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Puzzler and the 'stiff' as he decided to call him stepped out of the house of puzzles and into the streets of Liverpool. While tightening his tie slightly he sighed and lit up a cigarette. "Welcome to one of the vampire hotspots in the U.K mate..Where there are more undead than living here.." The magus stood at the side of the street and waved his hand casually to go for hailing a cab. "You best just follow my lead on this little adventure yeah? People tend to like talkin' to a face that has a blood supply goin' though it.."

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He stepped out of the interdimensional building and into the streets of the darker side of society. He walked next to the Puzzler, eyeing every person he passed as he listened to his comments. 'He's not lying. I can feel their eyes on me from their windows. They know were here. Hmph.' He thought as he stopped beside Puzzler as they waited for their transportation. "Judging by the appearance of some of the townsfolk, I'd believe they are perfectly used to someone of my appearance."

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@_splits_: "Trust me mate, even the livin' in liverpool look like sh!t..So no worries.." The two finally got a cab to pull over and the hopped in the back. "We just need to meet me old contact at the burning pike and we will be in business, might wanna take a few of these.." Puzzler cracked the window slightly while speaking so his cigarette smoke flew out the window, next was reaching into his coat and handing Splits a few stakes.

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@the_puzzler: He took the stakes and placed them inside his sack, to be discrete. "This contact, who is he if I might as? I'm a bit curious." He was, honestly. He'd like to know what kind of man would be ratting out a den of blood sucking beasts. Wanted to make sure this wasn't gonna end more badly than it needed to.

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@_splits_: "His name is blinker, a blind bloke who can literally only see the undead, like X-ray vision almost.." Puzzler chuckled at his contact's disposition before his face grew overly serious, staring at the back of the cab drivers head. "Stiff..How durable is your body?" Puzzler slowly reached into his coat pocket and pulled out his lighter.

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@the_puzzler: "M-my body?" He said nervously. "I-it's not very... but it can be put back together.... why?" He looked at the lighter, and then at Puzzler, then at the lighter. "Your not gonna set me on fire, are you?"

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@_splits_: "Heh! Of course not mate..I'm just going to create a bright flash and safely get out of this vehicle while it crashes, because the bloke missed the turnoff for the burning pike a while ago annnnd he doesn't have a reflection. Also it's a one person capacity sort of thing, sorry stiff.." Puzzler gave him a wink and used his lighter to create an intense red flash from the sparks, the vampire cabby hissing and losing control of the vehicle and crashes head on into a building wall. Puzzler stood beside the wreckage while shaking his head and lighting a cigarette. "Tsk tsk..Such irresponsible driving.."

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@the_puzzler: "Oh, well that's better than- wait, wha-!" Before he could finish, a flash of light and heat blinded him. "Oh for the love of-!" *CRASH, BANG, KRAAK, SNAP* So many sounds happened when the car smashes into a concrete. Metal crunches, everything goes to hell, and Remington closes his eyes and hopes for the best. Immediately, he feels wind going through his hair and glass cutting his face. Then, he feels his nose smash against concrete, and then the back of his skull breaks a fall on more concrete. So many feelings. He may not be able to feel pain, but he can still get dizzy and uncomfortable. He tries to put a hand on his head, but he doesn't feel his hand. He opens his eyes and sees to see that his head was resting alone on concrete.. he saw his body hanging out of the window of the car, which was on fire, with it's one arm flailing. The other arm was resting on the ground next to it. "Queen Elizabeth preserve me...." He says, accompanied by a sigh.

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@_splits_: "Ti xif.." Puzzler waved his hand, a slight red aura forming around his undead companions body as it quickly reformed right beside him. "See? Peaches" He chuckled while shaking his hand that was now slightly bruised and even a little burnt. The duo only had a short walk to the burning pike, a lower class pub with all the wrong vibes. Puzzler walked in and instantly knew where to go, the farther left corner of the pub, where Blinker was always seated. Blinker stared at Remington with the help of his vision but was startled when Puzzler cleared his throat. "Evnin' Blinker.." Puzzler said with a grin, ordering a pint. "P-p.." Blinker shuddered before shakily taking a sip of his own pint.

