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Home of the Olympians, this was a place of beauty. The architecture looked as though it were crafted by the Gods themselves. Which it was, in fact. Yet despite the tranquility and peace it seemed to represent, Olympus was nothing compared to its former glory. In the days when humanity still believed in them, still worshipped them, still sacrificed for them; Olympus was a fine sight indeed. It was thought then that the mere sight of the grand structure could kill a mortal. Today, it would merely astound them.
"This is an outrage! An insult!" Zeus roared, striding up and down his personal quarters in a fit of rage. Hermes, Messenger of the Gods, was looking quite apprehensive about the situation. 
"Regardless, father, it is true. Helena Troy has joined the Champions of Peace." Hermes repeated, levitating above the ground as the wings on his feet slowly pushed him towards the door. 
"She dares?! My own flesh and blood!" Zeus fumed, sitting at his throne and gripping fiercely at the arm-rests. Hermes decided it wouldn't be wise to remind Zeus that he had long ago rejected Angeni. "She thinks I will stand for this? Allying herself with those who steal our glory?! Those who are now worshipped in our stead?! NO!" He leapt to his feet again, his eyes full of anger, as he glared at Hermes. "Fetch me the twins, Phobos and Deimos." 
Eager to leave, Hermes obliged at once, and soon the two sons of Ares stood before their grandfather. "You may be young, but you are still Gods. Powerful Gods." Zeus smiled kindly at his grandchildren, lying through his teeth. If he truly thought they were powerful he would have treated them the same as Helena. She was too powerful, a threat to his throne, and had to be banished. "You are the Gods of Fear and Terror. And today, I want you to strike fear and terror into the hearts of our enemies. You will go down to Earth and you will destroy the Champions of Peace."
Phobos and Deimos shared a glance, then nodded simultaneously. "Forgive us, grandfather, but--" Phobos began. "--may we be so bold--" Deimos continued, before Phobos interjected with "--as to enquire why--" and Deimos finished "--you even need us at all?" The two young Gods continued in this manner as they asked "After all, you are--a mighty God, far more--powerful than we and--surely you could--meaning no offense--settle this matter yourself?" 
There was a reason Zeus could not openly attack the Champions himself: Helena. If Angeni were to defeat him on the field of battle, he would lose his position in Olympus. But of course, he could not tell the twins that. "I have far more important matters to attend to, children." He boasted falsely "This will be a simple task for you two, if you utilize your skills correctly. But no-one is to know that I have told you to do this. It will be our little secret, yes?" 
The twins shared another knowing glance and a nod, replying in sync: "Yes, grandfather." 

Champion Tower 

In the home of Champions, a short, crippled, teenage boy wandered the halls, hurling himself forward on his crutches. He had jet black hair and wore a yellow shirt with denim jeans. He was Eclipse, Jason Dodd, the Teen Wonder. Former leader and founder of the Vine Titans; member of the Ice Dragons; apprentice of Jake Hamilton; co-leader of the Champions of Peace, and now... Sole leader of the Champions of Peace. Originally working alongside his mentor, Nighthunter and his friend, Mistress Redhead, Eclipse was a third of the trinity which held the Champions together. 
But now? Nighthunter had resigned from his leadership position, and Mistress Redhead... A short while ago, there was an alien invasion. A race called the Skrulls had infiltrated Earth, replacing various heroes and important people. When the time came for the full-blown invasion, it was the Champions of Peace who resisted and together, defeated the alien threat. But there were casualties, and losses. Constantine the immortal was one such loss, sacrificing himself to destroy the mothership. Jason glanced at the golden watch on his wrist, the watch left to him by Constantine... Which led him to England, and the Con-cave.
After the invasion, the government decided to interrogate the Champions of Peace. Every member of the team was subjected to an interview at the hands of the cold, calculating Agent Callisto. Some took it very well, others not so well. Last to be seen was Sarah Lockhart, Mistress Redhead. Jason didn't know the specifics, but apparently she withheld information on the Skrulls from the government and was placed under arrest. Chevie, her daughter, took this very hard indeed. But none were more affected than her husband, Mike, Sovereign Son. Almost immediately, Mike approached Eclipse and told him he was going to break Sarah out. He wanted to take both the Shadow Squad and Young Champions on the mission. 
Normally, Eclipse would have shot down this plan and come up with his own. He did not think it was a good idea to send the Young Champions on this mission; nor did he really think breaking Sarah out of a government facility would accomplish anything. Yet, with the loss of Redhead, Jason had lost his nerve. He couldn't bear the full weight of leadership for such a massive team. After all, he had abandoned the Titans when the leadership duties became too much, and they only had a roster of about eight. This was a much larger scale... So Eclipse agreed with Sovereign Son and let him get on with it. At least it would get Hesperus out of his hair for a while. 
Making his way to the conference room, Eclipse heaved himself into one of the chairs at the round table, resting his crutches against the edge. He leaned back and closed his eyes. This was his down-time, something Mistress Redhead had enforced when it became clear that Jason wasn't going to be able to continue being a full-time superhero following his disability. He was essentially given a few hours each day to get down with superhero business, and then forced to spend the rest of the day resting. Today, he hadn't even used up his superhero time. He just didn't have the drive for it today. 
Opening his eyes, Jason looked around sadly at the empty table before him. He wasn't the only one hit hard by the recent losses, but everyone else was dealing with their problems in other ways. Well, Eclipse was fed up with wallowing. He decided that now was the time for everyone to move on and get on with their jobs. They couldn't let this get to them... He couldn't let it get to him. Withdrawing his communicator and pushing a button, Eclipse sent a message to the entire team, all of those not already occupied on Mike's mission, anyway. "This is Eclipse, I want a status report. I need to know where everyone is and what they're doing. Sovereign Son's rescue team just left, and I want to call a team meeting. All available Champions report to the conference room in one hour."
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The Beach

Since before dawn Edward had been up and training on the beach, his mind was clouded with recent events and his hope was further training would give him the clarity he needed to function affectively in the field. Well aware first impressions have a large impact on many peoples perception and approach to you, he was determined to be on the top of his game when the call came. Still adapting  to the recent alterations of his powers hes moves where more laboured than usual. While the decrease in focus needed to use his abilties was a bonus making responce times faster they still felt kind of raw and untuned as a result. It was no longer about just concentration. It was now more impulsive  and fine tuning an impulse reaction will take alot of practise.
Trying one of his former techniques , which he stole from star wars when he was younger. Edward launched himself into a one handed handstand spreading his legs wide in order to distribute his weight and improve his balance. Once balance was set his mind set's itself on the main task,  attempting to lift and stack rocks off the beach. Previously when he did this exercise it was a smooth but often slow practise of acute telekentic movement. It was used to fine tune his abilty for smaller and more complex tasks. Today however with his powers still somewhat primal the rocks around him moved at alarming speed and where smashing into each other with far more force than the exercise required, fine tuning his abilties was gonna be tough. Edwards mind begins to wander from the task as he places whats left of the stones back onto the beach. If he cant control his abilities properly should he he even be on call to go into situations where he could harm people.   
Seeking guidance Edward sits down in a meditation like state and enters the astral room in his mind " Are you here?, what should i do?" the man he questioned was an alternate version of himself (see Storm in a tea cup) the responce was short and somewhat colder than usual " you must learn to control your fears, for in the time ahead they shall be tested. Serve others and just do your best and your skills we will be mastered once more. Be your own man, iam but a guide" Before he could further question his new ghostly mentor his shiny new COP communicator sprang to life  "This is Eclipse, I want a status report. I need to know where everyone is and what they're doing. Sovereign Son's rescue team just left, and I want to call a team meeting. All available Champions report to the conference room in one hour."
Pulling himself up off the beach Edward does a  quick stretch and then dashs towards the team tower.

The Tower

 After a quick shower and change Edward puts his suit on and starts checking his gear is all in tact. Ready as he could be Edward walks into the meeting room still alittle early but as a new guy best to be so, he thought to himself. Nodding in Eclipse's direction he then takes a seat towards the middle of the large table and waits for his teammates and his first team mission brief as a champion of peace.Hoping he can hold it all together.
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Sailing on the Mediterranean Sea

Zeus the lord of clouds roused in the north a storm against our ships, and driving veils of violent winds moved down like night on land and sea. Our bows went plunging at the gust, sails cracked and lashed out strips in the big violent wind. Angeni the daughter of Athena and Hephaestus had noticed something was not right, why would Zeus create a violent storm when he knew her and her warriors would be sailing to Athens today. Angeni turned to her most trusted warrior he was a great archer and leader but horrible when it came to playing the flute. She had remembered the time during the war with Ares when he played the flute to try to cheer everyone up after Ares had left destruction in our city. " Argus!!!". She called out to him. The tall archer approached her with his fully body armor and a spear like he was ready for war. " Yes my lady?". He got down on his knee's and took off his helmet revealing his long brown hair. Angeni could only smile at his loyalty. The goddess patted his shoulder and spoke. " I see death in that fury, I want you to drop the yards, unshipped the oars, and pull for the nearest area sheltered from the wind created by my grandfather. I suspect something is about to happen". Argus nodded and ran back to do what he was told.
Angeni watched as her warriors sat in a circle around the fire they had made while drinking wine and talking about their families, childhood, and stories even jokes about the mortal's. Angeni sighed and looked back at the sea the storm seemed to calm down which was very odd. As Angeni was about to join her friend's she suddenly got a message on her communicator which was given to her by the Champion's of Peace. Angeni had recently joined the Champion's of Peace after being thrown out of Olympus by Zeus and the god's. Helena had felt betrayed by her family but not from her mother and father they were the only one's who fought to keep Angeni on Olympus but they lost. Angeni tightened her fist and pressed the button on the communicator."This is Eclipse, I want a status report. I need to know where everyone is and what they're doing. Sovereign Son's rescue team just left, and I want to call a team meeting. All available Champions report to the conference room in one hour."Angeni turned to her warriors and approached them hiding the communicator. " Argus! I must see my mother. I am granting you in charge of this crew. I want you to set sail at dawn and head back to Athens. May the god's be with you all". She smiled and flew off into the sky. Angeni felt like she was a horrible leader for leaving her crew but she knew in her heart that they could make it anywhere. 

Champion's Tower

After leaving her crew out in the Mediterranean Sea. Angeni had finally made it to Champion's City where she stood high above the Champion's tower enjoying the morning breeze before she went inside. Angeni landed on the grassy ground and looked up at the tower that took half of the sky but it could never be taller then Mount Olympus. Helena entered the tower and headed into her room. The princess goddess quickly took a shower and changed into her breastplate and fancy tights. She looked over at her opened closet which revealed her Boomerang Tiara and Bracelets of Victory. The goddess approached the closet and placed her tiara on her forehead. The tiara was actually a boomerang that she can use as an offensive weapon. It is razor sharp and, when thrown, can cause extreme damage after which it will effectively return straight into her hands. Helena can use this to cut through almost any materials, she also wears this as the red star represents freedom and patriotism and was given to her by her mother Athena. 
Angeni quickly clipped on the Bracelets of Victory on her wrist. These are a pair of steel cuffs which are indestructible because they were used from the remains of Zeus's Aegis shield and were modeled after the cuffs. The Bracelets of Victory was given to Angeni by Hera secretly. Angeni can use her super reflexes to deflect projectiles, blades, punches, or any form of offensive attack used against her. She can also use them to deflect an object back into her enemies but she is also learning more about them. After getting what she needed the princess walked out of her bedroom and made her way towards the meeting room and entered inside where she noticed Eclipse and another member she had never seen before but she hoped she could get to know everyone. Angeni took a seat on the left side of the large table and waited patiently.

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Washington D.C.

“YOU’RE WHAT?!” General Manson yelled as he heard Charles comment. Stopping as the two made their way up the steps of the U.S. Capital building, Manson stood two steps above Charles as he tried to explain himself, “I’m resigning, sir. It’s nothing personal, I--”“Resign?! You’ve only been a part of my team for a few months now and you want to resign?!” Manson quickly cut Charles off with even more fury in his voice. After the arrest of Mistress Redhead, Charles knew that it would have huge effects on all of the members on the team, especially Eclipse who was now the sole leader of the whole team now with MR out of commission. But more importantly, Eclipse had given Charles the heads up that Sovereign Son was planning on a rescue mission with his team and the Young Champions and knowing this, he wanted to show his allegiance to his fellow teammates and his best friend, Eclipse. As well as knowing that once MR was free, any member who was a part of the government would be affected without a doubt, and because of this, he knew it was better to get out of the line of fire.

“I know, sir. But I’ve thought it over and after what happened to Mistress Redhead….I’m just not sure where my trust is when it comes to those in the White House these days.” He said as he tried to explain to the general his reasons for resigning, knowing full well that this conversation wouldn’t end pretty. “All I can say is that I’m disappointed in you, son. I thought you wanted to serve your country, I guess I was wrong.” Charles clutched his right hand tightly together, forming a fist as he tried to control his temper upon hearing the general’s comment. “Sir, whatever you think of me or how I do things, whatever you think of superheroes or these great men and women whom I would give my life for, whatever you may think of my methods, one thing will never change no matter what…” he slowly then began to walk away, he had told the general what he needed to tell him, and he knew this little talk was done, “…which is that I will always serve my country.”

After leaving the general to steam about his choice to resign, Charles made his way over towards the Lincoln Memorial. Normally when he would meet with the general he would be dressed in uniform, but today he just wanted to get out and simply chill, dressed in regular clothing, he was wearing a white t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans and his blue shoes, along with his black hooded leather jacket. Taking a rest from walking, he made his way over towards the steps to sit which, placing him right outside of the Lincoln Memorial, literally having his back turned to the sixteenth President of the United States of America. Sitting down on the stone steps, he looked out across the water to see the Washington Monument standing high into the cloudy sky.

Feeling his cellphone beginning to vibrate in his pocket, he pulled out his phone to see that he had a text message from Talon.

“Hey, how did the meeting go with that general guy?”

Laura was off on some secret “hush, hush” mission thing out of the country; she had left early that week and wouldn’t be back for the next few days, but they had been messaging each other. Typing back, he hit sent after finishing his message….

“He took the news better than I thought he would. Probably doesn’t help that I was half-asleep when I spoke with him.”

His phone suddenly vibrated once more, as a little mail envelope popped up on his screen….

“Did you have another nightmare?”

Typing back, he stood up as he felt his legs beginning to fall asleep, moving over towards a lamppost to lean against as he sent his message….

“Yeah….but it’s nothing to worry about, probably some bad pizza I ate or something xD”

He didn’t need her to worry about him; they were just dreams, nothing more nothing less, and besides, she had better things to worry about. Looking up, he watched as a man and woman walked by, walking their little dog, looking down at his phone once more as he read Talon’s reply….

“Very funny, boy scout; we’ll talk about that when I get back.”

He grinned slightly as he replied back…

“Alright, I’ll see you when you get home….and try not to kill TOO many people ;P”

Feeling his C.O.P.’s communicator begin to vibrate on his belt, he flipped out as Eclipse’ voice began to speak from it, "This is Eclipse, I want a status report. I need to know where everyone is and what they're doing. Sovereign Son's rescue team just left, and I want to call a team meeting. All available Champions report to the conference room in one hour." Looking at his cell one more time, he put his communicator away as he began to make his way down the steps, reading Talon’s last reply….

“I’ll ‘try’ my best, but I can’t promise you anything xP

I’ll see you when I get home, Charlie ;)”

Champions Tower

Now dressed in his War Killer uniform, the red, white, and blue color scheme giving off that shiny look as the overhead lights shined down onto him as he made his way down the hallway towards the conference room; his mask being pulled back, revealing his blondish brown hair. Making his way into the room, he saw Eclipse already sitting at the table along with two of the main team’s newest recruits. “Hey guys.” Charles said with a smile, giving a slight wave to everyone as he sat down next to the member known as Angeni, wishing he had brought a can of Dr. Pepper with him to drink as they waited for the rest of the team to arrive.

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BANG! A gunshot rang through the air as a fifty caliber bullet left the barrel of a Barrett sniper rifle. Twisting from the rifled barrel, the heavy bullet flew steady through the air, dropping down a few feet for every second traveled. Looking through the scope, was a man with black and olive drab face paint smeared all over his face. Covering his head, along with the rest of his body, was a ghillie suit, breaking up the shape of his body, along with disguising him to such an extent that a passerby ten feet away would think he was a bush. His target was the driver of an armored vehicle. Mission, eliminate the driver, so that ground troops could move in and free the hostages inside the vehicle. Matthew Gash was his name, an elite Black Ops sniper, one of the top ten most accurate shooters in the world.

Ricochet! The bullet never reached it's mark. Watching through the variable zoom scope, Gash focused his scope to maximum magnification and saw a sight that brought a smile to his face. On the roof of the armored vehicle, was an unmistakable figure. Twenty years old, with dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and a matching Kevlar mesh short sleeved shirt and shorts. The logo Champions of Peace was stitched into the back. Holding the sharpest sword in existence in his right hand, Valor of Infinity, he ran his finger along the edge of the blade, taking off the fresh lead dust from splitting the sniper's bullet in half. Stab! Into the roof of the armored vehicle, Cly, the Dragon Rider, made his entrance. He smiled and said to the driver, "Check it out, I made your car a convertible!" Fully automatic gunfire was the driver's response. The Samurai stopped the few bullets and cut the machine pistol in half. "Light's out." One fist to the head, and the driver was out cold. Freeing the hostages, Cly said to the ground troops who had surrounded the vehicle, "Sorry, I kinda crashed the party." The Knight made his way over to the driver's seat and hefted the unconscious driver up onto his shoulder. "This one's not dead, just unconscious." He handed the driver to one of the troops, who found the driver to be quite heavy, and was amazed at how easily Cly had lifted him. With that, the Rider jumped up to the hood of the armored vehicle and said with a smile, "Later dudes! My ride is here." They looked around, trying to spot his ride.

Swoosh! Taken away in a blur, the troops were amazed how fast and stealthy Esmeralda was. The fifteen year old green scaled Dragon flew along the ground, in the direction of the sniper, Gash. Landing to the ground fifteen feet in front of the sniper, Cly jumped off and back-flipped in the air before landing on the ground with his bare feet. Looking at the lush foliage, he unsheathed his sword and took a few steps forward. Stab! He thrust his sword into a bush, and pulled it out. "Hmmm...not here. Maybe...here!" Stab! Into another bush, right by Gash. The sniper remained still, and didn't make a sound. Smiling, Cly took a step back. Stab! The tip of his sword touched Matthew's skin, and stopped, with perfect precision in his strike. The Knight helped the Black Ops sniper to his feet. "Thought you were a dead man?" Gash replied with a straight face and neutral tone, "I had my doubts." His emotionless expression broke away into a smile. "Right Cly, I knew you wouldn't stab me, after all, you don't kill." Sheathing his sword, the Rider replied, "Yeah, that's my style." Watching them, was Esmeralda. She had been able to spot the ghillied sniper in a moment with her full electromagnetic spectrum vision, and she wasn't sure when Cly had spotted him. Her built in communicator received a live message. She listened to it. "This is Eclipse, I want a status report. I need to know where everyone is and what they're doing. Sovereign Son's rescue team just left, and I want to call a team meeting. All available Champions report to the conference room in one hour." Esmeralda let a light roar and both sniper and Knight silenced. >>Eclipse just sent us a message to meet him, along with the rest of the Champions at the Headquarters.<< Cly nodded. He said to Gash, "I'll try to play some Black Ops with you tonight on Xbox Live, but I may be busy." He laughed. "Later!"

Champion Tower

After a long flight back to the Tower, Esmeralda stopped talking. During the fight, she had said over ten thousand words, while Cly had only said fifty or so. >>YAY! WE ARE BACK HOME!<< Standing up on her back, asleep, Cly cracked an eye. "We're here...already? But it feels like I just fell asleep, fifteen minutes after we left Afghanistan." Esmeralda put on her mid-air brakes, which would have caused any normal person standing on her back to jolt forward and fly off, but not her Rider. He had near perfect balance, which constantly adjusted itself. >>Are you serious? You mean...all this time I've been talking to myself?<< "Uh yeah." A tear came to her eye, then it vanished as she blinked her eye. >>Why don't you ever tell me when you drift off?<< He shrugged. "Beats me."

Front flipping off of Esmeralda's back, Cly entered into the Tower through an open window. Back at the Tower, he was reminded of the Inquisition that had previously happened, and how Mistress Redhead had been taken away. It just wasn't fair. Why couldn't he have been taken away instead? He thought about it for a few seconds, then realized why. Esmeralda wouldn't let anyone take him more than a mile before all she would free him. He smiled to himself. Looking around for any more Champions, he didn't see any. Walking down the halls, Cly finally found the meeting room. Before he entered, the Samurai reached into one of his many pockets and withdrew a small packet. Squeeze! Red thick goo came out of the packet. He applied it all over his arms, legs, and face. Exposed to the air, the red goo quickly dried. Changing color to a more crimson shade of red, the goo looked and felt the consistency of dried blood. No one would ever know the difference! He stumbled into the room. "Just got back from Afghanistan, it was rough..." Stopping, he shook his head side to side. Esmeralda was already in the room. He winked at her, and she rolled her eyes. "Hello Eclipse, Edward, Angeni, and War Killer." Eying the Dr. Pepper, Cly reached into his pocket and pulled out a Mountain Dew. "Good ol' Mountain Dew." He took a sip of the drink, then sat down at the table.
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Champion's Tower

"I can't believe this is
really happening!"Aaron Kingsly muttered with excitement as he sat alone in the darkness of his personal quarters in the Champion's Tower, resting one hand on his knee and staring down at the communicator clutched in his other. He could only smile as he gripped it tighter, doing his best to contain the joyous feeling that would have him exclaim to the world that he was now a part of the mighty Champions of peace. Not too long ago he was just a young man in New York City with only dreams of a perfect world, but now that he was on possibly the most powerful team on Earth he could actually see those dreams coming true one day.

He stood up and walked around his room, communicator still in hand, and marveled at how wonderful it was. Aaron knew that it would take time to get used to this, since the only other places he had known as home were a run-down orphanage, an apartment in a poverty-stricken neighborhood, and a cave up in the Appalachian mountains. Here he had his own shower, so no more waiting for the communal shower or bathing in streams, and a view that didn't make him depressed every time he looked outside. He walked over to the window and looked outside, looking down to the city below and hoping that one day New York City could become so beautiful.

Before when he was working alone he knew it would be impossible to clean up the world himself, but now that he was on a team full of people he felt were just as dedicated to justice as he was anything felt possible. Aaron felt a need to pray for what he had been given, so he turned from the window and got on his knees, bringing his hands together and raising them with the communicator gripped tightly inside. The only source of light in the room was from outside coming in through the window, and he felt the familiar warmth of the light's rays on his back as he took a deep breath, exhaled, and began praying.

"I thank you once again Lord for these powers that you have granted me," he said softly with his eyes closed, "And now I thank you for having this team graciously accept me into their ranks. I hope that with these heroes I can help change the world for the better someday. I ask that you continue to bless me with your love and-"A vibration in his hands broke Aaron's train of thought, causing him to open his eyes and his hands, revealing the vibrating communicator. He flipped it open cautiously, waiting for something to happen, and soon a voice began to speak from it.

"This is Eclipse, I want a status report. I need to know where everyone is and what they're doing. Sovereign Son's rescue team just left, and I want to call a team meeting. All available Champions report to the conference room in one hour."

Aaron stayed on his knees for almost a full minute, unable to believe that after being there for such a short amount of time he was already going to attend a team meeting and meet the rest of the group."This is it!"he said excitedly as he jumped up from his knees and moved towards his closet, where the boxes containing most of his belongings were stored. The only thing that wasn't  currently in a box were his jacket and his sword, so he quickly grabbed both and placed them on the bed while he searched for the rest of his costume. He found the box that contained the rest of his uniform and brought it over to the bed as he opened it and took out its contents.

 He took off the black shirt and dark blue jeans he was wearing and began quickly dressing for the meeting. He put on the long-sleeve undershirt and zipped it up, buckled his pants, tightened the gloves around his hands, and put on his boots. He then threw on his coat, tightened the straps around his waist, and placed his sword into the two thick rings of leather on his back. Once the sword was securely in place, he walked over to his personal bathroom and gave himself a look over in the mirror. For the finishing touches he combed his hair back and used a quick spray of cologne, wanting to look his best for his first meeting. Once finished he exited the bathroom and left his room to head towards the meeting room.

