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Two weeks passed since Kain's death. The Tenebrasque In Territories suffered lightning storms since the moment of his death. Mother Earth herself seemed to mourn the Guardian's passing. There was a massive change in the overall mood in the territories. The sadness was so intense the people under Tenebrasque In rule were grief-stricken by Lord Aizen's death. As Kain's death was mourned, another collective celebrated his passing by scheming. A collective of spiteful angered Gods sat at a gold table within Hades' palace in the Underworld. Golden chairs adorned with skeletal engraving surrounded Hades' golden table. Slaves wearing rags or nothing at all and shackles walked around with platters serving food and drinks to the Gods in their presence. Dirt caked on their hands and feet. The poor souls were condemned to exist as slaves for Hades and fulfill his every desire, including the desires of his guests.

“Where are Tartarus and Hades? I know Hades was murdered, but this is taking too long and I am growing impatient.” Anubis had been complaining for the last hour about waiting for Hades to be returned from his death despite even now, Hades still had a few minutes to arrive. Anubis was an impatient God, and any who held a position similar to his were in his opinion, forced to act as he would. He was as arrogant as he was unbelievably powerful.

“That's my uncle you're complaining about Anubis. He is as necessary as the rest of us to release the Titans. The deal was already made before the fate which befell him.”

“Then what are we still waiting for?” Pluto shamelessly interjected and was responded to by Osiris.

“We need him to come back to help finishing breaking the seal keeping the Titans imprisoned. Remember, we need either him, Zeus or Poseidon to shatter it since those three were the original seal creators and with Zeus in hiding and Poseidon's lack of love for the Titans, Hades is the only way this can work.”

“Well Hades needs to-”

“I need to do nothing, Anubis. I have returned thanks to Tartarus. Being dead is far from being as fun as one would expect but it enables time for working on strategy. Which is how I came to this plan of releasing the Titans.” Hades' sinister grin could be seen through the black curtain of oily hair covering his face and dancing on his onyx colored armor. He appeared in a puff of black ash still sprinkled with embers. In his right hand however, was the most powerful weapon forged by the Gods, the Blade of Olympus. It's brilliant blue light illuminated the room.

“It took you long enough, Hades. We've been here for the last hour, waiting for you.”

“I would offer my condolences, but Gods with dog faces make me want to play fetch rather than apologize.”

“Don't you dare speak to me with such insolence! I-”

“Enough Anubis!” Ra's voice thundered in the room. He was adorned entirely in gold plating and extravagant silk clothes. His voice rumbled with elegance and royalty. He changed his focus from Anubis to Hades. Then he spoke once again.

“Hades, why have you decided to do this now? Why have you decided that after going all these years without praise, without proper worship from the mortals to release the Titans? We could have released eons ago. They've had more than enough time to accrue power and heal from the battle with your brethren. They could have waged war on this ungrateful planet before you had your life taken from you as well. What makes this the perfect time?”

“Have you all lost your senses over the years? The one bond keeping the balance together has finally cracked. It's gone. Kain Siegfried Aizen took his own life. The Guardian of the balance of darkness and light is dead.”

Erebus raised a curious eyebrow at Hades' words. He proceeded to questioning his host after removing a drink from a nearby slave girl. He eyed her butt as she walked off as well. “We're all familiar with Kain. But he is, excuse me, was, one man and while there is no arguing his power, he could not have stopped us on his own.”

“You fail to know who what he was entirely it seems my friend. He was never, just a God. He was the Guardian of the balance. Darkness and light were his to command with a single whim. He was the original Horseman of War and led several apocalypse events. He was never alone.”

“So we waited because you fear him?”

“Stay your tongue when you speak to your uncle, Ares. We also waited for his death because that would make the seals much weaker. Without his being dead, we would need Zeus and Poseidon to come along which for obvious reason, is not an available possibility. His death opens the door for us to take over, to do what we must do. To gain their praise and spread our influence through the universe. The more who pray to us, the more powerful we will become. The Titans are only a means for us to achieve that goal. Dumb brutes to be discarded once they outlive their usefulness to us.”

“The Titans are uncontrollable Hades. We cannot stop them on our own. We don't have anything to keep them in line and slay them once these mortals are begging for us to rescue them.” Proserpine countered Hades flawlessly.

“That's what the legends would have you think. We have something, they do not. We have the most powerful weapon forged by Zeus, we have the single tool responsible for their defeat, the Blade of Olympus. Its full power is unknown. Zeus imbued it with more power than even he expected. It will destroy the Titans, in addition to slaying the rest of our enemies, man or God alike.”

Hades looked around the room to see his cabal contemplating the plan. They all appeared to approve of what Hades proposed. They all knew their power would increase from praying mortals and the countless deaths brought about by the released Titans. The Titans were led to believe that they would be allowed to exact vengeance on those who dared to attack them with only having to leave Hades and his cohorts to their own devices. Hades would let them kill, while they would spare him. They both yearned for the death of Zeus ergo it was an even trade.

Finally, Veles broke the silence. “Fine Hades, where do we begin?”

“We need to destroy shackles of course. Fear and death strengthen the Titans as much as they strengthen us. Let us assist in their liberation, shall we?”

Back on Earth, there was still new coverage for Kain's death. The services would run for exactly 30 days, they were on day 15. Several familiar faces paid their respects to Master Kain. Soldiers were everywhere as civilians filed around to respect the vampire who promoted peace, the man who promoted equal living for every single race despite their various differences. The sadness was undeniable. It was a virus plaguing the people of Tenebrasque In. Stories were told of Kain's brutal, but kind brand of leadership.

Charlie Todd wore a black suit at the memorial. His hands were firmly in his pockets. Charlie leaned his head against Aurora's. The master of trap magic reflected on the events of Kain's death. His suicide was still so uncharacteristic. Nothing was adding up to him. He was unable to smile, unable to even make rhymes like he often did. So much changed in the last few weeks, so many lost. Todd's normally joyful fuzzles did nothing. They would not hop along Charlie's shoulders, they simply nestled in his hair.

Rain poured on the visitors. Wind whipped around turning drops of rain into shards of ice. Lightning cracked with roaring thunder following close behind. Dead leaves blew in the Russian winds on this freezing afternoon. Pictures of Lord Aizen adorned his tribute area. A few of his standard weapons hung up for display as well. There was low volume conversation between the participants.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake and the sounds of metal slamming against metal rang in everyone's ears. Everyone's eyes shot around in search of what caused the noise. It became louder and louder with each passing second. It sounded like the million man march was approaching from over the hill. Charlie turned his head and saw several men in armor charging towards them. Those several men quickly multiplied into a few dozen. Then a few hundred and finally, a few thousand. Soldiers were charging down hill towards Kain's memorial service. Tenebrasque In's Royal Guard prepared for battle in a moment's notice. Charlie's scattered traps activated randomly creating barriers and waves of instant death to fight off the threats. The children were forced to retreat inside while the adult civilians took up arms against the incoming threats. Other defenses activated firing canons and fully automated turrets fired away spraying soldiers with a hail of explosive bullets.

“Grab your weapons and file inside, we cannot fight them in here! Archers, climb up to the roof and attack, there are ranged weapons in corridors leading up top!”

Charlie was screaming orders for the others to listen. Thankfully before committing suicide Kain began having his people practice military combat techniques. It was very similar to Spartan society specifically for these kinds of events. War would not allow his people to be weak or defenseless but they had not been training for too long and would be better off inside where they had an advantage. Aizen's soldiers continued to pour out of the building to attack enemy forces. Another squad began attacking from behind the memorial service. Things were quickly getting out of control. All of the Tenebrasque In Territories were being attacked by these various soldiers. France, Russia and Iceland were all falling victim to the attacks. A television set being watching the adults inside also reported the swarms of soldiers in various other countries; The United States, Africa, Canada, Italy with new names popping up every few seconds.

In Hollywood California several large beasts bulldozed through the Hollywood sign. A single black Cerberus led the charge into the city trampling cars and slapping whatever vehicles stood in its way. Axe wielding soul-wraiths galloped on horses beheading nearby passers by. Police Officers fired handguns and shotguns at the marauders. They managed to kill a few of these beastly attackers before falling victim themselves. Panicked citizens ran in terror from the Yamashiro building as Gorgon hordes slithered behind them.

Ancient Slavic troops stormed Madagascar with hordes of monstrous Bies behind them. Tour trucks were broken in half by the Bies' wrath. African predators fought back against these new invaders. Packs of Lion and Hyena teamed up to take down the soldiers as Bushman fought against the horrific Bies. They faired no better than the California police force sadly. Death claimed them as well despite the noteworthy rebellion on behalf of the vast wildlife crawling from the wood works. Crocodiles attacked from the water as if Water Buffalo were crossing the street.

Canadians were being torn apart by some unseen force. They would be impaled by swords and other random sharp objects. Brutality ensued. Several police officers tried shooting at their unseen attackers but only succeeded in shooting holes through their comrades. It was the work of Daemons, or Genii; invisible beings with superhuman strength. Cyclops stormed Parliament Hill and quickly began crushing it into rubble. Innocent people were being bludgeoned by these hulking masses and thrown clean through the walls. Canadian soldiers were not prepared for the appearance of invisible people and Cyclops.

Florence, Italy was plagued by terrifying Sphinxes. The half human half cat abominations romped through city streets devouring everyone standing in their way. Bullets rained down on the hideous beasts effectively slaying several, yet still proved ultimately ineffective. Three-legged-crows clawed and pecked everyone they could. They sky went black with their countless numbers. They moved as one enormous mass blending into their infinite blackness.

It was the same story everywhere. Monsters and soldiers spawning every possible place in the world. More and more innocent people died with each passing second. Blood served as a new paint for mankind's artificial creations with agonized screams serving as melody, shrills of terror were the music itself and prayers for salvation, redemption and mercy serving as lyrics. This was just the beginning of the chaos. Things were going to be come far more complicated, far more bloody and far less forgiving. Someone, would cease to exist at the end of this conflict. This is the Final War.

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OMEGA dropped from the branch, landing with his knees bent, his thin sinewy muscles rippling like a puddle of water across his legs. He smiled broadly at the little girl, handing her the agitated cat, that had insisted on leaving as many scratches on his hands and arms as possible. Unfortunately for the feline, his impenetrable skin and tough costume hadn't allowed it the satisfaction, leaving it only more frustrated. He was glad to get rid of the pesky creature, patting the little girl on the head as softly as he could, winking amiably at her before turning and leaping into the air, soaring off across the sky with moderate speed, watching over the quaint little neighbourhood. He'd finally got the hang of flying after weeks and weeks of practise, perhaps the only one of his abilities that he could actually use without accidentally levelling an apartment building.

In fact it was blunders like those that had had him relegated to B-Lister duties, his meta-human abilities assigned to community service and petty jobs, very much like rescuing kitty cats from trees. His commanders had told him to stay out of any serious situations until he'd improved the handle on his strength, ordering him to stand back and let the main guys do the dirty work.

"Ooooh let Longshot take out the giant havoc wreaking alien, he's got a booow. Oh waaait, let the great and powerful Justice League sort out that mass of zombie warlords."

The Teenaged Titan shook his head, scowling inwardly, bitter about his degrade in value to the UN. They had created him as a beacon of stability for the world, but after a fatal mistake in his creation process, he had been formed with the mind and body of a 15 year old boy, hormones pumping through his body like a raging river.

I wish I coulda been around those days that a pair of invulnerable balls were taight and shooting lasers from your palms actually meant shit.

He floated down to the corner of a busy street in the city, walking through the doors of a little coffee shop to get himself some refreshments. His scarlet clad figure was met with an array of bewildered and apprehensive stares, perhaps one or two people recognizing the clumsy kid hero, but the majority just generally anxious of a meta-human within such a small shop. He did his best to come off as a friendly neighbourhood kinda do-gooder, smiling and nodding in turn at each of the patrons, making his way to the counter, where a line of two or three men stood, each impatient for their daily dosage of caffeine. He folded his arms behind his back and filed in behind them, humming a cheery tune, doing his best to come off as an average kid looking for some warm beverage. This was a little hard to do considering his crimson spandex and the way it hugged every inch of his body, singling out more of his private areas. He didn't feel the eyes of every customer in the room on him, instead keeping himself occupied with the cell phone he had just pulled out of a pouch across his hip. He updated his Facebook, proceeding to text to some of his friends from the school he attended. He didn't actually need school but the Commanders had thought it best for his social ability, which was lacking slightly due to the laser hands and what not.

"Hey kid, I seen you somewhere before. Wass your name 'gain... Alpha or Tony or sumin'?"

OMEGA's raised his head, meeting the weary eyes of a man in his late forties, his greasy hair combed to the side, crumbs from his last meal nestled comfortably within his oily moustache. He was next in line and had decided to pass the time by making conversation with the Titanium Teenager.

"It's OMEGA, actually. But you were close," the boy responded as light-heartedly as he could, irritation seeping into his being at this man's repulsively smelly breath, which wafted into his nostrils and tainted his enhanced senses with it's putridity. He hoped dearly that the guy would be served soon, he looked like a trouble maker.

"Heh, yeah. I was pretty close, wun' I? What you dewwin here? Lookin' to murder some un' or blow th' place to the ground?" The sleazy civilian gave him a lopsided smirk, chuckling at his own joke, his voice raspy.

OMEGA eyed the man distastefully, the bad press surrounding his past heroic escapades hounding him even to this far off coffee shop. He pocketed his phone and folded his arms across his chest defiantly, scowling at the man.

"Whatever, dick. Take your order and get out of my face."

The man chuckled more, turning back to the counter to acquire a coffee and a muffin. He turned back to OMEGA, opening his mouth to say something else whilst he waited for his order. He paused midway, eyes widening slightly. OMEGA cocked an eyebrow, trying to figure out what the man was playing at. He realized that the sleaze ball was looking past him, at the door of the coffee shop. He followed his gaze, turning slowly, his own eyes widening in surprise at the sight that awaited him.

"Well... Fck."

A horde of behemoth sized creatures rampaged across the streets, their heads occupied by a single circular eye, it's terrifying gaze firing red hot energy at the roads and cars, roaring with rage as they swatted pedestrians from their paths, destroying anything that dared face them. OMEGA stood frozen for a moment, indecision gripping his young body, the lives of thousands in the balance. He had been ordered to stay out of these types of attacks, and yet it seemed that there was nobody else here to stop these beasts. His will faltered for a moment, but then he rolled his fingers into a solid fist and creased his brow, eyes narrowing fiercely at the monsters that terrorized the city outside of the coffee shop.


The sleaze ball from before cowered beneath a table, begging the boy to rescue them from this horrible fate. He opened his mouth to scream again, but was cut off again as a thick blade sprouted from his mouth, rivers of blood bursting from his head as the broadsword was torn from his skull, disappearing as soon as it had arrived, three more patrons on the other side of the room beheaded by an invisible axe that hovered in the air for a moment before it, too, vanished into thin air. OMEGA's eyes were like saucers, rooted to the spot as invisible assailants tore the room around him apart in seconds, blood staining the walls and the floors of the once quaint little coffee shop, the limbs of innocent people littering the café, screams of horror bouncing around, accompanied by unseen roars of blood-lust.


A spear had suddenly manifested itself from thin air, striking at the Teenaged Titan's sternum, but bouncing off uselessly instead. It seemed to hover for a moment, its invisible wielder bewildered by this sudden alternation in its killing spree. It struck again, harder this time, once more harmlessly glancing off of the boy's chest. OMEGA narrowed his eyes ferociously, slowly slipping from his frozen state, the blood of innocents fuelling his will. His irises slowly turning to a shade of deep ember, his fists glowing a plethora of incredible colours, ranging from indigo to raw crimson, kinetic energy sparkling around his being. His hand wrapped itself around the shaft of the spear, tearing it from the wielder's unseen grasp, destroying it with an unconscious blast of power. His voice crescendoed to a harsh whisper, tone quivering with unleashed anger.

"No more."

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The teleporter pad below deck on the U.N. Metahuman Affairs carrier vessel began to glow and the archer, Longshot, materialized there, immediately running through the narrow corridors, passing panicked crewmen. He leaped up onto the steep steps and embraced the cold, salty ocean air as he set foot on the deck. He heard the sound of an engine powering up and turned to see the last plane run down the tarmac, soaring off toward the battle. Meanwhile, missiles burst from their various ports and turrets on the ship, cutting a direct path for their carefully selected targets on land. Massive cannons were quickly manned by crewmen, who fired the booming, four-barreled weapons at the hordes ripping apart California. Once the air strike was over with, the dozens of boats below deck were loaded with heavily armed troops, ready to ferry them to shore, and agents loaded themselves with armor and ammunition, strapping flight harnesses to their backs, ready to go headlong into battle, gunning down the invaders from above.

Longshot swiftly climbed the steps to the control room. He scaled one level higher and found himself at the door of the Director's command room. He slid it open and entered the small room, lined on all sides with windows. The Director, Melissa Hannigan, stood against the right wall, arms folded as she watched her people fly off into the maelstrom. Reports were pouring in of attacks like this across the globe. She had tried to deploy her people evenly to assist the military forces confronting each invasion, but in order to win the battle before them, she had to deploy as many forces as possible. Once California was secure, they would turn their full attention to the other battles. But even in the early hours of this invasion, Melissa was concerned that there might not be a victory. They had come back from far greater defeats, the conquest of Dathron, the Ninjan invasion, but victory had always been taken at the last second by some unforeseen miracle. It didn't seem as though there would be a miracle this time. She had been the first to hear the rumors circling these strange attackers. The gods were against them.

"What do you make of this?" she asked.

The bowman took another step inside and looked out on the distant chaos with her. "I don't know," he answered, "It's bad, no question. But if what I heard is true, it stands to get a lot worse."

"It is." Hannigan replied solemnly, "And I need your input. I need to hear you say that there's a way to win this. You fought the gods."

"Not these gods, Melissa."

"Well, what's the difference?!" she fired back, turning to face him with eyes not of a lover, or a friend, but of a commander concerned for her troops, and worried for her world.

He took a step back, trying to return some reason to the conversation, "Melissa, when I absorbed the Eternal Flame, I became the most powerful being in the Universe. For just those few minutes, I knew everything there was to know, everything that would ever happen, or ever had. I could see what occupied the vacuum. I stared into the raw fibers of existence and time. I may not have been able to retain even a fraction of a percent of what I saw, but it gave me a new outlook on the world, one that's kept me sane ever since. For one brief moment, I saw everything, and I know that magic is every bit as logical as every other facet of reality. It only takes a broader perspective to see. Every impossible thing that happens has a logical answer, you just need an expanded definition of logic."

"And the gods?"

"The gods are real, there's no doubting that. But I refuse to believe that they're as divine or supreme as we, or they, have chosen to believe. They're factions of incredibly powerful beings who reached out to different developing civilizations and influenced the world in an undeniable way, but they don't decide our fate. We do."

"Well, we don't know what they're up to yet." Melissa said, looking back to the war raging on land, "But it's pretty apparent that they're angry about something, and we're taking the hits for it."

"Akube's bodyguard and a Bandari security detail are already headed to Italy to help there." said the archer, "Where do you want me?"

"I'll give you a list of all the hot spots they're attacking. You can go wherever you want, but first, I want you to do something for me."

"Name it."

Melissa removed her beret, looked at him and said it plainly, "Get my family out of San Diego."

"What? Why?"

"This fight isn't going to stay in L.A. forever. If it spreads, or worse, if they start attacking more cities, who do you think they're going to attack first? San Diego is a Navy hub, Longshot. I had my parents staying at my house this week. My sister and her family live in Point Loma. Just take them to the Beacon until this is over. After that, you can go and fight wherever you want, just please, do this for me! I need to know that they're safe."

"Okay." the archer replied.

He was unprepared, but hardly surprised, when the Director reached out to him and pulled him close, whispering in his ear, "Come back. Promise me that you'll come back."

The archer put his arms around her as he answered reluctantly, "I can't promise that."

Melissa closed her eyes, a single tear slithering down her cheek as she murmured a reply, "I know."

Longshot stepped back and typed in the access code for the teleporter pad in her garage on his control console. The light slowly gathered around him, and they shared one last, knowing glance before he disappeared and she was left with nothing but a head full of horrific thoughts and a war to win.

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The memorial went on without the one who everyone thought would be the first to arrive and last to leave. She stood within the tower above only to glance downward once. Her heart filled with grief and her mind filled with doubts of her own sanity. Her mind battled within on thoughts of his passing not even being real. She wondered if it was a bad movie playing out in her head.

Lyn with wings folded up sat in a chair as one hand rubbed the side of her face. She contemplated what to do next, but once again her mind reeled back to his death. The whirl of the machine and the smell of burnt flesh were playing out in her mind. The more she thought on it the more her heart ached. She wanted humans to suffer as much as she was. Lyn just wanted her own suffering to stop.

The skies above the Tenebrasque In territories rumbled violently as rain fell and lightning struck out. Thunder dampened the sobs from the memorial below. Lyn could hear them only when the thunder itself was silent. Kain had been her lover and companion for numerous decades, but now he was gone. Together they made things better for all those who lived under their rule. Peace and good will were well known. The people gathered wearing the grief stricken black clothing. Some tried to keep their candles lit, but to no avail the heavy rain dampened the wicks. Winds blew carrying the storms further into other territories.

The armor that adorned Lyn’s skin was a part of as much as her own flesh. It moved like a snake over skin and would cover whatever was needed to protect its’ Mistress or as little to keep her covered. The big white bird-lake wings could have armor upon them as needed as well. Lyn was a walking and moving armored tank. She moved faster and was much stronger in the Angel of Death form. Ever since Kain’s passing the armor and wings remained; the beloved Dragon’s Tail was nowhere to be seen near Lyn. She had left it locked away. The sight of it reminded her of the times past with Kain.

Fortunately for her the armor could create weapons as needed from spears to swords and much more. The new form had never been seen before. Somehow Lyn used it as if it had belonged to her all this time. Her fingertips could go from smooth surface to sharp pointed claws at a whim.

Suddenly loud sounds came from outside, but Lyn was too deep in thought to even notice. People screaming and panicking as well as sobs of begging for mercy echoed through the area. Charlie was demanding his troops into action. Lyn still did not notice. She sat in a dark room void of light dwelling in her own thoughts.

It was until her armor completely covered her entire body and wings did Lyn notice something amiss. Suddenly within seconds of the armors reaction a giant hand grabbed Lyn up and pulled her free from the tower. Scattered bricks and debris fell to the Earth below as the giant laughed.

“Awe! What a pretty birdy you are!”

