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Two clicks of a horizontal stretched suit case resonated from the roof top of the West tower in the Casablanca Center located in Morocco. The twenty eight floor complex was home to several offices, shopping centers, and other various platforms of commerce as it served as a crossroads between Zerktouni Boulevard and Boulevard Al Massira Al Khadra. Peering down from the less then infamous tower, a lone assassin carefully assembled a high powered gas operated remote controlled SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle before returning to the streets below just as an armored convoy of Mercedes Benz's rolled up. Immediately an entourage of heavily armed ex-gorilla rebels leaped out forming a perimeter around the last vehicle, methodically shielding one of the most ruthless dictators in the region, General Moostafi Jahr. A former resistance fighter turned tyrant.

The assassin inconspicuously walked by without so much as a second glance thrown in his direction, but as he reached into his pocket removing his cell phone and pressing, "send," chaos soon erupted in the streets. One shot, one kill. A dictator lay dead in the streets and the World didn't bat an eyelash. In the following months Moostafi simply became one of many distasteful authoritarian figure heads to met their doom, and with the supervillain community on the rise, their was little attention paid to the happens in the third World continent. Little did the World know that a systematic platform of annexation was underway. Jean Luc, known to the criminal underworld as Gambler, had seemingly fallen off the map after having assembled an ecliptic group of individuals as they formed the Shadowland. In truth he had been methodically making preparations to expand his power hungry reach while solidifying his global dominance. But the Cajun had drastically underestimated the ambitions of one of his oldest friends, the malevolent Darkchild. He returned to the once illustrious country of France to find Paris in ruins and his former team implementing a coup d'état in a stroke of masterfully planned extrajudicial disposition of the French government.

After a brief and unsuccessful attempt to stop the devastation, Gambler escaped. Returning to Africa with no other choice but to accelerate his plans. Seemingly over night the Dark Continent began a beautiful transformation as Universities, hospitals, urban development, and all around commerce began to flourish. Every favor, every resource at the Cajun's disposal were being funneled into the country. The genesis of Utopia had begun.


Months had passed since the birth of Utopia and Jean Luc was being haled as a savor. The self-proclaimed "Dessert Messiah" had manipulated his way into the hearts and mind of the people while once again twisting the fragile United Nations into political submission. On the surface Utopia had become an innovative vision of vitalization and its ambassador a beacon of humanitarian relief. The truth however was anything but. Gambler had been mining the countries most precious natural resource, Vibranium, through the back braking enforcement of slave labor all to create a state of the art army, the Rosasi Sands. Aided by his closest killers the Cajun and company navigated the international laws of humanity unimpeded thanks in large part to the utter decimation of France and the hell on Earth unleashed by the Tenebresque In. Flying under the radar Utopia was allowed to fortify its foundation firmly cementing its roots.

Sliding from underneath the seductively velveteen like texture of his silk sheets, the Aristocratic Assassin made his way into the lavishly oversized washroom on the other side of the master bedroom. The long streaming outline of his latest sexual conquest remained slightly covered with the sheets barely draping off her hip. Now, face to face with his vanity mirror the Cajun's expression began to rapidly change as his fingers trailed down the lasting reminder of the Hunter's viciousness. Having never fully healed, the three distinguishable marks served as a constant point of aggravation for the Living Legend. Of all the scars tattooing his body its was the one cemented on his chest that angered him the most.

News of a black ops operation unfolding in Egypt had been circulating for weeks bringing about a certain level of concern, but also anticipation, for the Cajun, as he believed the moment of redemption would soon be at hand. Like true wolves the Pack would almost be instinctively drawn to Africa and its current upheaval. It was only a matter of time before Leopards and Wolves collided.

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 Y stood in a place that very few young people visited anymore, the local library. Throughout the history of Civilization the command center of learning had been a repository of a civilizations accumulated knowledge, prestige and the epicenter of culture.   Y’s eyes shifted from left to right as the eye of Horus; and various other Egyptian relics; there was no denying that her fascination of occultism is what lead her to be the women she is today, almost sadistic in terms of mental perception. Her tenure as the Supreme Chancellor of China taught her one thing; that transhumanism was the future. Mind Control and deceiving the Masses was a start, eventually everyone would think the same way, learn the same way…live the same way. Until there was a fear, a fear that was instilled in one to keep them from speaking out; as she walked along the walls of the library she saw something that caught her off guard.

“[H+]3” she said looking at the obscure engraving in the spine of book about the country of Egypt.  Opening the book, she saw when it was first published, 1923.   What was so impressive about this symbol was that it was the standard symbol to indentify transhumanism.   “That mean something to you?” a woman who spoke an altered version of the English language asked. “it is an intellectual and cultural movement that affirms the possibility and desirability of fundamentally transforming the human condition through technology”.  Y said flipping through the pages from left to right. “You…mean like merging humans with…robots?” the Liberian said in curiosity.

“Precisely”  Y said closing the book and heading outside. It was almost exactly what Gambler had achieved, it’s what made him one of the most influential leaders in history; he didn’t need to kill anyone like, Hitler, Stalin or Kubula Khan; but his mastery of the brain and the deception of the brain, made him probably one of the most knowledgeable people in the world when it came to manipulation. He might’ve been years past, Aristotle, Descartes and Plato. Though he was missing one key ingredient from this Utopia that made, it possible for people to still freely speak out about him; it lacked martial law. A system Y knew he’d be implementing soon; it’s because that’s what Gambler was; a parasite to the brain; a person whom made you believe you were a part of something grand…even if you were a fry cook.

There was no doubt in the mind of the Cocaine Goddess, that the Wolf Pack’s presence in Northern Africa would attract, the King of Kings, but she worried not; There was a reason she aligned herself with the Wolf Pack; and William Greystroke, and that reason was because of the will power he and they had. Africa was about to be the epicenter of a war; Y knew it but she laughed and applauded it; there was only a few hours left until her cocaine wore off…and then it’d be all hell. 


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A puff of smoke filtered up through the air. The man holding the long cigarette was dressed to impress with an Armani pen stripe business suit. The red undershirt matching his crimson Skull of a face. Those dark dreadful eye sockets the polar opposite of the long slim white tie. A beautiful woman dressed in a scantily clad maids outfit bent over low to fill his glass. Her long eloquent legs were wrapped tightly in fishnets with little to leave to the imagination. A firm smack against her exposed rear dismissed her from his side and she smiled and backed away with a little curtsy.

" Tell him I will see him now" he ordered, his voice cold and ready to get things under way. " Y-yes sir. Right away S-sir". Her nicely curved frame was trembling as she spoke, fear obvious in her words as she regarded the man sitting back comfortably in his chair. She had heard the rumors of what he had done to the girls before her. Flashes of him strangling them atop of that desk as he devoured them unnerved her more than she realized. And rightfully so. But still what was she to do? She was fully aware that there are some fates worse than death..

Closing the study door behind her she closed her eyes and gasped in a deep breath. Leaning back against that sturdy door she almost broke down into tears as the thought of his hand on her butt. Shivers ran up and down her spine as she shook them away. She had to be strong. Out of mind, out of sight. Gathering herself after a few more moments she wiped the tears that had seeped from her lush eyes and pulled down her skirt to a more comfortable position. The stiletto heels killing her feet as she began to walk once more.

Her next words were almost a whisper as they were caught in her throat " He will see you now". The man she was staring at seemed to be chiseled from stone. A mountain of a man almost seven feet tall. A single bicep of his was bigger than her entire body. She swallowed and went to speak again as he made no sign as if he had heard her. A single hand suddenly raised up to silence her "I heard you girl. I'll go once I'm finished here". Her look turned frantic as her eyes opened wide. She knew what would happen to her if he was kept waiting. " Please mister y-you've got to come now" her voice that of a desperate plea. The mysterious man stared hard at her his body visually tensing up. His veins popping up like flowing rivers. His eyes showed a seriousness and anger that told her she was dead. That she should run now and never look back. With a snort the terrifying man relaxed and grinned just a little " You might last more than a day here after all".

Standing he instantly dwarfed over the girl, towering over her. Tightly wrapped combat boots squeaked just a little as he moved. The dark cargo pants he wore matched and held the long, sharp, jagged survival knife at his side. She noted how simple his look was compared to everything around her. It was not just his size that made him stick out here, but that very thing. His simplicity. In a castle so lavishly filled he was the only thing that seemed.. normal. Part of reality. As it all sunk in she knew that's exactly what this all was. A show, a masquerade put on to please the man behind the desk. She was his puppet. His slave.

There was just a single loud knock at the door that was answered quickly enough. " Enter". Opening the door she waited for the large man to go in and then follow behind. But as she stepped forward his muscled arm barred her from going. " This is where you wait outside sweet pee". Closing the door in front of her he then turned to regard his benefactor. Greeting him with a slight nod as he settled into the chair opposite of the desk.
" The job?" he asked.
A filed slid across the desk with a note on the cover reading Utopia.
" The pay?"
There was a devilish grin across the benefactors face this time as he waited and paused. The silence between the two grew as nothing was said or done. No movement besides subtle breaths. Now a little agitated he leaned forward and asked one more time.
" The pay?" his voice more stern and serious. Almost threatening if he did not know any better.
Revealing a key the man clad in a crimson skull tossed it to his friend. Who caught it effortlessly and waited. Leaning forward in his lush chair Crimson opened one of his drawers and clicked away at its combination. Moments later he handed over a wooden box with a simple lock. He did not so much as ask, but state " This is the new batch? It's completed." Crimson Death's only reply was " Your flight for Africa leaves in two hours". With an affirmative nod the burly man stood to his feet and went to leave.
" Oh. On your way out. Tell Erica that I wish to see her". Continuing to walk Cutthroat left to room. The girl sitting at the desk was almost startled to see him exit so soon as she dropped the knife in her hand. Not stopping in his stride he spoke " You better do it quick, or you'll regret it soon enough".

She seemed unnerved that he knew what she was thinking. How could he know? How could be possible know she planned on killing that sadistic maniac inside the study. As she noticed he didn't seem to care, or even stop as the sign of her knife. She began to wonder. A few minutes later the weight of his words finally sank in as she felt his breath on the back of her neck. Shivers once against raced up her back as every hair stood up. Her scream hushed by his hand.
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Three days had passed since the light of day had touched the skin of The Electric Ace. The setting he was in was dark, almost cave like and the only interaction with people he had had were that of the man that brought him bread and water twice a day and the other man that came in to discuss "physical" negotiations with him. Last he remembered he was investigating Utopia, for he was a skeptic about anything that smelled Cajun even though he recently had an alliance with him and certain Wolf Pack members. The alliance gave promise of doing what needed to be done to make the world a better place so of course Kurrent was first in line but it came to no surprise that differences could not be put aside and it was destined for failure.   The Hero found himself alone once again, searching for what Utopia was really about because he knew that this was all smoke and mirrors, something was going on underground and he just had to dig deep enough. He was sloppy though and when the sun's light began to fade to black he was jumped by several very skilled men.  
They gave no quarter and hit him with precise and calculated hits, they were either very well taught or very lucky. Each man tried to go for his helmet, it was no coincidence, that is where the chip to his Veritas computer is, which is basically a supercomputer that contains all of Kurrents extensive knowledge of every super he has encountered. The information in his Veritas Computer in the wrong hands would be disastrous so when his capture was all but imminent he did what he thought was the right thing and destroyed the helmet. The last thing he remembers after that was a staff to the face and waking up tied to a chair in the dark and dreary cell that was probably underground. 
Like clock work the man came in asking questions and trying to beat the answers out of him. "Where is de watch" he would ask and Kurrent would say nothing. This of course angered the man and the beating would commence. He would go until the point before Kurrent would pass out and as he would leave the room The Hero would always mutter through the blood from his mouth "amateur". Today was different, three days of the same exact thing grew old and frankly Kurrent wanted answers. Before the torturer asked anything he was asked a question by The Hero. "Do you think I am stupid" the man was confused but still started to speak his familiar line "Where is de....". Before he could finish he was interrupted by the defiant captive "listen pal, how about we stop pretending that you are some kind of different organization looking for my watch and get Gambler down here so he can look me in the eye and ask me where my watch is because I'm a little insulted that he tried to pull the sh!t on me, do you really think I am going to talk" 
The man looked at Kurrent deeply for seconds not saying anything in deep thought. He turned around slowly almost in a defeated manner and began to walk out of the room. Kurrent was in pain from all the beatings he had taken in the past 72 hours but his will was not broken neither was his tongue "hey a$$hole" he said getting the torturers attention "I know that you have small emp's going off at approximately every 10 minutes placed in the perimeter in this room, just enough time for me to not charge up but when I get loose and believe me I will, your a$$ is going to fry". The guard left perhaps to do what Kurrent had demanded with a uneasy look on his face. 
Still even thought Kurrent had talked a good game he himself was worried. This was very well planned and Kurrent had no team backing him. Mobb Deep members were COPs or gone, Veritas members were Omega Justice or gone and everybody else...well Kurrent is no Andferne so he was perhaps for the first time in his life in over his head.

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“Focus!” Emile bowed in respect to the African woman standing in front of him, she was dressed in earth coloured clothing showing off her proud heritage. Normally he wouldn’t allow anyone to speak to him in such a tone but these elite women of the Rosasi Sands deserved his respect. They were simply unmatched in combat, even his own skills that he passed on to his assassins paled in comparison. The drops of sweat were rolling of his bare chest as he tried to keep up with the movements of the female guards that Jean Luc had bestowed upon him. They were loyal like no other, but were never shy to give an opinionated comment. “You lack focus, the tension in your muscles give away your attack pattern” She said as he continued to improve his every motion blocking her attacks that came in a relentless fashion.

Suddenly a voice interrupted their training as one of his other guards bowed in respect to the two combatants “They have arrived”. With a mere gesture of his hand Precise motioned for his guard to stand down while she acknowledged his order with nothing more than a nod of her head. The searing sun above them send their beams of heat right onto the courtyard where they were training, beautiful African styled artefacts surrounded them showing the majestic side of Africa. Stretching his hand outwards his guards hurried to give him a towel which he used to gently caress his body and wipe the sweat from his face. “Very well, I will tend to them shortly. Give them some refreshments and make sure they’re comfortable in the grand hall”. Draping the white towel around his neck he made his way to his chamber walking over the marble floors with his bare feet, his long black hair tied together in a ponytail. A bowl of water stood ready as he cleaned up his upper body with a wash cloth and put on a white shirt with a black tie loosely draped around his neck giving him a casual appearance.

“My apologies for your wait” A charming smile formed on his face as the manipulative assassin walked out of his chamber. A camera crew quickly set up their equipment as the beautiful blonde host walked towards him and stretched out her hand thanking him for the upcoming interview. “No need for formalities” He smiled as he gently took her hand and rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand. “Shall we get started?” He inquired. “Certainly. Uhm.. How did you come to be here and why?” Her voice was a little shaky and the insecurity practically dripped off of her. “Well, as you know I have set up my own charity foundation a while ago, the Chabot Foundation, to help the less fortunate of the world. I’ve travelled across the world and seen the horrors humanity has to endure on a daily basis, and I don’t mean super powered villains destroying the world, I mean the daily grind of trying to get enough scraps together for a decent meal, to work 20 hours a day for a few cents. I have made it my task to help those.. And why Africa you ask? It’s the poorest demographic of the world, I feel I could make the most change here.” Emile told his story confidently while retaining his charming exterior.

“And the critique of governments and heroes alike by forming an alliance with Jean Luc Lebeau? Some of them say he does not have their best interest in mind” As soon as she said it she felt even more insecure with her choice of words. “Let me tell you something” Emile’s voice gained a more serious tone. “I have worked with those governments, and I have been a respectable hero in my time. I’ve been a part of the ICE Dragons, Champions of Peace and Omega Justice. I left those organisations on my own accord. The reason for this is because I felt I could do more for humanity than just fighting super powered threats. Jean Luc helped rebuilt America during the events of the hellish beings invading the world. He has been a philanthrope on many occasions, he has saved you and many more in different moments in time and yet they accuse him of having a hidden agenda.” Precise shook his head in false disbelief. “Those governments and hero teams are busy with big threats but forget about the people that really need the help. Jean Luc and I feel strongly about this. That is why we’ve extended our resources to help this nation. Naturally, there are those that are threatened by this, if one nation gains strength and prosperity, it means another will lose it. They wish to keep that balance of rich and poor for their own gains, we wish to make this a prideful nation, a force, an utopia for those living in it.” He walked out towards the balcony looking over the majestic city where everything seemed perfect, luscious and serene. “Come. Don’t take my word for it but look for yourself” He stretched out his arm pointing at the vastness before him. “I invite you to look for yourself” He motioned one of his female guards to come forth “She’ll be your guide so you won’t get lost in the splendour of our city”. Of course this wasn’t the only reason as behind the scenes things weren’t as peaceful as they seemed to be. Watching them leave the palace a smirk came to his face. The Dark Utopia gained in strength every passing day, and it wouldn’t be long before heroes, villains and governments would want to know exactly what transpired here.
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A small cloud of cigarette smoke hung in the air for a moment above the file Mark was reading. He flipped over another page, trying to get a sense of his teammates. His boss, Gambler, he had heard a lot about. A legend. The guy had been around since forever, but he wasn't a dinosaur, he still clicked with the younger generation. Mark shifted in the seat, uneasy. Downstairs, about three levels below his feet, a hero was being questioned. And not just any hero, but Kurrent. That guy was a legend too. Mark breathed another cloud of smoke before going into a small coughing fit. He breathed as a song, A Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars began sounding. He didn't change for even a moment, flipping another page before he dropped the cigarette. It hit the ground and he stamped it out with a large boot. He didn't know much about Kurrent's powers, but having helped to hook up the EMPs in the room, he guessed it had something to do with electricity.
He stood up, disregarding the three or four butts on the floor. The cleaner's got a job as long as I don't pick up my own $#!t. He picked up the black helmet and held it under his arm as he jogged out of his room. A member of Gambler's bodyguard, the Venin Rose, or something to that effect, passed, Mark grabbing his arm. "So what's happening down in the interrogation?" He asked. The man's nostrils flared, and with a certain amount of anger he replied. "Kurrent's resilience is strong." Mark went for another cigarette. "So..." He said, lighting the cigarette and sticking it between his teeth. "What you're saying is, you haven't broken him yet." The assassin looked at him with unveiled loathing. If looks could kill, forget at death's door, Mark would have been watching TV in the Grim Reaper's living room. "No. He wants to speak to Monsieur Le Beau." With that, he pulled away from Mark and walked off. "Assassins. Always were impatient." He chuckled around the cigarette. He had a Desert Eagle at either hip, and twin scimitars on his back.

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"The wolf is an apex predator. Within their range they are the top of the food chain." A young man said as he walked across a long, glass bridge with a longtime friend. "So what does that make a Wolf Pack?"  The Cyan Lantern Light eyed the fellow lantern that strode beside him with intrigue. "A nightmare for the prey, Alexander." Alex laughed for a short moment. "So is that why you joined the Wolf Pack? For the hunt of a lifetime?" Light shook his head, that trademark smirk ever present. "No. I've been away from my home for too long. Its bout time I made my return. And what better way to return then being apart of the newly built Wolf Pack? Two returns for the price of one." Light winked then reached deep into the pocket of his Taverniti jeans to retrieve a small ring. It was a greenish blue with a significant aura around it. A green lantern emblem sat in the atop the band. It was warm to the touch, though the texture was quite peculiar.  LIght placed the ring on the middle finger of his right hand. The moment it touched the finger Light's entire appearance morphed. His blue jeans transformed into a skin tight black mesh, his Ugg boots were transformed to green knee high boots with the same design as the pants. His torso, once covered by a chromatic Ed Hardy hoody, had been covered with a blue and green tight like shirt, covering his entire frame. Lastly, a pair of black gloves covered his hands, the ring laying on the outside of the glove. A strong aura encased Light's muscled frame and in the next moment he vanished, leaving a visible energy signature in his wake.      
Outside of Earth's orbit the Lantern stared down upon the World he had loved and left. The blue and green hues of the planet made him glance at his ring for a split second. "This is where I belong. Ring, gimme the population and the most recent happenings." A mist of energy in the form of Green Lantern symbols spewed from Light's aura as the ring activated, scanning the planet for the information requested. "  6,899,284,943 and counting. The assassin, Jean Luc Lebeau has founded a new African Nation, bringing much prosperity to the once poverty stricken lands. The Wolf Pack has also entered Africa, in an investigation effort sanctioned by the U.S." 
Light smiled, taking off with a burst of acceleration. Seconds passed and Light landed in the country of Zimbabwe. The country, right on the outskirts of the Utopia, had seen little of its charity. Entering the dead streets of Manicaland Light found that some poverty still existed. Few walked the lands and those who did found themselves at Light's feet, craving sustenance to get them through the calescent days and algid nights. "Hmmm, seems Gambler isn't too fond of the South. But Zimbabwe wasn't that bad to begin with compared to other countries. Guess those who had enough money moved into the heart of the Utopia." Light thought to himself, then his appearance morphed again. He was dressed in all black, a hood shrouding his facial features. An m1911 hung from the holster at his side and a Steyr AUG slung across his back.  Light vanished, teleporting from Zimbabwe to Egypt, an area where the Utopia's presence was more prominent. Walking about he flashed pictures of Gambler, posing as a potential prospect for his endeavors. With Light's Wolf Pack affiliation being anything but common knowledge the infiltration scheme could afford him some inside knowledge on Gambler's latest Organization.     
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Greystoke Manor - Scotland

Placing his hand up to his earpiece, the Hunter called in his two captains.  "Hawk and Ruby, I need the team to meet in the main living area immediately." he said.  "We have urgent business that needs to be attended to."  Eventually, the two captains and the rest of the Death Dealers had arrived.  "Glad you all could make it." he said casually.  "You see, I was thinking about doing a little..... redecorating."  Already, he could see the disbelief come over the faces of several members.  Even those with telepathy gave him a raised brow of skepticism.
"You see," he continued.  "I am thinking about giving this grand area a slightly even more masculine feel.....  It already looks like a grand hunting lodge, correct?  After all, we have several mounted trophies around the room, various relics of great hunts, and more.  However, I was thinking about adding perhaps.... the magnificent tusks of an African bush elephant, maybe getting some custom engraving done to them  - you know, something that is both masculine and elegant.  You see, we could put them on either side of the fireplace, creating an arc of some sort.  Also, I was thinking about adding a mounted lion head or perhaps even a complete lion taxidermy as well.... maybe a rhino head as well."
Looking back towards the team, he then said, "And where exactly are we going get these all from?  Certainly, we are not going to simply order them.  No, I want to actually go and take these animals for myself; and for that, one must go to Africa.  Therefore, we are going to organize a HUNTING EXPEDITION to the dark continent itself.  Conference room - NOW."
Once the team (still unsure of where William was going with all of this) had entered the conference room, the Hunter took on a more serious tone.  "You see," he said.  "We ARE going on a hunting expedition to Africa..... but before we get our rhino, elephant, and lion, we have another trophy to bag.  It has been nearly a MONTH since the uprisings in Cairo, Egypt.  Already, it has begun to rebuild itself.  However, Egypt is not the only area of Africa which has begun to experience an unbelievable amount wealth.  It seems that several closely-knit nations have been united.  While some would like to see that as a miracle, I choose to remain skeptic.  The United Nations feels the same way."
The photo of a renowned hero came up on screen.  "I think you all know who this is....  Light Starks.  Unknown to most of you, we acquired Light's services some time ago.  I contacted him and asked him to investigate this paradise known as Utopia."  Pausing for a moment, the Hunter continued.  "Here is another player on the field."  With that, the image of Y Intercept came up on screen.  "While none of you were officially made aware of this, I enlisted the services of Y Intercept.  On a solo mission, she has gone into Africa and has begun gathering information.  Some of you would argue that her criminal ties and dark past would make her untrustworthy.  The fact of the matter is that it makes her the IDEAL person to infiltrate the dark continent.  One thing is for sure....  Y Intercept fights with honor.  It was a risk getting her involved, but it was one that I was willing to take."
Finally, the display went dark.  "With Light's power and Y's cunning, we will be able to know what exactly is going on over there.  The United Nations gave me the authority to conduct this black op.  To maintain their cover, Light and Y can not communicate with us or give us any details from their current position.  This morning, I received the signal that it was time for us to arrive.  Therefore, we will go to the dark continent and enter Utopia.  From there, we will rendezvous with Light and Y, find out what exactly is going on, then if need be....  we will take them down."  With that, the Hunter looked at his team and said, "WOLF PACK.....  Let's mount up!"
Immediately, everyone suited up.  Gathering his equipment, the Hunter once again dawned his black and red Wolf Pack uniform.  For a moment, he paused in front of the mirror.  He had almost forgotten how good he looked in that uniform.  From there, he and the rest of the team boarded The Predator, cloaked, then set a course for the dark continent.....
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Camp:Dr. Lone's Interrogation.

