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Spain 1619

“Have you noticed, noticed how unruly the waves have been?” The grey haired Liafador asked, sitting at the table surrounded by; the most dignified members of the Liafadors. This meeting was called, the Liafador Summit; many of these men belong to the Red Cardinals, A group secretly helping those prosecuted by the Inquisition.

“Have you heard, The English Crown has begun shipping enslaved Africans to her colonies? I fear we are entering our last days; things are getting worse.”

“Oh, things are just beginning gramps” Cat’s voice echoed throughout the room. She appeared from the darkness, wearing “Day of the Dead” make up. With swift nerve reaction; the Liafador men drew their weapons on Cat. “Who are you, and what are you doing here?!” One screamed, directing his blade towards Cat’s chin.

“Cardinals…” She whispered, and without haste; the room filled with Cardinals in shadow form. “This…this is slightly ironic” Cat said, switching slightly around the room; sensually teasing her ancestors. “This group is male dominated, but you males barley exist in the future” She explained, taking a seat on her ancestor’s lap.

“What do you want!?” he screamed, somewhat disgusted; Cat shifted a bit; drawing a reaction from his tights. A slight smirk contort her lips as, she flipped her hair.

“This thing you guys are doing…it’s not useful, you don’t need to help the Muslims; or the Jews; you need to help yourselves. There is a secret order in France; working to end all the good you believe you’re doing. The Order of Sancta Camisa, will be the death of the Red Cardinals…unless you act now”

The confusion they showed, confirmed Cat’s suspicion. “How will we know who is in this order?”

“Trust me, I’ll show you exactly who the enemy is” None of them seemed 100% ready to trust her, but against their best judgment; they agreed anyways. In a few years the pit would be founded, it’s location under these steps. In the present this spiraled tower no longer exist. Cat lead the way down the spiraled stairway, but a woman caught her eye.

“Go to the carriage, I wish to speak with Ms. Marisol” Cat placed her hand on, the shoulder of the Liafador Family servant. Pushing a piece of hair behind her ear, she slowly leaned into Marisol’s ear. “Your services are no longer needed” with a quick thrust of her fist, her hand transformed into a darkness spike; and impaled the ancestor of Isabella Marisol; Ziccarra’s best friend.

The Queen of Eden, turned towards the carriage, but was called by her shadow. Watching as he slowly, walked from the darkness, she placed her hands on her hips slightly irritated.

“Mistress, if the OSC and The Red Cardinals go to war; won’t you cease to exist?” He asked, stilled bowed. “Not at all, by the time I return to the present; I will be at the center of all consciousness. Ziccarra and Quintus will never be married, Isadora won’t exist. The universe will reformat itself to fix the paradox, it’s why we must find that treasure”

Middle Passage

The Shadow opened a portal aboard one of the many slaves ships transversing the Atlantic Ocean. His presence caused an uproar, but he was not scathed by the conditions. They were tightly packed this system was based on the fact that the more slaves they had, the more profit they could make. They carried as many slaves as their ship could carry, and often more. The slaves were chained ankle to wrist, with barely any place to move.

Extending his hands outward, the shadow broke the shackles that bonded the slaves; almost immediately they began to rush the deck. Those who knew the nature of their liberator, jumped overboard; believing their souls would return to the motherland.

However those that wanted redemption stood behind the shadow, ready to fight for freedom. The battle could be heard from the hold; the colonist fired their weapons at, the would-be slaves, but were infective with Cat’s darkness protecting them.

They took the ships with little to no effort, and were on course to land at Jamestown within a few days. The slaves stood huddled around the darkness awaiting his orders. He said, nothing but showed up a simple sketch. The moment they hit land, they would be in direct violation of the British Crown.

France 1619

“Around the time that, Columbus stumbled into the Caribbean, there was an ancient treasure found by the Templars. This treasure was called Tanis. Tanis was believed to be the first humanized machine, which the pope used to cleanse indulgences. The Templars placed this machine on one of the ships, and sent it to the new world. It wasn’t until the mayflower compact that the Templars retrieved this treasure.

Cat explained via, portal to her shadow; just to explain what she was looking for. “This machine contains the anti-life equation” She said, perched atop a building, the Red Cardinals had entered, Paris looking for those members of the Knighfall bloodline. To achieve perfection in the future, she needed them ended.

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The salt seasoned ocean water continuously crashed against the magnificent haul of a mighty Galleon class vessel. Its crew, an ecliptic assortment of privateers and hand selected soldiers of her majesty's royal navy, had endured a treacherous 7month long voyage all in the hopes of recovering the fabled Anti-Life equation. Reputedly safeguarded by the infamous Templar Knights, who in the twilight of their final hour had escorted the legendary treasure in a secret exodus that saw the coveted equation shepherded off to the New World.

"Captain I do not trust these....these men." the first mate whispered. Voicing his concern over the fact that the crown had commissioned such savory individuals in its imperial expedition. "The officers are beginning to whisper sir. They say that we are in the company of....of...." freezing up with fear nearly unable to push on with his story. "Come now Rogers, you're naught the superstitious sorts, are you? Surely we are well enough equipped to deal with some unruly pirates." The captain confidently injected with a proclamation of self-superiority. But the first mate had made no mention of pirates, none at all. Frightfully, he surveyed the ships deck before leaning in closer, "Naught pirates sir.....thee....t...thee Order.....thee Order of Sancta Camisia..." pausing to once again look around. "They say the Order is led by a ruthless mercenary who sails under a pure black flag. His vessel was forged in the pits of hell and stolen along with Lucifer's dark cloud. The Nightingale, captain. Named after a wicked witch who while burning at the stake cursed the World. And in doing so, made a pact with a devil."

Arrogantly amused by his mates fantastical, yet entertaining, tale, a light grin of dismissal curved the English captain's facial features. Until a raspy unexpected voice scratched the night air with its interruption. "Theatrical, yet, misinformed." the voice chuckled from beneath the grime and filth layers of a burlap blanket. The unassuming crewmen nonchalantly situated along the ship's railing peeling an apple. "The Nightingale was not ordained by the devil, nor was she colorfully named after a witch." lowering his head as if caught in deep introspection. "Oh yeah? And how would you know bilge rat?" hissed the first mate with disdain. Slowly the mysterious crewman let his shoulders dip, releasing himself of the blanket's off putting appearance. Surgical knife work continuing to peel as he maneuvered up the steps towards the wheel and the interested parties. "My Angelique was no witch." a brief shimmer of moonlight casting its gaze upon the man's chest revealing an elaborately decorative tattoo {Angelique Nightingale Knightfall} "She was simply.....different. And although she was burned at the stake, that much is true, she made no such pact with a devil." methodically balancing a fruited slice along the blade's edge before placing it to his lips. "She made it with me." unveiling a grin of such sinister construction it promoted the first mate into action. Driving his rapier deep into the man's chest only to nearly faint as it was gradual pulled back out.

Corsair Maltese, The Black Flag Knightfall

Instantaneously the first mate was seized by the neck as a rolling cloud of supernatural origin inexplicably appeared, and with it, the partially decaying skeleton draped off the bow of the black sail Nightingale. The Corsair's deadly crew simultaneously ambushing the awestruck officers. "Now then, how were you planning on finding the Anti-Life?" looking over the Captain's face while maintaining his strangle hold on the first mate. "I warn you, for every minute that passes" hesitating in order to peer over his shoulder and nod. The simple gesture immediately inciting his men into action. Wrapping a tear soaked officer in chains before launching him overboard. "I shall add another flower to my garden....."

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Edinburgh, Scotland. 1619

'Where is he!' 'Where is the murderer!' 'Show yourself Caldwell!'

The calls from the roaming bands of English soldiers rang through the ancient city of Edinburgh, their torches lighting the streets as they went. The abrupt sound of a wooden door being kicked open behind him alerted the seemingly intoxicated assassin that his pursuers had arrived. With his head resting on the wooden bar top and his long, unruly blonde hair covering this face. The killer seemed unconscious, having drank himself into a stupor. Behind him the soldiers were checking everyone in the tavern, comparing their face to Caldwell's general description. Finally reaching him one of the men smacked his hand down on the bar, attempting to wake him.

'Oi! You! Drunk, Wake tha 'ell up. We're lookin' for someone.'

The man at the bar didn't move... groaning slightly at the loud noise before seemingly falling back asleep.

'This is your last warning mate pal...'

Sighing heavily he slowly sat up, his long hair obstructing there view of his face as he took a drink from a half empty mug. "Is he around my height?"

'Yeah, your height seems 'bout right.'

"With long blonde hair and a winning smile?"

'What're you getting at?'

"Well lad... I'm sorry to say you've found your man..." The wanted man flashing a smile at the trio of soldiers, before they could say utter a word, much less draw their weapons, the mug he'd been drinking from was smashed into the leaders face, a swift kicked to the chest from his booted foot following close behind. Caught off guard by the attacks the hapless soldier was thrown back at his compatriots, sending them all tumbling to the floor.