Lyn was disgusted by being referred to as a bird. The giant went to rub Lyn’s head with his finger. The sounds of metal grinding on metal and blood streaming from the giants hand made him release her. As he did the the armor revealed that it created a chainsaw effect around the wings edges to cut free from the giant. He roared in pain as he lurked back watching as Lyn took to the sky like she owned it. Her anger now had a viable target. She looked around to see several giant beings attacking Russia.

The giant roared again, “I am the Titan of Destruction how dare you draw blood from the great, Perses!”

Lyn looked back at Perses as her voice like two were speaking as one, “I will draw more than blood when I am done with you.”

She did not allow him time to react as she darted upward. Her wings were large and effortlessly cut through the winds of the storm. Lyn did not care who he was. He made himself a threat to her and that was all that mattered. Perses swung madly at her. The view from below would probably be a man swatting at a bee, but Lyn had taken on many an enemy large or small without fear of death.

Lady Death created massive double swords, one for each hand as she swooped slicing and rose to be able to strike again. The pungent smell of iron from the blood spilling filled air and Perses roared every time Lyn drew out more blood. She had enough of playing games and flew behind his back. With a quick whip of the arm the armor created a giant ropelike structure that swung around Perses’ neck. Lyn pull back and the rope then began twist as blades were forming. Perses swatted and spun around trying to free himself of the pest on his back. Perses was able to get one good hit which made Lyn fall from the back of his neck.

Spreading her wings outward she hit the ground running. Perses went to stomp on Lyn which was his own mistake. The armor on her skin moved and shot into the ground. Her wings helped to create a spike like structure that punctured the Titans foot clean through. Lyn broke free from the flesh and bone rising upward into the air using her mighty wings. His blood rained down from her new form. Perses screamed out in pain. Lyn had yet to use any of her other abilities due to the lack of thinking. Everything she did was on impulse in the battle.

Perses spread out his hands smacking Lyn in between them. The sound of the thunderous clap caused her to lose focus for a moment, but that was what she needed to be brought back into the reality of the situation. She crashed into the Earth with a thump, but quickly rose to her feet. The powers residing inside her were in perfect harmony and this form could truly blossom in the moments of use if Lyn had focused before. Now was Lyn’s chance to really show off her skills as Death itself.

Lyn laid still waiting for Perses to do as any other enemy would. She waited for him to lean over and look to see if she truly had fallen. Lady Death struck back this time with a bolt of energy that pulsated from her hands into the Titans chest cavity. Unfortunately her ears were still ringing and she did not hear the people cheer as the Titan fell backwards with a giant hole in his chest.

She also did not hear the other Titans in the area. Lady Death got to her feet and shook her head trying to stabilize herself. Being clapped between a giants hand was unnerving and took her a little time to regain her balance and hearing. The sounds of the distant battles became foggy and slowly cleared into full force. Lyn looked around to see Tenebrasque In armies in a full assault against beasts that had been seen before by the humans of today. Lyn was shocked to see the beast only known to man in mythology now running amuck in present times.

Time to react and take action was now. Lyn bolted into the skies above peering down at the torments below. She swooped down to kill smaller creatures to protect Tenebrasque In gates. Lyn lunged downward to Earth only to swoop back up slicing through the creatures as she went by.

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En route to Paris, France

The powerful twin rotors of the Chinook helicopter sliced through the sunlight French sky. Inside the Chinook's cargo-hold sat the contractors of the Raven Corporation private military company and their leader, the elusive Apathy. He rose from his seat, pressing his hands against his knee's as he did so as if there were an immense weight resting upon his shoulders. That however was very much the case; with the recent attack from ancient Greek Titans, Apathy had offered help to the French to recapture the historic city of Paris. The intimidating Apathy began to speak to his men, "We have a difficult task ahead of us, we are fighting something we have never fought before, they are literally God's. Usually we fight for ourselves, for our greed but today we fight for something else, something much greater; we fight for Earth and the survival of our race. I will not lie to you, many of us will die in this conflict but as long as one of us still breathes, they have not won. You are the best of the best and I have great confidence in each and every one of you, we will hit them fast, hard and with deadly accuracy. We will show them the might of mortal men and our mechanical allies. This is it men, we're hitting them with everything we have."

The Raven Corp. men were suddenly aroused from their slumber, their fear turned to pride, and doubt turned to courage. An electronic, muffled voice sounded over the cargo-hold's P.A system, "It's go time Apathy." With that the ramps began lowering at the back of the cargo hold, the hydraulic system settling it into place. Throughout the helicopter weapons began cocking and last-minute gear checks were performed, they were ready. Apathy spoke once more, "When that light goes green we go to war men, I'll be the first one out, everybody else follow my lead." With that, he too cocked his weapon; a sleek, tan FN SCAR-H and hooked it to his one-point tactical sling which was attached to his tactical, tan molle vest. The red light by the exit ramp turned green and a buzzer sounded quickly throughout the cargo hold. In immediate response Apathy took off in a sprint and launched himself off the edge of the ramp and out into the cool, French air.

He began his decent, dropping with a steady speed and than the Eiffel tower came into sight to his North which was his target. His mask's built in communication system began to frantically carry voice chatter, the attack by Raven Corp. had begun. Artillery had begun its bombardment from outside the city providing essential support, while the magnificently powerful Leopard 2 tanks paired with the Lav 3's and humvee's began a rapid assault very similar to that of the Blitzkrieg tactics utilized by Adolf Hitler in World War 2. Than in the distance, Apathy spotted something flying towards him, about the size of a normal human being except with large wings. In seconds, one of the creatures were upon him...it was a harpy.

It's talons grabbed a hold of Apathy's shoulders, but he quickly responded by unsheathing a knife placed on his hip and driving it into the harpies legs. The creature quickly released him, and it was than that Apathy realized he was to close to the ground for his parachute to work effectively and he was incredibly off course. He decided to pull the chute anyways, the force plucking him up in the air for a second and than continuing on his decent towards solid ground. It was now that Apathy finally got a good look around him of Paris. His blackhawk helicopters flying with great precision, quickly dropping his men and blazing the air with their dual mini-guns while Apache attack helicopters strafed ground targets and whatever was flying was quickly eliminated including the harpy Apathy had just been attacked by.

A building roof was fast approaching beneath his feet; it was going to be a hard landing. Approximately ten feet from the roof, Apathy released himself from the parachute, dropping to the roof and landing with a well executed tuck and roll and coming up to his feet. He had totally forgotten about his that had jumped with him, and as he looked up he could see they had suffered no casualties in the jump. His men landed on the roof one by one, and as the last set of feet touched down Apathy spoke, "Now the real fun begins."

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Hollywood, California-

"Your gonna be the greatest rat, like no rat ever was!~" Harris sings in a joking tone as he carries a small cage with an oddly greenish rat inside. "I'm sooo gonna own this pet competition." Harris says with a devious smirk as he fiddles with his pet's cage. "Yep, Jeffy, we are gonna get that prize money and buy you a new cage, maybe even a little friend!" The demented kid laughs out loud. He continues marching down the sidewalks, until he hears screams. "Hm?" he thinks innocently as he turns around a corner to see a crowd running opposite of him. "Helllooo my fans!" he says as they run past him. "Well, now I feel... denied..." He thinks with a frown. He looks up to see a couple of hooded ghost things on horses... straight out of Lord of the Rings. They lifted back their blades and prepared to swing. "Not today!" he yells as he leaps up, cage in his arms, and kicks the two things off their horses. He drops to the ground and goes running. He wasn't in the mood for a fight. He looked down the streets, looking for a place to hide. 
Every turn, creatures everywhere. Cerberus, Chimera, he thinks he saw the Hydra somewhere too... "I never liked mythology..." he thought as his arms wrapped firmly around the cage. His odd rat chewed at the metal, wanting out obviously. "Don't worry, Jeffy, you'll be out of there in no time." Harris says to the rat as he ran through the streets, parkour-ing over cars in his way. He made a left turn, and the Horsemen found himself face to face with a gigantic three headed hound. It growled at him, teeth barred. "Gotta run puppy..." Harris says turning around and charging into the small building directly behind him.
He sets the cage down on the counter of what seemed to be a electronics store, without power. Harris quickly began looking for something. A back door, a way to barricade to door, something. It seemed fruitless. Harris kept leaping around the room, uneasy with the situation. "Come on you insane idiot, think!" Harris says to himself. His rat looks up at the ceiling. Harris began hearing a cracking and busting... he looked up to see the roof being lifted, and thrown. Through the sunny sky stood a giant. "I smell pestilence!" the Titan yelled out. Lifting back it's fist, the titan slowly but surely swings it down. Harris, quickly tackles his rat's cage and tries to open it up, letting out a cry as he did. "Swarm me! SWARM ME!" It was his activation phrase... as he yelled it, insects of all shapes and forms seemingly flew out of the woodwork, surrounding Harris and his rat.  
Above, the Titan chuckles. "Disgusting nat, smelled of so many horrid things. But none can escape the mighty Lapetus. Correct, followers?!" The titan yells, turning to a crowd of barbaric looking humans.The Titan of Mortal Life tended to build these kinds of armies. More for showmanship than effectiveness, he admits, but they work. The Titan laughs again as he lifts his fist out of the building. He looks at his knuckles, hoping to see a crushed bloody mess. Instead, he finds a mass of insects swarming around something. The Titan raises his brow and blows softly, clearing the insects. Out from the swarm, stands a figure. Harris, covered in the armor of Pestilence, on his disgusting disease ridden horse. The Titan backs his head up at the sight. Harris smiles and pats his horse on the head. "Alright, Jeffy, let's teach this lard ass a lesson in humility." The Horse bucks and neighs before charging down the Titan's arm.  
"You disgusting insect!" The Titan yelled, trying to smack the Horsemen of Disease like a mosquito. Accomplishing nothing of course, Harris's Horse, though gross, was fast, and didn't fall off very easily. "Alright, what to infect first?" Harris thinks out loud. The skin was almost certainty too thick for insects to pierce, but the eyes, nose, and mouth should be easier. He lifts his hand towards the Titan's face as he rides. he feel's the Horse's energies going through his blood as a huge, cloud sized mass of locusts and wasps and mosquitoes and the like engulfed the giant's head. Lapetus yelped in discomfort, trying to blow the creatures away. Harris made sure to fit the deadliest diseases he could into those insects. HIV, Smallpox, Yellow Fever, Measles, Malaria, and even the Bubonic Plague. Anything he could get into this thing's blood, he did. It would take a bit to find out, but soon we would know if a so-called "Titan" could fall to man's diseases.
Harris ramped off the Titan's shoulder, into the open air. He looked down to see a crowd of barbarians at his feet. "Too easy." The walking plague fell right into the crowd, making disease carrying insects crawl from his armor and infect the small army. They all fell to their knees as boil developed over their bodies and their eyes fell out of their skulls as they were chewed from the inside out by insects. Harris does a few runs and the entire mortal army is dying. He turns and looks up at the giant, calling off his insects. The Titan looks at his army, which he has raised for quite a while... he yells out. "Horsemen, my rage!" He yells lifting his foot into the air, intending to step on the Horsemen of Pestilence. But before he could even lift his leg to any point, the Titan yelled out. He gripped his throat, feeling it closing up... air not passing through his lungs. The Titan tumbles and falls, trying to breath. As he does it, cancerous tumors begin growing from his eyes and mouth, destroying what used to be his giant face. Harris hangs his head to the side, and pats his Horse on the head. "Good boy, Jef. Now, let's go find the others." The Horsemen rides off from the disaster area, leaving it for others to fix.
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Bredry had been meditating in Redemption Park. For the past hour, he had been completely unaware of the titans arrival. But in a matter of seconds, this would all change. The Soul Rebel felt a slight rumble in the ground, then another one, a stronger rumble this time. Then another, and another, and another. Until this rumbling stopped, and Bredry opened his eyes to see the silhouette of a giant in front of him. "Hello there friend." He could feel the titan smile, "Hello there warrior." The giant plopped on the ground, causing the earth to rumble as if being a nail hit by the hammer. "My name is Bredry." The soul rebel said with a smile as the giant crossed his legs, imitating Bredry's own meditation pose. "And my name, Prometheus."

Bredry raised an eyebrow, "Like the Titan of foresight?"

"Aye, like the titan of foresight."

"Well what are you doing here?"

This time Prometheus raised an eyebrow, "Where have you been for the last hour?" Bredry just stared blankly, causing the titan to chuckle a bit. "If you haven't noticed, there's an entire war being waged all across the globe, beings with strength far beyond normal humans have been tearing your world apart, and with ease i must say." His words causing Bredry's heart to go numb, his voice barely a whisper, "...what?" The titan frowned, "You really didn't know." Prometheus said sympathetically. "I personally was set free by one of the Gods, them granting me the freedom to find Zeus and kill him for imprisoning me, but..." Prometheus looked regretful for something.

Bredry looked at the Titan with concern on his face, "You know this place is called Redemption Park..." The soul Rebel started to smile, "You can say anything here, and feel happy about sharing it." Prometheus looked at Bredry with a contemplative look, "You're not one of the beings set here to destroy the land are you?" Bredry shook his head, "You look like one." The titan said with a smile, "Too bad they don't compare to me in power." Bredry replied, causing Prometheus to bark out in laughter, "HA! No... definitely not one of the beings set here to ravish the planet, not with the arrogance of a god." Though after the remark, the Titan started to frown. "The gods... they expect us to ruin the earth in search for Zeus. And in relation, destroy the people so that they can take it for their own."

Prometheus started chuckling, "They actually thought they could fool me with the whole revenge thing, though i'm no fool like the others. I'm sure Coeus understands what's happening as well, though, if he does anything at all, it'll probably be just to tell Kronos." Prometheus sighed, "I'm different though, i don't want to hurt people who have done nothing wrong.But at the same time..." The titan was starting to become hesitant again, Bredry motioned for him to continue, smirking, Prometheus conceded. "You see, when the last war came around, i betrayed my brothers and sisters to fight for what i thought was the right side. After that though... I tried caring for the humans.

"They were weaker, less adept to fighting for themselves, and nothing they would do could ever change that. So i gave them fire, to help them along... but Zeus, he liked them being weak, 'why care for them, why disregard my rules for ants'. And then i was imprisoned, and tortured for eternity. And then i realized that i had betrayed my brothers for a side that was just as evil as they were. And now, i don't what to do, who to follow, what side to choose." The Titan looked to Bredry as if he would be able to guide him. Imagine that, the titan of foresight looking to a man who was as shortsighted as a blind man for guidance. Sometimes though, shortsightedness was what was necessary.

Bredry looked at Prometheus with a stern look, his voice as powerful as the Gods, "You ask me these simple questions, as if you weren't the wisest titan of all." Prometheus looked away, ashamed. "LOOK AT ME!" Prometheus obeyed in an instant, "'What do I do' you ask. You do what's right. 'Who do i follow' you ask. No one. You lead. And you ask what side to choose?" The Soul Rebel started to smile, "To me, it sounds like you're on the side of humanity." Prometheus just sat there for a minute, taking in Bredry's words. Then, he smiled, "You're right." Prometheus stood up, the earth rumbling while he did so. "No more fighting against what i believe in. I now fight for me!" He said as he turned to where other titans were roughing up the land.

In an instant, the Soul Rebel appeared on Prometheus' shoulder, "Don't mind if i tag along, do you?" The titan grinned, "Of course not. Where do you think we should strike first?" The Soul Rebel laughed, "You tell me, 'God of Foresight'."

"Fine then, we're gonna strike the heart of the situation." Prometheus remarked as he started taking earth Rumbling steps. Hmph, Gods it is then. Bredry thought with a smile.

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Requiem for Chaos

Russia felt depressingly heavy a heavy weight of despair clung to the skies not wanting to part. Rain washed along the frosty grass plains as it fell from the heavens. If one knew what was coming they might label it the tears of Gia or some divine figure of the world. For today was the Ragnarok of earth the end of a cycle and quite possibly the conclusion of all existence. That was not what weighed the Roxom family or at least the family of Alezra Roxom down however. The past month or so had been truly crippling to the entire empire they had made. Hex was a genius of her majestic art, she could infect bring dead potentially back to life with alchemy. Of course that was dampened when her first attempt had created homunculi of the entire team thanks to the original transfer not being possible.

It was a unpredictable variable she couldn't of seen, Kain still though took that moment and ripped into her. He was no alchemist he had no appreciation for his accomplishment and yet he had the audacity to blame everything on her. Some reason though Hex still cared, still felt tears in her eyes over the situation that came from the fight. For reasons Hex simply couldn't admit to it pained her that Kain had died. Her heart still was a flame to see him suffer penance for all the lives he claimed, hated him for performing a miracle cure and then taking his life. Of course part of the despair was just in the factor of suicide. It was demeaning and defeating to die from battle wounds would be fine this was not such a poetic end. Salem thought the team had been robbed a father, of vengeance and plain robbed. Her short black dress clung tightly to skin as water seeped into fabric a cloak shielding her eyes.

Azylum Twins the violet haired lunatic and emerald eyed psycho simply sang Evanescence in the rain in a hush whisper. Their clothing the usual colored straight jackets of black and their color of choice. Of all of those present they were the most light hearted as what did they have to care. Their minds a tragic mess constantly in flux. Near by them was Syapt the enchanting science made human. A black trench coat covering her otherwise general science based outfit and its not so appropriate whites and blues. Eve cared little for the death other then the loss of a great mind. Beside her though was Kayle who did show some regret. There were not many who got close to her with a blade even fewer who got close enough to almost draw blood. Kayle wasn't the most impressive soldier but she was a goddess with a blade and EC stood his ground remarkably well. The kinds of understanding one can only find in the art of combat sinking into heart as she realized the loss.

Alezra however shed no tears showed no sign of emotion, though repulsed by death by suicide. A warrior didn't want tears shed for them only further blood she would not permit the pain to seep into her behavior. Instead she kneeled to place a candle of blood on the stone. Her tattoos danced along her skin in a romantic and soulful way as if performing an intimate song through imagery alone. The dress the demoness wore let the designs dance with clarity as a single kiss was blown to the candle. The demonic blood and hellish flame would linger unaffected by the weather. At least it would for the remainder of the week. A subtle good by to one of her oldest friends to Tenebrasque In, of course never was there to be a moment of peace in the Duchessa of T.I the Leagues Dragon life. With a deep schism of earth soldiers pored forward in waves.

Children and the defenseless ran to hide and seek a haven from the pending storm. Soldiers rushed to positions to ready for a violent conflict. Like many of the actual members of Tenebra though none of the women moved aside or backed away, that didn't win wars. Soon as soldiers showed Kayle had popped her to plasmis kataras hacking through the old age soldiers with ease. Limbs flew every direction her movements beyond anything remotely human. Zulu the violet haired vixen dished out cover fire with her twin green and violet lights piercing the oncoming soldiers. Craters blown into bodies on sight. And the mother and child were simple untouched harmony in the field of war having known this game for eighteen years with each other.


Hex looked across the lands of the Old France, monitors showed chaotic war all along the world below. Her mother despite Salem's protests said "this could be the end of this planet or a new beginning. Either way it was likely to be in worse shape when the tides laid down. Was wiser to prepare for the worst." Of course the speech was a tad more dramatic conclusion however was the same. This war was potentially the last of the planet and there would be no wasting resources. Everything the Roxom house behind Alezra's name would live on. The armory, Rigus Mortis, the labs of Syapt and Hex and the army of the Spine Eaters was going to stay clear. Should the human race survive another grand threat would still be waiting.

Hex tapped the floor with a fair foot and that was all it took. The city of Rigus Mortis lit up with crimson light as intricate markings all around sparked and plucked the hellish plain free. Rigus no longer connected to Old France, they would begin constructing it into something new on the spot. Live or die her mother would be proud of what Salem was about to do. Back on earth the crimson haired warrior fought with her family by passage instead above. While her more immediate family insured no harm would befall the demon queens work. Somewhere the rogue child was likely heading towards her mother. Locked in a titanic war odds were Serenity had probably began giving chase to catch her mother unaware.

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It was pure chaos on earth. Hordes of creatures continued to swarm over everything. The super powered beings did their best to battle armies dispatched by ancient Gods. No matter how many beasts were slain dozens more took their place. Before long creatures from all walks of life falling under different Gods would rampage through the streets. Entire cars were tossed aside by hulking Cyclops. Buildings crumbled like poorly aged bread under the pressure put on by blood-thirsty sphinxes. Yet still the heroes and villains of earth continued to resist and battle against the oppressive odds before them. Submission was not an option.

Military forces were deployed in New York to combat the once believed mythological threats. Choppers flew overhead raining flaming hot metal on airborne harpies. Swarms of three-legged-crows were cut down by fully automatic heavy machine guns mounted to the inside of the choppers. Terrifying chimera stalked up the sides of buildings firing balls of inferno at all opposition. Blood-curdling screams belonging to civilians were all but ignored as their bodies coated their surroundings.

Criminals joined with police and military forces to battle these threats and met low levels of success. Technology and magic locked horns in a classic battle often debated by scholars and their kin. Giants began roaming around as well; their massive limbs would swat choppers and jets clear out of the sky. Marine squads pulled the triggers on their M203 grenade launchers in retaliation against the giants. Several of the brutes crashed into nearby buildings leaving rubble in their wake.

This was just one city compared to the madness occurring across the globe. However deep within the heart of the planet the Titans lie in wait. Cronus' patience wore thin as he awaited the arrival of the Gods who would serve as his liberators for the time being. Gaea, the Titan of Earth stood behind Cronus resting her hands on his shoulders. She could sense how anxious he was; they all could. However unlike the Gods coming to free them, the Titans sat in silence at Cronus' command. Cronus ruled with iron fist, denying his people all freedoms until they were free. They were all anxious. Despite immortality seconds passed like hours during their wait. Zeus used powerful magic to keep his ancestors banished and shackled and not a day passed by where the Titans would not think of repaying the favor to Zeus. Cronus wanted it so much he could taste it. Gaea was forced to birth Cronus' children when they were first banished. Titan ranks would have to be reestablished for another great war to overthrow Zeus and who better to do it than Cronus, the King of the Titans and Gaea? Over the years Gaea was shared among the Titans, including her own children to birth more children as per Cronus' rule. Eventually Titan ranks could not be counted. They were stacked one on top of the other in the planet's core.

“Still alive down here Cronus? Or have you failed to remain alive, my father?”

Cronus simply stirred. He would not respond to Hades. He wasn't in the mood.

“I have brought the other Gods to liberate you and the rest of the Titans. Remember our deal Cronus. Should you betray me we will have no reservations about imprisoning you down here again. Do you understand?”

