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Chaos manifested herself in true form INSIDE her own body; she stood alongside Relena , and Ziccarra thinking about how to handle Feral Nova. Glancing over at Ziccarra whom she finally managed to absorb she made her take out a pen and paper. When Ziccarra was absorbed she was absorbed able to control all of Chaos functions, though she herself didn’t know it because she was simply energy.   “Chaos was about to not only kill Nova; but absorb her as well.  The inside of Chaos body wasn’t dripping with flesh or blood, it was another dimension; none with laws; there were civilizations that she had ended still functioning within the dimension but to its citizens they didn’t know any better. Chaos had a hatred, for Gambler, Darkchild, Sarah Lockhart, Emile Chabot, Light Yagami, Andferne, Primav3ra, Kurrent, Acer, and Maya Lopez, all people whom have had a drastic impact on her dreams and memory; but the one person that stood out more than any of those people was Feral Nova. Despite her predicament, there was something in Ziccarra’s mind that gave off some hope, that hope always had been Feral Nova; but nothing would shut that hope up then for Chaos to murder it right in front of Ziccarra.   Chaos closed her eyes and the instant she did Ziccarra and Relena began drawing in their pads;   no sooner than they began buildings began to fly aimlessly in the air; gravity had been nullified. The green haired vixen bent down in front of Ziccarra and smiled. “and now, I’m going to infect that last chance of HOPE with Chaos” she said flying away to greet the Fire beast.

There was no honor in it for Chaos, because that stuff didn’t matter, she waited until Nova had defeated the child to strike; ending Nova quickly would be a boost she needed. Ever since the Civil War; she had been watching Nova; waiting patiently in the atmosphere for something or someone to weaken Nova. Chaos was immune to feel fear; but there was something in the back of her mind that wanted to make sure she could undoubtedly defeat Nova. Many time they had fought, only for the fight to have been decided because Ziccarra retook control of the situation; this time that wouldn’t happen. As she began to fly towards Nova with a poised pace, she could hear the thunder clouds starting to form in this vortex of misery.  She smiled as she gazed out at the lands below.

The green life began dying, The torrential downpour began, painting the sky's a opaque black, the wind levels picked up making it even hard for the  demon birds to fly. The water level began to rise, As well as the altitude. The black beaches became overrun with water; the sharks misplace allowing them to freely swim among the humans in the city. Lightening struck at will,The Ground began shaking around, the city plundering it under causing most of the city to plunge into the ocean. Approximately 45 miles northwest of the Chaos’s location, stood the woman responsible for the catastrophe. She brought forth the dooms day. The winged beast stay airborne with her wings flapping, she didn't really need the wings other than the fact they could be used as a vicious weapon. She had the face of a innocent young girl but her intentions were that of a dictator. Nothing but death was on her mind, Torment, totally annihilation of the being known to the world as Feral Nova .She knew not of mercy, She knew not of forgiveness. This fight was now beyond friendly, someone had to die....

Cocking her head back from Chaos fired a gigantic beam of light from her mouth; She knew it wouldn’t hit Nova, it was just to let her know that Chaos was coming; if the rain and storm’s didn’t tell her that already.   With that Chaos flew as herself, Ziccarra, and Relena towards Nova flying in-between buildings and everything trying to confuse the hero by attacking from different angles. As she got right up on Nova, she transformed back into her regular form and hunched over, from her back dark tendrils came from it, she sent them forth hoping to impale the Hero. 


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End of Sha vs Feral Nova 20

Nova covered her ears as a screeching sound could be heard throughout the City. Stephanie grunt in pain as she saw a HUGE beast like creature step out of the portal and right in the middle of the battle, shooting right into the sky. The other two girls (Tori and Ziicarra) may not have known who this was... but Stephanie knew...

"Chaos!" she yelled out.

“It’sss been a long time…” The evil creature hissed.

"Too long." Nova balled up her fists, since the two last departed she wanted another crack at the dark creature, not for almost killing her in her last fight with Ziccarra, but for absorbing her long time friend. She knew if there was SOME way of bringing back Sha, any way, that it would involve having to fight Chaos, and now it was, on a silver platter. "You've gained some weight, havent you?" she chuckled as Chaos began to take a deep breath inward, crating a giant vacuum like suction. Struggling to hold her ground, she then remembered something, the other two girls! "Girls, you two need to get the hell out of here NOW! And don't try to argue with me!" she turned around, only to find the girls already gone.... "oh... well... THANKS FOR THE HELP JERKS!" With that Stephanie lost her footing, and was sucked INTO the body of Chaos.

Everything went black for a while, for how long? Who knew, but the sound thunder clapping and high violent winds woke up Stephanie from her small slumber. Sitting up in a panic, her emerald eyes looked around, the area was most definitely not Solace City... The sky was dark, it was raining and the winds hit against her body with blazing speed. Dark figures that seemed to almost be humans, were running in every direction around her as a rumble could be heard. Water was now rushing through the city streets, and without thinking the Fire Goddess burst into her golden flames, landing on top of a building as confusion continued to cover the womans' mind.

"Where the hell am I?" she was trying to think back on her last thing she could remember. Then the city was being struck by lightning at random, the ground shaking violently as some of the buildings all around her began to sink into the abby's of an ocean. Everything was so... chaotic! Then it came to her. "HOLY CRAP CHAOS BLACK ATE ME!" she took to the sky as she watched the building she was standing on top made its way down into its watery grave. "Ok... it COULD have been worse... I mean... I could be DEAD right now, but I'm not..." she paused for a moment. "Crap, I'm not dead, right?!" she began to spaz out, cause if she was, this place was already WORSE than hell.

