his hand on the burnt place. With peerless control he made time go faster on the flesh for a better condition. The scar was still there but at least it was hurting less in a state of pre healing.

Black bishop's body was coming closer to it's limits with every passing second. Expanding his psionic form to get a some sort of armour along with giving the body a little more time. The demonic fire entity didn't stop in the meantime and was about to attack. With the borrowed power of Milo he created a copy of himself. The process had made him feel weak. His brain worked with high efficency and felt likie is about to blow up. He had no idea about chi or how it worked but his copying ability had a strange way to itself. Unlike the copies that Milo created Adhene's copy was limited with the thoughts of the black bishop. The copy had ran with all he got without caring the obstacles first he jumped and taken the ravens on his body. As the ravens started to melt his flesh he jumped once again to meet with the knights and ended it's short existence with the explosion of unstoppable telekinetic force and took the lava creatures with itself.

In the meantime black bishop was more concentrated on the crazy girl. To his both hands he created swords of pure psionic energy in his main body. The difference between the swords was that the one in his left hand was more telekinetic in nature to cut and slash anything in it's vicinity whereas the other one was more telepathic to directly attacking the mind and to cause damage as well as breaking it. He ran with peerles speed augmented by the self controlled time flow. Without giving up from his speed he swang his left sword to girl's legs with a slashing move followed by the telephatic sword thrust to her head. The attack would go with uninterrupted second try then sending the swords with a telekinetic burst of unconvential force. In the end with the clone's explosion his body was going to be in the brink of destruction though this was unkown even to him.

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@lady_grimm: @darkchild: @catalina_liafador: @reenforcer: @warlock360: @trauma: @azylumsjoker: @shanana: @lastpyre: @adhene: @pyrogram: Despite valiant efforts on the part of the Black Bishop and White Knight the forces of the Vine Villains applied unrelenting force, wreaking untold havoc upon the citizens of New York along with the Hellfire Club's aristocratic establishment. No longer invested in salvaging the remains of the desecrated facility, effervescently enraged at the abrupt invasion based upon ignorance, and detached from any emotional ties created by the lack of assistance from the elevated group of socialites Tranquil decided to take the entire team's weight upon his shoulders.

"Adhene, Catalina, its over. Remove yourselves from the area. I am going to end this." The Metaphysical Martial Artist declared using eikyo influential technique to deliver telepathic messages to the only teammates who could be bothered with showing face at such an extravaganza. Unsure as to whether they heeded his warning the Tranquil ascended into the sky, fireballs flailing past him as he raced through the air, heating up the molecules with speed alone. One fireball caught its mark, striking the Keijijo Kaze square in the chest. Embers singed his clothing, and the skin began to blister from the intense heat. The rock dispersed upon collision with Milo's equally solid form and despite sustaining a large amount of internal damage, precise manipulation of his physical chakras allowed for him to ignore the pain.

The myriad of dust and debris began to rise as the Last Pyre summoned volcanic might in the form of molten rock. Lava spilled over topside, and from this spawned a legion of medieval warriors armed with elemental weaponry they fled to attack the two men who stood, defending there castle from intruders. Yet the sudden rise of rock and dirt was not directly caused by the Pyromancer's latest release. The Tranquil had gathered incaluable amounts of energy, it flocking to his form with enough power to create its own gravitational pull. The increase continued and suddenly an extraneously bright light enveloped the Keijijo Bravehart's form. With his chest bared for everyone to see Milo removed the mask, allowing it to dissipate once contact with his face was lost.

As the light faded the Keijijo was housed in glowing gold aura, streaks of lightning ran across the aura. His irises became blue and his long flowing locks of hair were now gold as well, akin to the color of his eyebrows. This was the height of his strength, and he firmly held the belief that only a rare individual, the likes of which the world may never see could contend with him. Truth would be told in the next instant.

