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@_Creed_: A gruff chuckle. "Yeah, same to you." Nodding toward the presents. "Picking up stuff for the family?"

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@614azrael: Vermilion quickly bent his arm towards him and at his chest to avoid the blade, spinning slightly left let the blade miss inches on what was meant to disembowel him. Finally he turned around just in time for his eyes to widen and crouch, the heat of the blades pounding down on his scalp just as they passed by. Seeing her focus instinctively made the archer bring his arms up in an "X" formation to brace against the TK push. His feet skidded along the slick floor for five feet.

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@Amaranth_Strix: "Possibly.." He said. Nathan didn't want to reveal much about his personal life to an enemy.

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@_Creed_: Amaranth could see the hesitation. It was completely understandable in his view. He had once had a family, even more then once as the centuries had rolled on. Protecting them was important, and he didn't press. "Fair enough." Creed was a professional enemy, an enemy because of their duties, not a personal enemy, so he drops it.

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@Amaranth_Strix: "So what gives? Why Chicago now?".

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@_Creed_: He moves to the edge of the roof and sits. Dusts the dirt from his hands. "The usual. Meeting local mutants, organizing, and contacting the groups in power here."

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@Amaranth_Strix: "You guys are everywhere, huh?" Nathan crossed his arms, unimpressed with the persistence of the mutant terrorist regime.

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@_Creed_: Shrugging an armored shoulder. "Any more yeah. New mutants born every day. Total world population growth, and just a greater percentage of mutants born."

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She was impressed he avoided the damputation by recoiling from the punch using that to help move away from the window, and simultaneously avoid the slash at his gut. A acrobatic motion managing to dodge the decapitation and push him only back a few feet. This human was, resourceful this would be fun. The crimson skined alien charged bringing her right blade up ment to sever both crossed hands. She predicted they would part to avoid and that was where the left blade went for a jab at the left lung. Hoping to forsee his first dodge, and stop him before he could make another. From here Azrael teleported for his back leaving a disorienting cloud of red mist. Then would teleport to the right flank, she suspected he would turn for his back just as she was coming from the right, with a crouched swipe ment to seperate his legs from the rest of him.
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@Amaranth_Strix: "NOT like that! I mean you guys, your whole rebellion thing...If you just calmed down and weren't trying to take down mankind, we could have made a compromise..".

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@_Creed_: He nods a little bit. "I enjoy the times of peace myself. But I've been around long enough to know for a fact that humanity will not allow itself to be replaced, even by the peaceful means of mutant births eventually replacing all human births."

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@614azrael: Vermilion grinned as he sprinted towards the alien, in a surprising movement, he slid between her posed legs and kicked up back to his feet. This didn't stop her from trying to stab him with one of those laser blades. In a sort of bowing motion, he swept his upper half to the right while bent over to avoid where his chest should have been for the vital stab. Before he could get a jump on her, she vanished in red mist. However the hum and the glow of the blade was now unmistakable as his shined in the dark. At the last moment, Vermilion back flipped, the blade slice to side of his knee, nothing more then a graze though. The archer landed on the counter top nearby.

"I can't hold up like this forever...With those blades I wont be able to get in close enough..".

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@Amaranth_Strix: "Mutants have been around almost as long as man..There genetics will take another few thousands of years before they start to become dominant. And of course we aren't going to be replaced! Im not calling you anything but in all honesty you need to accept the fact that we were here first and we all just need to get along...Not with blood shed. People like LeBeau are profiting off your own rage for humans!".

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@_Creed_: "You know I agree in part. It will take a thousand years or more." He pauses and considers his next words. "And I'd like to see more humans and mutants live in peace. But we have to strike back against humanity when we're struck. If they didn't fear retaliation we would have it a lot worse."

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A skilled attempt was made on his life and with skill he had taken little more then a slight cut. "First human i've seen with n actual pair... But tell me how will your colleagues fair? Everyone with itchy trigger fingers. But you n I both know they're dead so much as twitch. I just want the alien." As she spoke each blade extended another red blade. Becoming two double edged weapons her siloute looking like a bizare insect.
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@Amaranth_Strix: "Did you not just hear me? One man, a human, is doing most of this. Your hurting all of the wrong people..".

