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Champions Of Peace


Champions Island

The Champions of Peace, an icon of harmony and prosperity, their island built over time by the leaders and people as a Utopia of peace and home to every member of the Champion team. MR alongside Eclipse worked together to build up the island using contractors that once worked on the ICE Compound that was located in the Pacific off the coast of America. Using the technology at hand the entire island is wired in to Mistress Redhead’s creation EVE a fully functional Artificial Intelligence that runs the whole island and protects them from danger. The Island itself is fully protected using the latest in equipment and weaponry.

After being devastated by a massive tsunami (during The Next Wave) Champions Island was left destroyed and Champions City in ruins, the Champions of Peace were left to pick up the pieces of their once grand headquarters and home. Now, under the new leadership of War Killer, CellPhoneGirl, and Talon/X23, the team has begun reconstruction of their magnificent home and though the island is still under repairs it continues to be a beacon of hope and peace to the world and a home for all the world’s heroes.


(During the wave, the whole island was broken up into three separate islands connected by bridges that unite them together as one.)

Island #1: Champions City

Champions City

The main and largest of the three islands, the large metropolis is the business center of Champions Island where busy streets fill with the noise and energy of the island’s workers and different heroes while towering skyscrapers and office buildings loom high above. Along with all of that, the city is main structure of island’s economy and is the center of the C.O.P.’s connections to other nations around the globe.


Champions Tower

Champions Tower: Standing out among the many skyscrapers, this building lies right in the heart of Champions City. As headquarters of the C.O.P.’s main squad, The Champions, the building has been rebuilt with the latest forms of technological defenses to protect the tower from any and all threats. As the heart of the city, the main lobby is opened to the general public of the island but the remaining floors are off-limits except for members of the team and the buildings staff.

Valor General Hospital

Valor General Hospital: A few blocks away from Champions Tower is where the island’s main medical hospital is located, though there is a small medical facility within Champions Tower, this acts as public hospital for all of the residents of Champions Island. With a staff made up of some of the worlds most skilled doctors, surgeons, nurses, and emergency medical teams, these brave men and women are ready for any kind of emergency for both humans and super-humans alike.

Hanger Bay

Hanger Bay: Located underneath Champions Tower, this is where all of the team’s modes of transportation are located and stored. Connected via an underwater tunnel, planes and jets can regularly be seen coming up from underneath the north side of the main island. This area can only be accessed by high level personal.

 Island Prison

Island Prison: Even though the island is home to many different heroes, due to it also being its own nation, Champions Island has its fair share of criminal activity. Because of this, during the original construction of Champion City, an island prison was built to house those criminals. Though the original prison was destroyed along with rest of the island and many of its prisoners managed to escape, the prison was rebuilt using state of the art security systems. While many of its former prisoners still remain free, a large percentage has already been recaptured and been placed in new cells that remain under twenty-four hour watch. When dealing with villains from other countries, upon being captured by the C.O.P., those villains are held in this prison until they are able to be transferred over to their own government.

 The Titan

The Titan: Designed by the C.O.P.’s top technicians and using the most cutting-edge technology, as the team’s main form of transportation the Titan is able to reach Mach-1 in the matter of seconds, able to travel underwater and in space, has state-of-the-art defense technology, has a cloaking device that makes it undetectable to almost all known radar systems, and is able to sit up to 12 passengers at one time. Two different models of the Titan have been built for both C.O.P. squads and when not in use they are stored in the island’s Hanger Bay.


Island #2: Champions Academy

Champions Academy

The second largest of the three islands, it is the location of the C.O.P.’s academy for young super-humans, where they may come and learn what it means to be a hero. The island acts as a school campus and is designed for educational purposes where students from all over the world are welcomed to come and learn about and how to control their new found powers and abilities in a safe and structured environment. One of the unusual features of the island is that it is mostly consumed by a large lake that is connected via underwater tunnels to the rest of the ocean, encircling the lake is land which is made up of small mountains and hilltops. The academy itself is built upon the edge of the lake, circling around it completely.


Champions Mansion

Champions Mansion: Built directly on a small landmass in the center of the lake is the headquarters of the C.O.P.’s secondary team, the Future Champions. The mansion acts as both home and HQ for the team and is connected to the rest of the academy by a small bridge. Designed with three upper levels, the first floor being the entrance as well as where the main hall, living room, kitchen and dining room are located; the team’s living quarters are located on the second floor, and on the third level is where the hanger bay is located. A lower level is located underneath the mansion where the team’s equipment and meeting room are found.

Boys/Girls Dorms

Boys/Girls Dorms: For the remaining student body, there are two dorms located on opposite ends of the academy grounds. Dividing the girls and boys up, the dorms are designed with state-of-the-art security to protect the lives of the students. All students are ordered to return to their dorms upon the regulated school curfew. Boys and girls are not allowed to be in their opposite dorm unless accompanied by a teacher or academy employee at all times.

Youth Center

Youth Center: For studying in how to be a superhero, students are allowed to practice in the academy’s training facilities to better hone their skills and master their powers/abilities. This can range from simply training exercises for the less experienced students to full-blown real world simulations against some of the world’s deadliest villains and other threats. Along with this there is also a sports gym which can be reconfigured for any type of sport and an Olympic-class gymnastics room.