He almost got lost on the way there, but after almost twenty minutes he finally made it. He stopped at the door and took a deep breath, then opened the doors and walked in, trying to look as confident as possible. He took a seat opposite from War Killer and Angeni, keeping his back straight and placing his hands on the table as he waited for someone to speak. Looking around Aaron spotted Eclipse, as well as a few others he had not been introduced to yet such as Edward and Cly.  "Hello everyone." he said nervously as he looked at everyone,"I hope you all had a nice day so far."
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"Found another skrull, Doc." 
 It was the fourth skrull body brought into the Jeffersonian Institute that month. Ever since the end of the skrull invasion, it seemed that more skeletal remains of skrull bodies had been washing up on shore, found decomposing in the woods, or burnt in several fires that the war ships had caused. To make things harder, Dr. Brendan MacAskill and his team were the few people who could actually tell the difference between the skrull remains, or just someone who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. At first, it was fascinating to the doctor and his team, studying the remains of the shape-shifting race, in all the shapes and sizes they seemed to come in, but as of late, with the sheer numbers of the recovered, it had become tedious and boring, once they discovered the shared characteristic of the species. 
"Put it with the others. I'm sure the Institute must have quite the collection of those guys now." replied Brendan, "You guys can work on those ones. I have some paperwork to fill out in my office."
"You sure, doc? You've hardly worked on any of these skrulls since you found the key markings on the first one on the first day! They kill your dog or something, doc? You really don't seem to like working on them."
Dr. MacAskill winced. "Yea. My dog. Something like that." He turned to the intern, "Maybe you should get back down there and keep working on it though. I noticed this one had some fracture patterns between the C4 and C5 vertebrae, suggesting it was hit by shrapnel or something. This guy could have been on the mothership, and we could have a pure specimen who wasn't posing as someone when it died. It could provide more clues to IDing these green guys a lot easier. Maybe save you some work in the long run."
"Umm. Yes, sir, Doc." The intern was shocked at how he could have missed that, and how someone who he hadn't seen near the body. In reality, Dr. MacAskill tended to be very behind the scenes, and working alone a lot since the skrull invasion, and his return from Mars. 
Back in his office, Brendan had been going through the paperwork in record time. Checking notes, reading papers, and even having time for tea. Once he had finished, he let himself be distracted. His mind wandered back to the events of the skrull invasion. Seeing that skrull on Mars, posing as his wife reminded him of better times, and the time he could have had with her, only to have it torn away again in death and heartbreak. That skrull managed to do what no villain or weapon in the universe could. She made him doubt being a hero. Made him think about what he was doing to his family. To Brooke. 
Since he had returned to earth, he had taken time off of being Paragon, and put more time into being a father, and a working man. He had stayed away from the Champions, even going so far as to turn off his communicator, and even refrained from using his powers. The only news he got from the meta-human community was from the local news, like most other civilians. The only meta-humans he really interacted with were Liz, with her working at the Bureau now, and Brooke, who was still secretly moonlighting as Swift. It almost pained him to abandon his adopted family like that, especially after hearing about Mistress Redhead being taken into custody like that. Even his connections high up in the Federal Bureau didn't have clearance to know where she was being held. It was a peaceful life, but a boring one.
The clock on the wall seemed to be moving at a snail's pace that day, and finally Brendan cracked. He casually poked his head out the door, checking to see if there was anyone around, before locking his door. Moving back behind his desk to the painting of Bobby Orr, he pressed a knot on the bottom side of the wooden frame, causing it to slide to right, revealing a small safe. A quick spin of the knob, and click of the handle later, he was in, looking at something he hadn't seen in a while. His Champions comm. He stared it down for what seemed like ages to him, contemplating the consequences of falling back into the superhero game again. He knew he couldn't though. It was who he was. With a swift, single motion, he had turned the communicator on, and placed it back in his ear, where it almost felt more comfortable with there, than it had without it.
 Almost as if on cue, Paragon heard Eclipse come over the airwaves "This is Eclipse, I want a status report. I need to know where everyone is and what they're doing. Sovereign Son's rescue team just left, and I want to call a team meeting. All available Champions report to the conference room in one hour." 
With a chuckle, he slammed the safe closed, moved the painting back into place, and grabbed his coat. He took a quick detour to the lab, calling out to his assistants. "Guys, I have an emergency back home, so I'm out of the lab for the rest of the day. Call me only if you find the missing link, and I'm talking the famous monkey one we've all been searching for since Darwin figured it out." With that, he was gone.
In a flash, he arrived on Champion Island, in full costume, with the landscape just as beautiful as he had left it. The last few blocks, he slowed his pace, and walked into the main tower, winking at the receptionist, before turning into the elevator. He whistled joyfully along to the soothing elevator music as it approached the floor containing the main conference room, trying to figure out why he ever wanted to leave in the first place. With a 'ping' the elevator opened into the main hall, where some members already sat. With a confident stride, he made his way out of the elevator, and approached his old seat with his name still emblazoned on it, whispering to himself "Daddy's home."

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"Stupid b!tch... Stupid government WHORE!"  BOOM!  The trunk of a large tree snaps like a twig as Overkill blasts his fist through it.  The tree falls over, bouncing off of several others before finally hitting the ground.  Birds flew away quickly as they were scared of the outburst from earth's Mightiest Mortal.  The rest of the animals had left the area when Peter toppled the first tree.  He was on his fourth.  "She had to go and question us heroes when what did we do?!  We saved her d#mn life!  Her's, her boss', the guy whose d!ck she's sucking now!  EVERYONE!  And how do they thank us?!  They f#cking arrest our LEADER!"  BOOM!  Another tree falls onto the steadily growing pile.  An onlooker of the events currently happening would probably think that he was a super powered lunatic.  His black armor and the red clothes beneath it, all covered in dirt and shrapnel from the trees, his dark hair soaked with sweat, his eyes glowing a deep red, the destruction he was causing.   
"How are we the ones in the wrong?!  We did nothing wrong!  Well lets give 'em something to yell about!  Let's break some sh!t!"  He grabbed the tree that was on top of the pile and lifted it over his head.  He roared loud as he broght it back down as hard as he could on the rest of the pile.  The trunks of five trees shattered upon impact.  There was still a pile of larger sections of trees.  The Blood-red Brawler lept to the top of the pile and began punching downward, grunting with every punch as he put more and more effort into releasing his rage.  The pile got smaller and smaller as chips of wood were sent in every direction.  With only a few logs left, he looked downward and fired energy blasts from his eyes as he roared again.  What was left of the pile was obliterated and a large crater of scorched earth remained.   
He breathed heavily.  Not because he was tired.  Because he was angry.  He placed his hands on his forehead and fell to his knees, shaking.  Why?  Why are those who selflessly do so much good punished by those they save?  Why is the world so effed up?  He fell backwards and layed in the crater he had just created with his eyes closed.  His breathing slowed as he calmed himself.  It's just one more thing that I can't control.  Just one more thing that I'm gunna have to fight through.  I'm a Champion of Peace now.  Ain't nothin gunna bring me down.   He would have fallen asleep if his communicator hadn't gone off.  He flipped it open and just listened with his eyes closed.  "This is Eclipse, I want a status report. I need to know where everyone is and what they're doing. Sovereign Son's rescue team just left, and I want to call a team meeting. All available Champions report to the conference room in one hour."   He smiled.  Not only did he not have to worry about Mistress Redhead anymore, he had some work to take his mind off of the thought.  He stood up and turned to face the direction of Champion Tower.  He had caused enough destruction anyway, he didn't worry about jumping into the air before taking flight this time.  A small crater appeared where his feet were as he was propelled off the ground and began flying to the tower.  Not ten seconds after he had left, a park ranger stumbled upon the scene and stood with his mouth agape, wondering what could have done this.   
Back at the tower, Overkill quickly made his way to his room.  He closed the door behind him and took off his armor and clothes.  The last thing was his mask which he set down on his desk.  He checked his iPhone, no new messages.  My, aren't I the popular one?  He smirked as he made his way to the shower with his phone in his hand.  He should probably make a few friends on the team.  He turned on the water and set an alarm on his phone.  About ten minutes had passed since Eclipse sent his message so he set it for a half hour from now, just to make sure he didn't take too long.  He then went into his iPod and hit shuffle.  First song was Feel So Numb by Rob Zombie.  He set the phone down on the edge of the sink and climbed in the shower.   
He got himself all clean but, as he knew he would, he got tired and laid down, falling asleep on the floor of the shower.  Several songs passed and after half an hour, Tainted Love by Marilyn Manson was interupted by an aweful noise.  His alarm.  Sh!t.  Ok, time to go.  He stood up and shut the water off.  He exited the shower, shut the alarm off, and dried himself.  He walked back into his room and laid down on the bed with his phone.  He opened his facebook app and started searching people out.  He deactivated his account when he became a hero so he had to look for the people he knew.  Everyone kind of thought he was dead.  It was never confirmed, but everyone assumed he died with his parents.  His best friend, Noah Emmerson, hadn't been on in a while.  Noah had family in another state so he may have gone to visit them.  That was one thing he missed, playing music with him.  He smiled as he closed the app.  Standing again, he put on another red suit that he used under his armor.  Each piece of armor, he cleaned before putting it back on again.  Once he was all set, he made for the door and upon gripping the handle, he remembered that he didn't have his mask.  He walked back to the desk and grabbed it.  As he walked out of the door and down the hall towards the meeting room, he placed his mask on and was once again, Overkill.   
He entered the room and saw several other members already present.  He recognised some from research he did so he would become familiar with his team.  Eclipse sat at the head of the table.  Peter nodded and gave a smile as he made his way to a chair three seats away from the heroine known as Angeni.  "Hey guys nd gals."  He smiled as he leaned back in the chair.  "What-a-we got?" 

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I have grown tired of sitting beside my husband, as of late he no longer speaks to me.  Zeus has taken court with two other Olympians but whom, I do not know.  Apollo, son of Zeus and Leto, you and I know of the deeds our king has done to me time and time again.  Now I have realized that mortals of my bloodline roam this Earth and Zeus knows of it as well, he has stopped me from contact from my grandchild and her family.  I am worried Apollo...I fear that my most hidden worries will affect my lineage.  Apollo, God of Light, help me watch over the one's I must protect.  Show me the family of Zeraz 
The clouds separate as Apollo points down below to the realm of mortals, allowing Hera to view a world changed by the essence of time. 

Hidden Profile #01: Marissa Ojeda Zeraz perished years ago and returned to the land of the living months ago.  Upon her resurrection she was blinded by the white light of her step-grandmother, the Queen of Olympus, Hera.  The goddess Hera knew that her demonic son was a horrible being that had caused the deaths of many, she could not allow the tyranny of her son to affect the Zeraz family any longer.   
Hoboken, New Jersey 
This Evening

So the often jealous wife of Olympus did a deed Zeus would not approve of.  By touching the corpse of the dead half-sister of Clarice Zeraz, the former heroine known as Katanna would return with a gift from the goddess of marriage.  Marissa Zeraz was reborn anew with the power of keen senses and invulnerable skin, never would a bullet harm her body ever again. 
"Good morning citizens of Hoboken, New Jersey!  Mandy Chang reporting from the Family Foundation Estate in---" Smash!  A head is driven into the brand new television screen. A blond woman wearing a trench coat and sunglasses pays no attention to the acts of violence.  Four grown men shove, attack, and violate customers for no reason but to make themselves laugh out loud.  They consider one another better than the average man for their strength defies all.  Bullets a blaze catch her off guard so the blond stranger decides to walk out the front door but she is stopped by a fifth man. 
"Hey lady where ya think your going?"  Grinding her teeth the heiress of Zeraz Industries has had a enough, one day away from her hectic life is apparently not enough time for trouble to find her whereabouts.  A knife to the neck of the nuisance leads to death of all five heads.  No blood to be found, now only ashes lay on the ground.  "They burned away Clara Mass.  What's going on?  Where is our nephew?  Clara!---"  Five heads swirl through the air shattering the glass and soon all is silent and for just a moment all is well but from those ashes form a beast of untold horror.  It is ugly unlike any beast ever seen before and it wishes to bring terror to a blond with no normal life to call her own.  
<Marissa are you being serious? Is everything fine?  I'm patching into Closure now...>
Champion Island
This Evening 
"I'd appreciate it if you'd start calling me Thunderbolt.  As much as I love helping family I have business to attend too.  So, if Marissa is in trouble send in some help from the Family Foundation network" <Closure!--> Pulling out his communication-link the Son of Thunder enters the elevator and whistles a tune.   "Morning son" He jumps back and hits his head against the elevator door.  "No not now! Not anymore!"  Before the Son of Thunder stood his father in the flesh and blood?  "Go!"  Ping!  The elevator door opens and the illusion is no more.   
Joan Zeraz stumbles into the room only to see the corridor filled with some of his teammates.  After the events of Mistress Redhead being arrested a lot has happened in just a short amount of time from stronger bonds to Joan finally evolving into a hero.  As for this little illusion it only made Joan believe something was wrong.  Smiling for those in the room the billionaire vigilante sits where his name is emblazoned on.   
"Guys as much as I love being here can you tell me why were here?"  Sure he was a worried but Closure would not speak of the incident from within the elevator.  Keeping quiet the young hero was ready to listen.  However, a new heroine amongst their ranks caught his undying attention.
This boy is ignorant.  He lets my grandchild do all of his work.  Keep the view clear Apollo for I wish to watch this play continue.  These Champions of Peace amuse me in a way not even my husband could ever do.  The drama, the intensity, and the way each handle their own problems.  As for Joan Zeraz well he still has a lot to learn....
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Depths of the Pacific Ocean (One Month Ago)

Undisturbed silt covered the bottom of the Ocean floor. Black smoke rose from underwater vents scattered throughout the barren underwater landscape. Thriving in the boiling waters produced from the vents, were deep sea tube worms. Extreme pressure from the depths prevented any sea creature with hard body parts from diving this deep. Pitch darkness filled the waters, completely void of light. Debris from a once majestic ship were scattered across the floor. All the wood had decomposed, but the rusted metal remained. A faint light emerged in the darkness. Even though the light source was dim, the Angler fish's light was strong enough to show a humanoid outline standing still in the silt. The fish swam closer, revealing the body of a woman. Long black hair moved back and forth above her head with the current. She was still, like a statue, with her eyes closed. Then, as the fish was within an arms reach, her eyes opened and the Ocean floor went pitch black.

South Hawaiian Beach

Off the coast of Hawaii the waters appeared calm, but appearances can be deceiving. Without warning, a deep wave traveling at the speed of sound approached the island. Hitting shallow waters, the deep wave decelerated rapidly, causing the crest of the wave to steadily increase. Continuing to rise, the tidal wave had become a fifty foot Tsunami and was about to crash into the beach. Tens of houses built near the beach would be destroyed in a moment. Fortunately, the beach was clear of people, as it was a minute before Sunrise. Running out of Ocean, the rogue wave fell down to the moist sandy beach. Something unnatural happened. Instead of causing massive destruction, the wave retreated back into the water, without causing any damage to the beach or the houses. Standing with her feet in the sand, sunlight broke over the horizon, shining on her dripping wet bare back. Erika Mackenzie, also known by her Super Heroine name Mantoid. She had returned from the depths of the Ocean, having been hidden away underwater for two years. Walking inland, she breathed in fresh air. She thought about how good it felt to act like a normal human again. Erika walked into the first house she came to, careful to be quiet and saw what she was looking for. A swimming suit. It was considered improper to not be clothed when among the humans, so she didn't want to go against that. Finding a two piece that fit nicely, she smiled and made a mental note to one day repay the woman she had borrowed the swimsuit from.

Clouded memories drifted through her mind. It had been so long since she had been out of the water she had forgotten what it felt like. An image of Demetrius Arkelis, The Spartan, flashed through her mind. They were hand in hand, walking along a beach that didn't feel any different than the one beneath her feet. Her mind went blank. It had been so long, the Ocean had nearly wiped her memories clean. Mantoid wondered what had become of him, if he was still out there, and if he still remembered her. A part of her told her that she still had a chance of meeting back up with him, while the majority of her told herself that it was over between them. She had disappeared from him without reason. Two years, trapped beneath the waters of the Ocean. A tear rolled down her cheek, which evaporated before it fell from her face. It was time for Mantoid to return to the world, she was ready to start fresh, embrace a new world with a new beginning.

South Hawaiian Beach (Present Day)

"Tanning? On a day like today? Look at the crisp, cool, dazzling water." Two women around Erika's age, early twenties, looked up from their fiction novel and fashion magazine. They both glanced at the water, then looked at her. "And...?" With uninterested looks, they went back to reading. Unsatisfied, Erika put her hands on her hips and closed her eyes. Above them in the sky, a small cloud began to form, darkening in color. Rain drops fell from the sky, covering an area not much more than where the three women were. Alice and Sofia quickly rose to their feet, taking their reading material with them. Sofia said confused, "Rain? The sky was clear only a moment ago." Alice added with disappointment, "My magazine is wet, I'll have to let it dry." Placing the books inside, Erika tapped them on the shoulders. "Surf with me now?" They gave in, and the three of them ripped up the abnormally high waves. Taking a break thirty minutes later, Erika saw that on her phone she had received a message from Eclipse, the leader of the team she had recently joined, by invitation of Mistress Redhead, the Champions of Peace. "This is Eclipse, I want a status report. I need to know where everyone is and what they're doing. Sovereign Son's rescue team just left, and I want to call a team meeting. All available Champions report to the conference room in one hour." Time for action. Turning her phone off, Erika approached her friends, "My vacation is over." They gave her strange looks. "Like, you have to go?" Erika nodded. "Yes, and I have a confession." The surfers looked surprised. "I am not human." Her darkened skin color lost color, until it became transparent. "I am water!" With her entire figure water, she looked back at her friends gaping mouths, smiled, and dove into the water, dissolving within the waves.

Champions of Peace

Inside one of the previously empty rooms, there was a water bed filled with all kinds of sea creatures and beside it, a clothing closet. The room was completely still, aside from the swimming fish inside the water bed. One of the closet doors creaked on it's hinges. Stepping out of the closet was a foot with a fourteen karat gold ankle bracelet. She wore a knee length skirt with a matching top that showed her belly button. Hanging on her ears, as ear rings, were live Cone Snail's, dangerous snails with poisonous toxins capable of killing a human with a single bite. Her hair was tied back, with a highly venomous Sea Snake as the tie. Dark octopus ink was around her eyes in place of make up. Erika left her room, making her way to where the meeting room was. Entering the room, she saw many people that she had never met, but she did recognize one of them, Edward, although she did not know his name. Quietly taking a seat, the other looked at her strangely, probably because of the live animals she was wearing. "Mantoid present."
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At the Champion City Park

An argument between a mother and daughter can be heard in the middle of the park. The two heroes, Stephanie Ardor and her daughter, Uchiha Hotaru stood face to face, locked in an argumental fight.

"But mom, I JUST found you and you want me to just... LEAVE?" Hotaru stood in front of her mother, angry and hurt.

Stephanie struggled to stand her ground in this argument, "It isn't safe Taru, if something happened to you... I would never forgive myself. This world... its too dangerous to be fighting in it, I don't want you caught up in this, I want you to live-"

"A normal life, I know mom" The 16 year old stood still, her eyes glaring at the ground, her hands balled up in fists. "But I'm NOT normal, I'm the daughter of Uchiha NeVann, the Unkillable Shinobi and Stephanie Ardor, The Fire Goddess, how can I live a 'normal' life when I'm born into a family that IS'NT normal? Plus with the BOTH of us on the SAME team, we'll be able to keep an eye on each other! We can be there for each other when we need it! And I'll be able to REALLY help out the team when they go to bust out Sarah from jail!" She looked back at her mother, her eyes pleading to give this a chance and as much as Stephanie wanted to, as much as she wanted to fight along side with her own daughter... she just couldn't stand by it.

"No." she spoke, shaking her head at the idea. "I won't stand by and watch my daughter throw herself in chaos and endanger her life. I've... I've already lost so many friends..." her mind went back to Angelic Reaper, Andy, Renegade Lantern and more recently... Ziccarra. "I won't loose a daughter too."

The Princess of Pyro took a few steps to the right as she came face to face with a tree and slammed her right fist into it. A perfect circular hole could be seen right where impact was made, as a reddish glow began to cover the young shinobi. "Fine..." she grit her teeth as she spoke. "I'll leave Champions of Peace..." she turned back to her mother. "But I'm not going to stop helping people mother. If someone is in need, I WILL be there to help. I can't just abandoned everything I learned from you, father and the rest of We Are Legend." Silent tears fell from her face as Stephanie reached out to hug her, only to pull away from her mom.

"Hotaru-" Stephanie started, but was interrupted by her communicator.

'This is Eclipse, I want a status report. I need to know where everyone is and what they're doing. Sovereign Son's rescue team just left, and I want to call a team meeting. All available Champions report to the conference room in one hour.'

Sighing looked up at her daughter, who's arms were crossed tightly across her chest. "We'll talk more about this when I get back." Stephanie's body began to glow a goldish color.

"No we wont, I'll be gone by the time your meeting is over." Hotaru spoke bitterly. "I'll tell Sozuko and dad you said 'hi'." She preformed a few hand signs and in a puff of smoke, she vanished.

"Ugh... teenagers...." Stephanie sighed as she burst into her golden yellow flames and took off into the sky and straight towards Champion's Tower.


Champion's Tower

Stepping into the meeting room Stephanie stayed silent, she was still rather new to the team, and was still trying to remember every one's name who's she didn't know yet. It was actually kinda weird walking into the room and not being the one who was going to be giving the meeting. She could still feel the stairs of some heroes, still wondering if she really was rehabilitated or if Mistress Redhead just allowed her to join the team just because of their past. Of course Stephanie knew better, but that didn't mean everyone else did.
Her emerald eyes fell upon Eclipse, so young, and yet leading an entire team on his own right now. Nova began to wonder if he was going to be alright taking the weigh of an entire hero team on his shoulders by himself. She wasn't questioning his authority, she was simply... worried about him.

Taking a seat at the table she sat back in it, letting out a sigh as she set her attention back to the rest of room. Waiting for the meeting to start up.
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Before the hour was up, the entire team had arrived, or at least those that were left. Since the formation of the Champions of Peace, the team had undergone constant changes. Losing members, gaining members, at one point the squad system was being rearranged so much there was barely any distinction between the groups. The Guardians squad had been abolished following the invasion, after most of the members left. Even Paragon... So when the Doctor himself walked into the meeting room, taking the seat that had always been reserved for him, Eclipse couldn't help but smile. He grinned at Paragon and nodded his head, mouthing 'glad you made it' as the other Champions poured into the room. Some had only recently been inducted into the team, others had been there since the very beginning. And now Jason was facing the prospect of leading this assembly of great heroes. He was sixteen years old, a child. Yet he was somehow supposed to command the respect of everyone else in the room. For a moment, he considered standing up and leaving, his mind flashing back to when he led the Vine Titans. The pressure was too much and he abandoned with team without so much as a goodbye. But then he remembered something Nighthunter had once told him... 
“Destroy the past, create the future. You aren’t this generation’s new Renegade Lantern, Kurrent or Andferne. You aren’t merely my apprentice. You are Eclipse, leader and light beacon of a new generation of heroes and that is just who you should be. No one else but yourself.” 
Now that the Champions were gathered, Eclipse summoned his nano-suit, which quickly spread up over his entire body and assumed its usual form. He had taken to using this look once he was made a leader of the team, because his old colours were not suitable. Red and black were too dark, more suitable for a solo hero, an avenger of the street seeking to inspire fear in the hearts of criminals. As a leader, he needed to shine bright, as a beacon, a banner for all other heroes to fall under. The blue represented hope and his desire to spread hope among his comrades and the whole world. The yellow respresented the shining light of heroism he had now become. The black... Just looked freaking cool. Levitating out of his chair, Jason floated so that his feet brushed the floor, as if he were standing. He looked around at his team, though there were many empty seats, and smiled, spreading his arms out wide. "Firstly, I'd like to officially welcome our newest recruits. Edward Windsor, Mantoid, Angeni and Scion of Light. Also, Ethan Starks and Taiqod, but they appear to be absent. I'd also like to welcome back our old ally, Paragon." He paused for a moment.
"I am so proud of you all. Each and every one of you." He began, making up his sentences as he went along. The last time he decided to make an inspirational speech it was a spur of the moment thing, he didn't like planning them in advance. "Two years ago, I was a nobody in the world of heroes. The sworn protector of Vine City, sure, but no-one really knew my name aside from the people I saved. It wasn't until I met the Vine Titans that I finally found what I had been searching for, something I lost when I was ten years old... I found a family. I was happy, for the first time in a long, long time. But fate is cruel, and through various circumstances, that family, too, was torn away from me. My friends, my brothers and sister, all faded away, until only Blair and I remained. Then, I found myself leading a team of strangers, a family made up of people I didn't know or trust. I couldn't handle it. I left. Through the machinations of a madman, I was then turned against them and used as a weapon. I couldn't go back after that, I never thought I'd be accepted again. That's why I joined the Ice Dragons, looking for a new family. There I found a father, a mentor, but no brothers or sisters. I still felt alone. Then I joined the Champions of Peace." 
"Some of you I knew personally, some I had heard of, several of you weren't even there at the time. I was reluctant to ally myself with former Titans once again, but they were my friends and I wanted it to work out. I was never really a good friend to many of you, I always kept to my small group of friends, the rest of you were just my co-workers. Then, something happened, something I never expected in a million years. I was elected leader, in Kurrent's absense. It wasn't something I wanted, but Jake talked me into it. I thought I'd make a terrible leader... And I'd like to think I was wrong." He smiled. "Through time I've gotten to know the rest of you. With my recent impairment I've been able to dedicate more time to forging stronger relationships with you, my team... My family. You are my brothers and my sisters now. I may lead this team, but that does not make me superior to any of you, nor the other way around. Look at this table, this round table. Do you know what that means? It means we are all equals and if you have a voice, it will be heard. There is no hierachy, I am not your boss, you are not cogs in some machine. We are heroes. Everyone around this table is a hero, a beacon of hope, a light in the darkness. And when we come together as a team, we can shine a light powerful enough to wipe the darkness of the face of the Earth!" 
"Destroy the past, create the future. The world still needs heroes, but it does not need cheap imitations of the old ones. We are the next generation of heroes. You aren't the new Renegade Lantern or Kurrent or Andferne. You are heroes. You are Paragon," he was now levitating around the table, stopping at Paragon and resting a hand on his shoulder. "Champion of the Green Lantern Corps, saviour of the cosmos, and a great father." He moved on, continuing in this fashion, speaking the name of each person he stopped at. "You are Cly," Jason paused to look at the 'blood' caking his friend, then continued "Legendary Dragon Rider and trusted friend. You are Esmerelda, Mighty Dragon with a shining heart. You are Windsor, Prince of Power and team player. You are Closure, Son of Thunder and--" Eclipse hesitated, before adding "--a pretty cool dude. You are the Wanderer, Man of Twilight, who speaks through his actions. You are Overkill, Crimson Crusader and mightiest mortal on the planet. You are Feral Nova, Fire Goddess of Total Awesomeness with great passion in your soul." Eclipse quickly moved on from Stephanie, it was hard to forget their recent encounter in the King of the Vine tournament. "You are Mantoid, Queen of the Ocean and living embodiment of water. You are Angeni, Daughter of Athena and Princess of Athens. You are Scion, the Weaver of Light and a worthy ally. You are War Killer," Eclipse finally approached his old friend "Star-Spangled Hero and my truest friend. And now..." He raised his voice so the entire group could hear, as he said "You are co-leader of this team." He moved past Charles, back to his seat, addressing everyone once again. "You are not cheap imitations of those who came before, you are not filling the shoes or anyone, or keeping their seats warm. You are Champions of Peace and you do not back down no matter the cost. You fight not for the glory or the recognition, but because it is right. We are Champions and we stand united!" With that final statement Eclipse unsheathed his sword, holding it aloft triumphantly as he stared skyward. For a moment he heard the voices of his family, then suddenly... Silence. 
Looking down, Jason was completely taken aback as his surrounding had suddenly changed completely. Gone were the sleek, smooth walls of the high-tech Champions Tower, in their place stood crumbling walls and piles of rubble. The sky was blood red, with clouds of darkness swirling about like rippling water. There were no buildings to be seen, everything as far as the eye could see had been demolished, but it was clearly Champion City. Then, with a gasp, Eclipse noticed what was at his feet as his concentration snapped and he was sent plummeting back to the Earth with a thud. He scrambled away from the sight in front of him, but could not escape it. All the heroes, all the Champions he had just been speaking to mere moments ago... His family, his friends... They were all dead. Leaning in on the cracked table with blood gushing from their wounds and the life gone from their eyes, it was a terrible thing to behold, and yet try as he might Jason Dodd could not look away. "Who did this?!" Eclipse demanded of the universe, tears streaming down his face as he stared in agony at yet another dead family. With a crack of thunder, a small, shadowy figure appeared on the opposite side of the table, making it's way closer until Jason could see him clearly. 
"You did, Lucifer." Hesperus replied softly. "But don't worry." Damian withdrew his twin blades. "I'm here to stop you."

