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(This will be broken up into parts within the blog, since I know most of you dont have that long of an attention span lol )


“You barren, takey leather wearing, green haired TART! Give me my god damn body back!!” Hela smiled to the screaming demon as he barked orders to her, she moved her left leg ontop of her right as she sat at her throne. “You little thing, Mephisto and the Dark Prince may have dealt with you and those you sent here. But I will not, I simply do not have the time to watch over your little thing. So I decided to leave your soul and nothing less, maybe now you will enjoy the torture that is Hel.” She smiled wide as Darkchild seethed with anger and he barked, his soul growing in mass much to her surprise “You little whore, you think this little pocket of Hell otherwise called Hel will keep me. No misspelled void will ever keep the Child of Darkness, I will find my body or even better I will find a better body and I will take over this damned little dimension.” He grinned wide “You forget I have family in this little pocket universe, The Dark Prince was smart in separating us but never thought you were dumb enough to bring me here. You will rue this day whore.” With that Darkchild left her presence and for the first time ever Hela flinched and broke out into a sweat.

Not since Odin and Surtur themselves had anyone ever struck her with fear, she tapped her nails on the arm of her throne. A small sniveling little demon came to her mental command an bowed before her “Yes my mistress of pa-” She kicked it in the jaw and sent it rolling down the steps of her throne “None of that! Tell me demon, have you heard of this one called Darkchild?” The demon’s eyes shined gold as it smiled “Yes Hela, he is well known as you know. Why do you ask?” She looked to the lowly demon, even he knew of Darkchild and his past. It was no surprise that she was left with his torture, but it was a idiotic move on her part to anger him so she thought to herself. She continued “Is he capable of finding his family in Hel?”

The demon smiled pulling a small golden dagger from his back and brought it to his throat “You stupid whore, he already has found them. Viva Darkchild!!” the demon screamed as he cut his throat so that Hela could not torture him for the information he had. Hela looked at the green blood pooling around his small body an stood up an looked out into the vastness that was her domain. She knew that even the lowliest of demons knew better than to turn tongue on Darkchild. Even spill their own blood in his name, they no longer feared her anymore. She tapped her tall stiletto heels on the ground beneath her before she spoke to herself “Well looks like I have to trick the Trickster of this generation. No wonder the Dark Prince Arrow found it annoying allowing Gen to live, an to why he was so thrilled to hand him over to me....he is a pain in the ass.”

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Next part should be up if im not able to fall back asleep soon or tomorrow night.

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Will read tomorrow with out a doubt man

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Elsewhere in Hel Darkchild stands as demons walk straight through him, those who do know not who he is as he is another pitiful soul to them. He lashes out to those he disrespect him in this way, but nothing happens his hands simply phase through. Groaning loudly he looks around for a brief moment before his nerves stand on edge as someone walks up to him an stares. For a few brief moment Darkchild slowly waits for the voice to give away its identity. Soon a loud boisterous voice fills his eardrums “Nephew, what was the whores reply to your so eloquent choice of words?” Darkchild scoffed to the towering demon behind him, the demon stood almost a good foot taller than Darkchild an stood behind him as if he respected Darkchild. “Do not call me that Mujin, being born first does not make me your nephew. None of the women who bore any of my lives were even remotely demonic.” Mujin laughed before continuing “The others are 20 and climbing my...Lord. They all agree Hel has been their home for far too long, some come from our line but others are mere demons banished to this dimension.” Mujin’s expression turns from confidence to worry as he continues

“Do you know where your body is my lord?” Darkchild waved his hand an sat down on the ground “Its gone, long gone by now Mujin. I have another idea though, even as I am a simple soul as she would call me. My powers are still here, and they are far reaching.” Pointing out into the distance he smiles wide, a toothy grin shining even as he is near invisible “I am moving things along on the other side even as we speak, soon my body will be brought to me. An I will break out of this damned place, with that WHORE’s head dangling from my belt.”

Earth-Outskirts of Paese di Tenebra

A lone Darkling still lingers within the borders of Tenebrasque In’s, City of Darkness and it chirps as if it hears something familiar. A voice echoes within its mind and it smiles “Marv...find Jacobi, then follow my voice. Bring him to me.....”The Darkling chirps again moving as if wagging an imaginary tail before porting into the shadows.

