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The Marvel Universe is in the middle of changing, After the tradgey at stamford, Congress Passes the Super Hero Registration Act , Requiring all custumed Heros to unmask and are required to register with the goverment.

Reactions Among the Super Heros is split down the middle, With the AWOL Captain Ameria leading the revolt and Ironman Leading the Pro-Registration.

The Vine has been pulled into the middle of it all As any Msked Villian or hero who does not register will be arrested and detained.

Recent events have seen a shocking a bold move for the Pro-registration as spiderman unmask in front of the worlds Media .


Here is a link to the offical rules in case you dont know them. .


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"Spider-Man... A nerd... Wow..." - PHoton clicked the TV off, somewhere on the border of Canad and USA. If anyone came for him, a second later he would be in Canadian grounds, or if they tried to get him there, there was always the sun for him. He wasn't afraid.

"Registration is freaking bullsh!t." - he replied. His powers were good enough to add a significant boost to either side, that's why he decided to take DR. Strange's example and stay out of it. Pulling out his old notebook where he used to write his peoms, he quickly flipped to the last page, looking for the phone numbers of some of the Vine Villians.


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The Keyblader had been existing in this world as the search for his heart had led his here. A simple college student who always had a strange aura around him, thats all he was. At night, he flew all around the globe, looking for his heart, but could never find it. He stuck around for a few years, becoming sort of a neighborhood superhero, fighting off some trouble when it came down to it. He stood on top of a building in the middle of New York, watching a huge screen where Spider-Man had just unveiled his identity. This action made it clean that the Act was indeed serious, but Keyblader did not want to register.

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Superfire watched at Spider-Man removed his mask on TV. After the speech was over he turned off his TV and thought to himself, "Good for you Parker. Hopefully the others will fallow your example and register." He then flew off to see a S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellicarrier to register himself.

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Octagon stared at the media confrence from atop a building. He looked disgustingly on Spider-Man. He stepped back, and looked at his hands. "These are the hands of a criminal. If they find out who I am, they'll know who I am, and what I've done." He walked back to the edge. He crashed a big fist into the side of the building. Everyone looked up in horror. "You'll never take me alive!" Octagon shouted as he jumped off the building. He teleported several blocks away. He walked down the empty street when a police car pulled around the corner. The sirens blared when they saw it was the guy that jumped off the building. "Stop right there," a policeman yelled. "This is going to get interesting," Octagon turned around on the manhole, and pulled it up, smashing it into the car. "Catch me if you can!" Freak tipped his cloak to him, and dived into the sewer.

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"So... Registration is now on." - Keyblader thought in his head. Would he register? He didn't expect on it. He didn't think they would actually enforce it as badly as they said they would. He let the wind flap his coat, playing with it. He didn't care much for the problems of the worlds he traveled into, he only wanted to find his heart. He was sure he could avoid the consequences, he didn't really plan on joining the anti side either.

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Darkchild is sitting in his apartment watching tv when the Stamford incident came on this was the first time he has heard of it even though it happen weeks ago

Oh my god i see this as being a problem

And just then the phone rang

This is your government you will be taken by the soliders out side your door to be registered, i thought it would be polite to tell you before they needed to barge in the house.

Hmm well i dont think this will do good sir.


Because your soliders have been dead for 5 minutes now.

Oh well in that case duck


And a blast from a rocket blew Darkchild right out of his chair. "Oh you guys are in deep sh!AT now

And before he did anything stupid he thought"Maybe if i register.. nah.

Now boys you should let me go before any more of your men die like them.

solider shoots at DC

Hmm guess you chose the wrong one

And DC begins the slaughter of the soliders

Hmm guess i should probebly go find someone who would be on my side

Hmm i know where Photon is living

Well boys time for me to go


Darkchild appears before Photon who is thumbing through his notebook

Alright so we going to find Mags because this is going to get out of hand very soon.

