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From across the comic vine galaxy different Females meet and form a union "

This is the story of an alternate reality

Of the Team Known as L.O.V.E

Each member Lives in the city of "comic vine"  After discovering there powers Their parents thought it was best to send them to "Charm school" Where they would learn to harvest there power. Each girl is to live by there typical high school stereotype:

Cheerleader: sha
Dumb blonde
Villian (most of them will be played by me)
ETC. (means if you have another one let me know)

Any questions ask

class clown/jokester: civilian
Footballer supertrooper
Bully VH
Nerd MOF
The play boy
Artsy kid??
gossiper: mark

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BEEP! BEEP! Man of Forever smacked his alarm clock turning it off. He rubs his eyes then reaches over to grab his glasses. and the first day of the new school year. As soon as MOF remembers that he gets very excited and throws the covers off and hops out of the bed. It would be a funny sight to see a skinny blue teenager in nothing but his boxers and tube sox’s. He slides into the bathroom then does all his personal hygiene things and runs to his closet. "Oh I should where my good outfit for the first day!" He says out loud. He grabs his navy blue corduroy pants and jumps into them. He puts on deodorant then puts on an undershirt. He runs back to the closet and puts his blue and white button up shirt. He goes to his underwear drawer and pulls out his suspenders and fastened them. He stops and says "I’m forgetting something..." He looks around and remembers "Oh right! My pocket protector. He sticks it in his chest pocket with his pens and pencils.

He runs out of his room and grabs his red blazer. He slides one arm in and then the other while running down the steps. He slips his shoes on and grabs a piece of toast and sticks it into his mouth. "Buh, Mumf. I luf you." He says to his mother. "Honey..." She hands him his book case, the kind that goes over your shoulder and one pouch. He waves to her and runs up the street so he isn’t late for the bus. He stops running and stands on the corner. It was a little chilly this early in the morning and he finishes his toast and sticks his hands in his pockets. The bus comes and he gets on with a huge smile showing all his teeth. "Um... Mr. Forever?" The over weight monotone bus lady asked. "Yes ma'am, but everyone calls me MOF." "Of course. Have a seat." He was the first on the bus so he has prime choice of the seats. He picks seat #2... The chair right behind the driver.

He places his book bag on his lap and sits like he is ready to burst with excitement. "I cant what for school!" He is constantly thinking.

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      "Wake up! Wake up!" Mark opened his eyes. His mom was over him."Ah there you are get up."  Mom leave me alone " Mark said very irritated. His mom left the room with a hurt expretion."What a good first day of school" he muttered to himself pist."it's still 6:45.  Mom could of let me stay asleep for another 25 minutes.God she is so annoying." Mark got up and sat in his bed for awhile looking at pictures on his wall of Beyonce."One day you'll be mine" he said as he got up. Walking over to his closet he grabbed a black DC shirt, and a white pair of shorts. Looking outside it looked cold so he got his blue jacket too. Looking in the bathroom he fixed his hair and brushed his teeth. Putting some deoderant on he stared at himself" Your hot " he said to himself like he was in love. Puting on his shirt and pants he double checked himself before putting on the jacket. Grabbing some white socks he put them on along with some skater shoes. "My good friends" he said to himself as he looked at his shoes again.

     Looking around irritated he found his bag under his computer desk where he hung out alot talking to people."Haaa there you are" he said muttering to himself. Opening the door he turned of the lights and closed the door making sure his 4  year old sister wouldn't get in there. Making his way down stairs he turned the TV on " no.... not the weather.... no too kiiddy.... to mysterious.......ah heck with it what about what's going around in our neck of the woods." He said to himself going to the MBC channel.  Turning around he opened the fridge. Grabbing milk and some orange juice. Opening another pantry across the room he also grabbed some Frosted Flakes and a bowl. Shaking down the Flakes he grabbed the milk and poured it into a bowl . He set those on a table and poured some OJ in a glass cup he cleaned out. Putting the Frosted Flakes back he opened the frige yet again to put the OJ  and milk back in. 
        Sitting down he started to eat............. After about 10 minutes he had finished and was dropping all his stuff into the sink with a satisfied smile. Noticing school would start in 15 minutes he grabbed his back pack and started  his way up the road to school. He didn't say bye to his mom cause he was still irritated with her. After getting there the bus arrived he got in and looked around he was the second person on this bus so he gradually sat in row 3 setting his back pack in front of him looking out the window.

"Man this should be a good day i guess especially with blue boy on the bus." He said sarcasticly. Knowing he would probably make friends with that same kid. When the bus arrived Mark decided to skip orientatoin or what ever that was on his schedule and look around the school. He was pretty happy with the stuff around. When the bell rang Mark started toward his first class Hero Placement. "Is this a schedule or a How To Make A Teen Fall Asleep." Mark said under his breath as he walked towards room 12 his first class."Class might be good, I'll get to flirt with some hotties."

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John’s alarm went off it was 8:15 as he moved his covers off sitting up on the edge of his bed as he looked round at his tip of a room he stood up walking to the bathroom in his boxers as he grabbed his toothbrush and did his usual morning routine then he walked into his room where there was a space in the corner near his heavy bag and weights he lay on the mat doing a hundred press up’s and a hundred sit up’s then he stood up and lay on his weight bench lifting his sixty kilogram weight of the bar he began to press it one hundred times before resting it back on the holder and walking over to his wardrobe throwing some clothes on he waked down his messed up stairs covered in holes from where he lost his temper he walked into the kitchen opening that which had all different shaped holes in it ranging from feet to fists to knives he grabbed a bacon sandwich and a bottle of coke from the table he kissed his mom on the cheek and walked off his mom looked like she’d been up all night worrying about him since he didn’t come in until one o’clock in the morning again he walked out of his house shouting bye to his mom as he slammed the rickety front door shut.