24 hours had passed since Band Lone had arrived at the great Utopia. He had set up camp just 5 miles away from the center of attention. Making use of the great cloth of Morpheus that darkened the terrain making the residents sleep, Band had raided a small convoy on their way to their post. Band on his own had taken them down confiscated the weapons, transportation, supplies and about ten feet away from the camp wrapped on local barbwire and vines upside down left to be tortured by the sun were the escort themselves. Sun burned, dehydrated, hungry and clubbed at every 20 minutes for the past 12 hours, the convoy were broken to the point were they could no longer resist the pain. Information just slipped out of their lips automatically with just a simple question and the promise to be compensate for their words with one of the most basic needs to survive: water.

All information the convoy blabbered had then been coded and transmitted to the Wolf Pack for the sake of preparation against the strength of the Utopia, as far as military security is concern. The greatest threat in military strength, according to the convoy, are the region’s elite forces known as Rosasi sand. Soldiers trained in the harshest ways holding vibranium embraced weaponry at hand.

After 12 hours of torture Band could tell there was not much more the captives could be hiding from him. “Time to do the deed.” They already spill the beans, they no longer served any purpose to be kept around. They were just a liability now if they escaped. “Well fellas, as promised, here’s your water.” Band splashed them each with water from a canteen. “F*ck you, American pig!” Yelled one of the captives as he had been denied what he thought had bought with his words. “Ouch, that hurt my feeling, seriously, after all this time I thought you guys were my buds. But I see that’s not the case.. It amazes me, just a few seconds ago you looked like you couldn’t even utter a word with your chapped lips. But I see you still have some energy left in you.”

With knowledge on emergency first aids comes a interesting method used only in extreme situations when a person is unable to breathe. It is called a breathing stoma and it is made straight through the throat region. As stated before it was design to help a person breathe, but Band had other plans for it, a stoma also could severed the vocal cords the soldier had used to insult him. Duct tape is a godsend when it comes to cold-blooded surgery. Just two layers are enough to keep the patients from making too much noise. Then the process began. A field knife came into play as Band approached the first soldier. “Lets see what kills you first, shall we, my little chatterbox? The trauma, blood asphyxiation, infection or the African sun.” Blood poured down the throat of the soldier as it appears the surgeon had pierced a artery. The soldier could only moan since his mouth was sealed shut. “Oops.. Well, it is my first time actually doing this.. Think of it this way: at least I’ll be more careful with your partner now that I know I could puncture artery through this entry point.” But the soldier failed to find relieve as he approached death by blood lost.

Dr. Lone then approached the next patient who watched as his partner just bled to death before him. Desperately the soldier tried his best attempt to yell for help with his gagged mouth. But a ray of sunshine rains upon him as Band then realizes Wolf pack may need more information later on. “Right, I’ll keep you alive.” An expression of relief comes to the soldier’s face after the executioner’s words. Band then grabbed a canteen and pulled down the duct tape from the captive’s mouth before he helped the man with the miracle of water. “Drink it slow and don’t spill a drop.” He told the captive who had already forgotten the man who was feeding him water had just murdered his comrade and was seconds away from killing him as well.

Band then returned to his camp and waited sitting on the convoy’s Humvee chowing on some hard crackers with peanut-butter and jelly. Watching the perimeter, while stuffing his belly, he waited further instructions from the wolves. 
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Derek Archer's light brown hair fell over his face as he looked into the microscope. He was nearing a break through when he was informed that the Wolf Pack were meeting in the conference room. He scowled, his anger levels rising, but not enough to spark the shift. He pushed himself away from the powerful microscope, taking away the alcoholic pad on the inside of his right elbow, to reveal a syringe puncture. He picked up the sample, walked across the room, his military boots clicking loudly on the tiled floor. He placed the sample of his blood into a storage container, placing it into storage, where it would be kept cool until he came back to continue his work. His clean up of the lab meant that he arrived late to the meeting, taking his seat when the image of Y Intercept came up on the screen, having heard the name as he slipped into the room, not quite unnoticed. He pulled off the lab coat, wearing a black T-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and thick heavy boots. When the Hunter finished with a hearty "Lets mount up!" , Derek stood like he'd been there the whole time, and followed the team out of the conference room and into the ship. William stopped him as he was about to get psyched for what was about to come. The Hunter didn't say anything, but his eyes were narrow, and Derek knew what he wasn't pleased about. Derek never found talking to his boss easy, but he cleared his throat. "Look, I had a break through. I was really close. When I got the message, I cleaned up, and that's why I was late."
Derek was worried for a moment when William didn't move, but he walked off, and Derek realised he'd been holding his breath for a moment, and let it out in a long sigh of relief. He opened the locker marked "D. Archer" and looked into the mirror, calming his breathing. "You got this Derek. You got this." He closed the locker, and, to engage the shift, whacked his head as hard as he could into the locker door. Pain shot through his forehead, then anger began to take hold. Anger sparked the shift. The shift hurt like hell, but Derek knew why. That, however, didn't comfort the horrific pain of cardiac arrest, combined with liver and kidney failure. He lay on the floor, screaming for a few moments, before the sound was abruptly cut off. His mouth still opened and closed, and his pain hadn't subsided, but the tearing and reforming of his vocal cords meant that, at least for a moment, he couldn't make a sound. He rose, opened the locker and simply pushed the dent out. He looked at his teammates, his deep blue eyes taking in each of their annoyed expressions. "Sorry. The shift hurts. I could tell you why, but it would take a while." He looked at each of them, and grinned. He opened his mouth, and the worst thing he could ever have said rolled off his tongue. "Are we there yet?" He asked, gleefully.

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Engines hummed and vibrated joining the sound of the wind as it raced across the golden grains that made up the vast Lybian part of the Sahara Desert, the wind picking up funnels of sand and spinning them across the intruders who bent, hammering shifting and grinding along the string perimeter of the dig site. Tents and vehicles formed a wider ring around the pit, groups of men working tirelessly inside the edge of the carved pit extending from the rare rocky outcrop that dotted the edges of the Sahara Desert. Small amounts of shade provided by long rows of tattered material stretched out between wooden poles that wavered in the heavy gusts.

Sparks darted as metal ground against sand and stone as the huge drill pushed itself down into the ground, the men around it digging carefully and whisking through the debris that swept back from the machine, analysts and apprentices scurried back and forth as the fine edged drill dove deeper into the edges of rock.

One large red tent stood out from the others, containing the overseer of this project, one that was funded by the emerging Middle East power the LeBeau organisation. A representative of the organisation was the leader of this scurry of activity, a woman known to them as the Black Orchid, Surreal SaDiablo.

Veiled in dark silk, her long form covered head to toe, and dark eyes surveyed the rustling paper gripped in her strong hands. The map in her hands was folded at a singular page; notes had been made against the plastic, other papers shifted on the desk in front of her, the tent billowing as the wind buffeted through the occasional slat that had been sliced through the tent to allow air flow, the sound of the flaps slamming in the wind.

A sound behind her raised her head as the chief Archaeologist team burst into her tent, the flaps closing behind him. His words muffled against the  bright mask he wore, wrapped around his head and stopped by a large tan hat, sweat dripping from his forehead having stained the rim, only his eyes showed behind the yellow tinted glasses as he addressed her in a thick Arabic accent “Mistress, nothing has come through yet, the locals are getting nervous, they say” he paused, reaching for a rag inside his pocket, he mopped his forehead “They say this area, is cursed” he shook his head slightly at the ignorance he was forced to work with on this dig, an educated man with the museum of Baghdad, he despised local custom and beliefs that had held his beloved country back for a millennia, he had strong Muslim faith, but distrusted the uprising of militants.

 Surreal nodded her head, taking in Sa’d’s warning, the Hijab she wore fighting against the wind that buffeted through the large tent pushing the material against her curved form “Can you keep them calm long enough to continue or do we need to find another crew again?” her voice was strong as she raised it to fight the oncoming storm “Mistress, it is not just that, they are afraid for this storm, nothing has been seen like this in almost a hundred years, we need to get them to shelter as soo…” his voice was interrupted by a whine from the drill, its progress having been halted by something. Surreal’s head snapped towards the noise as several of her men and Scientists raced to switch off the drill and investigate,  excited voices bounced around the tunnel as she burst from her tent to approach the tunnel.

A smile grew beneath her shrouded features as the men below pointed and yelled at a large rock formation that had come loose from the rest, each crack showing a dull gold beneath, releasing it from its bondages of stone and granite shouts of joy and hi fiving among the workers caused a clamour as the crane was lowered, its strong binding wrapped around the rock and lifting it from the bed below, the heavy winds buffeting against it started to cause the machine to swing as the heavy thrusts of sand and wind tried to pick it up and send it flying.

 Raising her left hand in a subtle motion the Black Orchid gently controlled the winds around the machine and directed them back on themselves deep into the hole, keeping the item safe as it landed gently at the top of the large hole.

A rumbling deep in the ground sang out as the item landed above the whole, sand began to sweep into the pit, the men inside scrambling to climb out as the sand and rock fell down upon them, screams muffled quickly as the sweeping sands slid down without remorse to drown the men clambering up. Surreal and others threw ropes into the pit managing to rescue a few but the others were killed, their leader walked the pit with a grim face, no one noticing the twitching of her hand as she forced the last of the grains to drip down the hole and cover the last of those that found the box.

Hours later as the sun began to set its golden beams bathing their area with the last of its light the sounds of gentle chipping as the golden box was slowly uncovered. A period of mourning having been preserved, it was back to work as each of the remaining town workers chipped and brushed at the box, their commitment to their work coming from the large funding that would flow their way once they have revealed their finding, the new leadership in Africa flowing gold down into other countries, fermenting an ever growing following and commitment to Gambler and his people.

 Surreal moved away from the group, pushing open her tent door as she lifted the satellite phone from its case, dialling and addressing the warm accent on the other end “We have it” the voice on the other end spoke as she watched the men through the square windows cut into the tent “Yes, they were dealt with” her voice low as she spoke to the man on the other end “We will be back within a week” nodding as she clicked off the phone. Making her way back out of the tent she oversaw the fine work as the case inside slowly began to reveal itself. 

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 Tyrants,Warlords,Kings,and Pharaohs.... The vast land of rich resources and hidden treasures has seen them rise and fall like the golden orb that kisses its body. The Dark Continent has been no stranger to men who seek to reap the fruit of its loins,and its jungles and deserts have held the greatest legacies never told. Each era seems to bring forth a man who tries to lay claim to its untamed beauty but each man fails when they realize the weight of its burden. Though the ambitious juggernaut that is seated comfortably in the throne now is an entirely new force that Africa has never seen in all of its violent  history.  
 Months Ago:
Jean Luc LeBeau sat patiently in his chair reading a chapter from the Divine Comedy while he inhaled a thick cloud of smoke from the cigar he held loosely in his worn fingers,his stoic demeanor  was only shadowed by his greatest weapon of charisma and style. The serene room he chose to occupy was one laced with riches that he accumulated over an extensive career as a killer,its simplicity was breathtaking and its majestic feel was enough to please gods. Of course,the Cajun had designed the room to be nothing short of.  
 As the calculated and manipulative snake continued to draw smoke, his senses seemed to be oblivious to the dark figure that emerged from the shadows as if darkness was merely a perch. The figures shady silhouette was reveled as it stepped into the light that shined through the massive windows which also gave a magnificent  view of the Pyramids. At this point the unknown and cloaked man was surely aware that Gambler knew of his presence even though the killer nonchalantly continued to read and smoke. The silence between them was ended as Jean closed the book and spoke out. 
'Your not here to kill me,so what is it dat you want mon ami?' Gambler's eyes peered at the man with contempt for interrupting his peaceful session. They are hard to come by when you are taking over countries.  
Still as stone the warrior looked back at the legend with a stare of abyss and a face of pure black due to the shroud that draped over him. Silence would  continue until the Paper Ronin swiftly and accurately unleashed a gold crescent dart down upon the map of Africa  that lay on Gambler's war desk. In the seconds it took to pinpoint the exact geographical location of the Specters 
 dart,Ronin vanished like vapors of steam.  
The sun began to set over the Great   Pyramids bathing them in beautiful rays of orange and pink furthering their grandeur,and in that moment  Gambler knew the answer to his earlier question as well as the cost that his new shadow guardian demanded.        

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It was a hot, slow day in Cairo. The streets furnace hot and the air oppressively still. Dogs panted in the shade and even children lay quiet by the windows, hoping for a breath of wind to bring some small relief. What the previous government had been unable to do, the heat had accomplished, there were no more crowds in the streets. Cairo was a city laid siege by unseasonable weather.

The Nile Hotel was a joke. A run down bar with washed out plastic tables and chair scattered haphazardly about its single room with a scratched bar sprawled along one wall. The name was a joke, mocking the rich inner city establishments that catered to foreign businessmen and politicians. The Nile had never had an overnight guest and its only patrons would put Mos Eisley to shame. At midday, or close enough not to matter, a man stepped through the bead curtains that covered the narrow front door and into the gloom inside. He paused for a second, letting his eyes adjust to the dim light.

The tables were empty and there was no one at the bar. The radio droned an old song in French, the words barely registering in the sweltering, still atmosphere. The only movement came from a lone fly, lazily buzzing in a haphazard pattern that only it could fathom. Until the overlooked man reclining in the chair right next to the door chambered a round with his pump action shotgun and brought it to port arms.

Switch jerked in surprise and then smirked to cover his reaction before walking casually to the bar, feeling the eyes of the door guard on his back all across the room. The next few minutes could see him dead. Heart pounding he leant on the bar as a man came out of a back room. He put down a few coins for a beer, which was warm, but he drank it anyway. Then it was time.

“I want to talk with the Cobra.”

The barman raised an eyebrow.

“I want to talk about a job. I can pay.”

He felt something cold and hard press into the small of his back and guessed that it was the barrel of a gun. A moment later a voice without a trace of an accent spoke in his ear.

“Put your money on the table and tell me about this job, look around and you're dead.”

Switch made a show of fishing into his pocket but didn’t bother withdrawing any money, instead using the trickle of power left in the base of his skull to convince anyone watching that he was withdrawing money, lots of it. He carefully placed the illusion on the bar.

“My client wants to get a package across the border into Utopia, no questions asked and no entanglements with law agencies.”

Silence reigned for thirty seconds, then more, until the barkeep took a disposable phone out from under the bar and placed it on the table, exchanging it for the fake money.

“Wait two minutes, then pick up the phone and leave. We'll contact you.”

The pressure at his back vanished and Switch felt rather than heard a person leave the room. He waited three minutes to be certain, then picked up the phone and left. Trying hard to look casual and unhurried. Out of the bar he walked hurriedly until he was sure he wasn’t being followed and then threw the phone into an alley. There was no job. He doubted whether the man at his back had really been the illusive smuggler known as the Cobra, but it didn’t matter. Whoever he was, he had known enough about the black market operations across the border to tell Switch all he needed to know when he had read his mind. Although Switch had nowhere near as much power as he had in New York, he still could do a few tricks, although it really took it out of him.

Wiping sweat from his forehead he decided to find somewhere with air conditioning to plan his next move. So far, his investigation of Le Beau's new Super State was proving to be very interesting indeed.

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He sat in the predator looking over his new teammates under the glow of the green interior lights. Sitting in the back with his legs crossed he noticed Risky lean into him. "What do you think of the new...." With a glance up from his book he cut her off. ".....kids. They are just kids Rudy."  He looked at the young woman with the strawberry blond hair as he spoke. Ruby knew that was all he would say on the matter and It wasn't a moment later that he was once again lost in his book. They were flying into a hot zone and they would be facing oposition on many levels like they always did. The tension in the plane was building as feet tapped and he could see the sweat building on the forehead of his new teammates.  
Hawk got up to stretch his legs and walked between the seats of the plane making his way to the cockpit. Sitting down in the co-piloits seat he spoke to Hunter quietly, "Are you sure about these new recruits....I know Light and I'm fine with...." Hunter cut him off, he was the only one who ever dared to do so. " It's her you worry about. According to her she was raised by you....." Hawk returned the favor stopping Hunter midsentence and almost growling under his breath. "Not me! The man who raise her called himself the Fucking Lord's Angel. I AM NOT.....that man."  
Getting up out of his seat Hawk grabbed his gear that was hanging on the wall of the Predator. With a slight look around the room his eye glanced over the blond girl with her mother's eyes then back to Risky, who was shaking her head. He punched the button on the wall and the aircraft decompressed letting in an icy blast of air. Hawk through his gear out the door of the plane and yelled to the team. "See you on the ground."  and Hawk stepped out of the door.  
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The private jet was geared and ready for take off the moment he arrived. The black sedan parked conservatively close as the driver hurried out to open the door. Stepping out of the vehicle the shocks visibly raised the bar back up without the extra weight holding it down. Every inch of his six foot ten frame was rippled in muscle. A black and white mask now adorned his head to match his black sleeveless vest and cargo pants. Unknown to anyone but him those large combat boots were custom made. Fitted with a small razor blade that could be slid out near the toes. A gun now rested in a holster on his hip while another was slung across his back. Without a word he took the file and box that Crimson Death have given him and boarded the plane. Minutes later it was screeching down the runway in take off.

The trip would take a few hours till arrival. Which he took the time to make himself fully aware of his mission briefing, and the other documents inside that file. He was more than just a mercenary. More than just some common assassin or hit-man. He was also a personal bodyguard, the finest money could buy. With that job often came security detail. Something he reveled in during times of war. He then recalled his last job and remembered the explosion as the building came crumbling down. A sinister smile crossed his face, one that was even more sadistic than that frightening mask. Just then the intercom clicked on " Sir eta 10 more minutes". There was just a nod of approval as he sat back and relaxed in his seat.

Just as planned the exact same type of car which had brought him to the private air stripe in Germany was waiting for him at landing. He towered over the guard detail that had been sent as his escort. Measuring them against his years of training in the field. Not taking any risks he examined the car and surroundings himself for any foul play. Even keeping his eyes on the horizon in the places that looked perfect for a crows nest. Once things had reached his approval the caravan was on the move. Three armed sedans outfitted with bullet proof and flat resistant tires. He didn't expect to find any trouble on the way to the mansion, but he hoped for it. His finger was itchy and he desperately wanted to test out these new rounds he had.

As he arrived and was escorted through the palisade and then the inner sanctum he took careful note of the guard detail. Which ones were on watch, where they were located and what directions they viewed. The weapons the held and the uniform the wore. Everything was in the details and he wanted to make sure he knew it all. Soon he was showed to his room to unpack and then would be escorted to the conference room. He didn't care who he spoke to, he just wanted to get the job done.

Hours later a man arrived into the room announcing to be Jean Luc's liaison for the afternoon. " Mr LeBeau sends his apologies that he was not able to personally greet you. But a number of matters needed his attending. I'm sure you understand". Everything was all business like and official. " Yeah. Sure". He replied back as he casually flung the file onto the table. Its contents spilling out revealing a few of the photographed images. They were satellite images of people the liaison didn't recognize. Though he noted immediately that some were well armed. He took note of the mans interest and started to brief him. " One month ago the United States government pay rolled a 'team' to investigate this Utopia Mr LeBeau had founded. No word was ever heard back from them. As you can guess, this worried their paranoid government. Crimson Death used his resources to back track these soldiers and found out that they were all part of a Black Ops team belonging to the Navy Seals. If the U.S. is sending these guys in, you can bet your ass they are going to send in more. Spies of every kind".

He continued on for over an hour as the two shard drinks and cigars. Mission briefings were explained and he was given the details of what they know so far. " If it was up to me. I'd put a bullet in that mans head. Screw what information he may, or may not have. He's stubborn. You won't get anything from him. So torture is just a waste of your time. Well mundane torture anyways". He laughed at the though of how to break Kurrent. No kind of physical punishment would ever make him cry out in agony. Shallow cuts, nails pulled, even mind games to no end would not break his person vow. Or personal code. " Put a bullet in his head and be done with him. Or mark my words. You'll regret it later".

After a few more moments the liaison gathered up the files to take to Me LeBeau later on in the day when his schedule permitted. Evidence against the United States for wrongfully invading was a powerful ally inside the UN. When they were done Cutthroat walked the grounds of this marvelous city. He was amazed at what all had been accomplished in such little time. How could bringing a nation that was drowned in poverty, disease, war, and famine to this. Be wrong. The nation was flourishing under his rule. Mouths were fed, backs clothed. Work was plentiful. Africa was thriving.

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Roughly One Week Ago 

She was sitting on the leather couch in front of the regal fireplace, her legs tucked underneath her and her strawberry blonde hair piled in a messy bun on top of her head. Olivia was still trying to get a good bearing on this reality. It was vaguely familiar to her, she had once lived through it, but there were things that were oh so different. Reading through textbooks was her way of comforting herself, of arming herself with knowledge. Because knowledge most certainly was power. Her head snapped up from her reading the moment that she heard the heavy footsteps fall on the floor. She would know them anywhere.  
A small little smile graced her face, lighting her eyes up from within as he walked into the room. That smile was immediately replaced with a look of worry. He had just got back from the mission in Egypt and there were still drops of blood on him. She knew better than to ask for details and instead did her best to ignore it, going back to her book.  "Anything interesting?"  His voice reverberated with a deep timbre as he walked around the back of the couch, looking over her shoulder.  "Just a textbook. Nothing special."  She looked back over shoulder, her bright blue eyes meeting his.  "Follow me. I have something that may be just a bit more interesting to you."   
Leaning forward she placed the textbook on the coffee table and got to her feet. She had an inquisitive nature and wouldn't have been able to turn down his offer even if she wanted to. Olivia followed him into the training room and just about died of shock at what she saw. It was Lady Mani...it was her mom...and she was alive. Logically Olivia had known that in this timeline she would be alive, heck that was the whole point of everything, but she hadn't expected to see her this soon, or without some sort of warning. She had to forcibly hold back the tears of joy as she noticed the children standing next to her.  Oh my god;  she thought the words to herself, not saying them aloud. Her heart started beating quickly against her chest and she could feel the emotion rising in her throat. Closing her eyes she took a deep breath and swallowed it down.       
He looked from his wife who was standing there in sweat pants and a tank top with her long blonde hair piled on top of her head to his children standing by her side. Hawk then looked at Whisper.  "Would you mind watching them for a moment or two?"  He placed his hands on their backs and gave them a little scoot towards her before he turned back to his wife. The little girl with her strawberry blonde hair toddled over to Whisper, her brother walking beside her. Whisper sat down on the ground with them, slightly uncomfortable with the entire situation as Hawk and Mani started sparring. She kept one eye on Olivia as she took off the little backpack that she had been wearing and pulled out a coloring book, sharing it with her brother and one eye on the two figures sparring in the background. They moved fluidly as if they had done this millions of times, as if they knew what the other was going to do before actually doing it. He would make a move and she would block it, she would try and trip him up and he would evade it. It was like they were dancing with each other.  
Nathan put down his crayon and scooted away from his little sister, who was laying on her stomach and contentedly coloring doing her best to stay inside the lines of the Wonder Woman costume. He sat across from Whisper, his eyes meeting her's as he lifted his head up. It was painful for her to look into them. The eyes were truly the window to the soul and his were so pure, so honest, so completely and utterly innocent. He reminded her of everything that her brother had once been, hewas  everything that Heat had once been. She missed him so, she had been fixing his mistakes for years, but lord did she miss him. She felt empty without him, he had been her partner in crime in every sense of the word and without him, she was lonely. She was looking for new family, she was looking to make things better in this world than they had been in her own. Steering Nathan in the right direction would be one of her main priorities.  
"So, your name is Whisper? That's kind of a funny name."  She smiled down at him, her eyes lighting up. Her innocence had been taken away years and years ago, her father had been Lord's Angel, she'd never had a chance. This boy, he still had that innocence and she would do anything to protect it. Leaning forward to be of more even height with him, she rested her forearms on the tops of her thighs. "My real name is Olivia."  She kept her voice quiet, so as not to alert Hawk and Lady Mani, who were still busy going back and forth.   "That's my sister's name!"  His voice rose a little with excitement and he was young enough that he didn't understand what exactly it was that was going on. Whisper looked down at the little girl who was kicking her legs in the air as she colored, completely oblivious to the conversation going on behind her.  "Yes,  exactly  like your sister."  A frown came over his face as he tried to understand why she didn't just go by Olivia.  "Why aren't you called Olivia, then? How did you get the name Whisper?"  A mischievous grin crossed her face.  "What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?"  Before he could answer, she remembered that Heat had always been partial to chocolate. "Chocolate."  The word was whispered so quietly that his little ears could barely pick it up. Looking down, he found an ice cream cone with chocolate ice cream enclosed in his small little fist.  "Enjoy." 