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@the_puzzler: He grumbled after the spell fixed him up. He picked his top hat up out of the burning wreck, shook some glass off of it, and put it on. He lifted his sack and cane out and eventually caught up to his new ally on their way to the pub. As they entered, he felt more eyes fall on him. He followed Puzzler closely as they took a seat at Blinker's corner. "Good to meet you, sir, my na- Erm, you can call me Stiff. That's what our acquaintance calls me." He reaches his hand over the table for a shake, but pulls his back when he realizes he wasn't going to shake it. He also orders a pint, but simply to make it look better. He can't get drunk, anyways. The liquid just spills out of a hole in his stomach and rests in some orifice until it evaporates.

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@_splits_: "Blinker you know why I am here..And you know who I need you to find.." Puzzler said softly while removing a cross from his coat and set it at the end of the table. "Puzzler ar-r-re you crazy? Nobody just goes meddling in the big bad's business here in Liverpool.. " Blinker shook every few seconds from how off put he was from the topic. "Besides..You know that not a single livin' thing can step onto his turf, he has that spell!" Puzzler chuckled to the info he already knew, then pat Remington on the back. "Yeah well I have something that will remedy that little situation..Now spill, where?" But as soon as Blinker was going to answer, it happened, a pair of black clothed hands broke though the window behind Blinker and sliced his head clean off, landing on the table.

"BULLOCKS!" Puzzler yelled as he stood up from the booth, quickly grabbing the pint from the table and tossing it out the window while extending his hand. "EMALF!" He shouted, turning the window and outside into a fireball, followed with screeching. "Stiff..Take care of any biters that come over here!" Puzzler was of course referring to the black clad vampires that had just walked in.

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@the_puzzler: @_splits_:

Alerted by the car crash Shirzad had been tracking the pair. Their ability to survive, apparently without injury, such a devastating impact had peeked her interest.

She entered the pub in the wake of the three black clad vampires. The scent of fear filled her nostrils and she could see the decapitated body. Her mask automatically performed a facial recognition scan on the severed head as she circled around the three vampires, making note of their absent vital signs.

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@shirzad: @the_puzzler:

"With pleasure." He said pulling his elephant gun from his sack and firing and the vampire in the center. Unfortunately, he didn't see the madame enter behind the vampire until it was too late. The vampire's chest practically exploded as the huge round erupted through his body and luckily went right by her, going straight through the door and likely digging itself into the concrete outside. The second vampire charged at him at incredible speed, knocking tables out of his way. He grabbed Remington by the throat and smashed him against the wall. "Oh, you little bugger!" He yelled.

The monster bared his fangs and bit into his neck, but then leaped back and hissed and gargled, letting go of the walking corpse. He spat on the floor in disgust. "What did you expect?" Remington said before grabbing his cain and bashing it over the vampire's skull. He proceeded to kick the monster while it was down before reaching into his sack and pulling out a stake. Before he could use it, however, he felt his arm get ripped off and found himself getting smashed headfirst through the table. The third vampire was on top of him with his hand around the back of Remington's neck, and was smashing his face against the floorboards while the other was vomiting, still disgusted by the bite.

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@shirzad: @_splits_: "Luv, mind helping the stiff out?" Puzzler said to the woman who clearly could handle herself. Puzzler was busy carving a sigil into Blinker's decapitated head and speaking in some sort of tongue. Upon placing his hand on the fleshy sigil, Blinker's blind eyes opened up and gazed into the Puzzlers.

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@the_puzzler: @_splits_:

Shirzad lifted a crimson glove toward the undead atrocity mauling Remington. The ways and woes of Quantum Sorcery flickered and flowed in her blood and bones. She created a link between her blood and its blood.