John walked out of his house his neighbourhood was rough and there was always trouble there that’s why John had grown up to be tough his house was small and a mess but he was living alone with his mom who was the only person he had left, John was big for his age he was 13 and over five foot about five foot six with a muscular build and a great football player he was known well round his neighbourhood for being tough and no one liked to get on the wrong side of him. The sun was bright as he walked through his streets his mom finally found John a school he would stay at without being kicked out because of either his behaviour or his powers he passed gangs of people he nodded at a group of them who did the same back as he went past he had his rucksack over one shoulder and held it with his right hand.

John put his I-pod in pulling it out of his grey jacket pocket then pulled his hood up his white adidas t-shirt had a sign on it that ran from his shoulder to half way on his chest in silver his baggy jeans had a black bandana dangling from the back pocket and his boxers could be seen he ran a hand over his head as he looked up at the sun squinting his face looking serious as he looked toward the bus stop his was on of the last on the route as he stood by it listening to his music as he monched down his sandwich like it was nothing and then drank half his coke bottle and threw the bottle across the road open and still half full.

As the bus pulled up John walked on the bus fell into an eerie silence as they stared at him but only for a second before quickly looking away he slowly walked to the back of the bus his legs widened to keep his jeans up he loooked dow at a little blue kid and just shook his head laughing to himself quitley as he held onto his rucksack still, he moved it round as he slumped down in the window seat at the back staring out ready for another day at a new school but he knew it would be just like all the rest.


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It starts on a clear morning at 6:30 when Desilation's alarm clock started buzzing. Des began to wake up feeling like crap he brushed his teeth and then after brushing his teeth des took a shower, des washed and washed his body everywhere covered in soap then he washed the soap off like washing dirt off of himself. He dried off with a blue towel he had took along time drying off because he had to dry himself everywhere. Afterwords he put on his clothes and moved about the house thinking of what to do next before he leaves for school. Des then remembered to eat breakfast he ate begals, cereal, and strawberry milk. 

He then packed up his school bag and was ready for his day of school he left his house walking to a far distance. It was hot today des got sweaty he felt very uncomfortable for him but it did not matter he kept continue his walk because he was determined not be late he was on his way to the bus stop until he saw the bus and it left without him. Des had to be assurtive so he chased with his super speed and used his strength to forcefully stop the bus. I knocked on the bus door so they could let me open. The bus driver and the passengers looked at des suspiciously and he made no eye contact. Still everyone stared at des with suspition thinking about how the bus stopped and coincedence of when des came over. Des still ignored everyones glares for the whole ride. 
after the bus stopped des saw his school in the distance feeling ready to face the world. He then walked to white castle and ordered mozzerella sticks he felt hungry could you blame him. He then saw students flying and zooming into the building from a few distances away he thought his veiw from over there was awesome. Des approached the school without using no powers since he felt normal even though he never was normal. So he entered the school acting like a normal guy to meet his new school life. Unaware of what could happen or what des might do.        
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Johnny woke up extremely upset. He hated waking up early almost as much as he hated school. He was never one for the academic things and he wasn't going to change his mind now. He was big on football, that was his life and one of the few things he was good at. His pops was his influence in his life but Johnny could never really get his old man to appreciate him. He sometimes felt like he didn't do enough for him mentally so he tried to make up for it physically. And his powers helped him do that. Once he got his powers he became a showboating all star on the football team. He was stronger and faster than all his teammates and the competition so because of their inferiorities, he started to rely on them less. This caused him to lose a lot of friends and gain a lot of followers, among other problems. These problem led to him changing schools for his high school years. His father wanted him to be around other super powered people like him so he could be knocked down a few notches. When Johnny heard this he actually knocked his father out. He felt bad about it later but his father was actually okay with it. But suddenly his father started to become a bit relaxed with him. Letting him stay out late without any questions. Leaving him in the house alone without checking on him. Johnny liked the freedom but he knew he would regret it later...

He looked over at the clock, it read Eight O'clock. He scratched his eyes a bit as he made a move to roll out of his bed and instantly appeared on his feet near his closet. He grabbed his tower and some shower gel. Johnny turned around and immediately appeared in the bathroom. He set the things he was holding down. And began to brush his teeth. He doesn't know why he still does any of these things his body naturally eliminates all these bacterias and toxins that cause plaque and B.O. But it had become something he naturally does and it couldn't hurt. He rinsed his mouth and then stepped into the shower. He stepped out, teleported back to his closet, whirled around to dry himself off then put on a white shirt with a superman emblem on the front of it, with some blue jeans and blue sneakers. He went into his dad's room, he was gone but Johnny wasn't looking for him. He needed the address of this school. He searched through the condoms in his drawer and found the paper with address. He looked at the Address.... Something made him say it didn't exist. It was the address of a large restaurant that he used to take dates too. He knew exactly where that was but he didn't want to teleport and end up in the middle of nowhere. He walked outside lifted up into the sky. He flew towards the address and to his surprise there was a large building with a bunch of other kids. He stayed in the air for a bit just watching things down there...     