Just then a beam of light zoomed right pass the right side of Nova's head, just missing her by less than a inch. "Ahhh!" she spun around, trying to figure out where the beam came from. That just reminded her this was still a fight, and that it was time to get serious. "Focus Steph... focus! Your in Chaos' world now... and hopefully Ziccarra is here, and then we just have to beat the crap out of Chaos... find Ziccarra... save Ziccarra and then... figure out how the hell we are going to get out of here." she whispered to herself as she landed on top of another building, trying to catch her breath. With a crackle of lightning, the area was suddenly lit up for just a second, and within that second, she saw at least THREE figures coming at her! She couldn't see WHO they were though, if it was Chaos herself or just some shadow evil demon thingies of DOOM. But either way she braced herself, in one swift motion she unsheathed her blade that she still had with her, and took in a deep breath, trying to calm herself down and clear her mind enough for the battle that was about to take place.

Just then she saw a figure rush right in front of her, flying directly at eye level. Stephanie crouched down as she grit her teeth, as the figure came closer... it was a woman she had never seen before... but the look she had on her face... it looked as if no one was home. Was she being controlled? Stephanie yelled out as she dodged out of the woman's way, but then she felt a kick to her face from the left. Stumbling to the side she looked up to see a familiar blond hair figure flying away form her and weaving through the buildings. The Fire Goddess's eyes widen. "ZICCARRA?!" she yelled out, forgetting that her friend had just attacked her. She was about to fly after her, but was met face to face with the back of Chaos Black, with rigid tendrils coming right at her. She knew at the speed Chaos was coming she couldn't dodge her, so instead she turned to the left and held her breath, throwing her arm up to protect her face. Impact was made as the tendrils pierced through her skin, blood dripped down to the roof of the building as Stephanie grit her teeth, her entire left body throbbing with pain, but since she had Chaos this close.... she might as well make a move as well.

She let out a yell as an explosion of fire escaped from her body, radiating out about fifty feet. When the fire died out she then pushed herself forward, her golden flames still covering her body as she lunged at Chaos, thrusting her blade at the giant beast's chest, hoping to impale it through. She then pulled back slightly as she threw both her hands forward, shooting out a blast of fire before landing back down on a building. Her wounds were pretty much cauterized shut now, but her arm and body was still throbbing with pain, and as much as she wanted to focus on Chaos, she couldn't get the image of Sha flying away from her after attack, why would she be attacking?! Unless...

"Your controlling Sha!" she yelled out at Chaos. "Let her go, and MAYBE I'll let you live!" she smirked as she pointed her blade at the beast. "By the way." she looked around a bit. "I think you need to go on a diet, I mean... entire CITIES are INSIDE you! Do you know how unhealthy that must be?" she then paused for a moment. "Wow... I wonder how much you weigh! Must be hard keeping a figure while your busy swallowing people WHOLE." she ranted on and on, just trying to annoy the hell out of Chaos.

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Chaos stood above Nova as her Tendrills pierced her skin again; letting out a wretched screech one that angered the lightening, causing them to strike in a weird manor. As Nova’s blood dripped from her demonic tendrils she almost had an orgasm from the excitement.   In chaos’s world, one found themselves fighting the elements of mind games, games that always played to her advantage.   She slowly began to retract her tendrils; but slowly was all Nova needed to explode in a fireball like manner sensing a booming barrage of flames barreling straight towards Chaos, knocking the demon beast back. Chaos grimaced in pain; she screeched at the fire goddess; but through the thin veil of flames Nova came, shadow first. She emerged thrusting her weapon towards Chaos; however the Magnetism from the Demonic beast prevented it. “NO you don’t” she said swiping at Nova; whom was able to quickly rebound by shooting another scorching blast at Chaos which sent her through a building. She hit the dry ground writhing in pain as another burn from Nova spread through her body. Chaos pulled herself from the wreckage and then jumped in the air.   She landed on a building above Nova and transformed into Ziccarra.   “No…I am SHA” Chaos said screeching, as she was about to attack Nova once again began to speak.

“Well when I finally absorb you, I’ll just burn it all off” Chaos said laughing, “How does it feel Nova, to know that once I’m through beating you inch by inch, you’ll be absorbed by the same person you helped create!” Chaos had killed Nova once a long time ago; Ziccarra managed to dispel her for a short time but Nova, and a series of unrelated events brought her back. “She sold her life to me, to defeat you! To stop you from destroying Solace City…and I did that and collected my reward” Chaos said she then began to fly in almost a tuck roll pattern, not going anywhere; but she was speeding up as she did so. “I’ve been thinking of wayysss, to kill you my dear…”   she continuously spun around in a circle as she did so, a loud screeching noise began to come from her.

She eventually looked like a light ball surrounded her, the faster she went the louder she became, it was because she gave off a low sonic hum that got louder as she accelerated. She shot herself off using light as propulsion to try and get a quick attack off on Nova; she aimed to ram her right in the gut. Chaos reemerged this time in Relena form.   “Just think of how beautiful…we’ll be together” she said in Relena’s soft and peaceful voice.

 Chaos began levitating higher in the air she then extended her hands forward towards the ground , and began moving them in various patterns until a grid made of light appeared on the ground.  She then heightened gravity around her multiplying it by two she was attempting to limit his evasiveness even more through the air trying to keep her grounded. What she did was create a Cartesian coordinate system, every move she made produced a point and an ordered pair. This pair gave the quadrant and  axis in which the movement was made. That’s not all it did when a point is triggered by any of the combatants it fired its enormous energy at whoever made the motion. The safe point of the graph is at the point (0,0) But Chaos had that area on lock she was ultimately giving her two choices,  be ripped to pieces by her labyrinth, or fight her by air, which was under the effect of her gravity control, she folded her hands and smiled as she flew back and forth in the air, over the point 0,0.