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@614azrael: "Yeah sure just let me get the check out sheet and we will all be good!" He said with drenching sarcasm. "Look lady you just committed like..I think ten federal offences..How about you just calm down..But your light sabers away and we will just talk ok?"

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@_Creed_: "LeBeau? Huh. You know I don't really have much information on him. Do you know what all he's behind?"

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@Amaranth_Strix: "I would say so.." Nathan crossed his arms and grinned.

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@_Creed_: "Do you have any evidence? I can't go to Kratesis with what I heard from someone off the street you know."

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@Amaranth_Strix: "I have plenty of evidence..But as you know, everything has it's price..".

#122 Posted by Amaranth (8231 posts) - - Show Bio

@_Creed_: He chuckles and nods. "Alright, what's the price for proof of LeBeau's involvement?"

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@Amaranth_Strix: "You stop attacking the human race...Political figures, government...Anyone really that is by the books innocent. Of course with the exception of LeBeau, he has it coming to him".

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"First time man wanted to talk I woke up sixty years later with a scalpel in my chest. Dont beat around the tree or however its said. On hostile ground would you just put away your bow?" The glowing blades shut off though her grip was still firm. A human despising mind also reached out. Plotting to spark traitorous mass murder if any trick was pulled.
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@_Creed_: Amaranth shakes his head. "I need evidence, or I can't change the course of events."

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@614azrael: Vermilion slowly spun his bow, making it retract back into it's compact form and he slung it onto his back. "Look see? No foul play here..". A few agents bursted into the room with pistols fixed on the woman, Vermilion glared at them and gave a slow head shake. This made the agents slowly leave the room and shut the door behind them. The archer sighed and pulled up a chair, sitting down on it. "Why the interest in the alien?".

@Amaranth_Strix: "I don't have it on me now...Clearly. A meeting will have to be arranged.."

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@_Creed_: "How long do you need?"

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@Amaranth_Strix: "Forty eight hours, tops".

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@_Creed_: Pushing himself to his feet and nodding. "Alright then. I'll return here in two days."

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Standing next to a gargoyle, Tombstone surveyed the city of Chicago for any crime. Illinois often acted as a home away from home whenever he was away from his native state of Texas, and the ghostly avenger even had a Tombcave within ten miles of the city limits of Chicago. Upon seeing the police chasing a vehicle, he spread out his shape-memory cloak, which took the form of a great set of bat wings as he pushed off of the building, using his ghostly power to provide thrust, he flew to follow the vehicle the criminal's vehicle.

At first, he came in silently, but as he approached, the wail of the damned began to emanate from Graves, coming from his manipulation of sonic energy. The crooks in the car looked up and panicked as they saw the deathly harbinger of justice flying towards them like some sort of demon. Bullets rang out from their guns, but Tombstone simply turned incorporeal as a wall of lead streamed out of their fire arms. The hot metal from their guns harmlessly phased through his body as he flapped his cape wings to bring himself up higher, seeming to disappear.

The crooks breathed out a sigh of relief, thinking he had left. But in truth, he had merely climbed out of sight, bringing himself a bit ahead as he mentally calculated a trajectory that would let him come crashing down on the hood of their car. With the path of descent in his head, Tombstone let himself go screaming towards the ground, the ghastly shrieks following him all the way down as he slammed into the hood of the gangsters' car at terminal velocity. The impact of the undead hero crumpled up the metal of the car like tin foil, causing the back to lurch up as he slammed into it.

The window of the car splintered and cracked from the impact of his body, while the engine sputtered and died. The wrongdoers jumped out of their car, but two bolts of electricity from his pistols immediately sent them crashing down as electricity raced through their bodies like a taser. The third and fourth tried to flee, but Tombstone phased through their seats and grabbed them by the necks. "You may flee the police, but you cannot flee the justice of the grave." Tombstone chillingly informed them as he sent forth horrifying images into their minds with his graveborn power.

The criminals saw all of their worst fears come to life as they gazed into the dead eyes of Nathan graves. Some would call it mind rape, Nathan called it justice. By the time the police came to arrest the criminals, two of the mobsters were shivering wrecks, wracked by their inner demons circling around in their vision, while the other two were spasming on the ground from residual electricity flowing through their bodies. Bringing his cloak around his limbs, Tombstone retracted the visions of fear and the electricity from his pistol once the cops cuffed them. "Got to say, thanks again Tombstone. You're what every American should aspire to be." Said one police officer as Tombstone nodded. "I was merely doing the obligations of death. Bringing justice to those who would seek to hide from it." Nathan responded in his chilling, deathly cold, self echoing voice.