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YAwn...... After a few seconds of moaning and groaning Sha finally awoke from the bed She looked over to see that her Alarm clock was at 6:30 which means she had about 30 miniutes to get up,eat,get washed up,and then get dressed.She wasnt really the type to rush, so she went into her bathroom and turned the shower on,The steam filled the bathroom with a grey ominous fog.When she got out she she blow dried her hair quickly and then put on her deoterant,check her self for lumps,brushed her teeth and combed her hair straight.She then  got dressed,putting on a white shirt and a plaid skirt, the traditional "school girl uniform" she slipped her socks and shoes. Noticing she had about 1 and a half mintiues left She ran into her twin sister Maria screaming at her to get up.Que! nina de obtener su culo hasta perezoso! Maria just turned over and went back to sleep. Sha ran downstairs and told her mother that Maria wasnt getting up and that she would have to probably drive her to school.Sha took a piece of toast and ran out of the house and down the street to the bus stop.The first to get on was a little blue kid, He looked like he could tell you the diameter of the earth's core without even thinking about it. she then looked at the Fat bus driver, back in his day he was a world reknown hero, Sha just gave a slight smile and wave at the both of them She was only 14 but that was in earth years, She was considered a grown women on ninjeta. Walking down the aisle looking right and left she eventually saw a kid looking out the window He looked alittle pissed but Sha spoke to him anyway HEY! . The grey seated bus looked abit old and nasty like no one had cleaned it. She finally walked to the back siting beside a muscular little boy who looked like he lifted trains for fun Sha turned to him and gave him a soft smile before turning her attention to the entrance of the bus.She looked up to see that her sister Maria had made it on the bus,Looking all most excatly like Sha only her hair was a bleached blond and sha's was just blonde. Sha could tell Maria had rushed based off the smell of her breath. Before she could say anything Sha, Jammed a peice of Gum into her mouth. 

"OMG Maria can Where's your lotion!  She extended her leg's out on the other half of the Vacant back seat and began to lotion up her leg's, when the sun hit them they appeared to glisten,She looked up and Saw Maria playing with her underarms Sha looked at her like she was an idiot. She truly believed someone had hit maria with something, because she didnt act like sha in the least bit. The bus hit a few bumps on the way and finally came to a stop infront of "Comic Vine central Home of the Crusaders" Just last year she was in 8th grade When she was a comicvine middle and there mascot was a Buckshot. She opened the door and went inside holding a peice of paper with her locker assignment on it. She leaned on it glancing at all the upper classmen that was looking at her,she looked back giving them a slight smile. She looked on her schedule one more time as she made her way to her first class.
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"Damn ma...its mad early.."

Seventeen year old Michael Ryans tried to hide from his mother as she towered over him and his bed,he tossed the pillow over his head and tossed and turned to get away from her constant nagging and pulling at his blankets,he eventually shooed her away with a whine and a grunt and eventually she left,Michael let out a satisfying sigh and buried his head deep into the pillow once again,trying to continue his dream of NBA stardom.Suddenly it all ended again when a splash of cold water poured into his bed and hit his body,wetting his tank top and the rest of his bed.

"MIKEY!get up right now!Its time for school!"

Michael looked at his mom with a dazed and confused look,wiping off the freezing water from his face,then snapping back into reality he jumped out of the bed and ran into the bathroom.Quickly brushing his teeth and slurping down some mouthwash,almost choking on it and quickly spitting it down the drain.Soon enough he was ready for his first day at Comic Vine Central,hastily slipping on his black and yellow air force ones then throwing on his cross and fitted hat,finally throwing on his backpack and checking for his earrings.Mikey was already late and he wasn't going to ask his mom for a ride to school so with a quick kiss on the cheek for his mom he dashed out of the door and began to run,picking up speed the more he ran.People could only see a black and yellow blur but soon he was there.

The young man marveled at the huge structure,then looked down at his schedule,then looked back up to all the girls that caught his eye and giggled when the passed him by with winks and smiles.Michael was tempted to chase a few down but instead walked up into the doors and searched for his locker.Once he found it he made his way to his first class and sat down to a nice looking girl,flashing his signature grin and wink.He could tell this was going to be one fun year.

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Young Demetrius Arkelis woke early in the morning.  Before the sun was even up, he had been up and out the door.  As he went outside, he took in a deep breath and looked around.  Then, he stretched out his joints and cracked his neck from side-to-side.  Then, Demetrius took off in a run down the nearly-empty streets.  At first, he started out at a steady jog.  His heartbeat was beginning to quicken and he could feel his adrenaline kicking up.  As a smile came across his face, he quickly took off at incredible.  Reaching speeds of several hundred miles per hour, he raced through the entire city three times.

When he came home, he checked his time.  Apparently he had managed to shave thirty seconds off his previous record.  Then, Demetrius went back inside and got ready for school.  Stepping into the shower, the hot water pounding against his hard body felt good.  Sometimes, the young Greek felt so much stress.  Occasionally, it was nice to relieve the stress.  After his shower, he headed downstairs and fixed his own breakfast.  Then, he was out the door.

The bus had finally arrived to his house.  A lot of pressure was on young Demetrius Arkelis.  After all, his reputation preceded him.  By the time he was only fourteen years old, the young athlete had captured a large number of awards for his athletic abilities.  Quickly excelling in all the major school sports as well as martial arts, the staff of CV Central were extremely excited about his arrival.  Truth be told, young Demetrius had exceptional abilities.  First was his incredible strength.  Of all other mutants of his time, there were barely any Demetrius' age that possessed the strength that he did.  Following his strength was Demetrius' incredible healing factor.  One of the most advanced ever seen, it gave him extreme stamina for the toughest situations.  However, there was another ability which not many knew about.  The staff knew about this special ability.  For that reason, Demetrius Arkelis would be trained to be a field leader.

As the doors to the bus opened up, Demetrius stepped onboard.  Wearing jeans and a red button-up collared shirt, Demetrius' powerful physique could be seen.  Walking down the aisle, he saw many of the young girls from the high school dropping their jaws, gasping, and whispering to each other.  It caused some of the "playas" onboard to give him a glare.  Truth be told, many girls had crushes on Demetrius and trusted him dearly.  However, Demetrius was a gentlemen at all times.  He believed that girls were supposed to be respected and that they were not simply pieces of meat.