The Predator: In the Air 

She was sitting in the seat, her legs drawn up to her chest and book resting on her knees. She was almost always reading, always trying to absorb more information, learn more about this new place that she had found herself in. Olivia shook her head as she caught the tones of the two men. Their voices were strained and she new that they had reached a point of contention about something. She could only assume that it was her. He had been tense ever since she had given him the bare facts. That she came from a world not so different than this one, that she had been raised by a man not so very different than him. That after his wife had been killed at the hands of Gambler, things had gone to hell. She had left out details. There were things that he most certainly did not need to know. Things like the fact that he had been responsible for the death of Risky in that world, that she had played a large hand in killing her. It would take a lot for anybody to accept it, to know that they had the potential in them to become a monster. She didn't blame him for how he was acting, in all honesty she was glad. He was making it easy not to get too attached and it could have been so much worse.   
Shaking her head she watched as he gracefully exited the aircraft. Closing the book she placed it on table in front of her seat and grabbed her weaponry, checking to make sure that everything was in place. The knife that he had given her at the age of ten was strapped to the inside of her leg above her boot and underneath the loose desert-colored camo pants that she was wearing. Her scimitar was worn in a sheath attached to her waist and hung along the side of her leg, the semi-automatic gun in a holster on the opposite side of her belt. She preferred the bladed weapons, but carried the weapons just in case. Not many new of her powers, new what she was able to do with them and weapons made combat situations so much easier. She looked like she needed them and that gave her a leg up when wanting to surprise opponents. Nobody expected that the woman coming for them with a bladed weapon had the ability to utter a single word and will them out of existence. She much preferred to rely on weapons, though as her powers made her slightly uncomfortable.  
As the vehicle descended she looked around at the people who were now her teammates. It was odd for her working with them, with people she had seen die, had helped to kill. Shaking her head, Olivia pulled herself out of the reverie that she could feel herself about to slip into. It was time to get to work.
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 The boardroom lay in an air of silence as he waited, the room stood on the forty ninth floor almost amongst the clouds, he let a small smile spread across his face, his thoughts about how humans always strived to be like gods. Sparrow stood looking out over Tokyo from one of the largest companies in the world, the black tinted windows ran the full length of the room, behind he sat a large table with several black chair surrounding it, the room was clinically clean. The only two doors sprung open as the two brothers entered Ying Chi and Dai Chi had both built this company from nothing, they where well respected within their company and the world, know as men of honor and always tried to achieve their goals fairly and justly. The two brothers where Identical and both wore black suits, Sparrow knew that they had only agreed to meet him out of honor and not wishing to insult the new nation. Sparrow turned to meet their gaze as they bowed out of respect and Sparrow followed their example. Sparrow was not wearing his amour but a white suit, he still wore a mask, a white foxes mask for such an occasion as the world would never accept what lay beneath, to red lines dropped under the eye holes down to his mouth. The three men sat and Sparrow began speaking “Thank you for seeing me, I have traveled far and wish only to speak of how we can aid each other.” Ying lifted his hand “I do not wish to seem impolite, but we can not be seen to do business with people such as yourselves.” Gambler had picked Sparrow for this job, for the respect his family name held in this part of the world Sparrow was more then a warrior, the brothers where right doing business with Gambler would bring a spot of darkness onto a clean sheet.

“I understand” Sparrow said his eyes still locked on the two men. “We have done things in the past that we can never truly forgive…But we can never find a path to redemption without the aid of others, please I implore you to just listen to the proposal!” He could kill them with a flick of a finger, but this was not about him, if he could open up trade routes with Asia then Utopia would blossom, they had no need for money, they where after something more. Working with Dai and Ying would bring good press and would also help build how the world saw Utopia and hopefully allow them to see past their judgments and see the new world that was capable under the correct leadership. Dai spoke this time, it was impressive how alike the two where, “Then speak we shall save are judgment for now.” Sparrow nodded and began “Thank you, we have one goal and that is to allow Utopia to grow, we already have a city that has no crime, famine or pollution. But we understand that in order to survive we can not simply cut ourselves out of the world around us!” Sparrow pushed two sheets of paper across the table to the men, Dai and Ying both looked over it and shortly a confused look entered their faces. “You ask for no money?” Ying said in shock, “Redemption is not bought” Sparrow said with a small smile, Dai continued. “You ask for no money for and only the research from are hydro trains and transportation project. “Yes, we know you have approached many governments about the project and each time you have been refused due to the knock on effect it would have with, certain oil companies.”

“How do you know this?” Sparrow would normally ignore the question, but he needed their trust, “We at Utopia keep informed about such projects, in order to better ourselves, with your research we can, build low cost transport within the city which of course would be free to it’s citizens, we would in the future then hope to spread across the country. We are offering you a chance to see your dream come true and not have it lay unused because of greed, we are about growth and understanding.” Ying looked back to his brother and then towards Sparrow, “I am interested but, how do we trust you and your utopia, we have seen what your dreams have brought the world in the past!!” Sparrow bowed his head, “I can only ask you to have faith, think of the good you can do with the materials we offer. This is not a simple business agreement, this is a lasting bound between us and yourselves, help us build a future that fear and pain has no part in.” Dai looked over the paper work again, everything seemed to be in the favor of the two brothers. “Mr Sparrow, my brother and I started this company to help the world and in are own ways we have, Utopia is an idea that I hope will spread and I think I can speak for my brother when I say we hope to be part of that dream. I will arrange a press conference giving are support to Utopia, I wish for the world to embrace an idea of hope and for once maybe embrace redemption.”

Ying nodded agreeing with his brother, the contracts where signed, Utopia would supply the brothers with Vibarium which they could do with as they wished and in return, they where given the hydro plans that had more to them then simple transportation, but the brothers had not even thought of their information in that way, why would they, they only sought to make the world a better place. The brothers also opened up other doors which would allow Utopia to trade with other countries. They had no need for money and for every door that opened new set of tools was supplied to Utopia, with every new door came more press and the more the world would see what was possible and perhaps it would allow itself for a short period to hope again.  Sparrow walked out into the streets of , his mission finished he pulled forth a scroll and vanished returning home to tell Jean the good news.

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   "Archers!  Draw arrows!!!"  Her commander screamed from the hill next to her.  Sylver looked down the line of at least 50 archers, all seasoned veterans, all calm.  Except her.
   An ungodly roar echoed from the mountain pass before them.  Black, ugly half-demons screeched as they smelled the Elves' blood; mountain trolls, two stories high, seven feet wide, armor on every inch, began to charge.  The harpies descended from the sky, hungry for flesh.  Sylver swallowed nervously.  It looked as if the hoards of hell had come to greet them.  As commanded, she drew her arrow, as she had so many times in training sessions.  Only now, she could not fail.
   "They must not get past the river!"  The commander roared again, nearly drowned out by the wails of the damned creatures coming upon them.  Sylver's heart pounded faster and harder.  She felt as if an electric current were rising in her, waiting to set a charge.  The pounding masses were closer.  The roars became louder.  
   Sylver narrowed her eyes on a half-demon 500 meters away.  A dark fire suddenly lit in her chest, as if a beast had awoken.  She smirked suddenly.  The demon was hers.  All hers.
   The commander's horse galloped behind them and its rider screamed, "FIRE!!!!!!"  
   Sylver fired.  The arrow found its target.  A wicked gleam shone in her eyes, a gleam of a dog of war who had found her place.
   Sylver sat in a chair on the Predator's main bridge, examining one of her twin knives, her trademark smirk placed on her face.  That memory was a particular favorite of hers, considering that she had so few from the time she was an Elf, a living thing.  It had been her first battle of war, and a glorious battle it had been!  Her mentor had placed her there to see if she could handle it, and oh boy...had she handled it!  She began to live for it, the adrenaline burn, the grip of power... It drove her still, centuries, and many wars later.
   Sylver looked up at her team, the odd, yet similar group that they were.  All very different people...all very talented and dangerous freaks.  Hawk had just taken a jump from the ship after a very tense conversation Sylver couldn't help but overhear (literally).  Something about the strawberry blond in the corner.  Sylver cocked her head to the side, observing the girl.  She was a pretty little thing.  Pretty...but dangerous.  She had great power; of that, Sylver knew...but not much else.  She was called Whisper, and Sylver had this odd urge to get to know her.
   And then there was the young man to her left, a werewolf scientist at that, called Lunar Wolf.  He seemed a bit out of place...a little nervous, after his incident with the locker.  Sylver slid her knife back into its sheath around her waist without taking her eyes off of him.  He was cute (before his transformation of course...now he was just beasty.  Furry.)...but not her type.  Sylver rolled her eyes.  Scientists never liked her.  Magic went against all they believed, and that's what she was all about.  And besides, she'd heard that he had beef with vampires.  Her presence had to be grating.
   Then a thought came to mind...a wicked, funny little thought.  Sylver stood and began walking in his direction.
   Perhaps it was her nature...to like to toy with things.  To watch people's nerves shift and twist...to push their buttons.  It was a sick obsession, although a very helpful one in her line of work.  But now it was mixing with her playful side.  And on top of that, their destination was nearing...perhaps the adrenaline was kicking in early.
   Sylver leaned against the wall next to him, riveting icy-blue eyes locked on his, a gentle smile attempting to replace her frightful smirk.  Her long black hair was pulled into a high pony-tail, revealing all of her sharp features (literally: pointed fangs and ears).
   "It goes away you know," Sylver said suddenly, "the nerves.  Once we get there, you'll know what to do.  Always happens." 
   Sylver took the knife out of the sheath again, spinning it around her wrist.  "You're here for a reason.  Hunter chose you to be here, and he's never wrong about these things.  For whatever reason you wanted to join, remember that before we begin our mission.  And then remember the reason why we are here.  It makes the killing easier...and more fun."  She added, her upper lip curling back in a smile, her razor fangs flashing.
   Sylver slammed her fist into the goblin's ugly face, dazing it, and then shoved her sword right through it's middle.  It gurgled on its own blood and then collapsed, but Sylver hadn't noticed.  She had already slain three more.
   An armored half-demon, jet-black-skinned with large bat-like wings, jumped her from behind.  Sylver grunted in pain from the massive weight but then roared with anger.  With all her strength, she rolled forward, flipping them both into a summersault.  As the beast hit the ground, the Elven warrior pulled her sword up and brought it down into its neck, beheading it instantly.  Blood gushed from the wound, soaking Sylver's pants, dousing her blue-black armor with scarlet warmth.  
   Three other creatures that had been ready to attack her paused, and slowly with fear in their eyes, began backing up.  Sylver rose from her fallen foe, sword in hand, face and armor painted in blood....gorgeous blood.  Sylver breathed in her surroundings: the twisted, painful smell of flesh, the hellish screams, the final war cries.  She smiled.  
   "Who's next?"  She laughed, a wicked laugh indeed.  The fun had begun.

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Outside Utopian Borders....

Quietly, The Predator gently touched down upon the grassy plains of Africa.  On the bridge, the Hunter stood up from his command chair and addressed the Death Dealers.  "We need to utilize the tactics of ambush predators." he said.  "They lie in wait and camouflage themselves, becoming a part of their surroundings.  From there, they study their prey, watching its every movement and learning from it.  And then finally, the predator strikes and brings its prey down.  This is precisely how we will conduct this mission."  After that, he separated the team and gave each squadron a task.
Hawk's team would be responsible for contacting Light.  He was somewhere within enemy territory and had gathered valuable information on the Utopians.  Meanwhile, Risky would take a second group and begin evaluating the Utopian defenses - finding out about important locations, weapons, and more.  As for the Hunter's group, he would conduct a more "hands on" approach to gathering information.  The first order of business would be to track down Y Intercept.  From there, they would find whatever scum lurked within Utopia and get information out of them to find out what dark secrets Utopia had to offer.
As for communication, they would have to maintain radio silence.  Though their communication devices were on a sound frequency, the advancements of this new Utopia could not be underestimated.  Therefore, more primitive measures would have to be taken.  The Hunter would use the gifts of his team to their advantage.  Charmix, a powerful telepath and magic user, would be in Risky's group.  Sylver, another with such gifts, would be in the Hunter's group.  As for Hawk, he could always open a telepathic link to the Hunter if he wished due to his animal-like nature.  Putting Lunar Wolf in Risky's group allowed Hawk to communicate with that group as well.
Each member was given a case that mask its contents.  For example, if a case containing a firearm or any other weapon went through a metal detector, the case would send out a signal to disrupt the device.  The same could be said with an X-ray machine.  Though it was a bit risky, it would have to do.  Stealth was the key for this all to work.  After making the necessary preparations, the three groups departed - selecting different routes and options from which they would enter Utopian borders.
With his weapons packed away in one of the cases, William dawned simple attire.  It was nothing extravagant - simply a pair of tactical pants with boots, a button-up shirt, a vest, and a hat.  One would think that he was just a traveler on safari or even a hunter perhaps - a bit of irony.  Once all of the groups had departed, the Hunter sent The Predator away on auto pilot.  He kept with him a transmitter which would call back the ship if it were ever needed - another somewhat inconvenient yet necessary measure.
One the Hunter's group departed, they began making their way towards Utopia by way of land.  After a long, crowded, and uncomfortable bus ride, the group found a dealer from whom they could rent their own means of transportation.  Paying with more than enough cash, they made sure that the dealer asked no questions.  Three hours later, the sun had begun to set as they finally entered Utopia....


As they pulled up to a five-star hotel, the Hunter passed out money to the members.  "Alright," he said, looking around.  "While I go inside and make our reservations, go buy some new clothes.  From there, we'll pair up and start looking around.  We'll go to various clubs and casinos.  Look for anything that might give you an inside invitation to something criminal.  If you see an opportunity, take it.  Whether it's the drug trade, weapon smuggling... I do not care.  Just take it.  Above all else, be careful out there."
With the bell boys taking the luggage, William walked inside the nice establishment and made the reservation.  When he finally got to the room, Greystoke discretely performed a bug sweep.  From what he could tell, it was clean.  As he began to unpack some of his things, he heard unfamiliar footsteps approaching from out in the hall.  When they stopped at the door to the suite, William carefully froze as his muscles began to tense up.  Like a predator about to pounce, he studied the unknown figure very carefully.  Just then, a small white envelope was pushed under the door.
Carefully, the Hunter picked up the envelope and opened it up.  The small card inside read, "Select your flesh.  Choose wisely.  After the show, you may be rewarded nicely."  Other than that, there was nothing else on the card other than an address on the back.  For all that he knew, that very could have very well been the signal from Y.  Whatever it was, the Hunter was going to find out sooner or later.....
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Tall spires thrust upward into a blue sky that seemed to go on forever. Silver towers and verdant green trees that refused to wilt in the heat. Small shops nestled amidst public parks and water features selling a thousand and one things. Utopia was well named it seemed. The place had a charming old world feeling that gelled perfectly with the modern architecture of the skyscrapers and sleek design aesthetic found everywhere. Switch stopped at a small café to get his bearings, ordering a chilled coffee in a thin crystal glass. A local delicacy the owner assured him.

He had crossed the border earlier in the day, just one more traveller making the pilgrimage to the jewel in the heart of darkness. Despite the lack of trouble he was worried. One of the soldiers guarding the checkpoint had seemed to recognise him for an instant, but nothing had come of it. Deciding not to worry, Switch sipped his drink, savouring the coolness as he looked out across a shallow pool with fountains placed tastefully around it. The singing of birds and the trickle of water created a peaceful oasis amidst the bustle of a vibrant city.

Finishing his drink he paid with real money before sauntering through the business district and purchasing a hotel room near the acclaimed Utopian Strip. A pedestrian area almost two miles long, packed with casino's, clubs, bars and restaurants catering to the crowds of affluent citizens in their finery. Switch looked out of place in his simple suit next to the Italian designer clothing and traditional African garb with a modern twist. There were few police officers present and those that were visible weren't particularly well armed. After the oppressive tension of Cairo it was a weight off his shoulders to walk among people without the fear of violence.

Since its creation Utopia had become a haven for artists and musicians, with over a dozen art galleries and an opera house to rival Sydney. Le Beau always had a taste for the elegant and it seemed that his passion had been transferred to his new nation.

Switch stood on his balcony and let the sounds and thoughts of an entire city wash over him. Seeing the masses like shoals of fish, swept along by the currents of their emotions. A pleasing sight, but he was looking for the dark shadows of sharks beyond the bright colours. Frustratingly there were no obvious signs of hostile activity, criminal or otherwise. With a sigh he returned indoors and poured himself a glass of cognac to combat the throbbing headache he was developing after using his powers so much recently. The African night fell quickly, the setting sun casting a thousand shades of colour across the sky before sinking below the horizon and letting the relief of night fall like a balm across the city.

Switch had no plan, no strategy other than to investigate Utopia. But now that he had seen its majesty with his own eyes he found it hard to condemn Gambler. The man had created a paradise out of a war torn hell-hole and he could only hope that this place could survive whatever was planned for it. Maybe he should head for the Government buildings and try to determine what was going to happen, or perhaps confront Gambler directly. No, that would be foolish. However pleasant his surroundings he couldn’t forget that this was Le Beau's territory. At the seat of his power, with all the resources of a nation at his disposal he was more dangerous than ever. Killer's, mercenary’s and some of the most powerful individuals on the planet had pledged their support to him. There was no way Switch could win in an outright fight.

Deciding the he needed rest, Switch poured himself another glass of amber liquid and settled back in his chair, looking out at the city and the stars.

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  The Cajun and the Shadow walked side by side, discussing the events in Tokyo , Sparrow no longer wore the white suit as he had before and now dawned white amour which was comprised of upper-body armor which  was known as the 'Do'. This comprised of the 'Sode', the suspended shoulder and upper-arm protection plates. The Sode had hoops by which red silk cord was tied and then fixed to the back of the armor in a decorative knotted tassel. Guards were also placed over the shoulder cords, and a leather plate placed across the bow cords to prevent them from been cut or becoming ensnared during a skirmish. His head was covered by his Kabuto (helmet) which also covered his face apart for two eye holes. The mask on Sparrows face was no longer the mimic of a fox but now resembled demon of some sort, it was hand painted, with crimson teeth, with two small horns that protruded from the forehead. On his right side sat his trusted Katana and tucked into the crimson sash across his waist sat his Wakizaki, a smaller blade which offered a stronger defence and attack at close quarters, hidden within the sash was his Tanto, a small dagger which could be used in a last effort if all other weapons where lost, or for a sneak attack and finally upon is back sat his twin Kama two sickle like weapons, Sparrow himself was a dangerous fighter along with is arsenal he was a living weapon.  

Gambler stopped walking; they had found themselves at a balcony that over looked Utopia, the city below offered peace and understanding, “Is everything ready for the tour.” Sparrow stood beside his master, “It is, I myself will be guiding the press, to ensure it all goes to plan.” Jean looked back at him, “That is not needed; we have the diplomats to do that.” Sparrow nodded “But they do not know how to react in a situation, we need to sell are point and for that we cannot have many mistakes.” Gambler looked at the young Sparrow “be careful it would be a problem replacing you.” Sparrow smiled under his mask, over the years the two had built a close bound. “Of course master.” Jean smiled at him, “I have told you not to call me that, you are a free man.” Sparrow bowed “And as a free man I ignore your request.” Standing up he felt Gambler tap his shoulder and laugh “well played, little bird well played.” The lord of utopia walked into the shadows and was gone from sight, Sparrow looked over Utopia and smiled, in a few hours the worlds press would be getting a guided tour of this fair city.

Three hours later.  

“Welcome to Utopia” Sparrow’s voice echoed in the greeting hall, a flurry of hands shot up. “all your questions will be answered at the end of the tour” he ignored the grumbles, as the camera lights flared into his eyes, the flashes of their camera’s almost gave no reason for the lights in the great hall to be on. “Now I must ask you to respect the privacy of the people who live here, if they do not wish to answer any of your questions then they are not to be disrupted…DO NOT pressure or push them, you are guest here and you will behave honourably” Sparrow moved from the podium, and began walking out the hall. The press pushed and shoved trying to get the best view as he walked, once they were out the hall a warm gust of air caught them all, they where now in Utopia. This was a very different place from the other side of the greeting hall, Utopia’s outskirts where laden with small five star hotels and was one of the few places where normal transportation was allowed, several greeting halls split outer Utopia from the real utopia. Outer Utopia gave the luxury and familiar surroundings you would find anywhere in the world, it gave the visitors a chance to feel safe, because when the crossed into inner utopia the world was different, no money, no television or internet. Everything was simple and peaceful, they had music, trading. But even with this step back, utopia still utilized their technology, interlinking com points allowed them to contact anywhere in the world with no charge, hydro trains moved underground linking the city, the plans had already been placed into action weeks before Sparrows visit to Tokyo, but they now lawfully owned the rights to the trains and the electricity supplied heat and lighting to everyone at no cost. Food was abundant and people only ate what they needed. But peace like this scared people, they wanted the world they knew and Utopia was not for everyone, but for those that embraced it truly knew peace.

For several hours they travelled round the capital, Sparrow explained, how they had such an abundant amount of water. That the moisture was sucked from the air within the refinery and    created into water with various processes, Sparrow also went onto explain how there was no waste in Utopia, everything was recycled, how urine was purified and added back into the water for the train system, how faeces was made into compose to grow the food they ate, which also fed the livestock, how everything was recyclable. Utopia was a hundred percent self efficient. As they walked various news crews were greeted by the people who happily spoke to them. They stopped at a local market and enjoyed some of the food utopia had to offer; some people even traded sunglasses for handmade scarf’s of magnificent colours. Sparrow was in the middle of explaining the advantages that Utopia had to offer countries willing to trade with them, when the whole market began to shake, a giant ball of flame erupted from near one of the market stalls and screams filled the air as a Utopian ran past flames engulfing his body. Sparrow’s eye flew round the market place, focusing on where the attack had come from, but there was no attacker. His eyes were drawn to the flames and the mound of dirt that now littered the street, the bombs where under the ground.. Sparrow heard another click and threw his arms out; two large scrolls began to unravel and as the second bomb went off just next to the where they were standing they vanished, reappearing in the heart of Utopia, the royal tower. Screams erupted from the back of the group, Sparrow had just been a little too slow and one of the camera men lay dead on the floor smoke rising from his body.

Several of Gamblers guards entered the room and looked to Sparrow “Tend to these people” He turned to face the group, “This is the safest place in Utopia, these men will aid you in whatever way you need. I must go.” A woman’s hand caught him as he turned. “What the hell is going on,” she demanded. Sparrow looked her in the eyes “Utopia has been attacked; we had news a terrorist cell was heading for Utopia. But it seems your cameras gave them the stage they wished to cause such chaos within peace. I must go back and check on our people, I have saved you now allow me to tend to my duties.” They were now where they needed to be, it was Gamblers turn to lead the sheep into the pen, Sparrow thought as he vanished from sight. He reappeared one of the most dangerous women in the world, if not the most dangerous,Sparrow smiled at her "Surreal" He bowed, "Jean has sent me, it seems we are hunting wolves this day."

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In the Predator

Derek was aware of the young woman walking towards him. She looked human enough, but the smell. She didn't smell human. She smelled different. Then he caught a glimpse of light flashing off her pointed teeth. Fangs. His mind started going at a mile a minute. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. She knows I'm in deep shit with other vampires. She's going to fucking kill me! Then she stopped. Derek realised he'd been holding his breath and let it go in one lonng sigh. Her lips parted and a sweet voice, completely opposite to her mannerisms came out. "It goes away you know," Derek started to ask what, but she explained.  "the nerves.  Once we get there, you'll know what to do.  Always happens." Lunar Wolf began speaking in a voice that wasn't his own, deep and rasping. "Thanks. That helps. Nice to know people care." He waited for the "oh, I don't" but it didn't come. He smiled at her, his face pulling back as he waited to land.

