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The atmosphere is warm, the candles are lit, the air is ripe with the smell of perfume and flowers, an evening of fun and dancing for the Champions to let loose and relax after their difficult times lately. The bar is stocked, the band is hot a combination Jazz band with a DJ for the later hours (younger crew) to party away the night.
Two rooms have been set aside for the night, one is filled with tables and chairs, a fabulous meal put on for diners to eat before partaking in the evenings entertainment, the other room, the dance floor is decked out in soft lighting and hidden corners for couples, drapes line the corners with cushions and couches, making for a decadent space that entices the romantic.  
Swinging from the roof, acrobats tied up in silk pull themselves around as they perform great feats to entertain the guests, waiters in simple suits and masks bring you anything you ask.  In a side area there is face-painting and clowns for the children. 
Come one come all and celebrate the grand opening of Champion City! 
(Champions of Peace members only, small rpg, no ooc)
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A large cloud of purple smoke quickly forms within the centre of the ball, soon fading to reveal new Young Champions member, Circe. Her dress sparkles and her purple hair has been pulled back in to a french twsit. She slowly walks towards the bar, awaiting for her date to arrive.
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"Well Well someone likes to make an Entrance"appearing as if out of thin air Tempest materialises from the mist and    make's his way to the bar to meet his Glamourise date for this evening Circe.
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Standing at the bar, her long silver dress showing more than she liked she tapped her foot as she waited for a drink, annoyed at her husbands late arrival she watched Chevie in the kids room with a smile as she took a sip from the sparkling water he handed her. Smiling at the others on the dance floor she bit her lip hoping for a good night, she had worked hard to get this organised and it was early, not many people had arrived yet, she was nervous it would be a flop, that none of her team would want this. She just wanted to give them a night of fun a break, running a hand down the silk she felt over the small bump and smiled while she watched the band.
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 Athens is the capital of Greece. It was the city of the great goddess Athena. Also known for their great rivalry between Sparta, the Athenians were the creators of democracy, architecture, philosophy and the still traditional Olympic Games. Even though the city may have been ruled byAthena, Poseidon also ruled Athens with the goddess of wisdom. The two both requested to be patrons of the city and to give their name to it, so they competed with one another for the honor, offering the city one gift each. Poseidon produced a spring by striking the ground with his trident, symbolizing naval power, Athena created the olive tree , symbolizing peace and prosperity. Helena Troy also known as Angeni in Champion's City, was the daughter of Athena the goddess of wisdom and Hephaestus god of fire, the forge, and smith's. At the age of ten, Helena became the princess of Athens, much like her mother the Athenians loved her and worshiped her till this day.
Helena looked in mirror checking if she looked alright for the Grand Ball tonight which was held by the Champion's of Peace in Champion City. Helena had remembered like it was only yesterday that she was cursed by Zeus to be young forever and also he threw her on earth to suffer for eternity, but what her foolish great uncle did not know that she actually became a hero and joined the world's greatest and largest team, The Champion's of Peace. Even though the beautiful princess seems out of place at times on the team, she still see's her teammates like a family to her and she would die for them if she had too even though she is immortal. 
While slipping her arm's and leg's through her beautiful red dress a statue of her mother who appeared out of nowhere next to her daughter. " You look beautiful my child, you don't need makeup and jewelry to please these mortal's, you were gifted by Aphrodite herself to have such beauty at birth." The goddess of wisdom smiled at her daughter. Helena could not help but to smile back at her mother. " Thank you mother, but I do not wish to please anybody. I am just going there to have fun and return to my home where I belong." Athena nodded. " Then go my child, have the time of your life. I'll be watching over you." The goddess of wisdom then suddenly vanished leaving her daughter in her beautiful large room. Helena took a deep breath and exited her room and left her temple to head off to Champion City.The princess whistled and a large white winged horse flew out of the cloud's and landed in front of the goddess. Helena smiled and got on her horse and shouted. " Onward to Champion City, Pegasus!!!". The horse obeyed her order and flew off into the night sky of Athens. 

