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It was a time of great upheaval for the Champions of Peace. Many of its members had been COPs for years, albeit in a parallel universe. They were veterans, experienced heroes used to being a part of an entire family of like-minded people. Now that family had been fractured and they found themselves working alongside heroes from a new universe, many of whom were new to being a hero and all of whom were new to the team.

Having been started by the Last Samurai as a means to defend Ronin's Rest, many of the new Champions were still finding their feet and attempting to find their purpose. With the disappearance of their leader the team was in flux for a while, having done little over the past months other than attempt to contain a group of three incredibly powerful young mutants. Finally, the group had a new leadership team and was beginning to do good once again. With the combination of the bubbly, optimistic CellphoneGirl and the gruff, pessimistic FuzionGuy, the team was entering a new era.

However, they were not the only ones undergoing a rebirth.

As it turned out, the mysterious toddlers who had previously done battle with the Champions were linked. They were among the first of a new species, designed to both test and distract the heroes as their mysterious enemy plotted and prepared for their destruction. Ronin's Rest was under the COP's protection, but only time would tell how well the heroes would live up to that task and whether they could contain...

... the Rise of the Neo-Mutants!

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The moon was at its brightest, illuminating the roads the night dwellers dared to walk. The Ronin's Rest was never considered as somewhere safe; until the arrival of the Champions of Peace. These Champions were more a compilation of local heroes who had good intentions mixed in with some from a parallel world. Despite being a 'ragtag' team, the team had done well in defending the world. A prime example was the appearance of the three mutants. Three children who had their mutation grow until their raw power got the better of them. The Champions were first on the scene and the team was able to end the threat the children brought.

Perched atop the Sanctuary was the Crimson Eagle; his eyes were pitch black, able to see the night for what it truly was. The hero had not seen action since his injury of the Invasion of Greece, but since then he had felt such frustration and anger that his potential for becoming a stronger hero may have diminished.

Atop the Sanctuary he crouched like a gargoyle, looking over the city in case of any disturbances. Recently there have been disappearances around Ronin's Rest. Selective members of families have gone without a trace, at times entire families had gone. There was something bizarre going around in the area and what was worse, it was happening under the watch of the CoP.

The eyes of the Eagle shifted around from street to street, and alleyway to alleyway. Every few minutes he would change position by getting to lower ground or going to a different part of the Sanctuary. Either way, his eyes would resume the watch for anything strange.

Finally, his eyes caught a glimpse of someone limping in the streets. The figure was alone, and something was dripping down his arm, which left a trail of his travel. The figure was making his way toward the Sanctuary before finally collapsing. The Crimson Eagle leapt from his position and dived toward the ground. Three seconds of diving; 30 feet. The Eagle flipped mid air as his hands reached toward his back for his escrima stick and immediately activated the grappling function. The hook was aimed toward a nearby building for the Eagle to swing toward the fallen figure.

Landing on his feet and the line reeling back into the weapon, Ryan approached the figure. The figure's back was facing up toward the starry night. Ryan slowly flipped the figure the moment a groan was heard. It was a teenager, most likely 15 or 16; Japanese, perhaps a citizen of the Ronin's Rest . His face was scarred badly, as if someone took hot knives and slowly reaped through his skin.

"Uhhhhh..." The teen struggled to say something. Ryan began to speak Japanese, allowing the young man to understand in his native tongue. But suddenly he spoke English, albeit broken.

"Help... me... others... suffering..."

Ryan looked confused, "Suffering from what? There are more people?"

"Yes... kidnap... uhhh..." The young man's words began to fade a bit more. Ryan put his ear closer to listen carefully. Instantly, he picked up his communicator. "Attention any nearby CoP members. I have a young man in need of medical attention. The location is south of the sanctuary, estimated 40 meters. It seems we may have a lead to the disappearances. Hurry"

Eagle looked at the young man's arm and his eyes followed the trail. Ryan focused on the trail and back to the arm. It wasn't blood, it was thicker.



The body of the young man was on the table. The poor kid had a breathing apparatus placed and medication given to him via tubes along with an EKG connected to him. Ryan looked at him as he was describing the broken sentences of the young man to Fuzion and CellphoneGirl. "He was talking about how there was a group of people suffering. They were all kidnapped. This gives me reason that he was a victim of the recent kidnappings. He must've escaped."

Fuzion listened from his chair as his fingers typed on the keyboard, attempting to find information on the young man. "Ken Okawa," he stated, "Last seen at the marketplace over a month ago."

"He's a mutant." Ryan spoke, "He left a trail of what looked like ink which came out of his arm. By the time he was picked up it stopped."

Blair gave a sympathetic look on her face as she stared toward the face of the young man.

Suddenly his eyes shot open and he began to scream, "WHERE AM I?!" The teen began to rip the tubes out of his mouth.

"Ken, calm down!" Ryan shouted as he ran over to him.

"No more experiments! No more!"

"Ken look at me!"

The young man looked toward the eyes of Eagle and finally calmed himself down, recognizing who saved him.

Blair began to question, "What do you mean 'no more experiments?"

Ken looked at the three in the room, analyzing each of them carefully before speaking. "I was... taken." He began to breath heavily as he clutched his head. "Big man... tall... white face. He looked Oni... hundreds of us..."

Guy asked, "This man, he took hundreds of mutants?"

"We are not mutant... he did this..." The young man reached toward the collar of his shirt and pulled it down. Blair's eyes widened. The young man was branded on his left pectoral. 368M. "Now, I am mutant."

"What's his name?"

The young man began to gasp for air, his eyes began to bulge. The EKG showed his increasing heart rate. "MADROS!"


Blair uncharacteristically shouted, "Get the team together. We leave now!"

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DaVinci strolled by the river bank, the moon lit sky illuminating the darkened sky of Ronin Rest. It was an eerie feeling Ronin Rest was. The illuminating light seemed to end upon certain areas of the city. As if the light had no power over the darkness. That was how the city was, evil with no hope. It was only a matter of time before it came to a boil.

DaVinci stopped on the stone paved road, his head swaying across the horizon. He could sense a build up in temporal anomalies. It presented itself in a stiffening in his neck. Like the feeling one gets when some think someone is watching them. He didnt know where or why, but things were beginning to boil. It was then DaVinci heard his signal from the CoP.

DaVinci exhaled, did the fate of this world depend on this team? DaVinci made his way down the corridor turning left from the dark streets of Ronin Rest and walking straight into the lit room of the HQ due to temporal teleportation.

DaVinci pressed his com link, "DaVinci has arrived."

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The Sanctuary, Ronin's Rest...late that night.

Solitude filled the darkened room of Chris Allgood's private quarters as the young man sat relatively relaxed in his desk chair. His computer's screen being the only source of light in the entire room, illuminating his mid-and-upper section, revealing the torso of his suit to be removed, leaving only its black under-shirt which clung to his body like a second layer of skin.


"Teenage son disappears after sports practice, parents distraught."

"House-fire kills husband and child, wife's body not found."

"Eight year old boy vanishes, wealthy parents found dead in alleyway."

"Body of comatose girl goes missing, hospital faculty baffled."


With the flick of his finger he scrolled down through dozens upon dozens of similar, yet none-related news articles, all originating from various news sources across the city. To any regular person these articles would seem random and at most coincidental. To the young man known secretly as War Killer, they were just that.

Even after his fellow teammate, Crimson Eagle, brought these missing person reports to his attention, Chris barely gave them a second thought. And really, why would he? They were talking about people going missing in Ronin's Rest...one of the most violent, corrupt and dangerous cities in the world. It's a city where walking home alone is considered the same as committing suicide. So why would people disappearing right off the streets be anything out of the ordinary in this kind of town?

That was Chris' mindset, at least up until recently after having sifting through stacks of missing person reports submitted by the local police. He'd skimmed through half of the reports, before digging further until he stumbled upon various news articles of missing people, all of which at face value appeared to be nothing more than random at best...too random. No, even in a town as bad as this one, these weren't just random disappearances, something else was going one...

"Attention any nearby CoP members. I have a young man in need of medical attention--"

Hopping out of his chair, he clicked his C.O.P. communicator off, cutting Crimson Eagle's alert mid-sentence. Quickly, he threw on the upper-part of his suit which had been lying on the floor, pulling his mask over his head as he exited the room. Placing his shield securely on his back, he made his way to the tower's main elevator.

Minutes later, having learned that Crimson Eagle had brought person in for medical treatment. War Killer exited the elevator as it arrived on the 58th floor, making his way down the hall towards the infirmary. He arrived just in time to watch as the young man's body began to convulse and scream, shouting out the word "Madros" before finally flat-lining.

Silence filled the room as everyone's eyes fell on the young man's now life-less body. "Get the team together. We leave now!" blurted the team's co-leader, CellPhoneGirl, obviously distraught by what had just occurred before her. "Leave? Leave where? Who was this kid? What the heck is going on here???" Chris demanded as he entered the room.

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@crimson_eagle: @boschepg: @war_killer: @fuzionguy:

Austin Texas

"What are you planning." Tombstone demanded as he threw a woman against a wall, having caught her attempting to plant some sort of device on a major water station that supplied drinking supplies for much of the Texan city. "Speak now, the power of the grave compels you to speak the truth!" He said as he put a hand around her throat and lifted her upwards, his stern, empty eye-holes staring through her as he sought answers. Already her accomplices had immolated themselves with thermite, denying him the answers he sought.

"I am not afraid of your power...Ghost...HE protects me...HE watches us...HE shall lead us to paradise...no fear...no hurt...peace...through power....Hail....V-" She said before she began immolating herself with subdermal nanobombs, forcing Tombstone to recoil and throw his cloak around himself as she burst into white hot flames. Tombstone knew better than to try and get some water or CO2 on fires like that, and by the time she stopped burning nothing was left of her, just ashes and vapor that blew away on the first wind.

"Damn..." He said, scrunching up a fist and stopping himself just inches before he hit a wall in frustration before redrawing his compsure and sighing with resignation. He stored all the relevant data on the case and vowed to inform the families of their loss when he found out who was missing someone. He shook his head as he brought Lenore up on the comm-lines.

"+Lenore, how's your case?+" He asked as he planted markers near the crime scene for the Austin police to get their jobs done. Having worked in Texas for almost a century, the state all but worshipped him and his Crypt Sentinels and Freedom Force. Police, Soldiers, and Intelligence operatives from Texas fought over the right to have callsigns based on Graves and Ghosts, so much as questioning Tombstone was career suicide for politicians, Companies tried piggybacking on the image he set up to market to the masses, the Law itself was written to his advantage by adoring legislative officials, and there was even a statewide Tombstone day, with a Crypt Sentinel day the day after. He found it all to be a load of brown nosing, but he supposed if it inspired people he couldn't really complain.

"+Working with the police here, not your crazy cultist kidnappers but still, kidnappers. I talked to the mother, she said her daughter and her friends went out for a mall shopping trip with their boyfriends. Neither them or the boyfriends have shown up for a week. I've done what I can to make her feel better. I could use you here though.+" She said with a sigh as she waved off some officers overly excited to see a Crypt Sentinel in person. With a throw of the cloak and a flash of Black, Nathan appeared at the Crime scene at the other end of the city, where the Police briefly stopped what they were doing and whispered barely concealed enthusiasm and Chuck Norris style "facts" about Tombstone.

"Tell me what you've got officer." Nathan asked, really hoping he'd solve at least one rash of disappearences and cultist behavior this week.

"Oh my god he's asking me for help eeee." The detective whispered to her partner before turning back to the Graveborn Guardian and clearing her throat.

"We've tried comparing your cult related disappearances to these...no dice. Different M.O and target preference. Your boys as far as we can tell target emotionally vulnerable people who either like to submit to authority or want to be authority, guys nobody will miss. This group though...almost entirely adolescents, especially healthy ones, victims definitely are guys people will miss, the kind that get on television and get documentaries made about. We've found similar patterns across the country, maybe the planet, we'd think it's happening across the border but since Aleksei's Axis of Evil speech we've been stonewalled by the Cyber-mounties." She said shaking her head as the T-shirt and jeans clad lenore played with the zipper of her blazer.

"Do what you can, I'll try and get to the bottom of this." He responded, placing a hand on her shoulder as the two walked away. He sighed, thinking a bit before a transmission crashed his train of thought.

"Attention any nearby CoP members. I have a young man in need of medical attention--"

"Looks like we're off to Virginia." He to Lenore's excitement, nodding as she clapped her hands and skipped.

"Oh I hope I meet that middle school cutie on that field trip again." She giggled to Tombstone's glaring as he wrapped the cloak around the two of them and disappeared in a burst of darkness; reappearing in the C.O.P's halls.

His footsteps silent, the dead defender arrived in the room with his side-kick in tow, the girl carrying her laptop in a stylish bag as he spoke, being able to tell that the teenager had passed onto the grave the instant he sweeped his empty eye sockets over him. "Let me see the Corpse. Perhaps I can get us a few answers from the other side." He said as he brought himself to the deceased teenager, giving a nod to his newfound team-mates as he did so.

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The Sanctuary: 59th floor

Moa: "I got all my fingers... M'knife goes chop chop cho---

Yui: "Stop that Moa Chan! We wouldn't want blood in here!"

Moa: "Sissy"

Being with these two, it can get very annoying. I was about to break the duo's quarrel when suddenly--

"Attention any nearby CoP members. I have a young man in need of medical attention. The location is south of the sanctuary, estimated 40 meters. It seems we may have a lead to the disappearances. Hurry"

Moa transported us directly to where Eagle San is. We have been with the Champions of Peace for a couple of weeks now. And I saw the harshness of the Ronin's Rest with my two eyes. Our help is greatly needed, and whenever we are needed, there we must go.

After arriving at where Eagle San is at we saw him talking to an injured individual. A kid, limping and at loss of breath, struggling to speak. We helped Crimson Eagle San carry the body of the youngster. I noticed something, dripping from the teen's arm...


"Eagle San! We must act fast! Moa, transport us directly to the Medical Bay of the Sanctuary."

Moa: "Hai!"

The Sanctuary

Moa: "Y'know what? It saddens me how we have so many in these team but we never really get to speak to many of them"

Yui: "That tails kid's cute."