Upon arrival

Derek realised being a werewolf would probably draw attention to himself. He shifted back moments before landing, changing into a clean set of clothes in time to gear up. He would have packed his anti-werewolf rounds, but he didn't expect to need them. Something he had learned years ago was don't take what you won't need. His handgun was loaded up with big fat hollow point rounds, the case, provided by the Pack concealing it from X-rays, metal detectors and the like, along with his laptop. The laptop wasn't anything special, merely containing his research, and not much else. 
Hunter had a little speech about if there was an opportunity to get an in with the criminal world, take it. Derek was uncomfortably warm in the midday sun, due to the fact that he ran at a temperature higher than humans, but in his room, he shoved the handgun behind his right hip. He was in Risky's group, and as such was to gather information on the Utopia's defensive capabilities. He sniffed, the classy establishment smelling of bleach. He clasped his hands together as he looked at Risky. "Ready to go, boss." He said with a small respectful salute.
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Y exited the Library; keeping a low profile in civilian clothes; while there was significant interest in certain “officials” chosen by Gambler, she had more important things to tend to. Her first act of business was the check in on the mining shaft that was northwest of her location deep in the Nile Delta; with the Mediterranean not too far off.    She didn’t know exactly what they were mining for, but she knew that in the recent months…mining had seen a surge in activity, more and more of these huge but also concealed shafts were popping up all over Africa and there were at least 15 in Cairo alone.   Her almond shaped eyes gazed through the binoculars catching the site of multiple workers; almost 50 people; working in shifts; once one group worked for a total of eight hours, the next shift came in.   To her surprise, there was an Asian woman whom seemed to be assisting with the excavation. As she slowly began to formulate a plan, the viper moved from the top of her hotel back down to her room. Walking through the halls, various people kept tabs on her; however they made sure they were keeping their tactics broken down to seem so obscure no one in their right mind would know of the privacy invasion.

Y however tactful in pointing these things out that she gave them very little information about herself. Sliding back into her room, she went over to her closet and removed a sleek black suit protector case; and removed her all black suit. Slipping on a pair of high heels; she then tied her hair into a ponytail; trying to resemble the Asian woman as much as possible. With a black of black sunglasses her transformation was complete; there was only the task making sure the real woman didn’t interrupt her which she already thought about.   Leaving her apartment, she walked through the halls once again to the persistent glares of the agents; she took everything from her room this time as she would not be coming back; however she did leave a present in the form of a unpaid bill. She needed to be quick with her observations however; there was no doubt that the Wolf Pack’s presence was already being sent to Gambler and his various assault agents throughout Africa.   The Y slithered her way over towards the excavation site; sneaking up behind the Asian assistant and knocking her out…violently. Dragging the woman’s body under a SUV she slowly moved towards the site to see what documents she could get a hold of.

Walking around the site, through the thick smell of human perspiration she could see that this extensive labor was not lucrative to the employee’s it was almost as if they were slaves. IT wasn’t a major concern of her’s but it was interesting, and could be a reason, if needed to use as an excuse for invading.   Walking to a desk; she quickly began scanning her eyes over a bunch of documents…most were in Egpytian…she didn’t understand them at all, however there was one word on 3 of the 4 documents that caught her attention because of its inability to be translated…Vibranium. Removing the documents off the table she stashed them in her bra and then quickly exited the site.

Despite all the shadiness she had seen since arriving, there was no solid evidence of shady workings; as a matter of fact everything seemed quite peaceful.   Y exited she was late for a meeting she was supposed to attend; she got in a jeep and drove off; headed towards a town; which neibored the city deemed “Utopia”.  She entered a local bar which was a cover for a fight club.“We’re going to have one hell of a time proving there’s something illegal happening here” Y said to herself as she tried to decipher the Egyptian Manuscripts; she was sure this place was swarming with the Jean’s agents, but her low profile kept her somewhat subtle.

She could defiantly tell the changes about the region though; working filtered water systems, allowing for clean drinking water.   Increased Lumber and fruit trades; higher tarrifs under this…Utopian Government; Africa had returned to its former prominence, having a better unified economy than most current world powers. Y sat with her legs crossed and her finger wrapped gently around a glass of rum, waiting for the arrival of William Greystroke. Since she retired from her leadership over China and Midway; this had been the first time she visited Africa; what struck her as odd is the MO. Why exactly were they about to strike at Gambler and the Utopia. Was it because of his history as a manipulative leader, or was it because Africa now had the ability to be more superior than the United States and her allies. The Viper took a sip of her drink, opting out of white collar politics for an approach much more hands on. With her Black Rose black laying across her laying across her lap; she removed a small pouch from her belt and snorted the contents. Wiping her nose she began to smile at those watching; as if she had done nothing at all.

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 Risky- “Fallow these coordinates, we should be there soon.”

Band - “Soooo, you are  not coming straight here, huh?..”

Risky - “No, and, Band, we don’t need the dead-weight, get as much info as you can from him, dispatch him, and clean after yourself.”

Band - “Okay, jeez, anything else, Mother?”

Line: ….Buzz..

After dumping the army vehicle into a nearby dry quicksand pit, along with it’s driver, Band Lone took a glimpse at his wrist watch and realized it was about time for him to be on his way to meet up with the team at the landing point.  


Leaving the safe camp behind Band watches as The Predator landed on the grassland. The backdoor opened and the swordsman walked right in welcoming everyone to Utopia, Band Lone style: “Welcome to HELL! Hehe, thumbs up for the over dramatic greeting, anyone?" 
After all funs and games everything quickly became business as The Hunter  explained the curse of action the Death dealers team would fallow. It was simple, Wolf Pack would be divided into smaller cells to cover more ground once the mission began.  

For the sake of keeping the operation as secret as possible electric communication had been shutdown ad a more personal approached had been taken, one which did not appealed to Band Lone at all, telepathy.  “Telepathy?” Band crossed his arms expressing his  disgust toward the idea,  “I’d rather have smoke signals all across the sky before having someone in my head again to be honest.”  Because of his upbringing, been toyed with his mind since his creation,  Band Lone didn’t get along with psychics or mind control/reading of any kind. However, when he saw that the telepath in the team was Ms. Sugar, Spice and everything nice he had a second thought, “Ok, maybe just this once; but it doesn’t mean that I like it!”

In the name of concealment the leader once again came bearing gifts: several toys to avoid detection. “Good thing he isn’t Greek, or I wouldn’t take these.”  The new toys were perfect for Band’s weapons as they concealed the metal in the blades. Band was now to take on the world holding a bag with a summer time camo uniform.

Upon the embankment of Hunter and his group on their way to Utopia on foot, It  meant it was time to move. Because Band LOne had been in the location for longest, Risky decided he should take charge until they reach the safe house. Band Lone: “All right, we’re going into Utopia via Band Lone express. Okay, everyone has a chance now to cope a feel, I know you want it, don't lie. Grab on to me and I will teleport us to a nice place I found a few hours ago." Counting the hands as the team grabbed on to him Band then gives a last call before the teleporter activates. "All aboard!” And just like that, the group suddenly vanished leaving nothing behind but a small whooshing which fades quickly after teleportation. 


Night time Inn: Room 12, the cells arrived to the location in an instant through the magic of teleportation. First order of business was to make sure the room was still empty, which Band proceeded to do by checking his wrist device. He manage to scan the room which pointed out the only people in the room were Wolf Pack members. “We’re safe” He assured, Risky.

Directing his attention to Charmix Band hopped to use her telepathic ability to alert the others of their presence. “Hello, sweet cheeks. Can you inform Hunter of our successful infiltration into Utopia? Also tell him where we are staying, thank you.” The crimson gallant then grabbed his luggage and walked over to the bathroom in which he changed attires. He was now wearing a t-shirt, blue cargo pants, and sunglasses. The sexy beast then walked out the bathroom and towards the exit door. “I’m going to scout the place out. By the way, I told the manager I’d be having friends over, so, If you guys want anything at all just tell them to put it in my tab and It’ll be all right.” He then kept on walking out the door.

The second group had done it. The infiltration of Utopia had been a success for this portion of the team, and hopefully, it will be the same for the rest of us. Now it was time to start this operation and let the world know the truth behind this so called Utopia. “Band before walking out the building he stopped by the lobby and talked to the manager. He pulled out a hefty sum of money and handed it to the manager. “My friends are resting in my room, please, do not disturb them.” The manager obliged replying “They shall not be disturbed, sir. Enjoy your day.” 
Although the civilian clothing didn’t appeal him Band knew it was crucial for the operation. He had his swords and other equipment in a large bag that concealed them which he carried on his back. Utopia indeed appeared like a nice place, but so does Puerto Rico, and everyone who lived there knows it’s a hell hole. Enough playing around, it was time to get to work, the soldier Band had tortured spoke of many places in town that were sugar coated, they were not what they appeared.
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 There are those capable of commanding the English language as easily as if it were an extension of themselves. Emile Cabot, known to many as Precise, was such a person. Displaying his silver tongue as he addressed the media during his unveiling of the charitable organization, the Chabot Foundation. Easily captivating the audience with a dazzling display of dialog and his extensive vocabulary. Deflecting and redirecting questions, charming yet humble, confident and focused, he finessed the media amongst the flashing lights no doubt earning himself a coveted cover spot on Time Magazine. With the politically savoy Cabot now deeply invested in Gambler's Utopian dream the Cajun realized it was the perfect opportunity to open up Utopia's borders for the World Wide Press in an effort to solidify its legitimacy. His right hand, Little Sparrow, would act as the groups liaison for a multitude of reasons. His administrative duties serving as a cloak to hide his true purpose of protection, though he possessed a certain flair for diplomacy in his own right, having solidified a tentative agreement between the twin cooperate juggernauts Ying Chi and Dai Chi, and Utopia. Meanwhile news of the Dessert Viper's successful archeological expedition had brought a subtle smirk to the Desert Messiah's face as he briefly took time out from the days upcoming events to walk alongside Little Sparrow, finalizing preparations.

As Sparrow departed, Gambler gathered his composure for what was to come next. But first there was something he needed to attend to. Accompanied by a small entourage of Rosasi Sands the Aristocratic Assassin ventured down into unforgiving holding cells. The stench of decaying flesh bound with metal shackles instantly assaulting the nostrils causing the Living Legend to drape a silk woven shawl around the lower portion of his face. "Leave us" he commanded. Before dragging a wooden chair over to one particular cell, whirling it around before arrogantly taking his seat in it backwards. Inside the bloody beaten body of the legendary hero, Kurrent, sat defiantly. Stripped of his clothes in an attempt to dehumanize, his wounds were on full display much like his determination not to be broken. Letting out a deep sigh Gambler leaned in close to the bars, "How long? How long are we going to play dis game mon ami? You know, you really did a number on my guards. Some of dhem will never walk, let alone regain motor functions again. Such a waste." Standing up he neatly set the chair aside, opening the cell and crouching down in front of the steal willed intruder. "Look at me Kurrent, I want you to look at me so you know" he paused, "DAT I'M NOT F@CKING AROUND WIT YOU ANYMORE!" uncharacteristically lashing out. "Time and time again I've offered you a seat at my table, extended my hand, pleaded with you to join me, and yet here we are. But I'm sorry to say, dee choice is no longer yours. There will be no last minute heroic rescue courtesy of Veritas. No Andfrene led Ice Dragons to save dee day. You are alone Kurrent, nobody cares about dee life of one lone hero. But you dont have to worry about dat anymore. My people say I should just kill you and be done wit it, but I came up with a better idea. I'm going to torture you. It'll be more painful dhen anything you've ever experienced. Dhen I'm going to introduce you to me scientific research team, oh dee things they can do....simply breathtaking. They're going to twist your mind, warp your reality until finally...finally dee hero dat I've always hated will be gone, and dee villain I always knew you could be will emerge." The cage door suddenly overflowing with guards. "Take him away."

An hour later Gambler found himself at the end of an automatic AK-47 with several heavily armed masked terrorists forcing him into the royal tower igniting a unison of screams and gasps from the terrified media pudents. The guards left by Little Sparrow were systematically executed while the Cajun fabricated outrage over the act. "What do you want? We are a peaceful society, we wish no ill will towards you or your cause." his comments issuing a swift rifle butt response to the back of his head, sending him to the floor. "You!" one of the terrorists shouted while pointing at a cameraman. "Start rolling. We are the PLB, Peoples Liberation Brigade. And we demand the return of Africa's dictatorship regime. We have your Ambassador, we have several hostages, and we have the resolve to do what must be done. You have twelve hours to comply."  

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Niger, Two hour before the hostage situation.

 Light sat in a well dressed bar in the Utopia, guzzling away at a tall glass of Coors light. The news was in a constant loop, replaying from the explosions during the tour of the newly remade Africa..  Light couldn't help but laugh as he uderstood the irony of it all. "The bad guys are being attacked by none other than the original bad guys. Guess the assassins forget to recruit them before he set up shop."  Light finished his drink, slamming it to the table rather hard, feeling a bit of a buzz. Though he rarely felt the effects of his kryptonian powers, he still had a certain weakness to alcoholic drinks. A shot of some of the stronger drinks would leave him with a night full of intoxication and a blaring hangover the following day. Some of the patrons began eying Light as he rose from his seat, Glock 18's resting at his hip. Very few people were armed nowadays in the Utopia, so to see a man walking around like it was common place drew lots of attention. The clothing Light wore was just as peculiar. A hooded robe, black with red trimming covered his body, s eusenhofer greaves, vambraces, chest and shoulder guards glistened in the dim lighting. He would be hot if his ring was not generating a constant temperature, akin to his liking, around him.  
Walking directly up to the bartender Light smiled before drawing his glock, trained at the bartender's head. "The money, now. I'd prefer to keep things clean." The cash register popped open with a ring and the man dumped wads of bills onto the counter. Light stuffed his robe, then turned, aiming his gun at every person's general direction, until he was close enough to make a run for it through the metal door. It was only a second before the authorities were on to him. Light holstered his weapon, charging through a crowded plaza. With great skill Light stepped onto a small create, using it as start off point for a powerful leap. His hands caught the edge of the rooftop and with little strain Light pulled himself up and continued to run, dashing across the rooftops with elegance. A new group of men approached from the left as the original two men still pursued from behind. Light looked up ahead to see that a large wall was in between him and the rest of the rooftops. As he made it over the next ledge another duo of law enforcement approached from the right. His chances of escape were now looking slim. Sweat poured from his head, stinging his eyes as he reached the cursed wall that blocked his route of escape. Light took off with a valiant leap, hitting the ground hard then tucking his body in for a smooth roll that absorbed most of the impact. Just as he rose a large body crashed into him, knocking the wind out of Light as his body slid along the dusty ground. With a kip up the wolf was back to his feet, encircling the large brutish man as the his chaser's arrived on the scene. "Eight on one? You've got some bad odds." Light said with a smirk. Two rushed in and caught a quick kick to the jaw. Two more rushed in at Light's flank and he vaulted over them, just barely missing their strikes. As he was about to land the brute bashed him again, causing Light to flip in the air and land on his neck. An immediate throbbing pain ran through his head. As he tried to rise to his feet a hard boot came down his back, planting him on the pavements. In his last moments of consciousness he felt the constant pounding of what he thought were either fist or feet.  
The men carried Light's body off to an armored truck with the words Lebeau, labelled along the side. Weary and hurt Light barely understood what was going on, yet his hearing caught wind of what it was his captors spoke of. "I seen this one before. He was in New York the day that Andfan guy died!" A raspy voice said, he was escorting the team that carried Light, or at least thats what Light thought, his voice sounding distant. "You mean Andferne. And if this guy is that special then I guess we've got to take him  to the chamber..." With that Light could hold on no longer and once again faded out of reality, Only to awake in a cold damp cell, stripped of everything but his robe. Light tried to get up but an aching pain felt in his chest cry out in agony. "Don't remember that, they must've roughed me up a bit before they threw me in here." Eying his finger, he used his power to try and reveal his ring, placed incognito the entire time. The cyan glow appeared and the ring surfaced on the middle finger of his left hand. Light grinned before hiding the ring once again and crawling to the edge of the gate. Peering around he saw the guard stand at the door, along with many other cells. Turning his head to the cell in the far right he spotted a familiar face. "Kurrent?" He uttered in a low whisper, the guard's watchful eye upon him. Just then the door opened and Light scurried to the back of his cell, placing his hood over his head. The infamous Gambler entered escorted by a medley of guards.  
How long? How long are we going to play dis game mon ami? You know, you really did a number on my guards. Some of dhem will never walk, let alone regain motor functions again. Such a waste. Look at me Kurrent, I want you to look at me so you know,  "DAT I'M NOT F@CKING AROUND WIT YOU ANYMORE! Time and time again I've offered you a seat at my table, extended my hand, pleaded with you to join me, and yet here we are. But I'm sorry to say, dee choice is no longer yours. There will be no last minute heroic rescue courtesy of Veritas. No Andfrene led Ice Dragons to save dee day. You are alone Kurrent, nobody cares about dee life of one lone hero. But you dont have to worry about dat anymore. My people say I should just kill you and be done wit it, but I came up with a better idea. I'm going to torture you. It'll be more painful dhen anything you've ever experienced. Dhen I'm going to introduce you to me scientific research team, oh dee things they can do....simply breathtaking. They're going to twist your mind, warp your reality until finally...finally dee hero dat I've always hated will be gone, and dee villain I always knew you could be will emerge. Take him away."  
With that Gambler left and Kurrent was carried out his cell, his wounded body bare for everyone to see. "Got it." Light whispered, secretly recording the exchange with his ring. "This is exactly what we needed. Now I need to get in touch with the Wolf Pack. Ring, send a homing beacon to any Wolf Pack members in Africa, I don't care it it has to be telepathic or-- " The guard became aggravated by the constant chatter. "Quiet down in there or I'll have your damn lips cut off." Light stifled himself, knowing it was only a matter of time before things got hectic. 
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 "What do you want? We are a peaceful society, we wish no ill will towards you or your cause."

Switch watched as one of the masked men put the beat down on Gambler, knocking him to the floor. He was sitting in the front row, amidst the media representatives, who were not reacting well to the attack. He had come to see what the crafty Cajun had to say about the sudden, unprovoked attacks on his fledgling nation. Using his abilities to infiltrate the crowd of journalists and cameramen he had bypassed the tight security surrounding the Royal Tower. At the time he hadn’t thought of a plan, only intending to listen rather than confront, but with armed men menacing the crowd he knew that he would have to act.

"You!" one of the terrorists shouted while pointing at a cameraman.

"Start rolling. We are the PLB, Peoples Liberation Brigade. And we demand the return of Africa's dictatorship regime. We have your Ambassador, we have several hostages, and we have the resolve to do what must be done. You have twelve hours to comply."

The terrified man couldn’t comply too hastily and in an instant the terrorists message was relayed across the globe. No plan, no strategy, he would have to play this by ear and hope something came up to save his bacon. Letting the sensory blackout he had been projecting slip he allowed those nearby to focus on him for the first time, eliciting gasps from those who had been sitting next to him without noticing. Gambler looked to be recovering from the blow to his head and Switch managed to catch his eye, flashing him a wink and a slight smile. Not waiting for a response he began to clap, drawing the attention of everyone in the room.

“Oh, very nicely done. The dramatic entrance, the guns, the masks. All very professional. And choosing a news conference to get your message out to the world, genius.”

The terrorists turned, almost as one, to point their weapons at him as he jumped to his feet.

“Oh I wouldn't do that. I'm not dangerous. I've got no weapons, look.”

He raised his arms to demonstrate that he was indeed, unarmed. Then he gestured towards Gambler.

“Him on the other hand, he's dangerous, really dangerous. I’m just a silly man in a suit. So if you want to point your guns at someone, point them at him.”

The men eyed each other, not sure what to make of him, although more than half changed their focus back to Gambler. Nobody, he noticed with satisfaction, was aiming at the crowd any more. Walking forwards casually with his hands in his pockets he stepped up onto the low stage from which the desert messiah was to have addressed the assembled media crews. The nearest gunman shoved the barrel of his weapon into Switch's face and snarled,

“Sit your ass back down before I blow your head off.”

Switch looked taken aback.

“Me? Why would you shoot me? All I’m doing is talking, you’ve got a gun, all I've got are words. I’m no threat to you, unless you're scared of words?”

As he spoke he reached into the man's mind, tweaking it to make him believe what he heard was the truth. It took more effort than he expected. These men had been trained well. The only thing to do was keep talking and hope for the best. In moments he was absorbed, seemingly hypnotised by his own words as he thought aloud.

“Why are you doing this though? You say you want a return to the old system, warlords and diamond wars, but that doesn’t make sense. There's no idealistic reason for you to support such a cause and you must realise that you wont leave here alive so money isn’t the answer. With all the international attention focussed on Utopia it will be looking at hard times, I know for a fact the UN is investigating along with various US intelligence agencies and the Israelis are assembling a task force. Either because of the technology that Mr LeBeau's government has been buying up or just the regular paranoia and hostility that accompanies foreign relations. The country may very well collapse under the weight of this scrutiny on its own, no help from you needed. So what are you doing here? In fact the only person who could conceivably benefit from your attacks on Utopia is... Oh.”

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New York

Wind flapped around her legs as she walked to the middle of Central Park, children rushed past her flying a kite behind them turning her head to watch them her clear eyes glancing at the happy family as they began to pack up their picnic, the night starting to fall. Trees floated gently in the raising wind as she stepped through the gardens and followed the wider path to a small archway underneath a moss covered bridge.

The older man under the bridge looked up as she approached a smile on his face as he greeted her “Lady Surreal, how lovely to see you once again” offering his hand he winced slightly when she refused to take it, her hands tucked into her red leather coat as she watched him through her tinted shades. “I have come a long way Senator Geary, I assume you have information for Jean that is vital?” slipping his hand through the straps of his briefcase he placed it against the wall, bracing it on his raised knee as he popped open the case and handed her a file, the insignia on the cover a map of the world with two branches of olive trees, the United Nations insignia.  “It’s all in there, the senators who authorised the Wolf Pack and what their mission is, it was not sanctioned but it is considered a black ops, the money behind it is immense, they do not trust Jean and what he is creating” reaching into his coat he pulled out a cigarette case, reaching in for a cigar he cut the end and slipped it into his mouth, his hands shaking slightly as he lit the cigar, he watched the woman as she skimmed over the information. 

 “Did, well yeah” he paused for a moment puffing on the thin cigar as he nervously watched her “Did you bring the agreed item?” looking up at him Surreal slipped a hand into her coat and handed him a small jewellery box his eyes widened as he ran a hand over the rough velvet coating, reaching around to flick open the latch Surreal laid her hand on it “Do not open it in public senator” she said before slipping the file back into his briefcase and turning to walk away “We thank you for your silence” she said as she flipped on her heel and strode silently back down the path. Narrowing his eyes he looked greedily at the case ignoring her warning he flicked the latch and opened it, the glow from inside taking his breath away before he started choking, the case spraying a soft green gas into his nostrils and mouth.

 Gagging and choking on the gas he dropped to the floor, the case rolling away from him disintegrated in a ball of flame, no trace left as the dead man’s hand reached toward the place it had been. The wind the only witness to the death, the deserted night surroundings as crickets chirped and birds nestled into the trees.

  “Cathy Jeeves, CNN news, reports today that several UN senators have died today, sources say their untimely deaths are the cause of a shared meal that appears to have been contaminated, and investigators in the case are looking into the incidents but no foul claim has been laid, the restaurant invol..” 

The radio was silenced as the plane took off from the small airport outside of JFK, the private jet roared up into the clouds as the Black Orchid crossed her legs, resting her hands on her knees she sat back against the leather. “Lady Surreal can I get you a drink?” the attendant approached as Surreal raised her hand waving her off looking out of the plane window as she closed her eyes, resting before the long flight ahead, taking her back to Utopia.

