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@The Lone Wanderer: Hands folded behind her back. " 'Tis impolite to kill."

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"Here to arrest me then?" He asked before finally turning to face her, he'd likely be considered attractive to those his age, and looked a tad too well fed for a stray kid, and far too clean.

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@The Lone Wanderer: "Why would I do such a thing?" Arching a brow, for the quantum sorceress found human laws quite irrelevant.

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"Oh most people get ever so upset about the things I do." He devilishly said in a sing song voice.

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@The Lone Wanderer: "Perhaps so. They often display anger toward me actions as well."

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"So why are you here then?"

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@The Lone Wanderer: "An excellent question." A musical, yet cold chuckle. "But I am not in the habit of confessing my intentions."

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"Stalking children? NAWBLA would have a field day." He snorted audibly.

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@The Lone Wanderer: Canting her head to the left and searching her memory banks. "Ah. Their day is little of my concern."

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"Then why follow a kid? Most of the time it's for sex or money." He pointed out, fidgeting with his fingers in his pockets.

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@The Lone Wanderer: A flicker of some alien emotion, perhaps a cruel form of amusement touches her violet eyes. "Please. Do not insult me with such trivialities."

"Why did ye slay the family?" An abrupt change of conversational focus, cutting past the minor matters.

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"They poked around, I poked back. Can't have some lame-os ruin my fun. Besides, they were only people." He said, whistling as he bounced around a superball in the alley, catching the ball each time flawlessly.

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@Surreal SaDiablo said:

@RumbleMan_Exe said:

Its interesting that the CVnU is more open to night walkers than mutants

I've only done that in Chicago, it seemed NYC was heavy on the mutant front, so wanted to make a place for us "fantasy" fans.

Don't forget Raven's and The cave

(the night walkers can have plenty of fun in CVnU :)

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It had been a long morning, longer then normal since his coffee machine had decided to take the uncalled for action of killing itself, but he had a paying job for once and was going to be dammed to let a small thing like a mug of coffee stop him from going out into the world. Reaching for his coat stand he slung the old tan duster over his shoulders and as soon as it touched his skin he almost regretted it and remembered why he needed the coffee. "Ask me what I did last night" Arrow found himself stopping at his apartment door and rubbing his nose wondering if it was in-fact a good idea to install his own brand of madness on the world today. His coat was infused with an ancient spirit of unknown origin, the jacket had some upsides, like protecting him from harm and supplying him with magical knowledge that few others had access to, but there was a downside.."go on you know you want to" said the spirit again. With a heavy sigh of reluctance Chris gave in "What did you do last night....did the parka make you jealous again." There was silence for a moment, "I hung out...get it and I am not jealous of the parka."

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@The Lone Wanderer: "Only people." A little smile twisted her lips. "True enough."

@Final Arrow: [ Haha, I love the Harry Dresden feel. ]

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@Kratesis: (Thanks) just edited it a little never liked the wording XD.

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"So, why the follow? Don't think you've got a habit of following every murderer under eighteen." The wanderer asked, seeming to warp on top of a garbage dump, but in fact merely moved faster than the eye could follow.

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@The Lone Wanderer: " 'Tis your energy signature. I have recorded an encounter with one of its nature before." Cold eyes gaze upon the sky, chin lifted as she surveys distant suns.

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"And where would that be miss shakespseare?" He asked, casually taking a bite out of an apple as he did so. He seemed to be at complete ease, almost unnaturally so.

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@The Lone Wanderer: "New York City. 'Twas before I departed to prepare for the invasion."

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"The fat bastard and his stick of a friend were right about one thing. I am everywhere."He responded, smirking as his calm, cockney accented voice rung a bit before he threw the apple core away.

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There is an open lot near a cafe, and there is a large sign at the front. It was a dilapidated building yesterday but now it is good as new, better than it has ever been for a decade. Clean windows, sturdy brick walls and even clean banners that stretch from one side to the other. The whole thing was surreal, yet the door is open. Red carpet below, and the sound of carnival music that invites everybody to enter. Several bystanders passed by to glance briefly before continuing with their destination, older folks whom lived in the neighborhood for quite a while gave it odd looks. Yet it harbors no ill portent, in a sense that it was neutral. Doves flew out from the pitch black accompanied with streamers and balloons, the parade in the inside heavily contrasted the average surrounding of the outside. Giving an impression that what was inside is larger than what was outside. Laughter follows after, and thunderous claps of an audience that was never there. To some this would be off-putting yet such a thing is not creepy, it is mundane. The lights however were out of this world...

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@The Lone Wanderer: "So it would seem." Turning back down the alleyway having gathered all the sensory data she finds it practical to gather, she departs with the whirl of her violet cloak.

[ Was fun :-) ]

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With a smirk, the machine turned away and left, seemingly melting into the snow once he was out of eyesight, the wanderer's nanite structure breaking down into a seething mass of invisibly small nanomachines no larger than atoms, becoming invisible as they were now too small to see, flowing into a sewer grate, the nanites pushed into the main water system of chicago and split apart so that they could continue their surveilence, going into bathers and drinkers and washers alike, some civilians were devoured and replaced by nanite copies, others were simply, carriers for lack of a better word.