Again, Cronus simply stirred. It was enough for Hades. He could sense his father's hatred but also felt confident in his plans for Cronus and the other Titans. Hades' bonds to the rest of the pantheon of Gods would guarantee his victory during this war. Not even Cronus would be able to stop them. Even now, he gathered more Gods to his cause. Egyptian, Norse, Greek or Roman. It made no difference to him. All that mattered was his goal. They were all nothing but pawns to the lord of the underworld and the sins committed against him would be repaid, tenfold. Hades began to chant in a long lost language with a choir of his fellow Gods and Goddesses joining in. Intense mystical energies resonated within the chamber. As their chants became louder Cronus' anticipation soared as high as Mount Olympus itself. He could feel each seal disappear. His fellow Titans felt the same freedom come to them. Hades' voice shook the caverns when he screamed the final chants and with that, the Titans were free from their prison. Cronus smiled within that blackness and Hades simply smiled back.

“Titans, destroy everything.” Those were Cronus' only words. Countless cosmic beings scrambled from the depths of the Earth. Mother Earth let out an unholy howl in the form of an earthquake as her prisoners tunneled through her body and eventually breaking free and standing before a world much different than anything they'd experienced before. Their destruction of the ground was far more dramatic however.

Entire city blocks shook as the Titans emerged. Landmarks bulged from the ground with each rising Titan. Man-made structures rattled violently raining debris everywhere. Slowly the Titans erected themselves from the ground with buildings, roads and city blocks grafted to them like scallops the shoreline rocks at a beach. All over the world they towered over everything and everyone with the greatest of ease. Their size was awe-inspiring and their power was even more terrifying. Fortunately for earth's inhabitants the Titans were still “waking up” so to speak and their power would not be at its maximum.

Whether this fact was widely known or not was irrelevant. What was relevant was how some of these barbaric monstrosities met their ends shortly after reaching the surface. The Horsemen were making work of the Titans but with each passing second more power flowed through Titan bodies. Wide attack arcs destroyed countless buildings and killed even more civilians. Endless waves of horrid beasts swarmed the battlefield and were crushed beneath the feet of the Titans.

Back at what was Kain's memorial A lone woman stood above the rest watching as Lady Death slaughtered Perses immediately following his attack against her. Khaos was impressed by this little woman. So much so she knew this wench would prove to be a thorn in the side of the Gods if not handled immediately. More soldiers and beasts were dispatched to continue to overwhelm Tenebrasque In's forces. Hades' forces finally managed to break through Tenebrasque In's defenses and infiltrate the inside of the building. Men, women and children took to arms to combat the enemy. Some took guns while others took swords and the like. Some enchanted children combined their natural talents into a flurry of power.

As this was going on Khaos was transfixed by Lady Lyn Death. She was extremely powerful, extremely deadly; extremely bothersome. Khaos had no choice but to use Lyn's obvious emotional instability against her. Waves of anger combined with crippling sorrow emanated from this harrowing individual. Khaos' emotional manipulation affected Lyn on contact. The pain gripping her soul only grew more powerful. Her rage urged her to release a massive death wave to finish everything. Charlie could feel it coming from Lyn. He was unable to help her. Without warning another Titan rose from mother Earth, Gaea.

Gaea was the mother of the Titans and spirit of Earth. Her skin was a collection of trees, soil and lakes in it of itself. She may not have been the most terrifying of the Titans, but she was certainly the most divine. A sword of stone occupied Gaea's enormous hand while she stared at Lyn, prepared to slay a Horseman with Khaos' assistance. A different conflict broke out on a different plane. This conflict would directly affect Earth's own.

In a room completely devoid of decoration, a room devoid of even the slightest color sat three robed figures arguing amongst themselves. They were the true Gods, the creators of all things. Unfortunately they rarely agreed on anything and this was no different. Their squabbling was no different than that of brothers playing a children's game.

“We have to destroy the seal Salazar! All is lost if we don't! Death is down there losing her sanity preparing to destroy everything on that planet!” One brother screamed as loudly as he could. His hands slammed down on the shared ivory table hard enough for his siblings to feel it.

“If we destroy the seal we begin another apocalypse which we cannot risk. You know we cannot do that Xemnas. The situation is not that dire yet. We will simply wipe the slate clean and start existence anew.”

“Besides, with War dead the essence has yet to find another worthy master. It hasn't even begun searching for a new host.”

“Because only one has proven worthy Jorvasskar! Those we designated as substitutes were utter failures. He has become the essence this far in the game.” Xemnas attacked his third brother while ignoring his second, Salazar. Options were as limited as time was. They could not afford to sit around arguing.

“What do propose we do Xemnas? Shatter the seal of apocalypse? Then what? Dispatch an incomplete set of Horsemen to slay the Titans? Jorvasskar agrees with me on the issue. We cannot do it.”

“No, not an incomplete set. Revive him.”

“He cannot be revived you fool! There are rules! Once a Horseman is dead, they lose the right!”

“But the essence has not left him! Those rules only apply when a Horseman is slain by another. Never have we had suicide as a cause of death. Especially not a suicide from a main stay like him. The essence has not left him because HE IS THE ESSENCE YOU IMBECILE!”

“Still your tongue!”

“Silence, both of you!” Jorvasskar roared to silence his brothers. Time was running out and if something was not done soon, their Universe would be lost. All of it destroyed by mad Titans and power-hungry Gods. Jorvasskar sat silently, contemplating what to do when he finally spoke again.

“Xemnas, why do you care so much about these lesser beings?”

“They are our children, Jorvasskar. They are our responsibility. Not only that, but with us not being able to directly interfere, Cronus and Hades can bring themselves here to destroy us entirely. We may be creators, but there is more of us out there, than there is in here. If we bring him back, he will lead the Horsemen against them. They need as much help as possible against this threat, brother. The Titans were our mistake and no one should suffer for their creation except myself.”

“What would you have us do should the seal release fail?” questioned Salazar.

“I would you have you sacrifice all my power to destroy it all so it may all begin again.”

All three creators sat in silence, unable to say anything following Xemnas' statement. It was a brief silence, barely a few seconds but in their minds, it was a few hours. Jorvasskar pulled out a golden talisman. On it was a skull with a symbol representing “end” in the middle. Emeralds adorned all four corners and diamonds lined it. The talisman flew at Xemnas who caught it effortlessly. In his hand a hammer formed.

“You do this Xemnas, you pay for whatever comes out of it. Should this fail, should Death destroy everything or be destroyed, you will suffer the consequences. He isn't stable. Do you understand?”

“I do. Now let us hope my ways are not flawed” and with that the seal of apocalypse was destroyed.

On Earth, Lyn's mental state dissolved faster than expected. Raw death energy swirled around her killing whatever was foolish enough to stand in her way. Gaea readied her weapon with Khaos behind her serving as empowerment when an ear-splitting trumpet sounded. Everyone's attention turned towards the skies to locate that trumpet. After that first trumpet sounded, a second one went off and then a third and a fourth. Charlie smiled from ear to ear for the first time since his friend's death. He laughed insanely, restating the phrase “son of a gun”. Portals opened up for each separated Horseman of the Apocalypse to bring them to the Tenebrasque In battle zone where Death was. Meteorites hailed down crushing anything caught in their path. Khaos kept Gaea and herself safe from them, however.

Gaea brought her weapon down on Lyn as hard as she possibly could. Dust flew up, tremors rocked the Tenebrasque In land with such force part of the building caved in. Expecting to see a dead splatter beneath her weapon, Gaea's eyes widened at what was really beneath her weapon. An man in a red and gold trench coat stood with his hands at his sides. He had long brown hair, one blue eye and one green eye. A scruffy beard decorated his face as well. Behind him was what consumed Gaea; a black and white creature with glowing yellow eyes. It had no mouth but a cluster of horns on its head. It was slightly larger than the man's upper body despite being only a torso with arms and a head. In its right hand was Gaea's blade which it held effortlessly. Its owner looked up at Gaea revealing six long fangs and a neon blue tongue. The man uttered one word, his voice sounding as if three different men were speaking at once.


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The battle raged as cries thousands rose up in pain or fear. Perses was the first to fall by Lyn’s hands and rightfully so since he ignored Cronus’ command of remaining until ordered. Tenebrasque In was once again in the grips of war. Harpies flooded the sky only to meet up with a gruesome end. Lyn flew to meet them in the skies above Russia ripping them apart or slicing them up.

An army of undead crawled from the ground at their Mistress’ command. Lyn was killing as many as she could with what she could. The undead struck hard against the creatures overwhelming them by massive numbers. Warriors united to fight back as Titans in the thousands rose up to meet with their mythological brethren.

Lyn would also swoop down to take out any Titan offspring that was unwise in moving into her path. The gift of death was her greatest asset as all it took was one touch to drop them. The older Titans however required more finesse than one touch. Lyn did not know however a primordial Goddess had her eyes affixed upon her.

The sky was her domain as she rained down pain upon the creatures. Suddenly Lyn felt like the weight of a thousand falls onto her wings. Sheer madness as a myriad of emotion claimed her mind. Lyn fell to the Earth screaming as she was tormented by grief, anger, sadness, sorrow, and madness. She could not be mind controlled, but seeing that her emotions were already in a flux. Khaos the mother of light and darkness used Lyn’s own power against her. Lyn did not realize it yet, but in the form she was in she could control those elements.

Khaos wreaked havoc with Lyn’s emotions. Unable to think straight Lyn hit the ground hard. The hit did not phase her as pain was not felt due to the armor. Lyn grabbed her head as flash backs of Kain’s death replayed in her head and her heart felt broken all over again. The sounds of crackling roots and vines moving could be heard. Rock and Earth rose to create the deity Gaia. She rose up with a mighty sword in her hand. The blade rose to kill Lyn.

Gaia had a blood lust in her eye for some reason, possibly due to the fact that she had run-ins with Kain in the past and wanted revenge. Now was her chance as the sword hurdled downward toward Lyn. Lyn could hear the metal wiz through the air at her. She could not compose herself enough to defend. Lyn tried to muscle herself out of the Earth she fell into, but felt vines wrap around her legs. Powers within Lyn went haywire a blue flame of pure death rose from her. Lyn’s eyes glowed pure white as the power rose upward. The vines shriveled into ashes as the flames touches them. The Earth itself near Lyn died. Khaos dragged out more tricks in that moment as she pressed further emotions on Lyn. It was pushing the limits of Lyn’s sanity.

Trumpets resonated in the skies above as a thunderous sound echoed. Gaia continued to swing as Lyn felt the calling of the Horseman inside her body, but she was powerless to answer it at the moment. Meteorites slammed into the Earth sending victims sky bound.

Khaos kept Gaia safe only to quickly creep away as the blade stopped above Lyn. A rush of air caused a cloud of ash and dust to flurry upward. The myriad of overwhelming emotions washed away as Khaos ran. Lyn looked up as her head felt like it was screaming in pain to see an unusual sight. The dust settled enough to see.

A shadowy creature with glowing yellow eyes behind a large man in a long red and gold coat as the creature itself held the blade. The creature had no legs and just the torso. The man wielding the creature had long brown hair. Lyn could not see his face, but was thankful he saved her. Something felt familiar about him. She struggled to her knees as the armor uncovered her face. The man said “Yo.” And the look of horror on Gaia’s face was priceless. Lyn wiped blood from her lips as she watched the supposed Mother of Earth’s blade shatter.

The undead howled in a celebratory action as they brought down another Titan offspring in the distance. Lyn thought for a moment as she tried to figure out what happened to her. In a daze still she looked up to see a glint of something she knew all too well. From the man’s boot a dagger she had given Kain long ago. It was lost in the realm of the dead when they traveled there searching for a demon they had a contract for.

The silver dragon wrapped around the handle and there was no mistake what dagger it was. The wind from the gust of the blade being stopped caused the coat to move just enough for the dagger to show itself to Lyn. She had no time to look further as she needed to get her own power under control before everything died.

Lyn was unfortunately a walking time bomb of death. The powers she wielded could’ve killed all living things on Earth. Her love for animals kept her from sweeping the Earth free of human life since her power did not pick and choose its’ victims. Now was the time to rise up again to fight. Lyn was breathing heavily as she looked up at Gaia once more.

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Grinding Heavens Gears

"Now I lay you down to sleep, I pray to the lord your soul you keep. But should you die before you wake, I pray your soul Heaven will take." The soft prayer passing from the angels lips before she kissed the little girls brow. They were in the Hospital of Champion City, every room was flooded with the wounded. It had been only a matter of minutes surely no more then an hour in the time however the world had gone dark. Rain nearly flooded the streats as dreary gray clouds washed over the skies. The city was teaming with Champions, the ocasional meta, and all the police and military. Desperately they tried to hold their ground against the men and women coming up from the sea. Perhaps they were Atlantian's or perhaps Merpeople. All Destiny knew was that they grew closer and closer despite resistance. Requiem again as always trying to iluminate a grim situation.

Dahlia looked to the white haired white clothed white winged angel happy to be at her side and repulsed by the whiteness. Dressed in a black tank top and skirt with electric blue hair and eyes they were clearly an odd pair to look upon. "How can you say that Destiny?" Requiem simply shrugged as she closed the eyes of a dying man her smooth touch a soothing comfort to the meek. "Even if god herself is aiding this spiteful armageddon, Heaven doesnt judge the same way. It remains true I can hold faith in that." Smiling the burden heavy on the angel she seamed to eleviate all the hardship from those around her. Willing to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders. "Im'a go kill a Hydra now."

Drom followed the flying angel the cyborg teaveling by roof top, Dahlia Nightingale spraying high calibur bullets and hot plasma into countless numbers. All the while the skies cracked with lightning as massive bolts rained down lashing at whatever they could. Soon enough the angel was dive bombing a five headed serpeant of the sea. Requiem moved as if performing to a ballad grace so mesmerizing it worked as a moral boost to those who watched. Jaws snapped with the power to bite through buildings a tail and sevral necks attempted to coil pressure so grand mountains would crack beneath them. None so much as loosened a feather of a porcelain wing however. The four outer heads decieved to all colide on the center. Sporadicly like to stud cats in the same room the serpeant like heads gnashed. Biting at eachother in a brutal frenzy, heads devoured sometimes before even having chance to grow. Crystal blue eyes glaring at the beast before the angel brought her hand down as if it were the judges hammer. The process of which called out the executioner as a ray of light speared through the mighty fiend of the sea. Along the horizon though across the ruby colored sea more could be spotted coming.

Bite the Bullet

Natalie tried to contain her enternal rage, she had waited five hundred years to get her hands around her killer's throat. To sink her fangs deep into that masked ones throat. All signs pointed to Impero and so of course the canite revitalized by alchemy sought to claim his life. Fiting every personal trait he denied he was to blame, matching every mannerism the heartless enigma refused her acusations. The Arabic vampire forced to retreat in the end. So now Natalie roamed Hollywood at least for now, a less fitting Opera performer met some of the factors she was in pursuit of.

Desiray Divanova on the other hand had come here for another model shoot. Another drull day for her, business behavior bringing her to a performance that made Cain want to shoot himself. Des couldn't argue with the dark figure in her mind the situation stunk of anticlimax. Thankfully the streets were to be home to a high stakes race. Money and pink slips on the line and Spitfire could never lose. Victory on the track however was not to be hers on this overcast day. Oblivious the audiance was, loud music killed the acoustics just outside the autotorium.

That was when the wall was torn down the ugly corpse of a giant crashing through the durable walls as if they were but tisue. A three headed dog devouring large segments of the musical lead. Instantly as the audiance erupted into pandemonium to women took action. It was a beautifuly precise execution that neither had planned. Ice erupted from the earth as fluids in the room were quickly made use of. It looked merky more like mood then ice it did its job though freezing and flaying thw center head. Leaping from third balcony and landing flawlessly parallel the second vixen chucked a broken wine glass. Jugulars of the other heads were slit. A loud howl painful yet still better then the music echoed.

Ice sank into veins the body of the large hound freezing over its majestic terror captured flawlessly. That was untill the adrenaline hooked model scooped up the gun of a cop. His body one of many by the toppled giant. Three shots and each head exploded in a shower of ruby ice. Outside was the war to potentially end them all the conundrums and rivalries either escalating to new heights or lost in the monstrous tide. And be it fate karma destiny whatever this vampire elemental and bullet witch suffered to be brought together they were now allies in the epic that was but three feet from them.

Walking On Razor Wire

"Guys I want you to know before we jump, this is outside of are pay grade. Infact it just might be the god damn apocalypse. That said knowing your unpaid totally screwed idiots lets do this." Razor remarked looking to the men and women behind her. Syapt had sent the Lantern's Blade to leap into Florence and try and contain some of the impossible situation taking place. The soldiers behind her were adaptive, they'd simply go off and do what they could. Their genetic make up shifting to give them what they needed.

Scarlet Oren loved this strangely comfortable with the chaos. World was falling apart all around her, litteraly explosions going off on all sides creatures dive bombing civilians. A target rich environment, Lanterns were all "Rayne we're police we dont kill. They didn't care however if the lion bird who ripped off grandma's head died. So with almost pin point percision a blade speared into the head of the fiend. Falling to the earth his brothers and sisters turned to her. Free falling, two claws from each hand and one from each foot rain coming down heavy. Smiling, no restrictions no restraint her freedom. A almost tranquil moment befalls the vixen of blades, she was a weapon and she had found her war.

Tribulations of Blood

Selene showed no emotion as she stepped to the Beacon housed in the cold of Alaska. It stood proud and tall and unless you knew where to look it was nye impossible to find. Of course for so long the place was her home it could not be missed by her, she spent a life time trying to purify the world and rectify the filth while following the guidelines of Longshot. That was a day long past however, he was nieve to think any good would come from not having the will to spill blood. Every life was something to cherish, but the worth was withered by the crimes they swam in so lavishly. And did he know that in his own ranks was imposters feeding on the situation like a vulture plucks at a corpse? Yes in there were two people who masked themselves in the ruse of her twin children, they were all dead though so how could that be? It was simple truly it could not.

They were the condemned and untrue life not something of which they deserved. The facade of her children would be cut down like the weed that sprung in the driveway. Remembering the room the pair liked Bloody Marry gave persuit, dissolving into a puddle of blood. Acidic crimson gore creeping under doors like water, and slowly passing through vents nothing could see it coming unless spotting the exact trail of acid burns that were all masked by shadow or small location. In time the complimentary shape shifters were found loud music thudding within the small confines of the room. Drip drip drip the radio sparks. Pop pop pop and the room fades to darkness, and with that the sound of rushing water can be heard as a flood of ichor pores onto the carpet floor. Reamergence gives way to the mother who had twice now lost everything she held onto.

Instantly the effect of strife kicked in forcing the two women to turn on eachother. The twins shifting into slightly lupine appearing creatures, hair longer legs and arms contorted and clawed. Opening her palm Selene's katana came into existence seaming formed of blood and marrow more then metal. Casually she walked forward merely basking in the apocalyptic horror her presence brought. The arm comes up as the two role along the floor fighting for blood smears of the acid coated red splashing along beds and walls, furnitures and images of the family. By perhaps coincidence most of the blood along the images seamed to wipe away the images of her. Selene seaming ripped from the appearance of a loving family. Katana shaped blade comes down and with it the head of Nira. Fera chasing it like a dog might peruse a thrown ball, a swift motion of the hand and the gun cocks a quartet of bullets slamming into the heart of Nira twice, and the back of Fera's dome in the same number.

Oblivious to the fact that she had in truth slain one of her children Bloodstone looks to the portal beside her. She paid no heed to the fact that the Bloodcroft twins had been made simply one. No care that Fera was given one last wish from her sister through telepathy. To take in the rest of Nira's blood before it had lost its value upon the cold snow, the memories of her sister flooding her mind. Had never considered what Fera could do once her body adapted to the changes that had just been brought about. For now though all of Fera's abilities to heal were fixated on mending wounds and adapting she resided unconscious upon the icy plains. Her mother emerging in Russia to answer the call that came with the breaking of the seals.

Russia was a warzone no need describe it that was all it was. On any other day her blades would likely be aimed at the majority of those before her. Not on this horizon however, in this moment the only targets were of mythic legend. With a wink to the red haired hell raiser both the crimson an raven haired raised a gun. Each barking loudly as an explosive round struck Gaia in the leg, hardly noticeable with the mounting tension between the not so mysterious man and the Titan of Earth. The man was not as stunning to her as what horsemen doesn't know their brother or sister?

As the veins of the titan burst, little more then a pin prick given her massive scale blood splashed onto the frost coated grass. Not so much of crimson gore but more looking like moss sap and water, after all a tree would not bleed like a mortal would. Rushing over to the puddle the pair had made the already short crimson armored horsemen drops two inches. As she does though the puddle fades a dozen other Bloodstones now amongst the ranks ready to do what was commanded.

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Adam slammed to the ground backfirst, silver blood weeping from dozens of wounds all over his body, his funeral suit in tatters, staining the snow an ugly grey. He rolled over, grabbed his swords again and stood, tossing his head like a horse irritated by a fly. His wounds continued to weep, but began to knit closed. His grey hair was stiff with blood, a collection of both his own and from the mounds of corpses around him. "As if the whole underworld had been turned out onto the Earth. Surely Tartarus must be nearing emptiness." He snarled, well aware that monsters had struck every continent on Earth, though not quite knowing how he knew.

The armoured soldiers tried to stay on the edges of his reach, the first couple dozen troops having tested Adam's resilience and his strength. Oddly, Adam felt little pain, as if his body was circulating anasthesia to keep him from passing out. As his hands clutched his swords, blood dripped steadily from his knuckles. Drip, drip, drip... One of the soldiers stepped in, swinging his flail, and Adam moved, fluidly dodging and striking simultaneously. Through his serpentine maneuver, the flail swiped the air in a path aimed at his shoulder, and a sword sliced clean through the soldier's breast, the armour doing little to defend his vital organs. As the man fell, Adam sheathed his sword, pried the flail from his enemy's cold dead hand, and kicked the body away from him. "My turn." Adam said, swinging the flail with controlled aggression, crushing a temple with his first swing, pink brain matter spewing out over the snow. Adam spared the soldier not a glance as he brought up a booted foot up and kicked another monster in the center of his chest. The brute flew well over ten feet, and took out a number of soldiers. The children cowering in Adam's shadow were certain their saviour wouldn't last much longer. Adam turned to them, a look of pain on his face. "When I say move, I want you to run for the walls. As fast as you can. I will be right behind y-agh!" He yelled, as the powerul blow sent his head reeling. His attacker smiled behind his helmet and laughed a childish laugh as he looked at the kids. His evil smile was cut short as Adam stood up, rubbing the back of his head. "Get...back..." He groaned, the pain only dulled slightly. He shot forward like a small missile, jumping for his enemy's head with a spinning kick that clanged against the helmet with no visible result except that Adam broke almost every bone lower than his ankle.

