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Their age-old rivalry defined them. Never to be on the same side, the two colossi were destined to destroy either each other or the world one day. Perhaps that day would be today...

The Mojave Desert...

He had made countless people's lives a living hell. Killed many more. Committed acts of unsurpassed genocide. Not a single regret existed in the pit of his stomach. In his mind, they merely got in his way. No one stands in his way without getting hurt. Charging headlong through the sands of the Mojave Desert, he made his next target one of significance: Las Vegas, Nevada. But this challenge to US pride would not be ignored lightly. An entire battalion of tanks and several hundred US soldiers stood in his proposed path, intent on blocking him utterly.

Still a few miles away, they could see the cloud of dust he kicked up as if a sandstorm was coming towards them. They fired a series of warning shots, possibly in their minds having the potential of slowing him down or at least dissuading him from continuing. He kept moving, even as the artillery shells smacked against his torso and head. Their defense turned into a delaying tactic as an urgent message was sent to the only person capable of fighting this behemoth on equal terms. They knew this man could do it - he had done it before.

"Ajax! This is Colonel Hardy, where are you?"

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"Ajax! This is Colonel Hardy, where are you?"

"Colonel, this is Ajax. We are en route to rendezvous point. ETA one mike. Out"

The green goliath stood from his seat, bent over inside the metal belly of the twin-blade helicopter known as The Chinook. With the exception of the two pilots in the cockpit, he was the only being on board the chopper. He limbered towards the metal ramp as it lowered, and looked at the red light positioned towards the right of the end of the helicopter. It flashed bright green and a buzzer sounded; it was go time.

Ajax hopped off the edge of the ramp and plummeted downwards into the Mojave Desert like a comet. He struck the ground causing the earth to rumble and dirt to be thrown up in all directions. As the dust calmed, there he stood in the middle of the crater that would envelope an oil tanker; a stern and some what feral look upon his face. The drop was successful with nearly pinpoint accuracy as the US soldiers were just a few meters behind the intelligent, colossal beast. Their weapons did not drop but they did stop firing and they knew their job was now finished.

Ajax did not acknowledge them, he was focused, aimed at his target like an archer with his arrow notched and the string drawn back, like a tiger hiding in the reeds ready to make his pounce for the throat of his prey.

Then without warning, he went from a predator stalking his prey to a gorilla pounding his chest before battle, a grizzly barring his teeth and roaring, a tiger squaring off with another alpha male. He managed a vicious, deafening roar and took off in a sprint towards his target who now neared his position.

He knew this would be his toughest battle, he knew this would test all of his limits and push him further then he thought was possible, he knew he might not come out of this alive but he sure as hell was not going to roll over and die.

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A green blur passed down from the sky, descending like a missile. The sheer weight of the object pockmarked the earth, a blemish that would scar it for all time. Judge roared and laughed. His favorite opponent had made his dramatic appearance.

Picking up speed now, the juggernaut lowered his head into a ramming position. Dipping down into the crater, he gained even more speed and momentum - a dangerous thing for him to have.

The soldiers fell back to a defensible position outside Las Vegas. The city had been evacuated in the event that Ajax could not keep Judge from rampaging through the Mojave. Their retreat went relatively unnoticed. Judge had picked his target. Collision, like two angry war gods meeting in the din of battle, was imminent.

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His nemesis picked up speed as he ran at Ajax like a grounded rocket. Ajax knew it was dangerous to let this foe to gain any momentum whatsoever; he was like a juggernaut in that sense which was an advantage he had over Ajax.

Their rivalry had existed just shortly after he had become the monster he is and now it all came down to this battle. Nothing was set in stone or to visually show this would be the last, but he knew deep down only one of them would be walking away at the end of this day.

Ajax knew he couldn't run head first into Judge; it was a fight he would surely lose. As they neared each other, running like armies of old charged at each other Ajax jumped and hoped to land just behind the judge to gain the a beginning advantage.