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"Spiderman....He's just like me!" Scott Wolfman said, smiling. He was in the crowd of the news conference. Scott was a fourteen year-old teenager who went to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and went to New York for the day with some friends. The People around him didn't know he was a mutant, otherwise they would revolt.

Scott had brown hair and eyes in his normal human form, glasses, camo cargo shorts, brown flip-flops, and a jersey from his old high school. Spiderman was Scott's favorite superhero, and the fact of knowing that he was just like him made him smile.

Scott sticked around to see how the conference went, and maybe to see any of his Superhero friends from his late night patrols as Cryo-Wolf.

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Photon fell off the chair, his small notebook went flying off into a conrner of the room, hiding behind the bed.

"Dude! What the f*ck is wrong with you?!" - Photon stood up, yelling at Darkchild as he did. For a second, he had a small brink of far inside of him. He thought it might have been someone from the pro registration. Photon used the light from the lamp on the desk to chuck the notebook back at him. He wrote something down and put it in the pocket of his jeans.

"Well... You're here now so... I hope you didn't register, or I swear they'll never see you again!" - Photon shook his fist in the air at Darkchild, looking a bit unsettled.


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Are u kidding me work along side do gooders bah thats for pansies

Well im sry i scared u i was in a hurry they were at my house


I mean for god sake they know who i am and not to sneak into my house

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Scott turned to leave the conference. Now that he thought about it, Registering isn't exactly all-american. The founding Fathers reserved our right of Privacy, and The Registration Act was unconstitutional.

He walked down the street, when he heard a police car sound. He turned around and saw a bank truck driving at Breakneck speeds down the street. As he caught a look at the driver, he didn't look like an official. The cop cars were hot on his tail, but they need help, help from Cryo-Wolf.

Scott looked around and dashed into an alley. There, he let out a huge howl and transformed into Cryo-Wolf.

Cryo used his claws to climb up the alleyside and onto the roof, where he ran along the rooftop, following the Bank truck.

Nearing an intersection, he jumped from the rooftop and onto the side of the bank truck. His claws dug into it as he climbed to the top. He poked his head up and saw Spiderman on top of the bank truck.

"Spidey! You swing fast don't you?"

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"I got one of those over here... You want something? Pizza? Soda? I got some wine and beer from Canada, can't buy it in here since i'm not 21 yet." - Photon pointed to the smaller room on his right where the massaging chair was, then to the fridge where it was stacked with food and drinks. He rubbed the back of his neck, while putting the chair back to the way it was and flipping onto CNN with the remote.

"If you want to watch, you can have the sofa." - Photon fell into his chair, putting up his legs and reclining back. CNN had the Spider-Man's unvieling repeating.


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Hell no man they killed betsy i have dibs for the chair

DC picks up photon by the foot and looks him in the face


Well fine a$$ ill take the sofa and watch CNN

So do we have a plan or am i looking at it , It being a a$$hole who wont let me have the chair

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"What's wrong with the sofa?" - Photon asked, while plumping back down on his seat, twirling the remote in his hands.

"The plan is to sit it out and chill. I'm getting drunk tonight, maybe put on my illusion gadget thingy and go pick up some chicks. Plates aren't really popular. I don't care for Registration too much. I can live in the sun if i need to, so my a$$ is safe." - Photon truly did not wat to pick sides. He had stolen a top-of-the-line gadget in the form of a belt that allowed you to change appearange from the shield, since then he lived pretty much a normal life.


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DArkchild gets up

Alright well thats it for me im gonna go because u arnt the one who used to call himself bearer of light and the one who kick the living shit out of our leader for fun. So i guess the man im looking at now is a coward and soon to be jail mates BIATCH. Oh yeah man that felt good well u going to do anything or are u going to sit their an get drunk..which at the moment doesnt sound bad but i want to do sumtin with this affair and unless u give me a good reason why i shouldnt i may have to take your chair with me when i leave.