Chaos  wasn’t done yet; she extended her hand and tried to limit the motion around her which would make her force output lower, causing her attacks awhile to hit her.

Sha mounted her defense and offense now it was time to    go to work she was already standing on the safe point 0,0 she released her kira monster from her waste as it freely began moving, the monster fired hordes of light energy at Nova trying to grab her attention.   The first person to move in the wrong spot, would be relentlessly attacked by the grid.

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 Stephanie smirked to herself as she watched the beast crash into the building, she can beat this thing, she totally can... yeah... just think happy thoughts... like cookies...hhhmm.... cookies. But her happy thoughts were quickly vanquished by the sight of Chaos jumping from the rubble and landed on top of a building just above hers, the vicious beast transforming into Nova's, Ninjan friend.

"No... I am SHA."

The screech was like nails to a chalkboard as she knelt down in pain, covering her ears to try and protect them. But Stephanie stood up, still rambling to Chaos, trying to get under her skin.

“Well when I finally absorb you, I’ll just burn it all off How does it feel Nova, to know that once I’m through beating you inch by inch, you’ll be absorbed by the same person you helped create!”

Stephanie paused, helped create? What the hell was this demon talking about? She didn't help create anything like THAT. Maybe that taco monster that loomed inside Jasmine Coles room back in the day... but CHAOS, what kind of joke was she pulling here? "What the hell are you talking about?"

“She sold her life to me, to defeat you! To stop you from destroying Solace City…and I did that and collected my reward”

"W-what?" Stephanie whispered to herself, it couldn't be... she couldn't be responsible for... for all of this... could she? "Oh no..." she dropped to her knees, her eyes watered with tears. "I-I didn't... I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry Ziccarra..." she lowered her head in shame, at that point in time she was only concerned for herself... just herself that she didn't even THINK about how everything would effect her longtime friend. She wasn't even paying attention to the beast flying above her. But again, the screeching brought her back to reality.

Anger began building up inside her as she slowly stood up, her blood boiling, hatred towards the beast was higher than it had ever been. She came to a conclusion... she had to defeat this THING and somehow... someway... FREE Ziccarra, even if it killed her.

Looking upward at the gloomy sky she watched as Chaos created what seemed to be a ball of light around her. The annoying humming sound got louder and louder with every passing second. "This is really going to hurt..." Stephanie mumbled to herself as she braced herself for the attack. Then in a flash of light, Chaos came at Nova, so fast that Stephanie didn't even see it coming. Impact was made like with the force of a rocket, the heroes body flew off the building, her body slamming into another as she collided with wall after wall until she finally stopped. "This... isn't going to be as easy as I thought." she mumbled to herself as she wiped the blood off her chin. Getting back up she ran forward and jumped out the window, bursting into flames and landing back on the roof, skidding a bit before stopping as she STILL had a confidant grin on her face, hoping it would annoying the beast.

Looking at Chaos... she was now in another woman's form... it was the same woman from earlier... who was she? Another victim of Chaos? Great, now she had to save TWO people, like having the life of just Sha in her hands was bad enough.

“Just think of how beautiful…we’ll be together” Her voice was almost reassuring... and inviting... it pissed her off knowing that Chaos absorbed more than just one person. Getting ready to jump into the air to attack, she suddenly felt the ground pull down on her, like if the ground was a magnet, she felt like she weighed a ton! "What... the heck?" She spoke as just taking a step took double the energy. It was like that one episode of Dragon Ballz that she watched with Ziccarra, that one... gravity chamber that showed that one crazy haired character... Veggie? Veggieter? Something like that. But that was just the start, the ground began to glow, lines  in a checkerboard like patter began to light the ground. She wasn't sure what was going on, but she figured it couldn't be good... not with Chaos around. Then, almost as if giving birth , a dark creature of some sort crawled out of the waist of the beast, creating a spawn of itself. It seemed to be able to move freely upon the roof top, pacing around,glaring back at Stephanie.

"Ok, I got this." she whispered to herself as she looked over at, who had a maleficent grin upon its face. It was like Nova was her lab rat stuck in a maze, and the cheese? Chaos itself.

Before the Fire Goddess could even take a step, beams of energy rushed at her. Ducking under the first blast she grunt as she pulled up her blade, in a swift motion she blocked another beam and shot a fireball at another, the two energies colliding with each other and forcing Nova to skid back a few feet. But as she was skidding, waves of energy blasts shot upward from the ground like a domino effect, rushing towards her! Her eyes widen as she began to slow down, and with a grunt she jammed her blade into the ground, stopping her from skidding as she then dove to the right, the beams of light still shooting out, as if following her in a display of colors. "You've got to be kidding!" she blurted out as she burst into flames, leaving her blade behind as she tried fueling her blaze as quickly as she she could, only to slowly begin rising into the air, the gravity control taking heavy effect on her. She didn't rise high enough in time, the beam shot into the air, smashing into the heroes body and sending her a bit higher into the sky, but quickly came back falling to the ground. Struggling to keep herself from touching the deadly roof top she burst into her golden flames again, this time putting as much energy as she could as fast as she could, keeping her hoovering over the ground and pushing herself forward until she reached the spawn like creature.