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Zeraz Tower - Hoboken, New Jersey 
"I Fly Above all the Hate" 
Starring Clara Mass and Katanna 
This Evening 
"Your bastard of a nephew will get a serious foot up his-- (our nephew) Don't interrupt me when I'm talking little sister, the kid needs a lesson on responsibility.  I'm so tired of us having to clean up his messes, thank God for the network but what the hell is our sometimes emo hero doing anyway? (Marissa, he's a Champion of Peace) And how long does he plan on riding that wave?  (What do you mean?)  You know how Joan gets the minute he feels unused, unappreciated, or down right humiliated he'll run for the hills the kid overreacts from judgement.  What are--" Slap! 
Marissa started to laugh, after all her sister had enough bravery to end the respect between themselves.  "I'm not going to deal with this hate you child! (Don't you call me a child when you're acting like one!)  Honey were fighting over our nephew, our nephew!  What has the punk ever done that was lets say productive?  (He's given us both a new lease on life, the kid deserves at least an ounce of respect) Oh please I could have done better on my own, I'm passed dealing with scum.  All I've really wanted was to stay away from this tower and yet I'm living in it!  (You can go anytime you please Marissa, no ones forcing you to stay)  Maybe I'll do just that, starting a new life away from this melodramatic soap opera you call a life seems fitting for a new chapter.  (Than go I believe the strip joint by your old high school is still holding a seat for you.  The return of Legs and Diamonds!  I'm sure your son will be so proud of his mama) 
"Whatever I'm leaving so please don't chase after me. (Who said I was?)  You'll need me one day you little insect.  (You know your just like her)  Like who?  (Like mom you jerk-off!  Always criticizing never considering her own faults but the traits of others)  Oh please, what you need is a drink sweetheart and when you get at least a lil' bit tipsy think about dying your hair a different color cause that chick Mistress Redhead, she rocks it so much better" 
Adjusting her glasses and taking a seat, she takes a moment to breathe before she continues her work.  Activating her comm-link the redheaded Clarice Zeraz scratches her head in confusion.  <Closure?  Have you been keeping a watchful eye?  The energy reading I'm viewing his not normal.  Closure, can you hear me?>  At first Clarice thought maybe it was nothing but her instinct told her otherwise for this was surely something.  The heart rate of Joan Zeraz was increasing, fear had struck his heart but why?  As her fingers exceedingly clicked the keyboard she notices a random window from the corner of her eye, a historical page on the Gods of Olympus, but why was this here and what did it mean?
Hera!  How you dare create an act such as this!  Is that a hint for you granddaughter that I do see? (Oh Apollo, is it wrong that a grandmother worry for her children?)  But it is only Clarice that carries your blood not this Joan.  (Yet, I feel for this nomad soul for all he wishes is respect, dignity, and tranquility.  Unlike the many warriors of Olympus this mortal has willpower and great hope for the future, he has a potential like no other, he is a warrior that is wants reason to fight for)  My Queen the boy has that for he belongs to many families such as the Future Conquerors, this Family Foundation network, and best of all the Champions of Peace!  (Yes, he does have three families but he believes himself not yet worthy.  I see that my granddaughter can guide him but you see it unfit.  Look below Apollo and what is it that you see)  I look upon fear the of man and his many terrors my Queen yet I do not know why..... 

Champion's Tower - The island of Champions 
"Can You See What I See?" 
Starring Closure and the Champions of Peace 
This Evening 
He was giving yet another spectacular speech one like no other, the teen wonder known as Eclipse, and although Closure did not wish to listen to the self-glorification of his younger leader he listened attentively out of respect for the well-deserving hero.  "Destroy the past, create the future. The world still needs heroes, but it does not need cheap imitations of the old ones. We are the next generation of heroes. You aren't the new Renegade Lantern or Kurrent or Andferne. You are heroes. You are Paragon," he was now levitating around the table, stopping at Paragon and resting a hand on his shoulder. "Champion of the Green Lantern Corps, saviour of the cosmos, and a great father." He moved on, continuing in this fashion, speaking the name of each person he stopped at. "You are Cly," Jason paused to look at the 'blood' caking his friend, then continued "Legendary Dragon Rider and trusted friend. You are Esmerelda, Mighty Dragon with a shining heart. You are Windsor, Prince of Power and team player. You are Closure, Son of Thunder and--" Eclipse hesitated, before adding "--a pretty cool dude. You are the Wanderer, Man of Twilight, who speaks through his actions. You are Overkill, Crimson Crusader and mightiest mortal on the planet. You are Feral Nova, Fire Goddess of Total Awesomeness with great passion in your soul." Eclipse quickly moved on from Stephanie, it was hard to forget their recent encounter in the King of the Vine tournament. "You are Mantoid, Queen of the Ocean and living embodiment of water. You are Angeni, Daughter of Athena and Princess of Athens. You are Scion, the Weaver of Light and a worthy ally. You are War Killer," Eclipse finally approached his old friend "Star-Spangled Hero and my truest friend. And now..."He raised his voice so the entire group could hear, as he said "You are co-leader of this team." He moved past Charles, back to his seat, addressing everyone once again. "You are not cheap imitations of those who came before, you are not filling the shoes or anyone, or keeping their seats warm. You are Champions of Peace and you do not back down no matter the cost. You fight not for the glory or the recognition, but because it is right. We are Champions and we stand united!" With that final statement Eclipse unsheathed his sword, holding it aloft triumphantly as he stared skyward. For a moment he heard the voices of his family, then suddenly... Silence.      
At first Closure did not know why his fearless leader quivered in fear, why was this room of many personalities silent?  Was it his smell, his posture, was his reaction to Eclipse's speech that noticeable?  Buzz! The comm-link reactivates itself <Closure, are you okay?  I need you to tell me what you see?>  He could not utter a single word for what the Son of Thunder saw was improbable, impossible, and most of all unbelievable.   
"Your pathetic you know that right?" Thunderbolt said as he brushed his hand through the hair of his son.  <Closure what's going on!>  "Don't worry about her son, just tell her you upset because Jason had nothing nice to say about you.  Tell her you don't feel respected, that you feel like a liability, that you feel like nothing more than a piece of dirt"  Jonathan the Thunderbolt took out an adamantium dagger an exact replica to the one his son often uses for combat.  "You have potential son for horror.  I can't let you become your mother so I'm going to do what Chaos Agent and none of your friends will ever do.  Imma put you to bed"  He said as he lightly kisses his only son on the forehead.  <Closure is that my --->  Connection disrupted

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One Year Ago:

"Who....are you?" an older woman wearing the attire of a nun muttered with fear in her voice as the man who's face was shrouded in shadow stood over the unconscious body of her would-be attacker. He was garbed in white and blue robes, wielding a white and blue sword that gave off a faint light after-trail as he placed it onto his back. He crouched and lifted up the body of the man that tried to mug her, walking over to a nearby open dumpster before tossing the body inside and closing the lid with a slam. The frightened old woman reached into her pocket and began to clutch her rosary beads, saying a quick Hail Mary as the man dressed in white approached her.

"Hello Sister Emily." Aaron said with a smile as his face emerged from the shadows, "It's been a while hasn't it?" he walked over to the woman that helped raise him and bent down to give her a hug.

"How dare you!" Sister Emily exclaimed angrily, pushing him away and swatting at his head, "I'm getting too old for you to be scaring like that! Why didn't you say it was you when I asked?!"

"I wanted to surprise you!" Aaron rubbed the side of his head where he was hit as he backed away, "And seeing the look on your face when you realized it was me....priceless!" He looked at her face and his smile slowly faded away, seeing the tears falling down Sister Emily's face.

"We all thought you were dead!" Aaron could hear the anger and sadness in her voice as she began to yell, "People heard gunshots coming from your apartment, but when the cops arrived all they found was blood! No body at all! They found two armed men dead in an alley nearby and confirmed that they were the men that entered your building, but when they tried to find you there was no trace!" She walked over and hugged Aaron as tightly as she could, "Where in God's name did you go, and why do you have that clothing and a sword!"

"It's...a long story Sister Emily," Aaron said a she hugged her back, "but God has given me a gift and a path to follow." She looked up at him with a look of confusion, and for the first time in a while he realized how old she was truly getting. She had turned from the strong, strict, and pretty middle-aged woman who helped raise him into an old woman in her sixties who had become weathered with grief and disappointment, having to watch as the orphanage burned to the ground and New York City descend into despair. For the next few minutes he simply held her as she finished crying and explained his situation, telling her about the spirit and demonstrating his new powers.

"If all of this is true," Sister Emily said softly as she backed away from him and wiped her eyes, "Then you have indeed been given a gift from God, and you have a responsibility to use it wisely."

"Which is why I'm leaving New York tonight and going around the country." Aaron said a she spread his arms and smiled, "With these powers I bet I could change the entire world for the better! I have to do it for everyone here and eventually for everyone everywhere!"

"Well if you're going to go on some crazy adventure at least have the courtesy to send me a message once in a while." Sister Emily walked over and hugged him again, this time out of happiness, "And come back soon."

"I will come back one day, and when I do at least some part of the world will be a better place!"

Present Time:

"You fight not for the glory or the recognition, but because it is right. We are Champions and we stand united!" Eclipse said at the end of his speech, and to his credit Aaron felt inspired by his strength to carry on after all of his hardships. Then Eclipse unsheathed his sword and raised it to the air, looking towards the heavens. Aaron was starting to applaud his leader's performance when the room seemed to get noticeably darker. At first Aaron dismissed it and continued clapping, but soon the sound of his clapping was gone, and now he couldn't hear anything.

He quickly moved to his feet, and the room continued to get darker and darker. "What's going on?!" Aaron exclaimed, but he couldn't hear his own words, and now his team mates were disappearing, claimed by the darkness that was taking his vision away. He tried to say something to them, but he still couldn't hear his own voice, and after a few more seconds his vision was completely gone. He felt his body falling towards the ground, and then nothing....

"What...happened?" Aaron mumbled as he slowly stood up from what felt like a road. He could see and hear now, so that was something good, but when his vision cleared and he looked up he couldn't believe his eyes; he was in the middle of Time Square. "How in God's name did I end up in New York City?" Aaron began stumbling forward, trying to regain his footing, and looked up at the sky. It was pitch black, like a night sky without the moon or any stars, and when he looked back down and around the city was also quite dark. He pulled his sword from his back and it began to glow, giving him enough light to safely move forward.

After a few minutes he realized that no one was around, and that there were absolutely no lights on. "Hello?!" he yelled at the top of his lungs, hearing his calls echo throughout the concrete jungle, "Is anyone there?!" He continued doing this for almost an hour, running through the streets as he called out for someone, and he received no responses. He collapsed to the ground in defeat and began panting, all the while wondering what was going on and not knowing that his nightmare had just begun. "Oh God please help me..."
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Champions Tower, meeting room...

"Destroy the past, create the future. The world still needs heroes, but it does not need cheap imitations of the old ones. We are the next generation of heroes. You aren't the new Renegade Lantern or Kurrent or Andferne. You are heroes. You are Paragon," Sitting back in his seat, Charles sat quietly as he listened to Eclipse’s speech, which reminded him of Blair bragging about Jason’s other speech he had made during the Skrull invasion, which Charles wasn’t able to hear since was still fighting off Skrull trap he had lead his team into while in Alaska. Watching as Eclipse levitated around the table, he began to look around at the heroes that he was now surrounded by as Eclipse named them off one by one as he made his way around the table.

Even though he had been in thus universe for over a year now, Charles still knew very few of the superhero community, only knowing his former Titans like Eclipse and Cly. He knew of Closure and Paragon whom had joined the Champions when the team was being formed, and of course Feral Nova, whom he had not met in person but he was teammates with her daughter on Vine Titans. Looking over at Nova, he could see the likeness of Hotaru, which only made him smile since Blair use to talk highly of her even despite her  whole incident with being sent to hell, which in truth who was he to judge, everyone deserves a second chance. Overkill had the misfortune of joining the team right when the Skrull’s attacked, but even so, Charles had been told that the guy had skill and he hoped to see that same kill out on the battle field. As for the rest of the team, he did not know, but he hoped he could get to know them.
As Eclipse continued, Charles’ mind fell back on what Eclipse was saying about family, remembering back to when he joined Vine Titans, how they were in truth the first family he had when he arrived in this universe, he had lost everything but manage to somehow find a new place to call home, and more importantly, new friends for whom he could call his new family. In truth he could only hope that he could grow close to his new teammates as he did with the Titans.

“…You are War Killer," Eclipse’s voice suddenly brought Charles back to reality as he felt Eclipse’s hand on his shoulder. "Star-Spangled Hero and my truest friend. And now..." Charles looked up at his best friend as he raised his voice, making even him wonder what Eclipse was about to say, "You are co-leader of this team." As he heard this, the young hero couldn’t help but smile, sure he was leader of the main team before, but that was like for five minutes and he had walked his team into a trap that Eclipse had to come bail him out off, in truth he wondered what Jason was thinking, why him? His eyes darted over towards Nova and then Cly, knowing that those two have both lead WAL and were in completely more qualified to lead the team alongside Eclipse than he was. But as he began to question Jason’s motives, he stopped and simply smiled. Sure, he didn’t fully understand why he was picked, maybe it was because he was good friends with Eclipse, he didn’t know, but his best friend DID pick him, and he knew Eclipse wasn’t a fool, and if he believed Charles could do it, then why should he doubt his judgment?

Now looking over at Eclipse who took his seat once again, Charles grinned and gave a light nod to his friend and ally, assuring Jason that he could count on him. Eclipse began to speak once more, continuing his epic speech that Charles couldn’t figure out where he came up with this stuff, "You are not cheap imitations of those who came before, you are not filling the shoes or anyone, or keeping their seats warm. You are Champions of Peace and you do not back down no matter the cost. You fight not for the glory or the recognition, but because it is right. We are Champions and we stand united!" And just as he finished this, the room was suddenly filled with darkness, as a cold chill crept into the meeting room. Opening his eyes, they quickly widened as looked upon a sight which caused his whole body to jerk back in his seat, as he now found himself surrounded by the skeletal remains of his fellow Champions.

“No…” the Star-Spangled Hero muttered in utter terror as he jumped from his seat, his eyes looking over at his best friend, seeing Eclipse’s skeleton slumped over in his chair, his nano-suit torn and tattered, as was the same for everyone else in the room. Quickly running out of the room, he made his way into the hallway, not finding a soul in sight. His body shaking with his fear, he ran down the halls, looking for anyone, but still finding no one. “....Charles….” a voice echoed through the halls suddenly. “Who’s there?” He called out, his breath heavy from the running as his head moved swiftly back and forth, trying to find out where the voice was coming from. “....Charles….” The voice called out again, sending a chill down the hero’s spine. Moving quickly down the hall, he followed the voice to the lobby of the tower, recognizing the voice of a female, leading himself out in front of the tower, only to stop dead in his tracks as his eyes now looked upon his very own parents.

“Mom…dad?” He whispered in shock as he could not believe his own eyes. But as he looked upon them, as they smiled towards him, the same chill returned as he could see the soullessness in their eyes as their bodies literally began to crack and turn to ash, following away with in the cold breeze.  “No….no…n-not you!” Charles yelled out in completely and totally panic as he looked up, seeing the thing her feared the most, the black entity known as the Void as it overtook the skies, casting a shadow of darkness over him. A sickening laugh echoed all around as Charles’ eyes moved from left to right, seeing as fire began to consume the city in flames. “Heeheehee….foolish boy, you truly think you can truly have all of this?” the Void’s voice screeched out. Looking down at his arm, Charles’ eyes were filled with pure terror as his shield, his father’s shield and the only thing he had left of his parents began to literally dissolve away, “No…no….no…” He began to mutter over and over again as he shook his head in disbelief.

“Hahaha! Family, friends, love and hope….you really think you could have those things? You truly believe you can be happy?” Charles looked forward, seeing as Talon now stood before him, as she placed her cold hand upon his cheek. Placing his hand on hers, tears beginning to roll down her cheeks, Charles stood frozen as her flesh began to crack and dissolve, breaking into pieces of ashes as a freezing gust of wind rolled between them, causing her skin to flutter away with the wind as her body was now a skeleton, “No….” He gasped as tears began to fill within his eyes, running down his face as the wind over took him, causing Talon’s remains to shatter into dust as the particles swirled around him.

Falling to his knees, his eyes falling upon the ground, seeing only Talon’s metal claws which laid in front of him, he could her the creepy laughter above him, as fire began to move around him, rising higher and higher into the air. Charles’ head then jerked up as he looked at the Void, “YOU WILL NEVER HAVE HAPPINESS!!!!” And as those words roared around the destroyed her; the Void’s darkness over took him, consuming him with an ocean of black; his hand reaching out for help, only to sink deeper into the sea of darkness, sinking deeper and deeper until….he was lost to the Void.
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Champions Tower, Meeting Room

Edward sat in his chair surrounded in and enjoying the sence of awe the team manifested when alltogether at the table. While he had been on teams before never had he been amongest so many fellow heroes at once, Champions  where truely a formidable team of warrior souls. Dedicated to the higher casue of ideals and principles, together not for personal gain but for the worlds. The companionship between the older members was clearly noticeable, they where less teammates and more siblings, kindred spirirts and brother/sisters in arms. Eddy as one of the new guys at first felt it would be difficult to break into the circle of trust. Clearly this was so important to the teams cohesion, however his hopes where raised by the welcome he recieved from all the members and being amongest a wave of new faces which where in the same boat as himself.
Listening to Eclipse's powerful speech Edwards fear of his power problems began to fade, he was inspired by his kind words  the personal description he recieved still ringing in his ears" You are Windsor, Prince of Power and team player."                
Prince of power Eddy thought to himself,  knowing his powers where on the fritz and not knowing the potential horrors they maybe facing he promised himself something. No matter what in terms of his abilties he will do his damnest to make sure thas if anybody gets hurt it will be himself over his teammates. Edward looked around the table once more , seeing his fellow new members looking at Eclipse  and listening intently to his every word with the glimmer of things to come in their eyes. Just as suddenly as he noticed this glimmer  the sparkle faded from a magnifficent light to a cold black. Looking around the table once more Edward could now see only cold empty eyes staring back at him in all directions.

An Unwelcome Visitor

Standing up form his seat in a mix of shock and horror Eddy looked around the room. Nothing had moved it was as if the life force of everything in the room bar himself had been sucked out in the blink of an eye. The table begain to crumble and clapse as each of his teamsmates bodies shattered and fell in clouds of ash , leaving  him alone in the shell of the meeting room surrounded by empty black dusty space. From the darkness came a voice not from one of his teammates , not from in his head but something that clearly couldnt be. " Brother , its been oh what a month? or so since you murdered me. Today iam here to show you a few things."A gasp Edward demanded the voice show himself from the shadows  fearing his current situation was just another malfunctioning  power manifestation.  No sooner had the demand left his lips did Arthur or what appeared to be Arthur step face to face with him " Brother you should of known it wouldn't of been that easy. Your medling with powers you cant possible apprehend, and now these powers  are gonna be used to install youself into a house of terror and fears for the rest  of your mortal days , which i assure you wont be long."
In a combination of fear and blind rage Edward smashed his head square into the nose of Arthurs face, but instead of finding the satisfying crunch he was anticipating he was greated with simple nothingness. "What are you?, who are you?, what have you done ?" the fear and shear terror of the situation started to reach critical mass in Eddys mind," Answer me!, so help me god if these horrors around me are real i will find a way and you will suffer i promise you that.". Arthurs unmistakable laugh filled the air coming from every direction like a ghostly echo of his past horrors, " you think you know horror, fear or mortal terror. You have seen but a taste of what is is store for you, come the end of  our meeting you will beg for me to end your life . But first iam gonna make you watch as i show you every one of your hopes and dreams die, trust me iam saving the best to last. Now on with the show..."
As the words reach his ears the room and the surroudings begin to warp and change from his new surrounding at COP HQ to familiar scenes from the past. Appearing around him his family, his various brothers and sisters and even his mother. " Lets see what happens if we take away the love of our beloved family, brother." Edwards chilling bodyless voice spitefully whispered  as the figures begain to move. Turning and facing in a military like fashion 99 siblings strong stood in rows behind which sat his mother " Ah Edward , your services are no longer required your heart is soft the empire needs a guardian of steel. You're a dissapointment to me and you will no longer carry my name or be considered a member of my family. Windsor's attack ."
With that Edward's  beloved brothers and sisters charged.
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Angeni watched as the members of the Champion's arrived finally and took their seat's around the large table, waiting for the young leader known as Eclipse to speak. Angeni was really confused at the fact that a teenage mortal was running this team all by himself without any aid. Even though it confused her she couldn't complain since she became a princess of Athens at the age of ten, and actually she could relate to Eclipse. While waiting for the young hero, Angeni thought back when she was just a child. She had remembered that she was born on Mount Ida similar to her grandfather, Zeus who she hated so much. She remembered that she was actually hidden from Zeus, and the god's of Olympus. This was because Zeus, made a big rule about the god's having children. Athena and Hephaestus did not actually follow this rule, and they went on and had a beautiful baby who they named, Helena Troy. When Helena was born, Athena gave her daughter a wonderful gift that no god or goddess could ever have. She gave her daughter the gift of wisdom, courage, patriotism, and leadership. Hephaestus gave his daughter, weapon's, shield's, armors and other object's he could make with his bare hands. Angeni sighed all this time she actually did not have a wonderful life, she was really being hidden from her own family.
The room became silent once the young hero began to speak finally. "Firstly, I'd like to officially welcome our newest recruits. Edward Windsor, Mantoid, Angeni and Scion of Light. Also, Ethan Starks and Taiqod, but they appear to be absent. I'd also like to welcome back our old ally, Paragon."Angeni gave a small wave at everybody then continued to listen to the young hero. "Two years ago, I was a nobody in the world of heroes. The sworn protector of Vine City, sure, but no-one really knew my name aside from the people I saved. It wasn't until I met the Vine Titans that I finally found what I had been searching for, something I lost when I was ten years old... I found a family. I was happy, for the first time in a long, long time. But fate is cruel, and through various circumstances, that family, too, was torn away from me. My friends, my brothers and sister, all faded away, until only Blair and I remained. Then, I found myself leading a team of strangers, a family made up of people I didn't know or trust. I couldn't handle it. I left. Through the machinations of a madman, I was then turned against them and used as a weapon. I couldn't go back after that, I never thought I'd be accepted again. That's why I joined the Ice Dragons, looking for a new family. There I found a father, a mentor, but no brothers or sisters. I still felt alone. Then I joined the Champions of Peace."Angeni couldn't believe that this young mortal had such a history not more then her and what she went through but he faced a lot. Angeni now knew why Eclipse was a leader.
"Some of you I knew personally, some I had heard of, several of you weren't even there at the time. I was reluctant to ally myself with former Titans once again, but they were my friends and I wanted it to work out. I was never really a good friend to many of you, I always kept to my small group of friends, the rest of you were just my co-workers. Then, something happened, something I never expected in a million years. I was elected leader, in Kurrent's absense. It wasn't something I wanted, but Jake talked me into it. I thought I'd make a terrible leader... And I'd like to think I was wrong."The young hero smiled."Through time I've gotten to know the rest of you. With my recent impairment I've been able to dedicate more time to forging stronger relationships with you, my team... My family. You are my brothers and my sisters now. I may lead this team, but that does not make me superior to any of you, nor the other way around. Look at this table, this round table. Do you know what that means? It means we are all equals and if you have a voice, it will be heard. There is no hierachy, I am not your boss, you are not cogs in some machine. We are heroes. Everyone around this table is a hero, a beacon of hope, a light in the darkness. And when we come together as a team, we can shine a light powerful enough to wipe the darkness of the face of the Earth!"Angeni was starting to love this speech it was one of the best speeches she had ever listened to. The speech was so wonderful and beautiful that it could even top the god's of Olympus speeches. Angeni continued to listen to the young leader speech onto he finally came to her and spoke."You are Angeni, Daughter of Athena and Princess of Athens." Angeni could only let out a smile and nod. As Eclipse went around the table telling his speech it finally ended with him saying. "You are not cheap imitations of those who came before, you are not filling the shoes or anyone, or keeping their seats warm. You are Champions of Peace and you do not back down no matter the cost. You fight not for the glory or the recognition, but because it is right. We are Champions and we stand united!"Angeni wanted to just get up from her seat and start clapping but everything seemed to change completely.
Angeni looked around and noticed that she was no longer in the Champion's tower, instead she was outside of her city, Athens. Helena wondered how she got here when she was at the meeting. Angeni stood in front of the entrance gates to Athens, since she was already here she decided to enter inside and greet her warriors and people. As she entered the city she couldn't believe what she saw and what had happened to her beautiful city......her home. A tear ran down the goddess eye's at the sight of her warriors and people corps scattered all over the floor. The beautiful Parthenon's were all destroyed like something rampaged into her city and smashed them. Angeni then spotted a man with a long white beard holding the blade of Olympus about to stab her mother, Athena. Angeni tried to run toward the scene but everything seemed to go in slow motion. The princess then finally recognized the man. It was her grandfather, Zeus. Angeni shouted with anger. " MOTHER!!!!!!". Zeus grinned and picked up the Blade of Olympus to execute his own daughter, Athena who laid on the floor wounded. " I will release you from your life, my daughter, but your torment is just beginning." Angeni tried to run faster but she was still running in slow. Zeus then suddenly without any warning jams the blade of Olympus into his daughter, Athena. "It did not have to be this way, my daughter. This path is of your choosing. You should have listened and not have a worthless child!!!". Angeni then suddenly broke free and ran at Zeus ready to kill him with her bare hands but he suddenly vanished leaving Angeni with the body of her mother. The goddess fell on her knees and held her mother in her arm's covered in blood. " M-mother...... I should have stayed here and protected you all......I have failed you and Athens".  The goddess began to cry with rage and sorrow in her heart.