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A man-hole soared about 20 feet in the air, making the driver of the bank truck swerve. Octagon Freak appeared inside the cab. "Hey buddy, how much to get to Queens? I got about 23 bucks on me." Freak smiled twistedly under his cloak as the driver freaked out, and swerved back and forth between lanes. "Let's see that wheel."

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"Hey, Cryo, Haven't seen you in a little while. Have any good dog bones lately?" spidey said, crouched down on top of the speeding bank truck.

Cryo clawed his way on top of the truck and dug his claws in, crouched down as well, to keep his balance. "So, What are we gonna do about this thrill ride?" "You get the driver, I'll slow down the Truck."

"Gotcha!" Cryo said, climbing down to the cabin. He looked in and saw Octagon Freak sitting in the cab wrestling with the driver. "Hey, Freakshow, nice of you to teleport in. Cryo swung over to the driver's side and punched him out, causing him to fall on the wheel. "Move over!" Cryo said, pushing the driver over to the side. Cryo jammed his foot on the break and the truck skidded to a stop.

Spidey was thrown from the tuck, but used his webs to slingshot himself back to the vehicle, landing on the hood with a thud. "You mind giving a little warning next time?"

"Hehehe....sorry." Cryo climbed out of the tuck and said to Spidey,"I have to go, my alter-ego is expected in the park," He turned to Octagon,"See Ya, Freaky." Cryo ran and jumped onto a nearby building, climbing up and disappearing onto the rooftop
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Cryo-Wolf says:

""Hey, Cryo, Haven't seen you in a little while. Have any good dog bones lately?" spidey said, crouched down on top of the speeding bank truck. Cryo clawed his way on top of the truck and dug his claws in, crouched down as well, to keep his balance. "So, What are we gonna do about this thrill ride?" "You get the driver, I'll slow down the Truck." "Gotcha!" Cryo said, climbing down to the cabin. The driver looked in his rear view mirror as he saw webs trying to slow down the truck by latching onto nearby buildings. When he looked back, Cryo was sitting in the passenger seat, saying"Quick, or else he'll foil our dastardly plans!" Cryo laughed and punched out the driver, making him fall onto the wheel. "Move over!" Cryo said, pushing the driver over to the side. Cryo jammed his foot on the break and the truck skidded to a stop. Spidey was thrown from the tuck, but used his webs to slingshot himself back to the vehicle, landing on the hood with a thud. "You mind giving a little warning next time?" "Hehehe....sorry." Cryo climbed out of the tuck and said to Spidey,"I have to go, my alter-ego is expected in the park." Cryo ran and jumped onto a nearby building, climbing up and disappearing onto the rooftop"

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Fine a$$hole ill take ur offer to sit and drink till i see little people

DC sits on the sofa and grabs a beer

So wonder who is going to try to come and get, i mean if its a women ill be than corraperative in registering but yeah any other bollicks ill have to kill some one.

DC drinks the beer and 10 others down in an half an hour

Well since im part mexican that did absolutly nothing

Wake me when something good comes on Photon or when we get attacked alright

And before photon can say no Darkchild is out cold

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Post Deleted.

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Octagon looked over at Spider-Man on the hood, and gave him an evil glare. He jumped out of the cap, and ran after Cryo. "Hey, wait up!"

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Gl Bertron snickered to himself. As a guardian he didn't of the sector he didn't have much choice but to register. The tall white building was very sterile and he had enjoyed quite a bit of hospitality from the medical team that the building had.

"Real name: Enoch Bertron."


"Alliance: Green Lantern, are they new or something?"

"First night in the area, hope you don't mind."

"Not at all, at least you're registering on our side sir."

Bertron grinned and looked at his ring. It was telling him as a guardian his job was to inforce the law, and if the law was to capture and detain all non- registered metahumans he was to help them.

"Am I don, because thsi open ass gown is very uncomfortable."

"You're good to go there sir."

"Bye." In the flash of an eye Bertron was coverd in Emerald light and reappeared wearing his Lantern outfit. He looked out the window and took flight for the skies, duty calls you know.

