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Overview of runes

Runes are words of power they have the power to alter the very fabric of reality with a mere sentence runes are among the most powerful type's of magic Runes don't create anything they merely temporarily alter objects in a variety of ways all that we will cover in this blog.

Law runes/Contract runes

These runes are among the most powerful and are nearly impossible for any the most powerful of being's to break the law /contract runes activate once the set requirement for their activation has been fulfilled for example if John made a rune saying that anyone who eats a cookie from the cookie jar will be set on fire .So if Walter comes by and takes a cookie from the cookie jar then the requirements will have been met and he will be set on fire law runes can only have punishment's that you yourself are capable of doing therefore if you can't preform ice magic then you can't put down a rune that would freeze someone and speaking of which rune's can not kill someone directly meaning you can not write that upon activation this rune kills everyone in the nearby vicinity .Also law runes require constant magical energy for as long as they have been written meaning their a constant drain on whoever wrote them in the first place.

Contract runes

Are highly used among wizard's who make deals these work as a normal contract would only magically enforced so two parties reach an agreement that one party will do something for the other party after which the other party will give the party that fulfilled the contract's agreement the reward that was agreed on this is the basic gist although their are different type's of contract runes.You can not offer something you do not have yet like if you can't create a contract rune in which you will give some a million dollars if you do not have a million dollars .Also it is important to know contract rune's will only enforce things that are written down for example. Let's say John and Walter reach an agreement that if Walter stop's stealing cookies John will stop setting him on fire so they make a contract rune stating this and after doing so John electrocute's Walter he has not violated their contract because he did not set Walter on fire so make you sure you cover all possible loopholes these runes do not require constant magical energy in order to stay in effect.

Self Enhancing/Enchantment Runes

One of the lesser known runes it is completely different from the other one's these rune's come in a variety all with different effects their are natural fighting rune's that rather then work of magic work off the natural energy that flow's through people known as chi these rune's increase the physical attributes of their user .For example let's say walter stole one of john's cookies then ran up to the roof so now he is out of Johns range well john can then activate leg runes allowing him to jump on the roof and reach walter he can then activate arm runes so he can punch walter with the strength of 10 men. These are most commonly used by fighters rather then mages these runes have no known limit and are often dependent on the skill of the fighter .

The other type of this is known as enchanting runes these are placed by mages on items giving them certain magical qualities like a sword can be enchanted to cause everything it slashes to start to turn to stone the more powerful the mage stronger the rune .Although a decently powerful mage can deactivate the rune on the item there are mages who devote themselves strictly to runes they are known as rune forgers and they exist all through the universe their rune's are far harder to deactivate .

Area Altering Runes

These are very temporary runes that change the nearby area in some way even a small one most commonly used as barrier runes the activate a shield that people can't pass unless the barrier rune states they can the more powerful of this type of rune can completely change the field of battle albeit temporarily and really only as illusions. The more powerful illusionists use these runes very often because they fool all of a persons senses these runes can vary from making everyone in the room see their worst nightmares to making the area go from a volcano to a ball pit these runes are the most rarely used type of rune.

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@ownagepants:Everything you do is really good, and creative and awesome. :P
if you just threw in a comma every now and then you'd be golden. :D

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@mastermouse: I slept through grammar class the day they taught us how to use comma's so i never got used to using them .

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@ownagepants:LOL ,sounds like me. Simply use them when a pause feels right in a sentence.
For example, in your sentence "I slept through grammar class the day the taught us how to use comma's, so I never got used to using them."
Right there ^ should be a comma. :P
You dont have to do anything Im saying of course, but it would make your writing much easier to read. [For me at least.]

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@mastermouse: I'm glad you constructively pointed that out. Wanted to articulate a similar message but my grammar is malnutritioned as well ;)

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@charlemagne: I thought we had an agreement that their was only one person allowed to correct grammar because her's is perfect lol.

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@mastermouse DW just joking around, a little help never hurt nobody. :)

@ownagepants Thanks, their are soo many Nazi mouse pictures on google for some reason.

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@ownagepants: Oh sh!t you're right, I might change that...

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