Glancing at the handle from the mug he still held in his hand he shook his head in disgust. "What a shame..." Tossing aside as he dropped a few gold coins on the bar and bolted for the door as the British soldiers were still picking themselves up off the floor. Yelling for him to stop. No matter how futile the effort was. When they emerged into the street a few moments later a woman pointed down a side street and exclaimed 'That way! He went that way!' The soldiers quickly hurrying off after their quarry.

"Many thanks miss..." The assassin remarked, climbing out of a wooden cart loaded with hay. 'Twas my pleasure handsome, and I'd never dream of wasting a chance to make the English look like fools.'

"God Bless you Miss." Giving her a kiss on the cheek before heading off in the opposite direction to fetch his second in command.

The big Scot in the kilt, with a Claymore on his back recognized Caldwell instantly, even with the white hood covering his head. Pushing the heavy wooden door open, allowing the master assassin access to the brothel. Despite the calls from the working girls lining the hallway he had to politely decline.

"It pains me to have turn down you lovely ladies, but I'm here for a friend, he's a bit shorter than me, black hair and blue eyes, Prussian (German) and prefers his liquor be accompanied by beautiful women with loose morals."

Almost as if they'd planned it, everyone in the room pointed to the room at the end of the hall. "Ah, of course. Many thanks ladies." Bowing politely before casually strolling down the short corridor. Reaching the doorway he listened for a moment, hearing squeals of excitement and laughter from inside he knocked twice, waiting a split second before spinning on his heel and mule kicking the door open. Casual strolling inside as the man on the bed leaped to his feet with a knife at the ready.

"Ah, Good, I see these two lovely ladies haven't worn you out to much Heinrick." Drawing a giggle from the two women on the bed who were making very little effort to cover themselves.

Lowering the blade, the German grinned. 'Ja, the fun was just starting when you kicked in the door... Ist something wrong?' The German's English was getting better, but he still threw in a bit of German every now and then.

"I think we've over stayed our welcome, the English are looking for me. Possibly you and the others as well."

'So ve're going back out to sea?'

"You read me like a book Heinrick. So gather the men and tell them to head for the ship, send a rider to Castle Caldwell and have supplies brought out the the Arrow and make sure we're ready to leave in 3 days..."

The leader of the Caldwell clan of Assassins turning on his heel once again and heading out the door. Stopping mid-stride to glance over his shoulder. "Oh and Heinrick..."


"Either give these ladies your monies worth or put some bloody pants on...."

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Such promise.

the tales of this new continent set aside rolling hills that cascaded endlessly towards the sunset, men of red skin who ran as wolves did. Now reaching the mark of what must be nearly four hundred of our lord Jesus Christ's years upon this wretched eurpoean land {Having stopped counting many ago for fear of feeling each years effect} I yearned to see this new world, to meet these savages and find what they knew and know what they found.

After I realized time was only a liquid to myself where an unforgiving solid wait for all others, it became unclear what my purpose shall be. The 'New World', brought with it new hope, a sense of direction I believed made forfeit by my hasteful leap towards the everlasting retch that is what in it's basis form can be called life. A direction only a man with limited time upon this Earth was allowed. Perhaps my choice in word may lead whoever holds this story betwine his fingertips can sense my despair that came with the passing of each decade. Perhaps I may be forgiven.

See through my perspective, friend: To a man without the issue of time who had seen so much of the world and travelled all it's known corners several times over and grown trapped within thousands of kilometers, low, and behold; Another lay before me.

A 'New World'.

It was from then on I began to set in motion plans of which that would help me reach this knew world, acquiring means to reach this mysterious shore. It is only now that I realize how blinded by my mind's illusions I was from the events that transpired directly before me.

Captains Log, Sixteen hundredth and nineteenth Year of our Lord Christ

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Sitting in a dive of a pub the jester had his mask pressed on broken glass as he felt the awe of a punch slam his face, standing back up Laughingstock took a swing at the drunkard delivering a right hook to his jaw causing him to eat the splinters of a table. Looking back at the other 2 goons with fists raised he leaped on top of one of them having the uncomfortable feeling of teeth press against his fist. As the seconds goon pulled him off he delivered a kick into his friend's face leaving him bleeding out on the wooden floor. Launching himself from the ground he flipped over to his back and landed on the thug to free himself, literally stomping the thug he smashed a scotch bottle over his head before he left the pub. After noticing the barkeep had left his counter he knew what happened, running from the pub as he heard approaching horse hooves he ran from the constable and his posse and through the streets of Jamestown.

After hiding out in an alleyway for well over 2 hours he left his hiding position and walked out with a glimmer of sunlight on his mask, he walked down the road to the fisherman's pier to take a rest. Walking down the pier he picked up a man from his chair at the end of the pier and threw him into the water. When the fisherman turned around to curse out the one that pushed him his mouth went shut at the sight of Laughingstock. Quietly paddling back to shore Laughingstock rested his head back and stared out to the sea watching ships pull in and out of the harbor he started to notice a blip far out in the distance. It was using the merchants shipping route and was a merchant ship except missing one vital thing, a convoy. Most of the ships that entered the wharf had a convoy of other ships with them, whether to carry more supplies or to hinder those who would take what they were carrying. While he observed this it seemed that the local law enforcement had too, rolling in ships to the bay setting up a wall with their boats blocking off trade route. With their cannons aimed they fired off a warning shot at the merchant ship as it clearly didn't have an S.O.S flag raised on it.

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Edinburgh, Scotland. 1619

Alexander Wasbeer, a legendary madman of a pirate. Cunning, charming, daring, he had the traits of a true gentleman, yet the morals of a criminal. All of this would seemingly end though, when his genetics changed his body into something that shouldn't belong on this earth, a monster...

"You're cooperation mate..I tell ye I could not be any happier that I don't need to take your damned eyes out.." Procyon as he now called himself, stood on top of the counter, inspecting his newly 'acquired' pistol. In the corner of the trading shop was it's owner, bound and gag so that he would not end up screaming that there was a four foot talking raccoon stealing his stock. "Oh and I will be taking these, annnd that.." The scoundrel cackled while stuffing some bread, whetstone and bullets into his bag. "Someone should stumble by you sooner or later mate..And don't bother trying to tell them you got robbed by a raccoon yeah? Cheers.."

The raccoon strutted out of the store on all fours, acting like his feral counterparts. Nobody in this day and age of course would not give a third glance at a rodent dressed in clothing, carrying weapons, for such creatures usually belonged to the likes of pirates, and most dismissed it as some sort of gimmick. Procyon found Caldwell just as he was leaving a previous encounter with the Prussian. The former man climbed up Caldwell's leg and stood atop his shoulder in a perched position.

"I presume our friend was with his trousers down as usual?" He muttered in his mate's ear while eyeing the people around them.

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It had taken Genevieve Rose months to track down the terror of the seas. He was helming the Order and running the more esoteric groups of the world ragged with fear. For the seas were the gateway to more power and those who controlled the seas, controlled the power. The Sicarii had taken note.

During this small span of time, the Sanguine was not in complete and utter control. Through the crippling fear that the Church was spreading through the land, the Sicarii had instated an ancient mandate, putting in power a group of three elders. Those elders had tasked the twenty-year-old Sanguine her mission - bring down the Knightfall.

But there were whispers on the wind, whispers of more insidious, more powerful things that were coming to fruition. Genevieve had opted to undertake her assigned mission while also undertaking one of a more personal nature.

There was a folk tale that had been passed around The Continent about a deadly woman dressed all in red, with hair to match. They called her simply, the Red Rose. In other circles, she was known as the Sanguine, descendant of Mary Magdalene and fabled member of the Sicarii, a group of assassins that predated Jesus Christ himself.

Using a heady mix of narcotics and womanly wiles, she had entranced a crew member into her service. Holed up in a far corner of the brig, she had made herself at home over the past seven months, waiting for a chance to strike. Being brought the necessities by this man in her thrall, Genevieve had also garnered information.

She had done a masterful job of biding her time patiently, but the time to strike had finally grown near. The ship had made landfall and her opportunity had arisen.

The night was inky dark, the blackness of it broken only by the clarity of the stars and the reflection of the moon across the waters of the bay. The shore of the beach was lined with smoldered fires and the grass just before the unbroken line of trees was home to the makeshift tents that had been set up for the crew.

There was one tent that was differentiated from the rest. A black flag had been sewn along the side of the brown hide, marking it as her target.

Clad in supple black leather pants tucked into knee high boots with a matching fitted corset atop a plunging black blouse, Genevieve was equal parts stealthy killer and bombshell.

Her footsteps were notably silent as she slid through the small crack between the secured front flaps of the tent. Leaning slightly to her right, she slid a dagger from her boot. It was a dagger that was blessed by the Church and was host to several supernatural qualities. It had yet to fail her in a kill yet.

Using skills that had been passed down from Sanguine to Sanguine, Gen moved with complete and utter silence through the tent approaching the shift bed against the far side where her serene target slept.

He was asleep on his back, fur covers bunched around his waist and one arm splayed haphazardly beneath his head. In sleep, he was just as any other, at peace. That would all change momentarily.

Moving with succinct quickness, Genevieve moved over him, one leg straddled on either side of his chiseled abdomen and the sharp edge of her knife held directly to his throat, ready to draw across and sever the arteries.