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"Be careful out there."  It was his final order. He had laid out the plan quite clearly. He wanted them to remain somewhat inconspicuous, to gather what intelligence they could and to meet up with the team members who had already been on Utopia. Whisper took the money that Hunter had offered and slipped it into the pocked of the tan cargo pants that she was wearing. She strode into the hotel that they had pulled up in front of, gripping the handle of the case that he had given her to hold her weapons in one hand and had the strap of her inconspicuous duffel bag that was full of clothing and other miscellaneous in the other. She took long strides, her boots thudding on the stone walkway as she looked up the front of the hotel. It was showcasing everything that Utopia was trying to be, or at least appear to be. It was a hotel straight out of the luxury magazines. Classy but not ostentatious and well designed. She let out a little breath as the bellhop held the door open for her and the air conditioning hit her. It was a welcome change from the arid heat of the desert climate.  
Surveying the lobby, she quickly took note of where everybody was position and the palm of her hand started itching around the handle of the weapon case. Walking up the check in desk, she leaned over to the side, placing her duffel on the ground.  "Do you have a reservation miss?"  She could feel the folded pile of bills in her pocked and decided that they could be put to better use  than bribing a hotel manager.  "Yes, yes I do."  Her words were quiet and had a soothing tone to them.  "Of course."  He immediately turned to the computer in front of him, the keyboard clicking as his fingers flew over the keys. His right hand reached for the mouse and after a few more clicks he handed her a magnetic room key. She took the key card and slid it into the front hip pocket of her pants. Leaning over once again, she picked up the duffel bag and made her way to the room that was allocated to her.  
She walked out of the elevator and crossed the marble floor, walking down the fourth floor main hallway looking for room 424. It took her about three minutes to find it and she inserted the key card into the door as she shifted the strap of the duffel bag onto her shoulder. As soon as the little light flashed green she opened it up and entered the room. It was...well it was probably the nicest hotel room that she'd ever seen...of course it was also the first. Whisper set down the duffel and weapons case on the white comforter of the king sized bed. The room was, well it was beyond words. There was a mahogany wooden desk in the corner, an enormous bed, one that she didn't really have any use for, a mini fridge, an ornate armoire. It had anything and everything that she could think of. It almost made her feel wasteful to know that she was only going be using it for a short amount of time.   
Opening the latches on the metal case, she flipped the top open and it made a soft thudding sound as it hit the duvet comforter. Gently lifting the sub-compact Glock out of it's little nook in the case, she slid it firmly into the holster strapped on the belt around her hips. Her hand went to the handle of the scimitar that was in a sheath attached to the other side of her waist and she gripped the hilt gently before letting go and securing the small yet lethal blade strapped above her boot and under her pants on her right calf. She was tasked with trying to find what she could about Utopia, trying to uncover whatever dark secrets were lurking beneath the polished exterior of this utopia. Grabbing her phone and securing the communication device that was tucked in her ear. They were there undercover and they were government sanctioned. Of course, if everything went to hell, which it was bound to do sooner or later, they were more than likely going to be hung out to dry. They were the Wolf Pack and they lived up to that name, they had no culpability and it was easy for governments to attempt to use them for their own gain and it was just as easy for those governments to disown their actions and say that the Pack was doing what they did best, going off by their lonesomes.  
Unzipping the duffel bag she reached inside, her fingers sliding against a silk dress she had packed just in case it was needed and landing on the canvas jacket that she had brought to protect her from the sands that were whipped about by the sometimes harsh winds. She pulled it out of the duffel bag and shoved her arms into it, pulling the edges of it straight and smoothing out some of the wrinkles. Her weapons somewhat hidden she made her way down through the front lobby and out the front door. She wanted to familiarize herself with her surroundings at least a little bit, try and blend in with the locals and see if she could find any info that way.  
She walked through the streets, surveying her surroundings, keeping her eyes peeled and ready to react with a single word at a moment's notice. The heat hit her the moment that she stepped outside and she found herself grateful for her semi-short hair that brushed the top of her shoulders. She had always been one for functionality over beauty, she had been raised to know that no matter how powerful she was, there was always somebody who was going to try and find a weakness, there was always somebody who could. She stopped at the corner of the street and smiled as she saw the small market square. It was bustling with activity and she was sure she could find somebody or something to get information out of. Walking over to a vendor she asked for a bottle of water. Gripping her hand around the sweating bottle, she placed a few bills on the counter. It was then that her ears picked up on the distressed sounds of a woman whimpering and saying something about mines. "Keep the change." She turned away from the vendor and started walking towards the woman.  
She was in her friend's arms and Olivia could practically feel the distress coming off of her. She was sobbing and muttering something incomprehensible, her shoulders wracking. Olivia walked over to them somewhat wary. She didn't want to startle them and end up getting attacked for her troubles. She was going to play the sympathy card and she was going to play it hard. "Ma'am?"  Her voice was soft and understanding.  "Is there something that I can help you with?" 
The woman turned away from her friend and looked up at Olivia, her eyes red and rimmed with tears.  "No. I don't need your help."  She was in obvious emotional distress, but she was smart enough not to trust a stranger, especially one carrying a gun. That was good, it meant that she wasn't crazy.  
Olivia held out a hand, placing it comfortingly on the woman's shoulder. She was in her mid to late thirties and looked like she was well taken care of. She had diamond studs in her ears and an emerald tennis bracelet around her slender and tanned wrist. Her dark hair was slick and glossy and she showed no signs of ill wear. There was something going on, though, something that sent her senses on red alert.  "I'm here to help, though."  It was at least partially true. She was here to find what she could about Dark Utopia and if that meant helping distraught women in the street then so be it.  "Tell me what's wrong."  The words were said quietly with just a little force behind them and her powers worked their magic.  
The woman looked at her, her eyes full of surprise as she started talking, almost like she knew that she shouldn't be saying anything.  "My son. They took my son to the mines. He's only sixteen years old, that's not work for teenage boys, it's work for strong men. They came with guns and they took him from our house. Said he had to 'do his part' to help make this place the Utopia that it is." 
Olivia couldn't help but smirk. Yes, there was certainly something going on here, something sinister. There was no mention of any mines in any of the press releases or pr pamphlets.  "What's going on in the mines?" 
"I...I don't know."  She was holding onto her friend's arm, her nails digging into it. She was speaking against her will and Olivia hated seeing the distress in her eyes. She wanted this over with as soon as possible. She was willing to do what it took to get the job done, but she didn't enjoy creating any more pain for an already suffering woman.  
"Who would know?"  
"Emile. Emile Chabot. His company is helping to fund this place, if anybody knows what's going on, it's him."  Tears started streaming down her face full force. She knew that she would be in trouble if they ever found out that it was her who had talked, but she also desperately wanted her son back. After being asked, the woman gave Olivia vague directions to where the Chabot Foundation had it's main offices and where the compound that Emile lived in was located. He was one of Utopia's best resources and from the sounds of things, he was very well protected.  
"Thank you, ma'am. You've been a lot of help. I will see what I can do about your son."  It was an empty promise and one that pained her to make, there wasn't really anything that she could do short of launching a full on investigation and going searching for him in the mines. Standing up from the crouching position that she had been in, Olivia straightened her jacked.  "Take her back home and try and calm her down."  
Turning her back on the woman who had been ever so helpful she started walking at a quick pace for the home of the head of the Chabot Foundation. It was quite conveniently about a ten minute walk from where she was. It was just then that a telepathic flickering lit up her mind. It was a message, a beacon of some sort. She didn't get any message, nothing supremely helpful, all that entered her mind were images. Of a cell. Of a huge fight. Of one of the most imposing men she had ever seen in her life. And finally of Light. She had met the Lantern a few times and he had managed to sway her into a date after she had used her powers to force home a point. He was a helpless flirt and she appreciated that, she wasn't looking for anything serious, or anything at all, really. He more than knew how to handle himself and that was all well and good, but the sporadic images were somewhat worrisome.  
Olivia wasn't used to working with telepaths and truth be told she wasn't entirely comfortable with them, but she knew how to utilize what she was given to her best advantage. She opened up her mind and sent out a message to the team's resident telepath, Charmix. "Charmy? Patch me through to Light and do it now, please."She waited for a moment and once the sweet little voice sounded in her head with a "done", letting her know that was all set, Olivia "spoke."  Light I have no idea what sh!thole you've gotten yourself into, but I swear to God I'm going to be pissed if you get killed. Men who ask me out don't get out of it that easily, you hear me? This is a stupid way to get out of that date and if you do end up dying I will find a way to bring you back just so I can kill you myself."  
"Done?"  Charmix asked in her head.  "Done."  

Fifteen Minutes Later   

The sun was setting in the sky, casting a crimson air over everything. The temperature was finally cooling down a bit and Olivia was about to get to business. She brazenly approached the front door of the luxurious home, her eyes taking in every detail. There was a little garden planted by the front marble walkway, flame lilies and impala lilies, both indigenous to Africa were sprouting up from the ground, their riotous colors blooming against the black stone of the pathway.  
She silently opened the door, and sliding her gun out of it's holster she stepped inside the house. With her back to the door, she quickly looked to her right and down the long hallway framed with what she assumed were reproductions of famous paintings. All clear. It was the second that she turned to the left that she knew she was screwed. Olivia managed to get the gun up and three shots off, but the two women who had blindsided her were able to dodge it. They either had superhuman stats or were insanely well trained. They moved in a synchronized fashion, flanking her from either side and quickly knocked the gun out of her hand, resulting in her getting pissed off. She shifted back on her left leg, twisting her body to the side and struck out with her long leg, hitting one of the women in the stomach. The other took the opportunity to strike at her with a well-placed chop to the side of her neck, taking her completely unaware and giving the other time to regain herself. They came at her relentlessly with well-placed strikes and brutal efficiency, moving like as a single unit, knowing each other's moves seemingly before they were carried out.  
Olivia was good, but she was outranked and outnumbered here. They had her pinned on the floor and if she didn't act quickly they were literally going to dismantle her."Sleep."  She got the one word out from in between hits and breathed a deep sigh of relief as the two women fell to the side in a deep sleep. Shoving one of them off of her lower legs she stood up, wiping the smear of blood from the corner of her mouth. She was going to one sore woman in the morning and for none of the fun reasons.  Bending over, she picked up the gun and double checked to make sure that everything was as it should be. This time advancing more carefully, she found herself following the sound of lightly trilling classical music. Tchaikovsky if she wasn't mistaken. She had always been a Beethoven girl herself.  
Continuing to follow the sound of the music, she found herself in front of a set of double doors with a stained glass inset depicting the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. If she wasn't busy with a mission, she may have taken the time to appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship. Pulling down on the brass levers she opened the doors, walking inside the study. It was a slate floor covered in a luxurious Persian rug with mahogany paneled walls. There was a small showcase in the corner that was softly lit and held what appeared to be relics on it's shelf. Next to it was a bookcase which held what at a glance appeared to be forty or so first edition printings. Above it was a pair of ancient katanas crossed and mounted on the wall. On the other side of the room was an enormous mahogany desk and behind that desk sat Emile Chabot. She aimed her gun at his forehead and slowly walked towards him. "I suggest you start talking about the mines and that you do it quickly. My finger's getting a little slippery. Your guards, no matter how talented they are, have been detained and I would really really like some answers. If you'd be so kind as to oblige." 
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A soft breeze entered through the large French windows. The powerful tunes of the 1812 overture of Tchaikovsky echoed throughout the halls of his home where he indulged himself in his luxurious and decadent lifestyle. Looking at the pictures scattered around on his desk he saw the faces of his children, his lover, his family. And all he felt was love for them, some said that it was this kind of love that made him strong. But not Precise, he viewed it as a weakness, it had made him grow soft and contemplative. He had grown to care more for the world than he was willing to admit, and in his eyes that was a dangerous flaw. It had even made him want to change his life.. protect the innocent, fight for those who couldn’t defend themselves to grant his loved ones a better life. And as he did, he realized something: The ones he fought for weren’t worth fighting for. It was something that was instilled into the very core of his being as a young child during his training as an assassin. The only human you should show respect for are the ones that can defend themselves. Those who can not.. are nothing more than cattle to be used to serve higher goals.

Raising himself from his leather chair he grabbed the small bundle of pictures and walked towards the balcony where people would cheer for him on his command if he desired, if it were not for the recent unrest caused by the militia and this newly arrived government sanctioned group of individuals. With one swift movement he ripped the pictures in half one at a time and threw the snips of paper in front of him letting the wind carry them off. No, a change was nigh. And that change would bring control.

Suddenly his two Rosasi Sands guards entered his room bowing respectfully before him. “Master, an intruder entered the premises”. Walking back towards his desk he turned on his security camera’s seeing a young girl enter his graceful home. With a charming nod of his head he motioned for his guards to intercept her. He knew about the Wolf Pack and their members having encountered them before and he kept tabs on them, this young woman in particular. He would soon learn which of those rumours about her were true as he saw his guards stalking their prey like a lion would to a gazelle on the African plains. It only took a couple of seconds before they entered in a struggle. The girls skills were admirable as she was able to keep up with the guards, something he would struggle with himself. Lashing out and blocking their attacks, but her skill was ultimately no match for his guards until something happened that made her look very interesting indeed. With a mere whisper she was able stop his guards.. something that most men in the whole of Africa had failed to do. As she pushed open his office doors she looked straight at him without flinching.

"I suggest you start talking about the mines and that you do it quickly. My finger's getting a little slippery. Your guards, no matter how talented they are, have been detained and I would really really like some answers. If you'd be so kind as to oblige." Walking into his office she aimed her gun at Precise’s head who faced her with a slight smile on his face. “I’m glad that for once the rumours are true” He poured himself and his beautiful young guest a glass of white wine that sat on top of his desk. Normally he’d drink red wine but in this searing climate something more refreshing was in order. Sliding one of the glasses over to her he motioned for her to take a seat if she so pleased.

“I’ve heard of your powers..” The charming assassin completely ignored her question about the mines. “It’s not often a woman of your beauty, power and skill willingly graces me with their presence”. A charming smile formed on his face. “However, I can do better than merely tell you. I mean to strike a deal with you. You erase any memory I have of my loved ones and family, the reasons are my own. And I will give you this..” He slid an Ipad over the desk towards Whisper containing the partial blueprints of the underground corridors of Utopia, marking the location where Kurrent was being held probably unbeknownst to her he was being held at all. Kurrent was one of the few men that had earned Emile’s respect, both his skills in battle and his strong personality were something that demanded it. However, Gambler had chosen to do something to him that Precise did not agree with. Torture, it served no purpose, even if the hero was swayed to the dark side he would eventually betray them. He had nothing but respect for Jean Luc but even for him this action seemed out of character even when he suggested his death to him. A worthy opponent like the electrified hero should not be treated like a dog, but die honourably in battle. Perhaps people saw him as a heartless cold monster, but there was nothing more that he valued than his pride and honor. “You take the hero, and you have my word as a man of honor that my guards will not harm you nor Kurrent. However, I can’t speak for Gamblers guards and this deal does not involve the rest of your team”.

He remained quiet for a few minutes allowing Whisper to think about his offer. If she was foolish enough to betray him in any way his guards would kill Kurrent on the spot. Seeing the doubt in her eyes he began to speak again. “Ask yourself this: Am I really so different from you?” Precise gazed into her eyes with an intrigued look “You fight for what you believe in, as do I. You are willing to kill if it means a better world, as am I. You may think of me as a cruel man, and in a sense I am. But no more than you, or any of your people in your team. We have provided an Utopia for the people living here, where they used to live in poverty and despair, some will suffer for the greater cause as you’ve probably heard yourself but is that any different from any other government?” He brought the glass with the translucent white wine to his lips. “If you take the deal and you stand before Kurrent, you have another choice. You can save him since that’s what your team expects of you. Or you can chose your own path, kill him honourably with the respect he deserves and take your place at my side. You could do so much for the people here, you could save thousands with a mere whisper. Stand with me, and everything will prosper. Stand against me, and you will be responsible for thousands of deaths knowing what you could have done to save them.” He raised himself from his comfortable leather chair and walked around his beautifully decorated desk. “It are these these choices that define us, that truly show us who we are.”

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Dawning a jet black suit, the Hunter made his way through the long line of patrons outside a nightclub.  According to the locals, this club was one of the more "elite" settings.  However, it matched the address on the back of the invitation Greystoke had received earlier.  Underneath his jacket was a shoulder harness which concealed his holstered .45 caliber 1911 pistol.  Going solo put him in a vulnerable position.  There would be no telling what he could expect inside.
Just as he reached the men taking cover, checking identifications, etc., his eyes peered through the doors up ahead.  As they opened up, he saw another line.....  to pass through the metal detector.  His heart began to slightly race with anticipation as the man asked for his identification.  The quickening of his heart was not that of nervousness; but more like the quickening of a lion's heart before it springs upon its kill.  The next instant would determine everything, whether or not he would have to fight or not.
William calmly just lifted up the invitation and showed it to the man.  Taking the invitation, the man checked the tiny number in the bottom right corner and waived him past.  This was it .  The metal detector lay up ahead.  He was in.  This moment was extremely critical.  It would bring either success or doom.  The 1911 within his jacket, the adamantium claws within his forearms... they would set off the metal detector.  He would have to think fast in order to hide them or else would have to fight.  William's heart began to quicken its beat as his eyes slowly started to transition into their feral yellow color as the Hunter prepared himself to make the kill....
"WAIT...." a voice said behind him.  The muscles in his body slowly started to tense up as William turned to face the security.  "This way." the man said, unhooking the velvet rope and motioning towards an elevator.  As the elevator opened up, the Hunter watched as another man and woman with a similar invitation stepped inside.  Nodding his head towards the man, and made his way into the elevator.
When the elevator doors opened back up, William found himself in another place entirely.  It was a completely different club all together.  However, there was only one difference - a large steel cage in the center.  Other than that, there were still areas where people could enjoy themselves as they watched the show.  At the time, workers were moving around with electronic tablets which people could use to enter in there information and place bets on the next attraction.  The next fight would be starting shortly.
Suddenly, a familiar scent caught William's nostrils.  Walking over to the bar, the Hunter ordered a chilled bourbon.  As he took the drink, he began looking around until his eyes found what he was looking for.  Just then, the lights went out within the establishment and a single spotlight shone down upon the cage as the two fighters made their way inside.  Making his way up a flight of stairs in the dark, Greystoke followed the distinctive scent of perfume and cocaine.  "Old habits die hard." he said, taking a seat next to Y Intercept in the darkened setting.
"You are one to talk." she replied.  "Tell me, how many drinks have you had tonight?"
"Touche." he said with a grin.  "What do you have for me?'
"It's not safe here...." she said under her breath.
"We'll leave after the fight." he replied.  "We do not need to draw any attention to ourselves just yet."  A few seconds later, one of the fighters in the ring delivered a spinning back-fist which knocked his opponent down to the ground.  Leaping on top of the downed opponent, the fighter beat him into a T.K.O.  With that, the Hunter and Y left with a group of other people.  Outside the club, they split away and began making their way back towards the hotel.
Back at the hotel, Y told him everything.  She told him how Jean-Luc LeBeau had taken control of a divided and war-torn Africa.  She told him of the technological and economical advancements; but more importantly, she told him of the discovery of vibranium within the land.  Economic stability and technological advancement were enough to make any nation prosper.  However, the ability to utilize vibranium would turn a well-off nation into a major world super power.  That amount of power in the hands of Jean-Luc LeBeau would give him the tools to become an unstoppable force.....

The Next Day.....

"We have to go for the vibranium." the Hunter said to his group.  "Once they get their hands on that and weaponize it, there's no telling what they may do.  Sylver, I want you to reach out to Risky's group.  Make contact with Charmix.  Tell them to meet us at the coordinates Y has given to us.  Once you are all there, do what you can to prevent any further mining projects.  I don't care if you take innocent lives - that vibranium can NOT reach the surface.  What vibranium they already have must be taken.  Understood?"  With a frustrated look on his face, the Hunter then said, "Where is Whisper?"
"She's still out in the field." Sylver replied.
"She didn't come back YET?" the Hunter said.  Sylver just shook her head.  "Very well then." he said.  "I'll track her down.  Meanwhile, you rendezvous with Risky's group at the excavation site.  Remember...  no witnesses.  If they see you or hinder you....  kill them."
As the group departed, the Hunter separated himself to go in search of Whisper.  Taking to the rooftops, William caught the girl's scent and raced in her general direction.  After quite some time of racing and leaping among the rooftops, Greystoke pulled up the hood to his green cloak around his face and dropped off into an alley.  As he fell nearly fifty feet, his feet made no sound as he gracefully landed in a crouched position.
Sniffing the air once more, the Hunter continued to follow the girl's scent until he came to a large house.  As he trailed Olivia's every move, he could tell that she had scaled the outer wall of the property.  The scent was stronger than ever now.  He knew she was there.  Leaping up onto the wall with cat-like agility, he dropped down to the ground below and continued to follow her trail.  Occasionally, he could see slight impressions left in parts of the grass or in the mud under the stones of the walkway - fresh tracks.
As he drew his 1911, the Hunter carefully entered through the already-open door to the residence and looked around.  To his disbelief, the guards were sound asleep....  put to sleep by the young goddess herself no doubt.  Silently making his way through the compound, Greystoke's hearing could pick up Olivia's voice.
"I suggest you start talking about the mines....." he head her say.  As another voice replied, William listened closely.  He had heard that voice many years ago; but he was somewhat unsure from whom.  As the man's scent filled his nostrils, it became all too clear who this unknown voice belonged to....
It belonged to the man that William had nearly fought to the death with back in Italy.  It was the man whom he had lost a daughter to; and now, the daughter of his best friend was in the same room with that very man himself - Precise.  Though his first reaction was to race in and do away with Precise, the man's words intrigued him.  As if ignoring Olivia's warning, he brought a counter offer to the table - one involving Kurrent.  As he finished, he said, "It are these choices that define us, that truly show us who we are....."  Though he was ready to come to Whisper's aid if she needed it, the Hunter paused and listened for a moment to hear what her reply would be.
The moment of truth was about to be revealed.....
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[Funny,] he thought [If I didn’t know better I’d make this place my home] Pity to all those who come here and blindly fall for the pretense of perfection the land of Utopia brought to the mind of the tourist and senior citizens. It appeared to be the perfect place to retire and watch the newer generations develop the world around. Each step the lone wolf took further the closer he go to hi destination. It was not hard to guess where the big wigs in town would be drowning their sorrows, tying their luck and having some fun.

Band had reached his destination, but who are we kidding, no one would let a man walk in a Night club wearing what Band was modeling and holding a bag. It was time to change to a more direct and deadlier approach. The alleyway became the lone wolf’s dresser. Boots and gloves on tight, bulletproof armor and twin God-swords on each hip and a bow around his torso the wolf pack wild card tear apart Ben Solo’s clothing and the purple Underworld knight Band Lone emerged. The helmet comes on and the game began.

A quick analysis of the premises was enough for him to pick up the best access point into the location. The knight had taken a few quick steps before he jumped onto a dumpster and used the leverage to his advantage to jump towards the fire escape ladder which gave for a bit and slid down but soon found it’s base and became stable. Hanging a few feet above ground clinging on to the ladder Band then began climbing leveling with the third floor. Climbing over the fire escape bar he then found footing on a ledge that went all the way to the corner of the building. It appeared like a lot of work but the effort had proved worth the calories as Band reached an empty office.

This was not Band  Lone’s first rodeo, if this office was important at all the windows not only would be locked but rigged as well. [I better get my tools, don’t want uninvited guess storming in before I get my bearings.] Thought the once merc as he reached into his pocket digging for his tools. The lone wolf got to work on the security system and with just a few tweaks and a little snip of a very thin line {Snap] the security system was gone. “Bingo!” He whispered in victory. [Now phase two] Activating the features in his helmet Band could ensure if there was any other traps to trip the alarm, he takes a good look at the room through his helmet and it appeared to be perfectly fine. [Clear] He said to himself just before he stepped into the office and walked toward the security panel next to the door. [The room security system is all controlled from this one panel.] Band dug into his pocket once again and brought out a card. “Now I need to slid this card through the rail and with a little..” He paused to concentrate in breaking the code and putting his own into the system [ Ok, now, the new five letter password will be: *Boobs*” The panel acknowledged the command making Band Lone the sole commander of the building security system. “After taking a bite the blindfolded fat-boy said: That was a piece of cake” Victory had lifted the spirits of the king of deception as now he controlled the system.  Security down now the lone wolf had access to anything in the room and taking into account that the room had been incredibly secured he suspected that there was a lot more to it in the nightclub than just underground gambling as he first thought. Browsing through the desk Band found the blueprints of the premises and the list of employees. [Okay, nothing out of the ordinary] He thought as he kept browsing through the belongings of lord-knows-who. Aside from the pictures of the gambling room and the hookers everything was clean. [I didn’t come here for just some thugs playing cards and a bunch of hookers..] The line of sight of the wolf then picks up a little detail on the bottom of the desk. [What do we have here?] Hidden at the lowest point there was a keyhole and what appeared to be a hidden cabinet. Once again with the use of his tools Band manage to gain access to the cabinet and pulled out the real blueprints of the nightclub. “Is this what that soldier was talking about?” The nightclub was hallowed and it was not just one basement there were 2 more floors beneath and a connection to some sort of passageway just beneath the Utopia.  “B-I-N-G-O! Bingo! That was his freaking name-o!”