Moa: "Yuck! that green skinned guy's cute but he can't be serious. He just acts weirdly"

"Acts, like you."

Moa: "Suuu Chan. I am not weird."

We were having our normal chit chat in a corner. Observing the 'elders' and 'more experienced' members of the Champions of Peace as they interview the kid who we now know as Ken Okawa. I can clearly see in the young man's eyes that he suffered from great trauma. Abuse that a human cannot take. It would seem like the kid's gone insane.

"We are not mutant... he did this..."

Yui: "What's a mutant again Suu Chan?"

"Now, I am mutant."

Moa: "What's a mutant Suu Chan? Why won't you answer us? Why is it like you've seen a ghost Su-Ne Chan?"

"What's his name?"

I knew this would happen. The victim would never live to tell the full tale. And I hate how I saw this coming.


Yui and Moa: "Su Chan Who is Madros?"

I got up as I saw the EKG's waves go flat.

"Get the team together. We leave now!" Cellphone Girl San shouted.

This is serious matter.

"Girls let's pack our bags!"


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Outside the Sanctuary.

Flashing lights and various sounds came from a small, shining shack outside the home of the Champions. Thomas Bastion stood inside- wearing traditional blacksmithing garb. As he used a blowtorch on his huge suit of armor, he occasionally turned to a book beside him and read a passage- wanting to multitask as much as possible.

Now, he read aloud,"Fair is foul and foul is fair!" He chuckled to himself. Bastion'd have to remember that one. Would come in handy, wooing over el fanci folk. Chuckling to himself, he burned away at some spare metal on his suit- almost not hearing the signal for the Champions. However, at the last moment, the sound came to him, and he grinned- putting the blowtorch down.

"Time to look presentable, boys." Thomas nodded to his suits, as he walked out of the small shack- pulling off the heavy apron he wore, and changing into his nice tux. Adamantium chestplate underneath, of course. Looking as filthy as ever, he pulled out a flask and sipped from it gently, sizing up the tower before him.

"Well, no time like the present," He muttered as he turned back to the shack- grabbing an incomplete gauntlet from the suit he was working on. Equipping it, he aimed it toward the ground and focused- smiling as he floated up in the air, headed for some of the top floors.

Getting there in moments, he slid open the window and landed gently inside as he glanced back and forth throughout. "Well, seems like I landed on the wrong floor.." Thomas muttered.

Pulling off his adamantium gauntlet with distaste, he tossed it out the window as he walked through the halls.

Eventually, Bastion made it up to the main room, where people seemed to be gathering. Again he sipped from his golden flask. "So, what is the emergency this time?" He asked with a sigh as he glanced around the different faces. The Champions seemed to have constantly changed.

It made him feel old. Like he was the last remnant of the group of people operating out of the Ronin's Nest. Looking down, he finished the whiskey in his flask, pocketing it with a huff as he awaited instructions. Being the team tank, he knew his job was most likely the most stressful.

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Floor 57: Training Room

The Champions of Peace's base of operations' most frequented section by the Black Viper's Heir was the 57th Floor's gargantuan training room. Quickly, it had become the domain for La Madridista's perpetual refinement of her freestyle wrestling wizardry, pugilistic prowess, and overall combat virtuosity. A genetically unparalleled specimen imbued with the inborn boons of herculean physical strength, blitzing reflexive rapidity, monstrous durability, relentless endurance, and unorthodox telepathy centered on the manipulation of the quantum/physical information that constitutes a consciousness, Yana Porthos, under the adopted alias of Camilla Fraga, while reputed for her flippant charisma, socially engrossing savoir-faire, intellect, and unyielding spirit, was at the very foundation of her being, an unrelenting force of nature for the greater good.

It came as no discernible surprise that aligning herself with the celebrated ranks of the Champions of Peace proved an inevitability. Within the confines of the training room, it's encompassment had been altered to simulate an infrastructurally disheveled city, a common setting during large scale superhuman conflicts. Polishing her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and general ground-fighting expertise, the Madrid Amazon found herself engaged against a sparring android in the full mount as she sat on her synthetic adversary's torso. Designed to replicate the martial competence of a skilled combatant, the android reacted with an attempted 'lock-down' defense or half-guard, hoping to counter Yana's tenacious, pressure-applying top grappling by triangulating it's legs and hooking the foot of it's left leg under her ankle, trapping it. Conjuring a dexterous counter of her own, the Golden Lotus responded with explosive immediacy.

Hooking her left arm under the android's head and driving the entire left side of her body, Yana pinned her struggling sparring partner while her right hand pushes against the android's knee, breaking open the half-guard. As the android sought to roll the Golden Lotus in another direction, she capitalized on the roll's momentum, riding it into a full mount, restoring her dominant top position, a dynamic, viper-like smirk curling along her radiant features as she sits back on her feels, getting high posture, ready to turn her hips to generate god-slaying power into what would have been a thunderous flurry of punches from the top, until a reverberating announcement from the team leader halted her, instructing that the team be gathered. "Ah, afortunado"(You're lucky), she winked with quipping haughtiness in the android's direction.

Floor 59: Open Living Space

Anticipating that following the team's requested gathering, they would be led into a physical conflict against an opposing force of unsavory morals and ideological madness, Yana styled her long, golden locks, their length impractical for combat, in tight double buns. Setting foot inside the assembly room, hands resting upon her hips, her inherent drawing power and towering, Amazonian frame immediately asserting her presence as she issued a civil, simultaneous greeting to her encompassing teammates, "Hey", she paused, "What's the situation? The request for our presence was delivered with tangible urgency", she pointed out, "This must be a particularly pressing scenario".

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The immortal detective sat in his room, thinking. His face was unmasked, but shrouded by the shadows. The conspiracy theorist thought of the various kidnappings, but he could not pinpoint a single suspect. Hell he had no evidence that these crimes were all committed by the same person.

He swung himself into his office chair. He spun around looking at the newspaper clippings that surrounded him. He began to go over the victims, but he saw no real connection between them all. Ishmael, as he calls himself, decided that he should go for a walk to clear his mind. His shadow then came from his body and went intangible.

QandA's shadow went through a wall and into the outside would. He floated above the city in an invisible state and looked down at the world below. As he watched people go about their daily lives, his mind began to wander on another subject. "Who am I?" he asked himself. He was then interrupted by a painful sound that caused him to go back to his body.

Back in his room QandA heard one of his teammates say over the communicator "Attention any nearby CoP members. I have a young man in need of medical attention. The location is south of the sanctuary, estimated 40 meters. It seems we may have a lead to the disappearances. Hurry". Before the immortal could leave he began to wrap a bandage around his face, hiding it from the world.

He managed to get there as the boy was dying. He looked on the ground and saw a strange liquid. It did not look like blood so he put his finger into it. The sleuth smelt his finger and said, "Ink......" He then heard Blair yell, "Get the team together. We leave now!"

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Edward trying as he might just could feel comfortable in this place. It was starting to look eerily like the old champions tower even down to seeing a few old names and faces. But it wasnt the same, a look out of the window showing the stark difference of the ghettos and gang controlled streets of Ronins Rest compared to the once vast bustling metropolis that was Champions City. It made the similarities of the building in which he resided all that rougher to him, what could of been the comforts of memory and home where tarnised and spikey leading him to long for a place and a time long gone.

This place was causing a downwards spiral in him, he had know it for awhile and soon there would have to be a resolution. Deep in thought a signal cut through the angst ridden silence and projected around his room. "Attention any nearby CoP members. I have a young man in need of medical attention--" Hurridly putting his costume on and zipping down numerous flights of stairs to the lobby capturinga glimpse of Crimson Eagle and Warkiller among other gathered in the lobby escouting what appered to be a child towards the medical bay. The childs body twisting and tightening in some sort of convulsive state frantic movemnst paired with one audiable responce "Madros".

The name instantly bringing up a memory, but surely not. This must be another Madros not again.

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The name whispered from Ryan's lips left me nearly paralyzed. His name leaves echoes of fear in my mind. When thinking of the face of Evil he is the one that always instantly pops up. The night I decided to become a Hero was the night I first met this horrific menace. I can't fathom the idea of there being another one to exist.

"Get the team together. We leave now!" I yell out of paranoia. This man is good at studying his enemies for months before they are even aware of him existing. I admire the way he strategies, but it totally creeps me out. I wouldn't be shocked if he had a mole, or installed secret cameras in our base.

I lean against a desk as I reflect on the memories of my half brother; Eclipse. I wish he could have been here besides us to lead us in this mission. Hell, he would already be on the tenth paragraph of one of his outstanding preparation speech. Oddly, we probably would have never met each other if it wasn't for this mad man, yet it was absolutely scarring to see what he went through because of him.

I'm cut off for the moment as I see more members relocating into the room with us. They put me to shame with putting on costumes that fast, and getting here in a few moments. I would be walking in with my hair looking like a beehive, and only one boot barely on!

Behind them I see a puppy strolling in and running up to me with this tail rapidly wagging. I reach down to pick him up, and it pains me even more to know that this Dog has also been there to witness the horrific acts of Madros' plans. Well, let's see if the speech gene ran down to me as well.

"There is absolutely no time for us to wait. Our teammate Crimson Eagle brought this situation to our attention, and I am very grateful of him to do that. There is a man by the name of... Madros." Cellular Dog instinctively growls at the mention of his name. "I've dealt with a man similar in my home reality. He probably already knows all about us. Hell, he probably even knows what damn shoe size I have. He is clearly behind the disappearances recently, and apparently making these individuals into Mutants. We all need to be at our very best, cause before we know it he could easily have already taken half of us already down. For example, once before even reaching his Hideout he nearly killed the team that went in to fight him. It took me months to fully recover from him shooting me out of the sky with a missile." My hair was on point that day too, and most of it burnt off, prick.

I stare at this reality's counterpart of War Killer, and remember my dear friend Charles, the one who fished me out of the ocean after the missile knocked the living hell out of me. I let him and Hotaru have the remaining parachutes, cause their safety meant more to me than my own life. Thankfully, they kept their eyes on me as well.

My attention shifts towards FuzionGuy who carefully listened to my part of the mission briefing. "Anything you would like to add?"

As I listen to his words Cellular Dog proceeds to lick me on the face as I hold him, and I am distracted by my companion's telepathic words. "Master, don't cry. I won't fail to protect." Darling, Mommy will give you a treat for every person you put into a temporary coma that tries to break into our HQ while we are gone. He wags his tail as his eyes are now glowing blue. He jumps out of my arms, and goes out to patrol.

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"Let me know what you find," Guy said quietly, as Tombstone crouched over the poor child, using his supernatural powers to attempt to find any information he could about the boy. They would need much more intel before they could proceed and, while Ken's death had shaken the team emotionally, there was little solid information to build a mission on. Not to mention, much of this smelt like a trap. Blair summoned the team, most of whom arrived almost instantly. These Champions were an eager sort, and the fact that these events directly affected their home would make the mission that much more personal.

CellphoneGirl led the proceedings with a rousing speech, detailing her experiences with a man who seemed to share a name with a villain from her own reality. His mind drifting for a moment, the former Brigadier reflected on how peculiar it was that the two universe shared so many similarities and yet were so different. Names seemed to be the thing in common, with many heroes and villains from both worlds taking on the same names, yet the individuals who bore them often had little relation to their counterparts. The people were different, but somehow drifted towards the same monikers. It was peculiar, Guy even began to wonder whether he had a counterpart in their world and, if not, whether that world was better or worse for his absence.

"Anything you'd like to add?" His co-leader turned the attention of the team in his direction.

"We need more information," the herculean hero replied swiftly, forgoing the traditional speech in favour of cutting to the point. Inspirational speeches were valuable, but they had never been his strong point and often resulted in more embarrassment than encouragement. "So far we know the name of the man behind all this; what he has been up to; and the name of this particular victim. But Ken could not told us where to find the monster responsible for all of this. We can't go after him until we know where to find him. So, any suggestions?"

In particular, his question was directed at Ishmael and Crimson Eagle, both of whom had proven to have excellent deductive skills; and also Tombstone, who had hopefully cleaned some sort of information from his spiritual investigations.

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The mysterious sleuth listened closely to what his team leaders were saying. QandA was particularly interested in this Mandros character. What could he gain from doing this? Why was he doing this? Was he responsible for all the kidnappings? It is possible that this was all a trap. Maybe, just maybe, this is all some elaborate plot to destroy the Champions. Most intriguing.

The immortal's train of thought was cut off when Fuzion-Guy, a name that QandA thought should be Fuzion-Man, asked for any suggestions. He remembered the ink he saw on the ground and noticed that there was a trail of it on the ground. Perhaps it leads to Mandros.

QandA cleared his throat and said, "I would like to suggest that we follow the ink...........but something is bothering me, something that Cellphone Girl said. That he probably already knows about us. What if this is a trap? Mandros could have set this young man free and planned a trap for us. We could all be falling for some complex plot that has been in the making for months and months and months. I am not saying let's do nothing, but I am suggesting that we take caution and not let our emotions get the best of us".

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@fuzionguy: "The grave calls on you, and asks you to speak your secrets." He said as he laid his glove covered ectoplasmic hands on the corpse's head to imbue it with the power to speak and truthfully answer the questions he sought of it. He had done this numerous times before; to the point of knowing just how to properly word his questions for his power to command the dead to speak. Misspeaking could lead to irrelevant answers should the ability interpret his command in an inconvenient manner.

Negative energy flushed the corpse, poking into the memory stored within the mind and the throat muscles to give them a caricature of life, if only for the purposes of communing with the world of the living once more. For the time being, the body spoke so as to provide the answers they were seeking. To the best of his abilities anyway. Even this power could not make him reveal truths he never knew.

"What can you tell me about Madros. What is he, where is he, what does he seek?" Tombstone said cooly, black fog oozing out of his empty eye and nose sockets as his otherwordly power got to work; the temperature in the room dropping as the ghost accessed his necromantic abilities.

"Mados is a scientist, I don't know where he is...I believed he operated in cells, hiding his movements....he seeks...a new phase in evolution, not just for humanity...but himself. He has seen gods, supersoldiers, and wants to be above them. Something better than humans and mutants." His corpse said, the magic of Tombstone's abilities eliminating his accent in favor of a monotoned voice, the cooling corpse's lips and throat moving in the most disturbing of ways.