Taking a seat in front of Sha and her sister Maria, Demetrius took out his schedule and looked over his classes.  He had been to the school previously and had pretty much figured out where everything was.  Suddenly, the bus stopped and picked up another student.  She was so beautiful and her name was Erika.  Demetrius and Erika had known each other for quite sometime.  Whenever Demetrius was near Erika, he felt like he had butterflies in his stomach and got kind of nervous.  Then, she locked eyes with him.....HIM.  Erika then made her way down the aisle and sat right next to him.  "Hey Demetri......." she said with a cute smile.

"Uh....H-h-hi......" he said back to her, slightly turning red.  She simply laughed and began to fix her makeup in a mirror she had.  Demetrius regained his composure and put his schedule away.  When the bus pulled up to the high school, Demetrius got out and headed for the very first event on his schedule - Orientation.......

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Her mouth flopped open expelling her drool, evetually choking on her on saliva waking up coughing, eventually changing sides after somewhat hearing her sister sha tell her to get her lazy ass up. Maria Sat up in her bed throwing the Comforter to the side and putting her feet in her pink bunny rabbit slippers and went into the bathroom, and shaved her legs and tied her hair back in a ponytail.She saw that Shayla Was already on her way to the bus She quickly ran down the steps and was stopped by her mother,

Maria, tienes en ropa interior Maria turned around and said SI MAMMA!  But before she could go her mother said Dejeme ver Maria ran back over and lifted up her skirt verifying that she had underwear on. She sprinted down the street and just barley made the bus.When she got on the first thing she noticed was that the bus driver was Fat, she chuckled because it always seemed like all bus drivers were fat. Moving towards the back where her sister Sha was seated she Saw a blue kid looking abit to excitied to be on his way to school, she saw so one looking out the window, a muscular looking kid, and Sha. She sat down next to sha but before she could say anything sha shoved a piece of gum in her mouth.She laughed as she did leave the house before brushing her teeth. She looked up and saw a guy sit down infront of her and sha, followed by a girl afterwards. Sha began rubbing lotion on her leg aswell as maria.Maria GLanced at sha to see they had the same outfit on.

Maria pulled off her white shirt revealing a black shirt, she took off the heels she was wearing and placed on her black and white VANS, she could feel Sha's stare burning through her skin. They were twins but they were indeed opposite, Like Becky and the other sister from Rosanne. As the bus got to the school Maria placed on a pair of Sunglasses and made her way behind Sha into the school.She started to tell Sha "I dont know you and you dont Know me", but they where twins and no one was going to believe that.Maria walked The halls To her first Class, she walked in behind a kid who was sporting some yellow and black air force ones and she Sat infront of him to the right of Sha. listining to the Teacher take her roll The class was really chatty until she began calling Roll When she Got to Maria 's name she replied  AQUI! She glanced at her schedule ENGLISH!!!!! BUH! she closed her eyes and banged her head on the table.School was in full effect.
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It starts out as an early day for Grey, as she know that she has ALOT of work to do if she wants to look her and have all the eyes on her. It was 5:30 am and Grey looked as tired as ever, but she knew she could very much fix that. Grey hopes out of bed and becomes very irritable due to the fact that this cold breeze had just made its way into her room, because she forgot to close the window. She grabbed her pink robe of the door and shut the window then made her way into the bathroom. Of course Grey did what any normal person would do whe the wake-up...use the bathroom. Once done using the toilet Grey flushes it and the removes her clothes and hops rigth into the shower, she lathers up her sponge and begins scrubbing away. One out of the shower Grey goes over to the sink and begins to wash her hands, she loves the warm water caressing itself against her hands. After Grey finished washing her hands she began to apply some Clean & Clear: Morning Burst to her face to "wake up her skin" and while she lets the face scrub sit she began to brush her teeth. 5 minutes later Grey's skin was exceptionally smooth and her teeth were squeaky clean! Grey then walked over to her make-up cabinet and took out a pink bag labeled "MAKE-UP". Grey knew the school really didnt allow the girls to go to the extreme with make-up so grey began to apply foundation to her face, then she wanted her cheeks to be rosie pink so she applied her favorite lite-pink blush to her cheeks. Grey then began to move onto her eyes...she applied her favorite mascara to her eyelashes..."Pro Lash" by M.A.C. it made her eyelashes look so full. She then added some liquid eye-liner to her eyes to get a cat-like kinda eye. Grey then applied her favorite lipgloss by M.A.C. called "Cultureclash" and finally she was finished with her make-up. Next Grey moved on to her hair...since her hair was short (rihanna short) she decided she would kinda spike it a little to add an edge to her. After she was all finished getting dolled up, she went back into her room and pulled out her uniform which she despised but decided she would accessorise it! Grey put on her white blouse but left a couple of buttons unbuttoned to show a little cleavage but not to much, she then put on her favorite Hello Kitty necklace and applied so perfume to herself. She then put on the hideous plaid skirt she despised, but of course wrapped it up some so she could show some legs. Instead of wearing the ugly loafers she put on a pair of red heels to match her her red blazer and then began to apply body shimmer to her legs and arms so that they could glisten. She then grabbed her red clutch bag and headed downstairs and placed and went over to the cabinet and grabbed a pack of poptarts out of the box and placed them in the toaster.. Her mom then began to nag her about her attire, but Grey did not pay her one mind...she simply grabbed her poptarts out the toaster and headed out the door to the bus stop. Grey stood at the bus stop waiting for the bus thinking: this is gonna be one hell of a school year.
The bus finally arrives and Grey hops on the bus in hopes no one is sitting in the back where she wants to sits. Grey makes her way onto the bus and discovers that her hopes have crumbled and a couple of girls who thought they were the hottest things to have come around since who gives a damn are sitting in her seat. So Grey heads to the back and asks: 'Umm...excuse me but your in the seat i wanna sit in and i was wondering could u move to one of the seats up in the front, it would be greatly appreciated'. So two of the girls moves but one ever so happens to be bold enough to still seat there, so grey asked again, but this time the girl got a little b*tchy and stated: look saddle tramp i dont know who you think u are comming on this bus thinking u run sh*t just cause your pretty. Grey completely ignored the girls smart remark and simply threw her belongings out of the chair as well as the girl...and grey sat in silence on her way to school.
Finally Grey had arrived to school and wasnt to pleased to be there either...and it showed, she had a b*tchy attitude the moment she got off the bus. Grey's friend s came up to greet her, but realizing the expression on her face...they simply waved at her and kept on about there business. Grey treaded through the hallways looking for room 24B...finally she finds the room, but isnt too thrilled to discover that Mrs. Barkley is teaching the class. Grey goes into the classroom and takes her seat and waits for her teachers instructions by doing a little texting on her phone...to her boyfriend Jimmy. Mrs. Berkley notices that she is texting  and states: 'if you want your phone taken on the first day i suggest you put it away. Grey puts her phone in her clutch bag and then awaits Mrs. Berkley's instructions.
Mrs. Berkley states: class take out a #2 pencil, we your about to indulge in a placement test. Grey thinks to herself: 'I hate school, I hate the world...and i certainly Hate that Berkley B*tch'

