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"Bob you had better get my rent money to me today. If you don't i'm going to rip that stupid mask off of you and shove it down your throat" "I'm sorry Miss Mean Landlord Lady. I can't play S&M with you i have to go and find a job" Bob leaves his apartment building closing the door behind him, a flashlight breaks through a window in a the house "Well that's one way to have it shine some light". Bob goes down Main street hoping that a job will magically find him like they always seem to in the movies. He comes across a NOW HIRING sign at the airport. "This should be worth checking out" Bob goes up to the desk cutting through all the other people, to get there, *wow that guy is mean, i don't know what he said, but with a tone like that, it had to have been mean*.
After passing the person at the front of the line Bob greets the clerk behind the desk "Hi I'd like to apply for a job, preferably something using my great people skills" the lady looks at Bob surprised for a second then "SECURITY!!!!" "Well I don't really think that is a good fit for me, but I appreciate you believing me whoa" A large man with SECURITY pulled Bob away from the desk, and dragged him into an office where another man was sitting waiting for them.
"Sir we don't like people coming here and bothering our workers, now can you please explain the reason for your visit?"
Bob gazed at the man he was dressed in a very nice suit, but had an office that was relatively empty. "Well sir i would like a job I'd prefer to do something with people, but I guess anything will do" The Man's left eyebrow began to raise above the other, then he looked to the side where a schedule was hanging and it began to lower. "You know what son I might have a job for you after all, Tony take him to the Orbital Plane" Tony threw Bob over his shoulder, and left the office. "Tony your enjoying this way too much. You know I can walk right? and what does Orbital mean?"  Tony grabs Bob by the collar and throws him onto a plane "SHUT UP! Now get to work your going to need to take the passengers meal orders" 
Bob glances around taking in who is on the plane, and all of them turn around in their seats to see what has just happened "Not to worry people thats just a little game me and him play, please return to.....whatever you were doing" *ok Bob let's see what we got back here for food options* Bob goes to the small kitchen area of the plane * well i don't see any food but there are these food pack things that say their food, guess i'll ask them which one of these they want* Bob walks down the aisle and goes to ask the person in the front row what they would like, "Excuse me what woullllllllllll" Bob's tongue turn to silly putty as he see's the attractive female in the front row. 
A voice comes in over the loud speaker "Will everyone please make sure that they are seated and that they have their seat belts on securely, we are almost ready to go into Space" The door to the plane that Tony had thrown Bob threw closes firmly and locks. Bob is left standing in the middle of the aisle staring at the beautiful women.
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Miranda had plans of that day – 6 parties, 12 extremely hot dates and the fastest car in the world, but instead she was going to space. That’s what you get when you work with old people. Some 90-something gold miner gave the ticket as a gift, saying that if she didn’t go Miranda wouldn’t get the piece of land in Cancun she wanted.

So now she sat in the contraption hopping that she would pass out on exiting the atmosphere. Hoping to pass some time, see looked that the various guests. She didn’t know any of them or rather she didn’t care who they were. She was more interested in their weak points. But that soon bored her so she started looking at a wall.

Suddenly a crash. Miranda didn’t care; she just kept looking at the wall. And then she heard something behind her:

"Excuse me what woullllllllllll"

Miranda looked at the one who uttered the unfinished question. What faced her was weird to say the least – a man wearing a cross between a pajama and a power ranger suit. For Miranda it was quite disturbing – she couldn’t stand juvenile acts, like wearing such a thing. Well unless she was doing it.

“It would look so good on me,” she thought.

“You’re not wearing a regulation uniform.” Miranda said, hoping it would make him leave. But he didn’t.

Then a voice from a loudspeaker said: "Will everyone please make sure that they are seated and that they have their seat belts on securely, we are almost ready to go into Space."

“I suggest you sit down,” Miranda said to intruder, “because otherwise your knees are going to be in your lungs.” She stopped.

“Then again. Stand right there so I can see it.” Miranda smiled and engine noise stopped any other sound from escaping from their maker.
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Bob stood there in the middle of the aisle starring at the beautiful creature in front of him, with his mouth still gaping and trying to complete his last sentence, then she spoke to him saying "I would love to get a closer look at your uniform." *well thats what i heard her say. Hey don't judge me*. Bob thought that he should try speaking to her again "..................................." and he failed in his attempt.
 After dreaming for a little while, Bob hears a buzzing that starts to surround the ship, and the pretty passenger speaks again "I suggest you sit down, because my knees are getting weak, and i'm beginning to lose my breath" Bob stared at her wider not realizing that he had such an affect on her, "Then again, sit here so I can see you better" Bob nodded his head sat down.
As he was sitting down Bob's confidence began to rush back *ok you need to talk to her, but what ever you do don't do what you did with the lady that ended having telepathy........oh crap i'm doing it again,uhhhh can't stop uhhh gotta speak* Bob opens his mouth to speak and is able to tell her how beautiful she is but he can't even hear himself speak over the engines of the plane.
As they finally reach space and the engines begin to go to a slow rumble Bob's voice starts be heard as he had been speaking the whole time ".......that is why I don't mess with Pineapple's anymore." Bob looks around at all of the odd faces that are now staring at him again, and the loud speaker chimes in again "Passengers we have made it to space with no problems at all, the two servers will be bringing your food to you in a bit" Bob looks around for the servers so he can give them his order.

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The ship was cruising along in space, allowing the occupants to freely move around and mingle. Miranda was however more interested in escaping the weird busboy from earlier.   She was two other passengers descended down a staircase at one end of the room. She quickly followed them and found herself in the bar.