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Madrid, Spain 1619

Obsessively submerged in frenzied alchemical investigation, the inherently studious Javier Alfonso, historical precursor to the Knightfall branch native to the Spanish nation, feverishly scribbles experimental formulas on amber-tinted paper, frenzied optimism spurring his prioritized desire to uncover a perfected formula for the necessary replication of the fabled Philosopher's Stone. Subtle illumination provided by ambient, dimly lit candles failing to facilitate Javier's alchemical endeavor, optical perception incapable of functioning optimally under inappropriate conditions. Immersed in the surrounding solitude of his frenetically disorganized study, the Knightfall Precursor grins, facially expressed contentment intuitively accompanying voiced elation. "Yeees", he whispered amid self-emitted titters.

"Finally. The ability to transmute an ordinary, base metal", expeditiously reaching for an approximated, spherical mass of iron resting atop his desk, "Into a noble one", relying on his other hand to grab a modestly sized mass of bronze, "Is now mine", ocular verve focusing on both metals, bringing both closer to his ember-hued eyes, facial enthusiasm dictating the entirety of his present disposition. Unfortunately, Javier's imbued euphoria dissipated upon the discourteous entrance of younger brother, Iker. "Idiota!", hissing at the nettling entrance of bursting sunlight accompanied by his brother's abrupt opening of the door. "You are interrupting my research!", he berated, defensively shielding sensitive eyes from the luminous antagonism of penetrating sunlight. "Hehehe, forgive me brother, I was worried, you spend so much time in this... eh, cave", Iker's audibly conveyed amusement fading, "I bring serviceable news".

Tersely agitated by his younger sibling's unforeseen arrival, Javier scoffed, "Fool! What could be of more importance than the Philosopher Stone?", the Knightfall Precursor inquired, sprightly rising to both feet, an accumulative collection of texts securely hugged by both arms, "I have spent years researching it. I believe I have the formula to replicate its effects". Smirking with devilish haughtiness, Iker answered, "The Tanis". Visually taken aback by the momentous revelation, Javier found himself silenced by temporary disbelief, eyes maintaining widened dimensions in exaggerated astonishment. Briefly peering over Javier's shoulder, Iker inquired, "Is that your formula? Heh, it looks incomplete", he tauntingly quipped. "Huh? What? N-never mind that! So where is it?", Javier asked, genuine intrigue overcoming him.

Precursor to the Spanish Knightfalls

"Tis in what they are calling, the New World brother", Iker informed. Retaining socially cordial composure, Javier smirked with enthusiastic ambition. "Bueno, bueno. Very well, come, we must assemble a crew and use the family ship. We have no time to waste", the Knightfall Precursor urged. "Haha! What about the Philosopher's Stone?", Iker questioned, a smugly raised brow gracing his impeccable facial features. "Iker, nino, I am moving according to our priorities. It goes Tanis, the Philosopher's Stone, and then family", Javier retorted. "Vamonos mi hermano, we must equip ourselves, gather the necessary supplies, assemble a crew, and ready the ship. We are heading to the New World!", the Knightfall Precursor declared with lexical vitality. "You can do all of that si? Good", Javier grinned, nigh-entirely overcome with bliss, intent on embarking on the aquatic excursion prior to the approach of night.

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Somewhere in the North Atlantic,1619

Mosum had been on this boat for hours now,he was instructed by the mouse god to not question and remain silent.He grew tired of this command and disobeyed accordingly, “Where are we going?And why are we taking a boat there?”
We are heading to the land the humans discovered, they’ve called it ‘the new world’” the mouse god said in a mocking tone.
That’s just wonderful.Why do we care about the humans actions.” Mosum hissed,his anger with this trip was building.
Patience Mosum,I fear something has gone amiss.
What do you mean?” Mosum questioned,he was annoyed by the mouse god’s vagueness.
I cant be sure,but it seems the humans are going after objects of power.
Who,and what objects of power?” Mosum questioned,getting annoyed with the pace at which the mouse god answered his questions.
I cant be sure,but it seems this all somehow revolves around a single bloodline,a family.” The mouse god said,Mosum could tell he was trying to sort things out in his head.
You are a god,and you cant figure out whats going on?” the mouse god glared at Mosum.
We may be equal in power,but don’t you dare disrespect me.” Avoiding angering the god any further, Mosum continued with his questions.
So why are we taking this little wooden boat?You and I could surely just teleport there.
Of course we could,I just enjoy the occasional boat ride.” Mosum realized even gods sometimes enjoy the little things.
So what do we plan on doing once we get to the new world?” he questioned.
Simple,we stop the humans from getting the objects of power.” The mouse god smiled and Mosum questioned for the last time “Where is the object of power we are protecting?
I have a general idea.” The mouse god said.
Great,so we’re going after an unspecified object of power that we don’t know the location of,on a whole new continent,and other powerful people are going after it also?
Precisely.” The mouse god said.
And,you’re not even sure if your information is accurate?
Exactly.” The mouse god answered.
Absolutely wonderful.Mosum thought as the little boat drifted off towards 'the new world.'

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Solace City, Prime U

“Things finally slowed down… I can’t remember the last time I was able to rest for this long”. She let the water cascade from her golden hair; down to the small end of her back. After the world went quiet, she had to get used to living and breathing as one of "them"; them being humans. While she enjoyed her shower, A thin blue light shine brightly on the outside of the curtain, pulling it back; she came face to face with Sha of Infinite Forevers.

“Jesus, what do you want?” Z screamed, covering her boobs.

“I need help.”

“Yeah No kidding” She quickly retorted, grabbing her towel. Water drip from her body onto the tilted floor, with each drop she became increasingly more irritated at the abrupt end to her shower.

“Alright, what is it?”

“Y-intercept, or a version of her; I really don’t have time to explain everything, but history is being tampered with; the timeline that runs linear to this, has been compromised.” SOIF explained, holding her staff.

“Can’t really see how that’s…my problem?” Z said, lathering her body with Dove pro-age cream. SOIF patiently, strolled towards the window and; pulled back the curtains.

“What’s…Animus Corp?” The Ninjan Queen asked, with her head tilted.

“It’s a paradox, Animus Corp exist in another reality; pretty soon all the known realities, will be connected. Continuity is at stake here!”

"What kind of deals do they have on cellphones?" She said jokingly, Z could hear the desperation in her voice and, as much as; she wanted to say no, she just couldn’t.

“It’s never simple…you never come to me for Sugar or just to talk, but whenever there is a potential reality war going down; I’m your first choice. After this…if I even succeed…I’m done, I don’t want to be a “Sha anymore. I just want to be Ziccarra; if you grant that wish to me, I’ll do it.”

SOIF’s head dropped low, it wasn’t a decision she wanted to make; but if she was going to prevent the realities from falling on each other, then she’d need Ziccarra.

“I promise, if you make this happen…I will relinquish your soul from our directory.” The two women shared an intimate silence; Z scoffed a bit, before opening her closet. There it was, her red and blue uniform; sitting in the closet collecting dust. After years of inactivity, the Ninjan once known as Mistress Mirage; returned to her Ninjan roots.

“Red and Blue?” SOIF asked curiously. “No, Black and Yellow…I keep the Red and Blue to remember a simpler time”.

“What happens if I run into my alternate self?” Z asked, leisurely putting on her uniform. “Trust me, you won’t” SOIF replied.

“Alright…I’m ready” Sha said, with a smirk twisting her lips. She was a Ninjan at heart, and the lust for battle and adventure stumped any feeling of suspicion.


“It’s crazy, just yesterday 1619 was a date, today it’s a universe…conflicting with the others.” Soif’s voice bounced off the innards of Sha’s brains, as her body slowly assimilated to the time warp. “So you mean, because this date has been changed, a whole new future has been created for it?” Sha said, levitating high in the air, out of sight.

“Yes, and the things that no longer exist in the original time are showing up in other universes, as time paradoxes.” Soif explained again.

“Sounds like an episode of Dr.Who” she said, taking off forcefully into the air. Catalina went back in time to secure, the Anti-Life equation; but what would happen to history if…she wasn’t the one to find it?

“This place…it’s not a date…it’s a whole universe, Alright SOIF how do I stop this from turning to crap?” She flew parallel with the ocean surface, close enough to feel the it’s kiss on her mandible.

“You have to destroy the Tanis; it’s a machine that contains the Anti-Life equation; once it’s destroyed, I can use my powers to “Fix” the anomalies.”

Z hit the coast, and was nearly pelleted by canon fire; the people of Jamestown were firing on what appeared to be slave ships. “History books didn’t teach that, I get the feeling I’m not the only one searching for this…Tanis”

Finally putting her boots on the ground, the Ninjan Messiah channeled her magnetism and slowly, halted the canon fire. “Ugh, humans” she said, tossing the canons into the ocean. Just as she was about to fly off, portals opened all around them; and the slaves that would’ve drowned with the ship; stepped from them.

“Whoa…” she whispered, watching as they were all poessed by the dark force. She let out a slight smirk; only because she knew if Nova was here; she’d know the exact words that were about to part her lips. “SONIC BURST!” Z threw her hand backwards, and fired a powerful gale towards the poessed slaves, knocking them off their feet; it became apparent that, someone else was after the Tanis…and not just one.