Champion City- The Grand Ball

Pegasus landed on the sidewalk with the beautiful princess on it's back. She got down from her horse and stood beside it passing her hand down his smooth back before it went off back into the cloud's. Helena turned to the high tower building where the ball was being held and took another deep breath before entering inside. The beautiful goddess walked into the ball room wearing her long beautiful red dress. Helena analyzed the entire ball room noticing Sarah and her child, Circe, and Tempest. The goddess took a seat alone at a empty table waiting for more of her teammates to arrive.
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Touching down on the roof of the building, Esmeralda let her Rider off and took off towards the horizon, telling him in advance that she thought the ball would be boring. Peering in through one of the skylights, Cly saw many people he recognized along with a number he didn't. He opened up the window, and was about to jump down when he thought of his sword at his side. Remembering the rules, he took off his sheathed sword and set it down on the roof. "Stay."Smiling, he jumped down and landed on the floor with dress shoes. It caused him much discomfort to wear shoes, for he went barefoot all the time, but he told himself that he had to appear somewhat fashionable. Wearing a pink tuxedo with a black clip-on bow tie, he wasn't sure what kind of impression that his appearance would make on the others. Today he had taken a shower, brushed his teeth, and even combed his hair, which was way out of the norm. Scanning over the band members and the waiters as if they were criminals playing a role, waiting to strike, he shook his head and decided that it was a night to relax and have some fun.
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At his apartment in Champion City, Ryan gets ready for the Grand Ball. Ryan kept on questioning himself if he should go or not. Why should I? I'm not much of a dancer.. Ryan soon made a final descision, he was going to the ball. So what if someone asks me? I'm gonna have fun tonight. He shined his black shoes until his face reflected on it and splashed some cologne. Soon, he was off and Ryan flew towards the Grand ball. The stars were shining at night as Ryan flew by, and the moonlight shined like a clear pathway towards the ball. Ryan landed on the doorsteps of the location of the Ball. He stepped in and said Showtime... Ryan went inside and saw some members already there. Ryan shyly waved hello to them and went towards the bar. Root beer please and keep them coming.Ryan just sat there at the bar, drinking root beer, and wondering who else will come in.
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Smoke was rising from his dinner jacket as he walked in the entrance to the ball, his tie was torn apart and his shirt matched, splashes of blood finished off Sovereign Son's dinner attire. his well prepared hair was now scruffy and he sure he could taste some blood in his mouth. Lucky enough his trousers where unmarked and his shoes only had a small splash of demon blood splashed across them.  He walked into the grand ball smoke following him. His face was glum and most of all portrayed the very P!ss of statement he was trying to muster. He could just make out the bar at the far end and began wading past everyone to it, there in truth was not much wading as most people got out of his way. 
Once there he looked at the Bar tender who's mouth dropped, Mike narrowed his eyes "One of those days.." he said and pointed to the whiskey "A glass and ice." Mike nodded his head to Ryan who looked as if he was enjoying the root beer he had just ordered,  with a quick sip of his drink Mike turned to see the anger in her face and quickly turned to Ryan "it's to late for me, save the children"  Mike said with a wink and a smile as MR began to make her way over to him, taking another shot of whiskey to boost his courage, he turned to face his wife, who had given him explicit orders to him and his daughter, DO NOT AND I MEAN THIS DO NOT GET DIRTY AND RUIN YOUR GOOD CLOTHES. But Mike had been called for back up on a job, little did he know it would include dragon demons...   

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@cly: @Sovereign Son:  
Handing Chevie a coke she smiled at her daughter who ran out of the kids room with a face made up to look like a dragon, Annabelle sitting happily on her shoulder with glitter painted on her wings, the little creature mewed at Sarah purring slightly as she outstretched her painted wings. Sarah laughed and scratched the creature on the head before taking Chevies free hand and leading her to a table, the doors opened as she turned smiling as one after the other of the boys of the squad made their way in looking handsome and uncomfortable, Chevie dropped her coke on the table and ran to greet Cly, her new hero who had been giving her flying lessons.  
Her eyes on her daughter she smelt Mike before she saw him, the room filling with slight smoke as he charged to the Bar his perfect Armani suit given to him by Tony Stark totally ruined. Sighing heavily the anger building she stomped across the floor at her husband her mouth in a thin line as he turned to face her and ducked back to his drink. Tapping him on the shoulder she glared at him for a moment before bursting out laughing and kissing his cheek "Go out to the back locker rooms, I put a spare suit in there for you" she smiled as she wiped the blood from her own mouth.
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"Ahhhwhoooooooooooooo" The middle mage bellowed out as he fell back upon the belly of his latest mission. His clothes were torn to shreds, and the emerald blood of a great beast stained his tanned skin. "S-Class job my ass" Starkin sighed with narrow eyes, as he glanced downwards upon the carcus of the 30 foot basilisk, but this one was a mere child compared to the rest of it's rare kind. A few minutes past, as he gathered forgotten air back into his lungs. As he did a small magical fish flew past. "Ummmmm dont you have a ball to attend" Starkin stood up and looked at Alfie, before sneaking a peek at his magical pocket watch. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Hands clasped his dirty cheeks "Im gonna be late, im gonna be late" He could not believe it, he was the newest member, he needed to make a good first impression. Starkin began to run, using a basic form of equip magic to transform his tattered clothes into elegant formal wear. Opening a portal Starkin jumped through, exiting the pandora wonderland and made his way to were the ball was located, but in his panic the wizard had made a mistake with his portal. Crashing down into the middle of the ball, Starkin lay flat on his back, staring up at the other arrivals. "I uh hope im not late hehe" He said with an embarassed smile.

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He smiled and was amazed at his wife planning, "You can't blame me, it was Dragon Demons..of all things." Mile took off heading into the back and changing into the suit, a small note sat in the top pocket. "Mike I had a feeling you may need a spare, have a good night, Tony." Mike laughed at the message before changing into the new suit, his muscles ached a little and the scars from his long life as a hero seemed happy to be hidden under the soft shirt. The door behind him burst open, he turned to see his daughter smiling at him, she stuck her tongue out at him and hissed like the dragon her face paint had captured, she raised her hands like claws and hissed at him again. Lifting an eyebrow he vanished and caught her using his super speed. She let out a howl "You look just like my daughter dragon girl" he kissed her head and put her down, "You having fun Dragon Girl." Cheive let out another hiss and then ran off. 
Mike shrugged "I guess that means yes, in her world." Mike made his way back towards the bar and waited to see what state Crazy was going to turn up in. Meeting back up with his wife she handed him a drink and smiled at him and the suit, "Tell you it's handy being the same size as Tony." mike said with a small laugh.