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Octagon looked up and saw a figure fly overhead. "What was that? Cryo?" He had lost track of Cryo somewhere, and didn't really feel like chasing after him. He walked onto a path, and watched as the people left the news conference with Spider-Man. Disgusted, Octagon strolled around the lake, and sat down at a bench.

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Ketch had been walking down the street when Spider-Man’s “big reveal” had been on tv, but it didn’t take long for word to reach his ears. Although 98% of people didn’t know who Peter Parker was, everyone was talking about it like they did. Ketch didn’t know who the man was either, but he knew that things were about to go sour all over. Soon They would be coming to collect everyone with any kind of powers so they could slap a uniform on them and turn ‘em into soldiers for their cause. Ketch had no secret identity to hide, but he’d been a soldier a long, long, time ago, and he didn’t want that again. He’d watch after himself and fight for what he chose, not what other people wanted. Then again, fighting for the government would be better than not fighting at all, which is probably what would happen if he got thrown in that fancy jail they were building.

“Eh, I’ll see what happens. Usually just stay out of these things anyway, maybe it’ll just blow over.”

Deep down, Ketch knew that wasn’t true. Once they saw what he could do, they’d want him in their army.

“Well,” he said to no one in particular, “if you can catch me, you can have me.”

He didn’t plan to hide though. He’d do what he normally did and just handle whatever came. He’d been through bigger changes that this before, and he’d survive this one too. With no goal in mind, Ketch kept walking right on down the street.

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Bertron slowed his trek as he got closer to the press conference. In the past he had known that people who were connected to a crime always return to the place where they feel like they were the most convicted for what they had done. He scanned the crowd trying to find some familiar faces, but none of them were sticking out right now, so Bertron landed quitely on a ceiling and continued to scan the crowd.

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Flash Back


This is WZKI NEWS BREAK EXCLUSIVE. We take you live to a special report

Gambler sat in the board room of Darre Enterprises. He couldnt speek, he couldnt move, all he could do was sit there.

"Peter Parker? Peter Parker is Spiderman?" he thought.

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"Come in GL."

Bertron tapped the receiver in his ear and hear a loud sqwuak.

"I am here. How may I help you."

"This is Iron man (Tony Stark the ring informed him.). I have a mission for you. Retrieve any metehumans who are in the immediate area, I'm sure you can find someone since two had been fighting earlier."

"I think I have an idea of who it may have been." Bertron grinned. He noticed a familiar face coming down the street. "Oct, it is your lucky day, I get to use you as a punching bag."

Bertron began to lower himself to the street that he had seen Oct duck down.

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Keyblader leaped high up and long, floating over the buildings, his hoodie covering his face. He landed upon a ground, where a body was water was stretching through. He looked at the Statue of Liberty, that stood high above all of them, seemingly like justice itself. "Strange world this one is." He remarked as took up another leap, when he saw someone's car fly off the bridge. "I guess I could help..." Keyblader took another leap, resisting gravity and watched the car fly down as he got closer. He pointed his hands onto the car and whispered "Gravira..." The car stopped in mid air, seemingly floating, covered by a giant ball of dark purple. Keyblader manipulated his spell to make the car rise up higher and put it back onto the ground.

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Octagon turned around. He heard footsteps somewhere behind him. He added more darkness to the area, to make it harder for anyone to see him. He got up from the bench and teleported to the other side of the lake and watched all around him.

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A crazy bike messenger shot down the sidewalk and Ketch was forced to sidestep into the closest open door. He found himself in a bar he'd never seen before, some place called Clark's. Once inside, he took the place in. It was strange. On the nearest wall he saw a poster with Bar Rules written across the top and 6 "No's" under it. They read: No Gorillas, No Bizarros, No Evil Duplicates, No Wing Tip Haircuts, No Amalgaming, No Exceptions. Ketch quickly figured out what the place was, one of those superhero bars you read about in comics, where all the costumed guys go and hang out when off duty. Only thing was, he didn't see any costumed guys.