"A transhumanist?" Tombstone asked, getting very quiet, but not quiet enough for his voice to go unheard as he hovered above the boy's dead body.

"Yes and no. I don't think he believes in cyborgs as the way. He wants to improve the flesh. Make the body stronger than steel." The corpse responded, it's "exhalations fogging the instant it left the mouth.

"And what will he do when he has what he wants?" Tombstone asked, the room getting cold enough for condensation to appear on nearby glass, his self-echoing and baritone voice seeming to bounce off of every surface in the room, almost everywhere at once as the lights dimmed.

"He will remake all as he sees fit, reshaping flesh wherever he goes." The corpse exhaled as the negative energy made it's throat twitch in the manner needed to make words.

"Where were you taken, Why are you so far from Tokyo."

"I was blindfolded when I was taken. But I was only out for an hour before awakening. I live in Shiodame, and was visiting the shopping centers in Harajuku. I must have been released here as a test...I do not know why here." The corpse said before tombstone loosened his hold over him, letting the corpse go slack as he put on some sterile gloves and started removing the clothes for evidence while Lenore got a body bag for him.

"Notify the parents, I hope to have this body autopsied in one of my laboratories by my automated systems." He said as he placed the body into the bag and had it zipped up and readied for the morgue for identification by the parents while one of his Skelebots was brought in with two quick teleportations from Lenore to transport said body to one of his grave-runner cars.

His suit's computer analyzed the information on the clothes, hoping that some forensic data remained undisturbed. After a few moments, he got what he wanted.

"Narrowing down the list of locations based on what data I received, I can give us a location and eliminating any Forensic data not from our timeframe or his stated location. Crossing off the lists in Harajuku I would say he was in Takeshita Dori to be more specific based on the amount of other people's dead skin cells I've found on him, his age group, and the receipts I've been able to find on him. Based on the muck on him I'd also wager he was brought into the Tokyo sewer network. I'd be careful though, it's a packed and crowded mecca for teenaged shoppers looking for ways to spend their parents' allowance. We cannot bring down the roof here without injuring people. Going by what he said however, I'd wager this is simply one of the cells where Madros operates in, he's unlikely to have his main base of operations be in Tokyo, or Asia in general based on his call sign." He said as he finished his preliminary data work.

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A baseball bat shatters wood splintering in the wake as the gothic psychopath that is Natasha confronted her aunt in the very foundation of her home. Responsible for the loss of her mother and her own transference into a vampire Natasha was swift to take immediate reaction to one Elaina Howletzer. Being the superior Nosferatu however the bloodied blow barely phased the tyrant. She was quick to follow becoming mist and dragging disarmed Natasha with her. Having been cleaning her gear and listening to a loud cacophony of music she was not readied for the spontaneous conflict.

So there she stood her power by heritage mute to kin, her supernatural benefits outclassed. Prodigy of weapons she had none on her. This conflict was short lived as Bloodcroft made quick work of her neice. Immortal teen bloodied and battered held by the throat in the hands of twisted relative. Her end didn't come however, easy as it'd be to snap the neck of the little vamp Elaina dropped her neice. Kneeling led to the agony of a segment of the spine pulled free, Natasha unable to cry ou from shattered jaw. Surprisingly though after torturous inflictions Ela provided a vile of a healing mutants blood. "Go ahead little wolf, I've what I wanted." With that the vampiric nazi Natasha reluctantly was related to vanished.

A Few Months Ago....

Father Brian Burdeon was a happy man and proud father of two. His job outside of the church was nothing but a cubicle it allowed him however to have a routine that welcomed him to his family every night for dinner. As a priest he was an unsung hero aiding many criminals back to a good path. Usually he found them to be victem of a serious wound such as amputees. The most reacuring phrase was mumbling about a "hot vampire who'd next collect my head for a pike" slightly troubling. He saw the wickedness for what it was on this island however and perceived these acts as a necessary evil. This day was most bizarre however.

Till this teen came in spattered in blood pausing at the door unable to enter. "Come child." Still she stayed there drips of vermillion echoing softly in the empty chapel. "I suppose I'll come to you." And so he did just that. "Your her aren't you? Ronin's Butcher? The Gothic Samurai? Little Vampire?" The crimson eyes only seemed to look toward the ground in shame. "Your sins can still be abolished."

"Lies" a doubtful undead remarked before venturing home."

Present Day....

Recovering from her wounds though the stain of carmine still lingered on pale skin the vampire returned to gather her gear. She wasn't like so many of these others with flashy costumes and designated design. A ripped up band shirt she'd partied in before the previous bout, a short skirt and almost knee high black boots. That was it no noble visage just a bloodstained teen proud of herself.

She found herself disinterested with the man on the table. He didn't smell of blood it made her stomach sick she didn't like him. Least with this zombie and ghost character she knew it this ink mutant didn't sit well with the animal in her. Unique touch of hers would reveal nothing the man didn't know. She couldn't bite him either he had no blood to obtain from him. "A hideout is just that I agree with the other. Follow the ink we can probably track from there...though I'm not playing bloodhound in sewer water if he got dipped that scents gone just saying." The little vamp willing to go to sewers if need be but not venturing into the actual filth. Vampiric senses however possibly beneficial in tracking this biologist. Admittedly she could of been concerned about the danger but that wasn't her.

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Slowly everyone within the Champions of Peace had entered the room, catching up on what the Crimson Eagle had discovered. It seemed that the consensus was concern. Especially after what the young man said after Tombstone was able to get some more info.

Ryan listened carefully to the analysis of the Undead Detective. His points were well thought out, reasonable, with a hint of a Sherlock Holmes feeling to it. But there was a gut feeling the hero had that just didn't add up.

"He's here," Ryan responded, "If people are disappearing where we're based then they're nearby. Proof? Ken. His brand on his chest suggests he's one of hundreds of experiments. Yeah, we could be headed for the cells but we need to find the prisoners. When I found Ken, there was a trail of ink that was caused from his mutation. We could follow the trail to Madros. I know he's here, its a gut feeling I have"

Fuzion stood up, "We leave now."

-Sewer Network-

The trail of ink had led the team to the network of sewers beneath the Ronin's Rest. Noxious odors were thick in the air and the grimy fluids splashed beneath the feet of the heroes. CPG was lighting the area as the team walked through the one way passage. The group soon walked ankle deep in the sludge only for the sludge level to slowly lower once again.

The sound of splashing grew faint and suddenly the sound of metal was heard. Below, metal grates were visible and led to various different tunnels. Faint shouts were heard, echoing throughout the system.

"Here we split up" Fuzion said.

Immediately a wall came down behind the group. The crackle of a speaker was heard, "I could not agree more Champion of Peace."

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"Welcome to the game, Champions!" The disembodied voice continued to blast out of the speakers. "I'm so glad you got my invitation, I was afraid poor Ken wasn't going to make it to you in time. Now that you're here, I will explain to you the nature of your situation. Some of the more destructive members of your group are probably considering breaking through the walls, either to escape or to get through the maze more quickly. I should warn you that this entire compound is heavily reinforced, and I would not recommend trying to test its limits. Every wall is connected to every other wall, they are all rigged to blow. If you take down one wall, they all go down, trapping yourselves and my helpless, innocent subjects under miles of rubble."

"So, if I can trust you're all going to behave, I'll tell you the best part." There was a sudden screech of static as the speakers momentarily cut out, until suddenly a holographic image of a pale, haunting face appeared before the team of heroes.

"The best part is that I am waiting for you."

"My experiments in this facility have run their course, all that remains is to put them to the test. If my legion of neo-mutants cannot kill you, then they have failed in their purpose and all my work was for nothing. However, such is my faith in my beloved creatures that I am staking my own life on their success. There are many tunnels before you, most of them will lead you to unharmed prisoners, those who have either yet to undergo experimentation or simply did not prove powerful enough to join the ranks of my army. Yet the part you will likely be most interested in, is one of the tunnels will lead you directly to me." He grinned a big, toothy grin. "I know you will likely suspect this is a trap, you have no reason to trust me. What you are overlooking is that getting you here in the first place was the trap. Now you are at the mercy of my neo-mutants. If you get to the unharmed test subjects or even to myself, there will be no surprises waiting for you. Such is my confidence that you will not succeed. Enjoy the game, Champions. I do hope you are not sore losers."

"Well, sh*t," Guy grumbled as the hologram vanished, being one of those who was preparing to tear through the entire structure before the warning about the explosives. The Champions of Peace were a massive team composed of a huge variety of members. And this Madros was willing to stake his life on the fact that they would not be able to overcome his forces. That was quite a wager. "Look, I don't know what's waiting for us at the end of these tunnels. Maybe Madros is telling the truth, maybe not, but either way sitting here and doing nothing is not an option. We need to explore every tunnel, though we have the advantage of numbers. Everybody pair up, I don't want anyone going into this on their own. Stick with your partner and watch their back. This guy has been watching us, seems to think he's prepared enough to kill us all. So stay on your toes and don't let him exploit your weaknesses."

"War Killer, you're with me," he motioned towards his star-spangled team-mate. "Everybody, move out. And good luck."

Together, the two of them made their way into the first tunnel, striding through the muck and water until eventually the walls and ceiling began to spread out. Eventually the cavern was pretty large in size, definitely big enough to accommodate flight. Taking to the air and summoning a flash of light with one hand, Fuzion-Guy lit the way for his comrade. There was only silence between them as they headed further and further in, the tension mounting with every footstep.

Finally, two silhouettes appeared in the distance. One was a fairly large, bulky figure, while the other was small and weedy. Then, before Guy could warn his fellow hero to be on his guard, the mighty man plummeted to the ground as the smaller of the silhouettes placed a finger against his own temple. Screaming in agony, Geller recognised the mental anguish of a telepathic assault, a weakness he had still failed to address after so long. Invulnerable in every other regard, the walking nuke was incredibly vulnerable to mental attacks and was currently writhing in the shallow puddles of sewer water.

War Killer seemed unaffected by the move, and the reason became clear as the two combatants stepped into the light. They wore simple clothes, including plain white shirts that each bore a name. The skinny one's read 'Fuzion-Guy' and the larger one's read 'War Killer'. Each neo-mutant was designed to take down a specific threat. They also each bore a strange symbol upon their head, a glowing diamond that appeared identical to the one on Madros' forehead. Judging by the relatively blank expressions on the soldiers' faces, the villain was somehow using these gems to control them.

Whatever the case, it was clear that for the moment, one of the most powerful members of the Champions of Peace was completely useless.

It was up to War Killer for now.

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The Allstar was an excellent charismatic. Hell, it could even be considered his strongest super power before his amazing Super Suit that had been bestowed to him. Big surprise the he happened across someone of a very similar power set of himself, a suit granting themselves powers that was left to their own dreams and dedication. It was the biggest surprise however, when these two formed a sort of friendship with each other on a lowly drinking contest....

The tunnels...

"I'm telling you V, this was the beacon locationnnnn-What the hell?" Allstar and Vamoose blasted their way through who knows how much dirt to find that there wasn't a single C.O.P member in sight. The most recent member used his Super Suit's comm application to contact the entire team via their links. "This is Star...Anybody read me? C.O.P member Star attempting any response!...Damn...."

Star let off the comm unit and turned to his recent friend. "We need to track them down, V...Like right now!" Star was cut off when dirt shuffling in the shadows broke his speech, causing the Star to make his hands glow with energy.

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Locations: Deep within the Sewer System of Ronin's Rest.

"...Enjoy the game, Champions. I do hope you are not sore losers." spoke the madman known simply as Madros as his hologram vanished, leaving the entire team now trapped deep beneath the city they were tasked with protecting. Standing among his fellow Champions, the Vigilante Soldier said nothing but instead inspecting his surroundings. Madros claimed that the entire sewer system was rigged to blow, but for all they knew this could simply be a ploy to keep them playing his sadistic game.

As the team's newly appointed leader FuzionGuy began to speak, Chris found himself only half-listening. Instead, his mind was focused on the faint cries echoing down from the tunnels ahead. He also observed his fellow teammates, many of them he knew nothing about, some apparently from another dimension...something he still had a hard time buying into. Looking at their faces, he could see the worried looks on their faces, more so with the newer members like himself. He could only imagine the fear running through their minds, questioning whether or not they could stop this villain or would they instead be trapped in these endless tunnels forever.

"War Killer, you're with me," Breaking his train of thought, Chris brought his attention back to FuzionGuy, nodding slightly as he stepped forward away from the rest of the group. "Everybody, move out. And good luck." With that the team divided up into pairs of two, each choosing a tunnel to explore. Following shortly behind FuzionGuy, Chris too began his journey down one of these tunnels.

Working their way through the muck and waste running almost knee-high through the tunnels, their path eventually opened up to a much larger space, something Guy capitalized on without hesitation as he took to the air. Not having the same privilege, Chris continued to push his way through the sewage waters as Guy used his fusion-based powers to better help light their way.

Minutes passed as the two carefully made their way through the dark tunnel, the silence between the two making things even more uncomfortable than they already were, though Chris hardly found any reason to to end it. Between the two of them, they were complete strangers; Guy had met War Killer's alter-ego, Chris Allgood, once when Chris first offered to fund the team and provide them with a more suitable headquarters. But as War Killer this would be the first time he and Guy had ever encountered each other outside a few team meetings. Strangers now forced to put their trust in each other, all the while as they walked closer into what was surely a trap.

Instantly though that silence was finally broken as Guy came crashing into the murky waters, screaming in agony from what Chris could not figure. All he knew was that he was now trapped in a tunnel deep beneath an unforgiving city with man who was literally a walking atomic bomb, one that for all Chris knew could go off at any moment.

The Neo Mutant Strikes!

Though as Guy continued to shriek in pain, two figures appeared from the darkness ahead. Seeing both his and Guy's codenames written on their chests, the Star-Spangled Champion could only assume that these were two of Madros' twisted experiments. Notching the skinny one touching his forehead, his attention focused on Guy, Chris quickly guessed he was the reason for his teammates sudden breakdown. The bigger figure on the other hand, his attention was completely on Chris.