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Having held his head down in the vague hopes of slamming the top of his armored cranium into the jade giant's torso, Judge had no idea that Ajax took to the skies other than the small rumble just ahead of him. Nevertheless, he kept moving. Charging back up the slope to the opposite side of the crater, he turned on a dime, pinpointed Ajax, and calculated his trajectory.

"I'm going to break every bone in your body, you irradiated freak!"

Leaping off the edge as if it was a wrestling ring turnbuckle, Judge attempted to catch Ajax in midair and tackle him to the ground.

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As Ajax began to descend towards the ground, he attempt at gaining the upper hand was ruined. The juggernaut had turned with incredible agility and spoke, "I'm going to break every bone in your body, you irradiated freak!" As he finished his sentence he to left the ground clearly en route to intercept Ajax as he plummeted towards the ground.

Ajax was no irradiated freak, however this may have presented a small opportunity to Ajax. The Judge may very well have been underestimating Ajax's mental capacity which a lot of beings did due to his appearance but he was actually incredibly smart. If this was not the case, perhaps the Judge was overconfident and that flaw was often the downfall of many. It was a small advantage to play on, even if it existed but Ajax didn't have much else to take advantage of. He concluded to play it off as if he were a less than intelligent beast and go from there.

Considering he was in the air dropping towards the ground, there was little Ajax could do to prevent the attack but the warsman. He could not fly like the heroes that the human population loved so dearly. Ajax took the impact as the juggernaut struck him in the air with a tackle not much unlike one in America's beloved sport of Football. However, the impact was far beyond what every football player combined could manage.

His trajectory change as he was pushed back in the air and now fell towards the ground back on. As the warsman had him clutched in a tackle like hold, Ajax began pounding on his back with his hammer like fists just hoping to break loose from the clutch but the attempt proved futile. The two struck the ground with a vicious impact that created a crater that even a 105mm artillery shell could not manage to create. The impact knocked the wind from Ajax but due to his healing factor, he recovered nearly immediately and launched a counter attack. He pulled his legs back towards his chest and pushed out, hoping to strike Judge with a powerful two-footed kick to the mid-section.

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Each blow Judge felt on his back resonated through the air like a sonic boom. The juggernaut laughed each of them off as he exploited his advantage - however momentary it was - and plowed Ajax into the ground with a thunderous impact that devastated the surrounding area with a 8.6 earthquake. As the smoke hung over them like a cloud, a series of punches echoed from the cavernous sinkhole resulting from their landing before Judge was violently expelled from the debris and back into the air. Roaring in anger, he kept his balance and stomped as he came back to Earth, kicking up sheets of rock as he ground to a halt.

"Nice kick, Ajax! But I got places to go and things to do. You're standing in my way, and you know what that means."

Preparing to charge once more like a wild rhinoceros, Dmitri's simple nature betrayed a brutal cunning as he learned from past mistakes and even presented new challenged to his opponents. He raised his hands high over his head, balled his fists, and slammed them into the surface of the planet. The effect was like a ripple in water, save it carried through the rocks and dirt of the Mojave. A tsunami of stone and sand taller than a skyscraper rolled towards the green Goliath, yet even this impressive display of power was only a distraction from Judge's true intentions. He meant to run through the wave while Ajax busied himself with defending against it and catch him in the abdomen before running him through the opposite side of the crater and digging a tunnel to the Pacific Ocean using Ajax as a shovel.

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Ajax's two-footed kick was relatively successful. It had freed himself from the warsman's clutch but had proved futile at inflicting any damage. Judge landed on the ground with a massive stomp, causing earth and sheets of rock to be kicked up and spoke, "Nice kick, Ajax! But I got places to go and things to do. You're standing in my way, and you know what that means."

Ajax responded quickly, "Judge, you know I'm the only person capable of stopping you on this planet and you know you aren't coming out of this unscathed!"

The words were barely out of Ajax's mouth when Judge pounded his clenched fists into the ground causing a massive shock wave which generated wave of earth as a tall as an office building that was targeted directly at Ajax. Ajax knew he could easily jump over the oncoming wave of debris but he was totally blind to what Judge was doing behind it and could very well be caught in some sort of trap.

