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New York

Mark slowly walked through the small jewellery store. The silent alarm had been tripped a few minutes ago, and the closest cops had requested his help, given that there was a gang using assault weapons in town. Mark himself had been only a block or three over, and was clad in his body armour already, so he'd agreed to make the detour. When he'd arrived, he'd found...this scene of utter carnage. It looked like someone had turned their own weapons against them. Mark drew his bow back full and spun to face a store clerk, pistol in hand. Slowly, he relaxed, easing the arrow off the string. "My name's Officer Mann. I'm part of the police force. Sir, could you put the gun down, please?" The badge at his belt further confirmed his story. The man lowered the gun. "What happened here?"

"Lots and lots of guns." The man replied, in a thick Eastern European accent. "Go bang! Lots of bangs! I come out, and all men dead here. I scared, so I hide, in case they come back." He said. Mark nodded, and slipped out a cigarette, handing it to the man. "Thank you." He replied, flicking a zippo from an inside pocket and lighting the cigarette. "They all dead?" He asked.

Mark prodded the nearest body with his foot. There was no need. Most of his chest had been blown out with what appeared to be high caliber rounds. "Looks it." Standing up, Mark walked towards the door. "Some more cops will be coming soon. Tell them exactly what you told me." He looked up at the roofs and shouldered his bow, pulling a grappling gun from his belt and aiming it at the sky. The name Starks Enterprises was emblazoned on the side. He clicked the trigger, and the grappling hook flew upwards and hooked onto a roof. By pressing a secondary trigger, the cable wound in, lifting Mark to the roof quickly. "CARMEN, calculate the quickest route away from the shooting, starting at my current location." He said, ordering his computer over a visual/audio display. "Advise the law enforcement authorities to set up a five block radius, too." He reached the roof and began running, jumping, and firing his grappling gun, moving like a natural predator. Eventually, he knew he'd catch up to the person responsible for the jewellery store shooting. All that mattered was how fast he could do it, and if he could avoid any innocents being killed.

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The gravel crunched under her feet as she ran, making more noise than she would have liked. It wasn't that she was worried about being heard: It was broad daylight. No, she was more irritated by the sound. The only sound she hated more was the sound of alarms. So she'd stolen a few necklaces studded with diamonds... Who cares? What, are they mad that she shot a few people? Well, she couldn't have people telling the cops what she looked like... Or that it was a she in the first place. The first rule of robbing hoods... You have to remain anonymous. Anonymity bred discord.

Natasya took a sharp turn down an alley, already feeling that the cops were closing in. She noticed the wall coming up in front of her. What luck! With the grace of a practiced gymnast, she scaled the wall, bouncing between the two buildings. She crowned and landed on the ledge of the building closest to her, ironically not far from the police officer that was looking for her. However, that didn't matter, because she immediately dropped back down to the ground on the other side of the brick intersecting wall. She hit the ground, rolled and came back to her feet, running. As she emerged from the alley, a police cruiser screeched to a halt in front of her. The cop got out of the car, his pistol in his hand, and Natasya froze for a second. Just. One. Second.

With ease, she whipped her arm around, yanking the .45 caliber semi-auto pistol from her waistband, firing two rounds that strike the cop in the shoulder. She decided just to wound him, no reason to kill. But the shots probably alerted the authorities to their location. She sprinted forward, flipped onto the hood of the car and leapt off, grabbing the post that the traffic light sat on. She yanked herself to her feet, ran along it, then leapt onto the ledge of the bank it was closest to.

Hand over hand, she pulled herself higher and higher. When she reached the dome, she ran on her toes, gaining as much speed as she could before she swan-dove toward the street, her hands once again finding a lightpole. She slid down, grinning, until she realized her location had been closed in on. She was surrounded by cop cars, all with officers behind doors, aiming their pistols and shotguns at her.

"Freeze!" She could only smile.

She didn't notice the other officer approaching from the sky. Not for a moment, anyway.

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Mark heard the cop shout, and changed direction almost instantly. He saw the cops closing in on the woman, and pulled his bow, jumping from the roof. He fell, not with a clumsy gait. but with a smooth practiced flip, landing with an awe-inspiring grace. He had landed between the cops and the woman, and now he smirked at her, tilting his head back casually. "Guys, I got this." He said, full of arrogance and swagger. He grinned, and leaned against a wall. "Hey. I'm Mark. How's it goin'?" He asked, arms almost folded, but not quite, due to the long light limber bow in his right hand. He reached behind his shoulder and pulled an arrow out, and held it up to the light, examining it, giving her a look out of the corner of his eyes every few seconds. "Wanna tell me somethin' about a shoot up at a jewellery store a little back that way?" He gestured with the bow. He hadn't notched the arrow yet, nor was he in a position where he'd be able to fire it.