"Ah, yes... the tarnished hero and the mysterious patriot. How exciting..." Madros' voice once again sounded over the speakers scattered throughout the tunnel system. "...it seems you two will be the first to put my creations to the test. As you can see with how easily the mighty Giga-Guy...or is it FuzionGuy now? I can never keep track...but as you can see with how easily Mr. Geller was brought to his knees, it simply shows you the power my Neo Mutants posses."

"On your feet, Geller!" Chris ordered as he knelt down at Guy's side, who continued to scream in what Chris could only explain as some form of mental warfare. "If you're going to scream like a little girl, at least punch something while you're at it!" Looking up, he watched as the two Neo Mutants slowly approached them. "Preferably one of them." He said, nodding towards the skinny Mutant who continued to touch his forehead, his attention remaining on Guy.

Pulling his plasma pistol from its holster, Chris aimed for the skinny-ones head before finding the gun just as quickly whipped from his hand by a long metallic-like tentacle which extended from the larger Mutant's forearm. Turning his attention towards the large Mutant, he watched as the tentacle retracted back towards its owner, all as a second tentacle appeared from the creature's other arm, both tentacles now waving back and forth as if having a mind of their own.

"Looks like we're doing this the hard way then." Leaping forward, Chris charged forward towards the large being. Slamming it's tentacles down into the water, red bolts of electricity now began to run down them, sending it surging through the sewer waters. With no time to react, Chris found high volts of electricity now flowing through his body, causing the young hero to scream in shocking pain. With the young hero stunned, the monster just as swiftly swung its large tentacles forward, slamming into the hero and sending him flying backwards past where FuzionGuy still remained.

Splashing through the water, Chris quickly picked himself back up, pulling his shield around from his back and placing it on his right arm, preparing for the Mutants next attack. Hearing Madros' villainous laughter over the speakers, War Killer could only imagine what other monstrosities that madman had unleashed on the rest of the team...

"Alright, you freak...round two!"

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“Guys I’m here with the cookies!” Stephanie marched into The Sanctuary with a wide grin on her face while holding onto seven stacked boxes of cookies in her arms. She was gone for most of the day, and it was a nice day! She was so surprised she didn’t get a single alert or call from her communicator. But the further she walked into the HQ… she began to notice something… it was quiet… like… if no one was here!

“Guys?” She arched her brow, looking around the HQ some more until she ran into one of the workers.

“Oh, Ms. Nova, they went on a mission a few minutes ago.”


The Nasty Icky Sewers

Stephanie gagged as she held her hand over her nose, the stench was something she had anything but long forgotten. Memories began to flood back into her mind of the time she fought Nighthunter in the sewers during a battle tournament, and nearly drowned. It was a humbling… and the most DISGUSTING experience she had ever gone through. As she was walking through she was able to hear the epic boring dialog of that weird Madros dude was saying something about not blowing up the tunnels… traps… innocents blah blah some other stuff she didn’t bother to listen to. “Where are the others at?” she mumbled to herself as she continued to swish her feet through the contaminated waters that reached up to her ankles. Man she hated the sewers, and not JUST because it smelled really bad, or because it was dirty, and grimy... and full of rats but because there was no real room to maneuver. If an attack came right at you, there wasn't a whole lot of room to dodge. Then there was the fact that if she unleashed an attack that was TOO powerful she could literally cause the sewers to collapse around her... and everyone else... which would be bad. She just really hated the sewers...

Then she was met with a crossroad. Multiple dark tunnels were now before her, she could hear voices coming from every direction. Which one should she stumble through? “Guys?” She spoke out, trying to find one of her teammates.

With a heavy sigh she knew she was going to have to resort to the old age way of reasoning… “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,” she began pointing at each tunnel one by one, each word moving to a tunnel. “Catch a tiger by the toe. If he hollers, let him go, Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.” Her finger stopped at a tunnel and with a smile she began to march forward, only to stop dead in her tracks as a deep rumble growl came from it. With her eyes widen in just a teeny tiny bit of fear, she quickly added the extra line that was always used to change the outcome of eeny meeny miny moe when it gave it a result you didn’t like. “My mother told me/says to pick the very best one, and that is Y-O-U “ A new tunnel was picked and as long as it didn’t have a rumbling growl it was A-OKAY with her!

Marching in the area became pitch black dark and the water felt as if it was beginning to deepen… which made the hero a little nervous. “Can’t see ANYTHING!” She extended her left hand as it burst into a golden flame, lighting up the entire with nothing but nasty murky water. “Huh…” she whispered to herself as she began struggling just a little more to move through the waters. “This is… weird…” it felt as if something was in the water and purposely trying to slow her down, but nobody was here with her.

Just then the screeching static of a mic went off for a split second. “Ah, Feral Nova, you are an interesting woman.” The voice of Madros sent chills down the heroes back. “You call yourself ‘The Fire Goddess’ yet you are not any kind of ‘Goddess’ but you also are neither a human or mutant of any kind, so what are you exactly? Oh, I wish I could have gotten my hands on you... you're DNA must be beautiful."

"Thank... you? Wait that WAS a complement, right?" Man this man was creepy! She couldn't wait to get her fists into his face cause he was annoying too!

"You rely on your pyrokinesis and immense strength but what happens when you are paired up with an enemy you cannot touch?”

“Uhhh… I… don’t know..? Wait... Was I really supposed to answer the question or was it one of those kinds of questions you’re not SUPPOSE to answer kind of thing and I was supposed to stay silent for a dramatic effect kind of thing..?” She ranted answering the question with a question of her own. “I can never tell…”

But her question was quickly answered as a wall of water began to rise before her, only to slowly take the shape of a man. “Awwwww man… I have to fight sewer water man?” her worst fear came true, it was as if Madros KNEW of her once battle with Nighthunter all those years ago!

“Take a deep breath, it’ll be your last!” The man yelled out as he threw out both his arms, at the same time powerful jet streams of water rushed towards the flaming hero.

The water slammed into Stephanie, sending her back into the wall of the tunnel, the pressure of the water holding her back as she suddenly erupted into golden flames, interrupting the jet stream. "UCK! Do you have any idea how long it's going to get the SMELL off of me?!" She pushed herself forward, balling her hand into a fist as she grit her teeth, "HURAH!" Her fist went flying towards the man's face, but instead of having contact with a solid object, her fist went right through! This caused the hero to lose her balance, falling right through the hydro mutant and into the sewer floor. "What the heck?" She blinked a couple of times, she couldn't hit him!

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Vamoose wasn't the orthodox soldier, he never had been. Conceived by a rudimentary, poor family, he was promptly assigned to the Brigade when his speed powers manifested. Secluded from the family he loved, the family that taught him about mercy, compassion and benevolence, he never forgot those sentiments. Roughened by war, he developed a false arrogance and rather well-humored persona to forget the horror of bloodshed.

He hovered behind his recent bro, Allstar. They had met a few days ago, a few glasses of alcohol created some strong bonds betwixt both. "I know, man, you said that a lot in the last five minutes..." His ultramarine eyes rolled aside, folding his arms, he simply awaited his friend to admit he was wrong... Again.

"They must be somewhere, Star-bro. I am picking their energy signatures, but they ain't that precise. We sh-" He was abruptly interrupted, the dust blown amid the shadows picked his attention thoroughly. "Hey, S, mind enlightening the situation?" His clenched wrist commenced to glow turquoise.

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"Do we call in the suit Tomby?" Lenore asked as she prepared her magical abjurations and defenses. Her dead body no longer needed any air, but the sewer water was plenty nasty enough for her to avoid stepping into it anyway. For all her advanced years as a ghost, she still walked, talked, and acted like a twelve year old girl. Albeit one whose hands are now glowing with mystical force as she spoke chants and mantras of arcane power and constantly kept up small, somatic gestures to keep the spells at the draw.

"Not yet. That's a card I only play if needed, that kind of power could devastate Tokyo if I wasn't absolutely careful with it." His raspy voice replied, swinging out his twin pistols while he scanned the area, always looking for a threat to pop out at him. Having fought against the Wehrmacht, the Imperial Japanese and Royal Italian Armies, countless supervillain armies and the Hierarchy and Thoughtsin on a constant basis in his century of service to the world, Tombstone had a deep resevoir of combat experience to draw on.

"I've fought plenty of people who believed that they were creating or furthering a master race Madros. They always lose, they always will lose, equality, justice, freedom, these are the ideals that always win, the ones that always have won in the end. That's a fact, one that's stayed consistent in my long, long life. The only thing that makes you different is that you have a different supremacy symbol, not a Swatzika, an M, or whatever human or white supremacists like to use. But in the end, you'll lose just like they do." He said as the one neo-mutant atrocity confronted them.

Hideously distorted beyond the human norm was a made out of warped flesh, combining traits of many non-human creatures with his new neo-mutant process to create something special, his little pet. But Tombstone was rather new to the team, he literally joined yesterday. This thing wasn't tailored against him, but was instead simply made for brute overpowering force and on the fly adpatability. He ducked back and beneath a violent thrashing swing from the scythe like arm of the first creature; a snapping, beaked head glowering out of too many eyes as a piercing shriek came from it.

Getting beneath the creature's scythe arm he interlaced the fingers of both hands and threw his arms upwards for an uppercutting blow to the creature's chin to send it staggering backwards, grabbing it as it stumbled back to deliver a jab to the solar plexus to knock the wind out of it's sails, discharging violent dosages of electricity into it to make it reel with the shocking pain of a living taser going through it's body at several million volts.

He knew that pound for pound, he was physically outmatched and that if he was going to take this thing down it was going to be a long drawn out process given it's hulking size and strength, but he had experience and had fought plenty of monstrous enemies before. Bringing his Vibranium cloak up to deal with a side blow from the being's left, armoured hand, he phased through the floor to get at an strategic angle while his sidekick; having made herself invisible before hand, suddenly appeared to the left and threw forth an orb of pure kinetic force, sending a transparent sphereoid slamming into the creature just so that tombstone could appear from behind and give it an electircally charged double hammer fist to knock it into a cascade of iridescent blue magic missile bolts that slammed into it's osteoderm covered body.

The creature; despite it's horrific appearance, seemed canny enough to realize that Tombstone was skilled enough to dance around it all day long, and being undead, he never tired nor faltered in his attacks, following up with sudden application of electricity to the creature's legs with his pistols to send it flumping down into the ground. But as it thought, it pulled itself upwards and focused it's eyes on Lenore. A little girl should be much easier prey it reasoned as it stabbed it's bonescythe arm into the ground and it's eyes began to glow.

It opened it's mouth, webbing unfurling with boney protrusions in the membranes forming the support structure of the mouth. An ululating shriek was made inside of it's mouth as it's too many eyes rolled into the back of it's head. It's lunch began to rapidly digest a portion of what it ate, bio-electricity flowing into the rapidly vaporizing organic matter before the regurgitation reflex kicked in and sent out a gout of green bio-plasma hot enough to flash vaporize metal, a stream of ultra-high temperature, highly electrified plasma vomit that Lenore stared at.

"LENORE!" Tombstone shouted as he grabbed the creature by the back and forced it's head upwards, finally snapping her out of her deer in headlight's motion and prompting her to phase into the floor as Tombstone shoved the creature's head to the walls, gouging out a lone series of holes as the plasma puke bored through several feet of solid matter like nothing. In response to being grabbed, the being grew out long; dangerous spines like those of a porcupine, forcing Tombstone to let go of it to avoid being skewered as these quills tore through the skin that showed between the layers of bony osteoderms.

As he teleported himself backwards he considered his options' but only briefly before the creature loped to special Osmium blocks placed around the room; weapons for it to throw with supersonic force, barely giving him enough time to bring up his cloak and absorb the impact and even then it was a distraction to let the thing break out into a tackling charge where it used it's bone covered smasher arm to sweep the man off his feet and give an opening with it's scythe arm, something it would have been able to use to kill Tombstone had Lenore not got back up and used a spell of disintegration to reduce most of the floor beneath it to ash, sending the creature hurtling down into a lower level of the sewer system, water rushing down to smother it.

"...I need to shower...forever..." Lenore remarked, seeing her muck covered body waist deep in rapidly draining sewer water, she took a whiff and grimaced, oh she stunk to high heavens. .

"That thing can probably swim and break through the floor, we need to get moving, yesterday." Tombstone said as he pat his charge on the shoulder.

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"We are on a mission! With the C-O-PEAAASE!"

Moa and Yui have been chanting on our way towards the sewers. While the girls have been taking this lightly, I am worried. I know that we're not veterans in the field of battle yet, but we can do something that'll help this team. Our abilities have proven their worth countless times already. But will our help actually do much? Will we actually stop, these kidnappings with these two little kitsunes doing their childish antics? The Girls have matured but not on the level where they learn to take things seriously... Hope we'd make it out alive.

The Sewers

Here we are at Mandros's maze. The stench of the liquid below us filling our noses, nearly intoxicating Yui. My head's aching and Moa's getting noisy again. Thankfully, the ruckus ended and the three of us adapted to the changes of the environment. I was studying the area when a wall came over down behind us, ensuring that we can't escape. This would be a bad case for claustrophobics. Mandros is beginning to lay out his plan for us, his voice echoing from all over the place. Talking about the 'rules' of this 'game' he wants the Champions of Peace to play. I am absolutely pumped up.

"Enjoy the game, Champions. I do hope you are not sore losers."

Moa: "Wait! We won't be losers! JUST WAIT YOU MADROS GUUUYYY!!!"

Moa yelled towards the ceiling. Getting no response from our captor, I was slightly offended. It seemed like he's underestimating us. Well, I would just have to get to where he's at, and obliterate him.

Yui: "So Where do we go now Su-Chan? There's Guy San! And that gold guy! There goes--- Oi! Wait!"

Moa: Yui: "Wait! With whom shall i go with?"

"I guess we three should split up! Y'know so that we'd get updates from each other... I'll go with those creepy guys! The one who talks to dead!"

Moa's plan sounded great until I realized that these two cannot be trusted. The two little Kitsunes might get in trouble and so I sat in a corner for a few moments, tolerating the smell, seeing the other members go their ways. I thought of a better plan.

"No! We three stick together. And find someone older."

Moa: "Aren't we independent enough for an adult's supervision?"