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A paper plane flew across the city streets, riding the wind flow passing the shops and making corners. It makes its stop after bumping towards a fire hydrant, the folding unfurl to open a bloom of confetti and flashing lights.

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@Imagineer said:


A paper plane flew across the city streets, riding the wind flow passing the shops and making corners. It makes its stop after bumping towards a fire hydrant, the folding unfurl to open a bloom of confetti and flashing lights.

A series of spy drones crawled forth to some of these gatherings, disguising themselves as headlice on various surfaces, waiting to see if this man was worth their time, sensing an unusual portent the lice on the bystander's heads turned into fleas and jumped in to get a closer look, while the form of Alex Howard appeared from the shadows, literally forming from the snow out of sight.

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@The Lone Wanderer:

It appears that some folks have started to come in as the bells rang above the door, as advertised on the streets the first and second shows are free. Anyone can tag in to see the shows, families and friends of all ages are welcome as it is just a show of classics. With a violation of the first law of thermodynamics and the conservation of mass principle, merely suggestion to this magician as color paper animals flock to the back of the room. Butterflies drop candies to the laps of children and glittering bubbles that float down before dissolving to release fragrant aromas.

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The mysterious boy stepped into view, mentally directing a flea drone to hitch a ride on him, the microscopic bug hopping towards him to try and get on his head where it would turn back into a louse and spy on him.

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@The Lone Wanderer:

A plastic duck walked in front of the boy with an invitation on its mouth while quacking with its plastic components, the envelope is in manila. Sized in A5 and with big loopy letters, the duck stopped its steps and began to glow.

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They boy backed away, his face doing it's best to mimic wonder, which given it's complete access to the half alien mutant it devoured to gain this body, was a pretty damn good impression.

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Stands in the queue at his local starbucks, "you know we could just magic a coffee." his jacket said into Chris's thoughts "we can't do it with starbucks they have some heavy protections spell on their ingredients....I'm talking out loud again. " he looked at at the people standing in front of him "I love when you do that. " the spirit said with a little chuckle

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@Final Arrow:

"SaDeeebla, decaf mocha latte?" the Starbucks idiot called a resemblance of her name. Sighing she folded the newspaper and walked up to the counter "Idiot" she muttered as she dropped a couple of dollars in the tip jar. Passing the queue of people, having to push past them to get to the creamer cart, she pulled off the lid and began adding sugar and stirring, behind her she heard a voice "I'm talking out loud again" she caught the last of the comment and spun "I'm sorry, are you speaking to me?" He was cute, she liked the look of him, but she was more interested in the gentle hum from the cuff bracelet on her arm.

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@Surreal SaDiablo: "WARNING WILL ROBINSON" his jacket screamed, "Sadly no" Chris replied to the lady, he looked her up and down and was trying to figure out what had got the spirit coat ties in a bunch. He sensed nothing out of the ordinary, she seemed like your every day to day stunning women that stops to talk to you in the middle of a coffee shop...."Your kind of staring" the jacket said. "Sorry long morning....coffee machine broke...electrics seems to spaz a little around me" he turned to the voice in his head "Are you going to tell me why you are quoting a 60's tv show to me and what has got you casting a protection spell over me?" there was slience for a moment "Nothing....I am sure I am over reacting to the beautiful women who stopped to talk to the crazy man in the coffee shop." "I''m going to start wearing the parka."

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@Final Arrow: Her eyebrow rose as he muttered into his coat again "Right..." she smiled and turned to go, but turned back for her coffee and caught a hint of a smile from the man. He seemed so familiar "IT was nice" she paused "interacting with you" swinging her designer bag over her shoulder she slipped out of the shop smiling.

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@_Creed_: @Ravek: A pair of yellow eyes watches as something falls from the heavens. A shooting star coming to the earth, but the crafty mind of the xenos knew what it was. Someone was breaking atmosphere from a defeated craft, and instantly she fealt she needed to go to it. The alien world she was from needed her, where as this world she knew what to expect from the humans, They would rip the alien apart trying to study it with primitive tools. Subject it to tests and servitude, treating his as a lab rat. They did it to her, surely it was to be the thing to happen for this alien as well. No another creature would be butchered from human experimentation.

At the time the crimson skined alien had been scouting around the Chicago streets. Looking to locate people to asociate with the Covenant for a further more empowering reach. All of that came to a halt however when that ship entered orbit like a meteor. The light weight alien taking to the trees with soundless grace. Not so much as a leaf was stired as she advanced across these forests. Gradualy advancing on the crash site, soon as she got there her mind invaded the rest. Telling them that they didn't see her so she could get a closer look on the fallen craft. The onyx hued hair turning back to the original head tales as she relaxed and examined the crash. Eyes scaning the machines and text to figure out as much of the language and species as possible. Deducting that the alien had to be Keresh and having a fair sense of the language. With that the ruby colored alien pushed with her mind using telkenesis to latch onto the hellicopter above. Then forcing her way into the mind of the pilots telling them to take her to the hellicarier the alien had gone to.