“Passageways through Utopia, can’t wait to explore them.” Band had set all the evidence on the desk Band grabbed a hold of his spy-cam and began taking pictures of the evidence before him. “I should take one of the originals as well  just in case they think is photoshopped.” Folding one of the blueprints Band thought about his new mission and how knowing these Sands elites maybe scattered all over the tunnels it was too dangerous to bring along such good evidence. He climbed over the window and sat on the frame noticing it was already morning as he made a wise decision. The Lone Wolf jumped off the window frame and landed on the lid of the dumpster kneeling on it’s surface thinking on his next move. It had been decided, he would deliver the info to Wolf Pack and then it would be open season on Utopia.

Hunter's Hotel:

Once again on his civilian clothing and holding a bag at hand Band arrived to the flashy hotel Hunter had crashed onto. “So much for a stealth mission.. He’s in a palace while I’m jumping on dumpsters all night” He walked into the hotel and went straight into the elevator. Inside Band activated his Meta-human scanner and was surprised of what he spotted on the hotel. Several signals, not only Wolf Pack, but others’ as well. “*Sigh* Great idea, Hunter, walk right into the very belly of the beast.. They‘re probably watching them and they don‘t have a clue.. I better not be seen entering the room or I‘ll blow my cover” *Bing* the elevator opened and the swordsman changed directions towards a random door. *Knock, knock, knock* “Room service!” About a minute or so after several tries a woman opens the door wearing a bathrobe. [Geezus!] Thought Band as he was lost on her figure, but soon he returned to his role. “Hello, ma’am I am here to see if your curtains match your drapes.” Band walked right into the room and straight into the living room. The woman looked at Band up and down wondering what was going on , but then something came to mind. “Gasp* Oiooh, I see, I know why you’re here.” She claimed as she closed the door with a playful smile on her face. Band looked at her and wondered nervously. “You do?”  “Gena, that woman, she must have remembered it‘s my birthday!” Once again she looked at Band up and down and added “Now that’s what I call a present!” She said before she got rid of her towel exposing her good looks to the swordsman. “Now come here you dirty little man!” Said the woman before just tackling Band to the floor.


Wolf pack room

Teleporting into the room Band finally arrived to his destination. Standing before the team half naked, panting with his face full of traces of cheap lipstick carrying his bag.  The skeptic look on the faces of his teammates was priceless but there was no more time to waste as Band skipped on all the details *Panting* Don’t ask!"  *Pants* "Where’s William?" He asked to what he was informed he had just just gone after Whisper's sent. "Aw, crap" *Faints* *Thud*

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  Without warning  Gambler's eyes glazed over losing their charismatic spark as he was instantaneously ripped from the fabric of time and seemingly returned in much the same fashion. The out of body experience had lasted minutes, but for those in attendance his absence went unnoticed. Returning just in time to catch the tail end of Switch's vocal maneuvering as he attempted to lay the melodramatic calamity at the feet of the Aristocratic Assassin. "With all the international attention focused on Utopia it will be looking at hard times, I know for a fact the UN is investigating along with various US intelligence agencies and the Israelis are assembling a task force. Either because of the technology that Mr LeBeau's government has been buying up or just the regular paranoia and hostility that accompanies foreign relations. The country may very well collapse under the weight of this scrutiny on its own, no help from you needed. So what are you doing here? In fact the only person who could conceivably benefit from your attacks on Utopia is... Oh.”

His speech brought a slow developing smirk to the face of the Cajun as the cameras continued to roll. "Investigations? Task Forces? American paranoia?" he mockingly questioned before turning towards the camera. "We have received no official documentation requesting Utopia open up its borders for U.N. inspection. Apparently the international laws only apply to countries who openly grovel at dee fight of dee o'mighty superpower. I also know for a fact dat at dis very moment a specialized group of U.N. sanctioned killers has systematically invaded Utopia. We already have reason to believe they are responsible for the recent rash of devastating explosions that took place in Market Square." Pausing he glanced over at the Liberation Front "And I'm betting dee PLF are nothing more then U.N. sponsored terrorists, assassins, funded by dis Black Ops group in an effort to maintain dee integrity of dhere political leash holders, dee United States, should dhere mission be compromised.

Suddenly six shots rang out simultaneously finding their homes directly between the eyes of each terrorist member courtesy of the Utopian elite, Rosasi Sands, leaving the petrified media cowering on the ground. Flashing a quick antagonistic wink towards the enigmatic psychic(Switch), Gambler walked over towards the lifeless bodies removing a black, gold trimmed silk handkerchief letting it f gently float from his hand before coming to rest over the face of one of the dead. Using his telekinesis he nonchalantly swiped the decorative cloth from side to side revealing a much paler looking individual laying at his feet. "As I suspected. These men attempted to hide their true ethnicity behind a crude veil of camouflage. Motioning for his guards, Gambler let his subordinates know to remove the bodies. "Escort these people safely back to their accommodations and see them safely to dee airport." Folding his arms behind his back he hesitated while taking his leave, "Would you mind accompanying me?" Switch the target of his question."I would like to offer you a position here in Utopia."

The Cajun had attempted to plant the seeds of conspiracy in hopes their manipulative roots would trace back to the Wolf Pack. The Desert Rose, Surreal Diablo, had already severed the deceptive link binding the U.N. to the Pack. Creating the illusion of a rogue Black Ops team out of control and operating under no official sanction. The game had gotten interesting and both sides had yet to play their trump card.


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Although the words Gambler spoke were out of character, they had plenty of truth behind them. The Electric Ace, once a great leader and team player was  now an outcast. The hero's didn't want him, the neutrals didn't care and the villains wanted to kill him.  It would have been good to have friends in the mess he was in now. The Cajun was doing something he had never done before, his sites were set higher than political position or country estates. Now he was after an entire continent, once that was rich in a new finding of something familiar. 
Stripped down to nothing Kurrent was being taken to a torture chamber. He was handcuffed and shackled, no matter how hard he tried he could not use his powers. They were ready for him and he could do nothing about it.  Together with the guards leading him Kurrent arrived in a room that looked a lot like an operating room. 
"Really!? You guys are trying to intimidate me like this" he said sarcastically. He knew that he was in for it but didn't want to let on that he was worried about what Gambler had planned for him. The guards strapped him onto a cold metal with his arms at his side like if he were crucified. Another man walked in and the guards tasked to detain Kurrent left the room leaving the two men alone.  Looking the man in the eye Kurrent asked,  "Who the hell are you"
"I am under the employ of Lord Gambler," said the man as he put on a thick glove "and this wonderful element," he said pointing to a black shard he was holding in the glove fitted hand "is Black Vibranium" Looking up towards the man Kurrent was confused and asked "Is that what all this is about Black Vibranuim"Quick the responded "you sound like you are underwhelmed but do not fret, you will be the first to bear witness to the power of Black Vibranuim the element that is poisonous to the touch and as hard as its brother Vibranium" Suddenly the man held the shard over the abdomen of the helpless hero. A large smile grew on his face right before he pressed the shard onto Kurrent's body. When the BV touched his skin his body began to vibrate violently and his veins around the area of impact visibly grew darker. Kurrent felt a pain like never before and winced in agony. Once the shard was removed the pain began to dissolve but still it was painful. 
Soon after the man began to speak again victoriously "that was just a taste Hero even if you were free and had your amazing power the poison would still win. When Gambler's blade made of pure Black Vibranuim is complete, he will come and finish you off. Then all will fall when the poison of the Black Vibranium touches their skin by my lords hand and the Dark Utopia will take its rightful place at the top of the world" 
The Hero, still in pain was breathing heavily from torture he was receiving. He heard every word and realized that this Black Vibranium in the wrong hands could be the power move the Dark Utopia needed to take over the world. He looked over at the man defiantly and began to laugh in an attempt to test his patience and perhaps the limits of the Black Vibranium.  While laughing he said "Hey pal, you've seen me without my pant on, you know I don't need powers to be amazing" then he began to laugh loudly. The man quickly grew angry and as Kurrent laughed he slammed the sharp end of the shard into Kurrent's shoulder. The pain of the stab quickly made his body surrender. He tried to hold it in but the pain was too intense and the next thing out of lips was "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH"

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     "I'm a freakin' astral...this is cool."  Sylver thought humorously, as she walked steadily through the busy street. Literally through the street...and buildings...and people.  The astral plane was so hazy and overpowering to the mind, and yet, it was far clearer than the real world.  Here, Sylver could see what she wanted to see, find what she was searching for; there were no distractions. Just you, focusing your way from point A to B.
     Sylver passed through another wall, into a restaurant, and then onto another street.  People's thoughts and voices burned off all different shades and colors, emotions and feelings.  Sylver felt a glow of intense sparking, yellow happiness as she passed by a jewelry shop; a man was picking out an engagement ring for his girlfriend.  To her right, a boy who, in the astral appearance, seemed to be melting in a blue shade from sadness; his balloon had floated away.  
     No. Focus Sylver...focus.  Remember what Stephen taught you.  If you stretch yourself, your mind will break down.  Sylver chided herself.  She had only recently begun viciously using astral projection and travel.  She wanted to develop her defensive and intellectual magic, so she went to the one person she knew would be well experienced in that: Stephen Strange.  He'd been her mentor for years on magic control and agreed to help her with this skill when she'd asked.  She'd been taking lessons for a few months now and could walk through the plane with ease.  Much else though, would take time.
     It was hard...immensely, but it would be far more helpful to the team, especially in situations that demanded searching a city.  She was looking for something in particular: an emotion...especially a lot of it, in bad vibes.  Something about this city...it was too perfect.  Governments of any kind were and never would be perfect; Sylver had lived long enough to know that.  Something was driving this, something bad.  Hunter had asked them to search for it; Sylver decided to look at the city's heart.
     As she passed by an alley way, Sylver froze.  Fear...fear and greed.  Sylver gathered, spreading her consciousness out to find the emotion.  She smirked darkly.  I've found you.  She ran down the alley; whoever, whatever it was...something strong had just passed through.
     She reached the end and saw a young man, dressed in working clothes for construction, slipping into a bar.  Sylver followed.  He sat down at a bar stool and feverishly tapped his foot and darted his eyes back and forth.  He was afraid of someone finding him...  But why?  Sylver pondered.  She sat next to him, peering into his frightened eyes.  She saw a sickly yellow color pour off him...fear, mixed with a dark red, guilt.  He wasn't supposed to be here.
     Why?  Sylver reached out, touching the young man's forehead, willing herself to see more.  Come on...why are you afraid?  Sylver screwed her face up, eyes squinting as if too peer farther.  The layers of his mind were peeling back--
     Like an electric shock had touched her, Sylver gasped.  Light flooded her vision, then flashes.  A hole...a very deep hole. A pit.  Something in it...what was in it?!
     Suddenly, like cold water had hit, Sylver shrieked and vaulted herself onto her feet.  She looked around her, chest heaving...she was awake, standing on the hotel room bed.  
     Sylver plopped down, nearly bouncing on the large, soft bed.  She'd changed into jeans and a Beatles t-shirt (which she'd bought at a local store) before going under, just in case room service arrived.  It was late; the sun had already set.  Sylver closed her eyes and listened for a moment;  Whisper still had not returned.  Hmm...hope she's alright.  Sylver thought. 
     Then she laid back on the bed and stared thoughtfully at the ceiling.  Somewhere nearby, there was something terrible going on in a pit.
The Next Day...
      "We have to go for the vibranium." the Hunter said to his group the next morning.  "Once they get their hands on that and weaponize it, there's no telling what they may do."
     Sylver nodded, silently contemplating what Hunter had just revealed to them.  Vibranium was being mined nearby...indeed, that was the pit she'd envisioned in the young man's mind.  He must have been a worker there; his fear must have been a side affect of perhaps not being allowed into the public.  Working on vibranium was a serious, dangerous business.
     Hunter turned to her.  "Sylver, I want you to reach out to Risky's group.  Make contact with Charmix.  Tell them to meet us at the coordinates Y has given to us.  Once you are all there, do what you can to prevent any further mining projects.  I don't care if you take innocent lives - that vibranium can NOT reach the surface.  What vibranium they already have must be taken.  Understood?" 
     Sylver nodded again, firmly, her mind solidifying (and already planning out) on the mission.  Suddenly, Hunter looked about frustrated.   "Where is Whisper?" He asked.
     "She's still out in the field." Sylver replied.  She too thought it odd that Whisper would be gone this long, especially without contact or info of any discoveries.  Sylver pursed her lips; perhaps she'd discovered too much already.
     "She didn't come back YET?" the Hunter said.  Sylver just shook her head. Hunter seemed incredibly worried about her; she seemed very dear to him.  Sylver remembered him acting that way about Talon when she would disappear.
     "Very well then." he said finally.  "I'll track her down.  Meanwhile, you rendezvous with Risky's group at the excavation site.  Remember...  no witnesses.  If they see you or hinder you....  kill them."
     Sylver smirked happily and replied with resolute, "Aye aye Cap'n!"
     Without delay, Sylver rushed back to her room.  She had to do this fast...but right.  She stretched her hands out in front of her.  A green, glowing spell circle appeared in the air.  "Open."  Sylver spoke, commanding the circle to project her message through the portal to Charmix.  The circle shimmered and rippled like a pond hit with a rock, then solidified.  Charmix appeared on the other end.
     "Charmix, I have information from Hunter for Risky."  Sylver began and then quickly explained the vibranium situation.  "The excavation site is past the main river, into the plains...about five miles west of the suburbs.  I'll be there.  Hunter's looking for Whisper; we think something's happened to her.  Over and out."  Sylver ended, evaporating the message portal with a wave of her hand.  
     "Invisible."  Sylver said, cloaking herself with a glamor to prepare for arriving.  "Teleport."
     Sylver appeared, quiet and invisible, in the thin grove of trees about an eighth of a mile from the site.  She could easily see every action from here.
     The mining site was huge.  Large dozers and dump trucks rolled around, quaking the ground.  Men shouted at each other and barked orders about how much was coming out of the pit, who was still down there, etc...  But that's not what caught Sylver's attention.  A metal warehouse was about fifty yards out from the digging.  That was it!  The already mined vibranium was in there.  She could hear people inside talking about it...working on it.  They had to get in there!
     Sylver's ears perked up; one of the foreman was talking about the next batch coming up the conveyor belt from the mine...in ten minutes.  
     Sylver sniggered. She could cause plenty of trouble in ten minutes.  She looked at her feet; a small but sharp stone was there.  She picked it up, tossed it a couple times for its weight.  And then, like a professional pitcher, chucked the rock with all her strength at the foreman.
     There was silence for a brief second.  Snap!  The foreman was thrown back a few inches, red mush exploding from his skull, and then dropped to the ground.  Chaos ensued.  Sylver giggled.  Humans...so easily distracted.  She picked up a larger stone, then pitched it faster, directly at one of the large dump trucks.
     Glass shattered and the windows were painted red.  The truck began spinning in a circle, then collided with a nearby loader.  Vibranium spilled in buckets from the back.
     Sylver, still invisible but unsure of their security, crouched lower.  If her team arrived soon enough, she could teleport the whole freakin' warehouse...if she had them distracting the workers.  She had no doubt that they'd been warned of dangerous crazies like the dear team she was in; maybe there was even a paranormal guard?  
     Sylver tapped into her magic.  "Spin...spin..."  She whispered to the air.  Right around the pit, a very strong dust tornado appeared, 60 mile an hour winds at least.  Sylver sighed at the petty fun.  She could make this worksight a living hell for them...buuuttt... she needed the vibranium.  She would wait, but not long, for her team.
     Hell would come for these sorry pigs soon enough.

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Even as realisation dawned, Gambler was moving, ensuring that Switch would be unable to share his conclusions with the world.

"Investigations? Task Forces? American paranoia?"

Switch was caught off guard for a moment and even as he opened his mouth to interrupt Gambler had already taken the stage, his natural charisma achieving what few on the planet could. Every pair of eyes in the room was focussed on him and through them the entire world watched.

"We have received no official documentation requesting Utopia open up its borders for U.N. inspection. Apparently the international laws only apply to countries who openly grovel at dee fight of dee o'mighty superpower. I also know for a fact dat at dis very moment a specialized group of U.N. sanctioned killers has systematically invaded Utopia. We already have reason to believe they are responsible for the recent rash of devastating explosions that took place in Market Square."s

The PLF were as taken aback as Switch. In less than a minute their kidnapping attempt had become a political debate that was rapidly pushing them to the side.

"And I'm betting dee PLF are nothing more then U.N. sponsored terrorists, assassins, funded by dis Black Ops group in an effort to maintain dee integrity of dhere political leash holders, dee United States, should dhere mission be compromised.”

Almost in unison the six terrorists crumpled as the shots rang out. Without needing to see the gunmen Switch knew that it was Gambler's doing and now that the immediate threat was eliminated he had no doubt that all six weapons were trained on him. Kneeling down he checked the pulse of the closest terrorist, as expected he found none. His brow furrowed in impotent anger he looked up in time to catch an arrogant wink from Gambler, a mocking reply to his own a minute earlier. Acting quickly, Gambler revealed the 'truth' about the men and then had the media escorted from the country, for their own good of course.

"Would you mind accompanying me? I would like to offer you a position here in Utopia."

Feeling the sights on his back Switch nodded curtly and the two men moved off. Knowing he was trapped Switch kept his mouth shut, letting Gambler say his piece and trying not to be swayed by the persuasive Cajun.

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 Advancing through the miniature conservatory and  botanical garden housed within the newly fashioned Chateau, Jean Luc confidently let his expectations be known. His political discourse taking a backseat as he spoke openly with Switch. "Do you love dis World? Tis a strange question I know but" he paused, coursing his fingers along the dollar shaped inflorescent bract of the exotic Psychopsis Kramerianum. "When I see such beauty I'm reminded just how magnificent dee World can be. Dee endless possibilities, dee seemingly random events dat shape our everyday lives. So simple yet more complex then dee human mind can comprehend." without warning the Cajun slowly squeezed the delicate flower with a vise like grip. "And like dat, it can be taking away. Dee World is in peril my friend. Not by me, not by the random acts of violence committed by low level thugs and sexually confused serial killers. No, dee threat I speak of is much more chaotic. We live in a World were mutants posses dee ability to rape reality. Where Demi-Gods and Aliens can annihilate an entire population with but a twitch of their finger. Cities, gone, just like dat" he snapped. "And everyday they grow stronger, more brazen, as dee realization dat they cannot be stopped is continually reinforced. I understand dat my actions do not follow dee conventional method of right and wrong, but as I said, dee World is complex, and thus, so are dee creatures dat inhabit it."

Gambler's speech had led the couple to yet another exquisitely decorated room. Its dramatically oversized curtains obstructing the almost dangerously bright sun while also sheltering the holographic image projector situated in the center of the room. Its voice activated technology coming to live as the intensive command of the Aristocratic Assassin was heard, "Play back, Paris, six months."

(This is Amanda Hugginkiss coming to live, from the air, just over the Bay of Biscay south of the Celtic Sea. As you can see from our live footage France has been obliterated. The scene is almost indescribable as lava and fire have seemingly engulfed the once majestic country. No word yet on how many lives have been lost or if any survivors remain. European officials are desperately pleading for immediate emergency aid as wide spread panic has erupted throughout the region. Talks of Nuclear war and its ramifications have been the hot topic of debate as clandestine Congressional hearings continue. The questions remains, if it can happen here, whats to stop it from happening anywhere? Stay tuned as we continue to bring you live coverage.)

"End program"
Gambler, now visible unhinged, turned his attention towards Switch. "Dat it just dee beginning. Do you understand dee unmitigated power needed to accomplish a feat like dat? Think about it, an entire country erased in dee blink of an eye. Hell on Earth, live and in living color" his arms moving sporadically as he theatrical spoke with his hands. Realizing his composure was fading the Cajun regrouped, running his fingers through his wintery colored hair in an effort to reposition it before sliding over to an old English style executive desk. Slowly he removed an object carefully wrapped in white cloth. "Its called Vibranium. My researchers tell me its metal, for dee most part. Nearly indestructible. Its military applications alone are unfathomable. So far we've discovered two kinds. Dee kind you now hold in your hand, and dis." He removed another parcel from the desk, the contents  contained within a handcrafted steel box. Pulling back the lid an aura of disturbing power briefly filtered out as the Cajun smirked devilishly. "Black Vibranium. Unstable, unpredictable, and extremely rare. We cant determine if its even from dis planet originally, but its here now, and I own it. With dee help of some like minded cooperations and scientific masterminds we've begun mass producing Vibranium enriched weapons. In doing so we've secured several military contracts from concerned nations. Dis money helps fund Utopia, but more then dat, its going to save dee World. I...am going to save dee World. And I'll kill every single hero in it if dats what it takes. You see Switch, I'm not a villain, I'm a visionary. And I'll not let dee heroes misplaced moral judgment foolishly block me from doing what needs to be done. Armageddon isnt on dee horizon, its here, now."

In theory the Dessert Messiah's crusade was sound, almost justifiable. Yet Gambler's ambitious visions were seldom as they appear and Switch was no fool. He knew the Cajun spoke with a forked tongue, spitting half truths and half lies, twisting his ideals to fit the self absorbed delusions of grandeur that had fueled his every calculated step. "Time is running out Switch and I need allies where ever I can get them." placing his hand on his shoulder, he finished with, "If you're not with us, you're against us."

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Finding himself in a beautiful garden Switch took a moment to admire the stunning array of plants from every corner of the world that had been gathered in the wonderland that was Utopia. For a second he was speechless, in awe at the sheer effort needed to create such an oasis in the middle of what had so recently been a barren desert. Gambler spoke softly, but with passion that seemed genuine, describing his own unique viewpoint of the world and it's woes. Despite his reservations Switch found himself listening intently, fascinated at this unique look at Gambler without the layers of his emotional armour. Perhaps this was the real man, the one behind the designer suit and the cocky attitude. But a closer look at the garden sobered him. Hidden amongst the beauty were many plants who's pretty petals belayed the deadly toxins that waited for the unwary. This was Gambler to the core. His rhetoric was perfect, for it hid his sinister intent. He spoke of violence, of horrors perpetrated by meta humans against mankind without mention that he was one of those meta humans, that he had come close to causing suffering on such a scale many times.  

Gambler's speech took them through the conservatory and into the next room. A stylish combination of classic design elements that complemented the next generation holographic projector at its centre. Gambler commanded and instantly it sprang to life in a burst of a thousand points of light. Switch didn’t move a muscle, Gambler was attempting a standard interrogation technique, seeking to awe him with first a display of beauty and now the advanced technology. The Cajun was becoming flustered but managed to catch himself before revealing what he had presumably brought Switch to see. 

