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alright in my absence I looked over my characters and holy sh*t too much of it all is unoriginal so I'm making minor changes to fix that starting with my main character the teenaged devil KD starting with his name as his real name it will be war in peace (opossed to Warren peace which I got from somewhere Warren will remain the name his friends know him as) . War being his first name, “in” his middle (stupid Iknow) peace will remain his last.I want to change his code name but for now it has to stay until I come up with something Instead of him being a half demon he's both now able to change between half and full demon. powers staying the same will be defined later my entire bio is to be ignored with the exception of the powers and weaknesses section until it's rewriten properly ( I'm currenly unable to do so since I only have a wii for a computer.) I believe that's it if there is more I'll update

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Didn't you steal Warren Peace from Sky High?

Also...This is weird.