Moving well beyond the speed of sound, approaching a velocity of 18,800 miles per second, just above ten percent the speed of light Milo launched a punch at each member of the VV except the Last Pyre. Each of these punches held energy well beyond that of the nuclear bomb that struck Hiroshima. Upon the point of contact, Milo allowed a small bit of exponential energy to be released. This release was akin to a miniature nuclear bomb exploding in the face of each opponent. At each target's location a wide, daunting crater would be left, milliseconds after the strike. Operating in the realm of fractions of a second, Milo continued his onslaught to the fire dancer, running past him with the same speed, but instead of striking, the Tranquil attempted to literally rip the majority of fiery energy from the opponent, with the intent of rendering him unconscious. Whether or not this campaign proved successful Milo had one final move in mind.

The last few millisecond of the single second in which Milo executed these attacks was used to retreat to the skies. Once well above striking range, Milo raised his hands high above his head, channeling the monstrous amounts of chi in his possession to the area just above his hands. Multiple colors emanated from his hands in the shape of a gooey orb, were absorbed into a more massive black ball. This black ball was extremely heavy, containing a devastatingly astronomical amount of condensed chi. Once completed, the orb expanded in size ad was then thrown towards the Club's remains with incomparable speed. The impact would unleash an explosion that would disintegrate everything in the general area thus leaving a crater three miles and 10 miles deep.

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Enter Bugrom

Eyes from under shifted as a manhole cover flipped into the sidewalk without external help. Fluid bolts of viscous lightning materialized under the command of his thoughts, a bed of thorns encircle him that only he accurately see. The entire structure crumpled into a thick spool of spiral which he uses as a spring mechanism to fire at the target, beacons guided by his eyesight as anomalies in etched lines across the ground which represt the city's skyscrapers. A sniper waiting to take the kill shot while the chaos heats up into a bubbling boil, colors shift as property devolve into cinder under a wash of blinding motion. Word was spread that there will be huge conflict ahead but he remains as the sleeper agent, unlike the others he had to commute all the way from detroit.

The setup was set up with the priority to initiate contact then absorb, but the timing had to be done carefully so that he can find the right window to break into. It is like entering a thread through a needle hole, this one chance that will be used to turn the tide around. He had also concealed several assortments of mutant floss taken from his cocoons to give for his comrades, but the goal is to strike the one that had just dropped the ball. The Spring had been set up to strike at the shift of the orb.

The spring took off as it is a construct that can be manipulated at the speed of mind, an aid that takes him past the sound barrier. A body so big that it takes flight into a move that is almost intuitive, simply a pounce aimed at the one who had reached a golden form. It can be called a low blow, it can be called a cheap shot but depending on what happens next it may be called a victory. Now he is past the distance where he can smell the man's sweat, now he approaches inside the span of the arm.

Now he takes his chance.

The Orb is about to make contact.

Nothing to lose.

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@tranquil: @lady_grimm @darkchild: @reenforcer @warlock360: @trauma: @azylumsjoker: @shanana: @pyrogram: @catalina_liafador: @adhene:

Last Pyre's minions began their assault, the crows fell victim to the time manipulator as did the knights who were dispatched with ease. But that was certainly not it for Last Pyre, thirty more knights of sword and shield arose from the lava surrounding the swordsman and time manipulator and moved in for the kill. The lava balls he threw met small success as one managed to hit the swordsman square in the chest as he ascended above the fight, he laughed a little more at the whole fight as it brought him more pleasure and power. He was certain that e would come out on top eventually. However, as the swordsman rose into the air a massive amount of energy was felt by Last Pyre as his enemy seemed to be concentrating energy for an upcoming attack, Last Pyre himself was not worried himself but recognised that so much power may not just be used against himself. Soon a blinding light was emitted from the swordsman. An angel perhaps?. No, there was a lack of holy energy it had to be something else. The man removed his mask and was consumed by a bright light, whatever he was doing was not something simple. The white light turned into a glowing aura of sorts, power ebbed from the man and Last Pyre wondered if it could be taken. Even the man's hair glowed gold.