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"Wake Up! With Jesse and Jerry on 93.5 the --" The radio alarm was cut off by the swift punch of the young boy's hand. Justin, nicknamed "Juice" by the kids at his old school, was laying on his belly and face deep in his pillow. "Itsfugginsumawhotrundmyalarrmclockon?!" He said mumbling half sleep. The translation is "its f#ckin' summer. Who turned my alarm clock on?!" Then he remembers he turned it on because summer vacation was over and school started today.  His feet hung of the edge of his twin sized bed and the covers where already on the floor from how wild he sleeps. He rolls over and falls off the side of his bed. "Geez..." He stands up and struggles to keep his balance. He stretches, yawns, and rubs his eyes at the same time. He was wearing black basketball shorts and a white beater. He drags his feet all the way out of his room and down the hall to the bath room. He turns on the shower and then urinates.

He then get in the shower and spends at most five minute in it. He steps out of the shower then grabs a towel, wraps it around his waist and carries his night clothes back to his room. He drop his clothes his laundry basket and then drops the damp towel onto the floor. He opens his drawer and pulls out his gray boxer briefs and puts them on. He grabs his radio controller and turn on his punk rock mix cd, but not too loud respecting his mother's and grandmother's wishes. He turns around and puts on his ankle sox's then opens his closet. He pulls his black V-neck shirt off a hanger then throws it on his bed. Then he yanks his black oversized pants and throws them as well. Juice walks over to his dresser and grabs his deodorant and puts it on. Then he grabs his body spray and sprays and excessive amount on all over his body.
Justin puts on his pants first then slips over his shirt. He opens a second drawer with all his accessories in it. He clips a spiked bracelet on his right wrist and a digital wrist watch on his left. He puts on his black with white pyramid stud belt on, then his smiley face with tongue buckle. Then he attaches a bicycle chain onto his pants along with a checkered pattern strap. Then he puts on his gold hoop eyebrow ring in. He looks in the mirror and says "Time to get gellin." He picks up his bottle of gel and scoops a handful out. He puts the clump onto his Mohawk them starts to comb it through. He sticks his feet into his steel toed boots then he kisses his fingers and places them on the high hat of his drum set. "That's my baby." He says to the instrument.

He walks down stairs and kisses his full Native American grandmother. "You do what I told you, boy." She says to him reminding him to all he can do. "Yes Ma'am, Grandma'." He grabs a bowl and box of cereal from the cabinets. "Angel Crisp! The cereal of the Bladed Angels." Was on the box along with a group picture of the team. "Those guys are so cool." He pours the cereal dry and eats it. His mother walks in and says "You have 10 minutes to get up the street or you'll be late for the bus." "I know. I’m just about done." He puts the bowl on the counter next to the sink and grabs his hoodie. He pulls it over his head and grabbed his book bag. He had it on one shoulder and waves to his mom as he walks out the front door. 

He was walking up the street taking his time, and then he starts to think of his new school and wonders how he even got accepted. He went to Middle for a week last year just to get ready to go to Comicvine Central this year. He must have been a charity case or the school needed to expand on the student diversity or something. Justin Kinerd had no powers, his parents weren’t superheroes or even villains. He was what the supers called a Civilian. That’s the main reason he acted out in class and joked. He wanted to make sure that he distracted them from him not having powers, because he secretly felt that they might all gang up on him. Also his Father walked out on his family when he was really young. Even though his mother and grandmother loved him unconditionally he still felt he needed to stand out just from the fact he was the only male in the house.