Ketch walked up to the bartender, Phil, his name tag said, and asked him, "Where is everyone?"

Phil didn't look up from the shot glass he was cleaning and replied flatly, "No one's here. Bar's closed."

"Door was open man, don't fool with me. Where's everyone hiding, and why?"

Phil stopped cleaning the glass, put it on the counter and gave Ketch a once-over. He was a big guy, looked like one of those Strong-Guy types, not smart enough to tell a believable lie so probably not someone sent by SHIELD to find his patrons. "You SHIELD big guy?"

Ketch shook his head.

"Anyone see you come in here?"

Another shake.

"Alright, they're downstairs."

Ketch went to a room next to the bathroom where Phil and pointed and looked down. Under a floor mat he found a door and he stopped before he opened it. He didn't know what he was doing, what might be down there, but he didn't have a bad feeling about it so he didn't think too hard on it. He lifted the door...

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Bertron saw the dhe was following disappear, then he felt the energy return a little further off. When Bertron looke he knew that Oct had seen him, so he shielded up and let a blast of energy loose from his ring.

"Nighty, night wierdo."

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As a mutant, Gambler had strong feelings against the the Registration of super heroes. To him it was the Mutant Registration Act, just re-tooled and polished up. He also couldnt believe that Charles Xavier and the X-Men had chosen not to fight. Instead Charles chose to go off and help save the Shi'ar Empire.

Gambler grabbed his coat and left the building. As he walked down the street it started to pour. Ahh, great, my best coat he thought. He ducked in the nearest door to avoid the rain.

Sorry bub, where closed

"Come on man, its %$#@ing really coming down out there."


Gambler paused, clearly someone else was in the bar and he was not alone.

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Akwa was sitting in the secret basement of the bar when someone entered from the secret passage.

He turned around and saw that a person had lifted the floor-mat and was looking down at him.

"Hello, fellow Super. Welcome to Supers Against Registration. Wanna join?"

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S.H.I.E.L.D Hellcarrier

"unit five come in " Commander Hill Sat in her chair looking at the screen in front of her , She had already picked up Five meta sginals in New York and more every min.

Unit five of the cape killers had been sent to New York to deal with a report of meta fighting the have entered a old pumping factory , There new geaqr slmost made the invisable , After portaling the Buliding they report in.

"Commander we have more freaks for you here,Vulture and The Grim Reappear , My boys down stairs have the Trapster chained to the skin, how many of these freaks has he taken down now?"

"Fifteen Super villians Sergeant , The numbers dont add up "

"Meaning commander"

"Our Nightmare Scenario , I dont think he is alone anymore."

"I need you and your men to start potroling New York , sector 9 you will meet up with unit 5 and 8 also I am sending in a couple of capes to back you up Bishop ans Sentry, Keep your eyes open if you see any freaks give them the chance to surrender once and only once from then on you may engage, Keep me posted Out."

" You hread the lady boys we have a green light , Double time "

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Mighty Magneto sat back in his chair watchen an awesome movie on the old TV it was a classic Porky's.


Magneto floated over another beer from the fridge. It had been along time sense the death of her his beloved. He had not done much sense that time and had no plans to do anything any time soon. He had watched the news he know what was going on and as long as no one messed with him he would leave well enough alone.

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The Baxter Building


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Stark Towers Washington

Thrre figures sit round a oak table at the Head Tony Stark (iron man), To his left Hank Pym ( Yellow Jacket) and to his right Reed richards (MR Fantastic).

"He is a problem if I could just talk to him 10 seconeds is all I need to convince him he is wrong."

"Tony this is not your fault Steve chose his path, Reed are you okay you seem distracted"

"It's just family ..... 42 is almost compelte "

Tony looked at richards "If you want to pull out Reed now will be the time are next move will be are hardest"

RIchards looked up at Tony " I am in for the long hall but I think we should be telling Peter about are plans , I could use his help on a few things."