It's all kind of weird, just yesterday history was going according to plan, now different people; from all over the world are fighting. Fighting to save a universe that shouldn't exist; and fighting to conquer the ones that haven't been created.

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Land of Eden

Her declamatory attire spoke nothing for the writhing serpent beneath. Whilst listening to the concerns of her over anxious assistant, the violet eyed adviser to Catalina Liafador crept inward. "You will speak nothing of what you've seen or heard." She spoke in reference to her most recent trip to the Republic of France which involved the revelation of a power disruption relating to her reality bending capabilities.

"You will tell no one in fear of you're own life." With her trademarked devilish smirk on clear display the violet eyed beau amorously caressed the hand of her trembling slave.

"Talk all the shit you want. Scream within that pretty little head of yours'. Just know one thing. Cat may be your God, but I am your Jesus Christ. I am the one who must forgive. I am the one who acclimated chaos into the peaceful world of Eden. You however, my little darling, are an exceptional spark I have yet to diffuse. A spark that'll remain so long as you pray for my love whenever night falls." Miss Michelle laughed a lover's laugh, smartly portraying kindness for her own self-involved reasons.

Soon enough she relinquished her self proclaimed heavenly touch, snidely smiling in the face of sincere abhorrence. "Now it's about time we discuss formal matters." Her quivering employee couldn't muster an actual response other than she tears. "Stop crying. Be happy your reproductive system hasn't been shut down." She cackled, amused by her own twisted humor. "Let's focus on the good things in life like my dearest shadow princess having a field trip. Which leaves her throne very much empty."

"Settle down Claire Danes....." she mocked, increasingly annoyed by the sight of overflowing tears. "I don't plan on overthrowing the poor girl. I like it here--" Without proper preparation the magically inclined reality manipulator felt a sudden telepathic whiplash upon receiving a disorientating vibration pertaining to the fabric of time itself.

"She's messing with time." Clarice slammed her hands onto the table, cracking the surface instantaneously. Because of the disconnect in communication between Clarice and the likes of Catalina and Animus there came forth a genuine frustration on her over stylized face.

"This can't be happening." Unbeknownst to the frazzled mistress of Shinigami the ground beneath her ostentatious soles slowly began to morph, due to a subconscious urge to fix this unnatural occurrence. "Not now!" And without a moment's hesitation the brash blond---

---reanimated her entire being in the vicinity of her targeted prey.

@catalina_liafador: "Cat!" Clarice eagerly searched for the overly ambitious lass, concerned for the consequences her seemingly selfish transgressions might place onto the multifaceted universe. "Where are you?"

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Charles sat back in the chair and put his feet on the table normally this would never be allowed in paris as it was deemed rude but everyone here was much to afraid of him to do anything about it which makes sense after all he was the leader of the. Wolfkin reavers the most highly trained mercenary group in all the seven seas in both land and sea and their size was nothing to scoff at in a way .Charles held one of the most dangerous army's in the world in the palm of his hands and yet here he was bored out of his mind being the leader of the

Wolfkin reavers does not mean much if their are no jobs coming in a drink was placed on the table as the brave lass scurried away not wanting to meet the gaze of the man christened. The Wolf King he rather enjoyed the title he gripped the bear glass and began chugging it . The cold beverage felt good going down his throat as he went back to his thoughts his most talked about feature was the way he dressed a skull mask ,cape and a rather tight fitting outfit well anyways that is how it looked to other people truth is it was rather comfortable .

"Hey you on your knees or your head will be rolling before you even have time to reach for your blade" Charles noticed that the man seemed to be talking to him and that a sharp pain seemed to be coming from his neck ."You heard what i said on your knees now and i will take that sword while you are at it" .Charles sighed as he realized he would have to handle this annoyance "No i do not believe you will be get anything from me but rather i will be taking the burden of living away from you"

And with that he pushed his char back causing it to start to fall to the ground the man hopelessly tried to swing at him but he would not be done in so easily Charles pushed off the chair before it hit the ground causing him to roll and he used this to roll back to his feet

He looked up at his would be kidnapper and drew his blade the mans face reveled how close he was to wetting himself but he pulled himself together as he drew his blade in close and ran at Charles with the intent to run through but it was not in the cards it seemed Charles calmly held his blade in place and as the man entered the right distance he swung ending the fight in a single swing which apparently the man missed as he stared the. The Wolf King for a minute not realizing he was dead yet that was until the blood shot out of his neck as his head still hung very loosely still attached to it as imagined the patrons reacted rather badly to this whole mess so it was time for him to leave

Charles made his way out of the bar with the intent of making it to his ship that was until several swords were pointed at his face it seems the fellow from before had friends still calm he looked up at the men his eyes betraying the feeling of annoyance he took his stance as the brutish men ran at him trying to take advantage of their numbers and thought by swarming him they would win how foolish they were .Charles countered this assault he fluidly danced around every blow with each passing second adding another number to his body count if a spectator were watching it might look as though he was dancing his style was very eloquent and well executed not a single wasted movement as the last f them went down in Charles's dance of death he looked up at the moon hoping something exciting would happen soon.

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He was making his way towards the stables at the edge of town when he felt something tug on his pants leg and climb it's way up to his shoulder. He didn't have to look to know what... or rather, who it was.

"Ah, Alexander, My favorite rodent." Smirking as he continued on his way to the stables with the raccoon riding on his shoulder, knowing his comrade in arms had and would kill for less.

"Yes, Heinrick is as predictable as ever. If there's cheap booze and loose women to be had you'll most certainly find the Prussian there." Noticing how locals starred at the strange animal sitting on the assassin's shoulder. "It seems we've over stayed our welcome old friend, the boys from London are looking for me. So we're going back to sea for a bit, perhaps raid a few Spanish ships, stop by Jamestown and see how those folks are doing." As he pulled his hood up to cover his face and strolled right past the British soldiers standing guard at the gate, due to the late hour they weren't being particularly observant.

The stable was only a short distance away from the gate and took little time to reach. Tossing a few gold coins as payment to the man watching the stables as he walked over to and swung up onto his horse, patting it's muscular neck affectionately before feeding it an apple he purchased earlier, a nearly solid black Clydesdale named Konabos, after one of the fire breathing steeds of Ares, he'd commandeered the beast a few years prior from a nobleman in the south and had never gotten around to giving it back.

"Hold on Alexander, if you fall of I'll gladly leave you for the wolves..." Chuckling as whipped the rains and the horse took off at a sprint, bound for the cove on the Scottish coast where the Black Arrow lay at anchor.

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At Sea, Day Three

With a competently assembled crew under the compelling leadership of his brother Iker, Javier directed the plurality of his cerebral faculties into analytical research. Voluntarily isolating himself to the confining encompassment of his dolorous quarters, the Knightfall Precursor obsessively indulged in his intuitive passion, the relentless pursuit of knowledge. Back braced against the galling headboard of the bed, a thick book of accumulatively compiled text resting on his lap, Javier's right index finger traced along the scriptural information of a capacious paragraph meticulously detailing folk legends regarding the potential nature of Tanis. "... Pfft, this cannot be", a stubbornly voiced uttering indicative of refusal to acknowledge the supernatural elements of Tanis claimed by the book's authors.

Unsatisfied with the seriatim text of the book, plagued by absentee facts and ignorantly supportive of superstitious assumptions, Javier frustratingly sets aside the transcribed work, resting atop his mattress. "I am no mystic, I am a realist, a man of facts", he sighed. Rousing tedium spurred his following action. Rolling off his bed, the Knightfall Precursor emerges from within his environmentally cultivated cavern, impatient steps dictating his positional transition to the ship's deck. With abrupt immediacy, the aromatic presence of aquatic salt assaulted his nares, the detected scent of the ambient ocean breeze inciting terse facial discomfort in the peculiar Spaniard. "Ugh, este olor", oddly wincing with succinct vexation, he seeks out his sibling. Maneuvering through the volleying stares of seasoned crewmen, Javier locates Iker to a solitary corner on the ship deck. "You should come out here more often hermano, the fresh air, she will be good for you", Iker suggested, veiled lexical mockery present in his lingual advice.

"And perhaps you should learn how to write", Javier impishly retorted, a triumphantly expressive grin altering his facial attributes. "Anyway. How long do you believe this journey to be? I made no such calculation, I was otherwise engaged", the Knightfall Precursor inquired, optimistically braced for blissful news. "... I don't know how to tell you this but uh, one of the crewmen gave word that he..", compiling hesitation stunting Iker's impending revelation. "He lost the map... and compass". An instinctively incited expression of exaggerated incredulity wordlessly indicated Javier's facial disbelief. Jaw dropped in speechless wonder of human stupidity. Subtly shaking his head, Javier murmured, ember-hued eyes widened, "There is no finitude. No finitude!", he declared, "To human incompetence. Human stupidity. How else are we to-to", frantically rushing to the side, "Escape this aquatic abyss!".

Circumstantially catching sight of an approximated, smaller vessel, Javier ocularly fixates on a sole individual, the only that visually implied the intelligence of a man governed by rationale. "Tell the crew to get that man on board", the Knightfall Precursor demanded, spurring his brother into action, "If he has no map or compass, I'm throwing you to the sharks".

