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There was nothing for the man to do as he sought protection for his life, going so far as to hide in the old church. The cyborg left the town in flames, a wind blowing from the east, carrying embers into the nearby forest.

The old man had with him something of value to the cyborg - a book believed to hold secrets to unlocking one's full potential and thus immortality. However, he had hidden it somewhere and Warsman sought to break the location out of him.

Apparently, though, setting his town and friends ablaze was too little a threat. He needed more to snap. Stepping inside the cathedral, his heavy boots echoing through the place, he spotted his prey - huddled in a corner. Throwing the man aside, who began to squirm away, Warsman kicked him in the ribs as he pleaded for mercy.

"There's nothing left to give mercy to old man."

Grabbing an arm, he easily snapped the brittle bones within, kicking his prey through the pedastal and onto the stage, where the final drama was to be set.

"Tell me where it is and I'll leave you to respect your dead."

Of course he refused, but that was fixed once another bone became shattered. His prey pointed to an old door, which came down easily with a swift kick.

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Blood Knight was sitting in an old room inside of a church. In his hands was a book, a book that was told to show cyborgs how to become immortal. He knew that his prey, Warsman would come looking for it. Blood Knight had easily gotten what he wanted from the old man who was supposed to keep it hidden......


It was cold and dark outside. The wind made the night even more chilly. The air was thick with dust as the loose dirt slowly rose off the ground behind each step that he took. He looked around the old rundown town and was disgusted. Underneath of his helmet he grimaced at the dust that was leaking through the air holes in his helmet. The dust was a like a diseases, it found a way in and then spread through out the entire place. Getting into any wounds or holes in the body and then waiting there and every moment causing more and more damage. He walked into the center of the town and looked for the house, the house that was marked. As he surveyed the area he saw a young boy. He waved the boy over and the boy did as he was told. Blood Knight pulled out a photo of a man and asked the boy if he knew where he could find the man. The boy pointed to a fire out in the middle of nothing and told him that that was were the man was. Blood Knight nodded and thanked the boy before crushing the boys neck with his hand. Blood Knight slowly began walking towards the fire. About a half an hour later he reached the fire. He knew he could have made it there faster if he had chosen to but he wanted the old man to sweat to know fear and to know that his time was coming to an end. When he reached the campsite he could hear the old mans heart speed up inside the tent. Blood Knight sat down outside of the old mans tent right beside the fire. An hour went by and the old man was still attempting to ignore Blood Knight. The old man never said anything all through out the night. After an hour and a half the old man fell asleep. When he woke up Blood Knight was gone. The old man looked outside of his tent with joy. He crawled out of the tent and looked around. Suddenly Blood Knight grabbed him from behind. "HAHAHAHAHA never forget to check the shadows you old fool." The man shook in Blood Knights hands. Kill me you'll never get anything out of me! Blood Knight smiled and said: "Oh don't worry you won't die by my hands not tonight anyway.All I need is some of your blood and I will know all I need to know." Blood Knight lifted the bottom part of his helmet and bites into the mans shoulder. As the blood ran down the mans back he screamed in pain. Blood Knights eyes turned red behind his helmet. He could see things in the old mans past. He saw how the man had become an outcast, and how he had been assigned to hide the book from cyborgs, and finally where the book was hidden. He dropped the man to the ground and let him bleed. He wiped his lips and put the helmet back to the way it was supposed to be and walked towards the old church


Blood Knight was still having flashbacks when suddenly the door fell. Warsman was in the doorway. Blood Knight looked up and smiled. He then lifted the book up with one hand and showed it to Warsman. "Looking for something?" He stood up and walked around behind the chair and set the book on the dust covered table. He then looked at Warsman again. "Well here it is. Come and get it."

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A strange man held within his grasp the object of Warsman latest outburst of desire for power - an old, leatherbound book that he then set upon the face of an aged table that threatened to crack with decay. The book itself was red with a gold button holding its pages together, old runes carved into its face that read something that no living human could now understand.

"Well, here it is, come and get it." The man said.

He was encased in red armor which did not creak or scratch in his motions, like it was his skin. Warsman shook off this conundrum as nothing more than a coincidence, eyeing the creature with caution as he looked from his newfound foe to the book and back again, each giving extensive detail into his memory.