No. I know that we're not, with the lives of many, and perhaps of the whole of Japan at stake, I cannot let ourselves go without someone who's more experienced. I started to worry, that was until--- I saw Nova Sensei! Who seemed to be choosing a path, she seemed late.

"Let's follow Nova Sensei Girls!"

Yui and Moa: "HAI!"

And so we followed where Nova San Is at and saw her struggling with her opponent.

"What the Heck?" We heard Nova Sensei say.

Yui: "NOVA SAN! Don't worry! Here we are!!!"

Positioning ourselves in our fighting stance, we we're interrupted by a booming sound. It was him again, Madros.

"Aaaah, the little foxes... Well well well... Hope you have fun with my gifts for you girls"

There was a wall that shut us from the behind. With little room, we cannot move very easily. And I cannot use My Sonic Scream, as it may damage the walls and blow this whole area up. I had to think. From above us floated three skinny figures. They were hovering above us and let out eerie laughter that creeped the two out. With so little room, I cannot let my attacks cause a major effect that might put us into danger...

"Girls! I trust In Nova Sensei! Each of you take one and move away from me! We need space to make less damage on the surroundings! This'll get nasty!"

Is it just me? Or I sounded like an average american teen? Oh Kitsune Sama... Please guide us...

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Star slowly backed up against his friend, his blue eyes observing the shadows, assisted by the golden visor on his face that scanned for heart beats. "Well, I really hope you don't ind hitting women cause...Well you'll see in just second." The celebrity hero raised his glowing fist and fired a blast right into the shadows, only to be surprised when that blast came speeding back at the two. "UP! UP!" Star grabbed V's shoulder and flew upwards, the force of the blast just barely touched his golden boots.

Then the attackers revealed themselves. Twins to be exact, their skin resembling that of a mirror. "...Is it wrong that it's kind of working for me?" Star managed to ask before one of the duo leaped up with amazing strength and sent a wild hay maker towards his jaw, but was able to bring up his arm and merely get knocked down to the ground.

"Yeah so they're NOT FRAGILE!" He screamed and attempted to fire another energy blast at his foe, which once again just reflected off of her skin and destroyed a boulder beside Star. "Lady you really need to calm down." Star spoke through gritted teeth while grabbing the mirror woman's wrists, throwing her down into the rubble left from that boulder. The blue and gold paragon looked for the other one, seeing her climbing the wall so she could leap at Vamoose. "Dude behind you!" Was all he could shout before his legs got swept out from under him by the now recovered mutant.

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A Few Months Ago

It was a week later when Father Brian came to the steeple to infact find the gothic teen at the door. Her sword reeked of death crystal blade held enough blood to be as red as the teens' eyes. He still simply saw her however as just a lost child. A victim of her nature and rather then attempt to exorcise or dispatch of the creature of night he chose to take seat beside her. "Perhaps it's hard for you to be open finding me as repulsive as I should find you blasphemous?"

"My name is Brian Bourdon I grew up actually in the states I remember sitting with my father watching the Justice Brigade. Stark and Selene were like the perfect couple. And Fuzion god nobody could touch him. Most of my life was boring and normal but those people were an inspiration. In time I thought I could use the power of faith to perhaps complete what the Brigade and other heroes started. When I heard of all the happenings in this accursed town I had to come." The resemblance was obvious to him he did his best to tip toe around it however knowing he'd strike a chord all the sweeter if done so.

"You're a warrior to then? With book over sword." She was sarcastic of course but this led to a month of hanging out almost every other day for a month. The vampire even attending the birthday of the seven year old Brittney Bourdon. Brittney and Natasha had easily bested Brian and a dozen friends in an epic nerf war. Wasn't long after that however that Natasha was asked once more about her actions and after all this time felt she had to answer...

Present Day

She hated the sewers really really hated the sewers, heightend senses met with a heightend grotesque smell. The task at hand deserved her presence and help. After sloshing around in the filth however she was regretting it, why couldn't this guy chose a park or a generic building? It was disgusting being in this place further they ventured worse it got.

Soon not only was the nauseating smell getting to her soon it was greater by other scents. Those of flesh from various sources, prisoners she deducted smell of fear a telling sign. It was mixed with the scent of chemicals and so on projects likely genetic in nature. She wouldn't bring it up knowing people were being a prisoner to experimentation wasn't news. As the sewers closed behind them Natasha didn't react much other then whispering "cliche" in playful ridicule. Then came a prolonged series of words and phrases that bored Natasha without end. A familiar scent reached her and it was then that she uncovered which sewer she would take. End of the various commentaries and Nat made silent departure.

"I do hope you enjoy your guest I chose him just for you Natasha."

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"You kidding, right? Women?" He mockingly stated, a jocose atmosphere encompassing the duo. "Can't believ-" He couldn't finish the sentence as both men ascended toward the sky, the rebound energy ball out bursting slightly beneath their feet. "What the fuck?! You shot yourself?"

His jowl dropped as both twin, ostensibly attractive, emerged from obscurity, their mirrored peel reflecting thoroughly their images. "Not wrong at all! I mean, works for me..." He watched as his friend was well-nigh to being single-handedly knocked. He held the chortle. "You okay, broseph?"

He could not feel their energy, signals bounced off mostly. His azure eyes fathomed the area virtually as his friend surveyed the other side. He barely hearkened the yell and was, suddenly, hit slightly beneath neck. "Aww, c'mon!" Falling toward the ground, he turned around and attempted to fire ceaseless bursts of energies, just to see them failing miserably. Hitting the ground, a smoke curtain veiled him entirely, if not by his glittering eyes, he could be assumed dismayed. "Oooooohhhhh, I'm gonna crack those bitches!" An arrogant simper plastered on his visage as he jolted forth, placing himself aside Star, speeding his leg nearly at the sound of speed, he swiped his leg toward the mutant, completely forgetting her sister.

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"I might be a little too distracted by these chicks. And try not to kill them, that's not really my style." Star grabbed the sister that leg swept him and was now heading for Vamoose, putting her in a Nelson hold. With his suit's enhanced strength, he threw her right into the other one that V had just kicked a good ten feet down the tunnel. At least now they had some distance to plan. Just like that however, they were up and charging towards the bro-duo.

"We need to knock them out or at least incapacitate them. Energy is out of the option...Wait a second!" Star's golden visor zoomed in on the now charging twins' forehead, seeing some sort of stone that stood out on their reflective bodies. "V-man, scan those crystals on their heads and tell me what you can put together, I'll hold 'em up." He asked of his friend before flying off of the ground and charged towards the twins, grabbing a good chunk of rubble to hurl at them.

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"Yeah, they might be a little too attractive! And don't worry, no bloodstained armor today." A high-spirited laughter reverberated throughout the tunnel. He scrutinized as his friend potentially locked his enemy via Nelson, a rather puissant grapple. He concealed any funny jokes about getting their ass kicked by two twins, yet that story had potential.

The stouthearted Vamoose grinned at the very sight of a weak-spot possibility, boastfully poising while thoroughly scanning both enemies. "If you wanna keep all the fun... Might present ya to my exes, Star-bro. They would love ya!" The sarcastic remark almost brandished a boisterous tone. The helmet propelled into databases, anatomy, everything the AI could get protrude into. Vamoose snapped his fingers vigorously, in a quite stoical manner. "Got it! Seems like their most fragile points, bro. Doubt it would kill them. It seems like they communicate that way, planning their moves ahead of us. Connected twins, literally. Break that and this gets a lot easier."

Rocketing forth, both fists projected above his head as Marv spear-dove, trying to hit one of the sister's chest before speeding behind her and lock it enough for his friend to disrupt the chick's odd, crystal-shaped ornament. "Do it quick, man!"

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"One second bro, this fan is pretty persistent!" Star sprinted to the twin that he lobbed down with rubble, swiftly kicking her in the jaw and sent her spinning through the dirt. He then turned around and shined his winning grin at the subdued woman, flying towards her at amazing speeds while pulling his clenched fist back.

"I think I can deal with seven years of bad luck! HA!" The gold and blue paragon drove his fist directly into her forehead, smashing the crystal completely. Both her and her twin sister let out a pained cry before falling unconscious and to the floor as well.

Star stood over the one, his arms crossed while observing her magnificent frame. "Good hold V-man, I'm totally tweeting this later...But first!" He grinned and pulled out one of his professional photos and a sharpie. "Good fight ladies, AllStar...." Star mumbled under his breath while jotting it down on the photo, then tossed it on her still knocked out body and turned to his team mate.

"A shame really, would have gotten their numbers under different circumstances. Which reminds me, you free Sunday? There's this killer party that Bill Murray is hosting and I managed to get an invite" He explained while putting his arm on V's shoulder and let out a relaxed sigh, the two now continuing down the tunnel.

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Edward also found himself in the sewers. The prince thought parts of the city where in a bad way but this ancient runoff looked like the city had an impacted colon. It smealt worse than anything he could even imagine. The small gaps in his amour allowing the foul strench to almost permiate into the skin around his mouth and nose. It aura was truely nauseating, this was part of Madros's plan no doubt. The vile villians fact file flashing through the champions mind, Madros was a manipulator and he was trying to mask something by bringing the fight here. Presuming it was the same Madros or they where cut from the same cloth. The champions train of thought suddenly trailing off as he heard a voice a cold disembodied echo of impossibilty "Hello Brother". Shadows shifted around him taking form bringing the nightmares of the princes dreams to life. Arthur Windsor.

"It, it cant be. Your dead." The ghostly form of the long dead and derranged Windsor advancing towards Edward "Death is but a door, time is but a window Eddy. Now to continue our last conversation... where was i" Arthurs outline vanishing leaving a blanket of shadow once again a haunting nothingness hitting the champions before the pain. His body struck dumb and solid as if each muscle was locked in a vice. "Tell me brother how do you strangle the life out of smething that has no shape?. Now my dear sibling i shall show you the true nature of pain and vengence." A loud scream echoing around the rotting cesspit around the prince as his every fibre started to ache in mind shattering agony, a torrent of blood running from every feature of the prince of powers face. His vision now obscured by the casscading crimson fluid pouring from his tearducts. Spluttering through the pools of blood at the back of his throat Edwarded tried to call out "Help".

His breath wearing thin as his chest remained motionless his mighty muscles held by the mercy of Arthurs malice. Edwards body starved of oxygen begining to fade out of consiousness.

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Part 3

A Few Months Ago

"My first kill was when I was like five? Not sure it was early and few, when my parents split though it escalated in frequency. Wasn't out of anger or anything it simply felt good you know?"

"Did you ever try and get help?"

"Not really. I always kept it to the wicked sort I hardly feel bad about it. There was only one who tried to get in my head she was a close friend with my mom. Hair like fire, her name started with a Des? Don't remember it exactly. She told us though I'd be sure to be placed in a insane asylum however if ever analyzed on record."

"Well have you improved any?"

"Hardly nowadays I wet my fangs nightly.".....

Present Day

Turn after turn with no end in sight and no trail to follow the teenaged vamp wandered. Her hand rested on the katana founded by followers of Shinigami hungering for blood. Whispers in her head to part flesh to gorge on carmine. There was nothing to be the predator of but that didn't help. If anything the whispers only escalated in occurrence. Tongue danced across lips however as she soon found a scent of blood. Following it untill in a dead end.

"Welcome child to the Valley of Death. Tonight shall be your repentance. The damned shall return to ash as is decreed by he." The figure before her was swift to outstretch his arms in a cross like pose. Silver blades glittered in his hands ready to be put to use in confrontation with the condemned. His trench coat was heavy weighted by various blades, stakes and passages of the gospel. He didn't have the clean combed hair his scalp was bear. Eyes once a soft brown were now azure and apeared devine. The smell was the same though.

"What are you Father Burden now? Typical that this would happen." Her tone was bitter as she unsheathed the crystal blade fangs barred in hostility. There was no shock or surprise as it felt often times any friend or family was doomed an ill fate. Worse still was that she knew this went beyond mind control. It wasn't just a stone making Brian act this way. Distorted by science and deception of the mind Natasha could tell the priest she knew was gone. Replaced by this abomination.

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“NOVA SAN! Don’t worry! Here we are!!!:

That voice, Stephanie knew it all too well. Her head shift over behind her where she saw the three young girls of K-Squad getting into their signature battle stance; Suzuka, Yui and Moa. The young trio held a special place in Nova’s heart, reminding her of Stephanie’s own children, the twins, Hotaru and Sozuko, automatically feeling protective of them.

The chilling voice of Madros echoed through the sewers as he spoke to the three.

“Girls! Watch out!”

"Aaaah, the little foxes... Well well well... Hope you have fun with my gifts for you girls"

Just then the wall shut, blocking any sort of exit that Stephanie could have used to help get the girls out of immediate danger, this also meant she couldn't use her fire abilities without risk of harming the girls. Then, without warning, the sound of ghostly laughs could be heard coming down from above, her eyes shift to see three floating figures. They must be for the girls.

“Get away from them!” Stephanie barked out, protective instinct kicking in as her eyes glowed a fierce yellow. She pulled back her left fist as if she was holding a baseball and as she was throwing her arm forward a sphere of golden fire escaped from her hand, rushing towards one of the three figures only to suddenly divide into three separate heated orbs, hoping to at least hit one of them to distract them enough for the girls to get the edge.

But she was distracted for too long as the aqueous fighter then rushed towards The Fire Goddess, using its liquefied form completely submerging the hero as flashes of memories flooded her mind, becoming anxious as she threw her arms around wildly around her body in attempt to fight something she couldn't actually punch. She could only hope the other girls were having a better time than her right now. She couldn't tell which way was up or down until her body suddenly slammed into the wall not once, or twice but three times. The water finally settled down as the man’s upper portion of the body formed, his lower half still water as he rumbled with a chuckle.

Her body fell to the ground, water dripping off her body as she pushed herself up to her knees, coughing up water as she struggled to focus on the mutant before her. Gasping for air she glared at the man, her hands balled into fists. Her blond hair slicked down to her scalp. “Oh, you think you’re funny huh? Well I got a joke for you.” Stephanie smirked.

“Oh yeah?” The man crossed his arms, slowly making his way towards the Fire Goddess, showing some amusement at the fact that she was still breathing and talking.