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@clara_mass: "she isnt here right now perhaps i could help you."


Barry had received an alarm something or someone was "tinkering" with the flow of time. "this can be good." using his tech he quickly tracked where the disturbance had come from. Some place called Eden... "the new country formed from South Venezuela? i had heard that 17 year old dictator was crazy but i didnt think she was that crazy!" he quickly suited up and gathered his gear, "lets go see what all this fuss is about." he used his wings to fly and started heading towards Eden.

During his flight he plugged in to the world news feed and the same story was being broadcast. something was happening in Eden, but no one knew what. he quickly arrived there and landed near where the disturbance was coming from.

When he found where the paradox was he quickly left a message at the house, in case his brother or sister returned or anyone was at his house, "Guys i am not going to be home for a while, you know what to do..." Hopefully they did know what to do, as he stepped through the paradox and now he is here. he guesses that this is the 17th Century but after that anything would be grasping at straws.


when he got to this 17th Century he quickly gather his bearings and found someone else dressed in 21st Century Clothing. the only Question is was she friend or foe? Barry was soon to find out.

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“It’s such a shame, if there were more capable people in my world, this wouldn’t be anything more than a dream.” Cat said, standing in thought in the middle of colonial Paris. “My intent was to come here and rid myself of the Knightfall family, but it seems my efforts to do so are ill-fated” Many of the colonial constituents eyed her as they walk pass, but Cat’s thoughts were so deep in the fabrics of reality.

“It’s crazy how nature reminds me of, just how Naïve I am. The balance we naturally battle is off; how many people here are heroes? How many of these people are rivals, that don’t want to see me succeed? I’ve been looking for the Anti-Life equation this whole time, but now it’s so apparent. Life, and Death, Wrong and Right; hero and Villain; the Anti-Life equation is the overabundance of a duality. I am the Antithesis of Ziccarra”.

Cat turned towards the people that were watching, she let out an abrasive sigh before smirking. “Dr. King and Malcom X, Communism and Facism; Liafador and Knightfall; the Anti-Life equation exist in the absence of balance…”

Cat smiled at the awe-inspiring revelation of her action; “What my mind conceives, another person can only dream about…I’m so sorry Isis…but it appears that I’m the villain…now where is my hero?” The earth around them slowly began to tremor.

The nature of the Anti-Life equation brought up multiple entendre aspects, but Cat saw and, only focused on one. Her dilated pupils suggested ill-intent, darkness poured from her being, saturating the ground with a wicked ambience

The darkness spread across the Parisian streets like a parasite, infecting the people of Paris with the will of the Tenekenetic Queen. “Nothing is connected, yet everything is connected, I used to think I was suicidal, but I’m not…it’s the world; the soul of our universe is closed to the events unfolding around it. Because of this, I stand unchallenged in the land of the living, in a world that produced no heroes.

The darkness tendrils penetrated the earth, wavering violently with the zephr. “It doesn’t matter where the Anti-Life equation is…If France never fights the French and Indian war, history is screwed.

Her darkness penetrated the hearts of those around her, the orgasmic allure of not being stopped, brought a feeling of imperviousness. As those unaffected by the darkness, rambunctiously ran for their lives; those infected soon began to plague the rest of the city.

Cat paced towards a man, sitting at a bar, seemingly unaffected by chaos going on around them; that is until she heard a voice in her head. “Clara…” she whispered, still manipulated by forces outside her own darkness. “I’m in Paris, but I’m also in Jamestown” she responded abruptly, before pausing in front of the bar’s only patron.

“I’m constructing a new world, I can offer you power beyond anything, these worlds have to offer; join me…in my Age of Absolution.

Jamestown. St.Peter’s Cathedral

The Tanis machine, a machine that slept peacefully for years, suddenly began to emit an ominous auburn glow. Those in the vicinity of the church, began to convulse like a palsied limb, the Anti-Life Equation was active, it didn’t appear to need a master, just a command…from anyone.

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Charles glanced up at the girl she was obviously not normal he took a look around at all the chaos around the town she was clearly the cause of it then she began to talk about him joining her in exchange for power he wondered what he would have to give in exchange for this power.

Charles stood up and he faced the girl she held her self in high esteem it seemed almost as royalty would also their was something alluring about her almost like a siren luring Charles to his demise although a bit different he did not think he would meet his demise with her rather he would be granted the adventure he has so been craving.

So for now Charles would follow her lead into whatever hell she plans on jumping in too this reminded him of all the tales of strong and wise men who met their end because of a women after all it was a woman who caused the mighty walls of troy to fall and its people to burn .

Charles would be wise to reconsider his position but he had made up his mind if this was to be his end then it will be but he could at least make sure he died in one of the grandest adventures known to man something that is only spoken of in epic ballads although their were a few of those about him already .

Charles knelt before the girl and gripped her hand then he kissed it "my blade and all the ones are under your command my queen" Charles said for now choosing to submit to the young girls will he then stood up.

"I am The Wolf King commander of the Wolkin Reavers the finest swords in all the seven seas although if you wish you may call me Charles now then what is your name if i may so boldly ask."

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"Keep digging" The air is cold and heavy, breathing is far from easy as every gust of wind stabs at you like a thousand shards of broken glass, only the one lonely lantern lingering in the distance can be seen and only the saddening sound of grave digging can be heard. "Please, I'll give you anything." The man with the lantern rests it on the ground and draws his pistol, "You already have everything I need... that should be about enough."

Four Hours Earlier

"Everything is prepared, we have acquired the text, the alter and…" "The girl?" William writes in his journal as his servant stands begrudgingly at the door of his chamber, "You're hesitant, it's understandable but"

"but what"

"The savages that co-inhabit this paradise weren't educated in the virtue of sharing, we have travelled too far and given up too much to turn back… and we aren't going to win on our own." He closes his journal and slides it into the top drawer of his rustic wooden bureau, exquisite furnishings were a luxury they were prepared to forego to achieve the end goal. "My family is here, my new home is here, my life remains HERE…"

"But the girl?"

"SHE DOES NOT MATTER! A poor street urchin likely to die of starvation, her bones and the bones of those savages lay the foundation, in all their hundreds." He takes his crude pistol from the top of his desk and slides it into his holster.

"You can leave if you choose to, resign from your well paid post? you step outside our limits you'll get ripped to pieces, your skin passed around like bread for all the little savages to chew on with their sharp jackal teeth… is that what you want?"


"Alright then, the ritual goes on as planned, you won't regret this decision, you forget what we gain, what we've always dreamed."

"What you've dreamed." His servant replies. "It is time" William places his mask over his head, fastening the buckles and adjusting the eye holes. "No turning back"

Two hours later

"We stand united, anonymous but vigilant, refined but ruthless, silent but strong"

Deep in a wild untamed forest of the newly discovered country, several important and influential men from all corners of the globe gather, draped in long cloaks and tall hats with a jagged point on top, they gather around a sacrificial alter holding torches and speaking incantations of long dead languages, they stand together tonight but one stands head and shoulders above the rest... his name was William Boothe, this is his congregation.

"We bring this offering to Azazel... so we can remain young and govern mankind throughout history. This is the dawn of a new age, our kingdom"

He gestures with his hand but his followers are slow to react, a few minutes pass silently, a sense of impending dread catches them like a stiff breeze as they remember what they're about to do, the deal they're about to make.

"Let me GO! HELP SOMEBODY HELP!" Two of the anonymous followers drag the helpless young girl toward the alter, she kicks and screams but it falls on deaf ears tonight, "I know theres hesitation amongst us but this is necessary, we all knew what we were getting into...we all knew the outcome." The followers begin tying the girl's bruised wrists to the alter, the crowd withdraws slightly once everything is in place, they all know what's coming next.

"She burns... We live." He light's the bonfire, he seals her fate. Screams of pain overpower the crackling of embers ringing through the mysterious forest "Nos sanguinem vertuntur, distillans labia tuum expectans. Maius aliquid et nobis eas capere emissarium in futurum." but then they stop and the ritual is done. "Think about what we have all done today, we have assured the future of this new world, our future, meeting adjured."

As the group dissipates, all going their separate ways, to they're separate lives, to their families and friends, none to ever revisit what happened tonight but one remains, lurking in the shadows watching, waiting... following.

Later that night

"Why did I get here so early... I'm starting to get bored, you're husband should be home any minute, the suspense is killing me. No no no honey calm yourself, it'll all be over soon." He presses his lips up to her cold left ear "After all this has all happened before."

"MOMMY!" Sterling drags the lifeless body by the arm, turning angrily around to the small infant "QUIET JUNIOR THE GROWN UPS ARE TALKING!", William arrives at the house on the back of his clumsy but reliable horse. He walks to the door calmly and confidently, creaking and cracking as it reveals his wife's horrifying fate behind it. "Well the man of the hour has arrived, now the festivities can begin." William looks on in horror the crazed villain waves his gun in front of his very recently deceased paramore, her blood dripping on the floor spilling into every crack and crease in his hardwood floor. "REBECCA!" William fumbles for his crude firearm but Sterling is too quick for him, *BANG!* he shoots the pistol out of his hand in the blink of an eye, "You're so slow." He drops Rebecca's limp body to the floor, the loud thud of her skull smacking against the boards echoes off the thick walls. "I expected as much, you barely even shot that thing, let alone trained in how to effectively use it." William picks up his wife's lifeless corpse and cradles it in his arms, "A live demonstration of how you so rightfully earned the mantle of the 'family f*ck up'" He points the gun at the side of William's head.

