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Location: Carbine City, Nevada

Population: 60,000 (approximate)

Date: 2 November, 2012

0800 hours: unidentified craft suddenly appears in sky above town. Widespread panic results.

1000 hours: rapid military response has largely restored order to the city and set up defensive perimeter. Attempts to make contact with craft’s inhabitants prove unsuccessful.

1200 hours: craft begins disgorging a thick smoke and appears to be in some distress. Still no contact from craft’s inhabitants. Military begins evacuation procedures.

1220 hours: the unthinkable occurs…

OOC: The unidentified craft has crashed directly on the downtown area, immediately wiping out several city blocks from the impact alone, with many more being affected by the resulting explosion. The ship was almost completely destroyed. Preliminary estimates on civilian casualties are not yet in, but are expected to be high. Much of the city is in flames, and anarchy reigns.

This is an open RP, similar to one of the other city threads, with the obvious difference being that this is a clear crisis situation in progress. Do what you will: aid in the rescue operations, try to restore order, loot, try and acquire some alien tech from the wreckage, whatever your alignment inspires you to do. Typical RP rules apply, of course.

Note: I don’t plan on responding to every post; this is chance for individuals or teams to strut their stuff and tell their own tales. Feel free to NPC civilians, military/rescue personnel, etc. If you need specific information (such as if you’re investigating the ship’s wreckage), feel free to PM me and I’ll respond as I can.

Have some fun!

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*Steals everything from the wreckage*

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(Nobody else was, so I went in. If you read it, bare with me, as half of this was done while I was under the influence of a few drugs. Thanks a ton to those of you who totally distracted me while I was in the process. There's mainly three of you. You know who you are.)

Anessia awoke amidst the rubble of a crushed building, dazed and unable to recall exactly where she was or what she had been doing at the moment of the crash; her brain wasn't really functioning well. All around her were bodies of the deceased; no survivors, at least not in the immediate area. But that's what she did; survive, when no one else did. But that didn't mean she was unaffected, not at all. Her whole body felt cold to the bone, despite the smoke and flames around her. She struggled momentarily to free herself, but to nothing, as fatigue was too much for her. She gazed around lazily, and out from a corner, a silver, fluid-like substance slunk its way along the ground and made its way to her, sliding on under her clothes, tore them to shreds, then itself morphed to fit perfectly over her body, its color shifting to red. Immediately she went to work, using the suit's capabilities to boost her strength in order to more easily move the rubble from on top of her. Struggling, she managed to free one arm and turned over, then pulled herself along the ground to freedom, stopping afterwards to rest.

There was a funny, weird warm feeling coming from the back of her head. She reached back to feel and raised her hand to the front of her face, staring blankly at the blood in the hand, then a wave of nausea swept over her and she broke out into an abrupt spasm of vomiting before collapsing.

Slowly, after a few minutes just lying there, she began to stir, feeling slightly better; her healing had already started. Shouldn't be long now. She pushed herself up off the ground and clumsily lumbered toward the only light she could see, limping along weakly until, with her blurred vision, she could almost make out some sort of silhouette, which split into two. The figures steadily got bigger until she could mostly make out two men, a fireman and EMT. But even as they came into view, and she could see them speaking, she couldn't make out what they were saying. "I'm fine. Leave me alone," she tried to say through slurred speech, but instead of backing off, the EMT started shining a really bright flashlight in her eyes. That set something off, and Anessia promptly punched him in the gut just as he started speaking into a radio. A quick thrust of her fist into his face shattered the fireman's mask and rendered him unconscious. Sloppy, not her best work, but it was the best she could do with a mild concussion. At least, that's what she thought he said, but she couldn't really tell. But that didn't matter. It was getting better anyway, and she was more curious about what the hell happened before things went black.

Her eyes were drawn to the massive spacecraft which had busted through the roof and she went to investigate further. The hull had busted open, and there was definitely some fire damage, but from what she could tell, the crash wasn't directly related to any rocket engines. "I wonder if there were any survivors?" After a brief moment of contemplation, a mischievous smile crossed her face. She looked around both ways ,then back at the ship. "I wonder what I could find in there." Without hesitation, she moved in through the entrance made with the crash.

Inside was almost completely dark, no power whatsoever. The only light came from a few fires here and there. The smell of burnt flesh and steel filled the air. A small sphere of lentium separated itself from the suit and an electrical spark started to flow through it, illuminating it as well as the surrounding area so Anessia could have a look around. The cause she determined to be some kind of problem with the ship's reactor core. She couldn't tell exactly what just by looking, but there was no time for dilly-dallying. Voices could be heard from outside. She took one more look around. No survivors, from the looks of it. Good. Now I just have to see what tech I can muster before they get in. And so she went to work, scouring throughout the ship, gathering what she could, her ball of lentium shifted into a makeshift carrying case. Much of what she found was damaged in some way, but she was pretty capable with fixing up and wasn't worried. Lastly, upon exit, she activated her suit's cloaking field to render herself and the items she carried invisible. With this, Anessia waltzed right past the teams that were searching, undetected, a wide grin plastered on her face. First time visiting Earth in this time, way better than expected.
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Following the disaster, military and law enforcement officials scrambled, not merely attempting to deal with the obscene level of damage and loss of life, but also in a desperate attempt to cordon off the area of the crash. This task would have been daunting under optimal conditions, as the ship itself had been large enough to constitute a small city on its own, and debris from its impact was flung across a wide area. As a result, even the most optimistic of the field commanders had to concede the likelihood that sufficiently stealthy elements could very likely gain access to the wreckage in the immediate aftermath.

One such element was even now emerging from the shadows and picking through the twisted remains of the ship. It was led by a massive behemoth of a being: standing over seven feet tall and easily weighing in excess of four-hundred pounds, it resembled nothing so much as an enormous, mutated bear that walked upright. It was clad in light armor, and had a sidearm holstered at its hip, a feature that seemed almost ridiculous in juxtaposition to its large, savage bearer.

The beast led a group of eight, beings that had the size and dimensions of thin humanoids, but whose features were completely obscured by their black armor, armor that was obviously intended more for stealth and mobility than for heavy combat. Their movements were smooth, silent, and vaguely unsettling, movements that somehow seemed to be unlike those one would expect from living muscle. Of the eight, six carried what appeared to be some advanced form of assault rifle, and two carried weapons that, judging by their longer barrels and prominent scopes, seemed to be intended for long-range sniping. All bore sidearms identical to that of their bestial leader.

The group swept through the wreckage with efficient, military precision, occasionally stopping to pick up some small piece of damaged technology, fire a bolt of energy from their weapons into one that was too large to easily carry, or affix a small detonation device to those too large to be effectively disabled by gunfire. Suddenly, the monstrous commander brought the group to a halt with a raised fist, sniffing at the air.

“One was here,” it growled, in a voice as guttural and animalistic as its appearance would lead a listening to expect. “Entered and left. Not gone long.” Hitting a button on the gauntlet of its armor, it growled, “There was one. Gone, now.”

It was answered by a momentary burst of static, followed by a voice whose cold, mechanical hollowness was notable, especially compared to the one it was answering. “If you have acquired an adequate trail, initiate pursuit, and perform any necessary recovery. A second unit will be dispatched to complete your initial mission.”

The beast growled an acknowledgement, and then turned to his squadron, which had been waiting in the same uncanny silence that it had maintained since its arrival. “We follow. Move.” At that command, the disturbing commandos fell in behind their leader, as he led them through the same exit taken by Anessia, not long before.

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