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Her glistening hilts stayed in hand and she remained standing. That was about as far as her trust permitted. My escape wasn't long ago but torture lasted years. I wont watch a superior creature be treated like a zoo animal. Your choices are not can we make a deal. Its do we let the find escape along with a felon. Or does the felon slaughter countless to get her way?"
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@614azrael: "I didn't expect somebody with so much skill, to talk like a rank beginner.." He shot a serious glare. "You can kill, and kill good. Boasting about it just gives me less to be concerned about..". Finally he sat forward a bit. "You lack perception of your "enemy". Sure you slaughter hundreds, sure maybe even thousands...But you wan't accomplish a damn thing. We weren't holding him captive, we were giving him medical treatment. We aren't area 51, we know aliens exist, we help them. So maybe observe the scene before you come crashing in through a window, curving bullets..".

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A flash of anger passed her yellow eyes, nobody else was on this planet like her. When your the only one you've got to step up some. "And from the look of things he doesn't need more human help. You say your here to help but how many secrets does your goverment keep? How many lies? They lied about me, what else might they. Your their weapon not their mind. Maybe instead you should look at your suroundings all humans telling a xenomorph they're her freind." The tension in the room was thick, the archer the only one with a level head in all actuality. The others were either humans fealing threatend or an alien whos instincts were too slaughter them all.
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Sunlight was coming up over the edges of the buildings as the last of the girls exited the Red Curtain. Soft light reflected off the expensive cars as each girl waved goodbye to the next, yawning and tired from their busy night. "You handled him perfectly" Chelsea smiled at Surreal as they huddled at the front door waiting for Zoe, the madam to finish closing up. All the girls watched over each other, even though the place was surrounded by Robert Marone's goons, each hidden in the shadows and armed to the teeth, it was a sisterhood. "He was an easy one" Surreal pulled her coat tighter as Zoe locked up and the girls made their way to the car park "It's the ones that can't work out what they need, that are the hardest" She kissed the girls on the cheeks and trod through the snow to her car. Her boots sunk deep in the snow as she beeped her baby open, an Aston Martin One 77, the most beautiful car she'd ever owned. Sliding inside the warm seats heated up quickly as she zipped out onto the highway, a black car sliding in behind her, her escort.

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@614azrael: "You know for someone who came for the alien...Your focusing alot on yourself, a complex im guessing?" Vermilion smirked while bring his leg up and setting it down on the table. "He will be patched up and asked a few questions about the crash..".

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@_Creed_: @614azrael: He'd managed to slip out of sight, avoiding any other personnel that might be nearby, eventually finding his way into what appeared to be some sort of research lab, empty at the moment. He chose to keep the lights off, his natural night vision more than good enough to aid him in this situation.

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@_Creed_: "I used myself as an example of the situation, and judge things on what ive experienced thats not focusing on me." A warrior she was, but patient not so much. "He seems to have patched himself up, and you don't speak the language. I believe thats what you humans would call being stupid? Thats like saying your going to talk to a cat, its not going to respond in a way you'll understand. That and looking at the feed, and how hes survived tazers and stabed people I don't think hes very talkative today." This human was getting under her skin it was time he made a choice. "I get him out of here by your aid, or by painting these walls. Period." This was her final call, if he didn't get up to take her to the alien she would switch to violent measures. Forcing the gunmen to shoot at eachother and at the archer. As guns went off manipulated for mass murder she would go for the door. A TK bubble around her to make her battering ram.

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Amaranth returns to the point of their last meeting. Fully expecting a trap he makes himself intangible, waiting for Creed to show himself.

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The darkness wrapped around me like a warm cloak, lights from the city in the distance managed to penetrate the night sky. Giving a soft orange glow to the darkness. I could hear the cars whizzing by behind the highway, the sound barriers doing little to block out the sounds of engines. Blood was pouring from my lip, I reached up a bruised hand, touching it lightly with a flinch. My leg was broken, that much I could tell. What else I was unsure, I knew I'd managed to press 911 before they'd stolen my phone, I could only hope that distant sound of a siren was coming for me.