Hoping her plan would work she slammed right into the beast, pinning her down on the ground. As soon as impact was made a low 'hum' could be heard as Stephanie then flipped off the beast, causing it to take the full blast of the light beam, a screeching cry of pain could be heard as Stephanie began running as quickly as she could around the area, with beams of light racing right behind her. "Ok... cant... run... forever.... THINK!" she blurted out as the creature suddenly jumped down on the ground in front of her, smoke from the blast still rising from its skin. Unable to keep her balance while stopping she flopped to the ground, at the feet of the monster and the ground lit up in that instant. Feral Nova took on the full blast of the beam, it so strong that it shot her higher into the air, and off the roof, into the shark infested waters below. She could see the creatures rush at her, ready to claim their dinner, but The Fire Goddess wouldn't let that happen, she had to push through.

The water lit up to a golden color as it suddenly shot upward towards the sky, Stephanie emerging from the ocean, struggling to push herself beyond her limits of being able to keep creating more and more fire. Upon landing on the ground, she landed right in front of Chaos, in a crouching position, coughing up water and gasping for air, her body shivered, cold from the freezing water.

"Hello." she spoke in a taunting voice as she pushed herself upward, her right fist balled up as she attempted an uppercut, her hand bursting into their golden flames as she did so. As soon as she landed back on the ground she reached out her hand towards her blade (which was still jammed into the roof), manipulating the heat still inside as it made its way back to her. Taking a sharp breath, her sword began to give off a dim glow as she heated the blade, putting as much heated energy into it without melting it. When she felt it was enough, she then rose the blade upward at the beast she released the energy inside it, causing a blinding flash of light. Hoping the light would distract Chaos for a moment she then pulled the blade back as she chucked it right at Chaos as hard as she could so it could pass through the gravity, manipulating the heat inside of it to make her accuracy just that more precise. Now standing more crouched due to the heavy gravity slowly beginning to overpower her, she felt a pair of arms wrap around her, the spawn of Chaos suddenly sunk its teeth into Nova's shoulder as she cried out in pain, a chunk of flesh being ripped from her body as Stephanie threw her head back, headbutting the beast as it let go of her. Spinning to face the monster she extended her left hand she pointed at the blood thirsty creature, with a flick of her wrist the monster roared in pain as it's mouth began to glow bright, the crimson fluid inside its mouth lighting on fire inside it as it burst into Nova's golden flames, screeching in pain it threw itself off the building and into the waters below.

With a chuckle she dropped to one knee, blood covering the floor and her left side of her body as she struggled to cauterize her own flesh, her body shaking, going into shock. "C-come on Stephanie... don't do this to yourself now." she whispered as her shoulder throbbed in pain. "I'm soooo blaming Tori for this when I get out of here." Her eyes then looked at her blood upon the ground, she knew what she had to do... she just wish she didn't have to rely on this power right now.  Still kneeling she closed her eyes, she only had a couple of seconds before Chaos attacked again. Gritting her teeth her body began to give off an eerie red glow, and upon opening her eyes, they turned into a deadly crimson red color, her pupils in the shape of diamonds. Upon her fight with Charmix in the KOV, the young witch suppressed the power of her demonic blood to the point of her having full control over herself while the demon blood was in use. Breathing inward she could feel the raw energy and power course through her body, it felt... amazing she had to admit, and now she was ready to keep going.

With a sly grin on her face she suddenly disappeared, then appeared right behind Chaos, her claw like hands extending outward as she shot down a blast of hellfire at the monster. Upon coming back to the ground she landed on the grid directly under Chaos Black, before the energy blast could touch her, she teleported again, this time at the safe zone as she watched the blast shoot upward, directly at Chaos Black.

"Come on slow poke!" She gave Chaos a toothy grin, her voice slightly distorted thanks to the awaken blood.

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Chaos levitated above the safe point with her hands folded, whilst Nova dealt with her monster.  The grid, the monster was all a part of a deeper plan; that was to pick Feral Nova a part. Nova had fought the power of the grid; once she hit the water the gravity that once bore down on her began to wear off.   The gravity did its part in tiring the fire wielder out.   The monster succeeded in causing her to use a massive amount of energy. From what Chaos could see, she had the Fire goddess on the ropes; and now she needed to muster up her own strength to move in for the kill.   Chaos’s eyes darted towards Nova as, she appeared from her dive; the fire goddess rushed towards the beast, connecting with an uppercut on Chao’s chin, black mucus like blood flew from her mouth causing her to stumble back teetering on the edge of the building they were on.  The beast gave off an almost abysmal leer; Nova pushed her blade forward, which ended up blinding the beast. Her eyes felt like they instantly dried up and the feeling caused reduced her to her knees as she finally regained her site, she watched as what appeared to be the top of Nova’s blade stopped right at her face. She only assumed Nova threw it at her, but her Magnetism was able to catch it before it made solid impact. Chaos let out a grin; for some reason Nova gained confidence...confidence she shouldn’t have not while fighting her at least.  It was at that moment that Chaos’s beast managed to strike at Nova’s shoulder causing her what appeared to be unbearable pain; however it didn’t take long for the young hero to quickly kill the beast. Chaos halted as she figured Nova was praying, though this wasn’t the case.