Adam delivered two punches to the large brute's abdomen with almost equally fruitless results. Luckily, the skin-to-armour contact yielded Adam an opportunity to even the playing field as he used his talents to coat his body with an armoured suit of metal. He crashed a knee into the big soldier's stomach, then back-handed the man's temple when he bent over double. Adam turned. "Move!" He yelled. The eldest child, a girl of no more than 9, shepherded the younger ones through a semi-safe corridor of falling bodies and flying bullets. Adam followed, felling enemies and absorbing hits as he ran. As he spun the flail, it let out a ghostly frightening whirring, penetrated by clangs and squishes as the spiked ball on the chain struck enemies. As they hit the wall, the children put their backs to the wall, and Adam looked up. He pulled a small device from his belt and aimed it upwards. Pressing a thumb switch, it fired a thin line upwards that hooked on the top of the wall. Stamping down, the large spike on the bottom of the machine dug into the stone and held fast. Adam pointed. "Climb." He ordered, drawing his swords. The children grabbed hold of the line, the machine sending them up at impressive speed. Adam wrapped one set of biceps around the line and began dragging himself up, cutting the line as he reached halfway to avoid the masses of soldiers that were beginning to climb. Adam climbed over the top of the wall and pulled the grappling hook free. With a twinge of regret that he couldn't retrieve the device, he spun the line with the razor-sharp claw on the end. The whirring was a higher pitch than the flail had been, and it shredded flesh easier.The kids were small enough that they could walk under the spinning claw. Adam's opponents were not, and they were shredded by the makeshift weapon. He brought the children to a large house with a sturdy door and made sure they were all inside, ordering them to barricade the door and windows. When this was done, he turned to face the soldiers, dropping the claw and drawing his swords once again. "The snow will run red with your blood, beasts."

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It was a saddening event to be part of. Kain's memorial service. Not once would Charlie have ever even thought it possible to somehow outlive Kain. He outlived the most powerful man he'd ever met in his life. This was beyond all comprehension for him. Charlie donned a black suit to display the sorrow they all felt. What worried him most of all however, was Lady Death's silence. Ever since Kain took his own life she was different, distant. Nearly no one had seen or heard from her since that day. The anger she felt could be felt by the others. She kept herself locked up in that tower for days. Not once did she join the memorial. Kain's death hit her, harder than anyone else. Todd attended every day of the memorial to make sure everybody was safe. It was his duty. The fuzzles he normally had on his shoulders were silent. They said nothing, they did nothing. They only sat still on his shoulders, staring down at the floor clumped closely together. When suddenly without warning Kain's memorial was invaded by countless enemies.

Tenebrasque In's automatic defenses all activated to begin picking off their enemies as they came. Everything happened so quickly that Charlie could barely react fast enough to save his own skin when a few arrows came flying at his head. His body moved like water in the air; carefully manuever at just the right angles to avoid certain death. Clumps of fuzzle fur hopped off his shoulder on to the ground to await further orders from their master/father. From Charlie's elegant black suit broke free a purple monstrosity covered in green glyphs with wings and two terrifying horns. Fuzzles hopped along gleefully at the sight of their master's full release. They were ordered to enter a small portal set up behind his clawed feet. Hundreds of the tiny little wide-eyed fluff balls bearing nightmarish teeth made their way from the primary Tenebrasque In Estate into the portal. Nowhere were they to be seen by the time Charlie barked orders at Tenebrasque In's soldiers.

A horde of club-wielding giants lumbered towards TI's purple punisher but were easily felled; courtesy of powerful trap magic mixed with necromancy. They clumsily trampled everything between them and Charlie, not noticing the glowing green glyph beneath their feet. Spectral chains shot from the earth and slithered around the demon barber's enemies. Specters from the Land of the Dead pulled the chains to swallow the giants with more and more chains shooting up, many of which were attached to rusted meat hooks digging into meaty abominations. Undead Goblins stalked up the chains to use their disgusting, jagged claws to spill giant entrails into their realm.

However while Charlie's ghosts did battle with the giants a chimera took advantage of the distraction. The beast slapped Charlie down into the ground like an insect. Flames devoured Charlie who was still recovering from the slam. The chimera was joined by several others who took no time to assist in trying to incinerate their enemy. A series of portals opened up in the sky and to everyone's suprise it rained fuzzles. Countless balls of fur and teeth fell from the heavens bearing their sinister teeth in grisly smiles as their cheeks flapped in the wind. Charlie's little hell spawn fed on whatever they landed on. As luck would have it, several fuzzles tunneled through Chimeran flesh devouring bone and innards with the greatest of ease. Fuzzles were scattered around in the small Russian battlefield feeding on whatever was nearest. Their teeth were strong enough to chew through metal, partially due to the potency of the enzymes in their saliva which quickly degraded anything it touched.

The attacking chimera collapsed once Charlie's beast's ate through their spinal cords. Two purple hands pulled a smoking body out from a crater. The little monsters jeered before separating to feed on the endless stream of enemies. When Charlie crawled out, what he saw was unbelievable; everywhere Tenebrasque In blood with unending opposition. Enormous monstrosities towered over everything eclipsing the sky itself. Charlie had no choice but to accept, their situation was hopeless. Even Mistress Death was downed. Several feet ahead of her was a man in red with some evil little avatar behind him holding a sword larger than the estate itself. It couldn't be. There was no possible way this man could be who he thought he was. The mysterious being turned his head and proceeded to speaking in his mind through a telepathic connection.

“This situation is hopeless. We cannot win this war here. Gather all the civilians and the rest of the team and move them downstairs to the most secure part of the building; the Level 05 Labs. I'll join you and the others shortly. Take her, as well. Air a broadcast on any and all available frequencies to garner a rebellion. This is going to be a united effort just to survive, let alone win.”

“I don't access to that area, 'stranger'.”

“Yes you do. He, is waiting for you at the entrance to that door. He has the card. You shouldn't argue with the guy holding a sword bigger than a building in his hand, it's bad for your health. Now go.”

Charlie began casting spells at random to at least delay their foreign invaders. He tossed flame carpets, black holes and all kinds of crazed trap magic around. Many fell victim, but more successfully evaded his flimsy, less than calculated defense. Charlie heard more Titans storming the area as he gathered who he could and led the TI forces down to the Level 05 Labs. Cid stood in front of the door tapping his toe claws on the marble. He screeched before opening the doors, welcoming the children first then Lady Death and the others. Alarms blared and emergency strobe lights cast a red light on everything. Cid and Charlie worked together to send out a help transmission, all they could do was wait for the mysterious man to return. Hopefully somebody would respond to the the message, hopefully there were still others. Horrible things were going to happen and this was just the beginning.

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The memorial service detail was just supposed to be a crowd control, but Aurora loathed it more than any other detail she had to perform. The smell of humans being so close to her made her salivate and she had to be reminded frequently not to create a buffet the first day of a long series of days of mourning for the fallen Kain. Aurora lacked the capability to understand the meaning behind their grief. Lyn rarely saw light and kept herself within the walls of Tenebrasque In Russian homestead.

Aurora was sent a few miles outside the memorial area to prevent her carnal desires taking precedence over respect of a fallen comrade. The skies were dark over the last few days. It meant nothing to Aurora other than she could be outside longer without being burned by daylight. She sighed heavily as boredom became overwhelmingly mundane.

Sadly this memorial was going to last a few more days and Aurora was instructed to keep the borders clear of any idiots who would try to attack on this occasion. Aurora watched as people cried and wondered why their tears ran so easily. She could not comprehend the feeling nor the process to do such a thing.

On the other end of the memorial grounds Aurora could hear Charlie screaming for people to get to safety. Aurora spun around to see creatures in masses attacking the people. Aurora quickly teleported close by and began ripping and tearing through the flesh of the creatures like they were paper. Her swords were drawn from their sheathes as Aurora looked like she was dancing with them as she killed the creatures.

Aurora looked over at Charlie who was doing his best to get people to safety. Aurora however was slicing and dicing as fast as she could. She was able to push some creatures back giving some of the people a way to escape. Suddenly something wrapped around Aurora’s neck and pulled her away from the current battlefield.

A gorgon and her sisters had made Aurora their captive. “Oh look sisters-s-s this-s-s one is-s-s much different than the normal humans we encounter.” One of them hissed as she spoke coiling her fingers around Aurora’s face. The gorgon jerked Aurora’s head to face her. Aurora watched as her eyes lit up green and then faded. For some reason she appeared baffled as she looked at her fellow gorgons. “Why does-s-s she not change?” The others shrugged and one asked to have her try again. Aurora wondered what they were trying to do. Once again her eyes lit up brighter green and Aurora felt her skin tingling, but again nothing happened.

The gorgons looked even more puzzled as they tried as a collective. A small patch of skin turned to stone and returned to normal almost as fast as it happened. Aurora’s poltergeist and succubus abilities prevented her from being turned to stone. Her body and form existed cooperatively with the Shadow Realm. The Poltergeist DNA inside her body provided such helpful abilities while the succubus had an amazing healing factor that prevented a permanent death.

The gorgon coiled that had her tail wrapped around Aurora’s neck was the first of the gorgons to feel Aurora’s uncanny fighting skill. She was brutal and tactical all at once. She dug her claws into the flesh and ripped it cleaned from the bone. The other gorgons went to slither away, but Aurora was on a hunting mission now. Her carnal desires gave way from her own safety as she teleported to each gorgon slicing their heads from the bodies. Aurora ripped the facial dampener away as she bite into the last of the gorgons gorging on the flesh and blood that gave way to the massive teeth inside Aurora’s mouth.

Something caught her attention as she witnessed Lyn fall from the sky like a meteor after some trumpet sounds echoed in the skies above. Aurora could not get to her time to help as a new set of beasts ran into attack her. She teleported and sliced as much as she could. Looking around at the battlefield would give many a loss of hope, but Aurora lacked several emotional ties. The creatures were in the thousands as far as the eye could see, growing in number, and giants could be seen in numerous sizes and shapes. Some of the giants were using abilities outside normal means and struck mighty blows into the Earth’s population.

Aurora heard the sirens and blaring emergency lights through the bloodshed. Her communicator had Charlie's voice asking for help resounding in her ear. People were being herded into the bowels of Tenebrasque In. Aurora wondered where Lyn was. As she went to look for her a large man grabbed Aurora’s head hurling her upward and then slammed her into the ground. The giant laughed at Aurora as she bounced off the ground upon impact. She leaped to her feet and launched an attack against the man.

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Gaea stared at the little mortal standing before her with some strange floating black torso levitating behind him holding her blade. She took note of his features; long brown hair, six fangs and a red coat. Gaea's eyes were fixated on one detail of this man; his eyes. His eyes were a brilliant gold full of murder, lust, wrath, war and chaos. His eyes were powerful as they sent the image to his brain, her own widened when she realized who he was. Gaea's worst nightmare stood before her in a red coat and black pants. He relayed a message to Charlie telepathically while still holding Gaea's attention. He commanded that Charlie gather as many survivors as he could in the immediate area and take them to the Level 05 Labs. After a brief discussion, Charlie commenced with what he was ordered to do by this man in red.

The Titan broodmare raised her weapon in a panic then slammed it back down on the man in the red coat. However her weapon simply fell to the side. Upon further examination, this man was now holding a long thin blade which dripped blood meanwhile her entire hand was gone. Like clockwork one of the Horsemen appeared and annihilated this Titan's knees with a tremendous explosive round splashing Gaea's earthly blood on the ground. Her agonized scream faded from that of a woman into that of man and back into a woman.

“You petulant little insects dare to attack the Titan Gaea!? I am the reason for your insig-”

“Cut the speech Titan. You aren't Gaea. You may look like her and be as arrogant as she is but you hit harder than she does. That, and she doesn't use a sword. It's beneath her.”

“Stop speaking as if you know me. You know nothing!”

“I know a lot, and I know you aren't Gaea. Your blood's already changed.”

The man used his sword to point at the watered down moss exploding from her wound but faded to yellow gore. Gaea's wounds healed quickly but the rest of her body changed. She was no longer covered by flora, in fact she was no longer even a she, she became a he with grayish skin. This new Titan's rage could be seen on his face. It was unique, powerful. The likes of which were never before seen. Ancient tattoos covered the Titan's body in black ink.

“Very perceptive of you insect. I am-”

“I don't care who you are, Titan. A name means nothing on the battlefield. As far as I'm concerned you're nothing more than a large nameless, faceless corpse. Telling me your name only means your memory will live on with me for another few days.”

“Insolent little-”


At that moment several black tendrils constricted around the Titan's body and grew enormous barbs to separate flesh from bone. Six flaming vortexes shot from the earth around the gray-skinned Titan surrounding him perfectly. When the Titan's “pest” turned away to face a fallen Ivory Queen, the violent vortexes all slammed into it at once immediately reducing it to ash in and impressive explosion contained by some unusual cube made of light. Lady Lyn's savior knelt beside her with his hair covering most of his face, particularly his eyes. His sword disappeared in a puff of black and red smoke as his hand touched her soft shoulder.

“You need to go with Charlie down to lower level laboratory. You and the rest must leave. This situation is hopeless. I will hold off these abominations for as long as I can so you can get out of here. I'll meet with the rest of you in the lab. All of you need to get down there so we can get over to the most desolate part of the country where the experiments run a little more free and can post more of a threat to incoming threats. Not only that but there's not much reason for anyone or anything to be living over there so these things won't think to visit us and if they do, they'll be in for a few surprises”.

His hand swung around with a whip materializing out of thin air. His weapon swung with such force it broke the bones of anything caught in its hit box. Several beasts were even cut in half from the force. This Titan-slaying warrior disappeared in a puff of smoke then appeared long enough at the heart of another cluster of foes several dozen yards away to destroy them as well. Limbs and organs were divided as he repeated this pattern of attack multiple times. This persisted until he found himself surrounded by a cluster of Titans and Demi-Gods. None of the Titans surrounding their Kin-Slayer he recognized. Even the Demi-Gods were new to him. All existed solely as nameless, faceless victims to meet their demise. But not today. They were powerful, he had no idea what power he held and did not want to risk hurting those on his side. He did however, need to escape.

The situation grew worse by the second. It went far beyond hopeless. There was no salvation he could witness amidst this wreckage. The man's heart sank as he saw glorious Russia get dismembered before him. So much innocent blood spilled without cause, without reason. This was unforgivable. Absolutely unforgivable. His emotional distraction opened him to being stepped on by one of the enormous Titans. This giant beast's foot did not hurt the man, it did however keep him busy. This courageous man held the foot with both hands only to be impaled multiple times by the Demi-Gods simultaneously. Their blades all penetrated his torso and spat violet blood on the ground. The pain weakened him enough to allow the Titan to finish crushing him like the bug they believed him to be. Once the monstrous Titan removed his foot a burly Demi-God grabbed him by his hair and tossed him out to the middle where he suddenly came back to life in mid-air.

The man spun around in mid air sending out his whip to grab the throat of the Titan who stepped on him. Pulling his whip down brought a Titan head off its shoulders to earth. The burly Demi-God charged holding one ax and one hammer. He swung his weapons at the Titan killer's back however met a the grizzly fate of being impaled by enormous poisonous metal wings which shot out of his back. A tattered red trench coat spun around to reveal an angered man, an insulted God. A large black sphere made entirely of darkness obliterated another Titan's chest after erasing a Demi-God from existence.

“I am the Horseman of War, the destroyer of worlds and harbinger of death! I am the Warrior-King of Mozaia, the Kin-Slayer, the f*cking Guardian of Darkness and Light! I AM KAIN!”

Kain's final word created a storm of chain darkness lightning beginning at Kain's heart and feeding on all around him traveling between the Gods, Titans and lesser beings. Lord Aizen spun around and darted to the Tenebrasque In manor when he was knocked to the side by a flash of gold. An estranged man running in place with wings on the sides of his feet was in front of Kain who had to stop himself from flying too far away by digging a sword he created into the ground. War's irritation was blatantly on his face when he saw who it was that touched him.

“I'm going to break your legs beyond repair, Hermes. But not today, I don't have time to spare to kill a mere messenger.”

“Still just as vulgar as always, eh Kain? You don't know when to show respect to your betters.”

“I would if I had betters. Now jog on, insect.”

A blast of light exploded from Kain's eyes buying him a means to distract Hermes long enough to continue running to the Manor's Level 05 Labs. The remaining defenses continued to attack whatever they could. When Kain arrived, several faces were relieved to see him but he would not notice. A portal opened up on the far wall showing the secret base Kain wanted the survivors to go to. They were led into this new lab by several dozen experiments and once they entered the rest of Kain's experiments entered in addition to himself. They all entered just in time for when War turned around to destroy the portal he saw a collection of Gods standing on the other side preparing to enter it themselves. However Kain destroyed the control panel therefore permanently cutting off access as the primary Russian Manor collapsed. Kain sighed heavily and turned his head to face everyone who was staring at him, to look at those few who were saved.

“Well... on the bright side, I'm not dead anymore.”

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Everything was almost outer worldly for her. It was as if she disconnected from reality. A hand laid upon Lyn’s back. Familiar voice resonated in her ear. “You need to go with Charlie down to lower level laboratory. You and the rest must leave. This situation is hopeless. I will hold off these abominations for as long as I can so you can get out of here. I'll meet with the rest of you in the lab. All of you need to get down there so we can get over to the most desolate part of the country where the experiments run a little more free and can post more of a threat to incoming threats. Not only that but there's not much reason for anyone or anything to be living over there so these things won't think to visit us and if they do, they'll be in for a few surprises”.

Lyn slowly looked over to see Charlie in an altered state. Her muscles slowly began to move as she looked around at the current situation. The man before her drew out a strange whip like structure that tore through flesh. Her mental state was slowly returning to normal as her legs finally began to move as she ran toward Charlie.

In an instant she knew what to do and did so without a second thought. Steel doors slammed behind her. Lyn lost balance and fell to the floor as she tried to stop inside the compound. “Charlie begin the transport.” Charlie nodded. Lyn looked around noticing people scrunched together. Some were crying while others had a hopeful look as they peered at Lyn. Lyn wondered why as her head began screaming trying to recover sanity.

*Translated from Russian* A small girl whispered to her mom, “Is that an angel?”

“Shhhh child. We are amongst demons.”

Lyn could not help but think the same of the woman. She still held onto the disdain for humans. Charlie walked over after teleporting the survivors and got Lyn to her feet. “What is our head count Charlie?”

“I do not know, but we should expect them all to show.”

“Always the rhymer? Huh?” Lyn looked at him.

He just shrugged as Lyn stepped away from him. The strategic mind that lie waiting for release begin to whirl into life as Lyn stepped over to the monitors. She brought up cameras close to the battle field. Creatures of lore ran amuck while Titans destroyed everything in their path.

Something in Lyn’s stomach churned as powers of the Horseman of Death cried out for vengeance and for blood. She felt every fiber of her body awaken. Every nerve ending tingled as Lyn noticed how the Titans moved. There was no motive. It was just senseless killing on a mass scale. She watched as everything Tenebrasque In had worked for became rubble under the feet of the Titans. It was sheer madness.

Her fist balled up and slammed down onto the counter top. Everyone in the room jumped as the sound echoed within the steel walls. “Open the doors!” Lyn demanded as a new fire grew inside her.

“But you can’t go!” A grunt of the Tenebrasque In stated.

Lyn looked at him narrowing her eyes at him. “What does a grunt like you know of what I can or cannot do?”

The man swallowed hard as he felt her gaze strike straight through to his soul. “Y-y-y-yes ma’am.” As he entered the codes to open the doors none could stop Lyn as she took to the air before any could stop her. Her wings covered in armor as she flew right through traps set to keep everyone inside safe. Lyn stopped just below the cloud lines and looked down. Titans still moved in an uncoordinated manner. Just as Lyn left the compound the grunt sealed the doors back shut.

The portal closed shortly after revealing to others Kain was far from dead yet. The grunt felt horror rise up as he realized what happened. He stammered over to the monitors. Typing in the correct coordinates to bring Lyn into view of the cameras. The grunt swallowed his pride and fear as he stepped over to Kain. His hand was shaking madly as he pointed toward the screen. He gulped as he mumbled as best as he could for Kain to look at the monitors. There was no sound only visual, but Lyn could clearly be seen outside the compound.

Meanwhile on the battlefield. Nothing about them was remotely planned out. Lyn reached to the heavens and drew in energy from the Earth’s atmosphere. With a deep breath and slow release of air new warriors appeared surrounding Lyn. They glowed a brilliant golden hue with black details resembling angelic appearance.

“Stupid fools have messed with the wrong Horseman. Find the one who dares to touch my emotions and plague me. I want them to suffer my wrath first of all. Destroy anything in your path my legion.”

The army of Death bowed their heads and filled the sky with a golden hue as they swooped into battle searching for the one who toyed with Death. As they searched Lyn’s eyes glowed a brilliant blue and power resonated around her body. The call of the Horsemen gave her an intense boost in power. She could feel it moving through her veins and resonating from her flesh. The armor completely covered her armor that turned to a deep crimson and black. The change made her look as fierce as any Angel of Death. She closed her eyes hovering above the Earth.

Within moments her guards drug a Goddess before Lyn. She opened her eyes to view the one who tormented her. Khaos spat at Lyn. The spit ran down the side of Lyn’s face. Lyn did not move. Khaos chanted a spell, but before she could finish her throat was ripped clean out by Lyn’s powerful claws.

Lyn gripped Khaos’ jawline within her claws. “Don’t worry I will not kill you just yet, but I will say this you will not like what happens next.” Lyn rammed a rune into Khaos and chanted the same spell she used to seal Kain, but unlike Kain Khaos received the full incantation of becoming sealed away within Light and Dark. Ribbons of light and dark energy rose up gripping Khaos pulling her to Earth sealing her beneath the soil. Lyn smiled wickedly as she watched Khaos crash into the ground.

The war that waged below struck a new chord within Lyn as she peered at what lie in waiting beneath her. Titans began to move toward the sanctuary that was set up thanks to Charlie’s efforts. Lyn sent her new found army to slaughter whoever moved in that direction.

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Outskirts of Cairo, Egypt

A slight adjustment. Two clicks to the left. Perfect.

He only had one shot on his target, Abu Sarif Karzia Bin something or other...

His name wasn't important, he had a picture of him, that was all he needed. The terrorist leader was meeting with an Egyptian Army Colonel whom he hoped to turn to his cause. Egyptian Military Intelligence would handle the Colonel, but for the terrorist leader they'd decided to seek assistance elsewhere. An American preferably, freelance with no government ties.

A friend of a brother with a co-worker in the NSA had dropped the single named assassins name and told them of his high success rate and hours later he was sitting in the back of a C-130 bound for an Egyptian Air Force base outside Cairo.