Then she clenched her fist. Blood clenched around its spin, tighter and tighter.. until with a gruesome crunch the bone gave way and the vampire collapsed like a puppet with its strings cut.

Undead it yet 'lived', its eyes flickered back and forth, wide with fear and rage. But its mind could not command its body. It was helpless.

She turned to seek the final vampire.

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@shirzad: @the_puzzler:

Remington lifted his self off the ground slowly, hand on the top of his head because he had a feeling it would fall off if he didn't. He threw the shambling vampire off of him and, letting go of his skull, grabbed the stake he'd dropped. He slammed the stake through it's chest, straight through it's heart, finally ceasing it's seizure. He sighed, looking for his other arm before seeing the last vampire wiping it's mouth and turning towards the woman. It had made a vile mess on the floor... He grabbed his elephant gun off the ground, put it in his teeth, and readied it with his one hand.

The vampire bared it's fangs at the woman as it realized what happened, walking towards her. Lifting the gun in front of him, he fired the huge firearm. The force of the gun shattered most of the bones in his hand and launched the gun and his arm into the air. The bullet erupted the vampire's head with a bloody explosion, and smashed straight through the ceiling into the open air. The vampire, however, still stood, shambling with it's arms outstretched towards the woman. "The bugger refuses to give up, madame." He says with a smile towards the woman. He didn't notice what the Puzzler was doing yet.. he was too busy looking around for his arms.

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@shirzad: @_splits_: Puzzler finished the spell and tossed the head out the window, walking over to the vampire without a head and placed his back on it. "Hctiws.." He mumbled, making the body give a slight twitch, it seemed to become a passive zombie that served the team now. "There, I managed to snag Blinker's last thought and image from before he got his head readjusted.." Puzzler looks at the new arrival, giving her a nod. "I know where we need to go so lets grab ourselves some transportation and be on our merry way.."

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@the_puzzler: @_splits_:

Shirzad rested her crimson gloves upon her utility belt. "Mages." A smirk twisted the right side of her face, the left unmoving and unresponsive. "I'm certain you two have some explination for all this?"

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@shirzad: @the_puzzler:

"Vampires, kind madame. Vampires seem to rule Liverpool." he said with a light smile. He looked over at the odd creation Puzzler had made, and nodded at the confirmation he had managed to get the information needed. "Apparently there is a 'big bad'... quote from our late friend... who is running them all." He says standing up. "Now, if either of you would be so kind, my limbs seem to be trying to escape." He said nodding once at his one arm smashing a shattered piece of a table leg against a window and once to the other slowly dragging itself past Puzzler towards the front door.

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@the_puzzler: @shirzad: @_splits_:

A man from the pub takes the last sip of his whiskey from his glass "Did you just say vampire?", Albert Donner happens to be in the UK since he had a meeting to attend with a certain fae-halfling over matters pertaining Gaea and the gathering of her agents. Tonight however is a space which is free of work, so in that regard he feels for having fun with a bunch of ragtag misfits. "I happen to know some of the local scene when it comes to vampire ratways and feeding hubs, are you part of the human supremacist movement?" since he may prey on nightbreeds but compared to them humans smell worse.

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@nerx: @_splits_: @shirzad: "Sorry mate but we already have a destination, not just any old den.." Puzzler looked at the man while snapping his fingers, Stiff's body parts returning to him, expecting him no doubt to follow the crew. "Come along you lot..And zombie.." He snapped at them to follow his lead as he stepped outside, lighting a cigarette. "The zone we are about to enter has a spell on it, kill any living thing in an instant, luckily we happen to have two non living things.." Puzzler was of course referring to Stiff and the new pet he attained. "When we get close, I will need you to go into the zone and remove the spell so we can all get in.." Puzzler explained while ordering his new zombie to smash a car window so they could all get in it.