Nova erupted in her hellfire form, which took Chaos by surprise. “AGAIN!?” the beast hissed as she finally transformed into her true form. Before Chaos had time to say anything else, Nova was in front of her face; her whole body was engulfed by a blast of hellfire, the beast fell down towards the grid, but before she could do so Nova, teleported down and then moved away. Chaos constructed a light shield that cushioned the blast as she hit the grid, but it did its job as it ripped through the flesh of the beast; a screech was consumed by light; then all went silent. When the smoke cleared, the grid was in shambles and Chaos laid spread out over a white block that once made the grid what it was. Nova was quicker, she was now stronger…but Now Chaos had to one up her Feral Challenger. Her right eye was burned so bad she couldn’t open it… her wings were now useless and there were several missing feathers from the bones around her breast.   “You…b!tch” Chaos said with a gelatinous blood oozing from the crevices of her cracked lips.

Chaos shined in a light, and emerged as Ziccarra; she still had the same physical status from before, but now things like her wings weren’t a hindrance on her.  Bending down Chaos pushed a loud sonic energy into the ground; not for any reason than to try and suspend Nova’s forward movements, towards her.   Keeping her left hand in the ground she pushed her right hand forward channeling her magnetism; hoping to keep Nova stationary; with that she sent forth a beam of light energy from her mouth.    It didn’t take long for Chaos to develop her next attack, she quickly rose into the air, with a nasty smile on her face. In doing so she begin t spin around as if she was on an axis…generating almost cyclonic winds with her sonic energy. As she spun in the sound vortex, she then began to whistle, it was subtle and concealed by the overwhelming scream of the Vortex. As she whistled a misty breath began to exert from her   mouth, freezing a “cone” Shape of the vortex, as the sound continued to swirl on the inside. Feeling that it was time, she pushed outward shooting her frozen Sonic burst.

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The entire building rumbled as the blast collided with Chaos, blinding flash covered the entire area as the beast let out a painful cry. Stephanie had to look away for a moment until the light finally died out, smoke covered the entire area as the smell of burnt flesh consumed the area. With her senses heightened , her eyes began darting around, she knew the fight was far from over. The crimson eyes then fixed upon the wounded and broken body of Chaos Black, simply laying upon the roof, pain clearly coursing through it. Its black blood oozing from between her lips as she spoke.

"Now, now, am I going to have to wash your mouth out with soap?" She spoke with a arrogant grin, one bad thing about this power, was how confidant it made her. She had to be careful, Chaos was not something to take lightly... at all, not to mention that she had beaten the crap out of her before.

Again a light emerged from the beast as Nova covered her eyes with a grunt, all these lights, she swore she was going to end up going blind! Upon uncovering her eyes Ziccarra was seen standing before her. "Z-ziccarra?" She was wounded, battered, bruised; bleeding, and Stephanie couldn't help but feel a wrench in her chest, letting her guard down as she stumbled forward.

Suddenly a sonic blast slammed into the ground, forcing Stephanie to stumble a few steps more back than she did forward. She let out a frustrated groan as she struggled to push through the blast, only to... suddenly... become... at a halt... Her body frozen in place as her eyes connected with the hand outstretched at her. "N-no!" She grumbled out, she let her guard down and now she was under the magnetic control of Chaos Black, she REALLY needed to find a way to get rid of that crap inside her... always causing nothing but problems.

A energy blast smashed right into the chest of Nova, but instead of causing her to fly off the building, the magnetic hold upon her kept heron top of the building, allowing the full power of the blast to smash into her. The energy scorched her skin as she let out a howl of pain. Once the light subsided from the blast, the hold upon her was let go as she dropped to her knees. Her head sulked forward as gray smoke rose from her seared body. Her cloths tattered and worn out, her skin raw from the blast as it oozed blood down to her finger tips, she was becoming exhausted... fast.

Her scarlet eyes looked up at the fellow tyrant, looking upon the maleficent grin upon its face as it began to work on its next attack. Forcing herself up from the ground she shook the blood off her hands, as she stood tall, ignoring the pain aching all over her body. Catching her breath for a moment she watched the cyclone wind form around her, giving off a strange ... whistle like sound, which usually was a fancy thing of saying 'This is going to hurt more than you think.' something Nova DIDN'T like. "Great... just peachy." she mumbled to herself.

The winds suddenly began to pick up all around them; Stephanie crouched down a bit, struggling to keep her stance. The air began to grow cold as The Fire Goddess could see her own breath. "Your kidding me... right?" she whispered as a sudden blast of what felt like a blizzard smashed into her, its freezing cold temperatures catching the hero off guard. Throwing her hands upward to her face she attempted to protect herself as she could feel herself suddenly become immobile, ice covering her legs and then slowly crawling up her legs to her waist, chest, arms, neck and then head. The blast of cold literally freezing Feral Nova in an icy tomb. Everything was silent, well, as silent as it could be in a world ran by Chaos. The ice seemed to be keeping the Fire Goddess in a deathly hold.

Inside, Stephanie was beginning to panic, she couldn't breath, she couldn't see, she was cold, so cold... moving was impossible and the ice was so cold, it was burning her seared skin. In the panic she grit her teeth as let out a massive outburst of hellfire, the ice instantly turning into steam as her feral yell echoed through the atmosphere. Dropping to one knee she gasped for air as the hellfire vanished from her body, dizzy, disoriented and simply pissed off, the pyro hero looked around for Chaos Black. Again, she grinned at her, even exhausted she gave that eerie grin. "I must be a real threat, for you to be trying so hard." she stood up, swaying a bit before regaining her balance. "I mean, why try to take me NOW? You could have easily gone after me after our last fight... I was weaker then, more vulnerable, instead you waited all this time... why? For the thrill of the fight?" she paused for a moment. "Or is it because you know deep down Ziccarra is STILL stirring inside, and your afraid I'm going to somehow manage to break her out of this hell hole?" she chuckled.  "Don't think about it too much, this will be done soon enough, so enjoy your last few breaths." even though she was acting as cocky as she was, in reality, Stephanie knew that her chances of actually beating a THOUSANDS of year old being was going to be near to impossible.