“How do you make holy water?” She asked, shifting from sitting on her knees to kneeling with only one knee the ground.

The man stood there, dumbfounded. “Erm… I don’t know, how?”

The water that clung onto her body began to evaporate turning into vapor. “You boil the hell out of it!” With that she launched herself forward her fists thrusting themselves into his fluid chest as he began to yell out in pain. Stephanie’s eyes flashed amber as her fists lit up, the neo-mutants chest now boiling from the intensity of the heat, vapors of steam rushing from him as you could visibly see his body begin to shrink. But just after a few seconds she quickly withdrew her hands and the man’s body deformed, turning back into a puddle of water, unable to hold his form together as the fluid could be seen going down one of the many drains in the pipeline.

Stephanie stumbled back against the wall, breathing heavily. She needed to catch her breath before she could help the three. "Time for round two." she whispered to herself, getting ready to jump back into the fight.

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Star rapidly vanquished twain twins, rather superciliously as he probably pictured cascading roses and reverberating applauses enveloping his heroic demeanor. Lips curled upwards as a huge, ostensibly imbecilic grin was plastered across his visage. "Star-bro, you shouldn't poise that close to a defeated enemy. Those girls are tricky."

Hovering aside the treacherous duo, Vamoose ran the orthodox battery of quintessential scans to update his AI (which he hadn't named so far), checking for heartbeats and stimulating electric signals or extra-sensorial abilities. His unwavering countenance flinched a jiffy as he unveiled Star had murdered them cold-bloodedly. Marv could not witness his friend probable negative reaction to hands tainted with burgundy blood. A droplet of sweat rolled down his face.

"Sunday? Definitely free, bro. Would love to steal all your women there." A fake laughter resonated pronto, Vamoose decided the path to course. His hard-headed mind, not unlike the one of a soldier, would withstand more deaths haunting it. "Hey, Star, I am pinpointing our teammates, it says we are right ahead. I am also checking the girls info, so would you bother checking it out?" Buscema's index finger extended toward the tunnel. A lying statement to make Allstar willingly hasten distance betwixt both. Once his star spangled friend waded enough, the emblazoned, carmine star upon his helmet would glimmer with turquoise energy, catalyzed by a clenched wrist as he fired a potentially hazardous burst of puissant energy, eliminating any traits of Star's final blow.

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A Few Months Ago

Father did his best to learn the history of the vampire gradually to not push to uncomfortable moments. With the various departures of those close to her he acknowledged the psychopath needed some structure. They'd come almost full circle however leading to the why. Why of all places the vampire came to the church, a place that just being around was somewhat painful? "So what is it you pray for child?"

A honest smirk made itself presentable "me? Pray? That's funny. It was just guidance. Losing Luke was the one thing I had to do but regret."

"Perhaps you didn't have to?"

"No the cycle would repeat it was necessary."

"Then why does it still burden you?"

"And then there is Yoshi. Nothing I do is enough to find him."

"Perhaps it's not he who needs found?"

"Oh spare me the Yoda shit."

Present Day

"Heretics strike first."


Bursting into action the vampire rushed to cleave head from it's shoulders. Burden was quick to block the blade knowing Natasha would move for a chop aimed at the side he also spun a hundred and eighty degrees to evade the coming blow. Distance instantly cleared in a powerful lunge forward the priest however had no difficulty moving to the side his fist seeking her jaw. The blow flung the petite killer against the wall. Before she could move a blade pinned her arm lacerating muscle and piercing steel.

In an agonized cry Natasha ripped herself free vermillion ichor spurting across the floor as blade was retracted from flesh. When thrown back in deadly arch however Burden simply snagged the blade from the air and rushed into the fray. He was quicker then her his blows stronger. Almost as if customized to be superior. The first three strikes came with enough routine for Natasha to predict the motion. Blocks responded in harmony singing the clang of metal before disrupted by the sound of parting flesh.

"So falls the talon of the devil, fangs glisten as the beast howls." Triumphant ridicule falling as a left arm finds itself in pool of carmine. The latest band shirt of the gothic vampire clings to flesh slick with blood. All it gets though is a laugh the animal hidden behind fair skin cackling in delight.

"What else you got bitch?"

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Star tried his best to shake that fight off, feeling more than guilty about having to put down the mirror twins. What choice did he have though? Nevertheless the hero walked further down the tunnel, knowing V-man wouldn't be much longer.

When he did catch up, Star did his best at hiding his guilt and grinned at his friend. "You? Taking the ladies for moi? V you're alot of things but a womanizer doesn't seem to be one of them, you could be my wing man any time though.." He teased the soldier while still remaining vigilant to the darkness ahead, his fist clenched and ready to fire off an energy blast.

The man of gold stopped dead in his tracks though when he finally got a signal from the team communicator built into his suit. With a grin and clearing of his throat, Star held his wrist to his mouth and attempted to contact any and all COP personal down here in the tunnels with them.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is your lovely host AllStar with another comm reach. Any COP member please respond if you catch this message, we need status updates people, how are we all doing? V-man's saying you folks should be just up ahead, over."

Star put his wrist back down and continued along the path, it wasn't before long when the energy duo could hear muffled voices through the brick structure.

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While the War Killer continued to do battle with his foe, FuzionGuy remained on the ground, trapped in a telepathic battle with the neo-mutant created specifically to be his undoing. Although, battle was probably not the right word for it... in actuality, it was an entirely one-sided affair. Geller writhed about in the waste as his enemy rifled through his mind, stopping to pick out and examine the occasional memory...

"You are a pathetic creature, Geller," a voice spoke directly into the hero's brain, a voice that was unmistakeably that of their host. It seemed that Madros shared some mental link with his soldiers, so whatever the mutant found within his mind was also visible to the villain. "For so long you have masqueraded as something more than the simple brute you truly are."

Guy felt himself being dragged backwards through his own history, forced to stand there in his own body as he relived moments he had tried so hard to forget.

"Here," Madros cooed, his sickening grin flashing in front of Fuzion's eye. "Let me show you."


"Don't do this, Gideon... Don't..."

Of course, it was the moment he truly fell from his heroic perch. As his former arch-enemy uttered those pleading words, energy poured out of Guy's pupils, shredding the face of the man who was offering him redemption. He murdered the man in cold blood, and caused an explosion that would claim the lives of over thirteen thousand others. It was a horrible memory... It was not the worst.


"Without you, I would not be the man I am today."

He was down on one knee, proposing to Stacy. His heart was racing with excitement and anticipation. "You give me a reason to keep going, and I can't imagine a world without you. Will you marry me--?"


"Let me go!"

It was years later, he was clutching tightly onto his wife's arm, refusing to let her leave the house. If she ran then people would know, they would see the mighty bruise on her face, a mark that could only have come by his hand. She tried to wriggle out of his grip, but it merely intensified, and the smell of burning flesh stung his nostrils as his rage began to build. Stacy shrieked and he finally released her, revealing a horrific burn on her forearm in the shape of a hand.


"I love you... I love you... I love you..."

The memories began to fly past, as the telepath took Guy on a whistle-stop tour of all the times his ex-wife had uttered those three words. A phrase that had once brought unimaginable joy, now brought only pain, as each memory was warped to show Stacy as the woman she would become, the woman he would turn her into. Her face covered in bruises and his glowing handprint on her arm, she smiled as she whispered those words in his ear over and over again... On her doorstep after their third date... On their wedding night as she slipped off her gown... On one of the many nights she was the subject of his anger and those words became a desperate, crying plea for mercy.

"Please... I love you... Please stop... I love you..."

All of it began to blur together, the happy moments and the sad, the best and worst moments of their life together colliding to form a sickening mess of emotions.

"You see, Mister Geller?" Madros whispered, his horrific face poisoning those memories even further. "You're a monster, not a hero--"


The villain had overplayed his hand, as the rage building up within Guy finally proved too much, crashing out of his mind and into the real world as the mutant's control over him snapped. Unleashing it all in a devastating blast of fusion energy, the Champion's leader directed it towards the mutant with tentacles, frying his body with the intense heat as he used his brief moment of consciousness to defend his team-mate. Then, before he could begin to turn his attention to the telepath, he was once again under its control as he took a knee, face contorted in agony.

"War Killer..." he panted, realising what was happening as he felt numbness spreading throughout his entire body. "I'm not in control... I'm... Look out!"

The neo-mutant had seized control of his mighty body, using it to unleash a second blast of fusion energy, this time directed at his own team-mate, the man secretly known as Christopher Allgood. Fighting against it with everything he had, clamping his eyes tightly shut, FuzionGuy unwillingly levitated into the air a few inches, his bulging muscles flexing ominously as he turned his attention towards War Killer.

"I'm sorry..."

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"Alright, you freak...round two!" shouted the Star-Spangled Champion. Picking himself up out of the murky water, having just been slung back seconds beforehand by one of Madros' Neo-Mutants. Flinging his shield forward with great force, War Killer followed right behind it as it spin through the air towards the Mutant. With one of it's metal tentacles, the Neo-Mutant whipped the shield just mere inches from his face, causing it to bounce off and plant itself into the side of the sewer tunnel.

Too worried about the shield, the Neo-Mutant was caught off-guard as War Killer appeared right in front of him, landing a quick right jab into the Mutant's jaw, sending the Mutant stumbling backwards a few feet. Not letting up, War Killer threw a left jab towards the creature, only to find the Mutant's tentacle wrapping up and around his left arm. Whipping its arm around, the Mutant sent War Killer slamming into the brick wall, causing the hero to shout in pain.

Whipping its tentacle around again, the Mutant followed up by slinging War Killer into the wall opposite side. Now dragging Chris through the water like a limp rag-doll, the Mutant held Chris up by his arm, dangling him in the air. Pulling out a small combat knife, Chris jammed it into the tentacle, slicing through the organic metal, causing the creature to let out a screech of pain as War Killer fell down into the waters below. "Time to end this." Spinning the knife around in his hand, holding it so that the blade was pointing down, War Killer began charging towards the Mutant.


Suddenly beams of blazing red fire filled the tunnel as Guy let out a might shout of rage. Missing Chris' by just inches, he could still feel the immense heat as he slammed into the wall next to his shield. Watching as the beam disintegrated the Neo-Mutant he was just fighting, Chris pulled his shield from the wall, watching as the beams died down, leaving nothing but ash in the Mutant's place. "I'm not in control... I'm... Look out!"

Without warning those beams were now aimed at Chris, blasting against his shield, sending the hero flying backwards and crashing into the wall behind him. Falling to the ground, Chris lifted his eyes to find his teammate floating in the air, moving slowly towards him. "I'm sorry..." was all Guy said as he approached. Pushing his back up against the brick wall, Chris pulled himself to his feet as Guy's red eyes fixed themselves on Chris. "Guy...listen to me, you have to stop this...you have to fight th--"

Like a bolt of lightning Chris found his body hopping across the water like a rock. His mask shredded, revealing his now blood covered face, and his brown hair poking out of small rips in his mask. His left arm was now dislocated, a few of his ribs possibly cracked, and barely able to move his jaw, Chris used all of his remaining strength to try and pick himself back up...only to stumble to his knees.

Guy continued to slowly approach, his body now just barely hovering above the water, causing small ripples to follow shortly behind as Guy moved closer and closer. His right eye now swollen, Chris manged to look behind Guy, staring at the wall he had just been slung into a moment ago. His one good eye widened as he saw what was on the other side...explosives. Madros wasn't bluffing, these tunnels WERE rigged to blow and by slamming Chris with such force into the wall, Guy had unwittingly lit the fuse.

"G-Guy...wait--" Feeling Guy's hand wrap tightly around his throat, Chris now found his body body being lifted into the air. "...y-you have...have t-to...f-fig...fight it." He managed to get out as Guy's hand continued to tighten around his throat. "...tha--this place...it-it's ab...about to ex-ex-plode..." Feeling the last bit of air slowly leaving his lungs, the vision in his one good eye quickly going red and black, all he could do now was pray...pray for a miracle. "G-Guy...wha-we ne-need you...ta-to be..."

"...a hero." And the world went dark.

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Three Months Ago

It was Brian's birthday and Brittney and Natasha had been going all throughout Ronins to find the ideal gift. Unfortunately Brian's son wouldn't be able to make it taking a trip over the summer with several friends before starting college. The duo however were sure to make up for it. They'd invited everyone from the church and office, granted most thought Natasha to be the baby siter sure some knew she was the 'Little Vampire' most however skimmed over it doubting that a priest and undead would be friends.

After an exhausting hour and a half of boredom, for the pair of youthful individuals ninety minutes of fancy crap did feel like an all day affair throughout Ronin. Eventually however Brittney found it a simple pocket watch that could also be a locket. "Boohya bitches!"

"Brit come on your dad would put a cross on my head if he knew I taught you to cuss."

"Oops. It's like totally perfect though! We'll get a picture of me and you. And the design reminds me of mom." Though gone Mrs Bourdon was rarely far from the families thoughts.

Present Day

It would sound like gunfire as Father Burden began to fling blades as fast as five hundred miles per hour movement speed and ten tons of strength would permit. A status of mist however sparred the vampire of numerous impalements. Unscathed despite the walls looking like a pin cushion. That was far however from all the priest had to offer as the blades in hand crossed to form the iconic shape.

It glowed enough to illuminate the entire room that was the dead end the two fought in. Then it glowed bright enough that it's light could be clearly seen over the walls of this maze. And then this luminous cross became like a frantic strobe light as symbols of light dashed toward the vampire. Casted out of pure solar light they sped the vampires way. Technically the Dhampeire subspecies the sun wasn't as volatile to her that wasn't to say she liked it. And as a concentrated beam it was remarkably efficient. Pure numbers kept the vampire from flossing the distance and soon enough one emblem collided with her stomach. Sacred and solar an agonizing hole of iconography was burned through her stomach. It was mostly scorched and thus lacking gore a somewhat off putting sight.

"Don't say shit." Exploiting the slight charge between shots would leading to focus on offense over defense she swept in. Crystallized blade opened the stomach. Spilt organs were expected but instead met by an almost instantaneous recovery. "They say it takes a human to conquer a monster." Natasha retorted knowing now how to approach the lethal confrontation before her.