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Peter sat and waited as everyone else arrived.  If one thing was certain, it was that this team had talent.  Angeni, an Olympian Goddes.  Feral Nova, former leader of We Are Legend.  War Killer, a man who tangles with people more powerful than Peter was using mostly skill alone.  And that was just three of them.  There were eight more who were equally as amazing.  It would have been an honor to just walk into the wrong room and see them all at one table.  It was truely a sight to behold.  And what has Overkill done so far?  Attempted to stop the tower from being destroyed which it was heavily damaged despite his efforts, and fought off a bunch of aliens while almost dying in the process.  Other than that, he hadn't done much.   
He always put himself down like this.  Sure he claimed to be 'Earth's Mightiest Mortal!' but honestly, he was the only person to say it.  He was strong, yeah.  But, did anyone else believe him?  Who knows.  If you asked him, he'd say no with as much conviction as possible.  He feels his pocket vibrate.  I brought my phone with me to a team meeting?  Whoops.  Well, it hasn't started yet.  Shouldn't be a problem.  He pulled out his iPhone and saw a text from Blair.  She was about to ship out and try and rescue Sarah.  And she decided to text me before she left?  Awe, ain't that sweet!  Haha, who am I kiddin?  She's just being nice.  He read the text with a smile on his face.   

Well this is gonna be fun I bet, but... Peter.. be careful with your mission.. you still owe me that date you know.. 

He actually let out a small laugh.  It was cute and considerate.  She was going into enemy territory and she was telling him to be careful?  He knew she was more than capable, especially for being three years younger than he was.  Still, he couldn't help but worry.   

Don't you worry babe.  Nothin is gunna stop me from getting to that date.  xD  But, you take care out there.  And keep your head down and safe.  I'll see you when you get back.  Meeting is about to start, I gotta go.  See ya later!   

He sent the text and then realized what he said.  Crap.  Hope I don't get and flack for calling her babe.  He didn't exactly mean anything by it  He called girls babe like he called guys homie.  It was a friend thing for him.  In the past, he only got people to calm down by telling them that "I call every girl babe.  But, I'll only call one girl baby."  Of course, he'd be refering to whoever would be his girlfriend.  And he wasn't calling anyone baby... For now.   

Eclipse stood, more or less, and began his speach.  He welcomed some new members and gave everyone a glimpse of his past.  His time with the Vine Titans, ICE Dragons, and learning from Nighthunter himself.  He also mentioned that his team was his family.   You are my brothers and my sisters now. I may lead this team, but that does not make me superior to any of you, nor the other way around. Look at this table, this round table. Do you know what that means? It means we are all equals and if you have a voice, it will be heard. There is no hierachy, I am not your boss, you are not cogs in some machine. We are heroes. Everyone around this table is a hero, a beacon of hope, a light in the darkness. And when we come together as a team, we can shine a light powerful enough to wipe the darkness of the face of the Earth!" 
This really hit home for Pete.  His only family was dead, his friends thought he was dead.  All he had was this team.  He never really said it or anything, but he did see them as his family.  Brothers and sisters who were there for him and that he'd be there for.  He may have only been here a short time, but it's how he felt.  Eclipse continued... 

"Destroy the past, create the future. The world still needs heroes, but it does not need cheap imitations of the old ones. We are the next generation of heroes. You aren't the new Renegade Lantern or Kurrent or Andferne. You are heroes. You are Paragon,"   He began moving from person to person, telling who they are and what defined them specifically.  As he reached Peter, he placed a hand on his shoulder and spoke.   
You are Overkill, Crimson Crusader and mightiest mortal on the planet. 
He moved on as Overkill became stunned.  He said it.  He said it.  Eclipse, the leader of this team and a man who had beat me before said it!  I AM Earth's Mightiest Mortal!  A large smile formed on his face as Eclipse, his brother, made his way back to his original place at the table.  "You are not cheap imitations of those who came before, you are not filling the shoes or anyone, or keeping their seats warm. You are Champions of Peace and you do not back down no matter the cost. You fight not for the glory or the recognition, but because it is right. We are Champions and we stand united!"   
Eclipse then drew his sword and held it towards the sky.  Peter couldn't help but stand as well and draw his own sword made of the black and indestructible metal known as infraglium and held it in a similar fashion.  "CHAMPIONS UNITED!!!"  His fellow Champions began cheering as well, but something strange was happening.  Everyone was slowing down.  Slowly, time seemed to come to a stand still and he was still moving, looking around trying to see what was wrong.  He then heard a chilling voice.  Dark, cold, sinister.  As if fear itself was speaking to him.   
"Champions united?  Do you really believe that?"  Peter was looking around, trying to find the source of the voice.  His sword now held in both hands in a defensive position.  "Who's there?!"  The voice continued.  "Would you be...afraid?  If that were to prove untrue?" The voice echoed into the distance as the room faded to a deep black save for one 'window' that Peter could see images through.  "Would you be scared if the Champions were...divided?"   
A scene in the window showed a brutal battle.  Not between good and evil, but every Champion of Peace fighting one another.  He saw the raging battle between Eclipse and Hesperus.  Chevie Lockheart and the Dark Huntress, now revealed to be sisters, stood over the body of Mistress Redhead.  Blood dripped down her forehead from the bullet fired from the gun of Sovreign Son, her husband.  With the blink of an eye, the flesh of his body was peeled away rapidly from the telepathic burst that came from a rage filled Cass.  Turning to her big sister, Chevie let out a scream as her father died and attacked her long lost sibling.   Overkill stood in horror as he watched the battle unfold, unable to make it stop. 
A blood drenched shield came smashing down again and again on the now unrecognisable face of Joan Zeraz.  A bruised and bloodied War Killer roared to the skies as he killed his fellow Champion.  He looked foreward with a horrified expression.  Blood began pouring from his mouth and dripping down his chin.  He looked down to see the tip of a shining green sword protruding from his chest.  The sword was removed and Charles fell onto Closure's body so that the image of Paragon could be seen behind him, laughing like a maniac.  He stopped when he heard the sound of metal scraping against metal.  He looked forward and saw Talon, claws unleashed, pouncing at him.   
The skies were black and lightning struck the earth everywhere.  Bolt after bolt as Tempest hovered above the battle below, picking off his fellow Champions one by one.  Mantoid as she was drowning Ethan who also got hit, Honor Girl, Despair, Windsor.  A devilish smile on his face as he destroyed his team one that was changed to a face of concern.  The reflection of his eyes showed the Goddess Angeni, flying at incredible speed.  She delivered a punch that took his head right off of his shoulders.  He was a stepping stone, however, as she continued onto Nova who was burning the bodies of Crazy Eights, Taiqod, and Cly.  The two Goddesses squared off as Esmeralda landed behind Angeni, ready to avenge her rider.  As Nova turned, tears wiped away the blood on her face as she held the head of her daughter Hotaru which had been cleanly severed by Cly.  Peter roared as he began punching the window as hard as possible, trying to break the barrier and get the battle to stop.   
The Wanderer and Glory Nights were chuckling to themselves as they waled towards a corner.  A tear came to Peter's eye as he was able to see over their shoulders at who their prey was and her bright pink hair.  "No... Stop this....St... Make it stop.... Make it STOP!!!"  He began shooting energy from his eyes at the window, trying to do anything to it.  But it was no use.  The two "heroes"  charged as Blair let out a sonic scream that tore the skin off of their bones.  As they fell to the ground, she walked over their bodies and the bodies of Huntress and Chevie who had killed each other.  Before her now stood Talon.  A green ring flew between them searching for a new owner as it took off toward the skies.  The two girls stared each other down.  Waiting to go in for the kill.   
They both began to charge when the body of the dragon, Esmeralda landed between them with a thunderous boom.  Inside her body was the top half of the body of Feral Nova, still on fire.  Looking up, Angeni hovered in the air before taking off at Talon.  Unable to see through Esmeralda's body, CPG created her trademark wings and flew over the dragon.  The sight on the other side was anything but predictable.  Talon stood in the exact same place as Helena's body skid to a halt behind her, two large gashes beginning in her eyes and continuing down her body.  As Blair hesitated, Laura lept onto the dead dragon and again at Blair.  Unable to react in time, Talon landed on CPG's back and pulled her to the ground.  They landed hard and separated.  As Blair made her way to her feet, Talon held her from behind by the throat.  "BLAIR!  NO!!!"  He screamed to her, but his voice would not be heard.  Talon squeezed CPG's throat, preventing her from making noise as she placed a claw from her other hand on her forehead.  A small trickle of blood ran down her young face as Laura whispered in her ear while smiling like a demon.  "Shhhhh, don't worry.  You'll feel everything."   
Overkill closed his eyes and turned away.  He still heard the blood spill to the ground as Talon slit Blairs throat and sliced her face off.  Peter fell to the ground and vomited.  It was too much.  He began crying.  He rolled so he was laying flat on his back, shouting to the unseen force.  "I'M GUNNA RIP YOUR D#MN HEAD OFF!  COME ON MOTHER F#CKER!  LET ME SEE YOUR GOD D#MN FACE!"  He stood up and roared as loud as he could, letting loose a blast of energy in all directions.  The black void he was in, for a moment, was red.  The blackness came back and some invisible force slammed Peter into the window.  "Come on Peter.  The show isn't over yet.  Don't quit on me now mortal."   
The scene he saw now was that of Talon jerking into a position where all her limbs were forced to be streched out completely.  She winced as the sound of breaking metal could be heard.  A few loud pops of the joints in her vibranium skeleton gave away followed by a loud scream of pain.  She opened her eyes to see, standing not a foot away from her, Eclipse.  The one arm that he had left was outstreched toward Talon with his fist clenched.  He smirked as he looked at her.  "Charlie could've done so much better than you."  He opened his hand quickly and Talon's arms, legs, and head were sent flying in all directions.  Peter stood at the window and did not notice it expand into a door.  As it moved to force him through it and closed behind him, Peter was now standing on the battlefield, surrounded by the bodies of his fallen comerades.   
Eclipse turned his head to see Overkill.  "Peter!"  He clenched his fist again and the floating torso was smashed into the size of a shoe box.  "So good of you to join us!"  He began walking towards Overkill who was frozen in place.  Jason looked puzzled as he stopped maybe five feet away.  "Well come on!"  Peter's eyes widened, for in his next sentance, Eclipse spoke with the voice of the unseen being that caused all of this.  "Let's have some fun, BROTHER!"  Eclipse lept at Overkill and his eyes began glowing a bright yellow, his teeth had grown into sharp fangs.  Just before he made contact, everything went dark once more, the same evil voice laughing in the distance...
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Under the pale moon of the night, a desert of coal black sand spread out over a large area, towards all horizons visible. From the middle, an crystal hour glass, alien in design, rose up from the sand. Inside, snow flakes fell through the center point, turning into glowing gold particles as they filled up the lower part, all while the ominous echo of a laughter thundered through the surroundings.  Its sinister, booming voice oozed the feeling of something older than mankind, more ancient than the Earth itself. 
The image shattered when Izaac snapped out of the dream.  It took a few seconds before he re-gained clearness of sight and thought, staring at the surprisingly color-lacking ceiling.  This is why I hate going to sleep, he thought.  Often, the Wanderer's dreams were clues to some event that would happen in the future, only problem was that they were incomprehensible and virtually useless until the predicted events actually happened.  And unfortunately for him, the future never seemed too bright.
He gazed towards the clock. G-ddangit, it's late, were the thoughts passing through his head as he almost catapulted himself out of bed, his feet touching the cold floor.  The COP communicator device laid next to the alarm clock showed that there was at least one missed call, prompting Wando to click "Replay message".  Cue Eclipse's voice - vaguely metallic by virtue having gone through a communicator - calling together a meeting.
[ This is Eclipse, I want a status report. I need to know where everyone is and what they're doing. Sovereign Son's rescue team just left, and I want to call a team meeting. All available Champions report to the conference room in one hour. ] One hour.. and how much of that hour is left? The mental question was answered by the communicator display, saying "Message received 15 minutes ago."  Oh..kay. So 45 minutes to take a shower, grab something to eat..got it.  He started walking forward, disappearing into a portal of shimmering, aquatic light, with the intended destination being his quarters on a hidden island in the Atlantic ocean.
45 minutes later.
Being in an over-all better mood than before, the young adventurer strolled into the meeting room - wearing jeans, sneakers and a black and red hoodie with both his own insignia and that of his team's.  In his line of sight was a big, round, metallic-looking table with the shield and wings of the COP logo on it; as well as nearly all other Champions present (among those whose presence had been required), some that he knew, but many that he didn't; and the big window at the end of the room, allowing the light of the sun to shine in.  Wando then took a seat between his former WAL teammate Closure, and Overkill, someone he was not yet acquainted with.
 Right on cue, Eclipse stood up (or so it appeared), immediately attracting virtually all attention in the room to himself.  
Firstly, I'd like to officially welcome our newest recruits. Edward Windsor, Mantoid, Angeni and Scion of Light. Also, Ethan Starks and Taiqod, but they appear to be absent. I'd also like to welcome back our old ally, Paragon. I am so proud of you all. Each and every one of you.
Oh boy, Wando rolled his eyes in vague amusement, an inspirational speech. You'd think he's channeling Andferne's or NeVann's old habits or something...
Throughout the speech, however inspirational and surprisingly good considering it was improvised, Wando struggled to concentrate.  His focus was elsewhere.  It felt as if his mind tried to cry out "DANGER!!" like it had so often done before just when a potentially dangerous situation had appeared, but that something was also deliberately holding that feeling back, like an assassin or kidnapper covering the mouth of their victim from behind before they strike.  A bit absent-mindedly, his eyes darted around the room while Eclipse hovered around the table and complimented all members present, but everything seemed to be in order.  Nevertheless, by a subtle mental command, he had his sword, the Blade of Hezion, appear (however subtly) next to him, in the event of a surprise attack.
 You are not cheap imitations of those who came before, Eclipse continued as he went back to his own seat, you are not filling the shoes or anyone, or keeping their seats warm. You are Champions of Peace and you do not back down no matter the cost. You fight not for the glory or the recognition, but because it is right. We are Champions and we stand united!  With that, the team leader raised his sword up, prompting their new family to burst into cheering.
Then the sound echoed away, and time seemed to slow down.  The sunlight and the colors in the room faded into gray, and just about everyone looked like they'd been paralyzed, with dead, glassy gazes.  Izaac felt like he would black out from the intense pain now present in his skull, as if metal tentacles tried to pierce the skin and bone mass.  Pushing his palms to his head and gritting teeth in agony, everything blackened...
After a few seconds, the pain was somewhat released, and he could feel something, even though everything was completely dark, as if in a space outside time...he was standing somewhere, however, and he could look down on himself clearly enough, yet there was no visible light source.  Attempting to light up the place with his own Photokinesis proved useless.  A clicking sound began to be heard from a distance, before it closed in...Wando could soon hear it clearer, and distinguish small, vaguely shining things - dung beetles, it looked like - crawling over each other, there seemed to be no end to them.  Disgusting.  Two of beetles began to glow red, melting into each other, and forming a glowing, fiery gemstone with a crack in the middle.  From that point, more and more beetles were woven into a distinct form - a white and golden robe, with a very ornate collar-piece with the cracked gemstone in the center of a solar-disk pattern.  A face could now be distinguished, clearly male but with feminine features, as well as dark complexion, orange eyes and a pale expression.  He was also wearing a white head cloth, with a golden band decorated with the image of a spitting cobra's head and neck.  All in all, not a particularly intimidating sight in itself now that the beetles had faded into the background.
>> Who are you? << Wando's confused, telepathic voice echoed through the darkness.
< Isn't it obvious? > the stranger's silvery, almost hissing voice replied in the language of the ancient Egyptian peoples.
The young adventurer's eyes widened in an instant, now recognizing the stranger's voice, even though the appearance was different from what he could remember.  The Wanderer futilely tried to back away as dread seized his mind, but there was nowhere to go.  It seemed that the darkness only provided ground to stand on, not space to walk on...and Wando's ability to teleport could not be triggered.  The sword he had summoned for the predictable emergency situation?  Not accessible, of course.
< Now you remember, > the apparition smirked condescendingly, amused, but was otherwise standing eerily still.  His golden gaze clawed at Izaac's mind, ripping forth and scanning his buried memories, causing the kid to clutch at his head in pain. I am the god that you so foolishly thought yourself capable of killing, the being continued, now in English as he had absorbed Izaac's knowledge.  The spirit of the sun himself. Aton!

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Listening intently to what the young leader had to say, Cly wished that he could come up with speeches like Eclipse could. He lost the thought and soaked up the last sentences, "You are not cheap imitations of those who came before, you are not filling the shoes or anyone, or keeping their seats warm. You are Champions of Peace and you do not back down no matter the cost. You fight not for the glory or the recognition, but because it is right. We are Champions and we stand united!" Watching Eclipse unsheath his sword and thrust it in the air, the Knight naturally did the same. Smiling, he looked over to Esmeralda. She was not there, nor were the Champions by her. Looking around, he saw that everyone was gone, leaving the Samurai alone in the meeting room. He scratched his head, and thought about what could have happened. First he thought that everyone had booked it when he had thrust his sword up in the air, to get to the after meeting lunch first. Then he remembered that he had eaten lunch before coming to the meeting. Second, he thought that everyone was playing a prank on him, and that Wando had teleported everyone away in the blink of an eye without a sound to creep him out. Possible, but not plausible. Reaching into his pocket, he withdrew his communicator and brought it up close to his mouth. "Hello? Anyone there?" Static. He slipped his communicator back in his pocket and walked over to a window. Unlocking it then opening it, he leaned on the bottom of the frame and looked out the window. All the streets, buildings, and other structures looked normal, but there was no movement whatsoever, it was like the Rapture had happened and taken everyone away, except for the Rider. His mind ran through the book of Revelations, trying to see if it could help him. Cly was unsure. Could it really be the end times?

Hours later, after checking on the internet and finding no one active on any website, even Facebook, he had suspicions and not the slightest idea of what was going on. This had to be a dream, it felt so real, but it could not be reality. Cly decided what he was going to do, jump. Climbing up to the top of the Champions of Peace building, he walked over to the edge and stared down over it. A terrifying fall high enough to result in instant death on the pavement below. A height that would scare anyone, but not Cly. He was so used to heights and falling from them that he had virtually no fear of them anymore. This was his test, to jump. If this was real, he knew that Esmeralda would catch him, like she always did. Standing with his heels off of the edge, only on his toes, the Knight exhaled and fell backwards off of the building. Falling down towards the ground, he was completely calm. The distance began to close, with no green Dragon in sight. He was unnerved, knowing that she was going to cut it close. One hundred feet to go, and he would hit the ground less than half a second. Still no fear. Fifty feet. Ten feet. Fear! Impact!

Drenched in sweat, he sat up, wakening from a dream. "Whew...it was only a..." About to wipe the sweat from his forehead, he stopped, and stared at his shaking arm. It was drenched in blood. Looking around, he froze in horror as he saw hundreds, no, thousands of freshly slain corpses in a pile around him. Trembling in fear, he looked at the nearest face, and bit his tongue. Eclipse. Letting go of the lifeless body, Cly closed his eyes. Unable to even make a sound, he opened his eyes and continued to see more faces that he recognized. Faces of friends, family, enemies, acquaintances, everyone that he had ever interacted with. And then, behind him, at the top of the pile of bodies, was his best friend. Esmeralda. She lay lifeless with... The Knight's vision began to cloud. ...with his sword through her skull. It was too much for him to handle. He reached to his neck and hit one of his pressure points, knocking himself out, hoping to escape this nightmare, but what he didn't know, was that the nightmares had only begun.


Watching Eclipse finish speaking, she blinked her glowing yellow eyes. In the blink of an eye, the scenery changed from the Champions meeting room to the inside of a dark cave. Looking around with her full spectrum vision eyes, she could not see any source of life. Sniffing the air, Esmeralda could smell that she was not alone. Propelling down from the damp ceiling, a small arachnid neared her. >>EWWW!!! SPIDER!<< The mighty Dragon took a step back and incinerated the spider to ashes. Feeling only a moment of fear, she took a step back and felt her tail touch something sticky. Pulling her tail close and turning around, she saw a thick wall of what appeared to be spider webbing. On the webbing, there was something bound up by the webbing, about the size of a coffin. Cutting cleanly through with her claws, she moved her head back in fear. It was Cly. He was pale as could be. She said softly, >>Cly...please...are you all right?<< He didn't move for a moment, but only for a moment. Opening his mouth, eight legs came out of his mouth, followed by the body of a giant spider the size of a dog. Esmeralda shrieked and drove her claws down through the body of the spider, sending it's guts all over the floor. >>CREEPYGIANTSPIDER!!!<< Esmeralda looked at Cly again, and his body began moving again. His pale chest quivered, than burst open letting three more spiders of similar size free. >>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!<< Lightening them up with fire, she only managed to subdue two and felt the pain as one bit her on the foot. Crunch! It was crushed beneath her raw strength. The floor began to shake, and then gave way.

Fall! Tumbling down into the deeper, darker parts of the cave, she breathed some fire and found that she was surrounded in a giant part of the cave, with super thick webbing all around, and hundreds of webbing wrappings, that she knew were probably bodies. Silence. Only lasting a few moments, the silence was broken by a hiss, coming from above. Looking up, Esmeralda could see with her fire the outline of a spider as big as an airplane. She nearly fainted and roared with fear as the hundreds of wrapping burst apart, multiple spiders emerging from each one. Web covered her in an instant, and she felt countless teeth dig into her thick skin, injecting her with poison.
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Impressed by the turnout of the summoned heroes, Mantoid carefully observed each and every person. Sitting on her chair with perfect posture, her knees splayed out and on the balls of her feet, she was comfortable. Absorbing the speech, Erika smiled when Eclipse mentioned the part about her. Her facial expression faded away, returning to the more neutral pose as before. Unlacing her fingers and raising them from her lap, she prepared to applaud the leader of the Champions of Peace. Her eyes shifted in their sockets to one of the many windows, watching as water droplets fell through the air. Caught off guard by the rain, she thought about how it could be that a raincloud could move in without her sensing it. A rain drop caught her eye, then another, followed by many more. The shapes of many of the falling raindrops were abnormal, as if they were falling through gas that was not air. She knew it could not be, for among the obscure raindrops were normal ones. It was almost as if she was looking out at a computer generated image of rain.
Using her powers, she tried to reform the strange raindrops, but they did not bow to her will. Mantoid blinked, hoping that everything would all change back to normal. It was no so. Feeling a warm hand touch her shoulder, Erika turned to see Feral Nova, one of her old time friends. With anger in her voice, the Fire Goddess said, "Make the rain stop! Don't go about ruining perfectly good days with your water." Surprised by her sudden anger, Erika told her calmly, "This rain, is not from me." Across the table, War Killer shouted out, "Take your rain and go!" Mantoid took a step back. "You...want me to leave?" Everyone began to whisper to each other, then Eclipse spoke up. "We have decided to let you go Mantoid. This team is built off of truth, and clearly you do not have what it takes. Leave now, before we make you." A tear formed on the sides of her ocean blue eyes, the salty liquid flowing down her face. She wanted to cry out but knew that it would be no use, their minds were made up. While this was happening, the rain outside was becoming more intense.

Glass shattered as windows caved in from the monstrous downpour. Water covered the floor and rose to waist height in ten seconds. Heroes were screaming at her to make it stop. Erika watched as the water came up to their necks, then covered their heads. She closed her eyes and concenterated on using her water powers to save them. It was no use, the water was not paying any attention to her. Mantoid panicked, not knowing what to do, for this had never happened to her before. Moving swiftly through the over head high water, she tried to help the heroes but could not. Turning away, she could not bear to watch as they drowned. Breathing just fine in the water, she felt the building beneath her feet move. Over weighted by the tens of thousands of gallons of water, the Champions of Peace collapsed, sending Mantoid out through one of the windows and into the waters around the island. Shaken, she saw a school of flame angelfish and swam up to them. Talking to them as she normally would, her heart froze as they swam away as if she was not even there. Trying with a tiger shark, a swordfish, and a orca, her heart stayed chilled as they all ignored her as well. Then, a dark spot in the water caught her eye. It was on the surface, near a ship, and spreading fast. An oil spill.
She swam up to the spill and found that it wasn't stopping. As far as she could see, Mantoid could not see above the top of the waters, for it was covered with a layer of oil. Fish, dolphins, and sharks tossed and turned to try and get the oil off, but the oil went into their gills, and suffocated them. Hundreds of bodies of sea creatures were dead, smothered by the oil spill. Fear and terror like none other filled her mind, as she struggled to get free from the water, making it back to shore. Wiping the film of oil from her body, Mantoid looked at her arms, and willed them to be water. They lost their color and became water. She felt a faint sense of hope as she was now able to control her powers. Her arm fell apart, followed by her other arm, followed by her legs. She was losing control of what she treasured most, her humanity. The water was taking over, and there was no fighting it now, it had won. She closed her eyes as her body broke apart into normal water and flowed down the sands of the beach. 

