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Inner peace

Hazard proceeds with his annual meditation to bury his rage, so that he can maintain social contact with other beings without triggering episodes of violence. Anger is detrimental to his emotional well being, a powder keg of massive proportions he tries his best to keep calm. After witnessing what may lie ahead with a previous confrontation in Washington when he saw the knight in flames he snuck into the Kermadec Trench, so that the cooling waters may calm his soul. He has been here for a over a while, seemingly inactive as deep stalked barnacles protrude from his metallic bits.Sitting at ground level close to several hydrothermal vents of the underwater volcanoes nearby. Hot water and gases are ubiquitous with different chemical compositions, so specific communities have adapted to survive in each area.

Hazard lies as a centerpiece to an underwater habitat, find inner peace as crustaceans scutter over his body. He had scanned the seabed and all its inhabitants minding their routines and letting them be. The only chaotic thing he did so far in the ocean was sinking a US military submarine undergoing surveillance as they were disturbing his peace and testing underwater munitions which have a high chance to irradiate the area, not in ways that will render the area desolate. But in ways that will raise towering behemoths over the coast of New Zealand. The crew members are quickly dispensed as chum for the fishes, additional technology is assimilated. Absorbed.

Underneath the layers where light can reach spectral phenomena occur, such as the passing of a ghost ship observable at certain wavelengths. An opening of a portal which may lead to an eldtrich locale, probably something he should report to the heroes. Yet at the moment it seems to be a meek 'papercut' and not a gaping wound that bleeds external beings into our reality. Observant, taking quaint movements in the water as signs and foresight of what may occur in distant futures. Feeling the earth below and the calm tectonic positions, deeper still the flow of the magma under earth's crust while observing their movement in the mantle.

Hazard reverts further into a 'stun' setting in where he can interact with the world in ways that he cannot harm a single soul, a safe setting where he can freely touch things that he would normally break easily. Proportions shrank into that of a child's and thus some of the barnacles fell off, which were rearranged before they can realize. Looking at the crustaceans leading to the giant crab at the far side of the ocean floor, and zooming closer to see a giant squid devour a horned whale. Besides that interesting spectacle is an infant merman with his merfamily, all enjoying a freshly caught diver. Hazard zooms in and takes note of their feeding habits.

Nature is wonderful, to others its scary but to him it is truth. Without all the human frivolities or complications, calm, serene and brutally unforgiving on the weak. He wonders if the future will be the same, contemplating on things to come, where to go and most importantly 'what to do'. A hand of flesh, it divides worlds and a hand of metal, it ignites stars.

Lil' Hazard

Yet outside there is an object falling at the earth, pointing towards a small tuft of of green in a big blotch of blue. For a moment zig-zagging in the exosphere while heading directly towards Australia's neighbor, New Zealand. Superheating, yet maintaining its size without any sign of fragmentation or even a slightest hint of deterioration. It is covered in a pinkish layer with a purple tinge.

Screaming as it enters the Ionosphere, mass evacuations are occurring on the surface with a couple of sources not getting the message because of nation-wide transmission interference. Fortunately it is headed to glenorchy queenstown, where the nature is so beautiful that many fantasy movie directors use it as their location.

Hazard can feel a heartbeat...

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In Greece, Zool roamed around the old structures remembering his time in Thebes and Athens. All of a sudden he felt a disturbance. Not around him, but it was like the Earth was calling to him. Something strange was occurring in the country of New Zealand. He opened a portal to the fourth realm. He walked inside; his magical powers increased once he was in his native realm.He opened the portal to New Zealand and entered it.

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Lake Taupo, Huka Falls

"Hey, Steph, stand over there for a sec. I wanna get some pictures of this place!"

That's the voice of Mei Ling; my bestest friend in the whole world. She was on a field trip with her class to Lake Taupo on that day, and I was actually supposed to be there myself but I sorta ditched school. Now I'm living the life of a bum here in New York; but this story isn't about me, though, so I'll just move on.

Alright now as I was saying, she was talking to this other girl named Stephanie, who fearlessly ran up to the edge of the cliff --where there was a waterfall and a forty-foot drop-- and struck a few vogue-like poses while my bestie snapped away with her phone. The rest of the class was wandering around the huge lake, some snapping digital keepsakes of their own with their phones.

Now that was all fine and dandy, but there was an accident waiting to happen.. a really bad accident.

"Hey guys what's that?"
"Holy sh-"
"Dude, we're gonna die"

As you can see, some of her classmates were a leeedle bit concerned; but rightfully so. Cause just as Mei and Stephanie were doing their little waterfall photo shoot, a huge rock was falling through the sky, headed straight for Glenorch, Queenstown. Now I'm not entirely sure how far Queenstown is from Lake Taupo, but I do know that the big pebble was about the same size as.. um.. ah crap!!! I forgot how big it was-- but just know that it was big.

So, with the massive slab of dirt and minerals headed straight for Glenorchy, Queens town, Bestie bolted through the forest-y landscape in the same direction..