Baring her teeth she then punched the ground as she let out a feral yell, the ground shook as a wave of hellfire spew outward in a circle with a ripple effect. Her eyes then looked right at Chaos as she smirked, it was time to inflect a new type of pain upon the fellow beast.

Licking her chapped lips she suddenly vanished, and suddenly appeared to the right of Chaos, extending her claw like hands as she took two quick swipe at its ribs, but as soon as she came she disappeared again, this time appearing crouching down in front of the monster as she then balled up both hands and threw them upward towards her diaphragm, attempting to knock the air out of her before teleporting yet again, this time behind the creature as she jumped up, balled her hands above her head and attempted to slam them behind the monster's head. Upon landing back on the ground she vanished yet again before Chaos could grab a hold of her.

Throwing her right arm into the air, she created a ball of hellfire, the size of a two basketballs.  Closing her eyes she then closed her fist at the ball of dark flame as suddenly broke out into a dozen of mini hellfire balls and dropped to the ground all around them, but never hitting Chaos. Then bringing her hands back to the center of her chest she rubbed her hands together as she then threw them out to her side, the small balls of hellfire suddenly formed into a dozen of mini demon like creatures made from her own hellfire. As the dark imp’s solidified they began to scurry along the roof the building, and made their way towards the Mistress of Chaos. They all attacked in unison, some jumping at her while others dove at her legs, all of them giving off a screeching laughter as they attempted to overwhelm the fiend.
She was only to have one try for this. Crouching down her body suddenly let out a explosion of hellfire, sending her flying into the sky without the use of her own flames. Quickly forming a hellfire blade into her right hand her body soared over towards her enemy, making her way directly above Chaos as she quickly began to descend upon it into a free fall. When close enough she then waved her left hand to the right as all the small demonic hellfire creatures suddenly dissipated from the creature of darkness, quickly grabbing her blade with both hands and whiling it over her head as she then brought it downward as forcefully as she could in hope to make a cut into her right shoulder. As soon as she landed on the ground, it trembled with the force of impact creating a wave of tremor, even forcing the hero to actually fall INTO the building and down a couple of stories. Once the dust cleared the roof was no longer able to be stood upon as a massive hole was now in its place were the two were fighting. Feral Nova stood weakly as she hopped she at least got something out of this attack, breathing heavily as her demon eyes looked around in a panic for Chaos Black. Jumping out from the creator she landed onto a neighboring building, only to loose her footing and land on her butt, clearly worn out from her attacks.

Looking into the dark sky Nova could feel herself become weaker every second she sat, her chest quickly rising and deciding, her heart pounding in her chest. "Alright Ziccarra... I really hope you can hear me, because I can seriously use some help right about now. You can you know... at least give me a sign or something that I'm not about to get my @ss seriously kicked for nothing." she spoke out to her friend as she slowly stood back up, waiting for the creature to make its way back to the fight.

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 Chaos stood in an almost amateur stance, breathing heavily, this was the first time she had ever fought someone herself; without switching back and forth from a conscious Ziccarra. On her body were huge patches of burned flesh; not to mention in her real form she was completely beaten; she had to find something that would switch the momentum in her favor. 

    Chaos simply couldn’t believe it; did she really doubt Nova’s strength; or was it the will power the need to help a friend that kept her battle ready. “I reckon not” she whispered to herself as she watched as the fire demon emerge from the frost cyclone seemingly only more pissed off now. “Everything to this point…” Chaos whispered not finishing her sentence.   Her golden hair was tainted by her own black blood; the winds in the chaos conundrum were blowing swiftly; Chaos’s skirt which had been torn a bit slowly swayed as she and Nova from a distance once again made eye contact. Chaos balled her fist up and allowed for her darkness energy to crawl across her body.

"I must be a real threat, for you to be trying so hard. " she stood up, swaying a bit before regaining her balance.   "I mean, why try to take me NOW? You could have easily gone after me after our last fight... I was weaker then, more vulnerable, instead you waited all this time... why? For the thrill of the fight?" s he paused for a moment.   "Or is it because you know deep down Ziccarra is STILL stirring inside, and you’re afraid I'm going to somehow manage to break her out of this hell hole?"   she chuckled.    "Don't think about it too much, this will be done soon enough, so enjoy your last few breaths .

Chaos didn’t even bother to stare at Nova during her speech; even though the fire goddess had beat her almost into submission; she still felt she had the right playing cards to finish this fight with Nova.   “Your such a foolish child…Stephanie Ardor…”.

Nova’s fist hit the ground, she could see nothing but pure strength in her knuckles as the concrete was engulfed in hellfire.   She very swiftly moved out the way; making sure she didn’t take anymore unnecessary damage.

Chaos’s battle wit was far below that of Ziccarra, she wasn’t a Ninjan so she wasn’t trained to fight in close Quarters; her rib took a shot; causing a quick pool of blood to spill from her side. She was able to sway away from the shot towards her diapraham ; chaos’s evasive maneuvers was taking her to long to execute, as by the time she finished her motion, Nova had already teleported; it didn’t take long before she was smashed head first into the ground; the impact was amazingly powerful causing the ground beneath them to buckle on the pressure.  Her faced bounced off the unforgiving concrete painting Ziccarra face a nasty and putrid black.  