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"Glad you made it." mouthed Eclipse with a smile as Paragon made his way into the meeting room. Replying only with a wink, Paragon sat back and watched as more and more heroes piled into the meeting room and moved to their respective seats around the table. Some he recognized from news reports and stories from old friends, others were new to him. 
"So, this is the team?" he thought to himself. "Have I worked with any of these guys before? Feral Nova? Maybe. Did I? I don't even remember... Closure. Weren't we on a team together? I don't even remember... Heck, I don't even know most of these gorramn heroes. I hope we do introductions..." His mind was going at a million miles a minute with the pure excitement of being back in the game. His string of thoughts was suddenly cut short by Eclipse levitating out of his chair. 
 "Firstly, I'd like to officially welcome our newest recruits. Edward Windsor, Mantoid, Angeni and Scion of Light. Also, Ethan Starks and Taiqod, but they appear to be absent. I'd also like to welcome back our old ally, Paragon." said the young hero. Paragon gave a wave to the group at the mention of his name."I am so proud of you all. Each and every one of you. Two years ago..."
"Oh no. He's monologuing..." thought Paragon, getting the familiar feeling he would get just before Andferne, or Nighthunter started one of their long-winded speeches back in the Ice Dragon days. "Just remember to stay focused... Nope. Not happening. Ughh. Andy and Jake train him with this too?" He attention span was deteriorating quickly, and he began entertaining himself by flipping a poker chip he found in his pocket between his fingers, testing his dexterity, while thinking about another case he was working on, or what he make for dinner that night with Brooke.
 "You are heroes. You are Paragon..."Paragon jumped at the mention of his name, and the hand on his shoulder, as he was brought back from inside his head to reality again. He gave an identical wave of his hand to the group, as before, unsure of what was going on, or how much time had passed. 
"Champion of the Green Lantern Corps, saviour of the cosmos, and a great father."He stopped mid-wave, realizing it was, in fact, not another introduction, and quickly clasped his hands in front of himself on the table, while simultaneously trying to hide his embarrassment. From that moment on, Paragon hung on to every word of the young leader's speech, learning who everyone in the room was, and a bit about each of them. 
"We are Champions and we stand united!" Eclipse wrapped up, unsheathing his sword, in a triumphant pose. 
Paragon chuckled to himself a bit, seeing the young boy he knew from the Ice Dragons growing into a true leader before his very eyes.  "The kid's got chops. Jake knows how to pick 'em, I guess." His thought was interrupted by his danger sense doing cartwheels in the back of his mind. 
In a flash, he was on Oa. Home of the Green Lantern Corps, and more than a few bad memories. 
"Greetings, Lantern MacAskill. It's been some time since we have seen you here." Paragon turned to see the Guardians of the Universe floating behind him, stonefaced and emotionless. "Where is your ring, Lantern?" asked one.
"I always keep it close, and charged. You know you guys don't have to worry about that." he replied, producing the ring given to him by Renegade Lantern from a pouch on his belt.
"Why do you not wear it?" asked another Guardian.
Paragon, was confused for a moment, and tried to dodge the question. "You know why. I'm only a temp, if you need me, and figuring that I'm here, y'all needed me for something."
Another Guardian spoke up. "Indeed we do, Lantern. You are afraid to wear it. Afraid what you weren't capable of with it during the War of Light."
"You could have easily overcome the demon who wielded the yellow light of fear," stated a different guardian. "Instead, you gave into the fear he created within you."
"That demon murdered my wife!" snapped Paragon, getting right up in the small blue man's face.
"We know. It was your family and so called friends that made you weak. Which is why we have made this choice." He replied, unmoved by the aggressive act of the hero. 
The first guardian spoke up again. "We are forbidding you from your current space sector until we feel you are deemed acceptable to return, and you are being re-assigned to the unknown sectors."
Shock. It was all Paragon could feel. How could they do this to him? "I have a daughter! You can't do this! I ain't goin' out to the black. You can't take me away from my family!"
"Then you can rot in a cell until the end of your days, and never see anyone again, Lantern."
"You can't do this!" Paragon screamed again.
"We can, and we will, Lantern. Overcome your fear, and you will be fit to return. Until that time, begone!"
Yellow light blasted Paragon, blinding and disorienting him. As the lightning faded from his eyes, he looked around. There was nothing. Nothing but black. He was alone. All alone...

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"Crap. I hope I'm not late!" Crimson Eagle said to himself as he flew towards headquarters as fast as he could. "How am I gonna make a good impression on the team, if I'm going to be late on my first team meeting?"  
Eagle soon arrived at Champion's Tower. "Finally," he thought,"Hope they won't gun me down for being late." He walked into the room and saw that the meeting had just started. "Good, I came in on time."  
Eclipse began to say, "Firstly, I'd like to officially welcome our newest recruits. Edward Windsor, Mantoid, Angeni and Scion of Light. Also, Ethan Starks and Taiqod, but they appear to be absent..."  
The Crimson Eagle thought, "Thanks for mentioning me..."

"...I'd also like to welcome back our old ally, Paragon. I am so proud of you all. Each and every one of you."  
From that point on, Eagle just looked around the room, ignored Eclipse's speech and started to recognize some of the members. "Paragon's here, Cly, Izaac, Angeni..."

Soon Eagle heard Eclipse saying, "You are Champions of Peace and you do not back down no matter the cost. You fight not for the glory or the recognition, but because it is right. We are Champions and we stand united!"  
When Eagle heard those words, a lift of hope reached into him and he smiled. Ryan (Crimson Eagle's secret identity) then looked around the room and started to recognize some more people. "War Killer's here, there's Edward, and Michelle..." Ryan could not believe his own eyes, his dead girlfriend was at the other side of the room. Remembering that she died while on a mission with him. He ran to the other side of the room, but the room began to go dark, empty, and silent. His girlfriend only a few feet away from him. Tears of joy came to him and he then said something, "Michelle... you're... alive. Thank god. I thought I lost you for good... Michelle... something wrong?" As Ryan walked towards his girlfriend, she looked up and said eerily, "Why did you let me die Ryan? WHY! Don't you love me?"  
"I do," Ryan replied, "I do love you. So much." 
"Because of you Ryan, we can never be together, good-bye." Michelle said her words before she evaporated into the air. 
"MICHELLE!!!!!" Ryan screamed. 
"Why couldn't you save us Ryan?" said a voice of a man. 
Ryan turned around and saw his mother and father standing behind him. "Mom... Dad? Is that really you?" 
"Yes Ryan it's us," replied his mother,"Now answer our question, why didn't you save us from that evil villain Dr. Severe?" 
"What could I do? I was tied to a table, I wanted to help, I did but... but..." 
"But what Ryan? I know, you failed to save us." 
Michelle soon appeared again and said "You failed to save us Ryan." 
Ryan's parents and Michelle began saying repeatedly, "You failed to save us, you failed to save us, you failed to save us.." 
"NO!!!," Ryan screamed as he fell on his knees,"No, I tried...I TRIED TO SAVE YOU!!!" 
The trio keeps on repeating, "You failed to save us, you failed to save us, you failed to save us..." 
Ryan then ripped off his mask as tears fell from his eyes and said quietly, "I tried... I tried..." 
Soon there was silence in the room. Ryan looked up and said, "Not you..." 

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The Workshop, Champions Island

The Workshop was considered Ethan's greatest creation. The facility housed all of his inventions and provided space for him to continue to create. Every male in the Stark family had one singular hobby that allowed them to escape the many troubles faced in their extraordinary lives. For Johnathan, it was training. For Light, it was courting fabulous women on expensive endeavors. For Ethan, it was creating objects the likes of which the world had never seen before. Many times he'd succeeded. Yet his successes, just like the other males in his family, got in the way of other things that may have been more important at the time. 
The COP's communicator Ethan had received rang as Ethan soldered a piece of iron together. The mask he wore combined with the roar of the blowtorch drowned out the noise as a call from the team leader Eclipse came through. Just as the hero cut off the blowtorch he caught wind of a faint voice in the next room. The mask was lifted off of his face and set on the table. Sweat poured from Ethan's face and he wiped his forehead with the carrondium gauntlet. "Eh, probably the wind." He said, dismissing the last of hiss of the communicator. Moving away from his workbench Ethan decided to take a seat on the couch beside it. Plopping down on the couch he tossed the carrondium gauntlet to the side. His stomach churned a bit and a small chill ran down his spine just as he leaned back to close his eyes. "Not again..." Ethan said as a white light fell from the ceiling. A swirling vortex was birthed from this light, causing Ethan to shut his eyes tight at the risk of being blinded. This event signified the arrival of someone who Ethan loved to see but would never admit it.  
As the vortex dissipated a woman was left in its stead. Her hair was the most alluring feature, as its scarlet coloring and length were unseen amongst humans. Her eyes were completely blue and her skin a milky soft white with a glowing aura. She wore a black dress that flaunted her slender figure. Her feet were bare and she hovered just above the ground, fog settled below her. "Hello brother," Phaedre Starks said in a happy tone. "My, My, you've grown." Ethan smirked, eying his sister with intrigue. He had not seen her since he returned to this time nor did he expect to see her at the same age as him. "So have you. You've gotten beautiful. Is mom still alive in this time?" Phaedre grinned and blushed. "Of course she is, she's the queen of the Magic Realm." Ethan returned her grin with one of her own. "Which makes you the new Goddess of Rebirth & Magic?" Phaedre nodded. "Yes, but I'm not here to catch up Eth. I'm here to tell you that you won't be able to hide the fact that your a god for much longer. Others have come to meddle in humanly affairs and they all do not possess the same do good attitude as you. Be on your guard, everything is not what it seems."  

With that last notion Phaedre vanished and Ethan was left befuddled. "What does any of that even mean? I'm no goddamn detective! You suck at warnings Phae!" Ethan yelled. Moving from the work room Ethan entered the Armory. His communicator sat next to his drumian tystel blinking rapidly. Picking it up he listened to the message Eclipse had sent to all the members, realizing that was the sound he'd heard a moment ago. "Shit, late for the first meeting? They probably think I'm gonna pull a Light." Ethan said as he quickly grabbed one of his tystels, his sword and his communicator before dashing out of the facility and onto his motorcycle. Ethan was wearing a blue and black jumpsuit, the undergarment for his armor, which he was without. He also left behind his utility belt in haste meaning for the rest of this day he would have to rely purely on his prowess to get him through.  

 Champions Tower, Champions Island

Pulling up in front of the main base for his squad, Ethan exited the bike steadily. Scanning the outside of the base he could find nothing out of the ordinary. Making his way to the door Ethan grasped the door knob apprehensively. He opened the door cautiously, gun drawn as he inched through the small orifice he'd made. Once 85% of his body was inside Ethan crouched, rolling forward and pressing his back against the couch and peering over it. Taking quick glances he realized no one was in the main hall. "What am I so afraid of?" Ethan said as he holstered his weapon and began investigating. Reaching the meeting room Ethan heard awkward noises. Shouts and screams from what sounded like his comrades. Just as Ethan opened the door he could feel their presence around him. The door swung open to reveal a haunting scene. Ethan's entire family stood around the body of his beloved Cassidy. Walking up to scene he surveyed her mangled corpse with disgust. His stomach churned once again and he turned away from the horrific scene, laughing loudly. "Come on you two, where is your creativity?" The scene morphed again this time with only Light standing in front of Ethan. "Son..." Ethan began laughing again, cutting Light off. "Give it a rest guys." Ethan said amidst his laughter. The scene changed a final time, the presence no longer upon him, revealing many members of COPs in a hallucinogenic state. "Seems they got to them quick." Ethan said, finally realizing what it was Phaedre was saying to him. Walking over to Eclipse he began to yell repeatedly in his ear, hoping that eventually, his words would invade the subconscious and get through to the hero, allowing him to break the illusions the same way Ethan did. "If you laugh at fear it will pass. Not even terror has a sense of humor." Ethan recited, a chant his mom taught him long ago on a visit to Olympus, home of the Greek Gods. 
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Stephanie sat there listening to Eclipse's little speech, it was actually a good one, she smirked to herself, it was as if Andy was standing before them. "You are Feral Nova, Fire Goddess of Total Awesomeness with great passion in your soul." She could feel his body quickly move away from her own, she could tell he was still a bit shaken up from their battle in the KOV. In all honestly, she didn't remember much about it, other than the fact that she lost to Eclipse and Longshot, she doesn't even remember HOW she lost. They were fighting, and then... poof, Stephanie was back in her room, it was so weird, but it also pissed her off... Eclipse prevented her from doing what she wanted to do... kill Darkchild. He may have stopped her this time, but he won't always be around to 'protect' the evil demon. "You are not cheap imitations of those who came before, you are not filling the shoes or anyone, or keeping their seats warm. You are Champions of Peace and you do not back down no matter the cost. You fight not for the glory or the recognition, but because it is right. We are Champions and we stand united!" 

As soon as those words were spoken everything around her went black, everyone disappeared, left her standing it what seemed to be a black void. Just then a chuckle could be heard from a distance, one that sent chills down her spine. Bursting into flames she tried to light up the darkness she was in, only to have the darknessengulf her light, it was like a black hole, leaving her vulnerable. Frozen in fear she could see a peril white maleficent grin glow from the darkness.

"Hello my little Firefly." His body slowly became visible through the darkness. It was HIM, he walked into view, and Stephanie's heart almost stopped. 

"D- darkchild." she spoke just above a whisper.

"You thought I would just forget about you?" he walked up to her, cresting her face with his hand. "What belongs to ME?" he forcefully pressed his lips against hers, disgust came over the Fire Goddess as she managed to push herself away from him, wiping her mouth from the fowl taste he left behind.

"I'm going to kill you, you piece of-"

"Now now." Darkchild cut her off in a taunting tone. "Not in front of the children." He rose his arms to his sides as Hotaru and Sozuko appeared at the base of his feet, bruised and bleeding.

"SOZUKO, HOTARU!" Nova yelled out in panic as she pushed herself forward only... to not be able to move!

"Oh you can't move, your frozen... in FEAR!" Darkchild laughed as he grabbed Zuko by the neck and picked him up. With a booming psychotic laugh he plunged his free hand right into his chest and yanked it back out, holding her son's heart in his hands.

"ZUKO NO!" she yelled out, tears falling down her face as she stood helplessly. She watched as her son's body fell to the ground, lifelessly, his blood glowing on the ground as Darkchild laughed, taking a bite out of his still beating heart. Blood gushed out and flowed out of the heart onto Darkchild face as he then looked down at Hotaru. "NO!" Stephanie yelled out again, her eyes red from crying. "LEAVE HER ALONE! TAKE ME INSTEAD! PLEASE DARKCHILD!" She begged, her heart was aching, her body trembling, she had to save her daughter, somehow, anyway possible.

"Don't worry, I won't be the one to kill her." He then stretched out his hand towards Nova as she felt a twist of pain that went down to her very soul. "You will."

Clutching onto her chest she dropped to her knees, a her blood felt like it was boiling as her body began to sweat. With her breathing accelerated she let out a feral cry as dark energy engulfed her body, once clear it wasn't Nova crouching anymore... it was the demon that still lurked in her soul. With her crimson red eyes she looked upward at Darkchild with a toothy grin as she stood up, inside her mind however, Stephanie sat helplessly as she watched her body being controlled by the demon. 'No!' she screamed. 'STOP! LEAVE HER ALONE!' The demon loomed over Hotaru as the pyro princess looked up at her mother.

"M-mom..?" she mumbled out, barley able to speak. "p-Ple-ase." The demon had no mercy, it pulled back its hand as it began glowing orange. Stephanie screamed as loud as she could, trying regain control over her body, trying to over power the demon. But it was all in vain, the demon thrust its hand forward, his fingers piercing right into Hotaru's head, causing it to burst upon contact, blood, pieces of flesh, bone and chunks of brain splattered all over the place as the demon laughed in victory, licking the remains of Hotaru off its fingers and leaving Stephanie crying hysterically inside her own mind. 
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Windsors Attack

Edward stared down the army of charging siblings, seeing faces he had long since lost baying for his blood. Weird ,wrong and as down right terrifying as this situation was already the fact that Arthur who Edward knew was dead first hand, was pulling the strings. The shock of the situation was what was causing the fear reaction he was currently suffering from. Edward needed to ractionalize the situation fast or he would certainly be crushed by the weight of his fears or the army now mere feet away. Edward had always feared that he would have to do harm to thoose he loved for the greater good, its the fear that kept him awake at night and produced the coldest and most prelonged sweats of his nightmares when he did sleep. Was this situation another hallucination brought on by his rewired powers ? was it some sort of COP's training exercise teaching him to face his fears. All he knew is he was in bad trouble his powers where unreliable at best right now and even at his best facing 99 supers by himself is a battle 99.9% of the time hes not gonna win.
The first line of the wave of Windsors hits Edward like a train, in the eye of the hurricane Edward is being hit from all directions there was no space he was closed in. Parrying away every attack he could  wasn't enough every one he blocked a hundred landed. The pain overtook him  as the blows where begining to tell all over his body, his armour had been pushed way beyond it abilty to help and there was no escape. Edward fell to the ground  bloody beaten and swollen every muscle alive to the song of pain which was dancing through his nervous system. Then the masses stopped " Edward iam so dissapointed u surely knew you couldnt hold this many people off, what are you holding back for? you showed no such restraint when you  paid me that little hospital visit." Arthurs statement dug deeper into to Eddy's body more than any of the blows he just sustained he always knew how to trigger a nerve in Edward it was his one true gift.  Edward mummbled a reply that was barely audible " Arthur i will not raise a hand to .."   Arthur cut him short " Edward, Edward, Edward iam gonna level with you. You will fight back, you will do your damnest and you will die. A hero is supposed to give everything for the cause iam not seeing 100%".  The Windsors stepped back allowing Edward to his feet. "I know your fear's brother and your not big enough to beat them, u will warp and break  to them or you will die at the their hands simply becuase you fear not just the fears themselves but yourself also. You make it so easy. Windsors ROUND 2 ."
Edward knowing that this could very well be his last stand prepares for the next onslaught. But just as the wave is about to hit  him the scene changes around him once again " Fear is such a fun toy to play with, hmm what should i do next " Arthurs once again formless voice echoes in the void of nothingness currently surrounding Edward. As swiftly as the darkness came its once again gone leaving Eddy in a room he knew well it was the source of his greatest shame. The familiar beep of hospital equipment, the glimmer off the protective plastic covers over a frame of a shinny metallic bed, the room Arthur died in.  " Looks like you need further stimulation brother so we are gonan have a little family play. I'am sure your aware of the plot and the characters. So lets raise the curtain."  As the words fade into nothingness Edward  is bombarded with the deeds he commited  repeating over and over. Trying to turn away just kept moving the room with him , closing his eyes projected the image onto his eyelids like little televisions. Edward begins to scream as he once again falls to his knees " What do you want from me! ?Iam sorry ok , iam so sorry. You dont think this haunts me already. Get out of my head."  As Edward screams  a huge blast of telepathic energy surges form his body slamming the images in front of him into the walls of the room shattering them into a million tiny pieces like a panel of smashed  glass.Edward Closes his eyes and turns his back on the explosion.


 Reopening his eyes and turning back around to find himself facedown on the floor of the Champions meeting room. The chair he was sitting in and a large percentage of the table turned to splinters by what Edward could only assume was the shockwave of power he just realised. Eddy helped himself up and looked at the others some still at the table some on the floor in the area around him. The ones still seated  sloutched in their seats like they where drugged or asleep. The others on the floor almost lifeless looking laid out on their backs.  Before Edward could check on any of the others scattered around him another voice could be heard in the room. This new voice unlike any of the voices he had heard ealier, or even the any of the voices he could reconize from within the COP's " Mr Windsor you have just made the situation far far worse for yourself . Instead of dieing in a sleep like state you have forced our hand. Brother Deimos Crush this fool and let me contuine our work."
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A Sleep so Subtle

A solemn feeling that no else could deny, no movement just his eyes concentrating on that face.  "What is it my son?  Cat got your tongue?"  The repulsive words of his father was nothing at first yet it got worse.  "Didn't you miss your daddy?  Its all you ever talked about"  Hands caressing his face turns him on but it only makes this moment terrifyingly disgusting, for his ex-wife pushes her dearly beloved off of his seat.  Her overbearing laughter and his continuous remarks were surely tantalizing but it was only the beginning. 
Screech!!  "Ahh!"  His eardrums pound therefore popping as the noise of metal scratching metal gets closer and closer.  "Shite!  (Oh such fowl language daddy?)  What?  (Shut up Eva you know that father always child proof's cuss words)  Who are you?"  Screech!!!  "Ahh!!"  Standing before him were his twins lead by his manipulative mother.  "M-mom w-why?"  He said with a single breath.   Joan tries to move but Cassandra suffocates her son by pushing the heel of her shoe onto his throat.
"Why?  Too teach you a listen baby boy.  Be a man and stop being little--!"  Clank!  Her sword is deflected by a shield manifested by his willpower.  "Grandma!"  Eva and Evan attack in a cohesive manner but to no avail are they prepared for their father's might.  Their daggers shatter when they clash with his fists.  Closure grabs them both by the ear and yells.  "Play time's over!"  Shoving them onto the floor he turns to his mother who holds his father tightly.  "W-what's going on?"  A kick to the temple startles the Son of Thunder and for a second he can't see at all. 
Her yellow Okinawan sai cuts his shoulder and when he clutches the wound, her fist collides with his nose.   A choreographed fighter with amazing technique, Danielle the Donna Mary strikes with amazing accuracy.  For a moment he fades away but when he awakes the room is a white as snow, rain pours from the ceiling, his vision is blurry at first but when he can see he wishes this was nothing more than an awful dream.  Suicidal whispers loom in his mind as the bodies of everyone he has ever cared for lay dead. 
"You incompetent fool!  You cannot handle no one such as me!"  Startled the Son of Thunder looks ahead in the dreary distance as the mother of his children fights endlessly with Hesperus.  "You little blunt son of a bitch I can bid you away like a dirty tissue.  (So, why haven't you defeated yet Donna Mary?)  Because, I wanted you to die near your polar opposite little one!"  A kick to the throat drops the boy on his knees.  Inches away Jason rises, drenched in blood, but ready to win this battle.  "I will not die!  (Oh yes you will and you Joan will watch as I give these two closure!)  Not if I can help--"  Shunk! Slash! Gluck! 
"No!!"  The Morning and Evening Stars finally fall by the hands of a mere stranger.  "You monster!"  Danielle licks the fresh blood from her weapon and inhales the musky atmosphere.  Her movements slowly slur as the rain drops stop midair, in the midst of drama the sands of time pause as a white light flashes before his eyes.  A woman of beauty releases him from the straps that bond him to a chair.  She speaks rather quickly hoping he will eventually catch on. 
You do not deserve this child.  This nightmare will cease to exist if you are willingly ready to be a hero.  (Who are you?  What are you?)  I am a watcher that wishes you the best and that is all you must know for now.  Now please shh, young one I do not wish to alarm the others.  I am here to end your pain, I know what it is to worry about the thoughts of others.  (Alright, come on)  What are you saying mortal?  (If you can help me then come on!  I can still save them and I t-think I believe you)  As you wish Joan Rochelle Zeraz the Son of Thunder, grab my hand and embrace your true potential. 
Her hand uplifts his spirit and a silver armor wraps around his body, the Son of Thunder charges away as the time resets itself.  "Joan no!"  Closure punches the stomach of the Donna Mary and pulls her in.  "Kill me, I know you like it."  Joan looks into her eyes and tears up as he speaks.   
"Danielle you don't think this hurts me?  My father is a man I'll never know and my mother is a woman I'll never please.  Don't you think I worry that our kids will never have a real family which is something I've always prayed for?  Sure I've been lucky to be bathed in riches but what I've only wished for was someone to love and to hold but you messed that up for me.  So, yeah my greatest nightmare is for my confusing life to fall apart with me being the reason why it happened.  But now I see my wrongs as you look me in the eyes.  I've lived my life with too many lies so I'm done going through self-loathing episodes, blaming all my problems on my parents, and crying over the past.  I know where I need to stand now and I'm more than ready to be a man and a hero for the right reasons.  I want to protect and serve, to uses my money as a benefit to society, to make sure my children grow up in a stable environment.  And without knowing it the Champions of Peace are my family now and I will do anything to make sure no harm comes their way if my kids are to be apart of my new lifestyle.  As of now all I feel sad because this is not reality, but when the time is right I'll talk to the real Danielle and my past will finally be my past.  Its time I stop being ignorant and do my job, its time to save lives in the best way I can" 

Awake for a New Day

Reopening his eyes the Son of Thunder was still in shock from a dream so real. Cough! Dusting off debris from the broken remains of the table from which the Champions talked, Joan rose still flabbergasted from his prior engagement.  Around him lay all his teammates either unconscious on the floor or slouching on their respective seats.  Across from Closure was Eclipse in a deep sleep but alive nonetheless.  Smiling after seeing his leader with not a single bruise, Closure spins around to hear a strange voice.   "Mr Windsor you have just made the situation far far worse for yourself . Instead of dieing in a sleep like state you have forced our hand. Brother Deimos Crush this fool and let me contuine our work." 
"What going on?"he whispered to himself.  Nothing you can't handle my invulnerable warrior.  That voice was familiar, in fact it was the same one that had freed him from such a strange bondage.  Do not speak just yet.  From now on you will have the power of invulnerability, persuasion, aerokinesis, and intellect my mortal friend.  Use these gifts wisely and protect Clara Mass.  "What?"  His voice was to loud and it gathers the attention of two men he could not recognize.   "Oh crap!  Windsor be careful!"