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Mantoid spoke to one of the waiters, requesting a special vegetarian order for her dinner. Standing extra tall in her high heels, she had her long black hair untied. She had on a strapless white and grey dress hand crafted from silk and real shark skin that she had made herself. No sharks were harmed in the making of her dress, only salvaged skin from ones passed on. This made the white stripes of her dress soft to the touch and the grey stripes a little rough, showing how her personality had a soft side and a rougher side. Dangling from her ears were live Siamese Fighting Fish, each with a bubble of water around them so they remained alive and happy. Approaching the bar, she asked for a glass of water, and the bartender quickly filled up a glass and handed it to her. Taking the glass, she dipped her finger in the water, and the impurities dissolved away, leaving it crystal clear perfect water. Sliding her wet finger around the top of the glass, she brought the glass to her lips and drank it down. Satisfied, she identified many of the members of her new team, the Champions of Peace, the reason coming to this ball, to celebrate their success on their mission. She still thought about the nightmare she had experienced, rejection, loss of her powers, and loss of her humanity. Erika put those thoughts behind her and wondered if she would dance with anyone tonight.

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She watched her husband as he crossed the dance floor as Chevie ran back to Cly begging him for a dance, she smiled at his handsome form wrapped in an outfit she so rarely got to see, smoothing down a stray hair she stood up from her stool and offered him her hand "come on husband, last time we danced was at our wedding" smiling at the memory of the Vegas weekend she gripped his hand and pulled him onto the floor, the band played At last as she bent her head against his chest, the floor began to spin as he confidently led her around the floor, for a moment all their families pain swept behind them as the danced. "I love this, soon it will all be nappies and bottles again, we should enjoy this while it lasts" 
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The Samurai immediately noticed Chevie Lockheart, along with her size changing Dragon Annabelle, as she entered. He smiled as they made eye contact. She dropped her can of Coke to run over to him. Looking past her as she ran to him, Cly saw that in her haste Chevie had dropped the Coke down harder than she could have. Spinning around on it's bottom, the can was about to topple over and spill all over the table. Taking action, Cly pushed off the ground, jumping out of his uncomfortable dress shoes, and front flipped over Chevie. Reaching out with his right arm he snatched the can before a single drop dripped out. Setting the can down on the table, he walked back to a confused Chevie and said, "Hey there Chevie. Have you been practicing with Annabelle?" She nodded. He smiled, and said, "I'll try to think up some training exercises for you to do tonight, but our options are here limited."Chevie wasn't too interested in the training for the moment, and she told him that she wanted to dance with him. "Okay...but I'm not very good at it." He grabbed her hand and started to dance slowly with her in his own unskilled way.
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Ryan sat at the bar for some time, drinking some root beer and enjoying every drop of it. He soon saw Mike come into the ball with a streak of blood across him, Mike then came towards the bar saying "One of those days." Demon's Blood?, Ryan questioned quietly to himself. Mike looked at him and nodded, apparently hearing him. Soon Mike was getting up and said to Ryan, "it's to late for me, save the children." Seeing MR, Ryan knew what he meant and chuckled. After some time, he saw Erika come into the room. She was very elegeant with her white and gray dress. Wow, Ryan thought, She looks just... wow. She came over to the bar and Ryan saw that she purified the water she just ordered. That's cool, Ryan thought to himself. He soon turned towards the big room and started to think, maybe I should dance a bit.
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Sitting in a chair in the corner of the room, Jason was tapping the end of one of his crutches against the floor in agitation. He had used up all his superhero time for the day already, according to Sarah's rules he wasn't allowed to leave Champion City until the next day, after he had gotten a little rest. His disability at the hands of Portrait had done far more than just remove his ability to walk, it had completely ruined his work routine. The others had assured the teen hero that Omega Justice and Children of the Damned could protect the planet for the night and forced him into dressing up. Charlie and Jason had gone to buy suits earlier than day (which they did almost instantly and then went home to play Xbox), while Blair took Laura shopping to buy dresses. Eclipse grinned at the thought, he wished he could have seen that. Suddenly aware of the mask over his face, Jason commanded his nano-suit to retreat back under his clothes. He was itching to get out there and do something good... He simply wasn't cut out for partying. 


Damian Rayne was livid. By the look on his face, you might think he was a fearsome tiger. Which would be a fairly easy mistake to make, as Damian's adopted cousin Chevrolet had persuaded him into getting his face painted with her. Hesperus was not amused in the slightest, and had a mental image of the man who had defaced him etched onto his brain. Tomorrow, after the party, he would hunt down the face painter and have his revenge. Stomping out of the kid room, Damian felt a slight sense of satisfaction as he wondered how the face painter would react to a tiger eating his face... That would be delightfully ironic.

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 "Wow..." Aaron muttered as he entered the ball room an noted its decor. It was possibly the grandest place he had ever set foot into, and it was also the first time he had ever worn a suit or been to a ball. His old orphanage once hosted a dance for the older kids such as himself, but it wasn't exactly an expensive affair and it was definitely nothing like this. There was expensive food, expensive drinks, and anything else the mind could fathom, all meant to make this night amazing for the team. He made a mental note to remind himself that he had to thank them once it was all over. 
He walked over to the food, got himself some fish and some water, then walked around looking for a spot to sit. He looked around the room and spotted many of the team already present, and all of them were dressed to perfection. Aaron himself simply wore a white suit with a light blue tie, black leather shoes, and a golden cross on a chain around his neck. With his hair combed and fresh cologne on, he felt pretty good being all dressed up like this, but it wasn't something he would ever get used to. He spotted Helena and was astounded by how good she looked in her dress, and he decided that with nothing to lose he might as well try to engage her in conversation.