   As she rose from the ground, she watched as what appeared to be creatures made their way over to her; extending her hand she created a portal and from the portal her own creatures of the night came; made from pure darkness of the heart they had one objective protect Chaos. Taking her downtime while the creatures were battling it out, she ripped her cape and used it to wipe her blood stained face.   The was a loud sound; followed by the rocketing of Feral Nova into the air; she came down fast with a weapon; she only assumed was made from hellfire.   

  Chaos didn’t have the strength to dodge, so she created a light constructed weapon and repelled the shoulder intended attack. What took her by surprise was the force Nova had on Impact, she landed and the force pushed Chaos across the sky; with her back crashing into another building.   Dust Billowed through the area, blinding Chaos. When it subsided she was on the verge of being beat by Nova and she knew it. However she was too weak to transform…she’d have to use the Ninjan Queen’s battle Savoy to come out on top. A white energy flowed in Chaos’s hands in she shot it into the sky.   IT took only a moment for the stars to replay the events of the past as if they were on television.

Sha was walking down a alley way; where she tripped and cut herself on some glass. The fresh blood caught chaos’s attention as she watched silently. Using her ability to read Sha’s mind Chaos tried to lure her to; her so she would take Sha as her new host; Sha walked aimlessly into the Alley way after she had ran from her fight with Feral Nova; she was lonely and scare; as she kept her wits about her she tripped over her own foot however this time Chaos was there to catch her. Sha was surprised; She didn’t think there was anyone else in the alley.

“Are you all right?” Chaos voice was smooth with a slight Spanish accent. Sha couldn’t speak, She only nodded; The demon chaos gently raised her hand to her mouth and kissed the cut. She licked her lips and the tangy taste of blood filled her senses. She was simply too scared to weak..to do anything. Sha relaxed as Chaos put her arms around her. She placed one around her waist and the other around her neck. She tilted her head back as she gently pulled her forward. She leaned down and kissed her neck. Sha thought this was weird but before she could do anything, Chaos had then quickly pierced the skin. Filling Sha’s mind body and soul with the knowledge of darkness; giving her the keys to be victorious in her battles.

Chaos stood with Sha in her arms as she began to implant her being into Sha’s forever merging the two. Sha looked oblivious and her breath became harsh. Chaos used all her strength to push her away. She wouldn’t kill her; Sha was a genius so Chaos needed her to complete a Form of research so she would allow Sha to act as herself.

Sha staggered a bit and she almost collapsed but Chaos caught her in her arms. She tiredly wrapped her arms around her neck and Chaos looked at her. She quickly searched her mind for any information that might help. She found what she was looking for and walked out of the alley with Sha in her arms. She would take her back to the lab and allow Sha to rest before starting her research; she (Chaos in Sha form) ran multiple scans on Sha’s brain only to find that Feral Nova had been the cause of her once panicked state; revenge surface in the form of a smile.  The stars went blank and Chaos stood with her hands folded, leering at Feral Nova

  “The Death Syndicate was a group I created, it was the polar opposite of any hero group instead of trying to bring light into the world, and we brought even more darkness into it. This group was made of some of the most powerful warriors from all over the world. Ziccarra and I led this group with an iron fist, heroes trembled at the thought of us and they were right to do so. While our team grew and became more powerful we ended up going into battle with We Are Legend, there we fought bravely and with everything we had. While some failed, I however won against You , Feral Nova. As much as You fought , You were no match for the power of us then…and you’re not now!” 

 A huge circle of white light engulfed the hands of Chaos; Chaos sucked all the darkness from her world into herself and then made everything pitch black so that she and Nova were the only things visable.   Through the darkness Millions upon Millions of Light beams formed.  Chaos bent backwards and then pushed forward sending all of them towards Nova.  

 While these light beams were deadly if they hit in the vital places she expected Feral Nova to withstand them; the real attack…would come as a psychological one. Reverting back to her True Form she held the sprits of Ziccarra and Relena by their Necks… Chaos was waiting, she wanted to see the look on Nova’s face when she presented her with a choice. IT was over for Chaos she couldn’t win by normal means…so there would have to be a casualty of war.

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 As her last words left her lips, the sky was suddenly lit up like a TV, a ‘movie’ playing above the two fighters. Confusion filled the heroes mind as she watched the moving pictures. It started off with Sha walking alone… afraid… tired and clearly weak through an ally, all Nova could assume, was that it was from one of the many battle’s she’s’ had with her in the past. Tripping over her own feet, another figure caught her, and the site of this figure caused the half demon to build a growl in the back of her throat, it was none other than Chaos Black! This must have been when the two first met, how all of this came to be. Watching helplessly she whispered to herself, as if Ziccarra could actually hear her. ‘No… don’t trust her… Ziccarra… please, get away from her.’ she never knew what actually happened, or how the beast came to be inside Ziccarra, but now… it was all clear. Stephanie… she was the reason why Ziccarra was so weak that night… why she was in such a poor condition and was able to be manipulated that way, it was all… her… fault.
Just then the voice of the beast could be heard. Causing Feral Nova’s head to jerk in her direction.
“The Death Syndicate was a group I created, it was the polar opposite of any hero group instead of trying to bring light into the world, and we brought even more darkness into it. This group was made of some of the most powerful warriors from all over the world. Ziccarra and I led this group with an iron fist, heroes trembled at the thought of us and they were right to do so. While our team grew and became more powerful we ended up going into battle with We Are Legend, there we fought bravely and with everything we had. While some failed, I however won against You , Feral Nova. As much as You fought , You were no match for the power of us then…and you’re not now!”
Forcing herself up from the ground her breathing became irregular as a wave of dizziness swept over her, she was in no condition to fight, but she couldn’t give up, not when she was so close!
“You’ll… never win Chaos.” Stephanie mumbled. “As long as I’m breathing… you’ll NEVER win!” she yelled out, her crimson eyes tearing up from the pain and exhaustion body was pushing itself through. This very well could be her final stance, the last chance she could possible redeem herself for all the pain and agony she had put Ziccarra throughout the years she’s known her. She swore, if the two made it out alive… she would leave her alone to live her life… she… she couldn’t bare to be responsible for ruining her life like this again.