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@Mercy_: more to come much much more

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@Sicarius_: Damn man, nice come back. looking forward to reading the rest

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The psychic nudging of Darkchild moved the darkling closer and closer to his only friend, a friend he lost when father and son parted ways. Moving through the darkness Marv made it to Italy within seconds and appeared inside the closet of Jacobi’s room. As he peeked through the blinds of the closet door he found Jacobi in relations with two women. One atop of him and another beside him, a small snort of laughter filled the darkling and brought the attention to his presence to Jacobi. The young man shot up from his moment of pleasure an glared at the closet, allowing the woman on top of him to finish he tossed her to the side. She writhed in pleasure as he controlled he mind, allowing her to believe they were still involved. He walked to the closet a robe wrapped around his waist an slammed the closet open. Looking down at the small darkling he smiled kneeling down an petting it beneath its chin. A smile came to the creatures face as his touch brought the creature to its full form, a large behemoth much like the first time he met Jacobi. “What are you doing here Marv? I thought I left you to the voids disposal, body by body hahaha” his chuckle shook Marv back into reality as it was much like Darkchilds.

The small creature let his claw slice through the darkness and created an image of Darkchild, an pointed to the image. Jacobi’s eyes flared and the room began to crack with electricity, glaring at the image he barked “He’s dead! I felt his worthless soul fade....he is dead isn’t he?” Marv shook his head then gestured to be followed. Jacobi looked back to the now sound asleep women in his bed, a smirk came to his face as he turned back to the closet “Show me what’s going on Marv, I do not want that bastard back amongst the living. If he is hanging on for dear life, I will end our suffering.” He walked into the closet and disappeared into the darkness, whilst Marv’s eyes lit up and an image of Darkchilds face flared in his eyes as the small creature grinned from ear to ear.


Atop a broken throne sits a dark figure, a long beard covered in the remains of the nights past dinner an suds of a 30 pack. The figure snorts in his sleep and rolls over to his side within the throne, suddenly the figure wakes screaming at the top of his lungs. Breathing heavy the figure leaps from the throne and runs into a room, smashing through turned over pieces of equipment he slams his hand down onto a large red button. A large computer screen flicker’s and turns on, a low hum reverberate’s from within the massive computer as it tries to bring itself back to life. Soon a loud ping is heard as a faint energy signature is identified, soon lights fill the room and the figure is revealed. “It cant be! I brought him back once, and now he returns? No....I do not believe it! Who has out done my work?!” The figure walks into the light from the computer and shows off his full beard in the light. “I Goki shall not be out done!!!”

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Next I plan on introducing Darkchilds family in Hel, little known names and a few big bad baddies reside in hell. An they were once controlled by PARASITES!

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Great stuff, you're really elling this with no room for error.

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@Surkit: hahaha thanks man, really want to show that once he is reborn this will be a definately different DC. An his stint in Hel will definately change his perspective. Plus he comes "Home" with parts of his family, and if u wanna spoiler ill pm u some of the Parasites that are coming home with him

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@Sicarius_: Don't know much about him from before his death, but this version seems like your taking a sharp angle with him and I'm enjoying it.

Hell no! haha I want to look at this with kid eyes

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@Surkit: hahahaha awesome was hoping ud say that. Should be really cool

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@Sicarius_: Seems so. looking forward to it.

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@Sicarius_ : I'd love to have an rpg between reborn DC and Clara o__o 
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@Clara Mass: u wont know its a reborn DC u realize that right?

Canon wise people will not know Sicarius is DC, unless they can see his molecular structure an put two an two together.