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@the_puzzler: @shirzad: @_splits_:

"The zone we are about to enter has a spell on it, kill any living thing in an instant, luckily we happen to have two non living things.."

"Count that as three"

Said the man who tailed several feet behind the trio, he is merely finding a way to waste several hours into the next morning. Might as well hang around with a few blokes and one sheila, it's not like he will be needed in the next immediate minute at the sawney beane cave.

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@the_puzzler: @nerx: @_splits_:

Shirzad shakes her head at the car theft. Her inky black cape swirls around her as she stalks away. A mental command starts her vehicle, an armored militaristic stealth plane. Within moments it is hovering above her, VTOL engines kicking up trash and filth in the alleyway. A grapple gun takes her to the cockpit and she settles in; following the stolen car.

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@the_puzzler: @shirzad: @_splits_:

Albert rode at the top of the car so that everyone else can get comfortable seats, he likes it this way so that he can keep an eye on things and prevent nightbreeds from attacking at their blind spots. Also this way he an imitate a dog and howl against the night at will.

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@_splits_: @nerx: @shirzad: Puzzler sat in the car with the stiff as the headless zombie drove somehow. While lighting up a cigarette he looked over to Remington. "You, the bloke up there and the zombie will go into the dead zone and deactivate the spell, I will use that zombie as a microphone to help guide you through the process alright? Me and the cape will wait at the border of the spell and get ready to move in once the spell is lifted."

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@the_puzzler: @nerx: @shirzad: "Alright, I believe I can do that." Remington says as he reloads his rifle. Two large shells to replace the two he'd fired. Each round weight about a pound, and were as long as pens. He finished by wiping the vampire's brain matter off of the barrel with a hanker chief. He dusts off his top hat and places back over his head with a sigh. "So, mister Puzzler... do you have any idea who the kind madame who came to our aid is? Yes, yes, I can tell she has a identity kept secret and such, I am asking if you have heard of her?"

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@_splits_: @the_puzzler: @nerx:

Activating the VTOL crafts stealth features she drifts silently through the air behind them. Ideograms filled her mind as she intuit-imagined a varitity of possible futures, each observable factor adjusting the heuristic model.

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@the_puzzler: @shirzad: @_splits_:

"Roger that guv'nor" Albert laid on his belly as he held the roof by his hands, laying down atop of the vehicle like a hunted animal. Using his superior senses to detect vampires and other nightbreeds alike which may prove to have hostile intentions.

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Spending an awfully normal day at his apartment, Xorion was in deep boredom off course. After watching some stupid shows on TV, he gets back to his work or hobby. He lights the candles which are scattered around the room, he gets into a deep meditation. Leaving everything along with his body behind feels like a relief. Within the astral plane, a phone rings in his subconciousness room. Someone trying to communicate but who. Phone comes to Xorion, the phone turns into a man with spiky hair. Christian the bloody fang. A vampire with an odd name, an old acquaintance who saved Xorion from a werewolf attack and in return wanted a promise that in the time of need Xorion would answer. A bad deal but he wasn't a good Sorcerer in those times and seemd like a good deal at the time. After creating a different place to answer the call he calls for the campires mind to see what he wants with little to no interest.

@nerx: @shirzad: @_splits_: @the_puzzler:

Some glowing signs appear in the air opening doorway and Xorion comes out adjusting his tie. The seal dissappears ashe walkes the way to the den. He leaves out a breath slowly. The 'old friend' vampire told him about the attack and asked for help. After Xorion's answer about not being able to help vampires, the vamp asked for only info about the attackers with reminding the last time they've met and how he saved Xorion's life. Xorion accepted with a promise to end the debt. He peaks around for the oddity. A car takes his interest and he gets closer. The mystical energies he sense from the car feels familiar. One man comes to his mind but he refuses to think that it's him. Looking inside the car from the window he sees The puzzler. 'Bollocks!' he yells in his mind but smiles to outside. ''Hello. Am I late for the party?''

