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#51 Posted by _Glacier_ (6728 posts) - - Show Bio

@tranquil: Oh,I see.Nice to hear it,though.So can I change my FB status to "Waiting for Tranquil's new sketch",then?

#52 Posted by Tranquil (3757 posts) - - Show Bio

@demolitionguy: I would prefer the Keijijo Kaze but Tranquil is fine. xP

#53 Posted by _Glacier_ (6728 posts) - - Show Bio

@tranquil: Done xD

If you need help,count with Pyrogram,cause I suck at helping.(jk,you can count on me)

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@superstay: I thought the emoticons meant dre beats... now I feel like I'm overthinking everything...

#55 Posted by superstay (10707 posts) - - Show Bio


LOL, sometimes earphones, sometimes monkey ears, most of the time just regular ears and face-sides