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Hearing Madros' voice for the first time in years felt like ice daggers slowly being pressed into my spine until I was unknowingly paralyzed with Fear. As a leader I had no choice but to snap out of it, and continue our progress of searching for this Mad Man. A few members had already broken off in groups of twos which lead me to be go ahead and choose someone to pair up with in these tunnels that smell a thousand times worse than my Dog's poop.

"Mister, Umbra Sorcerer, would you like to aid me in these tunnels? I'll let you perform a wacky spell on me if we survive" I knew he would say yes, but I wouldn't mind making him laugh a bit before we are literally fighting for our lives soon.

A beacon of light hovers over my hand as the two of us travel through this maze. Getting a little impatient of searching this place I sent out a few balls of light to guide us in which way we should go. I'm not sure about the others, but the way we took has a hell of a lot of dead ends. The light would slowly disintegrate at certain areas upon nowhere else to go, however, there is one just not to far ahead that suddenly collapsed.

Following the trail we see two shadows standing there like they are ready to rob us. Jokes aside, I'm partially terrified to see what Madros is throwing at us this early in the game. In a world where life was slightly better to me Madros would have mistakenly spied on this Universe's Cellphone Girl instead of me, sadly, he's not the type of guy to make one. So, he is going to now how to kill me, and everyone else on this team. I see this has a challenge of who is worthy to face him.

I glance over to see my arm instinctively hovering in front of Umbra's chest. Nice of me to unconsciously want to protect him, but you'd think I'd be able to remember myself moving my body parts. Maybe, with being so shaken up with having to fight this mad man it's making me a little oblivious to thi-

That's strange. I can't.. move my arm.. I don't remember having strings being apart of my costume why- "SHIT!" In a sudden swing I feel my body lunching towards my teammate. As I thankfully miss him I use all of my strength to throw myself onto the ground. With the few seconds I have left I examine the strings attached to me. They aren't exactly really connected to me body, but more in an astral leech toward of way. Wow, astral leech. I should win an award for my way of description. At the next mission briefing I'm going to seriously consider making it mandatory for everyone to put on sun screen in case this situation happens again.

I could suddenly feel the heat in my body increasing at an alarming rate. The annoying man controls my arm to reach into one of my pockets pulling out my Cellphone. I drop the phone on the ground to only be forced to stand up and stomp on it repeatably. Clearly, we have a failed comedian here who needs to pay the rent by being a henchman. Joke is on him cause my contract with the phone company sends me a new phone every time one is destroyed during combat, which, seems to happen like, every other week. I could feel melted metal being stuck to the bottom of my boot from how hot my body is. haha I made a pun didn't I.

Now focus Blair, use your Veronica Mars skills. I can't exactly be a damsel in distress while Umbra Sorcerer is as well fighting his own enemy. Look for a clue.. the strings! DUH! So, these strings have to be coming from him I suppose, right, but where at? I follow the trail to see them coming from the his head, of course that would be where the life threatening crystal is. Sadly, only murdering vampires seems to be on my bucket list of murder, and I don't plan on adding anything else to that any time soon.

"Michael, I know for a fact he's gonna use me to kill you. Ignore my attacks, and distr-" I feel my jaw immediately shut in place. That hurt my mouth a little bit, but this at least gives me an idea.

I was able to throw myself onto the ground earlier so this guy clearly doesn't have full control on me, and now he's using his focus to keep my mouth shut, which, means he has less control of other parts of my body. As long as Michael can somehow distract him I could probably knock him out instantly. Madros must have known that I was mind controlled in the past and broke out of it before, this time he wanted to go for a more control of the body type of thing. Madros underestimated me again, cause I'll be in control in just a moment. Cellphone Gods, help us until that happens.

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The world turning begining to turn black as the champion faded. His mind suddenly sparking out of desperate desire. His arms no longer feeling heavy his strenghts surging back through him, something wasnt right the pain of his body spiking and fading. "Illusions. You will have to do better than that. My mind isnt so easily broken" Wiping the blood from his face his body having made the pain real, but now reparing itself under the true light of the situation. His mind in anger reaching out in all directions looking for a brain pattern he didnt recognise as an allie. His mind incircling it within seconds, his body still pulling itself back together gather energy after the substancial blood loss.

Pulling himself to his feet the Champion stummbled in its direction as he brought a mental torrent cascading down on the mind of his target. A flurry of heavy telepathic strikes breaking his opponents concetration shattering his focus and his protection. Stiking repatively at the mind of his enemy till he could feel them beging to fade into unconsciousness themselves. Edwards assult stopping just as he felt his opponent crumble, "Boy did you pick the wrong horse" the mental assult combined with the blood loss leaving Eddy slightly light headed. But The prince having mustered enough strenght to move unhindered once more grabbing his opponent by the ankle and drag him towards his newly located allies.

"I got one." finding Blair and Micheal before wipping the reamining blood from his face.

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@fuzionguy: @war_killer:

That's when Star's arrogant expression went blank, hearing a feint struggle over the comms of both Fuzion and Warkiller. "What the hell..." He muttered while trying to listen...Were they fighting each other? "No no no no!" The celebrity panicked and started placing his ear against all rocky surfaces, if he could only just hear where they were in this maze.

Bingo, amazingly. The crackle of Fuzion's eye beams were something you could not mistake for anything else. Without any hesitation, AllStar charged his gauntlets and started smashing the rubble away, digging and blasting towards the conflict which hopefully did not end in death. The last thing Star wanted on his mind was that he could have helped his friends, but was to busy gloating.

That's when the explosions started happening. And before Star could even realize what happened, the rock in his way crumbled apart to reveal flames and chaos...But that wasn't the worst of it. Star caught a glimpse of Guy strangling his friend without any signs of stopping, his blue eyes widened in horror at the sight.

"G-GUY! STOP! You'll kill him for Christ's sake!" When he didn't seem to respond, there was only one option left. Flying towards his leader with a clenched fist, the man of gold attempted to strike Guy right over the head with two ton force behind it.

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The one i am facing is a figure yellowish in color. "You. Can't see me..." What he meant with his words, were unclear to me. I could clearly see the hideous form of this salamander-esque monstrosity. Chills jolting down my spine as I hear him hiss. I would've finished this fight abruptly, but this creature is not a healthy human. He is too scarred. He is in need of help, he is just a victim.

I am worried about the two little kitsunes. How will they fare With the three of us far from each other. We even distanced from Nova San, the experienced fighter, to avoid causing damage that'd cost us the lives of many. Kitsune Sama. Bless them...

The gem on this creature's forehead shone brightly. Left punch. Miss. I kick my right leg. Miss. His swift movement made him an unclear blur, just like how Moa would seem when she teleports. The creature smiled at me before disappearing once again.

"Stop this! Whoever you are!!! Wake up! You are being controlled. We can still help you! WAKE UP!!!"


Yui: "Look Moa-Ne!"

Moa: "Whoah! those creatures have b-b-burns! These frog-like twin boys have burns!"

Yui and Moa positioned themselves in a defensive stance. Standing back to back with knees apart and a stern look on their faces. The two are facing against toad-like beings. Human in form, but their skin filled with warts. Their opponents looked eerily similar. Tongues about three meters long, protruding from their mouths.

Moa: "No! No Kissing!"

Seeing that they have the edge Moa took the opportunity. Yui knowing what this is about nodded as they exchanged non-verbal messages to each other. Blur. Moa disappeared. Seeing the shocked looks on their opponents faces Yui rushed forward, not minding the muck that her socks absorb as she runs in this narrow 'runway'. Smiling, Yui splashed muddy waters in the toad-twins faces seconds after she hyper-accelerated towards them. The devious way Moa battles has been displayed once again as she appeared behind the Neo-Mutants after they've been stunnned by Yui's splash. Blur...


"M---Madros---- Stop! Madros Won't actually fight you! He's just p--playing a game! It's a trap! This is an----"

The salamander Neo-Mutant spoke... Struggling with his speech. He's choking himself. He's having a real hard time. I decided to help him. I tried to free him of his own hand, but--- He stopped, he paused. Between me and him, there was silence, and all I heard was the noise of the battle that ensued around us.

He let out a scream, an agonized screech that gave me the worst kind of creeps. That was when I noticed a tail, coming out from where tails of animals usually are. After this brief moment of agony. He seemed to settle down and sported a devilish smile. Eyes red, fangs sharp and a spirit ready to inflict damage. This corrupted soul is struggling to help himself, but it's all too much. Madros is twisted. But I believed there's still hope. Or at least it's what I thought.

My opponent hissed and said: "Thissss... Iss Madrosss... See, this man you're facing did not escape my bondage. I actually let him off his telepathic imprisonment to make you realize that these new breed of mutants cannot be helped, anymore." Madros's words coming out of his mouth, I was taken aback...

"No! There's still hope! Wake up! Wake up You!!"

The salamander Neo-Murant scratched my eye, impairing my sense of sight, then he sent a follow-up punch that sent me unconscious... Moa punched one of the toad twins and pulled the other's tongue out. Tying the two tongues into a knot, to avoid escape, Yui sent out a powerful kick that's enough to send them into a coma. Now having their opponents lay in a rest, Yui and Moa see me. Unconscious and in need of help.


Yui and Moa: "Suu-Chan!"

They hurried towards the Salamander Ne-Mutant. But a tail whip sent them flying, hitting the walls that hurt the megitsunes severely.

Yui: "Suu-Chan!" Yui struggled.

Then an explosion was heard. I hear the walls from the behind collapse and I knew that our situation is getting worse.

Yui and Moa: "NOVA SANN!!! TASUKETEEEE!!!"

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There were walls around Stephanie, she was so busy with her own fight she didn’t notice that the girls had been separated from her. Damn it damn it damn it damn it. Stephanie rushed up to the wall that separated them, her fists balled into fists as she struggled to stop herself from punching through the concrete wall, she couldn’t afford to trigger the explosives, not with everyone still trapped inside. But then, the entire sewers rumbled, causing Stephanie to stumble a bit, placing her hands against the wall to keep her balance. Was that..?

“Alright, who broke the number one rule tonight and triggered the booby-traps?” she instantly pulled out her communicator, wanting to know what was going on. But it was unclear to her if the communicators would even work down here. “Blaaaaair?” She teased.

But seconds after the explosion, she heard two young fearful screams on the other side of the wall. She knew it was the girls, her heart began to race as she dropped her communicator. “YUI, MOA, SUZUKA!” There was one way she could get through without triggering another wave of explosions on her side.

“GIRLS, STAND AWAY FROM THE WALLS!” Stephanie shouted as loud as she could, hoping the girls could hear her as Stephanie pressed her palms firmly against the walls, her eyes began to glow yellow as she activated her heat seeking vision, she could see only two of the girls, standing closely to each other. Then focusing on the wall before her she could see heat from the electric current in the walls and right smack in the middle, was one of the many explosives. Adjusting her hands to each side of the explosives she closed her eyes and began to pray that what she was about to do wasn’t going to kill everyone. She pushed heat into the wall and into the wires that were on both sides of the explosive, the wall could be seen glowing a deep red as she pulled her hands back, she was melting the wires of the explosion from both the receiving end and sending end, however, knowing full well that as soon as she breaks through the wall, that explosion was going to go off either way, but without triggering the others. Or at least she hoped.

She needed to break through the wall, grab the charge and manipulate the combustion so it wouldn’t harm the girls… sounds simple enough… right? Quickly taking a few steps back she let out a nervous huff of breath. “Okokokokokok… one… two… THREE!” Stephanie charged to the wall like a linebacker, her still glowing eyes focused on the explosive, running the plan over and over in her mind with every step she took. Tucking her head down as she pushed her left shoulder forward as she made impact. The wall crumbled around her like crumpled Styrofoam as she pushed through, her hands grasping onto the explosives as if it was a football.

‘BEEPBEEPBEEP’ could be heard as Stephanie quickly shift her body, facing the front of her body to the opening she had just created as she held the deadly ticker in front of her. The explosion happened, taking a deep breath the Fire Goddess, what seemed magically, manipulated the combustion. Using her ability to control heat she was able to push the heat and flaming portion of the explosion back into the now empty room she had just came from while at the same time, but the force of the explosion still sent the hero flying back, her body slamming into the two amphibious attackers on accident. Everything happened within just seconds apart as the hero let out a groan of pain.

So far she had been late to join the mission, didn’t get to eat her cookies, almost drowned… twice and was now almost blown up. Was today Monday? Cause that could be the only explanation of the run of continuous bad luck.

She pushed herself up from the disgusting water, her outfit was covered in scorch marks as patches of her gloves were pretty much gone thanks to the explosion. Her emerald eyes shift down at the two mutated boys who were now unconscious thanks to Stephanie ramming her body into them… which was again, totally an accident, if it was her way she would have came in with a witty line and punched them in the face. BUT that wasn’t her concern right now, her head quickly shift over to the two girls, rushing towards them with a worried look on her face. “Are you two ok?” She was out of breath as she spoke, still trying to recover from what just happened. Wait… two… Yui and Moa… but… “Where’s Suzuka?” The eldest of the three and the leader.

“SHE’S ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL NOVA-SAN!” Yui shouted, grasping her by her arm with one hand as she pointed at the other wall.

“WE HAVE TO HELP HER SHE COULD BE IN TROUBLE!” Moa began pushing at Stephanie, as if to hurry up and get going.

“Hold on hold on!” Stephanie let out a sigh. “I can’t afford to do that trick again.” She couldn’t promise that after doing another stunt like that she would still be able to fight whatever else was in these tunnels. She rubbed the back of her neck as her eyes then moved down to Moa. “Moa!” She grabbed the young girl by the shoulders. “You can teleport us there, right!? I mean, we literally just walked through that area, so you can port us there, right?”

It was as if a light appeared over the girls head as bright smiles filled their faces. “HAI NOVA-SAN, I CAN!” Quickly grasping the two Moa didn’t hesitate as the three vanished from the area, only to suddenly appear in the area Suzuka was currently in!

Only… aww crap crap crap crap crap! Stephanie stumbled over to the wall, dizziness sweeping over her as she held onto her head, the entire area was spinning and she couldn’t focus. UGH! She felt nauseated!

But the other two girls didn’t hesitate, as soon as they teleported into the area, they quickly rushed towards Suzuka, almost instantly thanks to their super speed. Each girl on both sides of their ‘leader’ into a fighting stance without hesitation.