"What do you want?"

"To be you, well for a couple of days at least, that's not a cross I'd want to bear any longer."

"Why?" William said with tears running down his face, "Well for one thing that little ritual you gentleman just committed, it doesn't work, some of you pick up fancy new diseases from this magical paradise, some of you die in freak accidents, while you get gunned down by a lone bandit whose currently resting a few feet below the marsh lands... so it gave me an opportunity, an opportunity to do what? You'll never know." Sterling cocks the gun besides William's head "Now on your feet, or this bullet is for you and the next is your boy." William begrudgingly stands to his feet, "No no no, take that with you." Sterling points to the deceased Rebecca, William takes her in his arms and stumbles through the front door, Sterling remains. "Now Junior, I know this seems contradictory but this is a great moment for you, without your ignoramus of a father and whore of a mother you'll live on to be a great man, trust me I've seen it already, now the police will be here in a few days, I suggest you start catching dinner."

"Keep digging" Boothe holds the lantern in one hand and his modified 'Sixteen Shooter' in another, pointed ready at his ancestor, "I'm from the future if you missed any of those hints I dropped" William says nothing, he'd sobbed, begged and pleaded an hour already, he had excepted the futility of bargaining at this point. "I won't harm your son... well not won't as much as can't, I'm trying to protect myself from ceasing to exist and I'm already pushing this far as it is." He inspects the fine job his ancestor has done so far. "That should be about enough, see before I wasn't factoring in fitting both of you in that narrow grave" *BANG!* Sterling lands a clean shot to his neck, piercing his throat and slicing clean through the jugular vein, "Don't forget this." Sterling kicks Rebecca's body into the open grave. "Side by side, it's poetic even." Sterling continues to talk as he shovels dirt into the grave, burying William barely alive "Well I'd better be on my way, last thing I heard France was my destination.".

Sterling finishes the burial, patting down the freshly obstructed earth. "Now I'm not sure if you can still here me but frankly I don't care, I just want you to know in this and probably the next life that... you failed our family, this was your punishment, this IS my reward." He climbs onto his mount and rides away.

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Day 52

I have never feared death even when it was a possibility, pain, humiliation. These are things that can not tame a man. My only fear is losing my humanity. Even though I believe, in partial, the lord bestowed this gift on me I watch the skies in the silent nights, sleep having been forgone of me, dreams an entity of themselves in my mind. In those long nights I am huanted by the thoughts of what I would be like if my entire humanity was forgone, what would I become? So I ate, drank, made merryment, imbibed in carnal fillings.

All the things a youthful man of my appearance indulged, it was merely a way to keep me grounded, tethered. Now I realize just how little of a human I actually am. it has been fifty two days and I have not eaten, slept, or drank. My sanity dwindles, I see dreams again though as I say, I do not sleep. The corpses I surrounded myself with as the boat began to capsize that night speak to me in anger and despair "Why Lord Thomas; We did what we was told Lord Thomas; We gone rip your privates off like yall did us 'Lord' Thomas"

We clipped the slaves to deter breeding while transfering them to the colonies. I can not even use youth as an excuse...

Selfishly I rounded up two hundred thirty six moores and loaded them onto the ships, all for an excuse to conquest this new world. And now I ask myself... why? Boredom? Need of a new sense of adventure?

"You know thats why. Don't asks yourself stupid questions" the mast that is an old slave woman gripping the white sail with dead fingers speaks through a partially slit throat, " You da reason fro soo much death. I walked the valley Thomas of Newcastle. You's have many an enemy waiting ont he other side for a piece of your tender leather. "

I realized weeks ago this was afigment of my mind these tortures, but at this jucture that made little matter, I was alone and in need of company. How ever it came. "They will never have the pleasure"

"Everything ends Thomas, das the curse of us awll. Soon you gone go da way of the knights you killt, then we all gonna take our time witchu. Mhm, nice and slow. Nice and slow."

"Shut your dirty nigress mouth! I am a good man who faught for our lord and savior and his servant on Earth! I did my duty and retired! The new world was an opportunity for us all you idiot! Your kind... Your kind..." lowering his head the black rings beneath sunken eyes diminish slightly, "Your kind deserved none of this. We were being chased by a clipper ship with crew full of pirates on our tails end, ready to kill the crew and steal you all. The captain disobeyed me...and drew from them the opportunity. I am sorry madam...this death for your people was far from- "

"Oy lad! Sharks don't talk back! Get off that foul thing fore ye get the scurves. Grab on" A prune faced swashbuckler extends a calloused hand to Thomas and he stares at it with shock. A large ship swashing in the water just a few dozen yards away while the man in a sall dhingy drags the castaway in.

Rowing at a fair pace the sailor gazes over his shoulder at the depraved immortal, "Ya better pray ya can give the cap'n some answers on where we be. fer all our sakes. "

As they reach the deck Thimas feels splinter dig into his barefeet and takes solace in it with a smile, the captain approaching, "Sir. Thank you. I am Thomas... A navigator by trade."

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Three Days Ago

The nights of blissful sleep were not ones to grace Daemon, many nights before this night prepared him. The demons inside his body screamed to him, to stop the chaos. If the demons inside him who all with Satan and Death herself scream for the calamity to end, the end is near and this time Daemon could not ignore there cries. Going deep inside his own mind he awoke the very parasite that created him months ago, its name was Cathluki he barked for it to speak. It only stood in front of him, dripping with ooze and smiled to him silent for what felt like eons upon eons. Then it raised its hand an index finger pointing to Daemon himself "Catalina...Either stop her...or help her...she is the nexus of this chaos. Either stop her and seize the screams, or Help her and create a echoing wail of screams for thousand more souls. If you stop her, the souls within you will quiet yet there power stays as it is....Help her and there power will triple and the screams along with....Make your decision." With that Daemon exited his own mind and awoke.

Sitting up in his bed Noir next to him and Bug sound asleep in a chair just beside the doorway, Daemon left the bed and opened a closet. A suit hung from hooks, it shined in the moonlight gold metal one that a King would wear in the presence of his kingdom.

Slowly Daemon put the new armor on, and he shined in the moonlight. With a smirk he disappeared into a shroud of insects into the night air.


After days of searching he found Cat, she was on a quest for the Anti-Life Equation something he had heard rumors of but never thought the rumors were true. In the shadows he waited, he was sure she knew of his presence yet she never made it clear. Suddenly a wave of energy engulfed both in its wake and they disappeared. Once they appeared he could hear the silence for the first time, his hive was no where he could touch with his mind. He was alone and all he could hear were the demons inside his body, they had stopped screaming for the first time in weeks. Hidden in the shadows he watched as she hatched her plan to conquer this timeline, and keep the Knightfalls from ever existing. He followed her until she reached the Cathedral and upon hearing her speak with one known as Clara Mass he made himself known. Stepping from the shadows he smiled wide, his insect like appearance disappearing and showing a more human-esque appearance. "Will that offer stand for anyone who helps you Catalina? Because a world to shape for my own, that is something I have been working towards for a very VERY long time."

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She felt naked in the company of unquestionable filth. She knew she'd become a martyr if business were made with the likes of unbridled damnation. And although strongly tempted by the offerings of her dearest Catalina; it was the appearance of one foul man that swayed her thoughts elsewhere. "Cat." She could smell the stench of treachery and disgust emitting from his pours. However, rather than state the blatantly obvious the uncharacteristically frightened witch instead acted as pleasant as humanely possible.

"My power. It's something you've never felt before." Inches away from acclimating her deepest desires the violet eyed manipulator knew she could swiftly shift the tides of time in her favor. Utilizing Catalina Liafador for her own selfish needs would be easy, especially considering how much more powerful she was compared to the teenage wrecking ball. However, a slight inclination prevented the brash beau from implementing any coupe. In fact, it was the focused determination and willpower of the youngest Liafador that prevented any wet dream of snapping her neck and claiming the Land of Eden for her own.

"Grasp my hands. Tell me what you want. I will make it so." She ignored the appearance of the off putting behemoth, afraid his fantasies would ruin her psyche. Although rude to disrespect the attendance of someone claiming to assist in what may be considered nefarious intentions, the self-proclaimed Jesus Christ of Eden knew a Judas when she saw one.

"Just know one thing. In order for this to happen. Catalina, you must sacrifice something you cherish most." Even in her most vulnerable state the curvaceous heiress to American riches still spoke half-truths. If this were to happen, if reality were to shift in the favor of the wicked shadow walker, her life could quite possibly end without fate's hesitation.

"Are you sure you're ready?" She smiled, a wolf in sheep's clothing, salivating this oncoming event. Her life's work had been built up for this exact moment. Decades of hating the Knightfalls, decades of hating mutant kind, decades of wanting importance in a world that's only treated her like shit. Miss Michelle opened her hands, awaiting the graceful touch of Miss Liafador, prepared to both help and use the wondrous lass in a multitude of ways.