Last Pyre didn't quite know what this golden glow and sudden surge in power would do but he was sure that the swordsman would not be stupid enough to attack him directly with such power, the plan of the swordsman would probably be to use the power on all of Last Pyre so called allies and end them, leaving only him and the swordsman left. Such a situation was less then ideal. Last Pyre was so sickened by the thought of protecting people that he made a gagging sound, but he thought of himself and found comfort, he imagined that his allies were all him and he knew that he would always help himself. Last Pyre raised both hands into the air, causing the golem he was still inside to mimic him. It looked as though it put its hands up in surrender, but this was certainly not the case. With intense concentration a bubble of lava formed itself around his partners with what appeared to be a single stream of lava that connected them all to himself. Going through multiple walls to reach him. The bubbles of lava acted like a energy absorber that would send the collected energy of each attack on his comrades to Last Pyre, allowing which would allow him to use said energy against man. To his great fortune his plan paid off. The swordsman moved away almost faster then Last Pyre could register with the intent on targeting each of Last Pyre's accomplices with a punch of great power. Rather than having the effect of punching each team-mate into oblivion the energy was completely absorbed and collected by Last Pyre, who laughed louder and louder as the energy was collected, the golem grew taller and laughed with Last Pyre. The ground shook even more as he began to force more and more magma up from the earth, and twenty more knights formed from the lava and went to join the rest in attacking. But it seemed that the swordsman did not just want Last Pyre's allies, faster then he could see the swordsman ran past Last Pyre and tore out a large chunk of energy and destroyed part of what made him exist in this plane.

The inferno inside Last Pyre started to dissipate and soon nothing was left but the outside shell that was the clothes and his soul which remained attached to Peter. Most would think at this point that he was dead, as the knights and golem started to lose their sentience and melted back into regular lava and the magma that was forcing its way up stopped in its tracks, even the bubbles of lava that surrounded his team-mates dissipated out of existence. But of course, while there was a fire there would always be a pyre. He was completely unaware of the swordsman's next attack, which threatened to obliterate anything in the area as he was more concerned with returning to his normal form. All he had to do was find a fire and go into it, this way he could force his way back into material life. Doing so was not hard seeing as fire had spread across most of New York and soon he found a nice, large blaze about five meters away from the main fight. He dived into the fire and soon it took the form of a large man with no facial expression aside from a large grim that spread across his face. "You can't keep a good pyre down!" He said in both excitement and anger. After this the clothes that were left in the golem simply went away and reappeared slowly over the flaming entity. He looked back on the fight and saw what was happening, a big black blob had been formed by the swordsman. It contained the potential to cause catastrophic destruction that area and there was very little that he could do to stop it. So he didn't, so what the man destroyed something he didn't care about? Last Pyre simply moved away from the location and went to a vantage point to view the destruction from a far.

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@strongarm: Impossibly faster than one could think, not to mention see, Milo was quick to react once the sphere was released of his own influence, barreling towards the location with an austere trajectory. A large glowing figure raced towards the Supercharged Keijijo Kaze only to be met with commensurate force in the form of an earth shatter punch that sent an explosive wave of energy out in each direction, forcing the atmosphere to be set aflame on contact.

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@tranquil: Venturing through the debris caused by the surrounding battle, Eisen sought to find his former opponent that left him with the clones. The newly gained power was coursing through his veins, it was a small taste of what he can achieve but oh so delicate. His comrade really was out for destruction as the molten destruction only seemed to carry on in larger proportions, when it suddenly came to a halt. This could only mean two things, either he willingly, or unwillingly stopped. As Dynamo headed towards his direction he was met by a large radiation of energy together with a sonic boom, giving way to a punch he couldn't even perceive knocking him into a wall.