In the middle was a large round self-service open bar. At rare times Miranda showed a very immature quality that presented itself as word vomit. In this case the word “score” passed her lips. Luckily no one heard her.

Miranda saw an empty chair that was quite close to both the vodka and gin bottles and far away from the rest of people. In what seemed like a second, Miranda had prepared a drink. The slightly golden drink was in a small glass, waiting to be drunk.

“I love these kinds of things,” said a voice next to Miranda. She turned and saw a woman sitting next to her. She was around 30, quite tall and thin but fit, shoulder length red hair and she was wearing a gray suit.

“What do you mean?” Miranda asked, trying to be polite.

“The people. They tend to let their guard down. Vulnerable like a turkey on Thanksgiving, my grandmother used to say.”

Your grandmother used to fly partly experimental spacecrafts?”

“No, but it still applies.”

“So, true, cheers!” Miranda said and drank her drink.

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Bob stood up from his seat and began to walk about the plane, when he got to the lounge area he was almost attacked by the other space travelers who were trying to give him their food orders. "Ok, Ok I'll get the stupid salmon get off my back geez". Bob walked back to the kitchen area "Alright food, lets see what we got. Hmmm crappers ugh oh whoops read that wrong capers. Maybe i can put these out to get them to shut up for a little while. Ok lets find a dish for the crappers."
Bob began opening drawers and cabinets to find a dish, but all he saw was silverware, glasses, and some funny looking crackers. One of the pilots came back to check on Bob, or give him his order as Bob opened a door to what he believed was the pantry, "Hey, get out of here. Do I tell you how to fly? No I don't....What are you pointing at?" Bob turned to the pantry and saw in side a man in a servers uniform with blood dripping from his neck, being the calm and collected type Bob was unaffected by this.
"AHHHHHH", ok maybe he was affected a little, "AHHHHHHHH" Bob ran from the kitchen to the lounge area screaming all the way, he eventually got into a corner and squeezed himself into a ball, rocking back and forth. When some of the others tried to approach him, "GET AWAY FROM ME. There is a dead man in the pantry, and somebody killed him".

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Miranda was happy, well happy-ish, ok not mad all thanks to the many cocktails she had consumed.  Her earlier talk partner had disappeared so she thought about all the things that could go wrong on this trip. Just when she was nearing the letter M, she heard a scream, almost girly.

 In a couple of seconds Miranda arrived on the deck she had previously been on. A group of people had gathered around a corner. As she got closer she heard a familiar voice: “GET AWAY FROM ME. There is a dead man in the pantry, and somebody killed him." Miranda left and headed to the kitchen area. She saw the dead waiter lying on the ground. His eyes were open looking at the ceiling, but surprisingly his dead appearance, only the eyes had some life in them. And then a twitch. Miranda knelled down and pressed her fingers on the side of his neck. A slight pulse could still be felt. She looked into his eyes and said:

“Don’t worry, death is not so bad.” And all life left the man.   She got up and turned. Sloppy and hurried, the stab wound was inflicted no more than 20 minutes ago. And the only one who could have seen the murderer was the busboy.

Miranda made her way back to the crowd of people, elbowing them in the ribs to make them move so she could see the busboy in a fetal position. Miranda grabbed him by the collar and lifted him – he was surprisingly light- and dragged him to the kitchen area.

“OK, listen up now,” she looked at his crudely written name tag, “Bob, you saw who did this and you are going to tell me."

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 Bob sat in the corner as people surrounded him, so many thoughts went through his head, "HOLY CRAP A DEAD BODY. What am I supposed to do? HOLY CRAP. This was not the job I signed up for. HOLY CRAP. Does this mean i have to serve all of these people food? NOOOOOO." Bob began rocking back and forth as he was curled in a ball. The crowd shifted and Bob saw the lady he was talking to pass by and go into the kitchen. "Wait, Why is she going into the kitchen? Is she trying to cover up who did it?.....Did she kill him? OH MY GOD the hottie killed him." Bob ducked his head into his arms so no one could see him start to cry.  
A sharp tug on his collar came next, and Bob was being pulled from the crowd. He looked up to see who it was and it was the lovely women from before.....I mean, the heartless killer, well she's still lovely, but a killer to.”Oh crap she must be a terrorist trying to kill all the staff members on the plane so she can hijack it. Man is she strong. She must be one of those super spy terrorists on the Super Spy Stuff. Oh crap she's taking me into the kitchen so she can kill me without any witnesses. Ummmm quick what would Feral Nova do? Well first she wouldn't have been crying in the corner you girl. Other than that, how would she take her down? Well she would use her fire powers on her and roast her. Great, lets do that. Do you have fire powers? No, ok new plan. Wait the terrorist just said something." 

 “Bob, you saw who did this and you are going to tell me."  Bob hesitated and during his hesitation, "Why would a terrorist ask who did it? Hmmm she must be trying to pin it on somebody else. Oh crap I better answer her quick she looks like she's about to hit me." Bob hurried to get the words out of his mouth "idon'knowhodit Iwascominnherand founthedeabody. *cough* *cough*, I mean I don't know who did it. I was coming in here and I found the dead body. I swear i have no idea how it got there and i didn't see anyone come in here before me. Should we tell the pilots that we need to land?" Bob gazed into her eyes hoping that she wasn't the killer and the door to the pantry slid open showing the dead body, "Oh crap dead body oh crap oh crap. Mmmmm hot body. No bad dead body in the room. Ooooh so hot. Ahhhh dead. Hey look a taco" Bob made to go get the taco, but the lady had a pretty firm grip and she looked like she had something else to say.