However, the statuesque presence of finely dressed devil could possibly persuade this spontaneous opportunity in another direction. It's because of this the violet eyed beauty sweated a nervous sweat, hoping this dark child was a friend and not a foe. Because if so she'd have no choice but to take matters into her own hands.

@darkchild: @catalina_liafador:

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Quasi-altruistically assisting the sartorially disheveled male and his ebony-skinned companion, Javier and Iker approach with premeditated caution, their taken steps dictated by tentative presentation, wordlessly indicative of instinctive human hesitance in interaction with unacquainted strangers. "Javier, mi hermano, this man he brought a... a negra", Iker subtly whispered, cabalistically leaning into his sibling's approximated ear. "Be quiet Iker", the Knightfall Precursor intuitively responded, hushing his younger brother with lexical indignation. "But... but.. she's nothing more than a mono", Iker disgustedly insisted, inciting a physically motivated reaction.

Vexedly silencing his haughty sibling's racially motivated complaints with a vehement back-handed slap, the peculiar Spaniard scoffed, "Be quiet!". Beaming a tension-imparted glare of ocular derision, Iker hesitantly diverted, reverting to conversational exchange with the preoccupied crewmen. Amiably flashing a cordial smile of poorly veiled comical expression, Javier civilly apologized for the unexpected familial clash. "Hehe, forgive me senor, I... wait", ember eyes gleaming with infantile optimism, "A navigator you say? Bueno, bueno!", affably showcasing authenticated gratitude through a courteous hug, their concise physical communion abruptly terminating upon detection of the pungent scent of sanguine liquid on Thomas' person, "Oh", spontaneously jolting his head backwards, away from the source of Thomas' discomforting aromatic emission.

Protectively covering nasal entries with his palm's warm flesh, the Knightfall Precursor winsomely tittered, "My apologies, Senor Thomas. I have yet to introduce myself. I am Javier, Javier Alfonso. And uh", tersely shifting the visual focus of his oculus towards his distantly positioned sibling, "That um..", audibly clearing his throat, "Gentleman is my brother Iker". Momentarily directing the plurality of his attention to the unacquainted black woman in Thomas' company, Javier urbanely issues a chivalrous nod of unorthodox, charismatic gentility. Re-indulging in lingual interaction with the immortal Newcastle, Javier commences the verbal introduction of a beneficial proposition.

"You are a navigator, si? Then perhaps you can assist us. My crew of 'professionals' have somehow managed to lose our map, and compass. It would be imperative my friend, if you had such items with you or if at the very least your navigator's intuition could render this voyage fruitful, for you see", dramatically pausing for the necessary cultivation of atmospherically tangible suspension, "We are heading to the New World. There may be some treasure that would interest you there. Have you heard tales of the Tanis?".

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“Hello Charles, I am Catalina; future mistress of the universe. She couldn’t help but smirk, but the stout claim when spoken sounded humorously outlandish. Pressing her back against the chair; she crossed her legs and leaned for ready to expediently explain her plan.

“You see a long time ago, before any of this; exist an abundance of matter in the center of all creation. Good, and Evil; life and death; every duality and outcome was birthed in this place; this was the Universe. Because the universe was unstable, the celestials living at the time tried to harness its power the universe expanded; and began to create parallel worlds, and realities. Each of these worlds occupy the same space, but vibrate on a different frequency.

“I tried to harness the power of the universe, and I’m painstakingly close; but my actions here in the past, have altered history; creating another world…another reality, but in that world…in that reality…I will have won”

Cat pushed away from the table, finally understanding why things were, the way they were. The culmination of comprehension she received reflected from her pupils. As the town of Paris slowly, descended into darkness; the renegade Liafador finally came to realize why she seemed so different, from the rest of her family.

“I am the Y-intercept of my world” She muttered. Everything made sense now; the spirit of Y intercept- controlled her all those months ago, because she was naturally compatible. Her euphoric epiphany suddenly subsided, at the presence.

Clara’s presence in 1619 struck her as odd, from the time she took command in Eden, Clara had been around only sparingly, but this was not Clara; this was someone else.

“I know you…” she said, not turning to him. “You are Daemon, I do believe you met with my aunt Ziccarra, yes?” She said, finally turning to greet him. His massive frame towered above her, yet the young Liafador kept her demeanor; remaining unscathed by antics. Standing next to Charles, she doubled back at the Wolfken to Daemon silently introducing the two.

“This offer is open to you, I am on the threshold of opening a doorway to the end of all my troubles. I will allow you be a part of this moment!”

Almost on cue, Clara appeared; Cat’s eye immediately darted towards her friend, with some reservations as to her appearance. “Clara…” she whispered, watching her friend stalk towards her side. She watched as Clara disrespected, what would be the future leaders of the new world.

“Clara, I do not wish anything from you.” Cat clasped, Clara’s hand and slowly ran, her thumb over the backside. “Actually…I do want something from you…” She said, giving a devious snare.

“I want you” She said, stealing a passionate kiss from the only person she ever called friend.


The Tanis machine exploded out of the church high into the sky, the heat resonating from the machine was enough to stop all immediate quarrels. Its light could be seen for miles; but the immediate consequence could be seen in those ignorant to its power.

The ignorant early colonist, and anyone who happened to gaze into its light, without knowledge of it; .Suddenly became a victim of it. They marched slowly through the streets praise what was the Anti-Life equation, the overabundance of evil, the lack of good heroes could not negate the effects,

Cat’s shadow placed its hands to the sky, and began to draw on the power of Tanis, the moment it finished, Catalina would have the power to shape the whole universe in her image.

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Feeling the boat rock side to side,being pushed around by the waves was beginning to annoy Mosum deeply,the very nature of this trip was making him angry,their was no point intervening with human affairs,no point in taking a boat,and they had no idea what they were doing.
The mouse sorcerer decided he should speed this whole sail up a bit. Mosum materialized his red staff and held it up.
"What are you doing?" the mouse god questioned.Mosum ignored this and conjured two red energy oars on both sides of the boat,then he began to row the boat faster and faster until he felt the boat was moving at a much better rate.

"Are you finished?" the mouse god asked,without waiting for a reply,whispered a spell Mosum did not yet know,and with a wave of the mouse god's hand the oars continued rowing by themselves.
"Much better." Mosum said as he eased back against the stern of the little boat,the boat was traveling much faster now than it was before,he was pleased with this development and he could sense the 'new world' not far off in the distance.

"So,you still have no idea what we're doing?" Mosum asked now relaxed.
"You need not worry of our quest Mosum,we require no plan or strategy,just simply protect Tanis."
Finally a half decent answer.Mosum thought before he followed up with another question,"
"What is Tanis,and where is it?"

"Like I have said before,I do not know for sure,but Tanis seems to be an object of great power that others are after."
Satisfied with the information,Mosum turned and saw the 'new world' not far from the boat at all,about two minutes longer at their current pace and they would be on the beach.During this time,he figured he would do some preparations for whatever may happen.
Taking a lump of clay from his inter-dimensional storage,he dipped it into the water so it would be easier to manipulate,he wanted this one to be a good Golem.
He sat and shaped the wet clay into a little person type golem,it still wasnt good but he was terrible at sculpting golems and this was a personal best so he was happy.The little clay golem was about two foot tall and looked like a human,unlike his other golems, this one had fingers, toes,four arms and a face complete with features.

"Mesa reviti." Mosum said, and the four armed golem came to life,the little clay golem immediately knew its situation and bowed to the mouse sorcerer.
"Hello master,I am at your service." the little golem said.
The golem trying to make himself useful,used two arms to row each oar,about a minute of silence and anticipation,they beached.

"The new world." Mosum said climbing out of the boat and then looking around,realizing he had no idea where they were.
"Yes,the new world." the mouse god said as he too climbed out of the boat.
The little four armed clay golem climbed out of the boat and fell into the water,panicking,until he realized he could stand,he then walked to the two mice and sat himself down in the sand.
It would probably be a good idea to make the golem bigger,Mosum decided as he took a scroll and quill from his storage.
Scribbling the symbols for grow,big,and strength onto the scroll he spoke "Mesa grovano"
The scroll disintegrated into the three symbols he drew,floating in the air.
He pointed at the little golem and the symbols flew over,burning into him,the symbols did their job,the little golem grew to eight feet tall and was stronger now.
Mosum used red energy to lift himself up onto the golems shoulder for easy transport.
"Where go master?"the golem said with a now deeper voice. "Just continue forwards."
"Sorry Mosum,but I must be going now,you will find Tanis when you need too,I promise." and without letting Mosum reply,the mouse god vanished.
This actually happened often with the mouse god,it annoyed Mosum a lot,but he continued without question,almost as if on cue,a blinding light exploded into the air,from his perch atop the Golems shoulder Mosum could see a few miles in the distance it seemed something was absorbing the energy.
"We can't allow that now can we buddy?" Mosum said patting the golems head.
"Light going away no good." the Golem said slowly,trying to process what was going on.
Mosums golems lost certain aspects when others were increased,so when he grew and became stronger he lost quite a bit of intelligence.
"Thats right,take me to the light." Mosum said as if talking to a pet.
"Go...to..light." the golem said,processing the order,then with surprising speed sprinted towards the light.
Wont be long at all until we reach Tanis. Mosum thought.