<Joan!  Your'e getting me worried.  Deactivating your comm-link didn't work honey (I'm sorry) What?  (I'm sorry and I need your help.  What am I looking at?)  Oh, I think those are the Greek gods Deimos and Phobos.  (That can't be true.  Are you sure?)  Yeah, and judging by your'e power upgrade its looks like you might be able to take them on or even help your teammates.  (What do you mean?)  Judging by the energy reading and its structure, I think you're holding a soul dagger>  
"CHAMPIONS ASSEMBLE!!"  Closure wanted them to get up, all of them, to stand side by side against a common threat that could only be defeated by their combined might.  Raising his soul dagger he attempted to awake them from their slumber and show them that the nightmare that has made them so reclusive is nothing more than an illusion.  "Come on!"
(Oh dear Hera you have intervened in the work of our King!  How foolish of a woman are you?)  Judge me not by my actions Apollo for Zeus has done the same for the likes of Perseus and Hercules so why must I be judged?  It is time for a fearful symmetry as Deimos and Phobos feel my indirect rage.  (But Hera this Joan is not your offspring.  I will not watch this any longer my Queen)  No, do not leave Apollo for I wish to watch the finale of this tale.  Joan has a heart after all and with just a little push, he moves in the right direction.  And if you must know there are magical barriers that prevent me from protecting my grandchild, Joan is best fit to be my granddaughters protector.  (Surely, you do not wish them together?)  No!  In these times blood must never mix with blood.....however the one called Over Kill does suit her best.
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"What the hell are you talking about?!" Eclipse screamed, shaking his head and trying to back away from Hesperus, before remembering that he couldn't walk, he was still crippled. As the young killer approached, Jason began to panic, knowing that he wouldn't be able to use his powers with Damian there to cancel him out. Running his hand along his back, he used a trick he had originally used immediately following his disability, when he was to fight his friend Longshot in a power-dampening room. He found the gap in his spine, made by the painted thief Portrait's enchanted dagger, and channelled electricity into it. The pain was excruciating, but it did the job, as an electrical link was established between his upper and lower body. 
Cautiously, he moved his legs, feeling a surge of adrenaline and excitement as he felt his toes wiggling. It was only a temporary solution, as the electricity caused major damage to his spine and if he left the electrical link there it would eventually eat away at his spine, leaving nothing. Wobbling, Eclipse staggered to his feet, using his sword as a crutch until he regained his balance, and then pointed it threateningly at his enemy. "You." Jason said with determination, trying to convince himself more than anything else. "You did this. You infiltrated this team and killed them all, to get to me. You... Wanted to break my spirit, but it won't work!" 
"Break your spirit?" Damian sneered, twirling his twin blades in his hands. "We both know that's a life, Lucifer. I never wanted to hurt you, I just wanted to kill you. It was simple, either you die, or we both die. Because if I had killed you before today..." He gestured at the dead Champions, standing in the centre of the broken table. "This wouldn't have happened. I came here seeking a family, and you have taken them away from me. You have to die!" Hesperus lunged at the Morning Star. 
"No! You're lying!" Jason roared, parrying the blades of his opponent with his broadsword and swinging across, aiming to land a hit on the young boy. But when the sword made contact, Damian simply faded away like a cloud, reappearing behind Jason with a devilish grin. 
"You think you can kill me? You don't have any idea what I'm capable of." He lunged once more and their blades clattered for a while, until Jason landed another hit and his enemy vanished once again. This cycle kept repeating itself, as Hesperus added more and more fuel to the fire with his insults and jibes. This was infuriating to the young hero, whose swipes with the sword got even fiercer, more ferocious, until finally... 
"DIE!" Eclipse roared, plunging his sword through the stomach of the ten year old assassin, as it protruded out of the back of his chest and splattered his cape with blood. The look of rage on Jason's face vanished immediately, as he realized what he had done. "No... I'm sorry, I don't..." He shuttered, releasing his blade and backing away from his fallen enemy. As the life faded from the eyes of the little demon, the look on his face finally relaxed, no longer contorted with rage, but instead revealing a child, terrified at the thought of his own death... Just like Jason, all those years ago... 
"You see? I was right... You had to die..." Damian whispered, falling to his knees and staring at the ground. "You're killing this planet, Jason, can't you see that? You need to stop..." With a wave of his hand, the blade of Eclipse slid out of Damian's torso, levitating in the air in front of the Teen Wonder. The child fell to the ground in a head, the life leaving his body, along with the last words... "You need to die..." 
Jason's eyes leaked tears, as he heard the sounds of death all around him... He felt millions of lives being snuffed out... He saw a vision of his home, of Vine City, and the devastation he had caused there. With shaking hands, he took the blade he had murdered Hesperus with and held it high in the air, resting the point of the sword against his own chest. It was time, to make an end... 
And as Jason's nightmare unfolded in his mind, it also become a reality. As Edward Windsor and Closure broke through their fears, the brothers of Fear and Terror realized they must find another way to end this. For at the same time as Jason prepared to take his own life in the dream world, so too his his true body. In the real world, Eclipse was levitating out of his chair, holding his trusted sword against his own chest, as the Godly duo smirked at Closure's attempt to rally the troops. 
"Halt!" Deimos raised a hand, before pointing at Eclipse, directing the attention of the conscious Champions at him. "If any of you make a move, then your leader will pay the price!" Phobos continued, glaring around the table. "You will surrender to our control..." Deimos added. "You will return to your nightmares..." Phobos grinned maliciously, as both twins said in unison: "Or the one you call Eclipse will die."
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...Soon there was silence in the room. Ryan looked up and said, "Not you..." From the ground, Ryan looked up and saw his former kung-fu master, Jeong. Jeong was considered one of the best fighters in the world, until he became dirty and joined a terrorist organization along with Ryan's former archery teacher, Tenzin. 
"Yes, Ryan. It is me." said Jeong as he was walking around Ryan. "You were pathetic to not kill me when you had the chance, you are a failure... you don't deserve to be my student. You are a disgrace!"    
  "No. Your teachings were extreme" said Ryan, "you wanted me to kill people. That's not th-" 
"The Way? It is the way. Only the strong will survive Ryan. Look, you did not kill your nemesis and so lives were lost. IT IS YOUR FAULT THAT THEY DIED RYAN, YOURS!!!"  
  "Shut up! Just shut up Jeong!" more tears streamed down Ryan's eyes.   
  "You cry because you know it is the truth. You know it, I know it, and the people that love you know it." 
  Ryan began to scream, "I TOLD YOU TO BE QUIET!!!" Ryan jumped up and began to punch the figure in front of him with his eyes closed. As he opened them, Jeong was gone, but a voice was heard.  
  "You are weak. It was right that you tore off your mask. You don't deserve to wear it." Ryan turned around and saw his former archery teacher, Tenzin.  
  "You had the courage to shoot an arrow Ryan, but you lacked the rage it took to make your shots meaningful." said Tenzin. 

"What are you doing here?" Ryan asked calmly. 
  "To point out, that your lack of rage is the reason why your family is dead." 
"No. It was not my lack of rage Tenzin, it was-" 
  "It was what? Huh? What? Your stupidity? Your foolishness? If it wasn't for that Ryan then what was it? You are one of the worst students I have ever taught. The reason is simple, you hate to be judged. You are worried that judgement will affect you emotionally. Isn’t that right?”     
Ryan looked at Tenzin with rage and began to charge at him, but Tenzin disappeared into the dark. 
"Ryan..." said a mysterious voice. Ryan turned around and saw his former kenjutsu(swordsman) teacher, Riku. 
"What?" asked Ryan, "Are you going to tell me my failures too? 
"No," Riku replied, "I am going to tell you the truth... to begin, you have done well as my student and even better as the Crimson Eagle. I am proud of you." 
"Why aren't you berating me like the rest?" 
"The reason is that you have done the right things rather than the bad. If you killed like what Jeong wanted, then you would have been a murderer, something your parents and Michelle would not have wanted you to do. If you had the rage like what Tenzin wanted, then you would have been a killing machine, but you knew that rage was never a force to be controlled. Finally, you believed that the deaths of your parents and girlfriend were your fault. But they were not. It was the fault of the villain that caused their deaths, not yours. From that point on, you knew that you wanted to help people and save them from villains. That is why you are the Crimson Eagle, the compassion in you is strong." 
Riku then picked up the mask that Ryan took off and gave it to him saying, "You do deserve this." 
Ryan was then happy as he took the mask in his hands, but he soon asked, "Was this a test of faith or something?" 
Riku replied, "No Ryan. I have taught you that the way of the sword needs both physical traing and mental training. I am your sub-conscience, and now I am telling you that someone is trying to manipulate you using fear."  
 "My fear? Who wou-" 
"My time has gone by Ryan. I am liberating you from this realm of darkness only if you confront your fear. Good-bye Ryan, and good luck." 
Riku then disapeared into the darkness. Ryan thought for a moment and soon understood how to confront his fear. He put on the mask and said, "I AM THE CRIMSON EAGLE!!!" 


Ryan began to open his eyes, he was on the floor of the Champions' meeting room. He saw members of the Champions of Peace on the floor, but some were up already with worried looks in their eyes. The Crimson Eagle then heard, "You will surrender to our control..." 
"You will return to your nightmares..." 
Ryan looked up and saw two fiendish people next to Eclipse and began to look as shocked as the awoken Champions. 
 "Or the one you call Eclipse will die."

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Angeni held her mother in her arm's covered with her blood, her eye's were filled with rage, hate, tears and revenge. She looked up at the sky and shouted. " GRANDFATHER!!!! YOU WILL PAY!!!!". The goddess looked back down at her mothers body and noticed her eye's began to glow bright blue like the ocean. Her eye's widen once she saw her mother returned as a mysterious spectre made of translucent green light. " M-Mother?". She trembled. The goddess of wisdom smiled and nodded. " My child. You must bring a end to my father once and for all before it's too late. "Angeni looked down at the ground and let out a sigh." I can't kill him....... The god's of Olympus will all be at his side and they will not hesitate to kill me." Athena shook her head. " He and the god's are weak without this my child..... I offer you more than help Helena Troy, I offer you power! I offer you the Blade of Olympus; it was this blade that ended the Great War and defeated the Titans! Use it to end my father and get revenge on what they did to our city". A large, incredibly powerful sword with a bluish light in its blade appeared out of nowhere into Angeni hands. She looked up at her mother who vanished into the air. 
The goddess with anger held up the blade of Olympus and shouted. " ZEUS! Your granddaughter is coming for you. I BRING THE DESTRUCTION OF OLYMPUS!". Angeni whistled and a large white winged horse flew out of the cloud's and landed in front of the goddess. Angeni smiled and got on the winged horse known as Pegasus. " TOO OLYMPUS!!! ". She shouted and the two lifted off into the sky seeking to end Zeus and Olympus for entirety. As, the goddess road Pegasus to Mount Olympus with the blade of Olympus in her hands, she could hear two children laughing in her head and speaking to her. The two sounded familiar but she couldn't figure who they were. " HA, HA, HA, HA!!! You're not going anywhere princess of Athens!". Angeni tried to ignore the children voices in her head but they were strong, and annoying. The goddess could see the highest mountain in Greece, Mount Olympus. Angeni commanded Pegasus to fly faster but before the beautiful white winged horse could obey the horse had suddenly vanished. Angeni then fell from the sky like a meteor about to crash into the Aegean Sea. The goddess closed her eye's enjoying the breeze before she could die and suddenly everything went black. 


 Reopening her eyes the princess of Athens woke up from her nightmare that brought anger, and fear into her."Halt!" Deimos raised a hand, before pointing at Eclipse, directing the attention of the conscious Champions at him. "If any of you make a move, then your leader will pay the price!" Phobos continued, glaring around the table. "You will surrender to our control..." Deimos added. "You will return to your nightmares..." Phobos grinned maliciously, as both twins said in unison: "Or the one you call Eclipse will die." Angeni stood up tall and noticed that this whole nightmare attack was caused by her own family members, Phobos and Deimos. " Sons of Ares. Why are you doing this and who sent you to attack my family?!". The goddess said with anger that she held against the two for what they have done to her and her friend's. " Take me, I am the one you two are after not them! I will trade my life, my soul for them."  The goddess sighed.



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The Nightmare

"Am I going to...die in this place?"Aaron muttered to himself as he sat in the middle of the still abandoned Time Square. He had tried to look for people for what seemed like hours, but after a while it was obvious that this wasn't the real Time Square. Multiple times he tried to go somewhere else, but every time he went too far he would lose consciousness and wake up back in Time Square again. He had tried yelling, he had tried praying, and he had tried to use his sword to maybe shine some light on his path as he tried to escape, but nothing worked. His perception of time was also altered, making his brief time in the nightmare feel like a few days. He was tired, thirsty, hungry, and alone in a world of shadows.

The worst part was that ever since he arrived it had been getting colder, but also darker. Aaron began to fear that eventually the only way he will be able to see and survive would be with his powers. And with his energy slowly being drained as he used it, even his powers couldn't hold off the darkness forever. Part of him wanted to just give up, maybe use his sword to take his own life and end it all. He knew that soon he would be engulfed by the darkness, and that to die of dehydration or starvation alone in the dark was a fate worse than just suicide. For a second he glanced down at his sword and wondered if maybe it was a good idea, but quickly tossed the idea aside knowing that it was against his faith. And if there was anything he could depend on here, it was only his faith. He prayed that God would find him safe passage home, and that gave him just enough hope to keep trying.

"Then where is your so-called god?" a voice said from beyond the shadows, and Aaron immediately jumped to his feet and lifted his sword, "If he indeed exists then he is either too weak to save you or is simply content to let you die here! And you WILL die here!" The voice was deep and booming, making it seem like the voice was all around him. It filled his mind with a sense of dread, and it took almost all of his willpower to resist the urge to run.

"Who are you!?"Aaron yelled as he kept turning, trying to spot any sort of movement,"Show your face you coward!"Almost immediately right after Aaron spoke his challenge, he noticed a thick pool of black ooze begin forming in front of him. As it spread across the ground a figure began rising out of it, and as Aaron saw who it was he almost dropped his sword. It was his own figure rising from the ooze, but this Aaron was a twisted visage of the original. Its white and blue clothing was mysteriously clean even after rising from the ooze, but it's face was far from that. It had Aaron's face, but the same black ooze that it spawned from was coming from its mouth, its ears, and its bloodshot red eyes. It wore a huge grin as the ooze fell down its face, and it took a few steps towards Aaron before speaking.

"Here I am lamb of God!"the creature said mockingly in the same voice that first called to him, "And I am not alone!"As it finished speaking more pools of the black ooze appeared all around Aaron, and as the pools began to spread more figures rose from them. This time instead of being twisted forms of himself they appeared as twisted versions of people he knew, the other orphans he grew up with, the children that he tried to help with his charity work, his fellow team mates in the Champions of Peace, and even Sister Emily. They all rose from the ground with the same black ooze coming out of their faces, and they all wore the same grin as his doppelganger. Just as the first one had, they all took a few steps towards him and then stopped. Aaron was surrounded, and it was obvious that he was going to have to fight his way out of this if he wanted to stay alive, even though he was still weakened by his time there.

"These are the people you wanted to save!"the doppelganger exclaimed with raised arms, "And I don't think that they want your petty salvation after all! I think that they will be happy to just tear you limb from limb!" the clone clapped snapped its fingers, and the crowd began to advance slowly upon the terrified Aaron. He continued to spin around with his sword upright, doing his best to come up with a plan. He closed his eyes and released a blinding light from his sword as he charged, and swung it at the creatures in front of him. He cut a few of them down, but the others managed to grab his jacket and throw him back into the center of the group, and then they all charged. As they advanced he began swinging his sword wildly all around him, hoping to hold them off for at least a few seconds, but it was no use. They began clawing at him as they attacked, scratching his face and ripping parts of his jacket off, and yelling their taunts at him as they continued to try and kill him. He released a huge flash of light that knocked them off of him for a second, but before he could swing his sword in retaliation one of them grabbed it and threw it aside, sending it flying away and onto the ground.

"Now do you understand how weak you truly are!?"the doppelganger yelled as the others once again overwhelmed Aaron and began tearing at him, "How can you say that you will save the world when you can't even save yourself?!"It walked over towards them and snapped its fingers, ending the assault, but then they grabbed the defeated hero by his arms and brought him to his knees. Their assault had covered his face with large gashes that bled down his face, his jacket forcefully removed, and his shirt torn apart. He tried to stand up and push them off, but the creature that took the form of his leader Eclipse rammed a blade into his chest and punctured his lung, bringing him back down as blood began to stain his shirt and run down his body. They continued to hold him down as the "Shadow Aaron" approached, and the creature began to laugh in his face as it knelt down and got on Aaron's eye level. He tried to turn his head away from the monstrous doppelganger, but It grabbed his chin with one of its hands and forced his face forward.

"I ask you again, where is your precious so-called god?!" the creature yelled with a deathly serious look as it brought its face close to Aaron's,"And why should this god care about an insignificant being such as you anyway?! You're nothing more than an insect! An insect with so much pride that you truly believe that you can save the world!" The creature spat ooze in Aaron's face, then began to smile again as it stood up,"Your crime is that of every mortal; hubris."the creature extended its right hand and a black version of Aaron's sword began to rise from another pool of ooze, "And your punishment is death."It raised the weapon into the air with both hands as the other creatures forced Aaron's head down,"May your dead god have mercy on your pathetic soul."

Aaron closed his eyes in preparation for his death, but after waiting and hearing what sounded like something flying by he opened them and glanced upward to see his sword embedded in the abdomen of his doppelganger. The sword then released a huge flash of light that disintegrated all of the creatures around the battered hero, allowing him to rise to his feet. He looked at his sword with awe as it continued to simply float into the air and tried to touch it, but it moved away from his hand."Are you the spirit that gave me my powers?" he asked,"Are you....God?"There was no response, but the sword then began flying away from Aaron and planted itself into the ground at the end of the street. It began to release more light to show him the way, but as he began walking towards it more pools of ooze formed, and the very same creatures that rose from it before, including the "Shadow Aaron", came again. This time though, they no longer wore grins on their face, replaced instead with expressions filled with only rage.

"Kill him!"the doppelganger yelled as they began charging after him, and in response Aaron began running as well, even with the chest wound and various other injuries. The mob of creatures chased him down the street as he ran towards his sword, more blood pouring out of his wounds  as he pushed his body to its limits. As he approached the sword he could see a wall of of light, and on the opposite side of this wall he could see the Champions of Peace meeting room. He could see his own body on the ground, and the others were also in comatose states. Only the ones known as Joan and Edward were awake, and they seemed to be in distress.

"I'm coming!"
Aaron yelled as he continued forward, but then he turned to spot his attackers and saw them rapidly catching up to him. At the rate he was going the would catch him before he made it to his sword so he tried to run faster, feeling his lungs burn as they tried to take in enough oxygen to keep him going. He was close to the sword now, and right when he began to feel like he was safe one of the creatures jumped on his back. He looked and saw that it was Sister Emily who was trying to choke him from behind.

"Just give in!"the shadow version of her howled,"Even if you escape it's all over! You will all die!"She bit into his neck and he let out a scream of pain as he came upon the end of the street. Aaron leaped forward and grabbed his sword, its light disintegrating the creature on his back, and he ran into the wall of light. His vision this time was blinded by light instead of darkness, and he once again felt himself lose consciousness...

The Champion's Tower

He woke up in the meeting room, in the same spot he fainted in, and moaned in pain as he tried to stand. "You will return to your nightmares..."a pair of mysterious voices said as Aaron regained his footing, "Or the one you call Eclipse will die."He heard the name of his leader and whipped around, seeing none other than Eclipse holding a blade at his own chest. He then saw the others who had awakened, and pulled the sword from his back. Aaron looked at the others who were awake before turning his gaze upon the two gods that had put him through hell. Then Angeni began yelling at them with an anger that would bring a regular man to his knees, saying that they could take her instead. He wanted to say something, but he decided that it was best to just stay quiet and look for an opening to attack, or look for a way to save Eclipse....
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It seems Ethan's words could not reach the hero and as his body began to levitate in the air, sword trained at his chest Ethan looked to floor. Stricken with the grief at his failed attempt, anger began to surmount his mournful feelings. Just as he was about to erupt Ethan found that Eclipse had awakened from his deadly hypnosis. Ethan could feel the veil being lifted, and one by one each member awoke from their nightmares, reentering a new one. Closure sprung up with new found energy, invoking a cry Ethan heard many times in his childhood. "Champions Assemble!" The inventor couldn't help but chuckle at the phrase. Others awoke, such as Angeni, a newcomer to squad same as Ethan. In his time in Olympus Ethan caught a brief glimpse of her in which she was arguing with her father. Making due note of her fiery temper, Ethan kept his distance. Now she stood amongst the hero, offering her life in the stead of Eclipse's.   
Ethan knew that her brothers would not accept such a trade, so it was a matter of time before their hand would be forced. Ethan, was the closest physically to the altercation and felt inclined to act. He analyzed the young gods, noticing that Phobos stood closer to Ethan and Deimos was directly behind Eclipse. With so much as a thought the brothers could annihilate every single mortal in this room. Yet  they chose to play games with the minds of others, which Ethan interpreted as their primary commands. Who ever sent them here had no intention of outright slaughter initially. If Ethan decided to call their bluff, he would be placing them in a compromising situation where they may act outside of what their commands were. Ethan realized that this situation was too dangerous for him to gamble on a theory.  
In response to the two brothers actions, Ethan sprang forward. a white aura encased his frame and glowing white wings sprouted from his back. A halo hovered over his now white streaks of hair and his outfit transformed to that of a form fitting toga. His arms were much longer and claws with blue tips replaced his fingers. Before a second past Ethan was behind Phobos, his sword, the kietsu, laying against Phobos neck. "I possess enough strength to cut even Zeus in my true, godly form. Release my leader before I end your brother." Ethan spoke with a strong tone even though his words held no truth. The form he had taken was not the form of a god, simply a form he'd created when he would access his magical powers. Hopefully his bluff would not be taken lightly and the others would use this situation to try and pry Eclipse away from Deimos.   

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>> Y-you're dead. You can't be here. <<  The young adventurer didn't want to believe it...his first enemy, who he was so sure he had killed before..alive.
I am the morning and the evening star, the god of rebirth...did you really think I could have been killed so easily? the spirit of the sun asked smugly.  They were both still floating in a black void, remaining visible yet nothing else appeared to be present.  The chain of events I started have only been delayed.
>> What do you want with me?! << Izaac shouted.
You'll see, the ancient king smirked.  With that, the void dissolved, and Aton's image along with it.  The walls and windows of the COP Tower conference room appeared in view as Izaac woke again, still sitting at the table surrounded by what appeared to be paralyzed Champions.  A peculiar, almost burning sensation crawled through his chest.  He tried to stand up, but his muscles wouldn't obey him.  What? he thought.  What's going on?
Time is frozen, thanks to your powers,the voice of Aton echoed in the Wanderer's mind.  And thanks to yourself, the Pharaoh Akhenaton is dead...I had grown rather fond of him as a vessel. You tore us away from our nation, and our family...it is only fair that I repay you.
Had Wando not been panicking and completely terrified, he would've wondered what Aton meant with his first statement...he didn't have the ability to stop time at all.  Or did he?
Aton, now inhabiting the Wanderer's body, rose up from the chair.  Noting the khopesh (sickle sword) lying under the table, Aton picked it up and analyzed its snow white blade, obsidian hilt and skull-shaped gemstone thoroughly.  Ah, the Blade of Hezion, the golden king recognized. You should be more careful with where you bring your weapons, Aton told the kid locked inside his own mind.  Let's see how this thing works, he stated, leaning the point of the blade towards the table.  In a few moments, a ripple of intense cold - followed by a layer of frost - had spread from the blade, first over the table, then throughout the whole room and everyone inside it, save himself.  Interesting.  Knocking over the chair and walking past Overkill, Aton, without any warning, shattered Feral Nova's frozen skull with his fist, Wando's struggle against it having no effect whatsoever.  NO! STEPHANIE!! 
Don't mourn for your friend yet. She was merely human, of no greater importance...like this one also.  A flame ran over Wando's/Aton's arm as he stretched it out in Cly's direction, and a jet of white fire instantly incinerated the Dragon Rider.  It was almost too easy.  Stop..just..stop this!! I'm sorry I killed your host, it wasn't personal!
IrrelevantWalking over to Esmeralda, he used the hilt of the sword to hit her on her front leg, causing her frozen body to collapse and shatter over the floor.
G-d, please..stop!
The God of Israel cannot help you, Izaac.  Aton turned towards the table, and with the wave of his hand, all of the Champions present were engulfed in pillars of fire.  A pattern of flame spread across the table, overwriting the Champions insignia, replacing it with a fiery outline of the Egyptian solar disk with its rays pointing in the direction of the window.
On the inside, Izaac was shrouded in grief and a sense of helplessness...his outer shell, controlled by Aton, showed no such emotion, wearing a calm expression, his irises glowing golden orange.  The sight of the burning skeletons didn't bother Aton in the least.  
Through a sudden a burst of light, the surroundings changed.  Wando recognized the effect, they had teleported.  Around them, were deep red wall murals on painted on metal, depicting scenes of war and carnage; the main light source of the room were the torches anchored to the wall.  Before them stood two soldiers wearing snake-themed armors, holding their swords before the throats of two people very familiar to Izaac...his father, Jason Drake, and his sister, Jenny Drake.  On the podium behind the two guards was a colossal, copper-red, cobra-like dragon, its front feet and claws resting on the floor.  Its head was large enough to fill an average living room, and its slit, toxic green eyes were analyzing the Aton-possessed Wanderer.  The golden king bowed.  <My lord Apophis...the Champions of Peace have been eliminated...the invasion can begin. > 
Izaac, what the hell is going on with you?! Jenny shouted, prompting the guard to press his sword harder to her throat.  The possessed man's eyes darted towards her.  Rising up, he walked up in her direction, motioning to the guard to release her.  Within seconds, he had grabbed her head, and with the sound of a snap, he twisted it around sixty degrees.
JENNY!! Jason yelled out.  Izaac desperately fought to regain control, to no avail.  Aton now motioned to the other guard to move to the side.  A few seconds later, Jason had been incinerated in a burst of fiery light, leaving only ash.
< Now, > the golden king turned towards Apophis, < I am ready to take Earth. >
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Darkness.  In every direction.  The darkest surroundings of nothingness.  The only thing that wasn't completely black, was Overkill.  Silence.  A haunting silence that one would describe as deafness if it weren't for the sounds of horrified screams which echoed alone in the dark, no ears to hear his pleas of mercy.  Overkill, the world's Mightiest Mortal... was helpless.   
"LET ME GO!!! YOU'VE HAD YOUR FUN D#MN IT!  WHY AM I STILL HERE?!"  He laid on the ground, unable to do anything except scream to the darkness.  He'd watched a scene like a movie, where the entire Champions of Peace slaughtered one another.  Every one of his team mates had died before his eyes.  A cruel game created from an unknown source.  And in the state that Peter was in... He thought it had actually happened.  "They're all dead!  They killed each other because of YOU!  You made them do it!  I don't know how but you f#cking did it!  They're gone!  ALL OF THEM!  Jason, Winston, Blair, Joan!"  He squeezed his eyes shut as tears began to pour out.  "YOU MADE THEM KILL EACH OTHER!  You made them kill everyone!  You made them kill me!"  The last image that he was shown burned into his eyes.  He was unable to get the vision of Eclipse charging at him out of his head.  And because it was the last thing he saw before darkness, he believed that Jason had killed him.   
His voice became very quiet as he slowly slipped into madness.  "You made them kill me... you made them... made them... you... kill me..."  He continued on like this for an unknown period of time.  Time did not matter anymore.  He was dead.  His words died away and only sobs of insanity remained, echoing through the darkness.  Darkness... Death... This was all that remained to him.  It could have been centuries that he remained in that position.  Nothing changing.  Darkness, silence, lonliness...  Until.... 
"Hahahahahaha.....HahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahaha...."  The laughter.  The last sound he heard before everything was silent.  The cold and sinister laughter of whoever was running this game.  Peter's eyes opened wide.  He slowly sat up as the laughter continued.  "Did you really think it was over, mortal?"  "No... Nononono... Please, not again.  Notagainnotagainnotagain..."  He beganwhispering 'Not again' as quickly as possible as he closed his eyes tight and covered his ears, trying to keep it out.  "Not again?  Oh I'm sorry.  But, it is going to happen again.  And again.  And again..."  Peter shot up and began running.  Running towards...nothing.  Until the voice came booming from right in front of him.   
"Where are you going, Peter?"  "NO LEAVE ME ALONE!"  He turned left and began running more.  The voice seemed to be right behind him everywhere he ran.  "Where do you think you're going to go that I won't be able to catch you."  Peter screamed as he jumped into the air and flew straight up.  He climbed higher and higher.  The voice came again, right above him as if he would have flown into it.  "WHERE?!"  Peter screamed as he fell backwards.  Unable to keep himself airbourne, he began falling.  Yet, after only a few feet, he landed flat on his back.  He must have flown at least a hundred feet in the air, but he only fell back maybe three feet?   
He laid motionless, hoping that the voice wouldn't see him.  He felt a cold chill grip his feet.  He looked down and saw that the darkness was slowly moving up his legs.  He began panicing, flailing his limbs and screaming.  "No, mortal.  We have another game to play."  "NO!  I'M ALREADY DEAD!  WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?!"  "Oh, you're not dead."  Peter froze as the darkness was now swallowing his face.  "Not yet at least.  Come... The world is waiting for you... For it cannot end... Without you."  Peter screamed as the blackness slowly closed around his eyes.  He saw nothing, heard nothing, felt nothing... And then, as if waking up from a dream.... 