  "I hope you don't mind me sitting here." he said with a smile after he walked over to her table and took a seat, "And I hope you don't mind me saying that you look quite beautiful tonight in that dress." He did his best to conceal the fact that he was slightly blushing, but at least he was promoting conversation.

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As, Helena was about to get up from her seat and move towards the bar to grab a drink, she was approached by her fellow teammate, Aaron who sat down next to her. " I hope you don't mind me sitting here." She smiled and shook her head looking down at the table then back up at him. "And I hope you don't mind me saying that you look quite beautiful tonight in that dress." The princess raised an eyebrow but could only smile since it was coming from a friend. " Why thank you, Aaron. You look very dashing yourself". She smirked. " So, how are you liking the ball so far?". She asked curiously. 
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Ryan saw the big eleagant room in front of him and then listened to the smooth rhythm of jazz in the backround. The chandeliers on the ceiling sparkled along with the stars that was shining outside the window. Ryan then turned to Erika and said, "How do you like the ball so far? Is it what you expected?" Ryan hoped he didn't sound like an idiot, all he wanted was to start a conversation and try to interact with his new teammates.

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 "Thank you princess." Aaron bowed his head in thanks, "And I've never seen anything like this!" Aaron took a sip of his drink and smiled, "It's amazing!" he took a bite of his food and looked around, still in awe at how fancy everything was. The music was grand, the food was pretty good, and he was having a conversation with a goddess; none of his friends back home would ever believe this. The very idea of attending a ball was something he had heard of in fairy tales, never thinking that he would one day go to one! 
"So, are there parties like this in Athens? Or on Mount Olympus?" he asked Helena after folding his hands on the table, "I imagine that the gods would hold parties a lot crazier than this!"

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Champion City Apartments, the apartment of Eclipse and War Killer:

Charles stood straight up in his room, looking into a mirror that was just about as tall as he was while he made sure he was putting his tie on correctly. He began to remember back to early that same day, he had manage to talk Eclipse into going with him to buy a new suit, knowing that it would also keep Jason’s mind off of any hero activity. He chuckled at the thought of how paranoid Jason was, he was always more of a hero 24/7 than Charles was, never taking a second to just sit back and relax, always worried that the world would come crashing down around him if he wasn’t out there saving someone or stopping a bank robber. He also remembered that Talon and CPG had also gone shopping together as well; something the young hero couldn’t help but smile at the thought of those two actually picking out dresses together, which would have made his day all together.

As he finished tightening the tie around his neck, he noticed his War Killer uniform lying on his bed behind him. He had chosen not to wear it, seeing no point really since he was going to a ball in a city of superheroes, in truth he couldn’t think of why on earth he would even need to wear that thing tonight, much less worry about some super-villain crashing the party. Still looking into the mirror, he was now fully dressed in a matching black overcoat and pants, with a white dress shirt underneath, along with blue shoes, and a Tom and Jerry tie to top the whole wardrobe off.

With a smile he couldn’t believe that he was going to one of these things, he had been to something similar before when he was still a Titan, but nothing as big as this, and to top it off, he had a date! His eyes widened as he realized that he was literally taking Laura Chabot, the freakin’ hottie known as Talon, to a ball!!! Falling back onto his bed, he stared up at the ceiling as he began to wonder, “I’m soooo going to make a fool of myself! What if she wants me to dance? I can’t dance!” But his train of thought was cut off as Larry the Dragon leaped up onto the bed, pouncing onto the nervous hero, Larry quickly brought Charles’ attention to the clock. Getting up off the bed as Larry climbed up onto his shoulders, he took one last look into the mirror to make sure he looked alright. “Alright, Larry….time to go make a fool of myself!” And with that the young hero was out the door.

Making his way down the hall, he stopped as he reached Talon’s apartment door. Knocking softly, he waited until she, or incase Blair hadn’t left yet, opened the door for him. Holding a purple rose in his hand, he continued to wait patiently.

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Sitting with one leg over the other, on one of the bar stools, Mantoid set down her glass of water on the counter. Informing the bartender that her thirst had been quenched, he acknowledged her response, taking her glass and stacking it with the dirty cups, despite the glass being cleaner than before. Out of the corner of her eye she had seen a dashing young man wearing a black dress suit. Lifting her heels off of the floor, she turned away as he neared her. Erika could tell that he was standing right beside her, and when he started to speak, she turned and met eyes with him with her Ocean blue eyes. "How do you like the ball so far? Is it what you expected?" Straightening her legs, she casually responded, "I love the ball so far. Oh, I wasn't sure what to expect, having been many years since I last attended a ball." She looked out to the dance floor, then back at the young man, waiting and wondering if he would offer her a dance. 

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It was torture for the young emerald eyed assassins. She wanted to gouge out her eyes she wanted to face the demons of hell than this. She would have traded any ill fate any death wish she would literally rip out her own heart if this moment could have been avoided. But sadly the world, destiny and fate hated her and wanted to constantly see the young assassin miserable, and finally they had ultimately succeeded. With her head bend low in defeat and the wind blowing in her face, the thought of retreat became optional. Her whole body was shaking like an earthquake. Her head ached like it had been run over by a train and the tips of her fingers couldn’t stop fidgeting. It hadn’t been long since she received an invitation to the Champions Ball tonight, and like everybody else her roommate, CPG was on the buzz for a dress.

