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The city of Ravens Landing has many colorful places with many interesting elements waiting around every corner... This one takes place:

Inside of Sal's "All you can eat chicken emporium" is an old broken down piece of junk for a television.

Sal has tried everything he could possibly try to fix this old dinosaur for a boob-tube, which has been pleasantly pictures for the readers of this fantastic little occurrence with an old black & white photo of the misses in her youth. It is the tv on the right with the fancy swiveling headlights. The tv on the left broke proper ages ago. Sal being a man of his times and the tv having many memories attached to it, was NOT to be thrown away.

No the old sorcerer refused to even hear of such talk, and as such the tv sits in the corner of Sal's for many years... And has never turned on. The fact that Sal's sits crossways from The University has much to do with this... The massive amounts of magic that focuses from that place has caused the death of many electrical devices over the years. And will cause many more... But there is something else that the magic causes from time to time, a bleeding of his reserve itself has breached the void. Objects have been known to take on personalities of their own, toasters have hopped around, and blenders have bagged their owners not to fill them with ingredients.

On this night however something else is happening... Something very powerful has awoken inside the old broken television of Mr Sal... The machine turns on.... At first just a static filled screen... Then a picture appears... A film old... A timeless classic... A comedy... Action... Horror... Romance... ect? Then the swiveling side lights turn on as they scan your body... Before you know it, you are removed from the room and now have become a part of the very world of the film in question. Which film you have become a part of remains to be seen, and each person effected by this strange occurrence has seemed to have been sucked into a different picture.

In two hours time Mr Sal will discover that the television has become a portal to fantastic worlds of fictional creativity. Movies become real around the victims, they become stars of the films themselves and no one knows that they are films inside these realities the characters are real. He watches for a while and then calls some of his magic using brood over to help him solve the problem he is faced with, to help remove you from his possessed with arcane visual artifact.

This is my story, now fill me in with your part of it...

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Channel Surfing: Olaf Silvermane

Olaf sits inside Sal's place... All the chicken you can eat... Olaf can eat a lot. He decides to shrink himself down to a more normal size for Midgardian standards, he now stands at 6'4"... Something he is used to doing at a more extreme measure, shrinking to the size of a common mouse, or growing to the size of a large tree in most cases. He feels small and he doesn't like it, but he can blend in easier like this.

Sal was still surprised to see Olaf, looking so much like the legendary Elf known as Santa. He was not surprised that Sal thought he was an impersonator and off the clock so to say. Olaf just sort of went with it, and played the part. He even agreed to having a few pictures taken with some of the little ones that had wandered in from off the cold snowy streets of Ravens Landing.

Olaf often comes to the city, he has many friends and foes in this place, of all shapes, sizes, and creeds they seem to flock to this place. He has put a personal investment into cleaning the dark places of the Trolls that have made Ravens Landing their home. Nasty creatures Trolls, they have not but hate in them. Vampires are a noble breed in comparison.

And so... He sits and eats not so quietly to himself, the man is from Asgard after all, and they are not known for table manners. Nor are the Dwarves, whom Olaf also calls friend, and spends much of his time with. The Dwarves that live beneath the great mountains of Vanaheim.

As Olaf sits and sups he gets an odd feeling, as his eyes catch the sight of the old broken Television sitting off to the side, collecting dust in the corner. It has a sign hanging on it that reads: Out of Order, Please Do Not Touch. He finds this odd, seeing as how it is out in the open. Midgardians have so many odd little habits, to his thinking, if something is not to be touched, it should not be left out in a place for touching.

Just as he is about to stop considering these things, the screen lights up to static. Grabbing his attention as his eyes stare into the snowstorm-like static... Then the screen starts to slowly gain a picture, as the lights on the sides of the old Television, which serve a purpose unknown to the God of Mirth, the God of the vine, the God of the Hearth, the God of Strength and sport, for Olaf is all these things, and all are his domain.

These headlight-like flashlights scan his form, as his body is dissolved into energy mixed with magic, and he is pulled into the chaotic device... No longer a television born anew into an artifact, and discovered in one of the oddest places at that. Olaf thinks as he enjoys a big laugh. "Well... What be the harm in taking in an adventure!" he bellows with a warm chuckle in his booming voice.