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The S.S. Drifter, International Waters, Headed for Paris

Sterling alone stews in his quarters, the monetary abundance he acquired through the shift in inflation made him the most powerful man ever to exist, as far as wealth and riches goes but he has always been a wealthy man, his reach now extends beyond the physical world, into places men could never dream of. "Mr Boothe?" The sweat stained navigator lumbered into the dark and formally peaceful room, his gaunt appearance offends Sterling's eyes while the putrid stench of his last half year journey offends his sense of smell. "What is it?", the navigator gulped fearfully, "well when we stopped off to collect the update on the girl, y'know the letters left by your spy in paris?", Sterling glares derivatively at his ship mate supplying him with information he already knows. "Well their was no letter this time, maybe the message arrived late or he didn't make it to the..."

"No he's dead" Boothe interrupts the crew man as he uncoils from his chair and fills his glass with fifty year old scotch, "dead or captured or incapacitated some how else, not to say I'm surprised, it was practically a suicide mission." he walks over to the round widow overlooking the endless blue ocean, "We'll be arriving at the harbor in a four and a half hours, have you're men began preparing?" The navigator seems taken aback by Boothe's spot on prediction despite nothing but endless ocean out of his confining window, "Uh I don't think they'll need that long..." Boothe interrupts yet again, "I am the one paying you and that bedraggled band of mercenaries you call a crew so if I tell you to prepare your men you do so promptly and silently!" Boothe settles back down on his still wooden chair and gestures for his servant to leave. He reaches into the drawer of his temporary work desk and withdraws a primitive but highly advanced by the standards of the time audio dictation machine, he loads it with a tape from his pocket. "This is a message to Sterling Boothe, I am you from about a week after you discover a rip in the space time continuum that allows you to complete your long gestating time machine, limited in it's uses you will only be able to transport one being of living matter and a handful of non organic properties, anyway I don't know the specifics of this time travel business but I'm assuming it adheres to a circular formula, I am just one Sterling Boothe and if I die here the nest Sterling Boothe will suffer the same fate, I aim to use this tape as a preventative measure. I had two choices to make, if you are listening to this tape then I made the wrong one, I ventured to France when I should have stayed in the New World, if I live this tape will be destroyed, if I die you will receive it at 10 PM October 18th 2013, try not to get yourself killed this time Sterling... you know what the ends are, it's just about achieving the means." He ends the dictation and slips the tape into a black steel lockbox and the lockbox into a marked envelope, he takes two pictures out from the top drawer of desk and slides them into the envelope, he sealed it shut and places it in his primitive briefcase.

Five and a Half Hours later, Paris, France

@catalina_liafador "So you must be the mysterious mistress of the universe I've been hearing oh so much about?" Boothe addressed the rogue Liafador, seemingly ignoring everyone else in the region and the chaos surrounding him, "My name is Sterling Boothe, I stole my ancestors identity as I assumed their would be some kind of social function that I would have to attend but it seems you decided to forgo that formality and delve head first into business at hand." He approached her and bowed, extending his hand cordially "I like that."

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@catalina_liafador: Charles looked at the sky as he thought about what Catalina said harnessing the power of the universe that was absolute madness well that was the only thing Charles could really understand that she was saying it's not that he was dumb to the contrary he was quite brilliant but he could not comprehend what.Catalina was talking about if she had told him that in the future people would be able to fly in giant machines it would be just as impossible for him to comprehend

Although as he looked around again at the chaos caused by this girl he started think that maybe she might be telling the truth after all everything is true until proven otherwise and so far Charles had no proof to the contrary of what she was saying .While he did not fully comprehend her words he does understand power and while she did speak of great power true power concedes nothing without demand and Charles has to wonder what this great power will demand from them .

@darkchild As Charles was busy with his thoughts a man appeared from his shadow a man appeared from the shadows if you could call him a man that is he surely looks unusual but so far not the most unusual thing Charles had seen so far the man clearly knew more about Catalina's goals then Charles did although he clearly had goals of his own whether or not they'll end up conflicting has yet to be seen .

But Charles would be sure not to let his guard down around him after all he never knew when he was gonna have to kill someone and this man need only make a step in the wrong direction and Charles would pierce him with his blade before he had time to make another one but then Catalina introduced him to the strange man something .He should have done himself but the nature of their current status had left him a bit out of sorts " yes i seem to have forgotten my manners my name is Charles leader of the wolfken reavers and who might i ask are you "Charles asked while extending his hand

@clara_mass Charles was surprised to see another figure make an appearance this time a girl she seemed to know Catalina she then began to try and give Catalina whatever she wanted perhaps an attempt to subside her ambition clearly another person with their own ambition even though she was a female Charles would cut her down if he had too .Which is why when Catalina decided to stick her tongue down the mystery girl's throat Charles was a little surprised to say the least clearly Catalina did not see her as a threat be that from hubris or something else had yet to be seen but nonetheless this was clearly only the start.

@catalina_liafador " So then you talked a lot about this power but you have yet to explain the plan does this power reside in Paris otherwise what reason would you have to make an appearance here " Charles asked inquisitive about the plan which would grant them power.

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Quasi-altruistically assisting the sartorially disheveled male and his ebony-skinned companion, Javier and Iker approach with premeditated caution, their taken steps dictated by tentative presentation, wordlessly indicative of instinctive human hesitance in interaction with unacquainted strangers. "Javier, mi hermano, this man he brought a... a negra", Iker subtly whispered, cabalistically leaning into his sibling's approximated ear. "Be quiet Iker", the Knightfall Precursor intuitively responded, hushing his younger brother with lexical indignation. "But... but.. she's nothing more than a mono", Iker disgustedly insisted, inciting a physically motivated reaction.

Vexedly silencing his haughty sibling's racially motivated complaints with a vehement back-handed slap, the peculiar Spaniard scoffed, "Be quiet!". Beaming a tension-imparted glare of ocular derision, Iker hesitantly diverted, reverting to conversational exchange with the preoccupied crewmen. Amiably flashing a cordial smile of poorly veiled comical expression, Javier civilly apologized for the unexpected familial clash. "Hehe, forgive me senor, I... wait", ember eyes gleaming with infantile optimism, "A navigator you say? Bueno, bueno!", affably showcasing authenticated gratitude through a courteous hug, their concise physical communion abruptly terminating upon detection of the pungent scent of sanguine liquid on Thomas' person, "Oh", spontaneously jolting his head backwards, away from the source of Thomas' discomforting aromatic emission.

Protectively covering nasal entries with his palm's warm flesh, the Knightfall Precursor winsomely tittered, "My apologies, Senor Thomas. I have yet to introduce myself. I am Javier, Javier Alfonso. And uh", tersely shifting the visual focus of his oculus towards his distantly positioned sibling, "That um..", audibly clearing his throat, "Gentleman is my brother Iker". Momentarily directing the plurality of his attention to the unacquainted black woman in Thomas' company, Javier urbanely issues a chivalrous nod of unorthodox, charismatic gentility. Re-indulging in lingual interaction with the immortal Newcastle, Javier commences the verbal introduction of a beneficial proposition.

"You are a navigator, si? Then perhaps you can assist us. My crew of 'professionals' have somehow managed to lose our map, and compass. It would be imperative my friend, if you had such items with you or if at the very least your navigator's intuition could render this voyage fruitful, for you see", dramatically pausing for the necessary cultivation of atmospherically tangible suspension, "We are heading to the New World. There may be some treasure that would interest you there. Have you heard tales of the Tanis?".

"The Tanis... one of three endless items.... I've heard stories of it, yes. I believed it to be a myth, yet the stories spanning the oceans tells a different story...doesn't it? Regardless, I can not tell you how grateful I am for being allowed on this impressive gallion. I'm in debt to you sir. I'll do whatever is asked of me until we reach the New." Reaching down into his open chested filthy shirt past a scraggled beard Thomas pulls out a thin string, looping his neck to hold a silver piece equally circular, "I only have my mind and this piece. Both should suffice."

Hours later

At the top of the crows nest thin legs hang over the balcony, Thomas on his back peering through the silver at the stars, guiding the circle until he finally aligned with the north star, the markings on the coin showing where his first wife marked the direction of their home in back in his namesake village of Newcastle.

Grabbing the pole he climbs down the connected wooden planks and enters the captains chambers, "Forgive me for the interruption, but I've finished my studies."Hovering at the map sprawled on one of several tables "Based on the currents we're above deep waters, though since the day has started we've been getting hit faster and faster, this poses the thought that we may be riding nearer to shallow waters and soon, a beach. My device tells me we are in the definite direction of the East Atlantic and old country is to our back. Meaning...you never strayed from your course Mr.Alfonso. You've been steadfast the entire journey "Thomas begins to use the Compass (geographical) to mark their most likely position, the cirle reaching around the center dot representing the ship, overlapping the new world's shore "We should arrive by nightfall tomorrow."