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Without even blinking, Natasya reached up and brushed the hair from her face. Anyone who was paying attention would see the black "Anarchy" symbol on her wrist, but with a wry grin, she answered Mark.

"Jewelry store? Mark, I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about." With a casual flip of her head, the flawless diamond earrings swung from her lobe, catching the lowering sun perfectly. Natasya could go for her gun, but she could only get one shot off, and it'd be her luck that the sixty-something odd cops around them would catch her with one of theirs. No, now was the time for talking. Of course she was baiting the officer, gauging his responses.

"But if you're looking for a nice Indian restaurant, I'm your girl." With another smirk, she looked around. She didn't appear in the least frightened, and with a casual nod towards one of the cops with a shotgun, she had to ask...

"Friends of yours, or is this how you always pick up girls?" Granted, she was referring to prostitutes, but who needed bluntness when there was fun to be had.

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Mark smirked. "Baby, you're the only one packing heat like that around here." He said, pointing at her guns. "So either you're running from trouble, or you're stirring some up." It was a favourite saying of his, and his London accent made sure he could carry it off perfectly. He grinned at her, and put the arrow back in his large quiver, collapsed the bow and clipped it to his belt. "Indian? Sure, baby, I could use a bite to eat." He ran a hand over his scalp. His hair was neat, very short, but not quite shaved completely. It was a blend of two styles. The first was the army style of having your head shaved clean, which he had done for a long time. The second was his vanity and pride in his appearance that led him to start growing his hair again.

"Friends, I suppose you could say that...and if by 'this', you mean dropping out of the sky wearing body armour and waving a bow around, pretty much. Used to be guns, but I had a change of scene." He grinned, and started walking towards her, fairly sure she wouldn't shoot. He reached for his belt again and unclipped his grapple gun.

"Dammit Mark, step aside, she shot a cop!" One of the officers said.

"What, so you can shoot her? She's not pulling a gun, and we have no evidence to tie her to any crime." Mark replied. "Now stop being a c*ck blocker, Drake, and go give out some speeding tickets, or whatever it is you do to get off." He grinned at the woman. "Now, baby, your choice, streets or rooftops to get to this restaurant?" He asked.

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This doofus actually thinks I'm asking him out to dinner? As he's got an arrow trained on me? She nearly laughed out loud. Some people are just some wild characters. As he stored his arrow, she smirked. How easy men can be. All you have to do is wiggle your ass a little, and they'll do whatever you want. He drew the grappling gun, which caused her to tighten the grip on her pistol. She would shoot him in the skull if need be. How funny would that be? He was asking his comrades not to shoot her, and she was ready to place a lead ball in his man-sized brain.

"Yea, Drake! There's no evidence tying me to any shooting, robbery, or murder of a hot dog vendor in cold blood in front of a family of three!" With a smirk and another toss of her dark hair, she winked at Mark. "I'd say rooftops." With that, she backflips to the wall she had just come off of, scaling up it like a pro. As she reached the top, she looked back, her tight black pants still showing off her assets. With a small wink, she took off at a full sprint. As she came upon the ledge, she leaped, her leg outstretched, and she hit the rooftop opposite of her. She landed and tucked into a roll, coming up at a run.

The plan that was formulating in her head required precise timing, the perfect application of bait, and excellent aim. Fortunately, all of those were within her grasp. With her pistol still in her hand, she scaled from rooftop to rooftop, heading east, away from the cops AND the jewelry store. She looked over her shoulder to make sure that Mark was right behind her.

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He smirked and raised the grapple gun. "Dammit Mark! What the hell?" Drake screamed. Mark raised his free hand, tapped his nose twice and pulled the trigger of his grapple gun, the hook flying upwards, the strong cable trailing behind it as it hooked onto a building ledge. Depressing the other trigger, he began to ascend quickly, He smirked. His only real aim had been to get her away from the cops, so that no stray arrows or bullets did any damage to those standing around. As soon as he reached the rooftops, he switched from grapple gun, clipping it to his belt, to bow, opening it to full extension with a SNAP! He followed her retreating form, his heightened sense of spacial awareness telling him precisely where the edge of the roof was, which allowed him to step on the very edge and propel himself through the air, performing a smooth, professional flip in mid air, allowing him to pull an arrow free of his quiver.

For now, he did nothing. The arrow was merely if the woman turned violent, as her little scene at the jewelry store had proven she could be. As he began to get closer, Mark tried talking to her. "I didn't catch your name." He remarked, keeping pace with her.