"Its called Vibranium. My researchers tell me its metal, for dee most part. Nearly indestructible. Its military applications alone are unfathomable. So far we've discovered two kinds. Dee kind you now hold in your hand, and dis."   
Switch's mind was racing. If Gambler was telling the truth then the ability to mass produce high quality Vibranium weapons would be the deciding factor in shaping the political and social structure of the entire planet for generation's to come. Could he really allow a man like Gambler to have that power? For that matter, could he allow anyone to have that power? The options weren't great, he was in the heart of Le Beau's power with US sanctioned kill teams running loose and an impossible decision to make. If any government got hold of the metal then things would get bad quickly. War, destruction, poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer. But Gambler had created a paradise with the Vibranium, with it in his hands could the entire world change for the better. 
“Dis money helps fund Utopia, but more then dat, its going to save dee World. I...am going to save dee World. And I'll kill every single hero in it if dats what it takes. You see Switch, I'm not a villain, I'm a visionary. And I'll not let dee heroes misplaced moral judgement foolishly block me from doing what needs to be done. Armageddon isn’t on dee horizon, its here, now." 
No. How many people would have to die for that dream to become a reality? He thought back to the terrorists in the conference room. Had those men known that Gambler was sending them to their deaths when he ordered them to stage a fake attack? How many had died for Utopia already? While his goal's were noble, Gambler spent lives to achieve his ends and Switch could never sanction that. 
"Time is running out Switch and I need allies where ever I can get them." placing his hand on his shoulder, he finished with, "If you're not with us, you're against us." 
For the first time since the beginning of Gambler's speech, Switch spoke. 
“We both live our lives by a code Jean. I can no more break mine than you can your's. I see this place you have created, this Utopia, and I can't help but smell the blood that cements the stones. I can't help but taste the fear and the pain and despair that would be necessary to expand this glorious place to cover the globe. But at the same time, what you have here is worth protecting. So I will help you. I'll find the Wolf Pack and I'll do what I can. Hunter's team are mad dogs who need to be stopped and too many have died for Utopia to be destroyed because of politicians' fear. But when you make your move, I'll stand against you. It's not just mutants who can create Armageddon.” 
Stepping back, Switch squared his shoulders and locked eyes with the Desert Messiah.   
“Now do what you've got to do Jean. Kill me, or become the visionary that you claim to be.”

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"It feels so long, since I've left, the place hasn't change one bit." she smiled as she remininsce on the past with memories flowing through her brain about her time in the Wolf Pack since she was in Limbo. The Mistress of Magic felt out of place, her mental stress was still in need to be in check, she visits a therapy to help her recooperate, she looks out the window in her room staring at the open cold field. She looked down, two months had past since she was gone, she missed alot in those two month. Trying to play catch up she was still always behind, her sister Medusalith has taken the throne back, Gloomix is gone, and she felt distanst from friends.

"Stop thinking about the past! This is now and thats all I have to worry about, the present and future, not the past!" she argued to her own thoughts, orders were already given to her by Hunter, two groups were administered, Stella was with the lovely Risky, two magicians on both team, "Sylver hold still." she said as she place her hands on the cold vampirac witch's head, closing her eyes she release a psychic charge, the energy attach the two girl's mind, "Psychic link. It's not permanent but just enough for this mission." she said sweetly as she took off with Risky and the group.

The team arrived in Utopia, the elite city, Stella fitted right in, buisiness and wealth not to mention the nice luxuious shopping plazas and mall around, but the so called paradise it's named after, not so much unless you get deep down into it's dirty secrets. The groups first mission was to find and detect the defenses, Stella closed her eyes the whole way, but time went faster than she thought it would, by the time she opened her eyes to see the world instead of using telepathy for vision. Using her magical portal they entered room 12, “Hello, sweet cheeks. Can you inform Hunter of our successful infiltration into Utopia? Also tell him where we are staying, thank you.” Band spoke, "Ooh goodie." she said with a fustrated tone, as that was done, the group rested in the inn, Band had left, while Stella didn't mine as long as he didn't get into trouble. She began to meditate, trying to read every inhabitants thoughts, but a strong shield prevented any breach, the psychic defenses that every residence had, strange, its like someone was protecting them, hives of traps and defenses in each corner in their minds.

Releasing her astral plane projection she visited France, where Aradia was, doing a little mission of her own. "Are you busy?" she ask, clearly she knew the answer to it, Aradia was battling a group of locals who ran rampant due to the magical disease infecting them, using her jinxes to warp probabilities she caused them to fall to the ground and a large tree to fall over them, "Kinda, what is it Charmy?" she said smiling as she levitated 3 stories high, talking to her campanion's astral form, "I'm gonna need your help-" before Stella was finish another voice entered her mind, Whisper's. "Charmy? Patch me through to Light and do it now, please.", "Done" Stella said sweetly. Using her mind's power she connected the three, acting as the bridge for the Whisper's message to sent across to Light, who was miles away, Light I have no idea what sh!thole you've gotten yourself into, but I swear to God I'm going to be pissed if you get killed. Men who ask me out don't get out of it that easily, you hear me? This is a stupid way to get out of that date and if you do end up dying I will find a way to bring you back just so I can kill you myself."  Whisper spoke with an angry tone, "Ohh my." Stella said to herself, "Done?" she finish, "Done.". Breaking the link she resumed what she was doing earlier. But Aradia didn't respond something had happen to her. But her trail leaded to Utopia, how she got to Utopia so quickly remained unknown.

Stella mind was extremely tired and so was her body, she took a long and restful sleep. The next day had blossom and she awoken, getting ready. The mission was still not done, she had to play her part. Suddenly a mystical green portal appeared before her from Sylevr,  "Charmix, I have information from Hunter for Risky." the mystic elf explained about the vibranium production, "The excavation site is past the main river, into the plains...about five miles west of the suburbs.  I'll be there.  Hunter's looking for Whisper; we think something's happened to her.  Over and out." Sylver ended. "You heard her guys." Stella spoke to the others, Stella walked into the bath room and undress herself, she wore an elegant black and white mini dress added with black open toes heels. Walking out she told her leader, "Risky I'm gonna attend to the towns hall party, see you soon." her preppy voice shrieked as she left the room, walking down the hall way heading towards the elevator, she can feel her presence wasn't welcome. Entering the elevator she headed down to the main floor. 

Whisper was missing and the group was suppose to meet at the location Y had given them, but Stella had other things to do, she sent a message to Sylver to pick up Risky and the others through a portal. Holding tight to her clutch purse she signaled for a taxi, the once proverty strucken land now immense in economy, she got in the taxi and told the driver to take her to the party. As they drove she felt as if she was being followed from behind, as the driver stopped she gave him the cash and walked right into the gathering. A party to celebrate Gambler's success in restoring the land, a picture of him was hang, the massive portrait of his cheshire grin. Her black curly hair and almond eyes seemed to allure some of the men, of course she wasn't here to play but to find some details on Utopia. Glancing around she saw an Asian classy lady, hair tied into a bun wearing a nice revealing dress and make up went perfect. Stella's mind went into alert, she was a telepath, maybe the one responsible for shielding the city's mind, but Stella didn't care she went after her, "Yreve eno ezeerf." she whipsered, her strange magic caused the noisy room to remain still and quiet, she walked over to the telepath and conjured up a portal to the hotel, grabbing the lady with her.

"Where... am I?..." the lady spoke as she sqinted her eyes, unable to move and confused, her body lay nicely on the bed, "Body paraylsis, its my favorite technique." Stella said looking towards her, "Overloading your synapse and disrupting you neuron functions. Your able to see what's going on but your body can't respond. Now tell me about Utopia." she demanded, "Screw you.." the captive lady smiled. "I guess we'll do this the hard way." she said as she lean over to the bed and place her hands on the lady's head, soon Stella enter her mind, figuring out weak points in the psychic shielding she placed around, every angle and ways to break through it, the mind landscapes kept on shifting and changing, each level within the woman's mind got complicated and complicated. On the final stage to breaking the psychic baracade she was stopped, as a psychic backlash hit her, her mind returned to her body and her body flew back hitting a mirror behind her. "What the?!" she spoke, some one had fried the lady's mind before Stella could fully break the psychic shieldings. The brain dead lady lay flat on the bed, still not stopping Stella decided to go straight for the kill, Gambler.

Taking a deep breathe, she sent a psychic wave out, to Gambler's mind, suspicious of how easily it was to enter it, "Something's wrong here..." she sid to herself, "Long time no see chere." she look behind her, it was Gambler, his cheshire grin stretched across his face, his eyes look sinister more than ever, "Fathh faaath...-" she began stuttering, she was scared, groups of telepath surrounded her, by his commanded they attacked her, creating a mental shield around herself she hid behind it, cowarding and talking to herself, "Too many and not in control, this is his mind, he's strong, and his groupies are gonna tear me to pieces in here.". Soon the battle was elevated to the astral plane, she brace herself against the five other skilled telepath's, Gambler was gone but left his dirty work behind. Her heart began beating faster as every attack she took in the astral plane affected her mentally and physically. Returning to the fields with the Wolf Pack would take longer than she expected.    
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Crimson satin clung to her curves as the lights of the evening shone down upon her long dark hair, the cool night air sweeping over the desert sands, blowing softly across he bare backs of the ladies and their partners dressed for the grand evening. Marble and soft velvet encased the room, candles in small multi-coloured glass dishes bathed the room in a light that flickred gently, soft music from the band mixed in with the soft voices and clanking of dishes as the elite of Africa mingled and rubbed shoulders in the new land their prestigious guest had created. Jean moved around the room, his Ozwald Boateng suit perfectly tailored to match his smooth smile and easy conversation, his eyes danced around the room as his hand shook each hand that came his way.

Gambler had arrived late to the evenings events, something had hindered his arrival, but it seemed he was happy with its outcome; he had locked eyes with his people in the room before switching on the smile that would delight the evenings gusts. Women blushed as he drew near them, each eye lingering on his retreating back as he moved to the next guest.

“May I have this dance lovely desert flower” Surreal turned to face one of the guests as he approached her, his suit perfectly cut to cover his tall body, his smooth skin and perfect beard cut to designer style. Reaching out his hand a voice behind her interrupted him “I believe the lady is spoken for” Little Sparrow brushed his hand against Surreal’s bare shoulder as he nodded to the gentleman who stepped back with a small bow as Surreal was lead onto the dance floor. Sparrow was clad in a simple black suit and black shirt, he, like she slightly uncomfortable in the dignified clothing, but he carried it with style. The room became a gentle blur as he began to spin her across the dance floor the arms in perfect ease as the Assassins danced “you look beautiful Lady Surreal” Sparrow softly spoke against her ear, despite herself a small smile drifted across her face, only to be broken by the sight of two of the League of Assassin members standing at the edges of the crowd, Sparrow turned to see the men and guided Surreal across the floor, stepping aside as he landed in front of the two men, bowing lightly his lips brushing her hand as he left her to speak with her men.

“This interruption better be important” she spoke to the men as she led them off to a quiet room off the ball area, the door behind them closed carefully the music blocked off as the men spoke to their mistress.

“Sensei, the Chabot mansion has been infiltrated” the man before her stood, clad in simple black as he waited on his orders “Chabot has his own guards” Surreal replied her irritation and being bothered with such menial information “They have been compromised Sensei, the Wolf from the west and a girl with the power to put them to sleep” Surreal looked at the man for some time before replying “Have the entire League settled into their new compound?” she spoke of the recent transition of her army of men who were dedicated to the LeBeau foundations wishes “Yes Sensei” the man replied “Organise a contingent, have them meet me outside the Chabot mansion in 3 hours, send a small party ahead to watch, if anyone makes a move against Precise, take them out quickly” The men bowed low to their mistress and exited the room, Surreal unzipped the silk dress and let it fall to the ground, naked she moved to the side of the room, opening the small back hidden behind the counter she pulled out the soft red fabric inside and wrapped it around her, strapping her blades and Bow Staff to her back she pulled open the window as the door behind her opened

 “Trouble Lady?” Sparrow asked as he took in her uniform, she stepped out on the balcony and jumped up onto the ledge turning to him as she squatted on the stone arm “Trouble at the Chabot mansion, care to join me?” she asked with a small smile, her heart beat a little faster when he was near.

 A smile crossed his face “I shall join you later, I could not stop you having your fun” he bowed slightly as he exited the room, the soft sound of a thud outside the only notion that Surreal had left the ball. 

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Lone wolf:

After sharing the recovered information with the group and making sure his job had been fruitful to the team Band decided to fallow on his trail by returning to where he had left of his investigation. In his case it was just a matter of his teleportation device’s memory which pin points the exact coordinates of the wild card’s latest jumps. “Well, no one said I would live forever.. Lets go!” Activating his teleportation device Band is taken away from the room and returned to the alleyway where he had last jumped from. In mid day the streets were busy and the alleyway had been compromised with civilians “The Devil! The Devil!” Yelled a man who’s daily routine of bringing out the trash and dump it in the dumpster had just turned him into a liability when he witnessed Band Lone’s arrival. “Crap..” Band played it cool, but been so close to the office, which he had crashed the last night, in mid day while someone yelled “The Devil is here!” was a bit too suspicious. Turning his attention to where the man had emerged from Band decided to go in to lure the man inside. Just as planned the superstitious man fallowed “Get out of my restaurant you Devil, you, you, abomination!” the man reached for a meat clever and came sprinting towards the man this one had baptized as [The Devil]. The man swung the meat-clever over and over again at Band who only avoided the lethal blade by shifting his upper torso’s position and staying limbered as the slow man kept trying to chop [the Devil] into bits with a meat cleaver. “Sorry my man” Tired of playing around with the man who thought could kill the Devil with a kitchen utensil Band dodged the blade one last time and finally sent a snake fist strike to the man’s throat. Natural human reaction the man dropped the weapon and reached to nurse his affected throat while he desperately gasped for air. The man dropped to his knees while still gasping for air. “Clean up after myself” Uttered Band as he browsed the place for a cavity to stack the witness. “Perfect” A good spot came to Band’s line of sight, a simple broom closet which would now serve as a place to temporary bury the evidence.

The broom closet door was locked “Who the heck locks a broom closet?” Asked himself the handsome Devil of the wolf pack. A small appliance of extra strength to the doorknob made the lock crack open and the door popped open, but to revealed something odd that didn’t really belong in a closet compartment. There were no brooms or anything related to the janitor’s duties, just a set of stairs going down. “Oooh, nice played.. This isn’t in the blueprints.” A suspicion came to the Lone wolf before he pushed the civilian against the broom closet’s wall and tore the cook’s uniform revealing a security ID. “You’re not a cook, you dick! You’re guarding this entrance, aren‘t you?”  Realizing the man was a bad guy it made it a lot more easier for Band to do the deed. The hand of the red baron grasped the throat of the guard before pushing him against the concrete wall. “We’ll make it look like an accident” with a slight twist of the hand Band manage to break the man’s neck before pulling him off the wall and then pushing him down the stairs. The body rolled down the steps all the way to the lower floor. “That had to hurt.” The wild one then walked down the steps all the way near the dead body. “Good thing you were dead already.” He said before digging in the man’s pockets grabbing ID card, keys and codes valid in the underground tunnels. “Thanks, you’ve been very kind, sir.”

The civilian clothed that ruled all over the pack member had been ripped apart for the sexy swordsman was already in the shit. He might as well be ready for the worse. Armored suit, specially design helmet, swords strapped to his hips, bow around his back along with his special arrows it was time tear this place a new one.

Making his way down to the tunnels Band hid behind several wooden stacks of boxes, probably filled with construction material, weapons and lord knows what. But it didn’t matter, all this would be discovered later on after the  army stormed inside what mattered was having the owner red-handed and with enough evidence to justify his execution. The lone one was deeper than before so storming in like a maniac, as he always does, was not ideal. Cameras were covering the corridors, that would be the first priority. Hacking device came to play and the swordsman’s code he had implanted before would come handy to play a bit with the system. “Sorry fellas..“ Said Band as he hacked the cameras and sensors “Cameras in sector 4 are now mine.” The cameras had stopped broadcasting and a little false game of tick-tack-toe to nowhere was the only way to crack the cameras and sensors into function once again. “Now I’m safe to explore this place.” Bow and arrow at hand the stealth warrior walked the location ready to dispatch anyone who stand on his way. But then the sharp hearing sense of Band Lone picked up a conversation: “Black ops in Utopia? Yeah, I heard of it..” Band fallowed the sound and it lead to a air vent which served as a tunnel through which the loud mouthed personnel’s words were traveling via sound reaching the Lone wolf. The sound came from the bathrooms, two employees washing their bloody hands. “They must be pretty stupid to think they can come in here like they own the place.” replied the doctor as the blood was washed away into the drain by the flowing water “I bet lord Gambler has already dispatch the Sands, mark my words soon enough those black ops will be in our little clinic..” *Door suddenly opens* “No they wont” Replied the voice of the Devilish redheaded beast of death. *Gasp* The two men then turned around just as the lights suddenly are switch off. “What the hell?!” The tough talking surgeons suddenly become nothing but skittish blabbering fools as they witness death before their eyes. Terror hit the surgeons’ psyche as they witnessed their bodyguard dealing with trauma induced by an arrow nailing him to the door-frame right through his skull.   

Pulling on his trusty bow loaded with two arrows Band informed the pair “We’re already here” before executing the deed. The two tough talking surgeon's bodies fell on their knees before their upper body slammed against the bathroom floors. “And there is no stopping us.” (Clean up after yourself) he remembered the words of Risky before he hid the bodies in the bathroom and locked the door. "Now, where's that clinic?" He asked himself as he prepared his bow and carefully fallowed on his lone wolf infiltration of the tunnels of Utopia.
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Many times Light had traveled through the cosmos. Enjoying the lifeless breeze he felt as he raced through the galaxy. The dazzling light shows, and the invigorating feel of a burning star's embrace against his skin. But none of his ventures in the dark depths of outer space were like this. His body ached, bones felt weak and brittle. His skin was charred and a burning sensation ran rampant throughout his carcass. His lungs contracted again and again, desperate for air. His chested heaved as he tried to inhale, only to received nothing in turn for all hs efforts. His body wanted to quit, but his mind would not allow it. Willpower was focused within him, yet without his ring there was no way to channel it into true power. For the first time in his life, as Nate's grip tightened around his neck, Light felt completely and utterly helpless. His hands, struggling to resist, finally were at ease, casually falling to his sides. That raging will inside him that urged him to fight on was reduced to a hush voice as Light's eyelids slid closed for the what was to be the final moment of his life. 
 "Light I have no idea what sh!thole you've gotten yourself into, but I swear to God I'm going to be pissed if you get killed. Men who ask me out don't get out of it that easily, you hear me? This is a stupid way to get out of that date and if you do end up dying I will find a way to bring you back just so I can kill you myself." Just he closed his eyes, Whisper's face appeared in his mind, those words being uttered in a worried tone. He couldn't help but wonder how she was aware of Light's impending passing. Those words rekindled the fire inside and with that Light felt a sudden feeling of rejuvenation. His pains bothered him no more and the weary feeling plagued him no longer. As he opened his eyes he found that his cuts had been healed and a very familiar shield has returned to his body. His lungs relaxed, the flow oxygen required had been restored. Looking into Nate's confused eyes Light realized that Nate acknowledged what was happening.  
He could feel Nate's grip tightening, but in his damaged state it was not enough to overpower the refreshed Kryptonian. With one hand Light pryed Nate's hand off of his neck, twisting his wrist around and watching him grunt in agony. "What was it that you were saying in the cell? I'm nothing without my kryptonian heritage? Well now that its back I guess that makes me something, and you nothing huh?" Nate spat at Light, but with his super speed,  the shot was avoided. "You--" Nate's sentence was cut off as Light delivered a powerful punch to his foe's mouth, sending his body hurtling back towards the atmosphere. 
Light dove forward with uncanny speed. In an instant he moved from the outer crust to the inner, unleashing another devastating blow on Nate, sending him flying across the Prime Meridian. With another super fast move Light sent a hammer fist down on Nate, his body soaring down like a bullet, crashing into the icy waters of the arctic tundra. Light entered the waters and Nate tried to launch a counter offensive, striking the hero three times in the ribs. Light weathered the blows of a weakened Nate, catching his fist as it neared Light's cheek. Further making use of his super strength Light walloped Nate with an earth shattering uppercut. The connection unleashed an explosion of power, causing the ice casing over the river to crack and sink into the waters. For miles the cracks could be seen and echoes of the noise made via the punch traveled just as far.  
Nate fell somewhere in the South American jungles. Light arrived, picking up his longtime rival and straddling him by his collar. "How did you get back?" Blood leaked from Nate's mouth as he mustered up the strength to smile. "Well wouldn't you like to know." Nate's smile widened as he saw Light's face scrunch up in anger. "Tell me!" Nate spat out a gooey mixture of blood and saliva. "I'll give you a hint, the same man whose responsible for that virus that caused you to lose your powers, is responsible for my return and the return of your powers apparently." Light tossed Nate onto the grown and began to walk away. Nate, refusing to except such a defeat, gathered energy in his hand. "Don't you dare turn your back on me weakling!" Nate shouted as he sent a beam of energy at Light. The kryptonian turned around, his eyes glowing a profusely bright red as he sent his blaring heat vision at the oncoming energy beam. There was small power struggle between the two, display hues of vibrant light as the energies clashed. Light stepped forward, in an attempt to overtake Nate's beam. It was successful and the red laser bore down upon the villain, rendering him unconscious and severely burned. Light took off into the skies, in search of the one called Crimson Death, with restored vigor.   

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 After the ball and his dance with Surreal, Sparrow had returned to the blackened market place, the guards had already cleared the area and any clues that had sat in the ground where now buried under a layer of sand and foot prints. Information was already flying round utopia at a steady rate. A story of a large man who paid the manager of one of the hotels to stay quiet certainly intrigued Sparrow, what use was money to a utopian. The outsiders where use to working their way in a corrupt world, a world where morals and danger was everyday, here in utopia the only people who dealt with that was those close to the king, the people who worked for Utopia only understood the peace that they lived and never asked how it was secured, why would you if you where happy and living a free life. It seemed as if this outsider was happy to leave a trail, even if it was not on purpose. Sparrow followed every lead about strange goings on with in Utopia, he spoke to the hotel manager, but did not enter the room just yet he needed to follow the mans tracks. The desert sun was high above the dome that protected the inner city, a spark of orange flashed out over the top of them as the sun played its games with the reflection of the ground. The domes security system had picked up some strange energy signals passing in and out of it last night, Sparrow had alerted the security staff to this and they where to inform him instantly of if it reappeared and try to localize the signal. A small buzz broke him from his investigation he opened up the small black device that had given him a two block raids as the signal came to life again, with a smile Sparrow vanished re-appearing in a dark alleyway.

They where not in the heart of Utopia but on part of the outer shell, Sparrow’s eyes where drawn to the ground, foot prints littered the ally, where the sand had blown in, a mix of stone and dust had recreated what seemed to be a battle from just moments before. To his left two black dustbin bags lay split on the ground, followed by Sparrow could trace the steps of the man who had exited the restaurant, but another set of foot steps seemed to appear out of nowhere, they had no trace of entering the ally. Sparrow looked at his own steps, teleportation so the first man had seen the outsider appear out of thin air, he followed the steps as they entered the restaurant followed by the first man, the door was still open. As he entered the back door and the change of light caught the silver edge of a meat clever that lay on the ground, on closer examination he noticed the empty hook on which it came from. Following the events outside one of the two men had picked it up as a weapon, but was not as skilled as the other; the meat clever held no blood nor was there much damage to the area around the kitchen. Sparrow knew of this restaurant it was one of the many entrances to the tunnels below, Gambler had hired many citizens to keep certain doors locked and for peace they did as he asked never daring to look what was behind such a door, very few where given entrance to the system below in order to bring the real guards their food.

Sparrow walked round the kitchen to find a broken door, he checked the wall and found it partly indented, where the outsider must have slammed the kitchen owner into. Reaching for the silver handle Sparrow let the light break down the steps he saw the dead body laying at the bottom and moved slowly to check it, the fall had not broken the mans neck this was done before the damage to his body, the bruising from the neck wounds had fully taken place while the ones from the fall where still turning a nice purple color. A shrewd attempt at making the fall look like an accident, what also backed up with an empty card pin from the ID card that had been stolen, sparrow had seen no trace of the card upstairs or on the mans body. Sparrow sighed “I regret your death was not a good one, my friend” Sparrow closed the mans eyes and stood. He turned to the security door to find a set of civilian clothing left at the entrance. The outsider was trying to cover his tracks, but it seemed as if he was more a fighter then a man of the shadows, a mans actions often spoke volumes. Sparrow had already knew that this outsider could fight and was attempting to cover his tracks, but this was not his usual MO, simple mistakes had given him away, simple things that any CSI team would simple pick up or the keen eye of a trained warrior.

