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(Note: This character's RPG posts will not be structured like this and he will not always talk this much.Also this story is rated M or whatever, due to foul language, although censored, and allusions to some pretty violent stuff. Ya really want to read this? Of course ya do.)

“Let me tell you a little about myself, ya know let us connect. I wasn’t a thug, anyone who told ya that is full of it, alright? Nah, I was just a bored kid, I mean I’m still bored…but I’m more mature. I get things now you know, I understand the system, and how broken it is. Anyway, I wasn’t a thug, but I wasn’t above hangin’ with that crowd and I might have done some thug stuff to get some cash. Work’s not my thing ya know? So when I was doing one of those thug things, this guy shows up, this freakin’ guy, man he was a trip. Wore like giant ropes and stuff, like he thought he was a wizard. Maybe he was, he was gone after I killed him after all. Don’t look at me like that, I didn’t mean to kill him, it just kind of happened, I was just trying to steal his TV. Guy’s got to eat. Anyway, he cursed me. I know some curse right? Well at least it hurt like a b#$%# when it hit, like burning all over my body, I nearly died I think, knocked me right the hell out. So I wake up and the dude is gone, but there’s these cops. So they’re gonna shoot me and so I tell them not to shoot. And you know what? They didn’t, they didn’t even though they totally wanted to. So then I ask them to not move, all polite like too. And they do what I say, and I started to feel it. The power, the power over their wills. I could feel them fighting it, trying to take back their bodies, but I guess they were too tired, too tired of all the bulls#$% the world had thrown at them. So ya know what I did? The only humane thing, I made the pigs shoot themselves in the head. All I had to do was ask, and I bet they wanted it, I mean they would have resisted more if they didn’t right? Yeah, they wanted it. They wanted it and they deserved it, because they were part of the system. You want me to tell ya about the system? Yeah, you do. The system is the status quo of the world, it’s what makes everything happen how it happens, it’s like, it’s like when you notice those ‘heroes’ and ‘villains’ fightin’ and you think ‘s#$% why doesn’t somebody just make ‘em stop’ and the answer is the system. The system is quite frankly #$%#ed. Not an opinion, ya know, it’s a fact. Just look at the world, falling apart at the seams and what do those guys do? Fight and fight like cats and dogs. Freakin’ idiots. Me? I’m not stupid, I can’t break the system or stop or anything like that. Nah, I’ve got a better idea, I’m abuse it. Why not, I mean the world is screwed anyway. So I decided to be one of the bad guys, one of the real evil ones. Yeah, it’s been pretty fun. But I mean, none of the big guys notice me and I’ve only been dealing with cops or strung out junkies and s#$%. It gets boring after awhile. So I needed a way to figure out how to get some attention and then it hit me. I wasn’t going far enough; I wasn’t really going as bad as I could go. Nah, I wouldn’t be a bad guy, I’d be a monster. I’d do whatever the hell struck me at the time. So I’d take what I wanted, @#$% what I wanted, and kill whoever the hell got in my way. But it’s not working, but I got a plan to fix that. Ya wanna know how? Of course ya do. Ya wanna know how. It’s simple, I’m gonna bring the scale up. I’m gonna stop #$%%ing with random people and just go to war with an entire city. Then maybe those stupid #$%#s will pay attention. Yeah, they’ll pay attention then. Thanks for the talk, but I gotta go soon, I got a riot to plan.”

The Man with No Name grinned as he stepped up from the table. He gave a curse as he stepped into the blood that covered the floor, he’d forgotten about it. Amanda, the poor girl whom he was telling his story, sat shaking in terror as he got up to leave. She nearly breathed a sigh of relief as he got to the door. But then he turned around and smiled at her. “Oh yeah, I forgot.” There was a horrible sadistic glee in his smile. “Kill yourself.” Amanda didn’t want to, she really didn’t want to, but then again neither did anyone else in the diner. She sliced the razor against her wrist. The Man with no name calmly walked out, leaving nothing but a pile of bodies in his wake, having not raised a hand against a single one of them.

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