Tiny stood and moved to the glass window that ran round the whole ofic plcing his on the plane of glass and resting his head on the back of his hand he spoke. "Peter has already done so much for us we have new Meta siging as we speak , I do not wont to add any more weight on the young mans head, I have come up with a plan for Cap and his men it will give us a chance to speak to them , I want everyone there."

"I will look into what new guys we have that can come along"

"Thank you Pym how is project Lightening coming along "

"he is ready I am just putting the last of the blocks in his head and he will be ready for a test run."

Tony turned and looked at Reed "I would like him ready in two days that is when we shall start my plan".

Reed simply nodded , Tony was resting alot of his hope on this plan ,

"Pym you deal with are new recruits and get back to me I want them ready for a briefing in 24 hours , Reed you main concern will be project Lightening."

They all looked at each other and went there separate ways .

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Most of the world thought Magneto was dead in some crash that had happened years ago. Magneto prefared it that way no one would be coming to look for him or atleast he hoped no one would. However things always did have away of making him envolved which was something he really wasn't ready for yet. Magneto felt his eyes getting heavy as he drifted into a deep sleep. Dreaming of the one he loved the one he lost.

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Black and white images danced on her TV, a sad and beaten Rick stared at his bottle and said those immortal words, "Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the wor...."

Beth frowned as the image on her screen flickered and was replaced by a news broadcast. She watched in shock as Spiderman took his mask off and declared who he was. So it begins, she thought.

Leaning forward, Beth stared at her hands for a long time, hands that had been drenched in blood too many times. It was time for the world to know what she was, time for people to decide for themselves if she was dangerous. She was going to register.

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New England

One of many Coffe shops four seeminly normal men are sitting down for some lunch,

Brett Hendrick a Security Supervisor from Queens(Captian America) Victor Tegler an I.T. Consultant from Long Island (Hercules), Cooper Peyton an engineer form Texas(Dare Devil) and Rockwell Dodsworth a community outreach worker from Cleveland(Goliath).

"What kind of name is Rockwell Dodsworth , I told Fury I wanted something cool like a stunt driver"

"No Goliath , We take what ever Fury can give us , These identys are only for when we are not doing important stuff "

"Sure Cap's right im enjoying it coming up with new foods I like and a history it's Kind of fun ."

"Still cant belive they talked Parker into taking off his mask , It was a great move , I mean know one ha guarded the secret more the Pete did " Dare Devil looked over at Cap

"You'r right anyone who was sitting on the fence it has helped them make there minds up , The registration will take so much away from us , Family friends .... We need to think about are next move"

Just then their bleepers began to ring they all stood.

"thanks for the lovly meal miss , Keep the change".

The moved to the door when they where outside and out of sight Goliath Read the message.

"Cable wants us to meet him at the Base he has news for us cloak and dagger are coming to pick us up"

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Cryo-Wolf ran across the rooftop, then jumped down the other side. He quickly reverted to his human form, and looked around. He walked out onto the side walk and into the rain.

Scott didn't mind the rain. If anything happened, he would be able to use the rain in a fight. A shower was always welcome to him. He walked past a bar and wondered if he could pass himself off as an eighteen year old. He probably wouldn't, but he thought he'd try. He was tall for his age, and was started to grow a little facial hair.

Scott pushed open the door and sat down by the bar. "Uhh........Gimme' some Jack Daniel's, bartender." He looked around, making sure no one thought he was underage.

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Harlem, Two Days Ago


The Registration Act was in full swing. Many had followed the law, but some........

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Stark Towers Washington

Tony Stark Sat in his office , A glass of brandy in one hand and a bottle of brandy in the other his chair was facing window as it looked out on to the City , From here he could see the white house.

"God Am I doing the right thing" He said to himself, He swang his chair round facing his desk he looked at a picture on his desk , It was in a gold frame with the words "in loving Memory" in silver along the base.