Island #3: Heroes Ville

Heroes Ville

The third and smallest of the three islands, rebuilt to function as a small town with a large park, movie theater, mall which is filled with different kinds of shops and stores from all over the world, and different types of restaurants. In a large section of the island are the apartments which act as homes for all of the islands staff and workers as well as members of the team.


Apartment Complex

Apartment Complex: Taking up a large portion of the island are the apartments which are home to the workers and staff members of the whole island, as well they also act as both homes or second homes to different members of the team who choose to live on the island.

Heroic Park

Heroic Park: On the far end of the island by the coast a large park can be found which surrounds a crystal blue lake. Here residents of the island can come to find relaxation and fun when away from the stressful and tiring duties of protecting the world. A lakeside restaurant is also located here where people may have a lovely bite to eat as they look off at the beautiful scenery.

Hall of Champions

Hall of Champions: After being destroyed, the hall was relocated to this island and is where many of the team’s most prized trophies from previous battles are put on display. As well, the history of the team as along with other famous superhero team’s such as the ICE Dragons, We Are Legend, and Vine Titans are found. Standing in front of the hall, a statue of Eclipse is located in honor of his heroics and youthful leadership. Holographic statues of all former leaders of the team such as Mistress Redhead, Nighthunter, Kurrent, Sovereign Son, and Eclipse can be found in different areas of the hall.

"The World Needs Heroes!"

Andferne Statue: In honor of the legendary leader of the ICE Dragons whose final wishes lead to the formation of the Champions of Peace, a replica statue stands within the park with the original being located in the lobby of Champions Tower. On the statue Andferne’s message can be read, “THE WORLD NEEDS HEROES!”


New Members Wanted!!!

Rules for Joining:

  • Must be HERO or NEUTRAL (with heroic intentions)
  • We accept anyone, whether they are experienced in RPGing or not. We are willing to help people improve and/or train in both how to RPG or in simply improving on your writing abilities, the only requirement being that you are willing to have fun along the way :P
  • We DO NOT approve of or allow any type of bullying in any shape or form and expect all members of the team to treat others, even if they aren’t on the team, with the same respect and kindness that you would want shown towards yourself.
  • We EXPECT that ALL members to participate (unless for whatever reason are unable to) in any RPG that the team is involved in, this includes whole team and squad RPG’s, as well as hanging out here in the team thread when possible.
  • We ONLY allow TWO ACCOUNTS (whether it be an alt or main account) on the team, as well we do not mind if members have an account on another team as long as they keep up with their account on this team.
  • Upon joining if, for any reason whether it be personal or something simple, you are going to be inactive and unable to participate in any RPGing activities that the team is involved in, we stress that you please CONTACT THE TEAM and let us know that you are going to be inactive for however long that may be.



This thread is where members of the C.O.P. may come and interact with one another while also having their own little adventures and stories on the island. Champions Island is opened to all heroes who can come and spend time among their friends and enjoy what the island has to offer.

NO GOD-MODDING, we do not and will not allow any form of god-modding on any level. You will get only ONE warning, if you continue to do so you will be asked to leave the thread, if anything further a Mod will be contacted to deal with the situation. If you don’t know what god-modding is, here are the rules to RPGing: OFFICIAL RPG RULES.

DO NOT destroy any part of Champions Island, this goes along with god-modding, and you have no reason to destroy any part of the island whether it be in a mini-RPG or whatever; a lot of work went into this thread so please respect it!

BULLYING IS NOT ALLOWED, this thread is a place where RPGer’s may come and have fun and we WILL NOT allow anyone to ruin that under any circumstances. If any type of internet bullying is found in this thread you will be asked to leave the thread and will not be allowed to return, period.

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Though this is purely awesome and your representing the hero front alongside the morally ambiguous Trinity, I have to ask...what happened to the original account O.O

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@Clara Mass said:

Though this is purely awesome and your representing the hero front alongside the morally ambiguous Trinity, I have to ask...what happened to the original account O.O

We got locked out of it...even Arrow couldn't get in... v__v

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@C_O_P: I guess that means my hacking skills worked precisely ^_^ 
In other news I'm glad you are still active even though COP is no longer a legion O.o 
I think it may work better that way
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@Clara Mass: We're only fourteen members or so, still pretty legionish in my book :P

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@War Killer: Really? lol Who's on the team? 
I look forward to battling this squad.
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@Clara Mass: These are the current members of the team...

The Champions:

  • War Killer – Team Leader
  • Over Kill – Second-In-Command
  • Talon
  • Requiem of Destiny
  • Honor Legend
  • Octagon Freak
  • Lazystudent
  • Paragon


Future Champions:

  • CPG – Team Leader
  • Despair – Second-In-Command
  • Kiddevil
  • Boom Boom
  • Crimson Eagle
  • The Umbra Sorcerer
  • Richter
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@War Killer: Thumbs Up!
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Wooooooo flashes for honor legend

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Very NICE!!

