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Bjorn had just awaken from his deep slumber On his  King sized mattress that provided Luxurious Comfort for a hard worker. He sat up in his bed lethargically and rubbed his face restlessly to gain  full Consciousness to his surroundings, he glanced at the alarm clock vertically away from his bed and looked at the time, it was 5:30 a.m. Bjorn let out a tired yawn as he Climbed out of bed tiredly, he began to fix the covers of his bed while staring into the picture of his wife that hung Over  his bed post. He then rubbed his brown slick hair backwards Contemplating on what action he should do next, he Looked around the room directionessly to se if there were any task that needed to be done.  he looked at the  Olive green walls of his room and thought that hte color should be replace with a sky blue. That was a taaks that he would hire a professional to do, bjorn  grabbed  a broom+ and dust pan that rested on the entrance wall of the room and began to sweep the wood paneled floor of his room, small dust particle flew into the air gently and caused bjorn to let out a hard sneeze that sprayed a mist of saliva in the air.he swept the whole area within his room before crouching to the ground and sweeping the dirt into the dust pan, bjoirn then walked over to the trash bin whistling into the air happily, the bin was at  location where the Broom was at, he tossed the dirt into the garbage and  eft his room through a empty door frame that led to a narrow corridor, the hall terminated at the beginning of his living room, his wife was sleeping on the sofa hugging her pillow tighly, the tv was on vertically in front of her, Bjorn went over to it and turned it off giglyin at his wife laziness, he then walke over to the couch as kissed her on the cheek gently. as his lips pressed against ther soft tan skin she moved around to postion herself more comfortably on the couch.

Bjorn walked into Kicthen with his stomach growling loudly, he urged to make a breakfast consisting off bacon and waffles, he went into The Tree bark colored cabinets of his kitchen and took out aunt jemema's pancake mix, as he set the box and  the pearl white counter of his kitchen, he licked his lips imagining the syrupy goodness of the waffles, along with the salty light crisp of the bacon. Bjorn opened a cabinet bowl below hi  and pulled out a large metal bowl, he palced the bwol beside the box of aunt  Jemama's and went into the fridge to get the boars head bacon,  he opened the freezer part of the fridge to retrieve the bacon, as he opened the metallic white door a smog of cold air came from within the freezer, bjorn saw the bacon underneath his blue ice tray, he lifted the ice tray up and pulled the bacon from underneath it. As he went to close the door of the fridge the ice tray's slid out form the freezer and crashed into the floor with the sould of hard plastic echoing the air,Bjorn flinched and began to pick up the trays and ice Nervously as he glared into the living room to see if his wife woke up. luckily she didnt wake up from the loud sound, he put the ice trays in the iron colored sink and began to focus more on breakfast. He opened the box Or pancake mix and poured a generous amount into the metal bowl, afterward he went back over to the fridge to get milk and eggs, he poured some milk into the mix, and then cracked for eggs with a fork over the bowl into the mix. He then went into the cabinet and grabbed the canola oil and poured a teaspoons worth into the bowl, afterwords he grabbed the foor from the same cabinet witch he got his pancake mix and poured some flour into the mix. he went to the cabinet below him once again and brought out the mixer. he began to blend all of the ingredients together into this dough colored substance, afterwards he popped the package of bacon into the microwave to defrost whiel the pancake mix was being created. he then Plug in the waffle iron that had been left on the counter from the previous morning and poured some of the mix into it. He made several batches of waffles before deciding to fry the bacon, he heated up a cast iron frying pan and began to put 5 strips of bacon into the pan eagerly.

After all of the food was prepared, Bjorn walked into the living room with too plates  on a large platter like tray, he placed it on the glass table and some of the orange juice from his wife's cup spilled onto the tray. he walked over to his wife and kissed her on the forehead"babes wake up i made breakfast for us"he said in a low gentle tone, she rose up tiredly from her slumber giving out a big yawn, she rubbed her eyes and  kissed bjorn on the lips "Good morning hun that bacon smells good"she said with her groggy morning voice. Bjorn chuckled at the sound of her voice, she always sound like that in the morning, he handed the plate of waffles to her and they began to talk about her pregnancy once more.Bjorn did not like this subject at all he did not like the fact that his wife Ragina was pregnant, he did not even want to have a child, and to think it is a boy. The conversation stared to flare up almost leading into an argument, bjorn stood up with his plate and went into the kitchen to was his plate. "Why she alway's gotta  be bringing up that sh!t , she's starting to piss me The F**k off, i hate when she does that man" he mumbled to himself, he went straight into his room feeling a sense of aggravation as ragina trailed behind him talking. Bjorn went into his closet balling a fist up in anger as his wife's voice voice volume increased, he pulled out a black suit and began to put on on as his wife's words grew more intense. he grabbed his cell phone and stormed into the bathroom to groom himself, as he looked into the a mirror he could see his wife yelling madly performing aggravating had gesture's to the back of his head. after grooming himself he turned around  and gave  Ragina the most ire smile you could possibly give someone that annoys you" SHUT...THE...HELL....UP!! he screamed vulgarly. His wife eye's almond shaped hazel eyes began to lfill with tears, bjorn was son angry that he simply walked off shouldering ragina in the process  and went  of to work.

Bjorn walked outside of his apartment building to his Black Camry that was parked right in front of his building, as he walked towards the car mumbling in anger he felt his cell phone vibrate in his pocket, he had gotten a text message from ragina that said to look up towards the building, he looked up to see his Clothes gliding in the air  from the then floor window where he lived" WTF?!! NOOOOOOO! RAGINA! WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU DOING ?! "he yelled in stupefaction, ragina was extremely pissed at what bjorn did, he scatter around picking up of his clothes ferally  as everyone stared at him  WTF ARE YOU LOOKING AT GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!  he yelled in embarrassment, he took his clothes to the trunk of his car put it inside, afterwards he  walked to the drivers side of his vehicle and placed the wrong key inside his car lock WTF!!!   he yelled in annoyance. He placed in the right key and unlocked ho door and jumped into the car slamming the door vigorously, he put the key in the ignition and started the car, as the car rumbled as it ignited, the radio came on airing pocket full of sunshine. Bjron hated that song with a passion so he began to punch at the car radio madly until a loud frizzy sound came causing him to yell in vehemence. He then drove off into the road pissed as F*8k and crashed into a blue shelby Gt,sending the sound of crashing metal and glass echoing the air loudly " gggAAAAUUUUUHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"  he yelled overwhelmed by his dilemma.. He jumped out his car unharmed by the accident and ran towards the blue totaled car., he  began banging on the windshield bestially


tried to pulled the cars door open seeking a fight with the man that Enhanced his day  hell