 Though Talon hid it she was worried to pieces about what to wear. Though Blair, was worried enough for the both of them at this point. She knew she’d be going with War Killer it was obvious, but being so public? In everybody’s eye? She didn’t like that, she wasn’t sure what to do. Was she just his arm candy like most executives have? Or would her opinion actually be valid. Honestly there was not much description on the invitation she was handed a simple “girls are for eyes not ears” would have been appropriate. Not that she could speak but she could always make her point know.

But finally the day came to an end with Cellphonegirl having bought exactly what she need (though Laura had not really been paying attention as too what it was) and Talon still well clothing less. Now sitting on her bed her hands folded she looked at the floor as she could hear Blair shout she was leave and the door quickly slam behind her. What was she doing!? She had nothing to wear not because her fashion sense was horrible but because nothing caught her eyes. War Killer was a particular type of guy he fared for a certain type of girl, and she was positive the blood thirsty assassin look was not his favorite.

Falling backward on her bed she let out a deep sigh before getting to her feet. Slowly she walked over toward her wardrobe as she noticed a note on the floor. Picking it up slowly she read it “To my daughter, who grows more like her mother every day. This is for you.” Her eyes grew in shock as she scent was that of her father’s Emile Chabot. She was stunned, how had he known where she was and how did he get in….though Laura suspected he probably disguised himself as the sprinkle man, it didn’t matter who she would always let them in no matter how suspicious they looked. But that didn’t matter right now, cautiously Laura’s hands pulled on her dresser opening the doors as before her eyes laid a beautifully white ball gown.

Slowly approaching it she felt it was pure silk, sleeveless and very light. Scattered along the bottom part it had little diamond studs sown in and frills on the top. It didn’t take Talon long to discover who this belonged too. It was her mothers, the scent was undistinguishable. But just then the terrifying knock was on her door. Her body froze as she pulled the dress off the hanger and slid it on while removing her own clothes. Surprisingly it was a perfect fit, but in truth the Chabot family spared no expense. Especially her father. Now fully dressed she was curious if she should have put on makeup but honestly she didn’t have time so she hoped her face would do.

Standing before the door she slowly opened it to see her knight in shining armor standing there. He was dressed appropriately, it wasn’t often she saw him out of uniform.  His strong built was very visible under the tux and she found his tie absolutely adorable. Smiling a little she placed her hand in his before shutting the door. She was nervous as hell but she didn’t let him see it. With the gesture of her eyes she motioned that she was ready to leave.

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Edward finally arrives to the party at the fashionably late stage excuses already in hand.  He smiles at his fellow Champions mostly at the bar and simply says " sorry guys had to visit my tailor  in London , strangely i didnt think i would need suit when i joined. What you guys think?, its from Savle row and i believe its an Armani. Your all looking rather loverly yourselves, not a suit of armour or obvious weapon holster in sight." pausing and ordering himself an ice cold dr pepper from the bar he collects his drink turns and waits for their replies.

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As the door opened, Charles’ eyes lit up as he literally found himself standing before an angel, “W-wow….” He managed to mumble as he couldn’t help but just get lost in how beautiful she really was, “…Uh, you….you look, beautiful, Laura.” He said as he then noticed the purple rose he had brought for her, “Oh! Here….uh, oh yeah, this is for you.” He said as he handed her the rose, as he couldn’t help but know that he wasn’t anywhere close to her league.

In all honesty, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, he could go on about how sexy her curves were, or how gorgeous she looked in that dress, how it complimented her mind-blowing figure so perfectly that it literally caused his heart to jump a beat just upon making eye contact with her. “So, um….we better not be late.” He said nervously as she placed her hand in his and they made their way down the hallway towards the elevator.

Hall of Champions:

Just arriving outside of the ball, Charles stopped as he wanted to make something clear with Talon, “Hey…I know you don’t like being in this kind of scene, with so many people I mean and being so…well public. So if you feel uncomfortable about anything, anything at all, just let me know and we’ll go find something else to do. Just remember that this is your night, I’m just here to make the best possible.” He said to her, hoping that he didn’t sound like a total dork with his attempt at a speech….he should have taken some pointers from Eclipse.
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 “W-wow….”  Were the words that came out of his mouth. She didn’t know if she should have thanked him or ran back inside, honestly she felt like a girl on her first day of Kindergarten. Though she couldn’t help but blush, he always had that affect on her, seeing him make such a big deal about her simple dress was very well flattering even if she didn’t fully deserve the compliment.   “…Uh, you….you look, beautiful, Laura.” He said as he slowly pulled out a purple rose. Her eyes lit up as she smiled brightly taking it from his hand and sliding it into her hair. It was beautiful, he was so sweet.

So, um….we better not be late.”   He said as Laura realized that she had a ball to attend. She felt like one of those Princess from the Disney movies meeting her Princess Charming, she wondered if the dress would disappear at the stroke of midnight? For what she was an assassin not many people would have guessed she had seen all the Disny Princess movies, though she wasn’t too sure on her favorite she had to admit she felt just like them now. Being lead by the man who held her heart, honestly this moment was to extraordinary for words.

Though in a flash they were there, the young hero and her had taken one drive and they were there, she felt as if time was in fast motion. But as they prepared to enter he stepped aside and started to speak “Hey…I know you don’t like being in this kind of scene, with so many people I mean and being so…well public. So if you feel uncomfortable about anything, anything at all, just let me know and we’ll go find something else to do. Just remember that this is your night, I’m just here to make the best possible.”  She nodded her head understanding him. Sure she was nervous but she wouldn’t let Charles leave the party for her. Anyways he probably wanted to go, and she didn’t mind as long as she got to stay by him. She only prayed no girl would ask him to dance or else there’d be blood on the dance floor .