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This page is hotter than Emma Stone in a fur coat in Hell :P

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx said:

This page is hotter than Emma Stone in a fur coat in Hell :P

That is the best quote ever. And I totally agree.

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@Queen's Halo: I've been waiting for the best time to use it lol

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Looks awesome, good job.

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I'm here........

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This looks like fun

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O.O Whoa....Nice!!!

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Cool, I like the indavidial islands idea nice WK.

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Awesome stuff :)

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Standing in the courtyard outside of the Hall of Champions, War Killer smiles as he looks stares up quietly at the statue of his old friend Eclipse...

"...and a new era begins."

He whispers as a quick smiles appears across his cheeks...

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@War Killer: Indeed it is..

Mr.Name said as he walked up behind war killer

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Holy sh*t dude you're talking to WK!!!

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@MrName: Turning to the gentleman beside him, WK smiles as holds his hand out to shake the man's...

"S'up, welcome to Champions Island."

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Beams down in an Emerald Light
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@War Killer: Cellphone Girl is walking around the courtyard when she over hears War Killer trying to be all epic.

"Charles quit talking to yourself" Blair laughs

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: He sees Blair laughing at him and hangs his head upon seeing her pick on him...

"But...I like having my own personal monologue."

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@War Killer: "I'm just messing with you best friend" She swings her arm around his shoulders.

"Together these two heroes will save the world." A dramatic breeze of wind gently moves their hair.

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Cain walked through champion island looking at this sights of the beautifully constructed city.

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: Putting his arm around her shoulders, they stare on at the statue...

"Just like the old days, huh?"

He says with a grin...

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@shadowknight666: "Cain look at this place, it's amazing." Alex said as he walked with his friend.

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@FALLENprophet: "Oh yes just beautiful."

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx@War Killer "The Old days huh?"

Laura said coming out of the shadows.

"You guys haven't been here long enough to start reminiscing about the "Good ol' Days"

She said as she leaned her body against the wall.

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@shadowknight666: There was huge grin on Alex's face as he looked at each block.

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@FALLENprophet: "Hmm.......Who lives here?"

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@War Killer: "Remember when the two of us first met? The two of us sat together in the empty VT Tower? Dreaming of a better future which we are now living in?" she smiled.

@Emerald_Canary: Blair sees a Emerald Green light coming down. "Um.. That was not me." Then she realizes that it's from a person when the light begins to disperse.

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@shadowknight666: "Champions of Peace, a hero team obviously, I know Warren use to be apart of them, I wonder if he still is." Alex said recalling what he had heard of Warren killing the hero known as Ice.

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: He laughs as he reminisces to that first meeting...

"Never thought we be leaders of team like this back then though." He says with a chuckle...

@Talon/X23: Seeing Laura being all emo in the corner, he grins as he grabs her arm and pulls her over to the group huddle.

"Stop stalking people from a distance." He says winking at her...

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@FALLENprophet: "They do a piss poor job of keeping him in line though."

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@War KillerPulling her hand away from his grip she folds her arms andglares.

"I am not stalking, just eaves dropping."

She said with a slight grin.

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@War Killer: @Talon/X23: Pushes Charles out of the way to give Laura a giant hug. "I missed you so much!" She looks at her clothing. "OH EM GEE. Where did you get those pants?"

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@shadowknight666: "Hey man it's all in the past, I think when he was doing all the I hate under dogs thing, the team wasn't really around."

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxxIs stunned by the sheer fact that she just got a hug by a pink marshmallow.

"Umm.." she stuttered looking down at her black leather pants and the little pink skull on the right thigh side.Looking back up she shrugged.

"At the new mall that opened recently, they have this store that sells my kind of attire, with a hint of pink."

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@FALLENprophet: "Still they could'a done a better job of keeping him in check. And this makes the S.A.B.R.E. look even more like pu**ies."

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@shadowknight666: "Why?" Alex said as he saw a pretty good looking woman past him, he lowered his glasses and watched her.

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@Talon/X23: "I love it! We should totally go together sometime like oh i don't know... TOMORROW? We could get cute little matching t-shirts or warm fuzzy socks and we could def wear them while fighting crime together." Without realizing it Blair began to glow from being to excited.

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@FALLENprophet: "Well the fact that it took an entire army to NOT catch one guy....."

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx@Talon/X23: Let's out a deep sigh as he sits down on a nearby bench...

"And Laura thought she was going to be the third wheel..."

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx@War KillerUnable to hide her slight excitment Laura chuckled slightly. "Yes we should I suppose. They also had these pink skull ear rings I thought you would like." She said letting out a sigh of relief. "And I am free tomorrow.

Glancing over to the corner Laura flashing a devious smile walks over and pulls Charles to his feet and drags him toward CPG "We should also get Charles a pink and black striped shirt." She said shooting the little boyscout a mischief glare. .

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@Talon/X23: Getting yanked over back into the "in-crowd" his eyes grow wide as he hears their dastardly plan...

"Uh-uh, no way, I am not wearing a pink anything!" He decrees as he folds his arms and looks away...

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@Talon/X23: Blair hugs Laura. "I'm so happy to have you as my best friend" She looks over at Charles. "Awwww he would be so adorable. LETS DO IT"