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@_splits_: @shirzad: @nerx: @xorion: Just as Puzzler had planned, the arrogant yet talented mage, Xorion showed up. "Xorion mate, not a minute to soon I see, just as I had expected" He teased at Xorion's predictability for showing up to such a supernatural shenanigan. "Everyone, this is a fellow mate of mine, Xorian. A bit on the theatrical side but you will warm up to him..Ain't that right X?" He asked with a grin before they finally arrived to the dead zone as it was called. The dead zone was simply a part of Liverpool that had a hex on it. The hex made it so that only the dead could walk in it, anything living was to die instantly upon crossing the line. "Alright my undead mates, ready to prove you have what it takes?" Puzzler chuckled while nudging Stiff.

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@nerx: @xorion: @shirzad: @the_puzzler:

"The debauchery of the new world I swear.... Yes, yes. You all get ready. Me, the bar goer and Mr. Puzzler's pet will be a moment." Remington says as he opens his car door. He awaits his two companions to join him, as he doubted he could do it alone. "Hold this." he says, shoving the elephant gun into the zombie's hands and placing his cane on the ground. "Alright, so how do we go about finding the source of the hex so we can neutralize it? I suppose I should be looking out for giant glowing pillars, yes?" He says with a sigh. "Suggestions are of course welcome."

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@_splits_: @the_puzzler: @xorion: @nerx:

Exiting her craft a couple of blocks away Shirzad makes her way from rooftop to rooftop until she arrives. Her boots make no sound as she lands beside the vehicle. Once more resting her crimson gauntlets upon her utility belt she waits, her half paralyzed face frozen in a near perpetual sneer.

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@the_puzzler: @shirzad: @_splits_:@xorion

Being an anomaly to him the sigil was merely a dare to 'cross this line', he walked inside casually while waiting for his undead ally to cross over anytime soon. There should be inbound threats looming inside, so far nothing strange is to be seen. But he did sense a couple of nightbreeds around the proximity, Albert extends his right arm as he memorized some of the things he had eaten from a military convoy. A bush of automatic firearms.

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@the_puzzler: @_splits_: @shirzad: @nerx:

As always Puzzler talks with his usual style. Teasing and self appreciation. He winks at Puzzler. ''Charming, as alway... And what is with X? Would you like me to call you 'P'? it sounds like 'Pee'?'' He laughes while looking at the living dead and the other weirdo. ''You've got a weird taste with friends, chap. I give you that.'' He then stops with the sight of intimading woman beside the car. ''Is she... One of yours too?'' Observing the situation and the people around he takes a few steps to the woman in black and then turns back. ''So! What made you attack vamps? What's in it for you and for the last, what do we do now?'' While talking he moves his ands as if he was wrighting something to the air and then a little flas of light appears and dissappears instantly. ''The debt is paid'' he says to himself.

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@_splits_: @shirzad: @nerx: @xorion: Puzzler listened to Xorion talk as he lit up a fresh cigarette, also using the zombie to listen to Stiff asking questions. "Alright Stiff, you are going to be looking for a well, like a water well.." He pauses his sentance while reaching into his coat and turning to Xorian. "The vampires are planning a night raid of what's left of Liverpool's living populace, can't let that happen now can we?" With that question answered he finally pulled out a little shrunken head that gigged every now and then. "Drop this little bastard into the well and it should remove the curse.."

Puzzler looked up at the mystery woman and smiled at her. "She, Xorian? She is the sexiest living nightmare I have seen in the U.K...You don't worry about her, I'm already doin' that.." He chuckled while blowing smoke in her direction. "Alright you unnatural bastards...Lets get to work!" He said to Stiff and the bar mate. "Xorian old mate, you'll stick with me and use some of that handy spirit you are tapped into to see where the largest source of magic is inside this part of town, savvy?" He patted the fellow mage on the shoulder and then looked back over to the mystery woman. "Luv! You stand up there and keep tabs on us little people yeah? Tell us if any biters are coming close!"