Stephanie could only hope that the trio would be able to take down this villain on their own, cause as of right now… she as useless.

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"Enjoy the game, Champions. I do hope you are not sore losers."

A game. That's what this was to him. It was all a game. To take innocent people and torture them to his liking; molding them to what he believed was 'fun'. Ryan clenched his fist at the conclusion of the madman's speech.

"We need to explore every tunnel, though we have the advantage of numbers. Everybody pair up, I don't want anyone going into this on their own. Stick with your partner and watch their back. This guy has been watching us, seems to think he's prepared enough to kill us all. So stay on your toes and don't let him exploit your weaknesses."

Guy spoke like a true leader. "Everybody split up." There were tunnels everywhere and every member paired up and headed off to wherever they pleased. The Crimson Eagle began to walk, Edward was in front of him and thus his unofficial partner for the mission. The tunnel was long and eerie, and Ryan maintained his distance behind Edward. The maze felt like something out of a horror film, and the lack of noise was contributing to that; not a single sound was heard aside from Ryan's footsteps.

Eagle immediately stopped, his eyes glowed red as he shot at Edward. The red concussive force phased right through the back of the Iron Duke. "Where are you?!" Ryan drew his escrima sticks as he shifted position to battle if close combat was needed. Fuzion was right, being alone was the last thing he wanted.

Silence. Just dead silence roamed the air. The Crimson Eagle did not move a muscle; he waited to see if a sound would emerge and give away the position of the neo-mutant. A ripple caught his eye and Ryan shifted his stance toward the epicenter of the ripple. There stood a woman in a leotard. Thick grotesque scars covered her entire body; as if a hot knife had ran through her flesh. It extended from her hands to her legs. The neo-mutant's face had one vertical line on her forehead with a red diamond in middle, glowing. Her eyes were absent and parts of her head were shaved off.

Slowly she opened her mouth and began to speak. A male voice came out, cold yet eerie tone emerged; Madros. "Fascinating. Computer scans show that your frequency is different. You are not of this world, are you Crimson Eagle?"

Ryan shot at the neo-mutant in an attempt to end Madros' speech. The mutant flew backwards and hit the wall, leaving a crack.

"No need to be rude, after all you are a guest."

Her head shot up. Looking directly at Ryan, she stuck her arm out, allowing thick, bone-like spikes to break through her skin, at the site of the scars. With precision, she shot the projectiles toward Ryan. With reflex, the Crimson Eagle blasted the projectiles with ease.


The neo mutant got up and began to charge at the hero. Punching, kicking, elbow strikes. The movements were precise once again. Using his escrima sticks as a weapon of self defense, Ryan was able to block most of the attacks, albeit some hits."


Ryan fought back, punch to the diaphragm to leave vulnerability; chop to the neck, brief stoppage of oxygen intake. Suddenly, the bone-like spike protruded the chest of the neo-mutant and shot out. The close range attack caught the hero off guard. The projectiles pierced through his shoulders and arms. This was aimed to not rupture organs.

Dizziness, that's what Ryan was beginning to feel. Everything was becoming a bit hazy.

"Paralyzing agents coated in bones. I'm very proud of it. I wonder how long it will take you before you succumb to the toxins... but then again, I could just kill you now."

The gem on the forehead of the neo mutant glowed and an elongated spike stretched toward the body of the hero. Ryan's arms felt numb, his reactions would be too slow. Immediately his eyes switched to blue with a blink and a blue construct shielded him from the deadly attack.

"You really are something. Let's see what else you can do..."

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@war_killer: @_allstar_:

Guy had been forced to watch in horror as he unwittingly shredded War Killer's face with his fists. Inwardly screaming as he tried to fight the mental restraints, the nuclear man couldn't believe that he had never bothered to fix such a gaping hole in his defences. He was a powerful weapon for the Champions, one who could individually take down almost any physical threat imaginable. His strength was without limits, he was essentially a walking nuke.

Yet what is the purpose of a mighty weapon that could be turned so easily against its allies?

"G-Guy...wait...y-you have...have t-to...f-fig...fight it."

The man who was, unknown to his leader, the team's biggest investor managed to splutter through a mangled jaw. It wasn't exactly useful advice, as Fuzion fought as hard as he could against the mental influence, knowing exactly how easily he could kill his team-mate if he didn't break free. But it was impossible, Geller had no training in this area, no way to fight telepaths.

"Tha--this place...it-it's ab...about to ex-ex-plode..." Looking at the gaping hole in the wall, the twisted hero knew it was true. Even if he managed to avoid killing his partner, Geller had triggered the destruction of the entire compound and the deaths of all those innocents still trapped within. More lives on his conscience, more people he would be unable to save, who would be killed because of his arrogance, his refusal to even attempt to cover his weaknesses after twenty years. For so long he had seen no need to try and fix his flaws, confident in his own invulnerability. Yet that ability could do nothing to help the soldier struggling against the vice-grip around his throat. "G-Guy...wha-we ne-need you...ta-to be...a hero."

Tears of violet flame hissed from the eyes of the man once known as Giga-Guy. There was nothing he could do.

"I'm not a hero. Just a man trying to make up for his mistakes... I can't save you. I can't stop myself..."

As his eyes started to become entirely consumed with the indigo fire of fusion energy, charging up a beam with which to finally dispatch his team-mate, Guy could see the telepath plotting the rest of his assault in his mind's eye... After War Killer was dead he would tear through the walls, setting off explosions without a second thought whilst driving his fists into the skulls of the other Champions, incinerating them from the inside-out. A few could stand against him for a while, but the majority would crumble in seconds. A FuzionGuy without restraint was an unstoppable wrecking ball of death.

"G-GUY! STOP! You'll kill him for Christ's sake!" Geller was vaguely aware of AllStar's presence, as the celebrity superhero drove a two-ton punch into the back of the super man's head. It connected, but such a force was not nearly enough to phase someone of his power level. All the Star had done was ensure he would be the next to die.

At last, the energy was released, blasting out of Fuzion's eye sockets towards his captive target... Then, something miraculous happened. Whether he had somehow managed to divert his aim, or War Killer had used his final seconds of consciousness to move his arm, Guy could not tell. All he knew was that, rather than frying Allgood to a crisp, his powerful laser sight reflected harmlessly off the red, white and blue shield. Ricocheting over the giant's shoulder, the heat beam tore through the air, finally connecting with a new target as the telepathic neo-mutant's head was consumed, bone crackling as his entire skull was instantly fried.

Freed at last from his enemy's control, Guy released his grip on War Killer's neck, gently lowering him into the arms of AllStar.

"Get him out of here, this whole place could come down any minute!" Guy barked, knowing that his speed and strength would be better spent rescuing prisoners.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"I see that one of you didn't heed my warning," the voice of Madros echoed around the tunnels, so that every Champion of Peace could hear it. "You should have been more careful, I do not bluff. I have no need to. You had better hurry, Champions, soon the walls will be coming down. My estimate would be that you have around seven minutes to escape with your lives, and however many of my prisoners you can carry. It's been a pleasure."

Then, cutting off transmission to the majority of the tunnels, Madros directed his next message directly to @feral_nova and the @kitsune_squad.

"As for you ladies, it's a shame, you were on the right track. Just a little further down the tunnel and we could have finally met face to face. Such a pity you won't make it that far."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back in their tunnel, Guy had left his team-mates behind, hoping the Star would heed his advice and take the unconscious super soldier to safety. Rocketing through the remnants of his portion of the maze, Geller finally made his way to a prison. Appearing in a flash, it took a moment for those imprisoned to notice his presence, but once they finally did they started screaming and shouting for his help. There were dozens of them, all trapped in what appeared to be a glass chamber. None of them had gems on their foreheads, and it judging from the tiny dents on their prison walls, none of them were neo-mutants. Just innocent civilians waiting to be transformed into monsters.

Realising that their metallic jail was in fact a cube lodged in the rocky sewer wall, Fuzion grabbed one of the edges and ripped it free. This area was not part of the sewer maze, there were no walls around the prison, just rocks and dirt. Which means there would be no booby traps waiting within.

So, standing atop the cube, Guy unleashed a barrage of concussive force from both his hands and eyes, blasting upwards as he burrowed through the rock, carving an escape route for the prisoners. Once the aperture was wide enough, he jammed his hands into the roof of the cube and flew skyward, blasting out of the ground with the cube intact. Then, shattering the glass with a single punch, Geller surveyed his surroundings as the civilians poured out of their box.

"Oh God..." he muttered, as he saw the many buildings littering the landscape in front of him. While he was now on the outskirts of the city, the sewers his team were running through, the maze Madros had created, was directly beneath Ronin's Rest. "Champions!" Guy shouted into his communicator, hoping at least one person would pick up. "We cannot allow those bombs to go off, that entire structure is directly underneath Ronin's Rest. If the sewer walls collapse, then it the structural integrity of the entire system could be compromised. We don't have much time, I need you all to rescue as many prisoners as possible and get the hell out of there. And someone needs to find a way to stop those bombs. I'm going to try and evacuate the city as best I can... Just in case... Don't let this maniac win, dammit!"

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The black Kitsune Squad together with Nova San rushed forth into battle!
I was taken aback, and my vision impaired, i'm getting a buzz from recovering the 'knock' the salamander gave me. it would take a few more hours to have my superhuman regeneration heal this wound. I sense the three of them,
"Moa! Yui! Stay strong!" I yelled.

Moa: "Oooh! Madros! Sup, sup!"
Yui: "Salamander kun! Where's Moa-ne?" Yui teased, the two using their ability to distract the enemy. The salamander Neo-mutant looked confused.
"BAM!" A blow in the head that'd give a normal human a seizure. Moa sneakily appeared behind the Neo-mutant. "Not. yet. done." Yui sent a follow-up punch in the gut. "And here's another one you sneaky lizard!" Moa sent another punch, now directed at the neo-mutant's nape.

The two little kitsunes have a very unique fighting style. A punch after another great punch. Yet, they pulled their attacks off with great 'caution' (if you could still say that they're being cautious) that they managed to not kill their opponent.

With the enemy down, the kitsunes huddled towards me.
Moa: "Suu-chan!"
Yui: "Are you"
Moa: "Alright?"
Moa and Yui: "Daijobu?"

I can't see the looks on their faces but i simply smiled. Their way of showing that sisterly affection is very heartwarming. Having these moments in the midst of an on going battle, is very, very--- I was interrupted by a booming voice.

"You should have been more careful, I do not bluff. I have no need to. You had better hurry, Champions, soon the walls will be coming down. My estimate would be that you have around seven minutes to escape with your lives, and however many of my prisoners you can carry. It's been a pleasure."

Moa: "This place is gonna blow!!! Let's roll Nova San!"
Seeing the look of the fire goddess Moa was shocked. "Oh no! She looks dazed!"
Moa ran towards Nova San.

"As for you ladies, it's a shame, you were on the right track. Just a little further down the tunnel and we could have finally met face to face. Such a pity you won't make it that far."

Moa: "Will you stop interrupting people!!! You're mad! LOCO!! We're in the middle of something here!" Moa yelled at the blankness. "We're wet! We're smelly and in a middle of crisis and you're annoying me with that creepy voice of yours!!!"

Yui: "Okay, Moa what matters is that we now know we're on the right track baby! But Su-chan can't see, apparently... And Nova san looks dizzy from that teleportation. So... Y'know Moa. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"PIGGYBACK RIDES! Cuz There's no time to waste!!!"

And without notification, Yui carried me in her back, and Moa did the same to Nova San! I knew that we wouldn't be much of a burden for the girls, since I know they do have the strength to do so... but this is a bit, embarrassing.

Moa and Yui: "No time to waste! Let's go towards Madros! And crush him!!!"

And with that the two ran towards the direction we're off to.
Yui: "Don't worry you two, you'll have time to recover. We're pretty sure."

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With each passing moment, the paralyzing agents were slowly spreading to every muscle of his body. The neo-mutant slowly walked toward him, limping a bit from the previous attack. Ryan had to act quickly or he would die under the city.

"Come Eagle. Attack. The toxin has another three minutes before your body fails you. I expect some sort of fight."

Ryan's eyes glowed red. Distraction. Immediately, his quick hands drew smoke pellets and he threw them onto the ground. Immediately the tunnel was filled with a thick fog of gray darkness.


The Hero's eyes were pitch black, able to see the dark surroundings. He reached into his belt and drew his shuriken, aiming them at the mutant. With precision, the shuriken was sent and lodged into the spine of the mutant.

"There you are."

The bone-like spikes shot out once again toward the hero. Ryan's legs were numb, his sweat was evident at what his feelings were. The elongated spike split to two and pierced the shoulders of Eagle. He screamed in pain as his shoulders were dislocated. The force of the attack had Ryan pinned to the wall.

His body was completely immobilized. Ryan struggled to keep his head elevated. The smoke began to clear and out emerged the neo-mutant. The experiment got close to Ryan's face.

"And to think, this all started because you couldn't deduce the mirage."

The incision on her forehead began to split open and an eye emerged. The eye itself was freakish; purple with strange rings around it.

"Now let's see if your eyes can defend this."

Ryan's pupils dilated as he began to scream in pain. It felt as is his body was being baptized in magma. The hero's eyes turned white, resorting to a technique he hadn't used in a long time. The white eyes combatted the powers of the mutant's. Within seconds the pain went away and the mutant herself was trying to rip at her own flesh.

The Crimson Eagle's eyes soon reverted to its natural green color. He began to breathe deeply out of fatigue. The hero's shoulders were still pinned to the wall by the bones but the battle was over. His body was numb so there was no way of communicating the CoP or anyone. He was alone. Alone with the neo-mutant. Ryan grew up to be a hero. Helping those who needed aid. He would be a silent hero. Ryan's name wouldn't be known in this world and his world wouldn't know of what happened. The Crimson Eagle lowered his head and let the toxins take over, paralyzing his body. After all he did for people, he was happy to die a hero.

Foot steps were heard, closing in on the paralyzed hero. What seemed to be bone-like tendrils wrapped around his body; giving it a shelled appearance. And soon a dark, chilling voice echoed.

"Let's have a look at those eyes..."