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@Sicarius_ : Oh I know. I meant something fresh.    
I think it'd be best for the new DC to not stick around the same crowd old DC would have had.  
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Back In Hel

Darkchild stands before a throne made of bones and skin, he tries to sit but to no avail as he is not corporeal. Grunting loudly he wishes for someone to hit and a small impish demon comes before him, screaming loudly Darkchild kicks at the demon and his foot goes straight through him. The demon cowers and trembles in fright of Darkchild, slowly it regains its composure and sticks its tongue out at him. At first Darkchilds face fills with rage then a smile comes to his face as he speaks “Hello Velik...” With that the small demon begins to slowly decompose as a sleek feminine finger touches his cheek, it screams in agony as his body begins to dissolve into nothing. All that remains is a mess of bile and ooze, the woman who had reduced the creature to a pile of phlegm smiles as she licks her finger. “Hello Gen, so long have we gone without meeting. We are long lost siblings no? Yet you know my name, how is this?” Darkchild smiles and steps towards and bows “Your times as Vera Renczi was a moment within my youth. My host at the time was a small peddler who loved to carve humans into food. I heard the news of your killings, and was saddened by your execution.” Velik walked up to him an looked him up an down a smile upon her face as she gazed at his nakedness. She was clad in a carapace that wove in an out around her body, through and outside her skin up to her chin. Her face was bare not an inch covered in the protective armor. She was a offshoot of his kind, a Parasite but not one who needed hosts they could camouflage their bodies as humans and remain undetected. They were banished from earth shortly after her execution, and all brought to Hel as it was a better prison a prison Darkchild soon hoped to escape.

He broke her silent judgment of him and asked “So are you here to tell me that you too join my cause to be rid of this place?” Velik smiled to him and nodded “Yes and no, I believe this place is needed for idiotic demons too stupid to be on earth or ever to grace earth. But I do wish to be Vera again, well not her but you understand what I wish. I unlike Genghis Khan wish to have fun, and follow orders. Not follow them blindly like he will...” Darkchild smiled “His name is Mujin, he wishes that moment in time be erased he says.” Velik nodded “Fine Mujin, whatever his name. You need more than he and I to make your revolt happen.” Velik snapped her fingers and three demons stepped forward from behind the shadows. One large man, followed by another who resembled a clown, lastly a shorter yet not small man stepped forward. Darkchild smiled as he could not believe his eyes “I knew of Adolf but....our kind spread to the evil men such as these as well?” Standing before him were the Parasites who had control over some of the most vile men in history.

Ed Gein, Gacy, and Adolf Hitler all stood before him. They all held no resemblance to their human hosts but their minds spoke for them. Images of the grusome acts they committed as humans played like a movie within Darkchilds mind and brought a sickening grin to his face. Velik saw how pleased Darkchild was an told him their names “Gimish...” Pointing to Gacy who bowed to Darkchild grabbing a small demon from the shadows with his finger that stretched out an wrapped around the beast like a rope. Dragging him in closer so that the large Gimish could swallow him whole. “Drajik...” raising her left hand in front of Ed Gein who stepped over to two eves dropping demons and grabbed them. As they screamed he slammed them together and merged them into a hidious abomination of the two. Darkchild almost giggled “Oooooh that will come in handy.” And then Velik took a step to the side and showed off the crowning peace offering she had brought. The single most hated man in history, he stepped forward an smiled an spoke “Good day is it not? That we now became one with our family. You are my closest existing relative Gen, an today I give you my loyalty.” He turned an sprinted across the cave finding three demons “Begone!” his voice echoed and slammed into the demons as their skin peeled away and muscles vaporized, the three demons lay flayed upon the floor. “My name is Jorik, and I am your gun. Aim me and I will annihilate all before you.” Jorik bows to Darkchild.

All Darkchild could do is smile as Velik spoke to him “Now we may march upon Hela and demand freedom, you and I hold armies of demons waiting to fall on the first sword for the simple glory of dying for Darkchild. I will be your queen and these will be our most trusted soldiers.” Slowly behind Velik the miasma (clouds) began to part and a vast army stood behind her, she was their queen. The lesser demons of Hel stood in droves waiting to fight for her and for Darkchild. He rushed to her an wanted to ravage her with pleasure but she held up a finger “Tsk tsk tsk, all you could do now is tease me Gen. First we get our freedom and your body, a man like you needs an army of willing demons. So I brought them...” Darkchild grinned ear to ear an turned gazing upon the high top of Hela’s castle “Tomorrow, we go to War!”

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0_0 Whaaaaat Awesome! They were behind every serial killer, your bring an army back with you it seems, and your making it a family affair. AWESOME man. I can't be your only fan haha

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I just finished the first part and omg your writing is amazing! I am taking notes ^_^

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A little hiccup will happen in Hel making it hard for entire army to return to earth, but damn near will return with him. Just still trying to figure out where his base of op will be once on earth. All the good places are taken....I wonder about the Amazon Jungle...oooo thats where it will be.