Champion City...?...

Peter opened his eyes.  He was confused.  He could only see through two little slits in front of him.  His armor felt really heavy.  He felt his sword in his hand.  He raised it to look at it.  It was different.  Where his sword was normally rather plain, this one was very detailed and ornate.  He looked down and saw that his armor was also different.  Much bulkier and it covered more.  It was a suit of armor.  Like a medevil knight would wear, but bigger.  He felt like a tank.  Large shoulder pads and a helmet which covered his whole head and face.  He looked at a reflective surface and saw that he looked like the proverbial Black Knight.  Large and menacing.  A long black cape hung off of his shoulders.  He looked around and saw that he was inside somethine.  Something mechanical and it was moving.   
Surrounding him was several armed men with high powered weapons that he'd never seen before.  But, they did have something he did recognize.  The all to familiar "Medicorps" logo.  He looked at his shoulder in the same reflective surface.  Engraved into his armor was the same logo.  This was a sick and twisted future.  One where he ended up in the employ of Medicorps.  They suited him up in heavy infraglium armor to protect their most powerful weapon.  No openings for anything to get through.  He felt the vehicle come to a stop and the door in front of him opened.   
His armed guard ran out in front of him and began setting up a line of defense with soldiers who were coming out of other vehicles like his.  All escorting an individual like himself.  Someone who had recieved the GIFT and each of them had different powers for different situations.  Peter felt like he was trapped in his own body as it began walking out without him telling it to.  He fell into line with hundreds of GIFTed people.  They were going into battle.  But against who?  Oh no... He thought to himself as he looked across the field of battle.  No... Please God don't let this be true.   
In opposition to Medicorps stood the heroes of the world.  Not only the Champions, but We Are Legend and other teams.  Even people he'd come to know as villains lined up against Medicorps' attempt to rule the world with an iron fist.  They must have had their own reasons.  DaggerKlutz, Azrael, Warsman, Rage.  Murderers and theives standing next to heroes like Umbra, Cly, Longshot, Angeni.  Thousands of windows of information on everyone who opposed Medicorps flashed before Peter's eyes.  Then a video screen with the face of Ronald Jacobson, CEO if Medicorps.  He spoke in the same sinister voice that Peter had been hearing for quite some time.  "You've all recieved the available intel on your enemy.  Destroy them withough mercy." 

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Deeper and deeper, the young patriots known as War Killer began to sink further into the darkness, his body twisting and turning, spinning through the void of oblivion as darkness surrounded him on all sides. “Am I dead?” He thought to himself as he closed his eyes, trying to keep him mind from becoming dizzy as his body continued to spin through the emptiness that was the dark void. But suddenly his body stopped and began to float downwards, as if an unknown force was pulling him down, like scuba diver becoming caught in the ocean’s current, unable to break free and unable to fight back, only to be sucked down more and more until his feet finally rested upon solid ground.

“Where--?” But as the confused hero began to speak, a fierce fire suddenly surrounded him, bringing a light to the darkness around him finally. “You’re in my world now boy.” A dark grimy voice spoke to him from within the flames. The fire parted like the Red Sea, as a black shadowy figure appeared from within the flames themselves. “You…” Charles said in pure shock as the figure made himself known. It was the Void, the very thing that just at the mention of made the Star-Spangled Hero’s body tremble in fear. The Void let out a slight chuckled as he stood before Charles, whose body was now frozen in place with fear, “What’s the matter? Can you feel the terror consuming your body?” The Void asked mockingly, as a large villainous grin grew upon his face. “Good.” He let out another chuckle.

“I-I’m not afraid of you.” the young hero tried to lie. The Void looked at him with the same sick grin, “Heh….how about--” the Void snapped his fingers, causing the flames to burst and hope into the air, the bright flames glaring off of War Killer’s shiny red, white, and blue uniform, as what looked like bodies began to form within the flames. “--Now?” Charles’ eyes grew wide as tears began to form and slowly run down his cheeks, his eyes looked around him, watching as the scorched bodies of his parents floated around him and the Void, “M-mom….d-dad.” A slight cry could be heard within the broken boy’s voice, his face now covered in tears as he forced his eyes to the ground, unable to look at his parents’ bodies any longer. “Do feel the fear now, boy? Do you know realize the truth, the truth that will forever haunt you no matter what you do.” Charles’ head quickly jerked up, his clenching his fists as rage now filled his red, tear filled eyes. “SHUT UP! SHUT UP! JUST FREAKIN’ SHUT UP!!!” But with a sharp slap across the young hero’s cheek, the Void violently sent the hero falling to the ground.

“SILENCE! I will never cease until you finally learn the truth that swells deep within your soul, the ultimate truth that has haunted you day and night, the truth that steals the sleep from your eyes and causing you total fear upon the slight hint of it, that no matter how hard you try….” And as the Void spoke, he stood before Charles, holding out his hands as three more bodies appeared. Charles laid on the ground, his face reeling from the painful slap he had just endured from a being one-hundred times stronger than he was, began to cry once more as now floating before him were the scorched bodies of Eclipse and CellPhoneGirl, his closes friends. “Jason….Blair….” his head fell to the ground as he began to weep and sob as a poodle of tears consumed his face as he then looked upon the third body that was none other than of Talon, the girl he loved, “…Laura.”

“….You Can’t Save Everyone.” The Void’s twisted laughter echoed through the darkness, the flames leaping with each one of his chuckles as if hell itself was dancing to his laughs like it was music. “Now, time to put you back to where you should have stayed…” the Void’s hand gripped around War Killer’s neck, the very grip beginning to crush his throat, causing the broken hero to cough up blood and spit as he gasped for air that never seem to come, “…IN OBLIVION!!!” Pulling back his arm, the Void then sent Charles falling backwards with a mighty punch, replaying the same way he was literally “punched” from his own universe, as the he flew backwards into nothingness. “NOOOOO!!!”   War Killer screamed as his body swirled into a void of darkness, his body being pulled and pushed, feeling as if he had just been thrown into the core of a Tornado and was being ripped limb for limb.

                                                   “CHAMPIONS ASSEMBLE!!!”

A sudden voiced cried out through the darkness, as a bring light shined down upon the lost hero. Looking up, Charles watched as a small beam of light shined down upon him, the light getting brighter and brighter until it overwhelmed him so that he could no longer see….

“AH!” With a loud scream, Charles’ eyes shot open as he gasped for air, feeling as if he had just woken from a coma, he looked around as he wasn’t sure what the heck had just happened. Looking up from his chair, he saw Closure standing tall; he quickly realized that it was Joan whose voice he had heard before. “ Take me, I am the one you two are after not them! I will trade my life, my soul for them." Still trying to piece together what had just happened to him, Charles looked over to see Angeni apparently offering herself up to two…children? He didn’t recognize the two and they did not appear to be any villains he had seen be--But his train of thought was cut off as he suddenly saw Eclipse in some kind of trance, along with one of the two kids standing behind him, as Eclipse held his sword to his chest, "You will return to your nightmares...or the one you call Eclipse will die."

“Jason…” Charles thought, his friend was in danger, somehow these two were able to put the whole team in some type of dream stat and now Eclipse was about to be forced to kill himself! “Come on…think!” Someone had to do something, Jason was about to be killed, but how could anyone do anything while--Without warning, the one known as Ethan Stark leaped up from his seat, his body now covered in some type of aura and his finger now tipped with a blue energy of some shorts, "I possess enough strength to cut even Zeus in my true, godly form. Release my leader before I end your brother."

“Perfect timing.” Knowing he was only going to get one shot, he had to take it. Quickly pulling put his pistol, Charles closed one eye as he aimed the barrel of his gun, “Marksmen skills…don’t fail me now.” And with that thought, he pulled back on the trigger, causing a beam of plasma to fire from the gun, sending the energy bullet zooming across the table, hitting precisely on the end of the hilt of Eclipse’s sword, missing his whole hand by just an inch. Breaking Eclipse’s grip, the sword went spinning through the air, until its blade came slicing into the floor, only a few feet away from Eclipse himself who still remained unconscious.

Smoke still rising from the barrel of his gun, Charles stood up from his chair, his shield now on his arm, he held it up high as he shouted as the two villains now had no one to use as their personal shield any longer, “Nap times over everyone. Now Champions….TAKE ‘EM!!!”

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Still caught in a world of death and destruction, the Rider was losing his mind... Meanwhile Esmeralda was trapped inside a dark cave about to be devoured by an enormous spider. As she backed up to get away she found herself caught in a wall of webbing. Thrashing around to escape, the green scaled Dragon's heart froze in fear as the spider moved in for the kill.

Flash! A beam of light burst through the ceiling of the cave, blinding the giant arachnid. More flashes of light broke through the ceiling, cleansing the cave of webs wherever the light shined. The dog sized spiders scurried away into the shadows, and the giant spider disintegrated within the bright sunlight. Blinding bright, Esmeralda lost her sight for a few moments.

Regaining her sight, she found herself in the Champions of Peace room. She had escaped from the illusion on her own, from her blood. Unique to her, Esmeralda's crimson blood was infused with shining light, which was the reason her eyes glowed. This light fought against darkness, and when pumped through her brain, destroyed the illusion of the spiders quickly. All around her, heroes were in trances or coming out of them. Before thinking about anything else, she located her Rider, Cly. He was standing up, with his eyes closed, and had an expression of absolute fear and loss. Speaking softly, she said, >>Wake up, this is only an illusion.<<

Opening his eyes slowly, he blinked, and said confused, "What happened? I saw everyone, they were dead." He hugged his arms around his Dragon's neck, and looked around to see all of the heroes alive. "It wasn't real! I knew it wasn't real!" There was more happening than Cly had realized, and they heard War Killer shout, “Nap times over everyone. Now Champions….TAKE ‘EM!!!” The Samurai responded, "Take who?" As he finished his question he saw two unfamiliar figures. "Oh, did they put me to sleep?" Esmeralda said to Cly, >>According to Angeni's conversation with them, the two appear to be sons of the Greek mythological god Ares. My guess is that they specialize in uncovering hidden fears and allowing them to break spirits.<< The Knight nodded and unsheathed his sword. "Time to send these guys back to where they came from!" His great confidence was in his voice, but his spirit was weakened by the vision he saw. Cly ran towards the two ready to fight, with Esmeralda right behind him.

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Mantoid's mind was empty, asleep without a dream. In her mind she had fallen apart into water, losing control of herself, rolling down a sandy beach into the foamy salt water. Ever since she had returned from the dead, she had been able to bend water to her will for a price. The feeling of being fully human, a feeling that no person realizes they have until it is gone. While she had an incredible power at her fingertips, she had to hold on to the feeling of being human, knowing that if she ever lost it, let it drift away in the waters, she would fall apart and never reform. Her time had finally come and Mantoid didn't feel sad, for her heart and mind were already shattered, her friends on land and the underwater animals rejecting her. Mixing into the rest of the water, her essence was lost within the ever moving waters of the vast Pacific Ocean.


Where Mantoid once sat in her chair, only her skirt, underwear, top, bra, ankle bracelet, snail ear rings, and snake hair tie remained of her. Pooled up on the chair, and on the ground surrounding the chair, was water. She had actually fallen apart into water when she did in her mind. Telekinetic energy expelled from Edward and the water around her chair moved. Waking her blank mind, the water began to move on it's own. Reforming her body, the water rose up in the chair, and picked up her loose clothing. Filling out her chest, then her arms, then her legs, and ending with her head, she touched down to the ground. Fully clothed as before, her water form changed to skin, and Erika opened her eyes. A tear fell from one of her eyes, which was absorbed into her skin before it could fall to the ground. All the heroes she had seen that told her to go, the heroes she had seen drown at her own powerless hand, were now before her. Some in an unconscious or sleeping state, some dazed as she was, and others who appeared to be well awake. Before she could think of anything else, Mantoid had to know if her power was back. Lifting her arm up in front of her, she watched as it lost color, changing to water. Detaching from her shoulder, her water arm burst into thousands of water droplets, all suspended in mid-air. Reforming back to her arm and attaching to her shoulder, the water changed back to skin. She smiled, then thought about the situation that was at happening, and saw two heavenly looking humanoids that she didn't remember being at the meeting.

One of them spoke, "You will surrender to our control..." The other continued the sentence, "You will return to your nightmares..." Together they finished what they had to say, "Or the one you call Eclipse will die." Mantoid clenched her teeth together. Her nightmare had been caused by these two freaks, and it appeared that everyone else had recieved a similar experience. Unacceptable, toying with individual fears by attacking the mind. She was about to use her power to take every molecule of water in their bodies, assuming they were built like normal humans, being comprised over half of water, and wanted to rip the water out of their bodies, but she knew that she would regret that action in the long run. Also, she thought that if she took out both of them right now, there could be complications with getting out of the nightmares, for the others who were still experiencing them. One of the heroes spoke to the nightmare casters, she said, "Sons of Ares. Why are you doing this and who sent you to attack my family?!" Her family? The sons of Ares? Could it be possible? "Take me, I am the one you two are after not them! I will trade my life, my soul for them." Mantoid marveled at what Angeni had said, that she would give herself up to keep the other Champions safe. She heard another Champion speak, Ethan, "I possess enough strength to cut even Zeus in my true, godly form. Release my leader before I end your brother." Such strong words, but did he have the strength to back it up? Erika wasn't sure, for she did not know anything about him.

Walking up to where the two sons of Ares were, she said to them, "Stand down, or you'll never leave here alive." While she was speaking, the waters stirred around the island. Rising like a Tsunami from every side of the island, the water met, and climbed up, enclosing the island in a water dome tens of feet thick.

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Eclipse waited, holding his blade to his chest for what seemed like an eternity. He wanted to do it, wanted to pull the blade down and crashing through his ribcage, but he couldn't. Like there was some other force stopping him from ending it all. He heard muffled noises, what sounded like the voices of his team-mates and signs of a struggle. Suddenly, the heavy sword was sent hurtling out of Jason's hands by a plasma blast. Wide eyed, the teen hero's head snapped to face the origin of the blast, where he saw the corpse of War Killer holding a gun steady. It was a surreal experience... The position of his body and everything about him made it seem like he was alive, but his eyes were cold and lifeless, his skin pale and his uniform in tatters. Blood streamed down his face and though it seemed as if Charles would be weak, his voice indicated otherwise."Nap times over everyone." The voice of Charles Barnes echoed throughout the ruins of Champion City, though the lips of the hero didn't move at all. "Now Champions...  TAKE 'EM!" 
Staring around wildly, Jason was utterly baffled by the situation as the entire world seemed to shudder, buildings vanished entirely and the dead body of Damian faded out of sight. Cly's corpse was suddenly also on his feet, as his voice thundered: "Time to send these guys back to where they came from!" Approaching the animated bodies of his friends, Eclipse leapt backwards as every Champion around the table seemed to instantly be on their feet, all staring at him with their deathly eyes. Their lips moved in sync as a pair of demonic voices roared. "This should not have been this difficult." "We underestimated them, brother." "But they are mortals, worthless creatures!" "Agreed, but their minds are strong." "Perhaps we should not have put them all into nightmares at once?" 
Jason frowned, listening to this debate with some interest for a moment, before he sighed, realizing what was going on. "This is a dream, isn't it?" He groaned, as the voices ceased in a stunned silence. Summoning his power over gravity and breaking through the bonds of his nightmare, Eclipse soared straight up into the sky at an incredible speed. He had never moved so fast, it was tearing away his nano-suit, blasting into his eyes and tearing away at his skin. But he didn't feel any pain, nor did he stop. He continued to fly, right out into the vacuum of space, as his perception began to falter. Stars popped into existence at random, the moon started to shift up and down in the sky and the sun was struggling to grow at a rate that would keep up with his approach to it. "If this is all just some manufactured dream, then it has boundaries. Whoever you are, you can't have imagined the entire universe." With a sudden burst of speed, Jason plummeted headfirst into the sun, and suddenly everything disappeared, replacing with nothing but whiteness. Smiling with satisfaction, the leader of heroes closed his eyes and concentrated on the fact that it was all a lie... 

Back to reality...

His eyes snapped open as he returned to the waking world. Having been aware of the illusion for the last few minutes (or was it seconds? Time in the dream world seemed inconsistent with reality) he was able to figure out that War Killer and Cly were clearly attacking something. So when he too came back to the real world, Eclipse would have to be prepared to assault a threat. He first found himself levitating above his chair, as one blond haired, demonic looking child stood before him in the centre of the table, trapped by Ethan Stark s, and another brown haired, but almost identical child, was behind him. Making a quick survey of the room, he identified who was conscious. Windsor, Ethan, Closure, Scion, Crimson Eagle, Angeni, Cly, Esmerelda, War Killer and Mantoid were all ready to fight. Grimacing slight, Jason knew he would have to improvise... The team had rehearsed many training exercises for situations like this, but most of those who had woken up were new to the team. Eclipse only knew what he had read in their files when they applied to the Champions. That knowledge would have to do. 
"Brother Phobos, do you require assistance?" Deimos asked coolly from behind Eclipse. 
"Nah, brother Deimos. A true God would not have hesitated as long as this one." Phobos grinned as he morphed into hundreds of spiders, falling out of Ethan's grip. The spiders scuttered across the table to reform next to Deimos, as Eclipse floated to the side to get out of harm's way. 
"And your trade will not be necessary, cousin Helena." Deimos smirked at Angeni, as Phobos brushed himself off after returning to his normal form. 
"Yes, we intend to take your soul in addition to those you call your friends." Phobos added. "As Lord Hades instructed." 
"Brother!" Deimos exclained, continuing the act. "We were not to reveal the identity of our employer!" 
"No matter, they will not live to act on that information." Phobos grinned, as Deimos nodded. Out of nowhere, four blades appeared in the hands of the godly twins. They were finely crafted daggers, clearly the work of Angeni's father (though he surely did not know the weapons would ever be used against his daughter) with two fine golden chains running from the hilts of the blades, connecting the pairs together like nunchuks. Each twin clutched one half of a pair of daggers, so the chains ran between the two of them, extending and recoiling in reponse to their mental commands, through the magic of Olympus.

"War Killer, lightning shield!" Jason yelled, levitating higher into the air so that he could observe the meeting room, or rather, the battlefield. Jason and Charles had practiced these types of power combinations before, so it was quite natural  for them. War Killer threw his mighty shield towards the evil pair, as Eclipse summoned a blast of electrical energy and struck the shield with the blast. He then noticed a slight change in the flight of the shield, and looked to Windsor to be greeted with a wink, as the Prince of Power held his hands out, manipulating the path of the projectile with his telekinesis. Grinning in return, Eclipse watched as the electrically charged shield span around the duo, striking them and knocking them back and forth, until they finally broke the concentration of Windsor by hurling a dagger at him. Edward swiftly dodged the attack but lost his control over the shield, which flew back towards its owner. The twins pulled the dagger back using the magical chains and then hurled another, and another.
Seizing hold of the ceiling using his gravitational powers, Eclipse tore the roof off the meeting room and hurled it away, out to sea. "Fliers, draw their fire!" Eclipse commanded, as Crimson Eagle, Ethan, Esmerelda and Cly leapt into the air. Eagle hurled one of his gadgets at the twins while the dragon sent a burst of fire their way, and Ethan fired a colour blast of energy. The flying daggers were now concentrated on those in the air, who dipped and dived gracefully, weaving between the chains. Back on the ground, the leader of the Champions of Peace was formulating a plan. Glancing at Closure, Jason noted a powerful-looking dagger in his hands. Gathering Angeni, Scion, Mantoid and Closure near to him, Eclipse quickly relayed his idea while the brothers were distracted by their attackers in the sky. "GO!" He yelled, as he retreated to join Windsor and War Killer on the other side of the room, ready to intervene if necessary. 
With a flash of bright light, courtesy of the Scion of Light, Phobos and Deimos were blinded. While they were incapacitated, Mantoid summoned the waters from outside, as they flowed in through the open ceiling, collecting all the water so it surrounded the Gods. Encased in a raging ball of water, the duo were tossed around violently, until suddenly the water turned a deep red and oozed away onto the floor, along with pieces of rotting flesh as the water was transformed into a bloody mess by the powers of fear and terror. Scion seemed distracted by something, and Phobos took note of this, throwing a dagger at the young hero. The light manipulator only managed to avoid the blow at the last second, but moving completely ruined his concentration, and Angeni was revealed. 
Scion had been using his powers to bend light around the goddes, rendering her invisible until they were close enough to strike. Now she was very close indeed. Their daggers flying around like helicopter blades, the twins attempted in destroy their cousin, but each blow was deflected by the Bracelets of Victory. Eventually the twins wrapped their blades around Angeni's wrists and pulled her down to her knees. Angeni followed gladly, as leaping out from behind her came Closure, the second individual concealed by Scion's light bending. With a victorious grin on his face, the Son of Thunder sailed through the air, his Soul Dagger raised as he attempted to cleave straight through the face of Deimos. At the last second, both Gods turned into a horde of bats and flew forwards, passing between Angeni and Closure until they reached safety, and reformed. With a look of horror on their faces, the twins realized that they had lost their nunchuk-like daggers, as they had left them wrapped around the wrists of their cousin. Summoning a new variety of hellish weapons to fight with, the twins were far from defeated.

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Champions Tower

The  godly twins having lost their first set  of unearthly weapons look at each other and nod,  as swiftly as they where unarmed they found themselves re-tooled for the fight now armed with a pair of ruthless looking spears. Each spear was tipped at both ends with brutally barbed tips in order to cause as much damage on contact as possible, the two gods laughed  as their weapons arrived " We have the arms of the gods at our dispossal, from the war locker of Olympus itself . You mere mortals  have only weapons forged by man, we will cleave you like butter"  Edward reached over his shoulder and pulled his sword out of his back mounted Scabbard and shouted back at them " This look like a normal weapon to you? as the blade lit up in a magnifficent spark of blue flame, now stop talking and start fighting." 
Edward looked across at Scion of light and Cly  and made a hand signal  to which they all instinctively began to move into place. Scion with  a blast of light faded from sight and began to advance on Deimos the left most  of the brothers approaching from his back ,Edward started to run in circles generating as much speed as he could before he then sprung like a trap at Deimos head on with Cly coming in behind Edward.  Scion let out a great sweeping strike with Lightweaver across the back of  Deimos legs casuing the god to jolt slightly backwards,before Deimos could right himself Edwards Blueflame collided with his chin in an uppercut motion making the god fall on to his back. As deimos fell Cly Flipped over the top of Edwards head showing his excellent acrobatic skill and accuracy by landing on the god chest midair and unleashing his own sword valor on the gods chest as the pair hit the floor. 