"Im- possible... I... can barely move... " he said after trying to stand up again, his knee's giving away "Sheer... power... "

The light before Eisen's eyes was dimming out, but the energy his foe's punch delivered was sufficient to keep him going for a while, acting as a defibrillator consistently shocking him. Coughing up blood that slowly dissipates into a stream nanomachinoid fluid he makes his way forward while holding the gasping wound on his chest, marching towards a new source power with energy signatures similar to the one that attacked him earlier, a floating orb of raw energy, and it was coming down with a vast speed. If this orb was to detonate then Eisen's on-spot calculation determined a over 3 mile wide crater. This would put his team down for sure, but why risk obliterating his own teammates? Did he somehow... call them back? This would indicate that he is now on his own. If Dynamo couldn't somehow soften the moment of impact, it would most certainly prove fatal to his plans he so eagerly put up before commencing in this war.

"It would seem, as if the curtains are slowly falling... "

Terminal velocity dictates that the orb can only accelerate up to a certain point, given that we're not in vacuum and it probably has at least some kind of mass, he could still make it under the impact. Giving himself one last dash Dynamo turns his back on the Dark ball tries to hold it like Atlas would hold the sky, the acting of the gravitational pull swiftly brings Eisen to his knees. First the left, then the other. The ground from under him begins to crackle, tearing up the concrete and his skin, his back was also taking heavy damage, at the same time trying to fuse some energy within himself to neutralize some of the destruction that will take place. It was of no avail, he would have to give in. A burst stream of destruction shone from without his mouth, eyes and nostrils at first before the explosion happened, the outcome was severely weakened though a good 1/3rd still went through. Dynamo's body was now disintegrated, shreds of his clothes swirled around in the wind, water sprouts gushing out from the crater in some positions.

The life of the creatures Eisen had created beforehand have seemed to been whisked out of them, as their eyes and movements came to a halt, like a computer on emergency reboot. A last phrase was spoken by the beetle and serpent before dulling down, "must... find... the child... ", like a last order.

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The punch would have otherwise fried him had he been a normal hive footsoldier, however years of honed experience and the power of imagination said otherwise. In no way is he as fast as this target, hence the plan for an ambush in the midst of the chaos but his constructs are in a way as fast or even 'faster' than this one. He would know as when the side of his face is shattered he 'expanded' a blanket that envelops them both timed at the impact of the shattering punch, a gamble that sacrificed the side of his face. It was by convenience that he cannot feel pain as his exoskeleton is cracked and right mandible mangled, but he knows what he is getting into. Even before he enters the fray all the powers are outlined when he saw the myriad of colors catalogued and analyzed in detail by his own senses.

A punch takes off parts of his face, yet that very same punch gave him opportunity to latch. The combustion burnt off his overcoat, his torso is exposed as well but damage is somewhat focused on the face. Because of his unique aura, the full force of the attack is reduced and the insect is not dead. Touching Bugrom would normally cause one to fall into the trap of fatigue, tire out into a deep slumber but mostly it allows him to initiate his bread and butter. He is damaged because his opponent manages to send an attack wave before they made contact. After his face collided with the man's fist then did he find a comfortable shift in situation, the opponent may or may not feel the gooey webbing which serves to extend Bugrom's main power.

The toxin did not work as the flames had vaporized them before he can initiate contact, speed and training helped as well since he is able to somewhat react to the man. Any second slower and the entire torso would be gone. This prey is held in high regards, but now is the time to do his thing. Absorption starts now, energies, knowledge, abilities, and superpowers will begin to seep away.

Escape will no longer exist in that man's vocabulary.

Although the absorption takes equal distribution of the aforementioned categories the bug decides to take a focus on the mental faculties of the man, intent on draining every ounce of basic human knowledge and reducing the man into a brain dead vegetable.

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As the battle waged furiously a new arrival entered the conflict. Peter Hood it seemed had arrived into the big battle to battle one of the battlers. Hero peoples wanted a cut in the ultra-violence. Fine fine the lunatic figured, more lambs to the butcher or whatever. This thought was soon to be a little changed by the further conflict going down. Much of the building was embraced by fire by the raging Pyro Pete. The Pimp had taken the briefest of momentos to help the Mr. Phantom Opera. Then the lunatic came and of course her mighty Pimpin opponent was quick to respond.