In the picture was a young boy, Damien Sharpe he died at Stamford, throwing his glass on the floor He picked up the picture in his hand headed for the wall on the right hand side of his office , "Hello Mr stark " Tony Lifted his hand the scan began, Tilting his head back he took another swig of the bottle and walked into the door that had appeared.

The lift began to move faster then another lift taking his last swg he dropped the bottle and headed out , He placed the Picture on the work top , Looking into the amours eyes "we are , arent we ".

Tony was gone in that moment all that was left was Iron man his resvole as strong as steel , His heart was golden , Iron Man began to fly he would need to be strong to see this to the end and he would be.

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Gambler decided that now was not the right time to pick a side. He quickly downed his shot and walked outside, just as he was about to get on his bike he heard a women shout and turned just in time to see a man running with a purse.

Someone stop him please, my purse, my purse. the women yelled. Gambler in one fluid motion, leg sweep ed the purse snatcher and dropped him on the spot. The burglar was out cold and the women was over joyed to have her purse back.

Ohh thank god there's still some heroes left

Just then two Shield agents had Gambler surrounded. "Ahh, the famous Cape Killers I presume."

Jean-Luc LeBeau. You are under arrest for violating the Superhero Registration Act. Place your hands behind your head a.....

Gambler never let him finish his sentence. Vaulting over his handle bars, Gambler delivered a scissors kick to the two Cap Killers smashing in there blast shields.

Force unit nine, We need a confirmation on your position Gambler picked up the Com-Link

"Nothing to report. Everything is fine down here."

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Alright traitor to VV i will leave you

BEcuase i can sense solders coming up te stairs and i dont want to b here

So im going over to MAgs cya

DArkchild bamfs into magnetos apartment and sees his leader in the state he is in.

DC immediatly bows before Magneto

Sire the world is going crazy and i knew your beloved she was the thing that kept you together sire. ANd i know what your going through when Ginju took my wife away from me i lost it and let my self sulk for three years. Then i realized my wife would never wanted me to be like this. ANd this may get me killed but GET OFF YOUR A$$$!!!!! Because i know she would have slapped you if she saw you like this!

DC prepares for the consequences for speaking to Magneto like he did

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Photon didn't say anything as Darkchild left. He had been out of action for a very long time, he didn't feel like going back to it. He watched some re-runs of some football game he didn't care at all about, while taking sips of some soda, until he finally fell asleep.


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Magneto looked at darkchild hate feeled his eyes and his heart what was left of his humanity was gone now. Magneto stood up and walked towards DC looking him in the eyes.

Magneto said nothing for a long time just looked at the man before him wondering to kill him or hear him out.

"What is going on that needs my attention that you would dare speak to me in such a way."

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Well the world is going after us mutants and costumed heros and demanding a registration act that will giv ethem what are powers are and who we are. And they also are throwing blasphamy that we the VV are responcible for the Stamford incident.

And I'm not sorry for what i said to you because it was the only way to get you out of the poor me world you were in.

And my next quesion is what shall we do with the world now.

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"Report Unit 5 we have a call that a meta human has been seen on a bridge , I will send you location to you now, Bishop is on route as we speak"

"Okay Cape Killers looks like we have a life one lets move".

At the bridge

Bishop stood looking at the kid and pulled his gun "Twilight Keyblader You are an unregistered Meta human , You are breaking the Law Turn Around slowly and give your self up".

"Bisop this is Unit 5 We are on your six staying in , Stalk mode till you need us , OVer"

Bishop nodded and waited for the young man to make his move.

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Beth hugged her arms around her stomach as she queued in line at SHIELD HQ. There was a sense of quiet despair from all those around her, as if they all knew what they were doing was right but it didn't mean they liked it. What were her powers anyway and what right did she have to say she was a superhero? Perhaps they wouldn't ask her what she'd ever done. Perhaps they would simply take down her powers and leave her alone.