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@the_puzzler: @shirzad: @nerx: @xorion:

Nodding as he took the shrunken head, he sighed when it bit his finger. "Spirited little bugger, isn't he?" He says as he shoves the head into his coat pocket. "Alright, my fellows, let us venture into the no man's land." He said, nodding in the direction of the zombie and the bar mate as he turned towards what he assumed was the general location of the well and started walking. He could feel the eyes in the windows watching him and his companions as they ventured the lonely streets. The tap of his cane against concrete followed by their footsteps were the only sounds for a little bit, but eventually he started whistling 'London Bridge is falling down'. Always have to keep your mind occupied. The three turned around a corner and found quite a sight. A Gothic church, rundown and abandoned.. or so it would seem. The crosses had all been torn down for obvious reasons, and standing in front the building, standing on the steps were two large hooded figures.

"It seems they've been expecting us." Remington says aloud, and the two hooded vampires begin to walk down the steps in their direction. "Do you think the well may be within the Church? Seems possible to me, as there wouldn't be much other reason to guard-." Before he could finish his thought, the vampire duo charged. One grabbed him by the skull and threw him through the air, and he c;ashed against the wooden wall of one of the decaying buildings. The other knocked the zombie aside before advancing towards Nerx. Standing from his fall, Remington dusted himself off. "Seems it's time for some needed action, fellows." He lifted his cane and ran towards the vampire that had attacked him, he ducked as it swiped before swinging the cane to it's knee. A clean snap and the vampire fell to the ground. However, it pulled him down with it, and the two began a cliche and futile attempt to strangle each other.

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@_splits_: @the_puzzler: @xorion: @nerx:

Shirzad waited. Not merely still, no, she was perfectly still. Her mutant powers allowed her complete awareness of speed/location and complete control over her acceleration. It was zero. She was literally completely still. Frozen like an ebony and crimson photograph.

She waited, feeling the vibrations flow up from the ground, the echos of wipers upon the winds. Through this she mapped her surroundings, seeking any hostiles.

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@the_puzzler: @shirzad: @_splits_:@xorion

"Sure thing pal, I can't wait to try on some new applications for night breed flesh" now the current excuse for his abilities will be Ghoul Magick, as in the counter agent to necromantic arts. Emphasizing on the trait of the ghoul which exhumes graves to devour upon corpses, the mystic aspect extends that into engorging the undead. Pushing forth this bluff for the sake of convenience as he takes out a cigarette holder from inside his coat pocket, inside the tin compartment is an assortment of mummified human fingers. Medicinal cannibalism as they say, however his version is a more advanced substance that does not stop on restoration. They carry enhancing properties, such as when he took a bite of lady finger. A slight expansion occurs on his bones and musculature. People can look at him, all they will sense is Ghoul Magick.

He saw a church as him and his ally were stopped by two men in robes, standing outside of the church. Albert had plans "Hey laddie, I suggest we torch the church down after we finish these blokes" taking their steps as Albert rolls up his sleeves slightly above his elbows. He intends to have a late dinner, and for this occasion he will feast on wayward nightbreed. "I take that one and you tak" before he got to finish his words his ally is swept away by the adversary. As the vampire darts towards Albert the man takes on a pugilistic stance while both of his hands illuminated with the white orange of hot Iron. Vampires although given the advantages of a wide range of mystical powers are inversely put at a disadvantage with the wide varieties of specific vulnerabilities as well, things such as garlic or wooden stakes. But there is something which Albert has on both hands, fists of fire. His right hand impacted the vampire, sending the burning nightbreed through the church doors.

He then rushes to the aid of his comrade.