Suddenly, everything went black around them, the only things that the naked eye could see was the two standing it what seemed to be an abyss of darkness. But out of the darkness… light could be seen at the hands of the darkness itself, Chaos Black. Beams of light suddenly came rushing towards her, and not just one or two… too many to count, she actually thought it was one solid beam, but was horrified when she learned she was wrong. How was she suppose to evade an attack like this?! Pushing her arms forward she grit her teeth, letting out a feral yell as the beams smashed into a thin hellfire wall that Nova managed to get up at the last second. But the power of the final blast proved too much, even for the demon that resided inside the hero. The energy smashed through the wall just after a couple of seconds, smashing Stephanie right in the middle of her chest, lifting her off the ground and sending her flying a few feet before tumbling to a stop. Blood seeped from between her lips and onto the non-existing floor, her body just ready to give out on her, but she couldn’t she just couldn’t give up.

Her body trembled as she got up on all fours, blood dripping from her mouth as she looked up, her emerald eyes now looking forward, the beam was so powerful that it forced the demon blood to go into slumber. Ever so gently she got onto knees, her body swaying as she struggled to focus what was before her. Chaos Black was holding two beings in spiritual form by their necks, and Stephanie realized, it was none other than Ziccarra and… the other girl who she just didn’t know. Nova’s face turned into a deathly pale color as she looked at the twisted grin upon Chaos’ face.
She gargled, her blood still oozing from her esophagus and. “You WILL let them go, BOTH of them.” She whimpered in pain as she forced herself to stand, her entire body was numb on the outside, but inside it was as if thousands of needles were piercing through her nerves. “You’ve held onto them long enough Chaos… let them go.” She knew Chaos wouldn’t just give them up, not both of them. But it wasn’t even about that anymore… could Stephanie ALLOW herself to just take one and leave Chaos LIVING? The images of what she did to Sha re-played in her mind over and over again. Her teeth sinking into the neck of Sha… forever bonding the two, forever causing so much pain and destruction.
Taking a few steps forward, Stephanie now looked like a zombie, her body drenched in her own blood, weakly and rigidly moving forward, her skin so pale. “No.” Stephanie mumbled. “Finish this.” Her breathing was rigid, forceful. “FINISH THIS FIGHT YOU COWARD!” her words may have been filled with anger, but her body was just so weak, her words might as well been a joke. But She knew of one thing she could try... one more... just one more move... one last stance. Taking in a deep breath she closed her eyes, putting all of her focus into this one thing... then she vanished, quickly appearing behind Chaos who's hand's were preoccupied holding into the two spirits. Just like what she saw in the movie that was played in the sky, she attempted to do the same exact thing to Chaos. Opening her mouth wide Stephanie's demon fangs attempted to pierce through the neck of the beast as she would attempt to absorb the creature of darkness within herself, just like she did with Sha. She wanted her to feel the same pain, horror, and helplessness that Ziccarra and the other woman felt all those years ago that Chaos had put upon them.

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IT took only a few moments before Chaos realized what happened, she had been out smarted by Feral Nova; and as the demon sucked her essence away, Chaos too lay naked on the ground in Human Form! No sooner than the darkness disappeared did Ziccarra and Relena both get their bodies back. For the first few moments she blinked her eyes she felt she was in one of Chaos’s induced nightmares that is until she saw the green haired girl lying unconscious on the ground right at Feral Nova. Ziccara’s head slowly leaned to the side almost in disbelief at what she was seeing.   Nova in an almost animal like presence had defeated Chaos Black. “Babe?” Ziccarra said catching Nova’s attention. Nova’s eyes lit up like they were in a magnifying glass. Sha ran over to her, as fast as she could hug her as hard as she possibly could. Nova’s body was so limp she couldn’t manage to hug back but Sha didn’t care; it was over Nova and Sha’s struggles with Chaos…were now over. “Y-Y—you saved me…” Sha said breaking down in tears, but they were short lived as this Chaos dimension reminded them, that with Chaos gone they were stuck.

“But…now were stuck…” Relena said looking down at the woman whom they could only assume was Chaos before the darkness.   “Wait… I can see something” Sha said as her keen eyesight was able to catch something in the stream. “I can see a way out” She put Nova on her back and commanded that Relna picked up Chaos and the four women flew out of Chaos Dimension. No sooner than they hit the free space, the consciousness of all four women returned to their time periods. Sha woke up in Ninjeta inside of a tank; with Gwen Looking her on.   The naked Ninjan stepped down from the pedestal with a fully rejuvenated Nova looking on. “You can’t jump on me until I put…” Nova tackled the Ninjan to the ground  without second thought.   Once Sha was finally able to get back up she hugged her friend. “Thanks for saving me…”

“No more squads…no more teams, no more organizations….from now on it’s just you and me…what do you say?” Gwen said extending her hands to her Ninjan daughter. “’ll get back to you on that…I just want to see my daughter”   she said flying off