But thanks, yeah Ive set up a history of the Parasites over the years. DC himself was alot of people over his lifespan, I have made it that these breed of Parasites are different from Darkchilds. DC is one of the Houjikins and these are of the Dragekins as I will name them shortly. Two breeds of Parasites.

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@Frenemy: :) Thanks hun

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Still, he's gonna have a force from the get go. Amazon is cool

Ah nice, basically an upgrade, I like it. Looking forward to the next part.

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@Flucks: Day or two for next one, MAYBE tomorrow if i get bored lol. Lot going on tomorrow

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@Sicarius_: Take your time man

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forgot to put Adolfs parasite name oops lol edited

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A shadow opens and the darkling known as Marv steps from it, soon followed by Jacobi. The boy who seeks to rid the world entirely of his father, they wander around an old military compound. Within the Amazon Jungle they begin to realize that the shadows are whispering, speaking ills of Jacobi and soon the boy barks to the shadows “He is gone! What do you chant about, all that could possibly be left of that old bastard is a soul, and I mean to destroy even that. So begone! You will stop your incessant chanting now!!” The voices intensify as Jacobi makes his way closer to the doors of the complex, it was one of Darkchilds abandoned warehouses. The place had been empty for sometime, well before Jacobi was born, at least 15 years it was empty an yet he could hear the low hum of computers and TV’s. The warehouse was ON an now Jacobi felt that feeling at the back of his neck, the same feeling that occurred when his father was near....

Looking around in the darkness he sniffed the air, trying to find his fathers scent but nothing. But that feeling never left him as he searched frantically through the darkness. Soon a shadow cast upon the wall before him, the sunlight from the open door shined through an cast a shadow of his father. Turning around quickly all he found was a small almost innocent looking was Marv. But Jacobi had figured it out his feeling of dread slowly began to rise, he took a few steps back away from the darkling an asked “Marv....what was my favorite toy as a newborn?” The darkling looked at him confused “Why? Do we really have time master, he is co....oh f#ck it.” With a swift move of his hand he slammed his claws onto the corner of the wall. A large cylinder dropped down from the ceiling atop of Jacobi. The boy slammed his fists into the glass but nothing happened, turning into his Lycan form even proved futile at escaping his new home. He transformed back into his original human form an glared at the small darkling “So father, seems you have had to use Marv? A few months? How long did you make it that I couldn’t detect you? TELL ME!”

The darkling chuckled an winced in pain for a moment “Not long at all, the night he came to you was when I had taken full control. Although I must say escaping your powers wasn’t difficult at all son, you never got my eyes or ears sad really. Because if you had, you might of survived this day, and then I would need to find another component.” The small impish darkling leaped up onto a computer chair an started typing away “Do you know how difficult it is being in two different places inside your mind? I am working on escaping this vile place and also working on making a new body here. You should be impressed son, but don’t worry soon you will be joined by your brother.” Marv smiled as wide and pressed a button turning on a camera showing Goki landing not too far from the compound “Oh dear....looks as if neither of my sons know how to take care of themselves. No matter soon I will be free, and then you two will be welcomed with open arms as my new body.”

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@Sicarius_: hah, so he's going to use his next of kin to create a new body? Awesome.

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@Surkit: hehehehehe its going to get really interesting soon. Next post will be then War of Hel

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@Sicarius_: nice

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Hel Day Three of The War

Time flows by much faster than it does on earth, what is a day on Earth is three in Hel. And as of now the forces of Darkchild and Velik have slammed into the walls of Hela’s fortress. Bringing down the mightiest of her fallen Asgardians. These no names fear nothing and charge the demon hordes without a blink of an eye, and Darkchild stands atop the battle watching and growing more an more impatient. He picks up a lowly demon an tosses him into the horizon in his frustration. Velik comes close and kisses the air next to his ear trying to calm him “My Gen, it will be shortly that we can fully take the fortress. But I sadly say you must stay behind as you are not whole yet.” Darkchild grows angered by her statement and runs to a soldier “Do you believe that today will be the day Hela gives in?” The demon nods and smiles reluctantly, suddenly the demon trembles as Darkchild successfully possesses him. His eyes explode from his sheer power but he needs not the flesh of eyes, he can see through the empty sockets. Velik stands astonished at his display of sheer arrogance and power. Turning to Velik his body rapidly begins to rot he looks to his temporary body an then to Velik “We have thirty minutes, bring me my steed.”