The couple slowly entered, the music was lively a tune she hadn’t heard before but could dance too. Instantly she noticed poor Eclipse in the corner, she wished she could have cheered him up after what had recently happened but she doubted she could. And like always Hesperus had to make his presence known, though he was slightly an eye sore. It was brief but their eyes met and when they did she gave him a patronizing glance. Then returning her eyes to War Killer she stood herself across from him holding out her one hand, her way of inquiring if he wanted to dance.  


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@The Umbra Sorcerer:  Circe chuckled, slowly turning around and pulling Tempest in to a tight hug. She took a sip of her drink and put it back down again, her eyes almost glowing with joy. Her slender hands slammed against her chest, right where her heart is located. "You look amazing, Tempest!" She then looked around at her fellow teammates who seemed to be having a grand time, enjoying their company and taking oppurtunity of their much needed 'break'. "Isn't it just wonderful how everyone's all happy!?" Circe giggled.
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Eclipse's bored face broke into a smile as he saw his two best friends enter the hall. Charlie looked much better in his suit than Jason's tuxedo, plus Barnes had actually bothered trying to do something to fix his hair. Jason's hair was a jumbled mess, he had let it dry when he flew over to the ball so he didn't exactly look well-groomed. Laura, on the other hand, looked breath-taking. He couldn't help but smile as he saw his best friend, all grown up, leading his date into the fray. Then, his smile faltered as a twinge of sadness and regret washed over his mind. He had never been that close to a girl before, never been kissed. There had always been rumours about Eclipse and CellPhoneGirl, but he saw her as a sister more than anything. 
The young hero was destined to die young, he had known this all of his life. For that reason, he refused to pursue a relationship with anyone. That would be too cruel, to allow someone to get to know him, love him, knowing that he didn't have long left to live. He had only recently allowed himself the privelage of friends. The clock was ticking, as it always had, but the hour of destiny was approaching faster than ever now. Ever since he had met Hesperus, Eclipse knew that their fates would come to a head soon. 'Come on Jason.' He thought, shaking his head of such grim ideas. 'You're supposed to be a beacon of hope for the Champions, stop being so emo.' So, watching his two friends out of the corner of his eye with a smile, he resumed tapping his crutch against the floor to the beat.

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Gasping for air from the spine crushing hug from Circe she placed her hands on her chest "You look amazing Tempest!" Tempest blushed a little "Thanks but you put me to shame your Stunning"  looking round with Circe at there fellow team-mates Tempest laughed a little they all looked so *normal* usually it's hectic with there lives. "Isn't it wonderful how everyone's all happy!" Circe giggled "Yeah i think we all neeed this little bit of fun" but taking anoher glance he noticed a few werent enjoying it as much as the other Hesperus looked extremely annoyed at having to wear a suit and Eclipse seemed downhearted he didn't really look like he was into this sort of thing. Turning back to Circe and giving a little bow he outstreched his hand "How would you care for a dance"
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 Circe bowed her head slightly, sliding her hands down to her hips and looking around her once more. It was like a family, a home. A fresh start, away from whatever awaited her back in San Francisco. She could feel the spirit of Circe inside of her, wanting to unleash herself upon the men and transform them all in to flirtacious swoons. But at this very moment, the young female found herself resisting the temptations, her eyes setting sight on Tempest. "How would you care for a dance"
Circe grinned, stepping forward and taking Tempest's hand. She walked towards him, becoming closer to him. "Of course!" The two of them entwined their hands together and swiftly made their way to the dance floor.

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"Of Course" Circe walked towards Tempest and there hands joined together making there way to the dancefloor they started to dance under the disco ball with Jordin sparks Tattoo playing it the background both moved so gracefully as if they were floating on air. Tempest for the first time in months felt at home from being kicked out of his home, to being imprisoned, to his mother trying to kill him it was a difficult few months but now in this moment dancing with Circe he felt at home and the Champions were his new family. 
*I can’t waste time so give it a moment I realized nothings broken No need to worry about everything I’ve done*
Still dancing to the song Tempest looked at Circe "So how does a pretty girl like you end up a superhero on her own in Champion city"

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The two move swiftly and softly across the floor, complementing each other in their dance moves. She tips her head back slightly, smiling. She feels like a Débutante, something of royalty. Her lips can't help but constantly crease in to a smile. Her purple eyes flicker a few times under the disco ball. The song slowly begins to echo in her hears, perfectly fitting in with the current scene.  "So how does a pretty girl like you end up a superhero on her own in Champion city?" 
Circe smiled, giving out a small laugh. She felt her cheeks go a soft scarlet and her lips curl up slightly. Still dancing to the music, Circe opened her mouth to speak. "It was the Civil War. The country was falling apart and I could not just stand there and let it happen. I had these gifts of a demi-goddess and I'd only been using it to vanquish the darkness of the Underworld. I never thought twice to vanquish the darkness of the Overworld. So, I came here. A fresh start, away from my Matriarchal family, and beginning to harness my abilities..." Circe quietly thought to herself. Was she over doing it? I mean, he didn't really need a whole life story over her. The two continued to dance, Circe twirling under Tempest's arm. "How about you?"