Hours after his arrival all the assets were in position. A mic had been covertly placed where the meeting would be held, an Egyptian Counter Terror unit waiting for the signal to apprehend the rogue officer.

The heat was sweltering, even in the air conditioned apartment he was sweating as the hunter lay in wait for his target, glancing at his watch.


Any minute now and they'd exit the small tea shop where they were meeting. The door opened and a man walked outside, even from three clicks out he could tell he was packing. The tip of his index finger resting on the trigger, slowly beginning to place pressure on the trigger on the modified M21. His cheek pressed up against the stock while he watch the location through the scope.

There he was... a little more pressure...

Suddenly an explosion rattled the building and the rifle went off, the round sailing through the open window, hitting the bodyguard.


Whatever had caused the explosion the last thing on his mind. He slung the rifle and sprinted for the window, diving out onto the roof of a building across the narrow street below. Free running his way across his the towering apartments and businesses of Cairo towards where his target had been. The screams of people on the streets below could be heard but he was locked on, moving like a heat seeking missile towards the terrorist, so he didn't pay any mind to the goings on below.

Just before reaching the edge of the roof of the last building he reached behind his back and drew a custom compound bow, the compact design automatically extending to it's full length. Three arrows drawn and ready as he flew through the air, three razor sharp projectiles flying free ahead of their owner, two terrorists and one soldier loyal to the colonel hitting the ground, dead on impact. Booted feet finally meeting the ground as he went into a low crouch.

The master marksman looked left and right, his target was sprinting down the street with surprising speed, shoving anyone in his way to the side. Without hesitation he was off at a full sprint, superior physical conditioning allowing him to close almost the full distance in mere moments. He almost had caught up when the fleeing terrorist decided to shove an old woman to the ground.

He stops dead in his tracks, taking a few moments to help her to her feet and collect her spilled groceries. Seeing how far ahead his target was he readied the bow, sighting in the man. He steadied his aim and took a deep breath... and the lone arrow was let loose, lying through the air and taking the man right in the spine.

A minute later was approaching the downed enemy of the free world, the terrorist having fallen in the middle of a street, over the honking of horns and people screaming he failed to here the sound of the beast charging, his vision obscured by a building to his right. The man yelled out in fear before being crushed by a grotesque, demonic creature.

"What. The. F*ck. IS THAT!"

Slowly placing the bow back where it had been and drawing the M21, making sure there was a round in the chamber and flicking it to full auto.

'It is creature of Hades creature... this may be tied to my brother's death'

A voice echoed in the back of his head.

"Strife, Nice to hear from you... you never call, never write... now you decide to pop up."

'Oh shut up and kill the beast... aim for the eyes'

"Can do... Anyone asks though, we turned Abu into a bloody pulp..."

'I truly despise you sometimes...'

Without responding he raised the weapon and let out three shots, a sudden turn of the abominations head causing the rounds to only strike flesh. Turning towards the gunman and roaring angrily before charging towards him.

"Well that was unexpected..."

Turning and running for his life, jumping from car to car as the demonic being nipped at his heels. Timing it just right he propelled himself into the air and landing on the beasts back, grabbing hold of it's horns pulled himself forward till he was in reach, pulling a knife and plunging the blade into the beasts lone eye. It's mouth opening wide in a roar of pain. Plucking a grenade from his belt he tossed it into the open maw and dove off the feral monster, rolling behind a nearby crushed car as the creatures head exploded and it slumped to the ground.

"Please tell me that's all of them..."

Walking over and kicking it to be sure as a crowd gathered around him, looking upon the man that had saved them in awe. People recording him on their phones and taking pictures.

"Maybe I should have worn my mask today after all... I hope Melissa doesn't watch Al Jazeera..."

As the ground began to shake behind him, he looked to see a mass of demons charging down the street towards them. Stopping maybe sixty yards from his position, the civilians slowly creeping back behind him.


One out front screeched, possibly a leader. Without a word he slung the rifle, a spectral handgun manifesting in each hand held by his side. Mercy and Punishment, the trademark weapons of Strife.

The demon started to speak, his words replaced by a blood curtailing scream as a round from Mercy took his leg off, followed by it falling to the ground in pain.

Holding up the weapon he smiled. "Mercy. Shall we dance?"

Sprinting towards the demonic horde, guns blazing, their infinite supply of ammo negating the need to reload. Demons fell as he flew through the air, sprinted through their ranks and performed all manner of acrobatic maneuver, his weapons constantly firing with lethal, unnatural precision, the horde dropping like flies.

After half an hour of fighting they retreated, leaving him bloodied but victorious.

"Any more surprises?"

'The Seal has been broken...'

"The Seal broke with Clara... that didn't turn out so bad, I love Sean."

'The Seal of the Apocalypse you dolt...'

"So now what..."

'We must seek out our brethren-'

The essence of conflict being interrupted by his host.

"Yeah... We'll get to that..."

Looking out over the city, black smoke and winged demons filling the air, gunshots, screams and the sound of sirens all around him...

Hours Later

A portal opened up on the wall of a building beside them. A darkling sticking it's head and arm through and beckoning them to follow.

"Not like they've even steered me wrong before"

'Just follow the minion...'


Cautiously stepping through the portal and vanishing, the portal closing behind him, and like everything else that day... it was caught on camera and sent straight to the internet....

Undisclosed Meeting Point

Stepping through the portal he looked around at the other horsemen who'd arrived, taking note of their expressions.

"So... I take it sh*ts bad..."

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How long had it been. Minutes, hours, days even? Bredry didn't know, he didn't have time to worry about the shifting of the sun. No matter how long it had been, time's had been hard for him and his new friend. As soon as they had started off on their journey, they had been attacked. Then attacked some more, almost as if there was a constant stream of monsters. Never-ending, never-falling back. Each being to be slain, replaced by another. Titans stepped on Bredry, only to get their entire body sliced in half by his blade. Harpies, Griffins, and sphinxes would crowd Prometheus, only for them to be shrugged off like bugs. Why they even attack their better, a question yet to be answered. Probably why they were in this mess anyways.

His body, mind, and heart ever growing tired, Bredry simply cut a titan in the chest. The reaction now considered a cliche by the two ever fighting warriors. The 'new' titan, as Prometheus had named them, ripped at his chest. His screams ripping through the crowd of monsters. He never stopped clawing, ripping through skin, muscle, bone, and in the end tearing his heart right out. Bredry had figured out what New Titans would be considered truly evil by the Blade of Jah by analyzing each of there aura's. At first, Bredry had hoped that this would be the thing to finish the battle off quickly, even saying so to Prometheus when the battle was light enough that conversation was plausible. But the titans didn't show fear. A good quality in a warrior, a bad scenario for the duo.

Bredry never saw an end to waves, how could he. His enemies never left his view. He tried using speed, using strength, using skill, and even using Lion's Roar. None of it had worked to finish them all off, none of it had slowed down the onslaught. He couldn't run either. That wasn't what a warrior did. And Prometheus stook with him. Breaking through his nephew's and niece's like they were eggs. The kind Titan never stopped fighting, but like Bredry, he was slowing down. And like Bredry, he never knew when he would have the chance to stop.

As a titan threw a fist towards Bredry, the warrior had had the audacity to trip. The blow from the titan wouldn't kill Bredry, but it would open up room for an onslaught. And just like that, Bredry had given up, knowing that his one and only mistake had cost him his life. He was neither afraid or regretful, just accepting of the fact that he would finally rejoin the rest of his family. The giant's shining light was coming at him faster than expected... Wait, shining light? Bredry looked up, only to be pushed away from the thing that would've ended up ending his life. At first thankful, Bredry started to despair once he wasn't stopping and they were already a great distance from the battlefield.

"Hey, you can stop now." Still the light continued, the harder Bredry looked, the more he saw a man there. "Hey, i said stop." Still it continued, the wait and distraction of Bredry not interfering with the man's continuous running. Squinting, Bredry yelled, "I said STOP!" This time, the command had been partnered with a fist to the face. The man stopped in his place and flipped backwards a few times, while Bredry flew a bit longer. With rage in his eyes, Bredry realized that the man had a similar aura to the Titans. This made him an enemy. And in a conundrum, Bredry didn't know whether to deal with him or join the fray again. At this distance he couldn't even see what was happening. An odd grin of returning energy, Bredry decided to do both.

As the man was getting up, Bredry ran past as quick as he could and grabbed his head. Then leading a bit to the side, he grounded the man's face on the rough concrete. Leaving a long, long trail of blood. And when he had finally returned, he had thought that he would be devoid of it. That's not the reason he dropped the remaining bit of the head. Nor why his eyes had widened. No, it was because laying down as big as a small skyscraper was his friend Prometheus.

"Bredry... have you returned?" The Titan was still alive. "Friend, i was only away for a few seconds." Prometheus chuckled a bit, it sounded painful, "Just long enough for me to finally finish them off... or maybe it's the opposite."

"Please... don't speak friend." Bredry pleaded. Once again, a chuckle from the Titan. "Even after me drawing the other titans and beast here to join the good side." He coughed, "And failing miserably at it, you still consider me friend. You're one of the reasons i care for humanity."

"I said don't talk." This time, it was as if there was tears in his voice. Prometheus was Bredry's closest friend since coming to the new world, and already he was leaving right away. "Sadly i have to Bredry. That light that had hit you was Hermes, the Gods messenger. And unless you stabbed him with your sword, i doubt he has truly been killed. He is delivering a message... probably to a god. And even if i wasn't laying here dead, he would have been... your only path... way to the... Gods." With that, Bredry knew he would never hear Prometheus speak again. Or that's what he originally thought as he turned to a rapidly healing Hermes just getting off the ground. But as he went to have a talk with the messenger, a voice rang through his head. Jah's voice.

Bredry, I can heal him, revive him. His voice smooth as silver, and probably just as deceiving. The catch Jah, as there always is. A smirk could be heard in his head, Always wise to deceit, but it is expected. The price you pay, is a part of your soul. Bredry was slightly confused, I thought you already had my soul, why would you want it... again? And how big of a piece?

The first part of your questioning is none of your concern. The second part, well, i would like a thirteenth of it, if you will. Bredry had quickly decided. one 1/ 13th wasn't much. And whatever Jah could do with his soul was of no concern to him, Fine. A laugh, smooth, silky, and in essence, beautiful, Good.

With the conversation ended, Hermes had finally gotten back up, only for a grip of iron to close around his throat. With Prometheus once again standing, deciding not to question his life, instead just happy it's still there, Bredry stared the God in his eyes and said one thing, "Bring me to the God you were just about to message, before you are the one at then end of my blade instead of him. And please don't think you are immune to my wrath, or else i'll kill you anyways."

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"The Seal is broken."

Jade turned and looked to the demon, its dark skinned, four-hundred pound frame supported by nothing more than an arrow through each hand. "This seal?" she asked, raising her hand and igniting a fire across the foul creature's chest in the form of the Seal of Apocalypse. The demon howled in anguish. Fury's fire burned more harshly than even the beast was accustomed to.

Jade glanced down at her hand. The power she was able to conjure, it still surprised her, and, more often than not, terrified her. Perhaps that was why she had never dared to use it since the man called Kain bestowed her with it. It was disgusting, it was foul, but the end of her demon, and the end of all like him, would justify her involvement. Now, war was upon them. It would all be decided here, and the price of this power would soon become evident.

Jade leaned against the wall. Her face was still, but her mind was a maelstrom of pain and confusion. The floodgates had been opened, and Fury witnessed it all. People were dying at the hands of beasts far more nefarious than the one who had attacked her in her shack in Vietnam. A fire was ignited within her. The power of the Horseman made it brighter. The shack was rattled by the cackling of the demon. He knew his brothers were flooding across the world, and that there would be no stopping them. An arrow sailed through his eye, billowing dark smoke.

The serpent shouldered her quiver and her bow and coated her right hand in the demon's blood. She ventured out of the shack and raised her hand, letting the wind take its scent. She wanted them to know she was coming.

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Aurora launched another attack and was swatted away like she was a fly. Her body hurdled through the trees landing hard onto a rock. Creatures crawled out of nowhere attacking her as she fought back. The rumble of footsteps caused the ground to jump with each step the giant took toward Aurora.

Aurora leaped up into the tallest tree she could as soon as she broke free form the smaller attackers. The giant walked over looking down at the ground for her. Just as he went to look at her in the tree she leapt with everything she had launching herself toward the giant’s mouth. The giant laughed as he swallowed her whole, but from inside Aurora was doing far more damage.

While inside Aurora used her massive strength and claws to rip flesh apart and as time passed she felt a large vibration. Aurora used her abilities to teleport outside to see the giant spatting a stream of blood from his mouth and watched as his eyes rolled back into his head. Aurora looked around, the surroundings were unfamiliar.

The vast amount of trees did not help in Aurora finding her bearings. She heard rustling of the trees and crouched down ready to attack. Blood ran down her flesh like she showered in it. Suddenly a great horned beast rammed into Aurora’s chest. Aurora gripped the horns shoving them downward. The Minotaur flung his head upward shoving her into the trunk of a tree. Her bones cracked on impact. The lack of pain receptors aided in her next few moves. Aurora grabbed both horns into her hands as the Minotaur backed up only far enough to ram her again into the tree. The tree began to crack at the force behind the creatures pounding force.

Aurora pushed back with her brute strength hissing through her massive teeth. Her jaw unhinged as she lunged forward biting into the creature’s skull. A large sound of cracking resonated in the woods as she bite down with the force to bring steel to break as well. The Minotaur stepped back in shock of losing the top of his skull.

Anger consumed the beast as he went to ram Aurora again. She just stood silently waiting for the right moment. As the Minotaur went to ram once more Aurora flipped in the air and reached out pulling the exposed brain free of the skull. The beast fell dead as she ate the brain healing her wounds.

Aurora ran in the direction the beast came from. She reached the edge of the woods to see Tenebrasque In in shambles. Flames rose to the sky blackening the sky in smoke. There was more to the sky than what could be seen. Aurora noticed the clouds moving strangely. Creatures without faces and having wings flew through the sky attacking anything in their path. They glowed like yellow embers and had black chard outlines to their forms. Each one was different than the next.

Aurora sighed heavily as she thought to herself, “D@mn what else is going to attack us this time?” Just as she thought that she saw the strange beings swoop out of the air and swarm in a tactical formation a Titan. They overwhelmed the unknown Titan bringing him to the ground quickly. Blood and ash filled the scent of the air. Strangely Aurora did not salivate. She felt something rip through her body, heard a man laughing, and then everything went black in an instant. Her moment of being off guard caused her more than she wanted at the moment.

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"Report, Avros." Spoke a firm, booming voice, belonging to a hulking man whose face was obscured from view. “Massive earthquake, followed by multiple incursions across the entire globe. Preliminary energy readings indicate supernatural beings. Primarily of the Greek Pantheon. The current death toll has just reached the ten thousand range." The second voice was sterile and male, by the sound of it. It belonged to a bright red hologram, depicting a soldier in full dress uniform. “Understood. Active the HK models. I’m going to need all three.”

Glaring red lights began to systematically come on, giving light to the surroundings. Covering each wall were a set of inactive displays whose frames were graced with orange holographic displays barely a moment later. “After the HK’s are online, get the teleporters hooked up.” The authoritative voice belonged to a mountainous beast of a man. His physical stature was defined by finely-tuned muscles that rippled with every other movement. “I need one linked to a major battle ground, preferably with a high amount of contacts.” The purpose of this plan of action was kept to the man, but it was clear that he was far from being all muscle. His voice relayed his plans with a tactical sharpness that only a veteran of many conflicts could possess. “The medic droids ready for duty?”

As he turned to walk, the hologram stepped down off of the podium it stood on and followed the man. “Yes, Sir, but only two.” The man, the one he called ‘Sir’, stepped into a side room. This one, unlike the previous room, was lined with weapons and gear. “Good. Wake them up with the HK’s and get them prepped, make sure they’re running the war casualty protocols.” Reaching down, he pulled on a black undersuit. Next came a jacket with a built-in armored vest, followed by a pair of peculiar gloves. Each knuckle plate had a small horizontal slot on the end of it.

After those were armored boots, the plates of which were made from metal that could bash in a Khuraahlian Bloodserhker’s reinforced skull with a single kick (a feat that the strongest of warhammers had failed to boast). Following that was a series of fluid armor plates whose chemical composition, upon impact, would harden into a material that most blasters had failed to so much as dent.

Finally, he bent down and picked up a pair of items. One was a heavy-looking sidearm, a weapon that used to cause dredd upon the very sight of it. Wrapping his fingers around the handle, the man slipped it into a holster on his belt. After grabbing a few munitions and miscellaneous pieces of equipment, he slipped the second item over his head. A black helmet with red trim around a visor so black that it seemed to reflect the vacuum of space itself.

“Avros, are the teleporters up?” Turning left, he walked out into the hall and began his long trek throughout the vacant base. “Yes, Sir. Six doors are operational and programmed for Earth.” Raising a hand, the bulky man motioned for the A.I. to follow him. “When we get there, are you going to be able to reach me, or will the signal cut out?”

“The signal strength may grow weak for the first ten-to-fifteen minutes of your deployment, but it will be restored to full strength after that.” Turning left, the inside of the man’s visor lit up as the HUD switched on. “Alright. Are the droids ready?” They turned right again, passing a sign that had the word ‘TELEPORTERS’ in bold letters with a large holographic orange arrow flashing above it. “Yes, Sir.”

“Good.” He uttered, stepping through a doorway and into a small room. “You know the drill. Keep the base maintained while I’m away, defenses are to remain up at all times, any and all unknown visitors are to be met with lethal force if they don’t state a reason for being here. If they give one, but it’s invalid, shoot. If they’re attackers, while unlikely, make sure there aren’t any remains.” His fist jammed against the button to close the door. As it did, a bright-red rectangle lit up in front of him. Shortly afterwards, an energy field filled it, creating a ‘door’ of sorts.

Pulling the gun from his holster, he switched the firing method to a three-round burst and stepped into the teleporter.


It wasn’t long before he found himself stepping out on a grassy hill. Looking behind him, he saw a massive sign, which, from his viewpoint, were a series of letters spelling out ‘HOLLY’. The rest were not visible because of where he stood. “HK-01, HK-02, HK-03, report. M-01 and M-02 are with me; relay your position so we can coordinate a rendezvous point.” It wasn’t long before a series of voices began relaying visual data to his HUD. “Calculating a RV point now." As he did, he turned to examine the battle unfolding before him.

“Weapons hot, boys and girls. We got ourselves a fight.”

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Around the world was a sea of conflicts, heroes and villains clashing with titans. The world gradually overflowing with blood and the bodies of the fallen. France was in one corner receiving a growing pile of bodies as a lethal assassin put training to use. A lethal living blade constantly queen of her corpse constructed hill. In Champion City an angel slays hydra upon hydra, the beaches tide a deep red and littered by the sunken corpses of monsters. All the while the android emptied round after round into soldiers watching the angels back as much as she could. In Hollywood a vampire and a model used elements and make shift projectiles while trying to escape the tide. All about the globe this kind of thing was going on with no apparent end in sight. This conflict was global and effected all, the heart of it though was in Russia. Against the ones who had the best chance of wining the dwindling odds of opposing the Titan and god infestation.

Azrael and Bloodstone setting aside differences had formed a good team surprisingly. Despite the orders of the man who showed up from nowhere the the two fought. Granted two was really more like eighteen. Blood made copies of Selene fought off the hordes that tried to overwhelm. Acidic blood splashing whenever one of the clones fell served as a further back up. Whips and spikes of blood weaving through crowds of enemies. Pain reception shot up wherever one struck triggered by the Second Horsemen of Strife. Alezra while not able to send demons towards the enemies at the moment stayed alert. Any flame or shake of a large prey following resorted in a column of fire impossibly unpredictable land minds blazing through the masses. For every ten that fell though there seamed another twenty, something which discouraged the demonic queen of hell.

These wars grew repetitious to the carnage bringer, how many times had she fought a enemy that focused on numbers. A titan nameless and pointless came running the earth shook with his footsteps. "Lets make this clear they need to step it up." Death's child remarked to Bloody Marry. The horsemen nodding "I got the legs you make him fall." Selene dashed and weaved avoiding large attempts to squash her. The footsteps horrid and unbalanced as he tried to fight off the demon throwing fire at his large frame. "Now" in a otherwise foolish looking move the horsemen of Strife dived under the next step. Heavy heel coming down on the immortal martyr, squashed like a bug. Reduced to a bloody paste, her blood acid devoured a quarter of his foot, the Titan stumbles. A sphere of razor like wind and roaring fire hurled at the giants heart. The chest a open cavity heart revealed as the colossal figure falls. Then the duo used that beating muscle to get a feel of the blood flow.

Together they close fists and pull away, blood erupts from every poor in showers of blood. A thought and the blood of the massive creature turns into icy shards of crimson. Razor hail befalling the masses thanks to the oversized kill. Whoever it was who gave the others orders needed some back up and the two did their best to do so. They refused to retreat until he did and even then were hesitant. To stubborn to except that they would be overwhelmed.

Finally the Queen of Hell both Horsemen of Strife and to surprise of many the horsemen of war joined the rest. Majority of Russia's survivors confined to this singular room. "Strife my brother could you and the others try to speed up the pace? I mean truly what is your deal, what seals of apocalypse not big enough of a ordeal to you." Selene teased "to answer your question though yeah it is kind of bad out there." The smart mouthed words followed by the raven haired beauty wearing blood red and midnight black armor kneeling beside the children and trying to comfort them.

A hug offered to her brother like leader Az smiled. "You owe Hex a more personal apology after this a** hole." The jade eyed demon gestured warmly more as a breaking the ice then threat. "So where's the real Gaia? If anyone is going to kill Mother Earth it should be me. I do after all shine best when it comes to pyrotecnics."

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"What's going on out there?" Director Hannigan asked as she entered the observation room, a dark chamber with a well of uniformed agents working diligently on their computers. The rounded wall was covered in large screens overhead, the largest screen taking up the center view from her small balcony overlooking the analysts. "Tell me everything."

"The situation stateside is deteriorating, Director Hannigan," replied the lead analyst, putting numerous video feeds up on the big screens, "Our forces in Los Angeles are overrun, and distinguishing the enemy from outside support is difficult. Agents on other fronts aren't doing much better. We've lost contact with the dispatch in Italy. Bandari has offered assistance there, but their numbers won't do much."

