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The seemingly calm South Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Brasil was suddenly interrupted the screeching sound of an aircraft in an accelerated dive. The multimillion dollar Gulfstream private jet that was heading for Rio de Janerio, had lost control in both turbines and was descending rapidly. Inside, both the pilot and copilot were dead with large slash marks on their corpses. The fearful screaming of an overweight businessman and his trophy wife echoed within the cabin as they held onto to the back of their seats, legs dangling down towards the cockpit.

Four black parachutes deployed just outside free-falling airplane as it dropped past the five-thousand foot altitude point, the men attached to the harnesses were clad in black garb, similar to ninjas of feudal Japan. They looked down towards the jet that was already several hundreds of feet below them and patiently waited for their leader.

"WHERE IS IT?" Canine appeared onto of the back of the seat that the businessman had clung onto, demanding the location of a hard drive that contained critical information on the Wildside of Predators. "I don't know!" The man responded, tears streaming from his eyes, he knew he was going to die. The altimeter warning beacon on the flight panel lit up and an alarm sounded, notifying that the aircraft with less than a thousand feet from the ground. Canine looked towards the wind shield and sighed, bracing for what was next to happen.

The nose of the jet crashed into the sandy surface of the beach and crumpled due to the force exerted on it's metal frame. Within seconds, the same happened with the rest of the plane and as the turbines made contact with the ground, it sparked a massive explosion that engulfed the entire area in flames. The four men that had parachuted, landed in the water and had already begun swimming towards the crash site. As they had reached the inferno, they all turned to each other, unsure of what to do. They had come with Canine and now that their leader was presumably dead, their mission was forfeit.

One of the four men turned back to the destroyed plane, confident he heard something. His eyes peered through the flames to see one of the pressurized doors being forced out, the hand that clasped onto the edge as it opened, mostly charred bone with very little flesh remaining. Canine had miraculously survived, but his body was much like his hand, unrecognizable. As he stepped out of the fire, Canine's healing factor had already begun the repairing process. The ninjas looked at him with awe as he approached, seemingly untroubled by his experience.

"It's in Rio. Lets go."

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The Maracanazinho, a beautiful indoor stadium in Rio De Janeiro. One of the biggest boxing matches of the year was happening in this venue and Duke wasn’t even in it. “Barry why do I have to be here?” Duke sighed. “I rather fight than watch.” Come on kid you know we are getting paid handsomely to promote the fight, plus it doesn’t hurt to study your competition capeesh.” Barry replied.

Duke was bored as ever drinking down the last of his scotch. The burn goes down his throat and consumes his breath. This wasn’t his first drink and he needed to rush to the bathroom. “Got to take a leak Barry” Duke shouted as he ran out. “Kid’s got a bladder of a little girl. Complains like one too”

Duke went to the bathroom accompanied by his body guards. Duke walks up to the urinal. “Do you guys mind?” Duke questioned, rhetorically of course. “Sir we are here to watch and protect you” The guard’s deep voices echoing in the bathroom. “Yeah well I’m going to the stole I can’t go while you guys watch me” As Duke handled his business he suddenly heard the sound of two thumps to the floor. Duke opens the door looking down at his two body guards unconscious on the ground, then he looks up at a man in a suit with glasses.

“Mr. Niles” The man says calmly, “Put your fists down I wouldn’t dare fighting the renowned Light heavy weight champion or the superhero Cicada” Duke goes for I don’t know what you’re talking about route. “Who is that? I mean I have heard of Longshot and that Renegade Lantern guy and there are so many..” “Don’t BS a master BSer Mr. Niles, you would be surprised what the government knows” He interrupted. “Wait you work for the CIA? FBI?” The man smiles “I never said which government I worked for, anyway let’s skip the small talk, autographs and get to the point.” He holds up a small rectangular device. “This is a very important hard drive, many people have killed and been killed for this device. The information on this device is so important that it needs to be nomadic so it’s never tracked. Even now he will find it soon, so I’m giving you a job being a courier. You’re gonna take this drive go through the slums of Rio and meet with another agent.” He informed.

“Why don’t you deliver it yourself?” “And risk fighting that psycho, I’m good but not good enough to fight him. And I have other reasons.” “Who is he anyway?” “You’ll find out soon enough. And I would do as you’re told this way no one else has to know about your secret identity. And maybe we can tell you more about that suit bonded to your body” “What do you know about it?!” “I would get going now; you will be contacted when necessary and don’t use your suit unless he comes.” The lights went out for a second and came back on. He was gone.

Duke threw on his sweatshirt, hood covering his face and left the stadium. After a bus trip and a good walk he found the slums of Rio. The homes and paths split into so many different directions and the height and structure of these buildings vary, a real urban jungle, a free runner’s paradise, and a place where trouble was around every corner. You never see this part of Rio in the movies and now Duke knew why. He wasn’t too worried he could handle himself and how bad could this guy be who wants the hard drive?

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As the five man team led by Canine had entered Rio, a beeping tone had come from one of the ninjas. Stopping in his tracks as soon as he heard the tone and raising his fist up as a silent gesture to do the same, Canine turned towards the one who had broken the silence they were all ordered to remain. "What is that?" The ninja shrugged his shoulders. "Lady Azrael requested for us to keep in contact."

Canine extended his fangs and looked to the other three. "Do you all have tracking beacons as well?" Each of them responded with a silent nod. He popped his claws and pounced towards the nearest ninja, hacking the agent of the League of Shadows before the man or his partners could react. As soon as he was satisfied with the kill he turned around and attacked the other three. The outskirts of Rio had quickly turned into a blood bath as the four silent murderers were extinguished of their lives.

After disposing of the bodies in an empty shack, Canine had changed his clothes, disguising himself as a member of the lowest class of civilians that resided in the city. He had entered the slums not too long after, walking among the poor, completely aware of his surroundings as he began his search. If anyone was smart, they would hide the drive here, in the largest active maze in the world.

One man, hooded and trying to not draw much attention to himself, unfortunately did. A small black object was sticking out of the man's pocket, something that looked very similar to the hard drive. Canine began to follow the man, who looked lost. "Can I help you?" Liam decided to approach the man.

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Oh yeah I'm trying to deliver this secret hard drive can you help me? By the way my secret identity is at risk and I might find clues to this mysterious armor I wear. Duke wished he could say that. He did think it was odd for someone in the slums to ask if he needed any help. Duh! Duke thought to himself. This is obviously the guy I'm suppose to bring the hard drive to, why else would he ask that. Duke pulls out the hard drive. "Do you know anything about this?" Before he could answer Duke hears the sound of a rifle loading a bullet. "GET DOWN" he pushes the stranger, who oddly had a strong stance almost as if Duke got lucky. The bullet missed, thanks to the tech in his body he was able to pick up specific sounds from a distance, mainly life threatening sounds. This suit was better than anything Duke has ever stolen. "Here!" Duke tossed the drive to the stranger. Keep that safe while I handle this.

The red and white suit started to form around Duke's skin, the mask crawling up his neck swallowing his head. For a moment there is darkness then the red tinted digital screen appears, placing a target on the sniper. "Third floor window, yellow building" Wings rip through the back of his sweat shirt and flames ignite. Buildings blurred then Duke was holding the rifle to the snipers neck on the ground. "So you're the guy. I don't know why they worried about you" "Wroooong guuuuu." the man was choking. "Mr Niles." The agent's ,from before, voice could be heard through Duke's helmet. "How did you?" "Doesn't matter you have the wrong man, the sniper is ours, he was shooting the threat known as Canine" Duke released the sniper "$#@!" Duke jumped off the roof and flew down hoping Canine was still down there, if not he would have to track him.