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"How about you" Laughing a a little as Circe twirled under Tempests arm "Well mine story is not as.......action packed as your. Actually its pretty boring really. In highschool my powers flared up so i ran home upset that i nearly blew away half the school when i told my mom she tried to kill me supposedly my family has very powerful magic and my mother used it to try and do me in but i got away until that is sentenials took me to a prison for mutants i stayed there a few weeks but i broke out with the help of other mutants there and somehow i ended up here fighting along side you guys. But i meet you and have made other great friends so i aint complaining" *Damn i never thought how morbid that story is i really need to learn how to shut up, She probably thinks im crazy like my family* 
The song had ended and the music pace changed a much faster song was playing as Tempest and Circe started to dance to it. 
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Circe arched her eyebrows. She thought of how she could of had a life as a normal teenage girl (aside all the witch blood line stuff), and if she hadn't of got so pissed off with her latent spell casting and ended up conjuring Hecate. But hey, if she hand't of conjured up Hecate, she would of never of got to where she is today. The two slowly begin to dance to a more upbeat song, Circe flicking her wrists and her long, elegant dress, transforming in to a more loose fitting, sparkly dress. "You know, you look very charming under this light,"

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Sipping her coke as she kicked her legs back and forth against the chair, bored and slightly annoyed at her parents who were smooching on the table she searched for someone to play with. They all swooned around on the floor smooching up to each other and it was so gross. Making a face as she eyed even more couples making their way to the dance floor she got annoyed and ran through the crowds on the dance floor, ducking in and around dancers as Annabelle swooped in and around them squeaking with fright at Chevies sudden movement. Skidding up to the DJ she quietly had a chat with him, laughing and nodding his head he flipped over the switch and put the lights on a strobe effect, Chevie jumped out on the dance floor and began doing all the moves to her favourite song.... 

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Smiling at her facial expression Circe's dress changed it became quite sparkly and not as formal *Whoa now thats cool* As both began to dance at a faster pasce Circe said something that made Tempest Blush You Know you look very charming under this light" 
"Thanks i would say you look beautfiul under this light but you always look beautfiul amyways"
Winking at her he laughed with joy at how fun this night is being.
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Mike smiled at his wife as they continued their dance, "Can we build a robot to change the nappies this time." he said with a small wink, before giving her a kiss, he watched out of the side of his eye as his small dragon girl was speeding round the dance floor and then whispeared to MR "Want to embrass are daughter a little?" He waited until she had finished speaking to the DJ and for the music to start. Mike knew what was coming, how could he not, his daughter played it over and over again every day and even in his car. So he had seen the video more then once. As Chevie began dancing her parents walked up behind her and began doing the moves as well, mimicking the dance perfectly.
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Blair offered to do what no one would ever dare to even think about doing. Going shopping with the CoP member known as Talon, who would have ever thought this day would come? Blair did find the dress that she would have dreamed for, a long light pink dress that had thin rainbow lines spiraling around the dress. She even bought these nearly see through gloves that made the dress look cooler. However Talon didn't find a dress, mainly because she probably wasn't even excited about the whole thing. As they got back to the apartment Blair hoped that she would have had one laying around somewhere. 
After Blair put the dress on she figured that'd she surprise a certain someone by showing up at their apartment. "I'm leaving Laura! See you at the ball!" She said, as she gently moved her hands to carry the sounds of her voice into Talon's bedroom to make sure she heard her. Walking out the door, Blair needed to make sure she didn't fall on her face from her high heels.  
She showed up in front of an apartment door, her heart began to race a bit hoping Over Kill hadn't have left already. That'll kinda suck cause then she'd have to show up to the ball in her Motorcycle, then again she'd look awesome as hell. Lifting her right hand it stopped short of just barely touching the door. She took a breath, and began knocking on the door.

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Circe's eyes sparkled, widening slightly. Her red cheeks were hidden in the bright lights of the disco, lucky for her. She released her hands from Tempest and began to dance to Beyonce's hit song, ''Single Ladies''. She laughed slightly as she continued the dance, her mind trailing off and thinking about Despair and back at the doorm. Was she ever gonna get here? She needed serious girl talk, ASAP. "You're very flattering indeed,"

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Ryan turned to Erika and asked if she had liked the ball so far. She turned her head and her ocean blue eyes met with his dark green eyes, she responded "I love the ball so far. Oh, I wasn't sure what to expect, having been many years since I last attended a ball."    She then looked towards the dance floor and then back at Ryan. He knew what that meant, she wanted to dance. What am I going to do now? Ryan thought, I'm not a dancer. A descision was made, Ryan got up and held out his hand. He said, "My name is Ryan, would you like to dance?"

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"So, are there parties like this in Athens? Or on Mount Olympus? I imagine that the gods would hold parties a lot crazier than this!".The princess laughed. " Well..... I never been on Mount Olympus, I was banned to even enter the beautiful mountain. Athens...... well..... we usually didn't have parties just feasting. I never allowed any of these parties because they would make people drunk and then problem's would occur." She smiled.
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Edward still sitting at the bar walks finishes off his dr pepper , orders a water and walks over to the band.  Eddy chats with the singer for a couple seconds during an instrumental section,  the singer clearly starts setting up another mic next to his own. Soon as the song finishes Edward strolls up to the mic " Ladies and Gentlemen of the COP after having a quick chat with the band i kinnda persuaded them to let me jam with them alittle bit, hopefully you will enjoy what comes next if not i will just have to make you  guys think you did later. Anyways this isnt a stand up section. (Edward picks up an electric guitar turns to the band) Ready Guys on 1-2-3-4" the intro to the song starts and his fingers fly across the fretboard in a dance of precision and sound.  Edward tilts his head towards the mic " Deap down in Louisian close to New Orleans...."