Camp Crystal Lake

Olaf has been transported unknowingly into the dark realm of Jason Voorhees, the mass murdering, hockey mask wearing, machete wielding destroyer of misbehaving teens. The iconic juggernaut of a zombie has already started his current killing spree, when Olaf enters the scene.

The legendary figure of Asgard is standing before the classic sign that reads "Crystal Lake, Campgrounds," He has seen these pictures... He knows he is in store for a fun filled night, of wrestling around with the mentally disabled monster of this horrid place. He returns to his normal size of 15' 3" tall and wanders into the campgrounds.

As he walks up to one of the main cabins, he hears teens having sex before marriage, and partaking in illegal substances, he can also see the very masked killer that is mere seconds away from causing a blood bath standing outside the cabin, glaring at the dim witted teens within from a side window, his iconic machete in hand, already stained with blood.

Olaf's eye scan over to one of the other cabins, which is currently on fire. "These kids are so... Dumb." he thinks to himself, almost wanting to just keep walking allowing Jason to finish his dark deed. But he ultimately decides to help, as he stomps his boots on the ground. Gaining the undead killers attention. Jason does his signature, look over his left shoulder where he twists at his hips and stares at the usually unsuspecting victim.

"Bring it on!" Olaf roars as he takes off in a sprint at Jason at stunned Jason Voorhees, whom is actually surprised to see Santa Claus in Crystal Lake. He has never been not on the naughty list after all, well not since he was a little boy and still alive. Before the teens let him drown and die in the lake of which the camp is named.

The brawl is amazing... The two beings are both very strong, and very durable. Many fist exchanges take place, before Olaf decides to switch his efforts to a wrestling match, his mighty arms grasp Jason at the waist and he lifts and slams him down preforming a series of German suplexes, on his masked opponent.

The teens hear the ruckus and decide to investigate... They are caught in complete awe as their eyes catch the sight of Santa laying waist to Jason Voorhees, over and over again... Completely manhandling the brutal legendary villain. He pulls out all the stops, hitting Jason with all of the famous moves made famous by professional wrestlers. But Jason won't stay down, he just won't.

Olaf chuckles as he keeps beating on the mass murdering test dummy, throwing him all over the campgrounds. "Get the f*ck out of here you stupid, naughty, naughty, boys and girls!" he shouts at the disbelieving teens. All stoned out of their minds, and covered in strange smelling stains.

"Santa?" They all say as the can't stop watching. "Santa is kicking the crap out of Jason Voorhees!"

Jason sees the teens cheering and his mind goes blank... His eyes see a shade of red, that is even more red then they normally are... Like advanced red. He starts to make an awfully eerie screaming sound, as he slips away from Olaf's grasp and rampages towards the teens... Its too late to stop it, and they should have ran when they had the chance.

Olaf watches in horror as Jason rips them too pieces with his bare hands. He probably could have stopped Jason, but he honestly didn't care anymore. Jason is completely covered in gore, and sweating fury. As he stands in a pile of ravished teen flesh. "Santa?" Jason says as he slowly looks back towards Olaf.

Jason slowly walks back over to Olaf as he picks his machete back up from off the wet grass and hands it to Olaf. "Present!" Jason utters the word present as he hands Olaf his favorite weapon. Olaf had earned the brutes respect, and the small part of him that is still just a scared little mentally disabled boy loves the jolly red guy. Jason cannot fight Olaf any longer, he knows it is both pointless, and wrong. So he wanders off into the nearby night darkness of the woods, it is night and there is a full moon out, but it does not take long for Jason to disappear into the blackness.

Olaf takes a seat by the fire the now dead teens had made earlier this night, and starts to laugh loudly. "This has been a amazingly amusing night... After diner entertainment." he says as he starts to get a feel for the magic involved in this event... He will find a way to get himself out of this situation, it will just take him a little bit of time. He is a God, and he still wants to finish his chicken he left back at Sal's place.