The bus came around the corner and he exhaled and then when the door opened he walked on. He quickly scans the bus letting his only skill other then writing and playing the drums take over. He says "Woh, bus driver! Did you eat the whole frig for breakfast?" He walks a little more then sees the little nerd in the seat behind the driver. "Are you ok? You're looking a little... BLUE." He laughs a little at his own joke then sees another kid but cant think of a joke for him. He keeps going then sees some ladies. "How you shebas doing? Haha. I’m just playing. Haha. But that’s only cause I don’t know if you have boy friends or not." He smiles some more then walks down to sees a buff dude in a tight shirt. He flexes and bends his back and makes a weird face. "If only I could be like you big guy." He sits on the last seat of the bus and nods at the tuff guy in the back and twists his lip up. He starts laughing then looks up to the front waiting for the bus to get moving and pick up more super kids.

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"Cassia  Alexandria Strong!, Get up and Get up Now!" Cassie Rolled over in Her Bed,She never understood why her mother called her Cassia and ,Her name was Cassie,But she guess after being alive a couple thousand years someone was bound to get it mixed up. Rolling out of bed listening to the sound of her "brother" cry.She went into his room picked him up and kissed him on the cheek,She then placed him down and went to Take a shower.While in the Shower she took her toothbrush and mouthwash with her so that she could kill 3 birds wih one stone.After emerging from the Shower she placed on her traditional Greek Dress,It was a bit to revealing so she took it off and began paniking because she couldn't find anything to wear.Finally She just placed on a Denim sKirt with a pink Skirt and a pair of new white Air force Ones. She hated the clothes she was wearing,They were ugly to her but if her "Mother" was nice enough to buy them for her,She guessed she could atleast wear them.She placed her one-strap book bag over her shoulder so that the strap rested in the middle of her chest.

She Went downstair to see her Father reading the newspaper, and her Mother Washing the dishes,Her family so was Sterotypical. She gave them a smile and a bye and left the House. She began walking up the hill towards The school it was a good thing for her that They didnt live very far. She crossed the street while saying Hi to The crossing Guards. When she entered the School The halls look like they had been Freshly Waxed.She walked past Sha who was at her locker and went straight for her locker. She put her combination in and opened it up putting in her science books,her Social studies and her alegebra 2 books, And just took her english book to class.When she walked in the classroom She could see that she wasnt the only Kid in there,before the bell rang,She placed her english book,her paper and her 3 number 2 penicls on the Desk and then scanned the room wondering What type of powers Everyone had,and how hers would equal up to some Of there's. Soon the bell rang and the New school year was ready to get underway with a pop quiz on the first freaking day...AND ON WHAT?!!!

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The bus ride, one of the most exciting moments in the school day or the most stressful. For MOF he was on edge then. Well he is always on edge but even more when he is on the bus. He just knew every other kid was watching him, laughing at him, talking about him. First two boys came on after him. One didn’t send off any alarms in his head but the second made him tensed up so much it must had be uncomfortable. The subtle laugh he heard coming from him made it worse. Then a boy who he figured was overly smart walked on he almost felt better that he wasn't the only dork or geek on the bus. Some females got on the bus and non of them were less then beautiful. MOF always wanted to melt whenever he saw a pretty lady, but now he is going to school filled with them. One spoke to him and he smiled awkwardly.  A very large and built male walked on the bus and MOF had a face of shock. "How is he that big in highschool?" MOF thought then he remembered "Oh right. Super-children." The last kid that got on the bus, messed with him the most. With a very loud and obnoxious joke about his unique skin. MOF got angry but just lowered his head.

MOF had so much power but didn’t know where it came from. In fact he doesn’t know where he comes from. His parents... well guardians told him he just appeared standing in the middle of the street naked. Back then he appeared to look like a small child maybe around five years old. They ran out and got him and brought him inside. They couldn’t bare to see a child lost and without any clothes. When they asked him who his parent were he replied in a well spoken manor "What are parents?" Obviously he was not a normal child and they raised him and home schooled him. He learned very fast do to his accelerated learning. That was five Earth years ago and he learned kindergarten through 8th grade work in that short time. His new parents didn’t want to just keep him in the house his whole life so they enrolled him in the Comicvine Central. This is good for his social, academic, and super powered learning experience.  

The bus came to a halt and the doors swung open. The blue child hoped out of his seat and ran down the steps and off the bus. He walked up and stopped, staring at the tremendous structure and awed at the other super kids. Some flew in, some drove, others walked off of a bus that pulled up behind his. He had the biggest smile you ever wanted to see. He pushed his glasses on his face more and walked with his chest out with a sense of pride. He tucked his thumbs under his suspenders and went up the steps and into the main hallway. MOF turned left and walked straight up to a locker. He opened it and looked in it. "Nice volumn in here. I could fit four college literature books on the first shelf. Exceptional." He closes it and puts the lock on it. Turning around he starts walking to his homeroom. He left his schedule at home only because he had already memorized it.

He walks up to the door and the teacher is standing greeting the students as they walk in. "Hello... Welcome to school... We're going to enjoy this year..." Then she comes to MOF. "Well aren’t you just ready for success." She says with a smile. "Oh, yes, Ma'am." He says trying to get off on a good foot. "That's wonderful. What's your name darling?" "Everyone calls me MOF." "Nice to meet you, MOF." The excited child walks in the class room and sits down in the front row, center seat. He tucks his book bag under his chair then reads the board and it says "Welcome to Algebra 1." After the class fills up the teacher walks in and then starts talking. "I’m Mrs. Colton and welcome to Algebra 1. But before we get into the math we have a placement test for every then announcements will start." She grabs a stack of packets and hands them to the first person in each row. "Take one and pass the rest back. You'll have a few minutes to look it over. Then you'll here the announcements in your head thanks to our telepath. Don’t be alarmed you will get used to it as the school year progresses."

