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Dear Mr Lebeau
As requested here is my second quarterly update. As with the last i will divide it into sections in order to make the information pass as smoothly as possible. But as with the last it contains alot of heavy science. Any confusion at all let me know

Enforced Evolution vs Natural mutation

Having advanced our research into both sections recommended in my last report i have been working non stop to cover the vast work load. However i am pleased to report my labors have produced further fruition. I have been able to replicate the natural Mutant gene from the samples you provided and have been running parallel testing with the mutagen i produced here. The natural gene has produced some really interesting results., Namely that whilst its bar far the most stable of the two structures its far less predictable and can even remain dormant in the biological system of the carrier. Our Sapiens augmented with the DNA produced here, have a much higher chance of cellular evolution spontaneously.

This means second and third mutation are vastly more common with the manufactured DNA but the continued fluctuations of the helictical structure due to a high rates of cell death basically meaning the genetic chain pretty much always has a weak link. (see below)

This image shows the damage our sapiens have right now. As you can see the rigid helix of regular DNA simply inst there. The structures are weakened as a result of the heavy altered genes and the structure simply isn't able to withstand the combination of unnatural gene pairs and high cell mortality. But and this is a big but i have an idea. In theory if we can graft a naturally evolved mutant cell to the radiated evolutionary stem cells we could essentially make a gene battery that will hopefully combine the stability of the natural gene but the versatility of our own, decrease cell fatality and allow for the structure to return to its more rigid and less dangerous state.

This does sadly mean the current generation of sapiens have severely reduced life expectancy, you win some you lose some i guess. But Red Black and Blue have given me their genetic samples already ( some where happier than others to produce certain samples) they have been stockpiled for further study.

The U-men & Sapien Superior

With your blessing i will use the idea above and once again rebuild a new genetic code for the next batch of Sapiens. I will hopefully be able to produce a working a batch of this new code within the next three months. The differences between this new complete genome and the previous could be monumental. We will use it to hopefully produce two new classes of sapien. They will be quite vastly different in order to achieve maximum testing potential and allow for us to really push the new and hopefully more solid genetic structure to its limits.

U-men- These will be our sword. Their cells the very limit at what i can currently achieve, the ultimate specimen and solider combining the best of our original sapiens an the more solid genetic code. Its not unseasonable to assume this branch of the project will be able to produce manufactuable soldiers equal to or superior to almost any natural mutant or superhuman in the field. (This is still to be seen as their potential and power levels can only be ascertained post creation)

Sapien Superior- These are the shield class sapiens they will be augmented with the A.D.A.M system co-produced with our manufacturing division. The A.D.A.M device (Adaptive Defence Augmentation Mask...See below) will hopefully allow for a much more radical approach to defense The genetic coding of these individuals will not be to different from the current generation of sapiens. However by using an aerosol of the of the more stable mutagen gene we can adapt these solider mid battle to their threats. In real time these masks monitor pain levels and release dosages to the body allowing for repair and genetic adaption meaning certain forms of damage may even be rendered entirely obsolete on their form. ( These masks require a complex surgical procedure to bond with the host we are currently in beta testing with these however. We are trying to make the masks more secure and structurally solid as we speak)

As per usual i will continue working and hopefully have both sapien classes ready for the registration program you mentioned. Will keep you updated on progress and hopefully in the next 3 months we will have the energetically superior army we will need to enforce this program.

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@Kratesis: thanks, this is Franks intro to the registration. tis but a taste

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@Dr_Frank: As has been noted before, I love the science stuff ;-)

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@Kratesis: glad you like it, just happy its being read really lol

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@Dr_Frank: Check your pms.