It was then that the jade giant lunged forward powerful, gaining more momentum as he brought his enormous hands together to create a thunderclap. From this, Ajax too created his very own shock wave that collided with the wave of earth which bursted right through the middle of it as if a sheet of glass had been shattered. The dirt crumbled down just at the feet of the green behemoth as he glared across the battlefield at his nemesis.

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Judge laughed at the idea of being stopped. No matter how many times he fought Ajax, the green hulk never once physically stopped him - just slowed him down. His tsunami of Mojave rock and dirt did little - if anything - to stop the jade giant from defending himself effectively. In fact, Ajax managed to burst through the rising dust tide with a single gesture as he clapped his hands together with the force of a hurricane. The savage winds kicked and slashed through the wave, destroying it entirely by robbing it of its momentum and shape. Instead, it rained down harmlessly around him. But, no matter how many thunderclaps he could produce, Ajax could not stop the seething mass that was the juggernaut charging straight at him like a berserk locomotive.

"You know just as well as I do that nothing stops me! If you think you've gotten stronger since last time, just try to prove me wrong! I'll stomp you into the ground like everything else!"

Dmitri raised his massive arms in the motion of a mammoth punch, keeping his own steady pace chugging forward. Even if Ajax caught and dispelled the strength of such an elephantine blow, the sheer force of it would cause another earthquake to ripple through the area. With the repercussions of Judge's wild power remaining to be seen, the two colossi were suddenly in such close quarters that neither of them could leap away. This had to be decided in brutal, bone-breaking melee combat.

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As the wave of earth dissipated around the jade giants colossal frame, his foe spoke from across the battlefield. "You know just as well as I do that nothing stops me! If you think you've gotten stronger since last time, just try to prove me wrong! I'll stomp you into the ground like everything else!"

Ajax responded quickly, "I know nothing can stop you, but that doesn't mean you aren't beatable Judge! Your arrogance is your downfall; you believe yourself to be invincible but also know that if anybody is capable of taking you down on this planet it's me!"

The green behemoth had barely finished his sentence and his enemy began charging towards him like a wild rhinoceros, head down and arms above his head preparing to land a massive punch. Ajax readied himself for the earthquake, pounded his fists against the ground and let out a powerful roar like a wild animal trying to intimidate a threat. However Ajax was not trying to intimidate, he was just psyching himself up for the battle that was to come.

The impact struck Ajax in the lower left side, the blow was like a mountain had been dropped on his side. Now they were engaged in close-quarters combat and something clicked inside of the jade giants brain. As a human he had trained in kickboxing and judo, and now they would pay off extremely in actual combat with a fellow super human, a fellow titan.

The blow to his side had staggered him slightly but he quickly raised his hands in the guard position like a traditional boxer and let his healing factor quickly repair his damaged side. Ajax threw a quick jab with his left hand, following behind it a powerful uppercut from his right hand that Judge would not even see coming.

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Dmitri felt bones creaking under the weight of his strike. He smiled, knowing he could hurt Ajax badly if he was in control of the fight for long enough. But his enemy would not let him have that pleasure. Ajax lifted his arms into a boxing guard as his ribs cracked back into place and healed almost as quickly as they were destroyed. Before Judge could throw another punch, Ajax struck back with a powerful fist that collided with the Warsman's helmet, shredding it on impact. Watching as the tattered remnants of metal crashed into the ground, Dmitri looked back at Ajax with a cruel smile on his face. Blood oozed out of his mouth. The jade giant had busted his lip.

"Nice shot, big guy. Let's see you do that again!"

Without warning, the Crimson Colossus made to break Ajax's fighting style with a series of earth-shattering punches directed at the very core of his guard stance. With his inexhaustible stamina, he could go on punching for however long he needed to. He knew he could hurt Ajax with a single strike. He shuddered with excitement thinking about how much damage he could cause at the defensive monstrosity with a dozen, twenty, or even fifty of such mammoth attacks!