Reaching the site her mind shoved the pilots aside throwing them with telekenisis. The pilots hurled from the cockpit and over the ledge falling to their end. As the pilots were thrown aside and the helicapter crashed into the flying structure Alezra leapt for the bridge smashing through the window not caring what damage the glass did to the humans. "Your going to tell me where it is, and let me escape here....Or I'll force it" the metal lighting up with a blood red glow brought on by the aliens two blades.

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@Ravek: "Huh.." Vermilion commented while crossing his arms and putting his orange shades on, the two were already aware of the security breach up above from silent alarm. "I will deal with it.." He said quickly while running out of the room and into the corridors.

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Waitn on Ravy :3
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@Ult_Azrael: @_Creed_: An alarm went off, distracting those present, he had to escape. Eyes shooting open as he sat up, there was a tray of primitive surgical equipment sitting nearby, reaching over he grabbed a scalpel, ramming into the hand of a nearby surgeon before kicking them away, the man's screams drawing the others attention. Two armed men immediately rushed in, leveling what appeared to be pistols at him, tiny metal darts trailing cables piercing the skin of his bare chest, he could feel it, some sort of electric weaponry, most likely intended to render him unconscious. Reaching across his chest he removed the prongs with one swift motion. Before they could comprehend what had just happen he'd closed the distance, grabbing each man by the neck and slamming them against the wall, flooding their bodies with electricity, it in turn affecting the power grid of the helicarrier, causing the lights the blink erratically in the corridor beyond. The entire confrontation had taken less than a minute.

Dropping the two impaired soldiers to the ground he quickly fled the chamber, knocking other personnel out of the way as he went, he needed to get away, he needed to find his equipment.

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A pistol was leveled at her head a primitive guard trying to tell her to calm down. "You don't want to do that" her cold voice remarked. But the man didn't listen, events in NYC suggested her to be a mutant extremist it was almost extinctive to squeeze the trigger. The bullets trajectory had changed though slaming into the head of another pilot. "Dont make me ask again" she remarks eye shifing to a flickering security camera. A person looking human starting an escape effort.
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@614azrael: With perfect stealth, Vermilion was already standing behind the woman, able so via the vents on the ceiling. Without a word he drew an arrow and pulled it back on the wire of his bow. "Telekenesis, cute.."

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Her mind was a constant hub of signals, scaning for needed information. A signal accuring in her mind for every motion like a sixth sense. It was on high alert here, reading this location as if it were a warzone. Which as a result picked up on the man sneaking around in a air vent. Her mind hearing his thoughts as a faint whisper. Though she darred not try and push it. "Its a bit beyond tk" Azrael jests, and with a slight motion of her finger sends a telkenetic burst aimed to throw him through roof and tumbling through the air of this hovering vessel.
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@614azrael: ( I adore you baby... I am sorry if I have been a shmuck."

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(could never be such <3)
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@614azrael: (You are my lamb. I love you sweetie.)

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@614azrael: Vermilion barely lunged out of the area of effect that was the telekinetic event. What resulted was his feet flying up in the air so he could perform a front flip over the woman. As soon as his feet planted down on the metal floor, he spun around and went to jab her in the throat to stun her.

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It was windy. A bitter wind, cold and biting. The kind that froze the tips of your fingers or chilled the tips of your ears.

Amaranth bore it without complaint.

Standing on the rooftop of a public housing tower, he surveyed what lay before him. The city was cold, dark, and full of things which went bump in the night. Things that could prove allies to the Court.. or enemies.

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@Amaranth_Strix: If Amaranth was to look down, he would see Nathan in a burly coat walk down he street with a bag of Christmas shopping in hand.

#98 Posted by Amaranth (8231 posts) - - Show Bio

@_Creed_: Putting to fingers to his lips he whistles loudly, the sound penetrating the cold wind.

"Hey. Merry Christmas."

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@Amaranth_Strix: "Hmm?" Nathan looked up and saw Amaranth. "Oh..Uhh...Yeah! And a happy new year...".

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The Teres were a fighting race a warior race, they were honed to perfection. To be one of their best was to be untouchable in close combat. They could be beet by,those much faster, their light weight made the stronger foes turn them to rag dolls if they hit. Range was the best choice, but Alezra was a rare curver of bullets. While she commended this homo sapien for a valiant recovery and attack she dared not be defeated by him. She moved to the left and swung with her right blade in an effort to remove the missing punch. While the left energy blade came around in arc hoping to spill inards along the floor. With any luck forward momentum would carry the man forward leting her get behind him with a dual strike ment to lob of his head and a tk push seeking to throw a headless corpse out the broken window. Swift as the wind, cold as steel and without mercy such was the aliens way.