"Show me." Hannigan ordered. On her command, a feed from a birds-eye view of the chaos unfolding in Italy, and in the center of the screen, flying just over the city, was a small pack of helicopters, and out in front was a man clad in black riding atop a graceful contraption of polished steel. He led their formation as they charged into battle. The helicopters gained altitude slightly and began a sweep of the monstrosities running amok in the streets. The man on the hover cycle kept his course. Suddenly, a thick fog cascaded from the back of his bike and flooded the streets. Out in front, the cycle belched heavy gunfire. Rubber bullets. This guy apparently trained Longshot. There was no way he would kill anyone today. Hannigan wanted to talk some sense into him and get some real firepower from someone with his talents, but she knew she wouldn't convince him of that any more than she could convince Longshot to spend a night with her without acting like he was committing a crime. It was who he was, and no one could change that other than him. Even in the face of Armageddon, he wouldn't compromise that. She would respect it if she wasn't so busy trying to get the human race to tomorrow morning in one piece.

She watched as he outmaneuvered and neutralized a horde of nightmares she thought only existed in myth and lore. They wouldn't be getting back up any time soon, and the man known as the Bodyguard flew off without a scratch. She withdrew her resentment. He knew what he was doing.

As Melissa scanned the ring of large screen, something caught her eye. Nothing that would stand out from the rest of the bedlam to an ordinary observer, but a brief glimpse caused her to pause and ask the lead analyst, "Where's that feed coming from?"

"Cairo, ma'am." he replied.

"Replay it on the center screen. Full view." she ordered, gesturing to the main screen. The second the image was put on the main screen, and the face amid the dust and smoke was made clear, it was as if icy stone fingers had seized her heart. Mike.

"Hold my calls," Melissa said to the agent shadowing her as she turned and walked for the exit, "Assistant Director Heller has the helm."

"Where are you going, ma'am?" the agent asked.

In the doorway, Melissa paused and glanced back. "I'm going to get some answers." she replied.

A short time later, Melissa stood in her quarters, buckling the final strap on her field armor. Her rifle, pistol, and knife were laid out before her, along with a row of black canvas pouches on her belt. She put the belt on and shouldered her rifle, typing in the code for the Cairo receiver pad in Longshot's teleportation network on her console. She waited, pulling out her phone and staring at a picture of Mike and her. As the light began to build around her, she whispered, "What are you up to?" She wasn't entirely sure who she was asking.

As the light grew to a blinding climax, she disappeared from her quarters. When she materialized on the pad in Egypt, she would come out firing.

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The veil between the living and the dead was the only thing keeping those who wanted to help from beyond the grave. Tiferia could only sit back and watch as anguish washed over her only daughter in Kain’s passing. It was strange however that Kain never really found his way into the realm of the Dead. It was an oddity all in itself. Perhaps it was due to his crimes or the fact the higher beings wanted to torment him more for being a pain in the butt all these years.

The torment was clearly on Lyn’s face as she watched from outside the lab what happened to Kain. Tiferia could not comfort nor could she offer words of wisdom. She had to idly sit back and watched as a spectator from the realm of the dead. She had enough when she bore witness to Titans rising to the whim of the ancient Gods. Dragons had fought against the Titans to help seal them away. The aid was for naught since they ran amuck on the lands the dragons so valiantly protected.

Others in the realm watched as Titan after Titan rose from the Earth turning the lands into rubble. It was madness and they sought out higher regimes to ask for some sort of way to help. All efforts were cast aside. Tiferia herself went to plead for the sack of the living to aid in the demise of the Titans and again was denied. It was the will of the realm of the dead to contain the dead and not allow them into the living world.

The very gates that divided the two worlds were being pushed to the limit as dragon after dragon pushed against them. They were willing to risk their immortal soul to fight against the Titans. Tiferia watched as they pushed against the gates. She knew they would not move and even so those who passed through would be damned. Her knowledge of watching over the years has given her a broader perspective of the workings around the realm.

Tiferia could not step out and others could not get in unless dead. She did however notice electronic devices could pick up signals from the realm and broadcast them in the living. She had witnessed the act herself when a man from the realm of the dead went to contact his daughter and let her know she was in danger. A normal radio was able to resonate his voice and she heard his pleas for her to run. It saved her life.

Lyn was a mess and being tampered with by the ancient goddess, Khaos. Kain finally returned to Earth with much relief to Tiferia’s soul. Lyn quickly sorted out her overwhelming emotions and grasped what was truly her power and condemned Khaos into a realm outside all others. The Titans were still in a higher number and with the resistance slowly dwindling away, Tiferia had enough.

Risking everything she did the same tactics as the man who contacted his daughter. She reached out with her soul into the monitor. Tiferia stretched out her limits of being a pure soul as she reached out informing her friend and ally.

“…….if…you…can…hear…me….break..the veil…between…. ….living….and…the dead,… ….have that…..knowledge….and you…shall….. an…… like no….other.” Between each word static from the monitor kept breaking up her words. She spoke slowly, so that everything she said might have a chance of being heard, but she was unsure what he heard. Tiferia felt her limits reach as her control over the monitor fade.

“What have you done?” Another dragon spouted in shock.

“I have sought out someone who might be able to help us get into this fight once and for all. Those gates will not move with brute force. Not by any means.”

“Can he truly help?”

“If you knew him like I do, you would be far from doubt.” A smile moved across her face as she quickly moved into action as she demanded the other dragons move from the gate. She told them to be ready for the time to come. The dragons within this realm were those who died allowing their souls to pass into heaven. Those that did not make it here were in a far less happy place. The gate keepers grew suspicious and ordered more guards to the gate’s walls. Only time would tell if the one she contacted got her message from beyond the gates of the Dead realm.

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Prior to Mike Entering the Portal to Russia

He marksman surveyed the city from the back of the lumbering Egyptian Army Mi-8 Troop Transport Helicopter.

Screams could be heard with ease over the constant whine of the rotor. Smoke filled what had hours ago been a clear blue sky, Buildings burned as far as the eye could see.

Cairo was falling. Fast.

Below the Egyptian Military did it's best to hold back the advancing demon hordes, but it was like holding back a tidal wave with an umbrella.

Barricade after barricade fell to the endless mass of evil. He turned to one of the crew, yelling over the noise from the powerful engines.





The trained killers fists clinched in frustration. He understood their dilemma and simply nodded in response.


The sergeant nodded in response, sending the message to the pilots. Turning back to see the American clipping a repelling rope to his belt, he didn't question they man, simply taking hold of a safety bar attached to the ceiling.



Raising to fingers to his brow and giving a salute of sorts before leaping out the back, he'd lost his M21, a demon bending the barrel and rendering it useless, he'd swapped it for a fallen soldiers AK-47. As he slid down the line he sighted in the closest demon warrior and let the lead fly, a blood curdling scream emanating from it's maw as the rounds tore through it's flesh. The magazine emptied as the sixth demon fell.

He reloaded with mechanical precision, down six more of the abominations. The process repeating itself until the ammo ran out, Gloved hands reached out and grabbed the red hot barrel, swinging the rifle like a club with enough force to bash in a demons skull.

The brutal melee continued for what seemed like an eternity. The mass of demonic flesh closing in to the point that he'd been forced to switch to a pair of long bladed Kurkri's he carried in horizontal sheathes on his back. The horde finally backing off, allow the lone Horseman a moment to catch his breath. Taking a seat on the hood of a destroyed car he took a deep breath, checking his watch. He'd been at it for two hours, the bodies of fallen demons scattered... everywhere.

Suddenly one of them resembling a raptor stepped around the corner, but with longer arms and a series of large spikes jutting out of it's back. He pulled his spectral handgun from it's holster, coming to his feet readying to fire when the hell beast was mowed down by a burst of precise automatic weapons fire.

He expected a squad of Egyptian soldiers to come around the corner, Commandos maybe, the last thing he expected to see was Melissa, loaded for bear, covered in body armor... and not the least bit happy to see him.

"Melissa... what are you doing he-"

'You have a lot of explaining to do Mike...'

Her weapon not so subtly pointed in his direction...

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Chapter 1 Requiem For The Earth

Alezra and Selene looked to Kain as Azra brought up a monitor of Champion City. "Scratch that we're going to go try and get a few allies for this be back later." Selene shrugged before looking back at the group "try and be alive when we get back"….

Champion City

Wars like these were a complicated thing to wrap the mind around, the scale and time hard to fathom. A fight that seamed like hours might have only been seconds the mind reacting at a seemingly hyper state. On the opposite end of the spectrum conflicts that seamed like only a few minutes may have been several hours. The run to the next safe zone or adversary might of seamed like a single yard despite having been half way across the cityscape. Just how much ground had they covered, how much time had they spent fending off these lands it was truly hard to say. Still though wether a hundred men had their back or it was only them they fought on a storm of lightning and bullets.

Champion Island or to be more exact islands was surrounded by crimson seas. The water ran a thick red the stench of death and sea clinging to the air. The sand turning a dirty brown as the tides came in. Corpses were plentiful of human and of myth. Teal colored armor sparkled as countless soldiers using staffs and supersonic attacks ran rampant in the streets. Buildings fell from the attacks of countless sea monsters, Hydra's targeting all that fell before their destructive path. And no matter how many the angel and cyborg would slay there was forever on another. The goal to avoid killing was off to keep their lands safe they held nothing back on this grim day. Somewhere in that city were innocent lives who didn't deserve this wrath and these two would not let them die so long as they drew breath. Time however had decided however that this relentless hold needed to meet its close this island itself would sink into the depths of the ocean soon.

Phorcys was a son of Gaia a titan of the seas that was to be released upon this set of islands. Rising from the sea he stood what seamed like a sky scraper high it seamed impossible. Each tentacle looked like it could drag a tanker to the bottom of the ocean. Considering the thirty he seamed to have it looked like he could crush a entire nation. The waters formed a almost sixty foot tall tidal wave to clash with the lands as it surfaced. The gaping jaw looked like a cross of a shark and a bottomless pit. Easily able to fit any sized ship down its maw and so many rows of diamond like teeth that could devour anything. Slimy and grotesque Phorcys rose to drag the island down.

Destiny points behind her, Dahlia quickly turns to see a man with a spear about to make the attempt on their life. A loud gun barks as her hand recoils backwards, a massive hole blown where the heart would be. Electric eyes looking over the damage checking status. It was a woman, the realization sinking in they were being attacked by Sirens. Things were almost certain to take a turn for the worse. "Destiny Salvat Ion, how cliche. I've heard tales of you. Contesting with the daughter of death found a way into her fathers appraisal. Nova Scythe was it?" Phorcys spoke and his voice caused small scale earth quakes a monster far beyond the books allowed comprehension perhaps in the time the myths were told the size was right. In isolation though he was one of the Titans that grew.

"I've seen it you still have faith in these people, despite all you bare witness to you think humans can be saved even still. Noble, wrong but noble still. The chaos spreads like a all consuming flood you are but one rock yet still you try and hold back the tide. It is strange I pity you and yet all the while I find myself envious of your conviction. A young beautiful girl like Blair, Cell Phone Girl, can be corrupted by the damned and locked in a battle you fail to save her. Still every night you pray for her soul. Save ten, another twenty die and still you rise to your feet to aid the next. For centuries I watched these seas darken with oil spills and the filth humanity stock piles in massive heaps. They clutter the depths with the debris of countless wars, I have seen nothing in them anymore and you still do. Its majestically naive." The massive eyes diameter that of a bus looked down on the angel in wonder and annoyance.

"Humans still have redeemable qualities Phorcys, still can be saved. I have seen it. Talon a assassin made herself a loved member of the Champions, War Killer the bravest man I have ever known. Scion he was but a man, yet I found he was possibly more blessed then even I. Edward bound to the people here still joined the Justice League. Surkit from what I understand is no saint in spirit and yet continuously he tries to shape the world in a more perfect manor. And these are but the tip of the ice burg, there are so many others. You're blind by resentment for someone else locked you away. So you see the darkside in the fallen angels like Netzech and only that. I've seen him for who he is though and I know their is still a light. You just don't want to look into the depths to find it!" The angels voice rose more and more as she went till it was more a ballad of a yell.

Buildings shook till collapse as the Titan of the seas roared, reduced to rubble crashing into the streets. Sirens and innocents caught in the crash, crushed beneath granite and steel. "How? How are there still beings of a higher plain with such painful ignorance?" Massive tentacles grabbed earth leaving craters in buildings and streets as the mammoth of a creature pulled himself lower to get a better look. Crystal blue eyes capturing his attention as the angel glowed with heavenly light. Rain fell everywhere else, the clouds gray to the point of almost black. Screams, gun shots and the endless cacophony of war rang out in the distance. Before this angel though that seamed to vanish the singular spot of sunlight on the day of the apocalypse. "We still have honor if nothing else I suppose I could make a deal with you. I wish to see society fall which is certainly coming soon, the one thing that might change that though is a series of martyrs. You believe these people can learn if you put your life on the line then I shall return back to the depths of the sea this land safe from the wars. If wrong you atlas spared your people, if right then perhaps I and my brothers and sisters will fail."

Destiny sighed, Dahlia protested of course. Turning brows touching as white hair mixed with electric blue the Angel of Salvation spoke. "I have nothing left to teach you, nothing left to offer this city. You must take my place, please let me do this my sister." A black tear, a mark of oil for Dahlia was a cyborg no longer able to shed a real tear, was wiped away by the most delicate of soft hands as she muttered pleas the angel not depart. There were changes going on within the cyborg the only one she noticed was a engine based heart seaming to skip a beet. Her heart for the second time in her life feeling like it was going to flatline though this time it did not.

Unsheathing Forfather the tip of the blade was positioned in the center of her breast. "Blessed is the child who bathes in innocence, fortunate are they to walk away from the path of light. For only from the bottom of the abyss can they climb to the holly surface. Only by the walk that is fates cruel intent are we saved." With that the blade slid through cloth and crimson stained the angels white garb. With a wet sound it pierces the heart cutting it in two and the blood to keep the body starts to stop flowing as it should. Silver is the glittering tip that peeks from her spine and back perfectly in-between feather wings. The eyes roll back and the halo and cross flash like the light at the end of the tunnel before they vanish. The same cross below the eye flashing on the cyborg. Before the mechanical teen falls and the angel impaled on her blade slumps to the surface.

Retreat starts to be made and it is then that a demon and a horsemen of war set foot above the unconscious and deceased.

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Kain was barely through the portal a few seconds when he realized they weren't at the primary lab but were instead don a transport vehicle to the lab. He cursed to himself remember that due to how high risk his test subjects were. There could only be one access route he considered safe. Teleportation was not an available option because of a multi-layered magic “firewall” he requested Lyn and Charlie build up as a safety precaution. Alezra and Selene left his transport before he could warn them about not having a means to come back but shrugged it off. When they try to teleport to the base they would be a ways off and be let in through the loading bay. If they survived the trip. A terrified muscle-head grunt pointed towards the monitor and informed him of Lyn's departure. Aizen threw his head back and rolled his eyes back. His hands slammed down on the monitor which unintentionally clicked over to the footage of Strife, Mike, fighting in Egypt.

“Are you f***ing kidding me? Can anyone follow directions? I tell the girls to sit still but I leave for fifteen minutes and suddenly what I say gets lost in the shuffle. So while the daily doses of psycho and estrogen leave to do whatever, you choose to put on an exhibition in Cairo debuting your powers as a Horseman in Cairo, Egypt so when I got back I would have something to watch?”

Kain's last sentence was directed at Mike. The Horseman's words were peppered with frustration. Kain continued clicking away on the communication device before him; the same device displaying the footage of Lyn and Mike. A fire burned inside Kain's chest and his face. His Horseman essence was awakening. The mark of the Apocalypse was emblazoned on him. He deduced that being reborn delayed the process' primary effects a little. The emotions awakening brought forth felt good. No matter how familiar it was, no matter how many times it'd happened the euphoria washing over him would not fade. He took a moment before turning back to Mike.

“You seem familiar enough with Mercy and Punishment to use them effectively. Use the lift in the corner to get to the top of the shuttle. You'll be shooting out everything and anything that registers as an enemy unless I say otherwise. Random Henchmen, there are two turrets; one up where Strife will be, and one in the lower level. Determine who goes where and do it fast. You'll both provide cover fire for Mike taking out whatever he fails to hit or whatever is trying to sneak up on him. Use your brains to determine who takes what. If you screw this up, if this shuttle fails because of your failures, I will kill you. On the spot. Charlie, lob traps from up here to down there. I need you to focus primarily on piloting this shuttle, but take what time you can to interfere down there. Shouldn't be too difficult since you broke my spell.”

War could see they were nearing their destination but more specifically the enclosures to the nastier test subjects were within range. A particular tree grew where the enclosures were so Kain could identify what was where. Orders were blared at Cid to unlock all of Kain's enclosures including the fifth tier threats. Cid was contemplating arguing with Kain about the dangers of unleashing so many species. Cid determined this was not the time to argue and did was asked of him. War also requested the Earth Breakers be awakened from stasis and a special beta project. A creature known as a Biological-Organic-Beast, or B.O.B, for short. The Solo Tyrant Assault and Raze Set (S.T.A.R.S) program was what Cid activated for B.O.B.

A voice came from the monitor with no warning. The transmission was broken but still somewhat discernable from white noise. Something resonated within him about the voice. She sounded familiar and her words referenced a tale from long ago. What Lord Aizen knew was what exactly the veil between life and death was. It was time. But how could Kain break time? There was no way to do it. However he could only think of who told him about veil. He quickly recalled it being Tiferia; his dead friend, lover and the mother Mistress Death spoke to him from beyond the grave. But what could he do with time.

It didn't matter, Kain would figure it out soon enough, he had to get to Lyn. With a metallic “whoosh”, Kain disappeared through the closing doors. Strange soldiers of golden death fought their hardest against advancing Titan forces but they simply weren't enough. They needed support badly and it would arrive but not quite soon enough. Siegfried grabbed Lyn's arm to pull her away from the conflict. His hair and skin color assumed the deathly white she knew him for. Golden orbs swam in a sea of horrible blackness. His eyes locked onto the eyes of Tenebrasque In's pale rider as he spoke.

“Lyn, what the hell are you doing? I told you to stay with the others, and leave this to me. I didn't come back from the dead just to see you die. That transport is the only way to get into the secondary Russian Complex. Get back in that transport Lyn and watch the-”

An enormous bellow sounded off in the distance. Kain and Lyn turned their heads to pinpoint the origin of this tremendous bellow. The snow traveled forward, something was burrowing forward. Something very, very big. Titans continued to advance towards Kain's base while the snow continued to advance towards them. The head of the advancing Titan Legion propelled fireballs at the snow but with as much grace and agility as a dancer the snow dodged but stop moving as well. Confused by what was going on, that one Titan stepped back to regroup with the others. They created a circle facing outwards despite their smaller mythical creature forces advancing forward.

“-show” finished Kain.

Several mounds of ice and snow exploded from the ground revealing one of Kain's largest creations; the Leviathans. The Leviathans were enormous worm-like beasts with their bodies never completely leaving the sanctity of the underground. Covered entirely in venomous spines and appendages designed to grip prey and burrow through frozen soil and raw ice. The Leviathans' monstrous gaping maws separated into four segments with each one wrapping around their torsos like a giant “X”. The Titans wrestled around with the Leviathans with the weakest Titans being constricted and dragged down to the icy depths. The primal shrieks were deafening, small avalanches rumbled down devouring part of the Titan forces. Unfortunately the avalanches were too powerful and kept Kain's experiment enclosures completely sealed. Only the Earth Breakers were visible while he still had no sign of B.O.B.

“Where the hell is everybody else? This is not looking good. Damn it Tiferia, what were you talking about?! Useless woman and her cryptic bullsh!t. Lyn, get back to the shuttle. I'll meet with the rest of you later. NOW GO!”

War descended down upon the battlefield wielding one scythe in both hands. Despite the Titan/Leviathan conflict, other creatures ran towards Kain and his Earth Breakers. The Earth Breakers were ten-foot tall lumbering behemoths with bald heads and empty white eyes. They had ashy gray skin and olive-green trench coats. Earth Breakers had immeasurable strength but moved with the dexterity of an Olympian. It was Kain, twenty Earth Breakers and twelve Leviathans vs twelve Titans and an entire army. Eons of war, and Aizen's odds still looked like rubbish.

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A bit more threatening, then some actual torture, and somehow only a few seconds and the trio arrived at a mesoamerican pyramid in Southern Mexico. "Where is it?" Bredry asked referring to the God. For some odd reason, after being convinced, the God had followed through with his promise. Perhaps his only virtue, honor. Because to be honest, Hermes could have easily exceeded the duo in speed, yet didn't. Perhaps fear, perhaps just honoring his word. Either way, Bredry did not see a god where he stood.

"Let me summon him boy." Hermes said with a scorn. His anger toward the Soul Rebel heard through each syllable. Bredry couldn't blame the being, after all, Bredry had broken his arms just enough for the God to give in. Rolling out a paper, Hermes looked to the top of the pyramid and using either the scrolls powers or his own, he shouted out, "Quetzalcoatl!" His voice seemed to actually break the barriers between worlds. Just then a being about the size of Prometheus appeared sitting on the top of the pyramid with a small dagger and shield. As Hermes started reading the letter, Bredry heard a voice.

“…….if…you…can…hear…me….break..the veil…between…. ….living….and…the dead,… ….have that…..knowledge….and you…shall….. an…… like no….other.”Whose... that? The words hadn't been meant for Bredry, it felt as if he had heard a piece of someone else's conversation. Turning around he wondered why he could hear the voice, a voice not of this realm. Perhaps Hermes command had affected more than he thought, or perhaps... no, mustn't raise my hopes. Bredry knew that world of the dead was infinite, so perhaps his own family could be freed, but most likely that was not to be true.

Turning back to the two Gods, Bredry heard Quetzalcoatl speak, "Perhaps. I doubt i am necessary." The god looked at Bredry and smiled, "Depending on how fun this is, i may yet join you." Nodding, Hermes then looked at Bredry and Prometheus, and spoke with the same scorn as before, "I'm done here." Too fast for even Bredry to keep up with, Hermes just ran away. "Bredry, don't worry about Hermes. From the stories i've heard, this guy is a lot worse." Prometheus whispered. Still grinning, Quetzalcoatl stood up, "You're friend's right you know. Perhaps maybe even underestimating me, you see, unlike many other Gods, i've actually grown in power. Odd right, but true.

"You see, after decimating the culture, i took my families great power. The spanish fought in my name, destroying the Mayans. Because of that, the other gods were destroyed with the cultures that followed them, this being my domain, i collected the remains. While a few may have escaped, Huitzilopochtli, Xipe Totec, Tlaloc, and Tezcatlipoca were the ones i made sure died. The only four who were on my level of influence and power. Then there was the Mayan calender, something that still has belief in it til this day. Yes, only this is needed to sustain and increase my power, as it stands, people still fear it." He shook his head and tsked, "Shame really, i thought they were stronger now."