Using invisible walls of mental might it seemed her opponent had evaded the damage. Waves of sound passing harmlessly it had appeared. With artistic movie like grace the pair had spun stylishly in their combat. The guitar passed through the person like air a sign of phasing apparently going down. Another mental made wall being pitched up to stop the impact of the circular blade. The current hat and quite a bit of hair had been struck by the laser vision. And with that the furious onslaught of theatric violence had changed turns. It was now the pimps move, and the psychotic diva giggled in anticipation.

Tired expressions were hinted at as the man tried to ready himself. Curiously the wounds were sped up to heal as the Pimp considered the fashion advice of the lunatic. Like the Opera dude the Pimp had made a clone of sorts absorb Pyro Pete’s attack. Then glowing like blades manifested in the hands of the Pimp. Accelerated movements brought the pimp on her in a violent way. Though her speed helped her to a degree there really was no time to resist the on coming attacks. Diving into a back flip the violet woman managed to evade a blow to the legs. Instead that telekinetic blade had ripped a gash into the shoulders of the woman. The following thrust had passed through the air harmlessly. Secondary attempts however followed up the first set. Moving into another flip the tk blade didn’t rip open her legs but another line of crimson marked the fem fatal’s chest. Following this a forward thrust with the second blade came her way, the mental damaging weapon speared into Zulu’s head. Blood seeped from nose eyes and ears from the mental impalement. However not to much damage came out of the attack like a wound like this normally would. The psychic blade shattered minds but the mentality of Azylum was already shattered. So the wound didn’t count for all that much.

Wounds have hindered her faintly but nowhere near enough to stop the attack from her. Tossing the guitar on the ground the violet lunatic jumped onto the guitar with her circular blade gyrating on the strings. What this came down to was a moving mixture of sonic booms and saw blades. Following the spinning blade and barrage of sound attacks Zulu leaped in a acrobatic twirl aimed to slice off the head of her opponent. Landing she would attempt to also eliminate mobility of her foe. She’d dropped into a low sweeping kick, her leg followed up by a wave of electric current. As this attack ends the Phantom guy mounted his assault with a high-speed punch sent towards the violet haired ladies face. Pyro Pete made a attempt to shield off the attack which did in fact help. With her remarkable speed she was able to stop it with her own palm. The high-speed fist connected to her own with grievous results. Her entire arm having been shattered from the impact. Following this the Phantom dude readied a massive glowy attack of doom. It wasn’t looking good for her.

Following this wound the diva realized she had one best option to be victorious. Teleporting Zulu would attempt to get a grip on the Pimp. To coil her arms and legs around the man in a sort of vice grip so hopefully he would be incapable of escaping. This was entirely for a singular purpose and that was to teleport and bring the pimp with her. The intention being to place herself and the pimp in the middle of the chi based devastating attack. This mighty chakra like bomb was of devastating potential that was why all the HFC peeps seemed to be trying to escape. Zulu would attempt to dump the person into that ginormous devastating attack. With that she would begin to teleport away completely.

Back At The Hill

Azylum rested in the medical bay recovering from her extensive injuries. The cut along her shoulders was down to the bone. If the gash in her stomach had been any deeper her insides would be spilling. On top of that the injuries from Tranquil’s sphere had ravaged her body. Her entire being was charred black from the heat of the chi attack. What was skin and what was flesh was impossible to identify from the wounds. The only distinguishable mark was her violet hair untouched. Despite the writhing pain however the lunatic was giggling like mad. In her eyes the assault was a success.

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Noir had lingered around the building waiting for the opportune moment. There was a obvious absence of the child in this scene. It was just apparent by the amount of destruction brought on that Kari wasn’t here. Numerous figures were involved including even members of the Trinity. The conflict was growing to a climactic peak and the arachnid saw a opportune moment to strike. One final attempt to score a kill was to be made before her departure. Currently the entire conflict was a growing moment that was bringing everything apart. What this implied was that it would soon be time to depart the conflict zone.