Moments later a large Dragon swoops down the hills of Torment and atop of it sits Darkchild. With a bellowing voice he screams “We shall breach her walls NOW, everyone FORWARD!!!” With that the massive army of demons slam into the walls. Scratching and punching there way through, soon they are graced with the presence of Drajik, Gimish, and Jovik all make way for Jovik as he screams loud and the walls simply vanish instantaneously vaporized. Gimish runs at speeds most thought impossible for a creature his size, bouncing off the walls and flattening those in his way. Grabbing anything he can with his ropelike arms and swallowing them whole. Drajik slams his massive fists into asgardian after asgardian slaying each with a single blow to the head. Their skulls erupt in a cloud of blood an gore an he gathers pieces he wishes to keep in a small satchel at his side. Smiles cover each of the men as they unleash their combined ferocity and vile acts upon the unsuspecting soldiers of Hela.

As the armies find their way through the first wave of hapless goons Hela has under her command, Velik and Darkchild descend upon the courtyard. The guards stand motionless in their mere presence, Darkchild walks through the gate that leads to Hela’s throne with no trouble. The soldiers know when they are outclassed. And the knowledge of Darkchilds exploits on earth and beyond did quite fine, but the pre sense of a long thought dead species as his pet outside the gates solidified the fact. A dragon was rare even when they were living, but one to be found an trained so quickly is something even Asgardians can appreciate. Darkchild makes his way slowly to the top of the citadal holding Hela’s throne room. Pushing the doors to her throne open he smiles as she sits atop her throne, her legs crossed and her eyes glaring to him he speaks. “So my darling WENCH, you have two equally important choices. One you find my body here in Hel and give it back or let me and my people leave for earth to find a new one.” She smiles and asks “And if I refuse both?” Darkchild smiles and brings his hand up and snaps his fingers, a massive explosion shakes the foundation of her mighty castle. “That would be Stephanie, she just wiped out your entire army with one blow. She is a very temperamental dragon, once she gets started hard to stop her. An if I snap my fingers again she destroys this entire castle. And after that I will find every single possible way to torture you until the end of time.”

His sinister smile fills his face, as she contemplates and gives her answer sighing deeply “Give me a half an hour and I will return you and your godforsaken tribe to earth.” He smiles and bows slightly “Thank you.” Turning for a single moment to tell Velik to approach he feels the icy cold fingers of a woman pierce his skin, and erupt from his chest. “You honestly think I am going to bend over like a common whore an f#ck me like this?!!! You are a fool!” Darkchild is tossed across the room, and the doors slam shut preventing anyone from entering. Hela stands her hands an body glowing green “You escape my Hel when I damn well allow it. No sooner!”

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Awesome. Very, very cool.

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daaaamn cliff hanger!

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@Flucks: .yep fight and his return will be tomorrow and or Saturday. Hela an DC fight will be at least another post and a half. Then the cou de gra with Jacobi and Goki. And the explanation of where they are, why only a few of his army came through with him, and what they plan on doing.

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@Alcar_Vanwaar: Woooord. can't wait till he goes all out mainstream. Gonna be a reckoning of epic proportion. You got so many moving pieces I don't know how you keep it all straight

Coming soon...

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@Flucks: A mind of constant motion, just ask G an he will say the same thing. our minds are in constant motion when we get into it. Which is why we both have so many characters

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@Darkchild: You two man, straight up machinations lol You both take the cake in writing to me, really pro stuff, you ever consider a long ter novel?

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@Flucks: yes i have and still writing it hhave been for sometime

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@Darkchild: lemme know when you get it finished. I like your style of writing, could definitely read 300 pages of it

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@Flucks: I actually have two stories that are ongoing, a redo of an old cv story Puzzlebox and an old story redefined from a old CV story Tribe of One

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puzzle box a hell raiser adaptation?