"Is he bluffing?" Bredry whispered to Prometheus, "I hope so." Prometheus whispered back. Licking his dagger, Quetxalcoatl said, "Only time will tell right?" A chuckle followed as the All Powered Mayan God dashed at them.

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Maxwell Ferreolus has never been the religious type, not since he was really young. Being a skeptic was something he always took pride in. And now, the world was falling apart and no one knew what to believe. Now the boy who was Quickster sat in the basement of one of the homes originally designated as a storm shelter if ever there was a time of need, his grandmother's Bible pressed to his breast. He wanted to feel safe, as did everyone, but while a few storm panels, hurricane shutters, and holing up in a basement may seem a fine idea for some powerful winds, actual deliberate malevolent attacks were another story completely. Confusion abound, as families gathered in the basement and parents and children looked around to see if their loved ones had made it. Sadly, there were still a few missing. At another shelter, or lost in the streets, no one knew. Communication between the shelters was hectic. Now everyone was up in a panic because the Schreuders' girl, Rebecca, was nowhere to be found. Max knew the girl. A junior at his high school, who, like the rest of the kids, treated him like crap. That is, until she needed help passing AP Chem. and came to him. Of course he helped, and afterwards, she wasn't so bad, invited him to sit at lunch, or even after school, but he'd never fit with that crowd.

But none of that mattered now. Now, what mattered was this girl was missing, the whole world was gone to Hell, and Mazomanie's Quickster was nowhere to be found. Apparently he wasn't the only one thinking it, because just then on the radio, a newsperson had just commented on how the Quickster was slacking on his job just as the going got tough. Of course, they didn't know he was just a kid; no one had ever gotten a good look at him, but still, the thoughts reverberated in Max's mind. He knew what he had to do. These people, and those out there, they depended on him. So he got out his phone and made the call. "Hey, Felicia?"

"Wait, let me guess. This looks like a job for Quickster? No offense, Max, but I think you might be out of your league on this one. Remember that time I said 'the only good thing about super speed is that you can get away fastest?' Then, I was joking. Now I'm not." She was just looking out for him, he knew, but this was important. "You know I'm gonna do it anyway. All I'm asking is, are you going to help me?" Of course she knew. They'd been working together too long for her not to have him down. And oddly, this bizarre decision, she knew, was one of the least hasty decisions he made since becoming Quickster. "Okay, I'm in. I'll do what I can, but we're all in hiding, so I won't be able to help as much as usual. If nothing else, I'll be there to talk you down slowly if you lose a limb or get impaled." She said it as a joke, but both couldn't help but feel some degree of helplessness. "Okay, I'll call you back real soon. Later." "Bye."

It was easy enough for him to slip out. The trick was trying to keep suspicion low. Kindly, he asked for the bathroom and went inside and shut the door. Then moving just fast enough that he could get out without being seen, he slipped out, inadvertently stirring up a little trouble with his wind.
Outside, the skies were covered in a blanket of dark clouds, strong winds blew and trees swayed. Max paid no mind and headed straight to his house and suited up in his stealth suit, the original still being repaired, and put his earpiece in, connected with Felicia. "Heya. Miss me?"

"Always. Now, what exactly are we doing here?" Max shrugged to himself. "Well, we need to save this girl I know, and we need to just be a constant presence around Mazomanie, and maybe the rest of Wisconsin if we don't do terrible. Just a constant presence, a symbol of hope for our people, the little things count too. Actually, could you patch me through so I can hear what they're saying on the radio?"

This time was more helpful. Rebecca still had her cell phone and called them herself, said she was stuck in the storage house. "Storage house? The same one where we had that Crow problem a while back? Aah, memories." Apparently, however, military and law enforcement were having a hard time getting inside, due to all the beasts hampering them. "Well, now we've got a goal."

Outside again, monsters and beasts ravaged homes, policemen struggled horribly with containment. SWAT and military had been called in, but they were divided all over everywhere, this being a global crisis. "Okay, time to go," the child speedster mumbled while finishing off a sandwich. "Of course, I can't just leave my fellow heroes hanging," referring to the normal guys, police, firefighters and other relief workers out there in such a trying and dangerous time. Winding up his arm, he took off at top speed, something over, and headed to the storage house in less than a second, whilst taking a few detours to help the local helpers deal with the monster infestation.

Arriving at the Mazo Storage, it was even more crowded than all the other areas, overrun with these goat-people...things. Satyrs, and dead bodies all over the place. Max had seen a dead person before, but never so many bodies in one place, and almost never stopped to think about it. The smell was overwhelmingly rancid and actually set off his gagging reflex, then puking. He wiped his mouth and actually let out a low growl. Max had a strong feeling about killing at all. What's more, these people were there only to help. He didn't even do that to criminals, always careful to contain his speed, and thus, the force of his punches, so nobody ever died. For a moment, he lost it. At full speed, he shot off, landing a single punch on one of the creatures, the combined force of his running and acceleration of his arm more than enough to reduce the head to guts and juice. The others fell in quick succession afterwards, guts and innards lying all over the ground when he was done.

Max didn't even stop to process what he'd just done, because Rebecca was still one of the more prominent of the thousands of thoughts on his mind, top priority. A crashing noise and a scream could be heard inside. Quickster kicked open the doors to the storage house, which still showed damage from a few months back. Inside, Rebecca cowered in a storage trailer while another beast creature stood staring at her from the outside, trying to ram its way through to the girl inside. It was covered in fur and stood on two legs, like the satyrs, but bigger. Whatever it was was more than twice the size of Quickster. Once he got in, it turned its head and he saw. "Minotaur? You're joking, right? Just my luck." Even still, he shook off and got into a crouching position, as had the beast. Both ran forward at the exact same time, set for a head-on collision. But Max isn't dumb. He knows he can't go toe-to-toe with a bull, so instead he went low and slid between the legs, firing off a slew of shots into the groin as he passed through. The Minotaur let out an absurd, disturbing sound from deep within his throat. First things first, Quickster went to check on the girl in the storage trailer. "Quickster!" She ran up to embrace him and quickly dragged him inside, just in time to save him from being gored. They were safe, for now, but the trailer was starting to cave under the force of each gore, and soon they wouldn't have enough room to hide.

Though scared out of his mind at not only the snarling, salivating beast in front of them, but also the chaos outside from which there seemed to be no true shelter, Quickster has an image to uphold. He wasn't gonna look like a punk in front of a civilian. That's not good for morale. You gotta keep people hopeful, calm.

"Hey. Don't worry Rebecca." Something about something in that sentence made her gasp, but he wasn't concerned. "I've got this. It's times like this, you just gotta—" He cut himself off and made a sudden dash at the Minotaur. His fist made contact with the chest and send it staggering backwards, grasping in pain. But at the same time, Quickster may have shattered a few bones in his own hand and arm. Equal and opposite reaction forces.

"Yow! What's that thing made of, titanium!?" He may have been worse off anyway, because the bull recovered faster than he did and was already back at ramming into the trailer. Felicia chimed in over his earpiece. "Max, you've found the girl. That's all you need to do. Take her and get out before you get yourself hurt or worse. You're a lot faster than that thing, and smaller and more manoeuvrable. You can use that to—"

"—No can do. There's people who need me, still. Now, I know you didn't just see what I saw outside, on account of your shelter situation, but I don't think I'll ever forget the sight of all those dead officers. And if I leave this guy, he's probably gonna do a lot worse than a few Satyrs." His right arm slumped at his side, he stared disappointedly at his left hand. "Wait here," he waved Rebecca back, then took off, again sliding through the legs of the bull, angrily chasing after him. From over in the corner he grabbed a 2x6 board of lumber and whacked it on the head. Three times he slammed the Minotaur in the face before the board broke, then he was back to running. He went low, but the creature had learned and took hold of his leg with a crushing vice grip as he tried to slip through. The lighter armor of his stealth suit did nothing for protection under the force of the Minotaur's grasp. Max let out a yell at the top of his lungs, drowned out momentarily by the sound of thunder. Screams were cut short though, as he was quickly overtaken by a sweeping sensation, then pain, over and over again, as the mighty Minotaur slammed him around on the ground, then tossed him back in the direction of the trailer.

His whole body ached, and there were probably some broken bones, but Max managed to posture up and start crawling slowly inside, where Rebecca pulled him in the rest of the way. She clutched him tight, panicking. "Oh my God Quickster you're hurt what're we going to do if you can't save us no one else is coming I don't wanna die!" The slew of words came out so fast that even Quickster might be impressed. "Okay...so they're not like video game bosses....They learn...that's for sure. Don't worry...I got this. Say, you got any...things on you? Like...pencils, balls, anything." She shook her head.

"Okay. That's fine." He really hated doing this, but this was one of those times when the last resort came faster than expected, and he kinda had no choice. Concentrating, he could temporarily increase his molecular speed for a quick recovery, to seal up his cuts, mend his bones, and get the endorphins going so he didn't feel the hurt so much. The downside, it was exhausting, the bones mended in awkward ways when they were broken, and when it was over, he hurt worse than before. And then the question of how the bones get broken. Last time, he "got jumped by kids at school." What's the excuse for broken bones this time, he wondered. You don't get hurt going to the bathroom. But he did it, and once again he was standing. He turned to Rebecca and told her as calmly and as sternly as possible, "When I'm gone, I want you to get down in a corner. Cover your ears, take a deep breath, put your face in your shirt, and lie down as flat as you can. And hold on to something."

Without waiting for a response, he charged one more time at the Minotaur and made like he was going to try through the legs again, but doubled back at the last second and when it went down to grab at where he should have been, he jumped up and stepped off of its back. Another kick to the groin ensured its attention would be on him and not the girl. Once in the center of the storage house, he started up in a circle. Slowly, at first, until he saw Rebecca had grabbed a hold of a chain, hooked to the floor. Hopefully that would be enough. Then he accelerated, and objects all over the storage house rose into the air. Washing machines, couches, sports equipment, whole trailers circled the room. Boards started tearing up from the floor and from the walls. The Minotaur managed to resist itself, impressively holding its ground. But that was about all it could do, for letting up on even one foot for an instant would mean getting swept away. Aiding his endeavor, various objects from all over slammed into the beast, weakening its footing, and soon it too was swept up in the tempest. It all culminated, circling around the Quickster, still running. Then, suddenly, he came to a stop, and everything went flying radially in all directions. The bull crashed into a trailer, had another crash into him, and all that crashed into a wall.

Surprisingly, Rebecca came flying in his own direction, and the hero managed to catch her in his arms. Felicia chirped in his ear. "Max, did you..." "Yeah. I think I did. Now all we gotta do—" More crashing was heard, then the one trailer made way for the creature, already back, though visibly damaged, and plenty angry.

"You have got to be kidding me! Okay, back in the corner." He rushed Rebecca back to a corner and faced the Minotaur. His body started aching again and he was feeling exhausted, and hungry. Taking a quick glance around, an idea formed. A bunch of items he gathered from behind and placed in a pile in front of him. A bunch balls and poles, some office equipment. First he took up the golf balls in his arms and fired them all off in rapid succession, blasting the Minotaur at top speed. Then, a steel pole, tossed like a javelin, managing to pierce its chest. Following that, scissors like throwing knives, and finally, a steel shot put, 16 pounds, slammed into its head at 2000 miles per hour, crushing its skull. The beast slumped to the ground. Max staggered over to Rebecca and held out his hand, which she took. Still exhausted, he grabbed her up in his arms and slung her over his shoulders in fireman carry. Then they vanished from that place.

Back in one of the the local neighborhoods, they stopped outside one of the homes used as a shelter. Rebecca gave thanks for her safe return , then he turned to leave. Most people never got a good look at the Quickster anyway, and there's still work to do. Walking off, he spoke into his earpiece. "Okay, NOW I done it, thank God. I need a va...a vacatio...." He took off into a slow run but barely got one yard before he fell. Thankfully, Rebecca was there to help and picked him up off the ground, a nervous look in her eyes. Should she take him to help? They might see who he was....though honestly, she couldn't resist herself. So she picked off the headpiece. "Jesus Christ! Max Fereolus!?" Her words were apparently loud enough to draw attention, because the voice was recognized and a crew sent out to retrieve them. They stopped at the sight of the unconscious, unmasked Quickster, astonishment plastered on all of their faces.

"Holy cow."

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The foggy sounds of sirens and screams resonated inside her ears. The view of everything around was blurry. In a daze Aurora stood up slowly. Nothing made sense a war in a time of peace and rebuilding. Just as things couldn’t become clearer a feeling of flesh being cut reverberated through her upper right arm. Aurora turned to see a demon with a bloody sword in hand.

“And here I thought I succeeded in killing my failure.”

Aurora vaguely remembered the man. Almost like a distant memory. He swung his sword to cut her again, but she quickly dodged it without any effort. Her speed was much higher than his. Evidently her strength was greater as well. Aurora gripped his ankle when she ducked from his sword. As she stood up she forced the demon onto his back.

Leaping onto his chest to begin a street yard beat down. Her fists pounded into whatever she could manage to hit. The demon blocked what he could. The demon blasted her with a fire ball knocking her off of him. Aurora brushed off the burning sensation and attacked again. She could care less about the war around her. Blood drenched her fists and she lapped the blood up with her snakelike tongue. She remembered completely who the demon was by his taste alone. A demon Lord who abandoned his experiment due to her being a female was there before her.

Anger and resentment went through her mind, some of the few emotions she actually felt. The demon lord looked horrified as Aurora crouched down into a more animalistic nature. She leaped back into action using her own claws to scratch and tear into demon flesh. The demon lord tried to dodge to no avail.

Blood splattered everywhere as Aurora tore into the flesh and ripped apart armor about as fast as a cheetah chasing a prey. The demon lord was able to get away due to a giant knocking Aurora into the nearby trees. Aurora hit the tree causing it to splinter and break. As she hit the ground she looked up at the giant hissing loudly. Her very basic nature kicked in. Kill and enjoy it. Teleporting above the giant Titan’s head she clawed her way downward ripping apart flesh.

She drew out her extra weapons from her boots ramming them into the giant. Slicing and dicing like a blender on high. The giant yelled out in pain and tried in vain to get her away from him. Blood ran in rivers from the Titan. Aurora turned him into fresh cut meat ready for the sale floor in a butcher shop. Her eyes darted around as the Titan fell dead. The demon lord was gone.

“Charlie, update on battle.” Her voice purred into the communicator as she knew the smiling lunatic could give her an update since she could not remember why the things were the way they were.

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The War continued to rage without a single dent made by the non-titans. It was almost feeling like a lost cause. The people who defended the Earth were fighting with all they had. The Titans were not fazed by the deaths of their comrades. Instead they came out in droves killing everything in their path.

The armies of Death flew into battle and multiplied to keep their numbers up and keep the enemy busy. Lyn watched as they fought like savages cleaving into flesh without remorse. It just wasn’t enough. Lyn felt like she was fighting a downhill battle. She refused to give up just yet. Her armor reacted in a strange way as someone grabbed her arm spinning her around to face her lover. An explosion of emotion came forth as she looked at his pale face. Her jaw dropped. She wanted to hold him at the relief of seeing him and beat him for leaving her. The way he killed himself would be forever etched into her mind. The whirl of the machine and the scream of pain would forever plague her dreams.

Kain began to plead with her to go back to the shuttle to the shelter. Before he could finish, the ground lifted and shifted like something was pushing up and moving toward them. The snow and Earth exploded revealing a monstrous creature with a worm like body with extra spines stuck out from its’ body. The worm like creature struck out against the Titans dragging them into the bowels of the Earth.

Earth breakers also went into battle along with the others who fought in the War. Lyn had seen them before and was not shocked to see them again. They were fast for their size and powerful. Not an easy target to stop or slow down for that matter.

Kain pleaded with Lyn once more. “Where the hell is everybody else? This is not looking good. Damn it Tiferia, what were you talking about?! Useless woman and her cryptic bullsh!t. Lyn, get back to the shuttle. I'll meet with the rest of you later. NOW GO!”

Before she could protest he drew out two scythes diving into battle alongside his Earth breakers. Lyn was far too head strong to go and the thought of losing Kain again was not something she wanted to have happen while she was away. She looked around the battlefield and inspiration struck her. The storms just above her flight path were dark and dreary. Within the clouds resided lightening. Lyn tapped into the hidden energy within the clouds and struck down flashes of brilliant lighten bolts onto the ground. She did not stop there however the fallen Titans began to rise to their feet and turn against their brethren. Lyn was making the dead rise back to life to fight on their side. It took a lot of effort, but the vast supply of energy within the storm aided her efforts.

Kain and his pack of creatures were dwarfed by the Titans who rose against them. Lyn wondered what would happen next if they failed. Then she realized something odd about Kain’s words. He mentioned her mother who had died thousands of years ago. She wanted to know, but under these circumstances it would be difficult to just talk to Kain. With a wave of her hand a blast of energy erupted and caused the very ground to explode between Kain and the Titans. It pushed the Titans back several feet giving Kain more room to properly plan an attack.

Lyn knew her presence would upset Kain, but right now she could care less about it. Being powerless to stop him from killing himself was enough guilt on her conscious. If he would die in battle she wanted to help him live longer than he would without her. Lyn watched his back and being that high above the Earth gave her an advantage of being away from the Titans grasp. Only small creatures came to attack her and they were met by her warriors and easily annihilated.

There had to be a ray of light in this dark time. Lyn wondered what drove the Titans into their Earthy prison to begin with and how could they return there. The Titans did not appear to even seem scared lightening was cracking down on them, so the thought of Zeus alone trapping them was out of the question. There had to be some clue or hope for this to turn out for the better.

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The shores burned. Charred bodies were stripped away, layer by layer, and carried off on the wind. A legion of abominations who believed that they could slay a Horseman. In the midst of the unrelenting fire stood its instigator, a dark figure who's presence whispered of Armageddon. She stood tall in a field of burning dead, and as she clenched her fist, the flames obediently died, leaving only a blackened, scorched landscape around her. There was no mistaking her name. Fury.

There was much chaos and bloodshed this day. All around the world, she felt it, and the anger made her strong. She hated it. Feasting off of war and misery like a parasite, like the one she had sworn to destroy. She knew what kind of monster she had become, and with all surrounding enemies destroyed, she remembered why.

As if to the toll of a war drum, heavy hooves crushed the soot and ash, cracked discarded weapons and demonic bones. The Horseman looked up at her steed. She mounted it and they were off, riding straight into the sea. The great steed's hooves touched the water, and yet, it did not sink. It galloped onward as if it were atop solid ground, and with each stride, a plume of steam erupted in its wake.

The horse moved with blinding pace, and yet, its master seemed unaware of the wind harshly pelting her face. They raced past a great vessel with the symbol of the United Nations, firing for the beasts that leveled Los Angeles on the shore. Jade stood up in her saddle as her steed ran, balancing flawlessly as she drew four arrows, each pure black with a vein of red running from nock to head. As she pulled back on the bowstring, the red stripes were consumed with fire, and soon, the arrows burst into flames entirely. She let slip the arrows and they soared through the air, a trail of orange light tracing their unnaturally long arc towards the distant city.

The rider fell back into her saddle and cracked the reigns. She rode for the signal, the undeniable instinct that she had, the exact place on this accursed globe where her demon hid from her. She rode for San Diego.

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With scythes in hand, War would bring death to his enemies. Hordes of ancient beasts charged towards the Earth Breakers and their sinsiter master. The Earth Breakers charged in first and like a monstrous wall of muscle pummeled the unrelenting Titan minions. Empty eyes directed each towering mass to its next victim. Gray skinned and sexless, the Earth Breakers left piles of unrecognizable mush in their wake. Even cyclops swinging enormous clubs fell victim to Earth Breaker punches. Fire breathing chimera did their best to attack but it was all for naught. Not even their combined sweltering scorching infernos could stave off advancing Earth Breakers. Sixty-foot gaps were closed in just mere seconds by these gray-skinned monsters.

Several Gorgons stood against one Earth Breakers and successfully petrified it in place. However their celebration was interrupted by another bald behemoth using a still living cyclops as a hammer to crush each snake-bodied woman responsible for killing its brethren. Gorgon innards splattered not unlike a worm beneath a farmer's boot. Their deaths came too quickly for even a scream. The cyclops was carelessly lobbed towards another Earth Breaker who launched itself towards it's corpulent quarry. In a blur of motion, a fist broke through skull leaving a headless cyclops to taint pure white snow its executioner gone in a flash to charge after a sphinx.

That was when as if on cue, every buckle on each Earth Breakers' trench coat popped off forcing a long hissing sound from each of their bodies. Material exploded from Aizen's artificial killers as their already awe-inspiringly large bodies expanded further. Bulging muscles popped off tough leather material effortlessly revealing genderless, monstrous murder machines menacingly moving ahead. Their hands transformed into claws as large as a child. Their bodies developed qualities similar to mountain trolls; tough rock-like armor covering vital areas in the chest, legs and arms. Even the once thought dead Earth Breaker was given new life once his coat broke off. The Earth Breakers were somehow more formidable then before and brought more death to the battlefield. What they failed to notice was that for every foe felled by their merciless assault, five more spawned to replace the rank.

Kain noticed this fact quickly. He expected it. Gaea was after all, a high functioning broodmare. No matter how many were slain it would mean nothing until Gaea ceased to draw breath. A flaw had to exist, a means to cease this unending breeding of soldiers. Many legends were told but Kain never had the time to test any and therefore had forgotten all of them over the years.

Try as he might Kain was unable to recall the legend. His only option was to continue to fight and contemplate Tiferia's message from beyond the grave. War charged valiantly into battle wielding his two scythes. Quick precise movements cleaved everything in half. Kain ran along a giant's legs carefully slicing only his tendons to convert him to a roadblock as to steady the flow of enemy forces. Once the giant collapsed Lord Aizen jumped onto the shoulders of a lumbering cyclops. One scythe pierced the beast's bulging eye while the second beheaded it. Flames swung at Kain from a gaping chimeran maw. Elegantly flipping behind a still standing corpse, War slid beneath its feet to reach his new attacker. Aizen's momentum returned him to his feet setting up a neck-breaking claw swipe.

It didn't take long for more Titans to emerge from the wood works and be only a short distance from Kain. Suddenly an immense burst of energy knocked the Titans back putting some distance between he and them. He already knew it came from Lyn, irritating fact but one he wasn't surprised by. She never would leave when told, but her presence gave him an idea. Perdition. Perdition was often times referred to as the “Death Blade” or “Oblivion”, by those who witnessed its horrible power. Metallic black and white tendrils with glowing red and blue energy slithered from Kain's hand to create an enormous blade. The weapon was thick with jagged protruding spurs. Engraved in the weapon's metal were the face and hand prints of the weapon's victims.