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@the_puzzler: @_splits_: @shirzad: @nerx:

While watching to creature walke to the nest he was listening puzzler. ''Can we not? Liverpool has never been that remarkable to me.'' he grined as he turned back to Puzzler. ''So... What is this? you have boy band of creeps?'' He gazed upon the sky, looking for signs. ''Well, I might do that! But there is this thing which may make you think about changing the scenery.'' He stops and gave a weak smile. ''I might have given the information about you to the... Vamps.'' He took a few steps away from Puzzler and took a meditation state. ''It's your call, chap. I will look for the source but if you decide to go somewhere else. Let me know, allright?'' He levitates while meditating and lights comes out as if his body produces them.

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@_splits_: @shirzad: @nerx: @xorion: Puzzler simply grinned at Xorian's statement, shaking his head and flicking some ashes. "Oh Xorian..Acting out, like a young little apprentice mage..You think I care? I got sh!t to sort out mate..Do your thing.." Puzzler grinned, showing just how much of a f*ck he didn't give about Xorian. Turning his attention to the link he has with the zombie, he took a moment to think. "Yeah! It should be on hollowed ground, that's how most banishing spells work on such a large scale. What you need to do is get the fecking shrunken head in that well like yesterday, understand?" Puzzler finished the link for now and walked over to the corner of the street while pulling out some chalk, and started drawing some runic lines. "Luv those to should be finishing up here pretty quick, get prepped yeah?"

House of Puzzles.

An astral projection made out of cigarette smoke sat in his lounger chair, watching over the battlefield. Everything, everyone, was going to the way he planned it out.

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"OOF!" The gentleman zombies yells as he is thrown against another wall by the hulking vampire. He stands up from his fall, dusting himself off. He sees his odd ally set his own vampiric foe ablaze, and into the church. Before his comrade can aid him, Remington's own vampire rushes him. Slipping his hands into his coat pocket as he is slammed against a wall, the vampire falls to the side, a stake through his heart. "Always need one of those with on on all times, chap. Now, let's find that well." He grabs his cane and, after Puzzler's pet gets off it's feet, the three enter the Church. The smell of rotting wood fills the air, and the sounds of vermin in the walls is clear. The burning husk of the second vampire lights the room.

Remington searches the room, finding no back door for them to be ambushed from. He searches for a bit, not finding anything until..... what was that? He taps his foot. There it is. He gets down on his knees and rips out the carpet, revealing a trap door. "I found it!" He says to his allies as he slowly opens it. The room underneath was lit with candles of a crimson flame, and black banners adorned the walls, in the center of each a crimson hand print. What were they, he wondered? In the middle of the room stood what looked to be a well... or something that used to be a well, at least. Slowly jumping down, he removes the shrunken, laughing head from his coat pocket and, cautiously, drops it into the well. He hears a splash after some minutes and sighs. Turning to the zombie, which was essentially being used as a communications device.. "Puzzler, I believe I've found the well. I dropped the little biter in, is the spell gone? I can't tell."

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Shirzad let herself slip into a state of hyper-consciousness. Her thoughts flickered through her skull like lightning through the night sky. Time slowed.

Her ideogramic thought shifted. Slipping into another thought-language. A matrix of cognosensory concepts forming the very structure of her thoughts. A human might hear a sound, or feel a vibration. Shirzad experienced the sound/vibration as a unified concept.

Through this she tracked the gentlemen undead as he dropped a trap door. The time was coming. The vampires would come in mass and she would know exactly where they placed each and every foot. Shirzad almost smiled.

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Knowing that the source of the lethal zone is emitted from within the church he decides to take the no hassle action of lighting the place up on flame.

Hence while waiting on his friend to accompany him he finds debris and wooden slats on the garbage dumps besides it, setting up fire the old fashioned way as he plans to throw the burning pieces of wood through the church door to send a message. First to get things out, second to warn them of things to come.

Since the church did burn plenty of heretics back in the day it might as well be poetic irony, plus the romans did burn christians back in the gladiatorial events.