The telepath named Doug Fargo began to speak to all the kids at once. "Hello and welcome to another year at Comicvine Central... Home of the Crusaders." A roar of school pride could be heard from the upper classmen down the hall. "Now, freshmen, your teachers should have given you all a placement test, which is really to see how many cobwebs your brain collected over the summer. And also to find out your power level. It should take about your whole first period so take your time but don’t just blow it off ether. Football and cheerleading tryouts are held tomorrow after school. Quiz team with be meeting Wednesday after school. That concludes the announcements for today. Have a great day at CV Central."

MOF thinks "I might want to look into quiz team. I could be a good asset to the squad." He then turns his attention to his placement test. He speeds through the academic portion of it finishing all the four subjects in half an hour. He has 15 more minutes for the power portion. That where he gets stumped. He only knows a few of his powers at this state. He only knows he learns fast, doesn’t forget people movements, he has blue skin that can be injured, foggy eyes that let him see peoples souls, but any others are a mystery to him. (MOF will not have RPG Awareness in this universe.)  He rights them down on the lines provided. He is the third student to turn his in which makes him feel better that there are super geniuses that wont make him look to nerdy. He returns to his seat and crosses his fingers on the desk waiting for the bell to ring releasing him to his next class.

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                     Mark had been in his class for about a hour, He was enjoying it. The Placement class was actually his History class for the rest of the year. Mark had pretty much used his super speed to slow time and finish the test. His acedemics we're great and easy. He loved the Super part it was better than nothing. He filled out by saying super strength for the first and then quickley filled out the rest. Finishing his class early his teacher Mr. John Star read through it somehow with his strange yet formittible super speed. "Well Mr....." said his teacher as he looked for mark's name." Mr. Mark you have passed you are not in side kick position you are in Hero position. Have fun and here's your extra class that adds a training class to control your powers." Mark nodded and looked around he had about the whole class looking at him meaning GIRLS. Reading his extra class Using Power's. It was almost at the end of the school day. "don't got to worry about that for a while" he sai muttering.He walked out and stuck his hand making a sort of phone and voiced no words. " call me"

                   Walking out Mark noticed the blue boy in the room across." I really need to talk to him sooner or later." as he walked away. Continueing around the school bored out of his mine Mark checked out the P.E. area." More like stadium " he said walking by it like it was nothing with a satisfied face. Looking at his next class it was P.E. So he walked back they had mountians of balls sticking out of the wood works. "probably dodge ball today." he said happily knowing that he would be the last one standing. Walking to the art room he saw a boy using his somewhat ice power to make a beautiful statue."hmmm... nice power" Mark notified himself dont want to get frozen by him and walked off. Looking into the deans office he could not see anyone. Continueing on he thought it was weird that know one was there but he didn't care."let's see hmm there that looks nice" he said to himself as he walked to school history. Opening a book he read.

               This school was created for children with abiality's abiality's that even a normal person would never possess. I't has been here for 7 Generations." Mark couldn't read the rest it was like a boring book . Closing the book he fumbled his hand's toward a trophy. reading . " Winner's of blah blah" was all Mark thought after reading those first 2 words. BEEP BEEP BEEP. The bell rang Mark ran to his P.E. class." Hello class i'm Ms.shock, here to teach you P.E. , today on your first day we're seeing if you can play sport's game. Dodge Ball , you to the left you to the right you to the left and you 'as she pointed to Mark he saw her hand point to the left "okay." His team was pretty good a boy with a abiliaty at doubleing, a girl with energy power's and a guy with super strength. " this is a 4 on 4 you will use your power's in this game so ready..... set .... go!!!!!!!!!!" the teacher screamed. Mark instantly took all the balls and gave them to his team they we're surpised."good job "said the girl.Then it was like murder his team obliterated the other's . "Good job round 2 ready..........set .......go!!!!!!. as the teacher screamed Mark moved to the back. The girl did also."Hi I saw you in history that was cool. Let's get together sometime." "okay." Mark replied.

           He was going to gather information about everyone so he didn't care.Then a ball was thrown in there directoin toward's the girl. She wasn't looking so Mark used his super speed to run and grab the ball " Your welcome" he said moving forward. Taking care of the team his team was reinstated to top dog and went against another team. After blowing all the team's in a hour his team was king of the Dodge and the bell was almost up.. Grabbing his bag quickley Mark made a quick turn and gave the girl his phone number" talk ta ya later."he nodded.