Last Pyre had set the scene ablaze lava covered the grounds burning up almost the entire block. The sonic attacks used by the psychotic Zulu was ravaging the structure. Quite simply every single individual within this building was releasing devastating attacks. It was a miracle the entire compound was even standing. Then it came time for the cue de gra of the ongoing battle. The mysterious masked figure named Tranquil took to the skies to prepare a frightening move. Noir had not been targeted thanks to her concealment in the shadows. Like the predatorial fiend she was she had evaded notice. That was until now, Noir Anarcia dropped from her vantage point and rushed for the emerald archer. It had become time to take a life in the woman’s opinion.

A webbing of silvery white string was brought in between the spiders hands. The acidic properties dripped slightly from the strand as the spider ran forward. She would attempt to coil around the man’s throat in a attempt to strangle him. Not only that but its content was likely to also separate a head entirely. With that she would attempt to jump into the air to narrowly evade the chi bomb. This was to hopefully place the archer in the blast despite she herself escaping it. Landing she wasn’t sure if she had managed a kill or not. However it seemed clear by now, that this fight was nearly over. Despite Dynamo absorbing the attack there was still a roughy one mile diameter crater three or four miles deep. The child wasn’t here HFC was practically ruined it seemed like this conflict was simply done.

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Black bishop's vicious attack came one after another. With all his might he slashed any part of the lunatic he could reach. He could feel that his body wasn't going to last but he wasn't going to stop before seeing the end. As his attacks ended his clone had exploded leaving with nothing behind. Blood came out of his nostrils with the aftermath of his powerusage. Feeling like his mind was about to blow any minute he staggered back. Is this the end? He asked to himself in his thoughts. His heart was pumping fiercly as if it wanted to leave the body. Slowly breathing he looked at his opponents. Adhene gave a weak smile with the white knights telephatic message. He opened his mouth to say something but he wasn't ready to talk yet.

The lunatic started moving again in an instance. Using her guitar and blades, without giving Adhene much time started her new moves. No time to move. He thought. With all he got, using his time manipulating powers he pushed the sonic attacks back in time. The blood flowing from his nostrills he managed to stop most and weaken the rest. He tried to move his body from the way of the weakend sound waves though he must have been slow cause he nearly lost his ability to hear. The purple woman had come for her last play. The oncoming slash had met with black bishop's hands powered with telekinetic force. He had time to move his head from the attack but his handicapped telekinesis caused by his current condition had cost him his hand. Without stopping the electrical kick met with his lift leg, breaking it.

He fell to his strong leg. Blood spilling from his wrist he smiled. Taking out a piece from his shirt he wrapped the place where there was once a hand. His body had allready gone numb. The pain was gone and he was feeling stupidly good. His sight was a little blurry but nothing he cared at the moment. White knight had started his ending moves. Black bishop saw a glimpse of white knight as he punched the girl. Then came the big ball of devastatng energy to bring the doom. Adhene looked at the air to get a clear sight of it. His grin got bigger. The blood coming out from his mouth made the grin looked scarier. For his last move he tried to connect as much people as he could with his telepathy to stop them to meet with the oncoming doom. As he was concerned with his telepathy the girl teleported to him and gripped Adhene. Black bishop smiled once again as he lighted a one last cigar for the last show he'll watch. Nearly destroyed hat flow to his hand and he placed it on his head. ''Let's watch the end together, shall we?'' His voice was warm and calm once again as they met with the oncoming energy...


A red haired young man came to the wreckage left after the big fight of the HFC. The young man slowly walked. The reconstruction had allready started though it was going pretty slow. With every step he had found a flash of memory passing from his mind. Shattered memories of his last time. Young man stopped at where the black bishop once stood for his final breath. He placed a bowler hat to the ground. ''Goodbye Doctor Troyce and thank you. It was a good run...''

