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I'm sure you've all seen Star Wars well this is an Rpg about Star Wars during clone wars its about what happens between episode one and two.

you can be a jedi, a sith, a civillian, slave or clone trooper.

It starts from the beggining of the clone wars so clone troopers coming to help the jedi kill count dooku and fight back the battle droids (If you've seen movie 2 you'll know) to hopefully the end were Anakin becomes sith and the betrayal of the clones on the jedi so you can choose to die from clones at the end die in the middle or you can live forever being one of the survivers if you've seen the movies you know and hopefully those who haven't will get the gist its a battleing story based on Star Wars.

the rules

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I would love to be on this RPG, but i am way prone to be a bounty hunter or something like that. Anyways, if anything of these above, i would be a civilian, just like Han Solo :D

I am sorting things out as for now. Contact me if you want a player. Can´t grant you that i will be heavily active, but i will as active as i can.

Alas, i see no forms!

See ya

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Rerand Sat in the crowd his white lightsabre in hand and cloak hood hiding face. He was watching Padme, Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi about to be eaten on the planet of geonosis awaiting the signal from master Mace Windu to attack.

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Do we have powers?

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Nny says:

"Do we have powers?"

OOC: only jedi powers sorry