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@Sicarius_: Excellent work dude, keep it up

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Sprinting across the room in a matter of seconds she sends a deafening kick to his torso as he gets on all fours to stand, he is sent airborne the wind knocked out of him he almost passes out. Cursing the body he had possessed he was helpless, Hela grabbed him by what remained of his hair and brought his face down onto her kneecap. The sound of teeth breaking filled the empty room, he garbled words as she tossed him to the ground. The once proud and almost quiet Hela was shouting now as she continued her assault kicking him with each sentence “I have ruled this world for a millenia, and NEVER have I been off!” She sends another kick to his chest breaking ribs “You think your prince was dumb in sending you here, you think he left little old Hela with a burden? HA” Lifting his head up she slams it down into the floor a few times before lifting him up. She was monstrously strong even for her frail appearance “You impudent swine! I asked him to bring you here upon your miserable death! I wanted to torture you with the thought of once again being one with your body.” She tosses his body into the air and spins giving his ribs a round-house kick. His body rag dolled off the floor and into the wall, he looked up at her blood pooling from his mouth. He fell forward and looked up to her as she walked towards him, her eyes filled with rage. She downsed him in pure energy, his flesh began to boil as his body was slowly decomposing.

“I have NEVER had your body, blame your Prince for that! He sent that worthless husk into Purgatory and it is NEVER coming back. And now for all eternity you will be my little whore, licking the scum from my boots in any random body I choose for you. And your name will be...Spunk.” She ends her sentence with one hard kick into the side of his head. Decapitating the body and sending the head bouncing off the wall. It rolled for a few moments before coming to a stop directly in front of Darkchild. For a few brief moments all that was heard was a slow raspy breathing, then it built into a echoing laughter as Darkchild looked up. His head slowly lifted and he was nothing but a smiling idiot. Standing up he looked Hela directly in the eyes and asked “Are you quite finished?” Hela breathed heavy and went to speak Darkchild covered her lips with a finger and spoke “Remember when you shut my men out? only kept four from coming in.” With that Mujin fell from above slamming his mighty sword down onto her shoulder, and driving it deep into her body until it slammed into her rib cage. She screamed in pain as the agony of the pulsating blade filled her with unbearable pain, she screamed his name “GEN!!!” And with a second sword Mujin pulled from his torso he slammed it into her back and pushing it up. The end of the blade came out of her chest and spurt blood at Darkchild, he smiled as he reached around and twisted the sword. Her agonizing pain and screams turned into laughter, she spat blood in Darkchilds face for it only to phase through him. “You think you have beaten me?! You are a fool, at a snap of my fingers my entire army will be here. An I will watch them tear your soul apart!” She lifts her arm, Mujin reacts but Darkchild stops him holding his hand out. “Go me your army.” She snapped her fingers, and nothing was heard but the echo of the snapping. Darkchild smiled bringing his hand to his ear “What was that? Is that the sound of your mighty army?” Chuckling he kicked her chest and she fell backwards plunging the blade further in. He knelt down over her an barked “I HAVE BEATEN YOU!” He stepped over her an walked around her in circles.

“Now since your illustrious army has forsaken you, I will go ahead and tell you how this is going to end.” He pointed up to the ceiling “You are going to open a portal to Earth, and you will allow for me and my people to leave. All the Parasites you have kept here are mine, no side deals no bargains they will be mine forever.” He stopped circling her and slowly walked forward “Along with my family, I will take however many of your demons and bring them to earth with me. Where I will find my body and build something, something new. You will not stop me, because the only reason Arrow took my body is a portion of him knew that someday, I might be greater than him. An I aim to become that great mighty being body or no body.” He was inches away from her an knelt down face to face with her. He smiled and said one last thing “And if you don’t do all of those things for me, it wont matter that you asgardians heal in however way you do. Because I will take your head, an use it for my a toilet for all eternity. I will take that throne you so very sit atop of, and piss from it into your open mouth.” Smiling he waited for her reply, she glared angrily at him before sighing.

