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Its coming this way!

Closed Rp between Rumble Man, Kid_Sonar, joeagentofhand1, _Lucent_, ToO_RaW, and Mei

Deep in the far reaches of space there is a large debris slowly moving towards a blue speck, seemingly guided by unseen forces as it picks up speed. Its shape is reminiscent of a cocoon, yet it is of unidentifiable metallic ores. Glyphs outstretch from one corner to the other, encasing the structure in a protective embryonic aura. A 'carrier' headed towards a green patch atop the big blue, whatever it is one thing is sure. The object is as big as ayers rock and there is a passenger inside. Few individuals have been alerted, yet others can sense the disturbance around the, while the rest knew in advance what will unfold should the rock makes contact with earth.

Six individuals will intertwine as they centralize on the shard of the falling sky. A ragtag bunch of misfits united for one cause, a turn of events that may lead to triumph or ruin. Some of them are in new zealand, and one of them was on a field trip with her class to New Zealand. Yet Deep within Kermadec Trench Hazard can sense a shift in the upper atmospheres, and thus he began to ascend from his meditation in the hadal zone.


  • Mei's 16, goes to a school for mutants and regular kids. Her powers are chi-based. Basically, she's like Gohan from Dragonball Z when he was Saiyaman.
  • Osprey - crazy ass cyborg flying brick that likes to fight and kill stuff, very sociable and loves chocolate bars (stun setting)
  • Permafrost- 22; Ice based hero who won't hesitate to kill. He specializes in making solid objects such as swords, guns, barriers etc.
  • Zool; a being created on the Third Day of Creation. Uses magic and his indigo ring.
  • Lucent- Hero with both photokinesis and magical powers. She uses a magical rapier, which can be used as a normal weapon, but which also enhances her magic and makes it possible for her to use more "complex" magic. She's 20, not completely sociable and kind of insecure, but if something she cares about is in danger, she won't hesitate in using her full potential to protect it.


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Our group is pretty much the League of Losers:

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Yes! This is gunna be awesome.

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good luck guys!

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sounds solid, good work peeps. Will be watching

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@Rumble Man: I love my intro ^__^

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@Frenemy: no probs

Immah set the OP

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Goodie, I can't wait : )

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yaaaay :D I'll have something up today for sure (I think).

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@Mei: take yer time

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@Rumble Man: Had to do a system restore on my laptop this morning and I just finished downloading all of the updates from '08. I'll start writing Mei's entry now, I just have one question. Should I include the part where she witnesses the comet or do we all wait for you to write the comet's first sighting then go off that?

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@Frenemy: She can witness the descent, might want to stay out of that blast zone though or help with evacuation

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@Rumble Man: Gotcha :3

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@Frenemy: goodies