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The eyes of the jet black haired, Hooded Mercenary drifted as he heard again the sound of a scotch glass crashing into the bar. Nearly broke, hungry, alone and broken, The Rebel without a cause sat in a rather trashy bar room covered with mists of smoke blocking his viewing. He obviously had several weapons on him, and had an intimidating stature. He was not someone you'd wish to mess with, As he turned over to the bartender, Nodding to pour another shot the bartender who had the scent of sweat and fear radiating off his pale skin. Something was in the air that night that made Cain anxious.

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@Serotonin_: (wow sorry for the wait :p)

As the hooded mercenary sat in his stool at the bar, a pig-tailed beauty watched with eager eyes. She was covered in a large trench coat, conspicuously big for someone of her size, yet this was a bar, everyone had drifted into a torpid state of mind from their usual routine of binging alcohol."Let's hope, for my sake, you're not too drunk.,"she though. "I want this to be fun. Hmm, how about some music to help set the mood?"After dropping a single coin into the vintage jukebox near the bar's entrance she selected Little Richie's "Tutti Frutti" then set her legs into motion. A series of awkward, off-beat steps accompanied by twisting hips and arms, all the while bobbing her pig-tailed head, quickly absorbing an audience with her "dance moves".

Cheers and laughter permeated the room and some money was even thrown on to the floor near her feet, then a random voice called out"Yeah! Let's see some boobs!"

She almost lost her balance just then,"Yeah? You boys want to see 'the girls' ?"the most devious grin had spread across her face. They began to chant as she opened her trench coat, but the cheer and laughter was replaced with expressions of fearful panic when she had revealed not "the girls", but an assortment of firearms. A hysterical laugh escaped her mouth,"Here they are!"

She was here for the man in the hood but she was never known to be discrete, and her sloppy style led her to confronting him here at a bar instead of at some secluded alley where there would be no witnesses. It didn't matter though, she was confident she wasn't going to be taken by the authorities anytime soon and equally confident that her target wouldn't try to run while she took care of these witnesses

In a very mechanical motion she pulled two handguns out and fired several shots in different directions, the rounds found a few heads and torsos. Still laughing, she began dancing again, emptying even more bullets in synchronicity to the music as the patrons trampled each other in an attempt to break out."Nuh-uh,"she thought. Reaching back into her trench coat she pulled out a fully automatic pistol and fired a burst into the crowd, effectively taking them all out in seconds.

The bartender reached for a shotgun under the cash register and emptied a couple shells but the sadistic gun woman had already caught sight of him in her peripheral vision and simply rolled out of his wide line of fire just as he pulled the trigger, causing him to hit the jukebox instead. The music slowed to a stop while she regained her footing. Before he could even finish pumping his shotgun in preparation for another try, a couple of rounds dug into his forehead.


The bar had pretty much been cleared out. Turning to the man in the hood she spoke,"This isn't very on-the-run of you..."

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@FakeSmile: Cain's eyes drifted with curiosity for every moment. The Blond Haired Psychopath took to the dance floor, Her wild and unpredictable movements gave the Soldier of Fortune an unsafe feeling in his stomach, He wasn't sure. He knew this wouldn't culminate well as the well endowed woman was pelted with a chant or two of vulgarity. He slowly and carefully reached under his dark black jacket, wrapping his fingers around the handle of his favorite metal tools. She quickly released a storm of bullets into the bar room as he heard the hysterical, slightly insane laughter. He had a gut feeling he'd heard of her before...His memories in the facility drew him towards her. Nonetheless his reflexes had to kick in as he pulled both of his desert eagle out, carefully raising them upwards towards face level, And leaping behind the bar counter. The floors were covered with blood, draining over like a tiny river of gore. He raised his head upwards, pointing his guns towards her "I'm honestly more scared of the "girls" then I am of you, Lass." He said, Still trying to stare her down. He learned a valuable lesson.

Never trust people wearing trenchcoats.

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@Serotonin_: Letting another devious laugh out as she fired a burst of rounds into the rack of liquor bottles behind the bar counter, Fake Smile paused only to say "guns don't kill people. I do," with a high pitched giggle before firing a few more bursts, sauntering backwards across the bar until she came upon the juke box. She kicked it over then took cover behind it.