Snapping her fingers a portal opened above the castle, the sounds of victory cries filled the Helish dimension. A smile came to Darkchilds face as he stood up “Good little whore..” He grabbed the blade in her chest and broke it in half. “There dont say I was never merciful.” With that the doors to the castle opened and his armies poured through to congratulate him. Smiling he bellowed to all “We go home!! We will ravish Earth in time, but for now BE FREE!!” Swath’s of demons took to the skies above the castle. Some flew some simply jumped to the roof and into the portal, but they were lining up in droves to escape Hel. Darkchild smiled to Hela before snapping his fingers and Mujin followed. Taking to the sky he flew, his trusted officers behind him.


The portal opened into a deep cavern beneath the Amazon Forest, as Darkchild made it through he was followed by his Demon Five. As the last of the Five stepped through he looked out, the Cavern was nearly full to the brim with demons. Nearly 2000 demons stood watching him, he turned around and saw Hela floating on the other side of the portal with a grin upon her face. She pointed to Darkchild “You got one chance, I ever see you again Gen...I will be the one using your skull as a toilet.” With that she snapped her fingers slamming the portal shut, killing hundreds of demons en route through the portal. Darkchild barked “You whore!!!” His body was finally dead and it fell in pieces off of him. Now he stood once again bodiless, and angry. But soon the soft voice of Velik filled his ears “Don’t fret my dear, we have plenty. An if I know you as I do, you already have plans.” Darkchild calmed himself and called for Drajik “Draj, come with me. Its time for a family reunion.

Up Top, In the Compound.

As Darkchild was let through the doors of his once abandoned compound he was giving a very satisfying image. The image of his two once powerful sons trapped like defenseless children, with a loud laugh he looked to them “Well, I knew Goki and his drunken fit would easily be captured. But Jacobi your such a disappointment, Marv and I so easily tricked you. Maybe you arn’t no blood of mine, well doesn’t matter now. Since well...your going to die.” He couldn’t help but laugh. Looking over to Marv who sat at the computer staring at him, he groaned “Well arnt you a little fighter. Gimish!” From the shadows tendrils wrapped around Marv and in an instant the little Darkling was swallowed whole. “He almost escaped just then, cant have that. Drajik will you please get the boys.”

Opening the cylinders the boys were trapped in Drajik lifted both into the air by their necks. He barely needed to grip them, they were weak. “Oh the weakness you feel, just another one of my old toys. See I used my own powers and filled a little canister with my power. Able to siphon off your powers without even being here, Genius isn’t it?” He laughed once more before his tone and expression turned serious. “Alright now boys, this is going to be very please do scream.” And with that Drajik brought his arms and the boys to his each side, and Darkchild stepped in between them. Slowly Drajik brought the two into the middle fusing them overtop Darkchild, they screamed in agony as their bodies were fused. Molecule by molecule they were fused over top Darkchild and in a massive explosion the task was finished. Slowly the smoke began to fade from between Drajik’s arms, a tall muscluar body went limp in his arms.

Slowly a deep voice began to speak “Let me go...I am fine. Jovik, mirror!” Out of the shadows Jovik arrived bearing a mirror, the man looked into it with a twisted smile. Darkchild had been born and he was happy with what he saw in his reflection. Long Grey hair that went down his back, large muscular arms and a decent built in his body he looked his naked body over an nodded. “This will most definitely do, but I think I need a new name. New body new name, what do you guys think?” The three men looked at one another then to Darkchild, only to be interrupted by Velik who walked in through the open door “Sicarius, that is your name my lover. Murderer, Killer in the Latin. And I forsee many killings in your future.” Looking into the mirror he smiled “Sicarius....I like it.” Dropping the mirror to the floor it shatters and he looks around the compound “But this it just wont do, we need something big. Something...hahahahaha” Darkchild burst into a fit of laughter “They all think I am dead no? Well lets give this Sicarius a grand entrance. Bring the Evil of the world into one single place, and manipulate them from within. Let the heroes of this world believe I am someone different....lets bring Evil into the Garden of Eden once again. Lets built evil a Paradise.....”

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@Sicarius_: nice, edited my post to be clearer of my intentions haha

so besides this character and Wvyrn have I interacted with many of your other characters before?

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@Joan: maybe ive got lots let me add u to my alts pm

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@Sicarius_: daaaaamn thats you write an ending and a beginning, masterful man. On some real sh!t you need to consider getting something published

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thanks man, if i can ever finish anything i start yea id try