“Perdition, show them the pain of the dead.”

Tortured souls ceased to move around within their prison for just a brief moment. Kain's chest swelled with air until he finally screamed at loud as his lungs would allow. Once the sound met Perdition's steel, countless faces and hands pressed against it from the inside out. A tremendous scream exploded from from their countless mouths sending a powerful sonic wave towards all opposing forces. Meat separated from bone, bone turned to dust and chunks of earth broke away from their foundation and crushed smaller foes. Perdition's scream annihilated countless members of Kain's opposition. One final sonic wave finished off Kain's attack and despite the high death-toll, their ranks replenished ten-fold.

This was impossible! There was no chance for them to win this battle. No chance at all. Gaea had to be destroyed but her whereabouts were unknown. Things were looking more and more hopeless with each passing second. Tiferia's words continued to echo in Kain's mind; veil between life and death. How would he access time? Time was the answer. That one word played in his head like a broken record. It tortured him. As he fought the word played. Time. Lyn did her best to slay her enemies. Time. The Titans approached he and Lyn reducing the Leviathan numbers from twelve to three and the Earth Breaker numbers down to five. Time. Aizen swung his weapons and jumped around from enemy to enemy slaying everything in his way however the numbers game began to get the best of him. Swords, claws, spears, arrows and teeth all tore into Aizen's flesh spilling his blood. Time. War dropped to one knee bloodied and bruised. Hundreds of bodies surrounded him with more on the way. The ground shook as one Titan stepped towards Lyn and swatted the pale beauty from the sky. Time. Aizen turned his head just in time to witness her being knocked from the sky and roared in fear. Time.


At that moment gold sand swirled around Kain and revealed to him the pause of time. Everything but Lyn stood in place. Even gravity stopped working and left Lyn floating in the air covered in her armor. Mountains of gold sand continued to blow around Kain who was too focused on everything else around him. Everyone and everything was held in place. Apparently, B.O.B joined the fray while Kain was busy locked in combat. B.O.B's rocket sailed through the air stopping just inches away from a troll's face.

“Lyn, are you alright?” Aizen called out to Lyn to make sure she was alright despite knowing she was since she was still moving and not bleeding too badly. The Horseman thought hard about the situation curiously holding sand in the palm of his hand. These were actually the sands of time. Somehow, he'd acquired control over them. He scooped a handful of sand up from the ground and stared at it. Images of his past appeared before him, replaying repeatedly. Images of the Dragon War. Images of the death of Tiferia. The tale she told him of a man plagued by grief was recited. The man lost his mother, his brother, his wife, his children and everyone he held dear. The man made a deal with a demon in which he would sacrifice his soul for the ability to manipulate time. The man in the story undid the deaths of his loved ones by rewinding their deaths but re-birthing their souls. He had his family, but lost his soul to the demon.

“Undo time? Is that possibly how to do this Tiferia? Was that the purpose of your story? The clue?”

War closed his hand on the moving sand images. Once his hand closed completely everything returned to normal. B.O.B's rocket blew up in the troll's face, his Earth Breakers tore a giant apart and Kain erected several dozen rows of ice spikes to impale his foes. Clouds rolled through the heavens blackening the sky. Tenebrasque In's Warrior-King prepared to attack again yet was interrupted by a booming roar coming from the heavens. From the black clouds emerged thousands of dragons in a magnificent show of swirling death. Dragons he'd killed hundreds of thousands of years ago were reborn. They were absolutely majestic. At the head of it all, was Kain's former lover, Lyn's mother, Tiferia Hystorm. Aizen looked up to see her again in her beautiful, feathered dragon form.

“Sh*t. That was easier than I expected.”

The beginning of Kain's reinforcements came, and soon, the game would change.

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Melissa looked down the barrel of her gun with a steely gaze, looked at the man who may has well have been a stranger to her. Her focus was broken when a whole new wave of hell started pouring into the streets. She glanced back at Mike, but she couldn't say what she had hoped to. Instead, she spun around and hollered, "Shoot something and run!" before releasing a series of quick bursts from her rifle.

She ran into the alley, looking over her shoulder from time to time to ensure that Mike was following. She kicked open the first door she saw and ran down the stairs, finding herself in a narrow, dark hallway without an end in sight. She dropped down with her back against the wall, looking across at Mike.

The Director raised her rifle again and aimed straight at his heart as she gave a simple, undeniable command, "Who the hell are you?"

"Melissa, you know who I am!" he replied.

Her only acknowledgement was to load a bullet into the chamber.

His expression hardened from dwindling patience as he asked, "Okay, is the gun really necessary?"

"I'll decide what's necessary and what isn't, now talk."

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As Kain yelled stop the very gates exploded into tiny glitter pieces falling onto the ground. The Heaven’s opened up granting the world a sigh of relief and hope as the dragons helped turn the tide into much better chances. Tiferia sent her fellow dragons into flight paths all over the World to protect the weak and kill the Titan hordes. The sky was a myriad of wings and scales as they flew quickly into battle without hesitance. They fought with a beastly tenacity that the World was void of for far too long. Dragons were protectors and locked behind the veil of the Deathly realm.

Tiferia had used her skills of leadership to gain the trust of the other dragons. They were prepared for this. They formed in droves to rush the gates as soon as they fell and not knowing if they could return to their heavenly place if they died again. It was well worth it to get back at the Titans. They fought long ago with the Titans and watched from their Realm the destruction on their homelands. It angered them and caused an unrest in the Dead Realm.

With a loud screech they took flight bursting through the fallen gates as fast as they could. A vortex opened on the other side causing the clouds to encircle their escape path. Tiferia was at the forefront of the onslaught that would rein down upon the Titan hordes. She sounded off the battle cry which the others followed suite. They were letting the Titans know they were coming. The Titans would remember their tenacity and brutality as they did long ago. The young ones would feel their wrath of the dragons as they breached into the Realm of the Living.

Tiferia’s wings cut through the air and she took a deep breath. It was the first breath she took in many many years. Tiferia screeched and belted out loud high pitched noises commanding her flock into a strategic battle plan. They flew down taking a huge circle around the battle field. Tiferia noticed a man in a black cloak watching closely. She sensed something sinister from him and the woman behind him.

She felt the link between her and Kain return. Quickly she allowed Kain to look through her eyes at the strange couple. A Titan was stupid enough to grab her tail as she flew by. Tiferia flapped her powerful wings once to prevent crashing and quickly spun around with lightning speed biting into the Titans jugular. She twisted her head and pulled ripping the throat out. As the Titan released she took in a breath and released a large blast of glacier fire into his face. He froze as quickly as the blue colored flames touched him. Unlike other dragons, her flames were the kind that froze upon contact.

Tiferia shrieked loudly as if to show her dominance over the Titan. Her wings spread upwards as she took off again to attack from the skies. The dragons dominated the skies. Nothing flew above the Earth unless it was a normal creature or ally. Tiferia knew who was friend and foe and conversed frequently to keep the other dragons in the same attack pattern as herself. It was to ensure no ally of Kain’s got injured by a dragon.

Her brilliant white feathers made her stick out the most among her darker colored brethren and being smaller did not help either. Even though she was smaller it only made her that more ferocious in battle. She led the dragons into attack formations knocking the other Titans back. Tiferia took it upon herself to find the one who knocked her daughter from the sky a few moments ago.

Lyn was in the grip of the Titan who swatted at her as time regained balance. Tiferia shrieked in a fly by his ear causing him to release Lyn. It was loud and high pitched causing the Titan a great deal of pain. Swooping upward into the sky Tiferia turned around to see Lyn take back into flight. Like a flacon attacking their prey she dove faster than one could blink. With her full weight she hit into the Titan drawing blood as her claws dug in deep into the male Titans flesh. He roared in pain as she shrieked. The Titan grabbed her wings and went to break it to no avail. She blasted his arm with a frozen flame causing it to shatter with her head butt to the elbow.

His arm shattered like glass. To make matters worse she took flight wrapping her tail around his neck. Tiferia shrieked over to another dragon that flew down. Her shrieks and shrills sounded like noise to those who could not understand, but to other dragons it was as plain as English. Tiferia shrieked and made an almost purr like sound. The other dragon roared as he landed. A smile etched across his fanged façade. The larger dragon leaped onto the male Titan and began to make a meal of him. Tiferia released the Titan to take to the air again. The harpies in the air had no choose, but run or die as dragons snapped them up left and right devouring them.

Tiferia looked up to see Lyn flying in a sea of dragons in the sky. Relieved her daughter was ok, Tiferia returned to fighting. Dragons fought as one in attacking Titan after Titan with flames, claws, and teeth. The roars caused the very earth to quiver at their might. The World was being reintroduced to old friends who died protecting the ones they loved and cared for.

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"Chaos is engulfing the world Angel and I'm just sitting here watching it all burn..." Said the broken Howard King with a scotch in hand as he scratched his grizzled beard. "Do not blame yourself for your injuries, and desires for alcoholic beverages Mr. King" replied the feminine A.I. "No this is my fault as much as it is anyone else's. I'll I've done is blame others for my misfortune! No more I'm going out and stopping this." Said the solemn man as he got up from his desk, holding his stomach where the recent wound had been bandaged. "Mr. King I must advise against-" the A.I. Was cut off by the cracked voice. "Suit up Angel..." Then in consent came the female voice "Yes sir."....

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"GET OUT!" Proelio roared as his gauntleted fists crushed another Sphinx, then turned to the next. "Is there no end to you?" He punched once, snapping the Sphinx's head to the left. "Besides, I thought you told riddles?" He delivered a powerful double-handed uppercut. The Sphinx crashed to the floor. He was already sweating heavily. He pulled off his gauntlets, and tossed his helmet to one side. "You dare to cover my family's country in your unholy shadow? Then you shall die!" He extended his arms to both sides. The water behind him rose up. "Mother Nerine, spirit of the waters, lend me your strength!" He snapped his hands forwards, the clap barely sounding in the apocalyptic atmosphere. The water raced forward, a wave towering over the city, then breaking into the streets, and not slowing. It was far too large. It submerged houses in seconds, and dwarfed Sphinxes in minutes. It began to drown the beasts of myth, the three-legged crows beginning to fly away. Tendrils jumped from the water and grabbed them, submerging them until they, too drowned.

After a long time, Proelio opened his arms, and the water retreated back into the sea, the waterlogged corpses being washed into the water. Proelio did not wait for the cheering crowds, and disappeared on the horizon in a moment.


Mars smirked. "So, you made it. Welcome back, my son. Come, sit at my right hand." Deimos and Phobos chuckled. The table set up in the middle of the Colosseum's central arena was a direct challenge. Proelio strode forward and laid both hands under the polished wood, and threw the table to one side.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Proelio screamed, his face an inch from Mars' own countenance. "Why? WHY? WHAT GOOD DOES THIS DO?" He roared, when Mars seized the blonde boy's jaw with one hand, and tossed him the length of the sandy pit.

"I didn't expect you to understand. Deimos, Phobos, take care of your brother." The two drew their weapons eagerly. Proelio pulled off the last of his armour and prepared himself. Deimos ran forwards, preparing to box with him. A foolish gesture. Proelio had been the Pantheon's boxing champion. He prepared a right straight to intercept his brother, when a fist collided with his temple. He turned his fall into a roll. Deimos! But-the Deimos he had seen disappeared.

Curse Phobos and his illusions! He weaved and dodged Deimos' strikes, dishing out some damage, rattling some teeth loose, busting a cheek bone, driving out strong well founded attacks, and moving fluidly into wrestling, and began to grapple with his brother, shooting some powerful strikes into the God of Anger's midsection, then dropping him, moving away, his eyes trained on the shadows, following Phobos as he moved closer.

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"Finally!" Sounded a sly yet pronounced voice across the heavens. "Gods you will know the wrath of the light bearer!" The deities of the greek pantheon heard the voice of lucifer in their very minds. "I've wanted this for a very long time." Mumbled the prince of darkness. Then the son of a God descended from his city in heaven with divine blade in one hand and spear in the other...

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Buildings shook underneath the titans actions tremors shaking cars so much calamity sowed from a simple being. The oceans tyrant towering above the Island of Champions his very presense a thing that seamed to promise something would drown soon. A angle lies on the ground having given her life for this mighty monster to leave these lands. A teenaged punk is on her knees black tears streaming from her eyes. The faction of sirens to tag along with the monstrosity starting to head to the oceans. They seamed to flood the beach head purely daunting in number retreating only by the ordered command of the towering behemoth of a titan the legendary horror of the seas. The Cracken of old even paling in comparison to Gaias child of the ocean. Opposing them on the each and the rain spilling skies was only two women to opose him. Each adorned in a armor of black and crimson. one of thickend blood and another of steel. In truth they loathed eachother Bloodstone still believed herself the Immortal Matyr and at heart she still was. The downfall simply in the fact that she was now over responsive judge jury and exocutioner as she deemed fit. Alezra still a murder and tyrant destined to generate only death and ruin.

Somehow though they worked in perfect rythm weaving out of large sweeping archs and striking in unison. Or one would go to sever a large arm as the other drew their gun of choice and laid down suppressive fire. Half an hour atleast had past however without a critical change in the fight. Phorcyes still having atleast two thirds of his arms remaining. They couldn't get close enough to the ocean titan, despite all they attempted to do. Blood and shattered earth were all along the beach head, so many sirens had died, and so many constructs of blood forged that the beach was died a single color. Death and strife was the portrait painted done so in the dark crimson hue. One a Horsemen and the other a child of the original, his mantle long sense claimed by the porcelain beauty she saw as a sister.

Despite the onslought though more was demanded of them more required to end the Titan's chance at leveling entire islands. His hide just to thick to damage with most weapons they used. That was until Avraline apeared, a unexpected but welcome sudden change in things. Avraline was a 'angel' that Azra and her lover Shadow turned into a fallen. A guardian of the child of death but so much of the tales of angels demons and overall history is a forgotten confusing thing....

Heaven Three Centuries Ago

"Avraline my dear your not of human or god like birth, you are but a angel your fate allready woven. You will live freely, you will be corupted and then you will die because of it. I can not reveal to much the tapestry of time is a fragile thing as natural though it is my duty to tell you of the fate garanteed to you however." The enchanting angel showed no sign of being effected she knew this would be told to her. It was in nature to except it, they lived they excepted and they died. For whatever reason the Creator insisted on loving the human gene seed and letting his own seeds spawn to be generaly unchanged. That was part of why Avra had taken such a liking to this man, He told of a time when angels were free to be and of ones that surpassed the shackles of fate. Then came the unordinary, the breaking of tradition, a offering of unorthodox subjection.

"It pains me to see so many prewrote in the mill, it should not be so predetermined whos lives I shall reap. I know not what this fatal event would be, but I know whos side you will be beside. I wish to rectify the predictability of what earth is destined to confront. I offer you a chance to be something of your own choosing, the payment you become something new." The slim angel agreed nodding her head as they stood on one of many gold towering structures. A tap on the forhead and a dark violet flame danced around the angel something changing her inside without not showing a sign of what was being done. "You my old friend, will be one of many to change the sertain damnation we all face sooner then we should."Her mind was a haze of memories some hers some fealt like hers others not so much. Shaking her head she turned to face the cloacked figure walking away. Simply she asked who he was the answer was ever so vague.

"You will know me as Azrael, but that child of dust is for another time..."


Avraline dropped from the skies alabaster colored feathers dotting the maroon colored sand. Her raven black hair cascading over her shuolders as her eyes seamed to glow a bright red. Dust was a shape shifting consort to Death long ago, posing as the crow upon his shoulder, or one of the pale horses asociated with the horsemen title, or a lover in truth though she was a dragon of old. Anchient guardian to the reaper. Perhaps Lyn knew of Dust perhaps not, Death however three centuries ago had weaved a spell bonding the dead dragon to Avraline. As the reaper of souls time is something he always knew well, able to predict most of others fate and some of his own. Long ago he knew his duaghter would take Avraline in as a fallen angel and consort. Longer even still he knew that someday seals would break and triger the apocalyptic event that could possibly end all. And so Dust was sown into the spirit of Avraline so that when the boundries of the Titan's prison fell and when Dragons were resurected Dust would be at his daughters side.

In an instant she began to change body expanding muscles building exponentially. Feather coated wings shedding to give way to leathery skin and hardend bone. Scales slowly coating skin as the once beautiful angel turned into something much larger and magestic. Head slowly folding back and growing horns rapidly as the aparent angel was changed into something she was decided to be centuries ago. As dragons flooded the skies, harpies snatched from the air bitten in half and torn apart by visious fangs of legendary creatures. Griffons fought better then the humanoid counter parts. They still did little more then flood the skies with falling feathers and limbs. There was but one draggon on the ground the towering beautiful though somewhat decayed Dust. Hellfire flames blossomed from her mouth turning ocasionally into a storm of blades. Tentacles dropping in mass number as the dragon fused efforts with the Horsemen and Death's child. The added efforts halted whatever assaults the titan could make.

Dust snatched up the two women as she flew towards the giant of a monster. Her mighty roar shaking the buildings just as much as the mighty titan. Then tossing the two aside as she flew over the creatures head. Selene quick to fold her arms around the daughter of Death. A sphere of blood around them acid burning all along the giants stomach line and throat. All before exploding in a rain of acidic blood the titan burned up from the inside out expanding and then bursting brutally. The action polished off by Alezra combusting every ounce of flesh. It was dificult to tell what was what in the beach that was now little more then blood feathers and body parts. "You go with Strife help the others. Im going to hold off what I can."

Teleporting them to the entrance Diego the black unicorn of Bloodstone's horn a dark blood colored red that seamed to glisten took off down the coridor. Selene riding it as Avra sat on the horsemens shoulder. They would be beside War and Death soon, Alezra would cover the back door. Styx was brought out from the warp space location known as the Cache. This titan class mech was claimed during the war on the Warp gods it stood almost as tall as the Gaia they had seen earlier. A giant machine of war with weapons meant to level entire cities. Mounted the wires plugged into Alezra's back tapping her in with the others that drove the towering weapon. The left hand snapping out and grabbing advancing titan trying to stop the trio the claws digging into the skull of the giant then dispersing a massive burst of energy. The giant bursting into blood and gore his bottom half falling on knees before toppling to the ground while the rest was simply gone. "I will hold them off go end this will you hero?" The sadistic redhead taking simple joy in the brutal conflict that was this war.

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Adam was eliminating man-sized targets with a vibrant attitude he never showed before. If one listened close, they would hear him bellowing with laughter as his foes fell. He was covered in blood and gore from the feet to the neck. There was no rage in his eyes, just humour, and a glint of that mad bloodlust one approached when they reached their hundredth kill. He stepped in, threw one of the undead b@st@rds, and spun, shredding him with a evil laugh. He kicked a demon that was trying to sneak up on him from behind, and sent the demon flying with surprising strength. Several swords were stuck into him at various angles, and silver blood was beginning to dry around the wounds. Adam dropped his swords and pulled a pair of Beretta CX4 Storms, and began spraying the battlefield before him.


Kovak watched one of the great beasts lumber towards him, and he began running, a blur of ebony. He didn't draw a weapon, not yet. He saw Lord Mercer spraying a deadly hail of bullets and the rest of the military struggling against the beasts. He was so preoccupied he almost didn't realise he had reached the Titan's knee. He sprung upwards, grabbed hold of an overhang jutting out of the Titan's rough rocky shoulder. His calculations were perfect, and he landed without a problem, in a crouching position. He pulled his katana with an evil ringing of steel, and then stepped, slowly at first, quickly breaking into a sprint, flipping over the Titan's neck and swinging his sword down into the Titan's face. It was immediately apparent that this was not his normal blade, as the Titan's face became an explosion of fire and ice, then vapourised into a fine mist. Kovak leaped clear of the falling corpse, then observed the corpse. A steady supply of magma flowed out of the open wound. A group of lesser foes attempted to subdue Kovak. They underestimated his speed. He moved, dropped to one knee and brought the blade clean through the first attacker, rolled, slashed with a rising strike to separate one's left arm and head from the rest of his body, and brought the sword into an en garde position.

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One moment Lyn was being grabbed from the sky the next everything froze in time ,but Kain and herself.  The sky went into a vortex as time began again.  From the vortex thousands of dragons soared onto the battle field.  Some of the titans were tripping over others trying to escape the flames and talons these new opponents presented.  It was as if the Titans remembered how much the dragons were to be feared.  The air echoed the roars of fire and growls of the mighty beasts.  A very familiar dragon flew by and took out the Titan who held Lyn in his grasp.  Lyn was in shock to see her mother fly by so quickly.  Her mother moved like she was born to battle.  Tiferia shrieked commanding others to battle.  Lyn could understand every shriek and growl as if it were as plain as English to her, but then again she was Dragon kin by birth.   
Kain was in the thick of battle and Lyn quickly snapped out of shock.  There was no time to dwell on the return of her fellow dragons.  It was a battlefield not a family reunion.  Lyn recognized several of the scaly brethren around her.  Then she sensed a very familiar tug at her core.  An equal in the death abilities or even greater than her, but it  would be left to investigation.   
Lyn was on the ground as she looked around.  The tug grew in strength as she moved closer to a man in a cloak.   A sense of foreboding oozed from his presence.  Lyn watched him as she remained hidden away.  Standing next to him was a woman who had a very Earthy look.  Her hair had small flowers woven into the strands within braids.  Lyn recognized her as Gaea from the books she had within the library.  The two stood watching the battle field in a nonchalant matter.  Neither appeared to be worried about the rise of the dragons.   Tiferia flew over head and then swooped off somewhere else.  The man in the cloak turned his head and spoke.   
"I shall leave this to you and begin the second wave to our plan." 
Lyn grew curious and followed the man.  She quietly got on her communicator and relayed the coordinates where Gaea was to Kain directly.    Lyn followed the man toward a gateway.  The gateway appeared out of nowhere and opened revealing the Realm of Hades.  Cerberus of the true underworld barked and snarled just behind the doors to quickly silence as soon as he sees the man.  It was a moment of pure curiosity for Lyn.  She did not dare enter the gates as they close a while after the man entered.  Pieces were beginning to fit together.  Hades had always had a grudge against Zeus, but where was Zeus to stop his brother from doing such horrors?  Lyn could not imagine what happened.  Who else was involved and why were they doing this?  Lyn thought hard about it.  Her thoughts were disturbed by creatures leaping from the bush at her.  They were quickly dealt with as Lyn drew of her Dragon'sTail sword and slashed the creatures up.   
Taking flight into the air to try to get a new perspective of the battle field.  Something felt off.  The was so much chaos and something had to be the driving force.  Hades was not alone in this.  It would take more than he to open the restraints to the Titan's prison.