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"Oh yes, I forgot about the whole Olympus thing...." Aaron rubbed his forehead, feeling like an idiot for bringing up Olympus. He took another sip of his water and continued,  "And I hope that this doesn't offend you, but I'm not sure that banning such things is a good idea for your Athenian people. In my humble opinion it's pretty much expected that us mortals mess up once in a while, after all it's a part of growth! Back in New York City I have seen children who were sheltered from everything, like drinking, by their parents. While it sounds like it was good for them to be protected, the kids never truly developed socially and they became loners." 
He cleared his throat and tried to sound as respectful as possible. The last thing he would ever want to do is to challenge Helena's leadership, but to him there was no point in having experience if you never share it. "I'm simply saying that if you never allow your people to make mistakes and learn their own lessons, then they won't be able to work with the rest of the world. Once again I don't mean to offend you, I'm just speaking my mind is all. You can completely ignore me if you want." He scratched the back of his head and hoped that it didn't sound like he was ranting or anything. His train of thought was also being distracted by Helena's beauty, bu he tried to not think about that. He began eating his fish to keep himself from saying anything else that would make him look foolish.

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The goddess sighed and shook her head slowly at her teammate, Aaron. " You don't understand. I was banned because, Zeus made a rule about having more children with each other, but I found out that he only did it because he afraid one of these god-like children will be overthrow him one day. I guess that child was me. My mother, Athena and father Hephaestus raised me hidden in Mount Ida, and trained me." Helena frowned. " I do not wish to speak about this anymore, not here. I shall tell you the story back at the tower sometime, but for right now..... I just want to enjoy this wonderful ball." The beautiful princess had noticed her other fellow teammate, Edward about to sing a song with a group of people.
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 "I'm sorry for bringing it up." Aaron muttered with embarrassment as Helena looked away at Edward, who was playing on stage with spectacular skill. He finished his fish and placed his utensils on his plate, not knowing what to do or say now that he had effectively almost ruined Helena's night by bringing up her exile. He knew that he wasn't very good at striking conversation, especially with women, but he felt ridiculous not being able to talk to his own team mate. He closed his eyes and shuffled through his mind, searching for a topic so interesting that he could actually have an in-depth conversation with her, and after a few seconds a thought popped into his mind; he had his conversation starter.
"So Helena.....do you like animals?" Aaron mentally face-palmed after hearing it come out of his mouth.

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Edward finished his song, but before he leaves the stage he speaks into the mic " if you people dont mind i will do just one more song. Before i sing it however i need one of the many women of the CODA to join me on stage  i will sing to this volunteer so you have been warned in advance. Thank you" Edward places a chair a few feet from the mic and starts to talk to the band again. 

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Helena turned back to him with a smile on her face. " I love animals! I was actually gifted by Artemis to communicate with animals." The princess knew something strange was up with her fellow teammate, but she couldn't figure out what it was. 
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Smiling as he held out his hand, she responded, "A pleasure to meet you Ryan. My name is Erika, and I would love to dance." Taking his hand, she walked out to the dance floor with him. Looking around at the others dancing, she felt a little nervous, not sure of how she should dance. Starting off nice and slow, she held on to his right arm and let him place his left arm around her back. "Ever dance before?"
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Shower, check.  Shave, check.  Finger and toenails cut, check.  Hair combed, check.  Shoes shined, check.  Transportation, check.  Suit, check.  Tie, how the hell do you tie these d#mn things?!  Peter was standing in front of the mirror for about 15 minutes now, dress pants on, white dress shirt on but open and not tucked in,  trying to remember how to properly tie a tie.  He used to remember.  He tied all of his friends ties for school dances back in high school.  But for the life of him, he couldn't remember.  Over and around and then... Pull it tight?  Gah!  TOO TIGHT TOO TIGHT!  He quickly untied the knot and breathed deeply.  Not about to let the piece of fabric win, He hung it around his neck and pulled out his iPhone to look for instructions on the internet.   
A knock at the door interrupted him.  Uh oh.  He checked the time.  Crap.  I'm supposed to be ready now!  He bowed his head and swore under his breath and went to the door.  He unlocked it and pulled it open revealing Blair in a rainbow dress.  She was beautiful.  His mouth hung open for a moment before he spoke.  Uh, hey there.  Wow...  You look amazing.  He looked down at himself, rather his open shirt and untied tie.  Um, I need a few minutes before I'm ready to go.  Wanna come in?  He opened the door wider allowing her to walk in if she so chose. 

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Edward takes to the mic for the last time "no volunteers then, ok well in that case i here by dedicate my last contribution to the entertainment to all of the female members of our team. Hope you enjoy it"   Edward prepares himself , switches his guitar back on and starts to sing  " You do something to me, something deep inside ...."  Upon finishing the song Edward bows to his fellow COP's members and says " thats it for me folks after a 11 hour round trip to London and back  for my suit and now a quick suprise gig for you guys iam off to catch some zz's enjoy the rest of your night and ciao."  As the last syllables of his sentance reach his teamates ears Edward is already hitting mach 2 and closing down on his new house ready for a well deserved nights sleep.