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Alas the time had come for Last Pyre to leave the battle, it was over. The swordsman was defeated and the HFC was in ruins, as for the girl he still didn't know if she was there or not but it wasn't his job to collect people alive, his job involved burning and that is as far as it normally went. Being one of the few that was unharmed by the final attempt of destruction caused by the swordsman he returned to the battle field and raised up a pillar of lava on which he stood proudly. He wondered what to do next, half of his team-mates had suffered greatly from the blast and half were either searching for the girl or leaving. Last Pyre basked in the pleasures generated by the suffering around him for a moment and lost himself for a good 5 minutes. He could hear many sirens and helicopters in the chaos of the city which still screamed in terror as his fire had continued to spread, he lowered the pillar so that he could step off gracefully onto the street which still spewed out hot lava. At this point he just stood there looking around, looking for something interesting. Nothing. "This city burns easily" He said softly with a hint of boredom in his voice, he needed to burn more or at least something bigger. Then he remembered being told about a location know as the Hill, a base of operations for the Vine Villains, he only wished that he had been told where it was so that he could travel there. He would have asked one of the other members but he reckoned that it best he figure it out for himself, seeing as he could easily be given false information that could lead him astray. With that in mind he used lava to lift himself into the air and then created a bubble of incinerating fire around him. He drew his flame thrower inside the bubble, pointed upwards and fired. The propulsion from the flames made him shoot downwards into the ground and the bubble of incinerating fire burned its way through the ground allowing Last Pyre to burn his way through the Earth, he went deeper and deeper until he eventually hit the mantle. It took about 10 minutes, but he was in no rush.

Deep in the mantle it felt as though he was in a warm bath, travelling through the mantle was much easier than flying around as he had full control of his surroundings meaning he could use the magma to push himself along underneath the Earth. It was probably the safest place for him next to being in Hell, he doubted that anyone would even be able to follow him down here, let alone want to. So he oriented his body into a position where he was lying flat with hands under his head, suspended in the magma he returned to his mind to relax and try to find information on nearby places on the surface that would except his presence. He was not practised in telepathy or sensing super natural presence at a long distance and the distance between him and the surface did not make it any easier. But still he searched on, a whole day had passed by the time he found a place in somewhere called Detroit, there was a spike in demonic energies that he recognised as being similar to his and so without further a due he moved himself through the magma and journeyed for Detroit in hopes that he would find what he was looking for. He was unsure of the events that would take place after but one thing he did know for sure was it would one hell of an entrance when he arrived. After all, its not everyday someone just bursts from the ground surrounded by lava.

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"Where...Where am I?" Lady grimm said rubbing her immensely swollen face to ease the aching pain. The sensation can only be described as pure agony. A familiar sun beaming down on her as she sits covered in dirt and sand, she takes in her surroundings slowly, "The desert? How did I get here? I remember fighting...In an already destroyed building." Images of the previous battle flash through her mind, a picture of her tentacle like shadows grasping a woman's forearms and her fist being enhanced and prepared for a strike. "I remember!" As she plays back what had happened only a few minutes ago in her mind as vividly as her injury would allow her to. An extremely powerful fist flying towards her face, only to be cutoff by a wall of heat reinforced by her shadow barrier. But the fist was too fast and had almost broken through both fields of protection nearing her towards death. Sounds of a guitar filled the air as the impact of the fist was so strong it triggered her to teleport to her last known location. The Sahara desert once again. "We made it, Little one!" She yells proudly as she jumps to her feet but her legs are too weak to lift her limp and beaten body. "Ugh! I..can't move. All from one punch? We were so close...to dying...I've never felt so vulnerable... I should be ashamed to call myself Lady Libertina Grimm, little one...Little one?" She slowly taps her head while grimacing in search of the small creature that once guided her to the excitement. Grabbing the insect she cradles it in her hands but it doesn't move. It just sits between her fingers limp. "Well. I guess since I can hardly move and you may either be dead or incapacitated, all we can do is wait and hope someone was grateful enough to help us." She slowly brings her back to the sand and closes her eyes. Not meditating or reflecting this time, just sleeping. Like any other injured warrior would do.