 Edward looked over at the flyers who where keeping Phobos with their own team manovers realising now was the time edward send out a telpathic messge to the all the flyers " Switch  Deimos is down  Angeni drop the bomb" in a flash the flyers send out a barrage of attacks on the fallen Deimos  from above ending with Angeni diving from her skyward position into her fallen kin hitting with  such force that the floor beneath Deimos gives way taking the pair out of sight, Edward notices the force of the collision seems to have made Over kill start to stur from his sleep state. Eclipse shouts across to the team from is position alongside  Warkiller  and Crimson Eagle at Phobus's feet  " Divide and conquer,  Maintoid Edward and Cly go down after Angeni and Deimos"   
Edward ran and dived down into the hole in the middle of the champions meeting room floor, following his orders from Eclipse in search of the  pair of god that just smashed through it.  thinking to himsefl " This is gonna be a long day"
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Champions Tower

The Crimson Eagle saw Edward, Mantoid, and Cly go into the hole to follow Angeni and Deimos. As they went down the hole, Eagle thought, Now to deal with this one. He looked at Phobos, he was carrying his dreaded spear with the spiked barbs at the end. Eagle then looked towards Ethan and then he looked towards Eclipse. Eclipse said, "You know what to do." Eagle nodded and he flew to the southern side of the ceiling along with Ethan. As they flew up, the Crimson Eagle tossed Ethan some metal wires. 
Phobos looked at the two heroes flying up, he then looked furious and was in motion to throw his spear at them. Seeing the motion, War Killer threw his shield towards the God and knocked the weapon down on the floor. "You will pay young patriot." said Phobos with flames in his eyes. He then lunged towards War Killer, but Closure tackled the God with great force. The God reacted with a blow to the head to Closure, but the hero evaded the move and uppercutted the villain. 
Eclipse looked towards the south side of the ceiling and saw that Ethan gave the signal. Eclipse nodded and shouted, "ALRIGHT! CHAMPIONS ASSEMBLE!" Eclipse, Closure, and War Killer dashed to towards the villain that was in the air. Eclipse flew up and punched the villain with great force in the stomach and changed the course of direction to Closure. Closure went on his hands and kicked Phobos with his legs, sending him towards the wall. Seeing the advantage, the Crimson Eagle drew his staff and threw it towards the heroes' side of the room and the staff stuck to the wall. As Phobos was going near the placement of the staff, War Killer ran and lept towards the staff. He held on to the staff, spinned himself clockwise in a acrobatic form and kicked Phobos towards the southern side of the room. The Crimson Eagle then grabbed the flying Phobos by the leg and spun around, tossing him towards the ceiling. Phobos went towards the southern ceilng and was trapped by the web of metal wires set up by Ethan. "NOW!" shouted Ethan and Eclipse used his electrical abilities to shock a trapped Phobos before he shapesifted out of the trap. At the same time, War Killer drew his pistol with great speed and fired one shot. As the shot was fired, Eagle and Ethan flew out as fast as they could. The bullet spiraled in the air and hit one of the many bombs Eagle had set up, causing a chain reaction and half of the ceiling collapsed. The Northern side of the ceiling was intact and the rubble of the southern ceiling did not reach the hole where the other champions went into. 
Half the room was in rubble, Ethan and Crimson looked happy at the beautiful contraption they created. But the members were still not satisfied of the outcome. Has Phobos been defeated? They looked on to the rubble and waited. Soon some rocks moved and a hand came out, the champions were shocked as they saw a hand come out of the rocks and heard the evil voice say, "You'll have to do better than that to defeat me."

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Champion Tower- Champion's Vs Fear and Terror

 "Switch Deimos is down! Angeni drop the bomb." In a flash the flyers send out a barrage of attacks on the fallen Deimos from above ending with Angeni diving from her skyward position into her fallen kin hitting with such force that the floor beneath collapsed leaving a deep deep hole through the floor. While falling with Deimos deeper into the hole, Angeni grabbed him by his neck and began to brutally smash the son of Ares face with her bare hands, while they smashed through more and more floor level's, with the last blow she used all her strength to smash both of them into the sewers below.
After a few minutes. The goddess awoken and got up from the sewer water, her face was scared from the rocks slicing her like glass, her body was bruised, and her breastplate in some parts were cracked from how hard she hit the ground with Deimos. Angeni cracked her knuckles and looked around and noticed Deimos body floating on the disgusting sewer water. Could this have meant victory she thought to herself or was it just the beginning. As, the princess was about to fly back up through the hole she had just smashed through, a evil childish laugh echoed from behind her. She turned around to find Deimos standing up on his bare feet with blood dripping down his face like a fountain and his knees were bruised more badly then hers. " You actually think, I would go down so easy my dear cousin? I'm not like Hercules and the Cyclops. I was given more strength thanks to Hades who hired us to destroy you and your little posse". Angeni tightened her fist, she was not surprised that Hades would get a bunch of kid's to do his dirty work and it wasn't the first time. " You will share the same fate as all the other god's when the time come's but for now...... It's passed your bedtime."  She approached her young cousin. 
Deimos backed a few steps back with his eye's widen. " Wait..... what do you mean it's passed my bedtime foolish woman?". Angeni suddenly used enough force and all her strength to knock the twin out with a slap across the face. The goddess watched as Deimos fell back into the sewer water unconscious. She didn't want to do it but she had too for her new family.
Angeni sighed and sat down on the floor keeping an eye on Deimos who floated on the sewer water like a boat. She looked at the new weapon she gained and seen this weapon before. It was known as the Blades of Hephaestus. She only hoped that her father was not apart of this plot, it would tare her like a piece of paper if she knew he was apart of it. After an hour of just thinking about what was going on. Angeni flew back through the hole and returned to the surface holding Deimos like a baby, she looked at her teammates who were still dealing with Phobos but she knew they could take him down if she took Deimos down with just a slap. " One down my fellow Champion's".



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Mantoid awaited a response and received none, with Phobos and Deimos ignoring her threat. She stood back and watched as War Killer, Eclipse, Esmeralda, Cly, Ethan, and Crimson Eagle attacked from the air, with the intent to cause damage and create a diversion for the rest of the team. Scion of Light flashed the room, the goddess of the oceans narrowly escaping the stunning attack. Seizing hold her opportunity, with both twins being temporarily incapacitated, she became a part of this fight. The water she had brought up from the ocean was ready and she effortlessly directed it into the room through the open ceiling. Encasing the two foes in a sphere of water, she created currents inside the sphere that spun in opposite directions, strong enough to rip a person in half.

Turning a deep shade of red, Erika thought for a second that she had actually torn them apart. That is, until she felt her control over the sphere weaken. The water that she had surrounded the two with had been transformed into blood. Given that blood was mostly water, Mantoid could continue but she noticed debris in the water. Rotting meat! Holding herself back from gagging, she let go of her control over the blood and flesh, letting it fall to the ground. Being a vegetarian, she did not like the sight of meat, especially rotting meat from an unknown source. She shook herself out of her distaste and concentrated on what was important, the fight at hand.

Pummeling Deimos, Angeni smashed him down through the floor. Looking at the hole, she was unsure if she should back up Angeni or stay up here to fight. Erika’s thoughts were answered when she heard Eclipse say, “Divide and conquer, Mantoid, Edward, and Cly. Go down after Angeni and Deimos.” Seeing Cly and Edward enter the hole first, she glanced back to the bloody mess that covered the floor and decided that she would clean house later. Peering over the edge of the hole, she was about to jump down when she heard either Cly or Edward, not sure of which, call up the hole, “Deimos is down, Angeni took him out.” Mantoid smiled, a goddess taking out a god. It would be fitting if the same occurrence were to befall Phobos. Erika called herself the goddess of the oceans, but she was not born that way, only acquired it through her death and rebirth. By taking down Phobos herself, it would prove to the others that she really was fit to call herself a goddess.

Behind her, emerging from some rubble, was Phobos. He said in an evil voice, “You’ll have to do better than that to defeat me.” Erika turned around and walked close to the god. She stopped just out of his reach, and said to Ethan and Crimson Eagle, “Stand back boys, I can handle this one myself.” The god of fear laughed at her statement, “No mortal can defeat me, especially one with a weak mind.” She felt the truth in his words, how her mind had been weak, how she had fallen under his and his brother’s spell so easily. She wouldn’t let this hold her back, she knew wouldn’t let this top her. That was the past, and it was time to toughen up. Laughing darkly, Phobos cast a strong illusion of fear on her mind. Pulling her back into the nightmare that she had experienced shortly before, Erika fought against the nightmare. Did anyone even care that she existed? She was water, with a hint of human spirit which she held onto dearly. This would not be her demise; it would be the beginning of a stronger mind. Breaking out of the fear, she said with absolute confidence, “I am not weak minded, I am not mortal, I am the goddess of water!”

Stunned that his powerful fear was not working, he charged towards her. “I’ll kill you myself!” Running straight through her, he broke her body apart. As quickly as her body had fallen apart, she reformed. Before he realized what was happening he slammed into a wall of water. The water encased him, like she had before, except for a special surprise. Floating in the water, were ten box jellyfish, also known as the sea wasp. A single box jellyfish carried enough venom to potentially kill a human. Stinging him all over his body with their tentacles, Phobos cried out in pain. Struggling to hit the jellyfish, he connected with one and hurt it. Angered by his attack, Erika approached the water prison and took it away, returning nine of the jellyfish back to the water, and leaving Phobos soaked wet with thousands of excruciatingly painful stings covering his body. Holding the one hurt jellyfish in her hand, she saw that the wounds were not life threatening.

Watching Angeni rise from the hole she had made carrying Deimos, Erika wanted the goddess to see her finish Phobos. Nearly defeated and in agonizing pain, he said to her, “Who are you?” She replied with a smile, “The goddess of the oceans, Mantoid.” With that, she planted a kiss on his right cheek. He screamed out as half of his face was sucked dry of water. Unable to tolerate any more pain, he collapsed to the ground, defeated. Erika smiled and said, “Victory to the Champions of Peace.”

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"Good work, team." Eclipse smiled, hovering a foot above the ground as Angeni dumped the unconscious Deimos onto the ground, next to his brother, Phobos. The team had really come together to defeat the Godly duo and Jason was proud of them. And yet... It didn't feel right. It felt easy, far too easy. The brothers were the Greek Gods of fear and terror. Would they really let everything boil down to a fist-fight? Looking around the room, the young hero frowned. Paragon was still slumped in his chair, trapped in a nightmare. So was Feral Nova. Overkill and the Wanderer too. "Wait... Something's up." He said, interrupting the celebrations of his fellow Champions. Gesturing at the four who were still sleeping, he asked the general question. "Why aren't they awake?" 
Looking to the pile where the brothers had been laid, Jason eyes widened as he saw that the twins were gone! Staring around the room nervously, the others began to notice the same thing as they also panicked. Looking through the gaping hole in the ceiling, Eclipse saw the sky begin to turn blood red, as clouds twisted and twirled in the air, forming deadly tornadoes. Suddenly, a crimson tornado blasted into the room with the speed of a lightning bolt. The floor began to swirl with the twister, as the Champions were swirled around and around at great speed. Then, with a flash of light, the spinning stopped, and the entire team found themselves in the courtyard, in front of the Tower, beneath the statue of Andferne. Feral Nova, Wanderer, Overkill and Paragon were still unconscious, slumped flat against the ground now. The rest of the team were cautiously waiting for the next move. 
One thing Eclipse found curious was the amount of citizens of Champion City who were out and about. It seemed like the whole population of the island was outside, heading towards... The courtyard? Looking closer, the Teen Wonder's face took on a look of horror, as he saw the anger and hatred painted on their faces. They were yelling and screaming as they charged towards the Champions, cursing them and threatening to tear them to shreds. They had clearly been brainwashed, made to think that the Champions of Peace were in fact the enemy, who must be eliminated. Eclipse didn't need two guesses to figure out who had brainwashed them... 
"You really thought it would be that simple?" The two demonic voices boomed in unison. Deimos and Phobos, their eyes crackling with power, stood before the team. "We are Gods." Another two voices joined in, and Eclipse was surprised to see two exact duplicates of the twins to his left. "You are mortals." Two more copies appeared on the right. "We do not die." Several more duplicates began to appear. "That is your job." 
As the hordes of the many citizens of Champion City descended upon their heroes, the many copies faded into mist. Eclipse levitated above the fray, out of reach of the people of the island. "Don't hurt them! They aren't in their right minds!" It wasn't their fault, he wasn't about to harm the people they were supposed to protect. But he lost sight of many of his team-mates as the crowd surged over them. The mob began to hurl whatever they could find at the leader of heroes, who caught it all easily with his gravitational powers. They were no threat to him, but clearly the two Gods would have realized that. A rumbling sound caused the entire island to shake, as the water surrounding it began to rippled and the skies began to swirl. 
Water was blasted everywhere and the clouds burst open, as two demonic creatures entered the battle. From the depths of the water came a hulking, carnivorous beast, with dozens of rows of razor sharp teeth. He had strong, spiky arms and tentacles writhing about, extending from his back. He stood just higher than the Tower itself. The energy emanating from his eyes made it clear that this was Deimos. From the skies above came a flaming, skeletal bird. Blood dripped from it's huge beak and fiery talons, it's wingspan alone was also almost equal to the height of the tower. This was Phobos, drenched in hellfire. It was clear from the devilish light of the flames that no water could extinguish them. "CHAMPIONS!" Eclipse yelled, over the roars of the creatures. But before he could speak another word, the fear-bird opened its jaws, unleashing a blast of hellfire. It crashed into the hero's back and propelled him towards the terror-beast, who hurled his mighty fist at Eclipse, smashing him into the ground below. As Deimos pulled his arm back, Jason was revealed in a crater, now unconscious. His body started to twitch and go into spasms, as he fell back into his nightmare once again... He could do nothing anymore. It was up to his team-mates.
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Edward  looked around advancing armies of brain washed citizens where closing in around him, the ground was shaking and the sky was darkening. This fight just got a whole lot worse. Hearing Eclipse shout he looked to the sky " Champions.." his words where cut short as he was encased in a veil of fire and then smashed into the earth with great fury by the other twin leaving the Cops now leaderless and down on man power.  Edward looked around him once more his fellow champions all aware of the falling of Eclipse ment that they now have even more slack on each of their shoulders. Edward looked deep inside himself and he knew what had to be done, somebody had to neutralise the citizens and clear a path to the main threats the twins of terror who had dismantled the team. Eddy sent out a telepthaic message to his teammtes " guys i will do all i can to confuse the citizens and keep them off your backs you concetrate on taking the twins out."
Breaking off his telepthaic link to the team Edward then set about reaching into the heads of as many of the citizens around him as possible, knowing the influence of the gods would be to much for him to overpower he simply tried to make the people focus on himself instead. Fueling the thoughts of the hundreds of people around him with misdireted projections of their fears was gonna take nearly all of Edwards attention and would be extremly taxing on his mind, but he had to try to give the team a chance. Edward started to pull the crowd away from the team and they began to rush at him swarming  like bees to the hive. Keeping his mind focused Eddy was having to run at normal speed in order to retain his focus and draw the poeple to safety.  Eddy after a few mins of carefull and focused runnIng manages to draw the citizens across a bridge and onto a different isalnd from the cops HQ. Standing still alone and  in the shadows of the buildings around him Eddy waited as the swarm of people grew ever closer.  Knowing that as long as the people remained concious they could be manipulated he had to do something he  knew wasnt  heroic at all, he had to knock as many of them out as he could and hope that they dont get stuck in the nightmares he had only recently escaped himself.
The swarm of people was now mere inches from Edward , his telepathic hold shattered as he let out a huge telekentic energy blast knocking the surrounding people down to the ground  like skittles. Edward Prayed that his blast would only be enough to incapacitate them and not do them serious harm, looking around him once more he saw the now almost lifeless looking bodies scattered around him. Edward then dashs between them checking their pulses and breathing before pulling out his Cops Communicator " Emergency services this is Edward Windsor i need as many paramedics as you can spare we have hunderds of downed cirvillians here at the corner of 5th and Horsted hurray i shall secure the site untill you arrival".
 With these last words Edwards body begain to shake his muscles pulsed and twitched uncontrollably , his body was going into shock he had over stretched himself with the blast and his muscles where locking down  to repair. Still conscious Edward lay on the pavement surrounded by the recently ko'ed citizens in agony. The parts of his brain begain to tear apart and then remold together once more repairing the damage he had done knowbody was around to help him, he needed to remain awake till the ambulances got there for the citizens. He had to stay awake the team needed him he kept telling himself as he tried to stand the pain.

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“God help us all…”Aaron muttered as he watched the victory they had works so hard to claim get ripped from their hands. Mere moments ago the twin gods had been taken down by Angeni and Mantoid, but apparently even that would not be enough. As the skies turned into a vision of hell itself, the Champions were tossed into the courtyard by a powerful force of wind. Aaron gripped his sword until his knuckles turned white as he awaited the enemy’s next move, but it would turn out to be their ultimate tactic; turning the very citizens of Champion City into their pawns, and forcing the Champions to fight them.

They knew that none of the heroes would want to seriously hurt them, but based on the citizen’s faces it was obvious that they simply wanted to tear the Champions apart. The brainwashed mob of people began to advance upon their saviors, the very people who had fought to help them, with nothing but hatred and a desire to destroy them. Aaron looked around and saw them pick up anything they could get their hands on; rocks, sticks, and anything else lying around they could use as a weapon. As the mob came closer, the twin gods revealed themselves.

"You really thought it would be that simple?" the gods asked in unison as their voices boomed across the skies like thunder, “We are Gods!”The twins began creating duplicates of themselves, obviously to show off their power, “You are mortals.” They appeared near Eclipse,“We do not die. That is your job.” And if this wasn’t bad enough, the very island began to shake, and the waters began to part themselves to the forces of the winds and the power of the gods. What came next were creatures that Aaron believed only existed in nightmares.

There was both a hulking leviathan that rose from the sea, and a flaming bird-like beast that fell from the skies. The leviathan was quite large, and its rows of teeth made it look like some sort of giant shark that walked on land. Its back was covered with tentacles, and it stood taller than even the Champion’s Tower. The second beast was almost skeletal, and it was wrapped in hellish flames that could never be extinguished. Its beak and talons dripped with blood, and it was almost as large as the first beast. Aaron could hardly believe that these were the twin gods, who mere moments ago looked like any other human. The young hero looked around for his team mates as the mob descended upon them, and he spotted a glimmer of hope; Eclipse was trying to rally the team.

Just as Aaron was going to move to join him, he was hit in the head by a small rock and then hit with other various objects that the mob was throwing. He raised his hand to block the objects and continued towards Eclipse, but almost immediately their leader was assaulted by both beasts. In the blink of an eye their leader was left injured in a crater, and the team was left leaderless. Aaron lost some hope as he watched his team mates get separated by the mob, but as he used his fists to try and hold them back he realized what he needed to do; go Titan. Right now he was almost useless to the team, but in his Titan form he could at least try to fight one of the beasts. The only problem now was that he had no way to gather the amount of energy needed for the transformation.   Aaron needed to find someone who could give him enough energy to transform, but he wasn’t sure if any of his team mates had that ability.

“I need more power!”he yelled while holding the mob back as much as he could, “If I can only get more energy than I can transform and try to fight one of the twins!”

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Spread out before the statue of Andferne, some heroes looked upon its glory while others lay unconscious, as for Joan he did not care for the sculpture nor the reasoning for the change in scenery.  What was on his mind however was those filthy gods known as Deimos and Phobos, because no matter how hard the Champions of Peace fought they were still not contest when fighting these powerful entities.  In mere minutes, Eclipse was already separated from the group and as for the others well who knows what they were up too.  Closure only knew that the frightened citizens of Champion City were on the verge of hysteria and their outlet for this pain was too attack their protectors. 
Withholding the soul dagger that contained an abundance of power, the Son of Thunder looked around for the slightest hints of gods at play, but sadly there were none.  His wrists were suddenly grabbed and with such rapid animosity was the hero pinned down.  Joan was angry and ready to murder these foul beings but he would not, he must not, or face the wrath of other Champions.  Closure looked around only to see Edward Windsor, the only Champion of Peace who was trying his hardest to defeat this menace. 
Before he could utter a single word the often confusing vigilante from Hoboken was beginning to feel drowsy.  It was a feeling that needed to be overcome, because returning to that nightmarish realm would surely devour Closure upon reentry.  His muscles tightened as his eyes widened, the Son of Thunder pushed through and knocked away the crowd that had touched him.  Turning to see Edward this time in shock, Joan had no reaction but to simply behold the imagery of unconscious citizens. 
Looking down at the dagger the troubled hero shoved it inside the earth.  Whispering a melody activated the magical weapon, for bright lights shone from its metallic structure.  "Show yourself!!"  SLAM!!  A mighty fist propelled itself upon the armored individual.  Spitting out blood the Son of Thunder was shaking in fear.   Rising from the dirt the hero tried his best to stand valiantly.
"Hahaha!  I should have seen that coming.  I should have known you were Deimos and Phobos.  Attacking Eclipse together as one does not make you godly its just means your just a bunch of cowards!  Give me your best shot!!"  shouted Joan.  His posture strong, his focus solely on the mission, Closure knew what he had to do or at least he thought he did.  With the soul dagger, the heavenly gift from Hera, the Son of Thunder was ready to create a ripple in reality when necessary.  Running with every bit of strength he had left, Joan leaps into the air going for an aerial strike, but sadly he was easily deflected. 
Cuts, bruises, and blood.  Willpower, hope, and desperation.  Joan Rochelle Zeraz wanted to prove himself too everyone that he could indeed save the day, but he needed assistance in this battle for survival.  As the gods roared with laughter, Closure limped his way to a disturbed Edward Windsor.  "I-I t-think we need a n-new plan"  Lifting the soul dagger the Son of Thunder pressed it against the chest of his ally. 
"Create a distraction....if you can"

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The Nightmare Realm: Overkill vs the World...

Peter stared through his helmet at the vast army of heroes, villains, and citizens of the planet.  Behind him stood the army created by the Medicorps Pharmecuetical company, ready to destroy them all.  His helmet's display brought up a window which said "Orders Received:  Termination of Opposition Immediately."  He then felt his body lift the mighty sword he was holding and point it towards his friends.  At that moment, the army behind him began charging, ready to obliterate anything.   
Inside his own mind, watching his body act on it's own, Peter screamed to the beings that brought this fate upon him.  Cursing them, challenging them, beggin them to stop.  He had already watched his entire team massacre one another.  Now he was to watch himself cut down the Champions of Peace and those that allied themselves with them.  His body began moving towards the opposing force.  They also charged, firing long range attacks to try and get an advantage.  His own army began returning fire while they charged as well.  The first person he recognized that he was about to engage in combat was none other than the High Tech Teen known as Gearo.  A small window appeared at the side of his vision which brought up a detailed description of Gearo and the best way to beat him.  Gearo was a friend to Peter, and now he would destroy him.   
As the two closed the distance between themselves, the entire area seemed to slow down.  This was not part of the devious scheme created by the God of Fear.  This was interfering with it.  His body slowed to a halt like all things around him.  His sword, just inches from a blocking technique that Gearo was protecting himself with.  Suddenly, everything began moving in and out of focus.  It was like static on a television with a bad connection.  One by one, everyone around him became static and disappeared.  Gearo was the last to go, and then the prison of a body that was Overkill.  Now standing in a large white area was Peter Matthews who had no idea what was going on.   
"A-am I still... a-a-alive?  M-my f-friends... you killed them...  What are you doing n-now?  I-i-is it t-time?  Are you f-finally going to end th-this?  Are you go-going t-to kill m-me now?"  He looked up and waited for his final judgement.  The being had destroyed his friends and perhaps got tired of tourturing him and would now kill him.  He waited for it.  But, he wished for one thing.  The oppourtunity to see this being and remove him frome exsistance.  He heard a voice.  Not the one that he had heard before, but one that he knew.  Joan Zeraz?  Closure was here?  "Hahaha!  I should have seen that coming.  I should have known you were Deimos and Phobos.  Attacking Eclipse together as one does not make you godly its just means your just a bunch of cowards!  Give me your best shot!!"  With that, Peter felt as if he was falling.  Like he was finally waking from the most awful nightmare imaginable.  He fell...and fell...and fell...until..... 

Champion City...

Peter's eyes slowly opened.  He was on the ground infront of a statue of Andferne.  Little did he know, he was just in a dream world to be tortured and would still be there if it weren't for the pulse sent by Closure's Soul Dagger.  He slowly sat up, much to his surprise.  He had not been in control of his body for quite some time now.  He still thought that the Phobos was playing with his mind and wondered why he would allow the hero to move of his own will.  A wave of fefar went through his body.  He heard the haunting voice of the God of Fear once again.  "Foolish mortals, you are outmatched in every way."  Peter looked to the skys to see the voice coming from a flaming skeletal bird that was Phobos.   
Rage filled the hero.  He wished for the chance to fight the god face to face and now it was happening.  After watching his friends slaughter each other, his leader kill him, and the horrific murder of a girl he deeply cared for... he would not hold back.  "YOU!!!"  He roared to the demon bird which turned to him.  "I'LL KILL YOOOOUUUUU!!!!!!!"  His eyes shined brightly with energy as he flew almost 200 mph at the god.  If a brid could smirk, then it did, just before firing a large ball of flame at earth's mightiest mortal.  He passed through the large ball and came out of the other side slightly dazed.  He slowed and dropped a few feet in the air.  But, as he had passed through the ball of fire, he absorbed it's energy and used it to further fuel his assault.   
He took off again at greater speed and delivered a punch so powerful, that the surrounding citizens and Champions would feel a large concussive burst.  The blow shattered the beak into hundreds of pieces.  Before the god could let out and sign of pain, a second punch of equal strength landed right between the bird's eyes.  This one caused the massive bird to begin falling to the ground.  As he bellowed out a roar so fearsome that even the earth itself would become frightened, he followed Phobos down to the ground with a barrage of attacks aimed at whatever Overkill could hit.  He screamed at the god as he attempted to demplish it's entire being.  "YOU KILLED THEM ALL YOU SON OF A B!TCH!  YOU MURDERED THEM!  YOU KILLED ME!  I'LL TEAR YOUR HEAD OFF!  I WONT STOP UNTIL EVERY PIECE OF YOUR EXSISTENCE IS DESTROYED!  I AM YOUR DEATH!  I AM OVERKIIIIIIILL!!!"  He roared again as he landed another extremely powerful punch into the beasts chest and it burst upon contact with the ground revealing the true form of Phobos which now laid in a crater, looking up at the form of the Blood-red Brawler which stood over his body.  Overkill would have his vengence...  And Gods help the ones that try and stop him.