"Who are you and why do you come here seeking what is mine?"

The cyborg noticed that the creature's eyes closed into a blink, during which he made a grab for the boook, which he would hide in his coat and make ready for either battle or his leave from this burning place, depending on whatever this thing did first.

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Blood Knight used the shadows in the room to engulf the book so the cyborg couldn't get his hands on it. He smiled as warsman asked him the "Who are you and why do you come here seeking what is mine?" The Knight smiled and then sat down in a chair made from the shadows. The book appeared in his hands and the shadow cover vanished. "This book....this book means......it means absolutely nothing to me. So I think I might just send it somewhere where no one will ever get their hands on it. One such as you." In the blink of an I the book was gone and the Knight smiled. "Now I come to give you an offer. You see I don't want your stupid book but I want a fight. I need fresh blood, the blood of a warrior to send to an old friend of mine. Now I am not one to just except blood either, so don't even think about just pricking your finger and handing it over. If and when I get the blood I want the person that I take it from I want to do it after a good fight. So you see I come to fight you and then take off a part of your limited flesh and take the little bit of blood left in you." He draws his blade and looks at it then back at warsman. He swings the blade at warsman with incredible speed and strength. He vanished in the shadows and reappeared behind warsman and swung the blade at his side again.

"So Warsman, do you accept the challenge or do I have to force you into accepting the challenge!" He used the shadows to form a fist and then commanded it to to attack warsman. The massive fist shot straight at warsman's stomach. Blood Knight then swung his own fist at warsman. The punches were directed for the cyborgs head. Blood Knight then shot to the other side of the room. "Meet me oustide and beat me and you get your book back lose and it will be lost for eternity." He then vanished in the shadows and reappeared outside to wait for the cyborgs move.
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"Whatever offer a devil can make,"

He took the strikes in stride, smiling wider each time they made dents in his armor.

"I do not take."

The cyborg flew out of the building as the fist collided with him. Landing in the midst of a grassy knoll, he stood with minimal effort, wiping the dust away from his armor with a hand. This creature suddenly appeared in front of Warsman, taking his fist to the cyborg's face, knocking him over a second time.

However, Warsman stood again.

"Just shut up already."

Warsman teleported, reappearing above the creature, both hands in the air primed for a crushing motion aimed at his foe's skull.

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Blood Knight was smiling under his armor as all of his blows landed on the cyborg. "Very impressive. Each blow lands and you still get back up."

Suddenly the cyborg disappeared. Blood Knight looked around then felt something over him. He looked up with wonder and amazement. The cyborg had actually managed to get the upper hand. Blood Knight tried to get out of the way of the cyborgs attack. He had managed to to get his head out of the way of the attack but Warsman's hands scrapped down his side and crushed his ankle. He looked in amazement at where his armor had been bent. He looked up at the cyborg. "Exceptionally impressive my friend. Your attack managed to dent my armor, no one has ever done such a task. There is one thing though..." Suddenly his armor bent back into place. "You will have to do better than that."

He drew his blade once more, the blood of the last one who it had killed still fresh on it. Blood Knight smelled the blood and it made him feel reguvinated. He swung the blade at Warsman's side again. This time he put more force behind it hoping for some real results. After the attack he jumped away and called a shadow warrior forward. The warrior ran at Warsman with an ax. He swung the ax at warsmans leg and then vanished. "As for your comment about shutting up...i dont think I will."
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"Well that's disappointing." Wars said as his foe's ankle bent back into place.

However, his mind suddenly focused on the crimson blade being forced in his direction - at his ribs to be precise. It wasn't as soft as before and he had to force his hands onto the blade to stop it. His fingers suddenly spawned a foul red mist that burned worse the longer he kept his hands on the sword. Common sense told him to rip his hands off of the sword and this was one of the few times he actually listened.

They sizzled as he took them off and he resorted to shaking them violently in order to snuff out the burn.

"I guess that's something I'm not going to try again. But if I know me I'll probably forget I just said that."

Almost on cue, a second armored creature popped out of nowhere and swung an axe at the cyborg's leg, missing it, fortunately, due to the fact Wars saw it coming downhill, which gave him just enough time to duck to the side as it vanished. Shrugging, he looked up at the creature on the hilltop.

"What the hell was that?!" he yelled.