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@FakeSmile: Cain immediately let out a moan of pain for a moment as she coincidentally shattered a series of wine glasses, Sending shrapnel everywhere, A Piece logding itself inside Cain's back. "Oh you crazy b!tch!" He said for a moment as he leaped up from behind his cover, Firing a few ultra powerful fifty cal rounds towards her cover, Still seething in pain

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@Serotonin_: She could feel the impact from the shots reverberate into her back as they made contact with the old juke box. Luckily for her, old things were always built big and thick with all sorts of now-a-days-unnecessary layers of components that would help stop a bullet, or a few, from going through; even one fired from a powerful set of desert eagles. Still, she would have preferred the bar counter.

"Well this isn't fair," she commented with a frown. "You have a bigger thing to hide behind... "

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@FakeSmile: Cain was in utter shock as this woman kept Calm. She either had a mental condition or was on drugs, He could make no assumptions as he spoke over to her, Reaching into his pocket and looking around for his M9 Grenade. He carefully removed it, wrapping his index finger around the pin as he spoke "Okaaaaaaaaay Blondie. Yeah I got a bigger piece of cover and I know how to use it..." He then just carefully peaked over to see no signs of hits on her, quickly proning back down. Time to reason with the psychopath "Listen, I Have a nice little gun powder and shrapnel filled toy over here.. I Won't whip it at you and have it turn you to meat glue, If we just have a little talk? Okay?"

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@Serotonin_: She couldn't lose composure now. Things were just getting good. "I have one too!" she lied. "Isn't this fun?"

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@FakeSmile: Cain's breaths grew heavier. She bantered with him more, Only making him feel as though she was with the facility somewhere. Even she didn't have one, Would he risk it "Dammit..." He muttered under his breath before replying "Okay, Still listen ta' reason... I Ain't like those sons o' b!tches y'just shot, I Don't wanna see yer boobs..." He noticed in the very, very distance the sounds of sirens were coming "I Say we take this little stand off somewhere else, Cause the boys in blue might show up...Or worse, Capes. Sound good?"

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@Serotonin_: Although she had feigned nonchalance in the preceding gunfight, Fake Smile was relieved at the fact that he wanted to reschedule, and he was right, too. The all-too-familiar wew-ing had already started up in the distance. She let out a long sigh of disappointment. This would have to continue some other time. "Alright," she remarked as she boldly stood from behind her cover, holstering her gun. A reckless move but that was just her nature. Calmly strolling towards the door, her boots left ripples in the shallow pool of blood on the floor as she stepped over her victims. She stopped at the door to leave him with a farewell, "see you around... in the meantime don't let anyone kill you, okay?"

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Jumping out of the tram she hopped down ahead of an older gentlemen and raced into the dry cleaners, picking up her clothes she sighed as he the kinda Asian man explained that they could not get the blood out of the other item. Slipping in and out of the crowds with ease footed surety she made her way to the tall building at the end of the street. Unlocking the door to her office, she frowned at the dust on the glass panel door, her name and private eye were inscribed. Reaching up with her sleeve she wiped it clean and entered her stylish office. The phone was flashing a red light and she flicked on the lights, pressing play on the machine as she took a seat and undid the pin on her hat.

The machine beeped as her mothers voice wafted over the intercom "Surreal honey, I know you're refusin..." beep she pressed the delete button with a flick, the machine continued "This is the warden at Chicago prison, you have a package from.." beep she deleted that one as well, she'd already picked up the package from her father. The last message sent a chill down her spine that made the blacks of her eyes slit...

"I gazed awhile On her cold smile; Too cold- too cold for me-There pass'd, as a shroud,A fleecy cloud,And I turned away to thee,Proud Evening Star,In thy glory afar,And dearer thy beam shall be...." a sick twisted laugh broke out across the room, startling Surreal to her feet as beads of sweat formed on her forehead "Miss me Surry?" the voice of the man she'd been hunting for several years "I'mmmm bacckkkkkkkkkkkkk" the laugh started up again and the machine beeped off. The next message left her heart cold as she grabbed her purse racing out the door, the machine still playing

"Surreal, it's Harry, I promised to phone you if the smiler hit again... he has, Surreal, god it's bad... "