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"Hello and welcome to another year at Comicvine Central... Home of the Crusaders. Now, freshmen, your teachers should have given you all a placement test, which is really to see how many cobwebs your brain collected over the summer. And also to find out your power level. It should take about your whole first period so take your time but don’t just blow it off ether. Football and cheerleading tryouts are held tomorrow after school. Quiz team with be meeting Wednesday after school. That concludes the announcements for today. Have a great day at CV Central." Johnny groaned and shook his head as these words rang through his head. He felt his body turning 'round and 'round. He scratched his his eyes  and then looked around. Suddenly he fell through a cloud and his clothes were soaked. he looked around and saw that he was tumbling towards the school, fast. He stretched and closed his eyes again. He thought it was a dream. He tried to resume sleep but he still felt wet."This must be a good dream." He thought as he felt the wind ramming his muscles. He opened his eyes again and saw a mesh of brown and tan. Then he fell through the ceiling of the school's classroom. His body hit the ground hard and he lay flat on it. Debris fell from his ceiling, and landed squarely on his chest. He flinched and then got up dusting himself on and yawning. Suddenly the teacher yelled out his name "Starks, Johnny?" He smiled and waved as he spoke. "Here. Um what class is this?" The teacher looked at him equivocally. "Its English, tell me Mr. Starks, do you plan to destroy school property every time your late or is this a once a week thing?" He hated when people tried to insult him. It just bothered him so much. People always told him he had an attitude problem but he ignored them. He simply saw it as him responding to stupidity which was stupid to do but he couldn't resist. "Tell me miss, do you plan to show up looking like that everyday or is this a once a month thing?" The teacher scowled at him and pointed at an open desk towards the back he sat down and took a seat. Suddenly she got up and started handing out what looked like an exam. He let out a sound of discomfort, knowing there was no way he was going to get a good grade on this after the little stand off he had with the Teacher. He thought back to the words he heard that woke him up. He looked down at the paper she placed on his desk, it read "placement exam." He patted himself down and realized he had nothing to write with. For that matter he didn't even have a schedule or a locker number. Nor did he have a bookbag. He must have been the least prepared kid in history. He looked around and saw that the girl in front of him had a boatload of pens and pencils. He tapped her shoulder and made a writing motion with his hand. She smiled and gave him a blue pencil with Superman on it. He smiled back and began his test. He was done two seconds after he started. His superspeed was really helpful when came to things like reading and writing. He couldn't believe the types of questions that were on there either.   Like this one: What is the universal law for Gravity? He knew the answer but it wasn't a freshman level question.   He wrote the universal law for gravity is each particle of matter attracts every other particle with a force which is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Then the test followed up with an even more rediculous question.  In the space below record and explain the formula for gravitational force. It was easy for him but he didn't like the fact that he was expected to know things like that.He wrote down, the standard formula would be Gravitational force = (G * m1 * m2) / (d), where G is the gravitational constant, m1 and m2 are the masses of the two objects for which you are calculating the force, and d is the distance between the centers of gravity of the two masses. THen the test flipped the script asking a question so basic like, What plus three equals 5 minus 1. The answer was one. He was really taken aback by the test. The only part that made sense to him was the part about his powers because the question were consistent. Once he was finished with the test he took a chance to look around the room, he saw a lot of girls. He liked that a lot, but at the same time would that mean there were less sport teams? THen his memories brought back the words he heard before " Football and cheerleader tryouts are held tomorrow after school." He couldn't wait for that. Those were his two favorite things about school, the sports and the girls. If they didn't have those things he would probably never come. He leaned back in his chair thinking. "This is gonna be a helluva year."  
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Sha sat in the class just looking around, It was very different from the settings she was used to but she was happy to be in High school. Soon someone began speaking directly to Sha's mind, and he was giving the morning annocuments,"Hello and welcome to another year at Comicvine Central... Home of the Crusaders." A roar of school pride could be heard from the upper classmen down the hall. "Now, freshmen, your teachers should have given you all a placement test, which is really to see how many cobwebs your brain collected over the summer. And also to find out your power level. It should take about your whole first period so take your time but don’t just blow it off ether. Football and cheerleading tryouts are held tomorrow after school. Quiz team with be meeting Wednesday after school. That concludes the announcements for today. Have a great day at CV Central."

Sha was a cheerleader in middle schooll,so she thought she would give it a try.The teacher then informed the class that they had a quiz,She saw Maria slouch in her seat,Sha hated the way her twin carrried herself,she was always fighting with the boys,always fighting with the girls,Sha  just wished Maria would for once act like a lady,and if she wasnt going to then she needed to change her face, Sha finished her test in about 30 mins and the teacher came around using her psycho vision, and gradded each paper. In a bright flash  a huge 89 appeared at The top of sha's paper, it was a B and she was happy with it,Sha glanced over at Maria who was reclined in the chair with drool coming from her mouth, the teacher scanned her paper and a huge 45 came at the Top Sha just shook her head laughing.Soon the bell rang A nd She packed up her books and stuff and made her way into thee hall Where the upperclassmen were handout outside the hall.She smiled and walked pass them with no trouble......But Maria bumped into a girl and then blamed it on the girl.Sha looked back as the black hair girl and Maria Where in a stand off Sha couldnt believe Maria had someone ready to fight her on the first day of school. Maria got tired of the stare down and then went to punch the girl,But her hand stopped in mid Air,The girl was using some type of psychic force to repeal her. She then lifted Maria up and through her into a locker, Sha jumped into Action and fired a minor light wave at her. knocking her to the ground, but she ran before the  teacher came,Sha just gazed at the direction of which she ran,trying to piece the situation togather.Sha then turned to Maria and shot her a glare,FIGHTING ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL MARIA! she said as she went to her Power development class,which was an elective.

Sha got in the classroom only to see the girl,sha sat on the otherside of the classroom the teacher called roll and the girl replied I'M KAREN BLACK BUT MY FRIENDS CALL ME SHA....Sha looked in amazement the girl had her name and was now possibly her worse enemy.

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Des arrived to school on time and made a soft sigh in relief. He then went to his first class which was English he did a good job since knew about acronyms, and made really good essays. His next class was art and he managed to good on that to he showed as much creativity as he could but the teacher tells him to try again des has a hard time with that. As he went to his next class he met another student named sha.Des had a nice conversation with sha they appear to have a few things in common and he believes they would make fast friends to. He then parted ways with her until later on and he waved goodbye and using teleportation to get into his class without walking upstairs.

he then started his next class gym it was no problem for des he managed to outmatch the other students in sports and racing. At the same time he would never rub it in peoples faces unlike certain people he knows. during his class his teacher asked him to do some errands  for him des really would never refuse a request from a person who needs help so he took the attendance folder and took it to the attendance office for his teacher. Des often tries to be helpful so he'll do his best to assist. He later on met mark he was a nice guy they had alot to talk about and he had alot of fun talking to mark. Then the bell rang and he left to his next class and looked at his schedule and it says he most go to math class by the very sight of that word des made a sigh of disappointment.    
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