Moving into the shadows as if they where one Sparrow followed the path of the tunnel, increasingly coming suspicious of the lack of guards he found along the route, he passed several crates holding mining equipment. The camera’s hummed around him but would only pick up a glimpse of a small shadow if anything. Sparrow was trained for the darkness as if he was one of them.   But for some reason he looked at one an orange light flashed instead of the red one that normally meant it was recording. It seemed as if the stranger was already one step ahead of the security system. Sparrow kept following the most direct route in the tunnels, his eyes taking everything in. He caught site of an open air vent, walking over he peered in, it could easily fit a single man and had no doubt been the route of his prey, not wanting to trap himself in a small space he move in the open tunnels following the vent system. Until he stopped at the bathroom and found the door locked…”I smell death brother let me come and play” ignoring his brothers words, Sparrow placed a kunai into the lock and it popped open. His brother was not wrong, the smell of metallic blood filled the air as, Sparrows eyes danced over the scene before him, the lights remained off, yet he saw with ease, the body guard had never seen it coming a single arrow lay in the mans head, he must have felt safe in the bathroom a simple mistake believing that there was only one entrance which he could visibly see from his stand point, but left him open from attack from the vent. The other two had died quickly one was pinned to the door frame an arrow holding up his body, subtle was not something this outsider was use to, Sparrow touched the body, the blood was still warm, he was close.

Sparrow turned noting that the rose should from now on be patrolling the tunnels; it seems as if Utopia’s guards where untrained to the point of uselessness that two of them could be taken out without even causing the attacker any sort of pain. Walking back into the tunnels Sparrow followed the course and soon his keen eyes found the man he was looking for. Stepping out of the shadows Sparrow allowed his presence to be felt, the man held a bow and was heavily armored, two swords where strapped to each hip and he had a helmet that seemed to be designed for close quarter fighting. Sparrow thick Asian accent filled the air between them, “Do beg my pardon, but you seem a little lost, perhaps I can offer you some assistance.” Sparrow bowed to the outsider.

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 Like a virus the great stealth warrior had infiltrated the system of the Utopia. The task had taken little effort and without help from his teammates who were quite silent for the time the lone one had been running around the tunnels. After fixing a quick speed-bump, in the form of an operator running a control room, the assassin hacked into a large computer and downloaded private files and schedules of the underground facilities. “Well, my job is done.” Said the infiltrator, “Don’t think we need anything else from this place.” The lone one was ready to escape the scene, but then he got a little curious. “That lab..” He once again entered the files and browsed through them hoping to find information on the type of experimentation they had in a society run by a mastermind. “They must have something similar to what I want.” He said as he search for what he most desired ever since his abilities were taken away.  “Advance regeneration” or as it is known in the world of heroes and villains: A healing factor.

From one of the files Project: Cruz came to the screen of the computer along with a 30 days daily vlogs file of the successful experiment and many other primate abominate failures. “Interesting.” By playing one of the daily vlogs Band witnessed a small simian creature been experimented upon and tested. “A clone of Hit-monkey?” He read on the file of the animal. The vlog showed a monkey been cruelly amputated but then within hours the limb had regenerated. “Perfect!” He said showing a glimpse of enthusiasm. The video showed the simian was caged in a lab where they kept the healing serum which was labeled: unstable. But Band Lone had little options. “Well is either this.. or slap Hunter. But then again I would turn into a odorous wolf, no thanks..  I’m going after this.. My furniture will thank me.” Pinpointing the location of the project Band then shutdown the computer and locked the control room.

Headed towards his new personal objective, which was to achieve ultimate longevity, Band Lone is suddenly alerted of a possible threat in the area. Looking into his device he looked upon a single person walking through sector 4 “Hm, he hasn’t raise an alarm..” Notice the armored assassin.  “He sure isn’t part of Wolf pack. Can he be so clueless that he didn’t notice that all the personnel and guards were dead?” He wondered as he grabbed one of his red marked arrows, “I doubt it, this guy must be one of those egomaniacs with a mount Everest worth of pride in what he does.” Then, the expert in explosives, snapped the shaft of the special design arrow right bellow the tip. “Well, that makes two of us, honey.” fallowing after dropping the broken shaft he drew a second arrow and added the explosive from the first arrow to the second one. “Heavier, but more effective.” He said about the new powerful weapon before looking onto his bracelet which estimated the tracker to be close-by.

Finally out of the shadows the tracker emerged and addressed the lone wolf.  “Do beg my pardon, but you seem a little lost, perhaps I can offer you some assistance.” Said the equipped man who had a very thick Asian accent and a interesting fashion designer. The two warriors kept a decent distance while facing each other.  Lone on his end couldn’t keep his eyes off the newcomer’s attire. “Interesting clothing. Very theatrical.” complemented Lone to the man before him while placing the already mentioned arrow he had prepared back in the quiver. “As for your offer of assisting me. Well, as hilarious as it may sound, I am looking for a monkey at this moment.” Informed the stealth warrior. The hand then returns from the quiver holding two arrows between the Index, middle and ring finger before pulling on the strings and resting the arrows on the frame of the bow, ready to engage. "Quick question.." Band said, “I’ve killed your boys and extracted a lot of harmful data from this facility which will harm this little “perfect world” you guys run.. Aren’t you suppose to call your elite-dogs to make sure I don‘t make it to the surface?” He inquired trying to suffice the curiosity he felt as of the reason the man had come to face him alone. 
Ready the bow, aiming to the target, and with confidence or arrogance and maybe a bit of teasing in the intent, BL then added “You don’t think you can beat me, do you?” Just a false move from the man is all that it would take before the pair of arrows would fire headed towards the under abdomen which the archer expected was made of a softer fabric that allowed the enemy to move and bend. “Or are you on a negotiating mood?” He wondered. 

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 The classically themed commemoration celebrating the unprecedented rise of Utopia was a virtual who's who of international relations, alongside several well known celebrities and highly famed performers. Their credibility and name recognition all but solidifying Jean Luc's newly revamped public image as he continued to mold the dark continent into one of the World's preeminent superpowers through meticulous manipulation backed by some of the most tactically proficient military minds in history. His true power however was derived from the analytically precise accumulation of those who created the foundation of his Inner Circle. Painstakingly seeking out the World's elite minds and cooperate juggernauts, integrating their expertise with the stylishly refined abilities of those who had perfected the art of combat.

Flashing lights mixed with harmoniously hypnotic melodies dazzled those in attendance as the Utopian Era was ushered in with aristocratic overindulgence. Epitomized by the theatrically exaggerated pieces of art, fashion, runway models, and spirits. Creating the perfect environment in which the Cajun could circulate, creating new alliances in hopes of expanding his visionary masterpiece. Yet, despite his best efforts, World leaders were still reluctant to announce any sort of formal alliance, especially with the recent bombings and hostage scare that, unbeknown to the rest of the World, had been orchestrated by Gambler himself as part of a conspiracy to frame the wandering black ops team, the Wolf Pack. Surreal Diablo had helped facilitate the process with a series of systematic, high profile assassinations, severing the secretive ties between those within the United Nations strongly opposed to Jean Luc's recent rise to power, and the Pack. Now the United States had no other course of action but to proclaim them rogues, a group of Broken Arrows and initiating a standing kill order. However the fraudulent maneuvering had reinforced the notion that Utopia, and more importantly, Africa as a whole, had yet to fully sake its volatile nature.

As the night progressed Jean Luc had focused the majority of his attention on the alarmingly beautiful Prime Minister of Israel, Sefer Shamot. A former captain in the infamous Israeli special forces unit, the Mossad. She had risen through the ranks with relative ease utilizing a mixture of sexual seduction and specialized combat prowess, with her superiors soon taken notice. Enrolling her in more selective political arenas where her ingenuity could flourish. Her unbridled support would be paramount if Jean Luc's ambitious plans for expansion were ever to come to flourishion. Using the full measure of his almost hypnotic charm Gambler dazzled the exotic beauty before an instantaneous flash of a magical origin swept over the audience suspending them in frozen animation as the calculating conjurer of magic, Charmix, swept through the crowd before abducting one of the cities telepaths. With a simple phrase the Mistress of Magic opened a portal and disappeared. However she had failed to fully secure the Cajun's other networks of highly trained mind binders allowing them shield the King of King's pshychy. Flanked by two such telepaths Gambler quickly followed the newest member of the Pack through her own portal, their combined powers creating a hole in Charmix's perception allowing them to remain undetected as she began interrogating her hostage. A simple nod given by the Aristocratic Assassin and the telepaths unleashed a small wave within the captured Utopian's mind collapsing her thoughts as her reality delved into perpetual darkness. With unwavering fortitude Charmix decided to go all in, searching out the Cajun's mind in an unwise decision to confront the Utopian Ambassador himself, unaware of his psychic defenses courtesy of his ex-wife, Esther Cotillard.

"Long time no see chere." his thick accent resonated from behind the unsuspecting magic practitioner. Catching Charmix by surprise the room was soon filled with an ecliptic group of telepathic jedis laying siege to her mental stability. Leaving her no other option but to retreat deeper into her mind hidden behind her well placed psychic barriers. Arrogantly the LeBeau Legacy straitened his black Versace collar before grinning, "Take care of dis, but do not damage her mind beyond repair. I want her alive." he said before stepping out of the room making his way outside, dipping into the passenger seat of a silver Aston Martin Rapide. Without turning to formally address the half machine, half human chauffeur Gambler spoke, "Is every in order Flower?" her response coming in the form of a compliant nod before unfolding her right hand initiating a holographic reply of the developing story streaming across the World's news networks.

  Talks of peace in the Middle East came to fruition today as a benefactor of "currently" unknown origin has, according to locals "finally given the peace that this country so lusts for" this reporter is standing in the middle of rare scene in Israel, people are walking the streets confident and happy, their is no war or pain, peace has finally come. "This reporter is going to join the people behind her for a well deserved drink in celebration of the mysterious new power that has come to this land.

Completely void of any emotionalattachment Flower's metallic like voice responded to the recent events. "It seems Rina has fullfild her part of the deal. But analytically speaking the odds of successfully completing such wide spread expansion is.." Halted by the sudden rise of Gambler's hand the subservient assassin paused. "Tis time Utopia channeled its energy into the social reform, education, and political representation through informal alliances with legal cooperations and fielding hand selected candidates for a nonsectarian region. Israel's unmitigated compliance is mandatory. Rina has manipulated their minds"pausing to reach into his pocket before displaying a red velveteen case containing an oval sapphire of the bluish hue 18-carat engagement ring with 14 small diamonds on the side, forming an elegant and very elaborate setting.

"And I shall manipulate, dheir hearts"

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“I’m glad that for once the rumours are true”  Her eyes narrowed suspiciously. How the hell did this man know anything about her? How were any rumors spread? She had stayed completely under the radar. Nobody other than the Wolf Pack had knowledge on her, her arrival in this timeline or her powers. And even then, the Pack wasn't entirely informed of the details, they simply couldn't be. So it brought up the question of who the hell was spreading any sort of rumors about her? 
She stood in front of his desk, the gun held steadily in her hand as her eyes looked him up and down, the mental image of him burning itself into her retinas. She would never forget the man who so brazenly sat there, drinking his wine. She refused the offered seat and the offered wine, alcohol was most certainly not Olivia's thing. She preferred to be in control at nearly all times “It’s not often a woman of your beauty, power and skill willingly graces me with their presenceHowever, I can do better than merely tell you. I mean to strike a deal with you. You erase any memory I have of my loved ones and family, the reasons are my own. And I will give you this..” She couldn't help but be struck by curiosity. How the heck did he know about her power, how did he know anything? After this mission, she was going to have to talk to her team and gather some intel, because this wasn't acceptable by any means. There was a sliding sound as the leather case that encased the iPad slid towards her across the highly polished desk. She walked closer to the desk, the tops of her thighs hitting the edge of it as she grabbed the iPad. She straightened it so that it was facing her, keeping it on the desk. Running her long slender finger across the touch screen she unlocked it was surprised at what she saw to say the least. It was partial blueprints to underground corridors and holding rooms, the label of what exactly she was looking at in the upper right hand corner of the screen. She was assuming that she would be able to unlock the full ones once she had completed her half of the bargain if she chose to accept it. Of course Gambler would have something like this...what megalomaniac in their right mind built something like Utopia without a decent hidden prison and torture area? 
Her eyes lit upon a small icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, a small lightning bolt. Touching it gently, she waited for the file to open up. The first thing that she saw was the name "Kurrent" and she immediately new that things were bad. They were very very bad. How had they managed to get him? How had nobody noticed his disappearance? What the hell had the so-called heroes been doing that this had gone unnoticed? Was this world in worse shape than she had thought? Was there something underneath the surface that she had missed? Or were there simply so many heroes that they were beginning to fall through the cracks? If the less savory players realized this, then it would be open season on the lesser known heroes. Hell, on all the heroes. If they numbered so many that Kurrent could be taken and nobody noticed...this was not going to end well. Bracing her hand on the desk Olivia watched Emile with baited breath. “You take the hero, and you have my word as a man of honor that my guards will not harm you nor Kurrent. However, I can’t speak for Gamblers guards and this deal does not involve the rest of your team.” 
She took a small step back from his desk as he took another sip of wine, his movements calm and languid. She stood there, thoughts flying through her mind, processing the new information that she had been given. How did she know what this wasn't a ruse? Some sort of trap? Why would he want her to erase his memories? So that he didn't feel guilty about the things that he did? So that he didn't have to worry about being accountable to them? That didn't sound like the man from her time, the man who had died giving somebody else a second chance. News had been spread about the tragic death of Emile Chabot, about how it was his giving nature that had been his downfall. “Ask yourself this: Am I really so different from you?  You fight for what you believe in, as do I. You are willing to kill if it means a better world, as am I. You may think of me as a cruel man, and in a sense I am. But no more than you, or any of your people in your team. We have provided an Utopia for the people living here, where they used to live in poverty and despair, some will suffer for the greater cause as you’ve probably heard yourself but is that any different from any other government?  If you take the deal and you stand before Kurrent, you have another choice. You can save him since that’s what your team expects of you. Or you can chose your own path, kill him honourably with the respect he deserves and take your place at my side. You could do so much for the people here, you could save thousands with a mere whisper. Stand with me, and everything will prosper. Stand against me, and you will be responsible for thousands of deaths knowing what you could have done to save them.  It are these these choices that define us, that truly show us who we are.” 

Watching him carefully as he placed his wine glass down on a coaster on the antique desk, he stepped around it, looking her straight in the eye. She turned to meet his gaze, now standing perpendicular to his desk, her hip resting against the side of it.  "I'll do it, I'll erase your memories."  She swallowed audibly, looking somewhat nervous. "I'll erase your memories of the people in this world who are closest to you and I'll do it happily to save Kurrent."  Holstering her weapon, she looked into Emile's bright eyes. He stood there tall and regal, poised and full of confidence. He knew what he was doing, he knew what he wanted, but there was also anger in his stance, evident by his tensed muscles. He was telegraphing that anger and she was going to play on it, she was going to guilt him. She had never personally known the Chabots in her own time, but everybody knew of them and they knew of Emile's tragic death. Killed by somebody he gave a second chance to as his daughter stood there watching. That was something a girl never really got over, but it most certainly spoke to his intentions, to what kind of person he truly was. This may be a different timeline now, but the root of everything, of everybody, it was still the same.  "But know this. You don't know anything about me. You don't know who I am, where I'm from, what my name is. Hell you don't even know  when  I'm from, so don't presume things about me. I have honorable goals, the protection of family, the saving of people and I may do some things that are viewed as dishonorable to achieve those goals but what you are doing? It goes beyond dishonor. You're working with Jean Luc LeBeau. He might be a fan favorite with the public right now and he may know how to play to the media better than anybody I've ever seen, but I think we both know the truth. When it comes down to the very root of things, he's not much more than a Cajun snake laying in the grass waiting to strike. He'll kill and lie and cheat to get what he wants and although he may appear honorable and noble, he is not. I think you realize that and that's why you're so angry."  She motioned to his somewhat stiff stance, to his tensed muscles.  "You know that he's willing and able to cross lines that you would never dream of crossing, the kidnapping and torturing of Kurrent? That idea is abhorrent to you because it's not honorable. It's dirty and sneaky and cruel. At the base of things, you are an honorable man, Emile Chabot and you have the best interests of others in your mind and heart. All the power games are a way for you to try and do things to make other people's lives better. That is not what Jean is about. He talks a good game about how the world needs him, his brand of justice, about how he is doing great things. And he may be doing great things for some people, but the motive is not great and neither is the fallout. When you get down to the core of it, he is doing these things for himself, for selfish reasons and the fallout is going to be the deaths of innocent people like those sixteen year old boys he has working in his mines. So don't stand there and preach to me about what is honorable in this world. I have seen things that you can't imagine and I have killed people who were once family to my father and I came back from that, I came back and I'm doing good with my life now. I'd like you to be able to say the same after all this is said and done

She didn't really expect him to take what she said to heart but she sure as hell hoped that he did.  "This is going to be completely painless and nearly instantaneous. When I'm done, you will have no memories of those you consider family, no memories of people you have close emotional ties to. Your emotional bonds will be a blank slate, you'll be free to do what you please with that blank slate. None of your other memories will be impacted."  She gave him a slight nod. She didn't understand why he wanted to do this, but she had made a deal, she would stand by it. "No more memories of loved ones."  The whispered sentence was simple and to the point, but it got the job done. Words were her power and she knew how to wield them most effectively.  "It's done."  
"Then I suppose I must uphold my end of the bargain."  Walking back over to the desk he picked up the iPad and after a few quick runs of his finger over the screen, handed it back to her.  "You now have full access to the blueprints that you need. Use them wisely."  He handed her the iPad and let her go on her way.  
"Trust me, I will."  She took the iPad and backed out of the room slowly. Her gun was holstered and she wanted to make certain that he wasn't going to try anything. Once she closed the door behind her, she nearly ran into Hunter. A look of irritation crossed her face as her eyes met those of the elusive Lycan king.  
"What do you think you're up to?"  His low voice reverberated throughout the room and she could sense his irritation. She hadn't checked in with any Pack members other than having Charmy patch her through to Light and she hadn't shown up at the hotel.  
"Really? What does it look like I'm up to?"  Her voice was heavily laced with sarcasm. "Going for an evening stroll?"  
"I have no use for sarcasm. Not on missions."  He was annoyed now. He wasn't used to women other than Risky standing up to him and countering him like this. He was used to his two partners, Hawk and Risky being just that, his partners, and to everybody else falling in line as they were told. Well, he was in for a rude awakening. Olivia didn't fall in line for anybody. Least of all him.  "You may be my best friend's daughter, but that doesn't give you leave to disrespect me, nor does it give you any sort of authority here. You follow my orders to the letter and you learn to check in." 
Olivia smiled to herself. He was irritated and she was slightly amused. Taking careful note of the tensing of the muscles in his forearms, indicating that he was getting ready to pop his claws, she gathered all her bravado. "I am not the daughter of your best friend."  She had yet to fully explain the details of her origin, or even really elaborate on where and when she was from.  "I'm the daughter of Lord's Angel, your worst freaking enemy. So don't stand there and act like you know me, I'm tired of people doing that. Especially when I could turn you into a mewling pup with a few choice words."  She handed him the iPad.  "We have bigger things to worry about right now than your issues with me."  
His face dawned with understanding.  "That bastard."
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  Sparrow stood in the silence of the shadows as the man spoke, Sparrow merely smiled as the man attempted to insult his armour, it was a childish attempt at pushing the bodyguard, considering what the outsider was wearing himself. “As for your offer of assisting me. Well,   as hilarious as it may sound , I am looking for a   monkey   at this moment.” Nodding as the man spoke Sparrow made no movement that would start a battle between them, “Quick Question” the man suddenly spouted again, “I’ve killed your boys and extracted a lot of harmful data from this facility which will harm this little “perfect world” you guys run.. Aren’t you suppose to call your elite-dogs to make sure I don‘t make it to the surface?”   It seemed as if this outsider had not been briefed on the people he would be facing in Utopia, “Is there anything else you wish to add, or shall I start answering your many question?” Sparrow replied his voice seeming almost amused by the man in front of him. He began aiming his bow at Sparrow, the man’s arrogance almost filled the tunnel they stood in,   but Sparrow had dealt with men like this before. “You don’t think you can beat me,   do you ?” Sparrows eyes remained on the bow as it found the soft area of his armour, Sparrow was not doubting this man’s skill in battle, but the man himself did raise some questions. Or are you on a negotiating mood?”.

His eyes remained taking in the man’s movements, the muscles round the throat had tightened, a small smile perhaps had crossed his face. “I shall answer each of your questions starting with the last, negotiating would be a fruitless endeavour, what information do you believe you have?”  It was a rhetorical question. “Ask yourself a very simple question, how many prisons have you seen in Utopia? The simple answer is none, not a single one. Where crime is at a low in Utopia compared to the outside world, we still have crime. We do not act like the western world as we are not governed by the same laws, we do not place them in cells or pamper them, they work for their crimes! They mine and help Utopia grow from beneath. This is something that was explained to the press at length during their visit. Something you could have simply asked about....” Sparrow removed himself from the shadows and stood in the light looking defiantly at the man. “Each prisoner is fed and kept healthy, but they work for their crimes and when their time is finished they are released but never allowed to re-enter Utopia, that is their punishment. The information you have from this facility will only back up my claims, please take it to your government by all means.”  

Sparrow began to smile as he readied his next words “Next you asked if I thought I could beat you, again this is fruitless as I am not here to fight you. Do you honestly believe if we had anything to hide, it would be guarded by such easily over powered men or security systems? Simple Id Cards and cameras you can hack into in moments without alerting the central system? No I doubt you can see the real world before you. You came to Utopia looking for danger and thus made it. The men you referred to as my boys, where Utopians who wished to keep the peace and thus guarded the tunnels encase any prisoners tried to escape, you saw them as evil as you wished to find them that way. The Utopian royals will make sure their families are well looked after now that their fathers or husbands have left this world.”  Before Sparrow continued he turned his head “ As for the Doctors you killed, well that will help you find the monkey you spoke of,   The western world is in no place to judge us over this, the Super Solider formula they created for Andferne, the experiments that Sector 13 did on the doomsday creature. Japan, the UK, Russia all have their own experiments, we simply choose to work on animals rather than people.  In an effort to prove this, you have clearance to continue your search, the two doctors you killed will be placed to rest, but had no families..”

Starting to turn “The reason I am here is to ask you simply not to kill any more people you deem to be evil, you can walk these tunnels unhindered by anyone you come across, your finger print from this moment forward will open any locked door.” A security detail had already gone over the room that Lone had stayed in while Sparrow followed his trail, Sparrow had left strict orders with the hotel manager and the Rose would have carried them out to the letter “ take whatever you find back with you to your pack, but do not kill anymore of are people and when you are done leave the sand and blood behind you. For it will be up to Utopia to clean up the pointless destruction you have brought with you and leave in your wake.  The only reason your crimes are going unpunished is that you are not one of the citizens of this country, we have passed on the information of your actions to the government that hired you and if you do lay a finger on anyone else down here, we will let the world know what America placed the wolves amongst the sheep’s and let them roam free without a leash. While they stood aside and let France be turned to dust, then we shall see how the Wolves react when they have no shadows to hide in and no port to call home.” Sparrow began to vanish into the shadows “I hope you find whatever you are looking for...as long as you have peace with what you have done.” The camera’s suddenly sprung back alive as the security came back online and with that Sparrow was gone leaving Lone with his thoughts and his freedom to roam the underground of Utopia

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 Everything was explained in a single and simple conversation between two warriors who wore the weapons of the old days. The words of the warrior painted a different picture from what the Wolf Pack were able to see. Lone recognized that the warrior preached was a completely different perspective from his own.. Many valid points were brought to light.. However it was not his concern. Lone was an assassin and an infiltrator, not a politician or a hero. Maybe it was the right thing what the leaders of Utopia were doing or maybe it was not.. But that was up to others to decided. Lone was just doing what he was good at.

The pack member had lowered his weapon while the conversation was ongoing just after the second warrior had assure that he had no intention in a battling the sexiness of Band Lone. Instead he just made a simple offer: there would be no more death from the intruder and in return Lone had now access to what he most desire and nothing and no one would come between him and it. Having in mind he had accomplish his mission, and now was getting what he most wanted, Band Lone came to the conclusion that the warrior’s wishes were not hard to grant.

“I hope you find whatever you are looking for...as long as you have peace with what you have done.” Said the man before he left and activated the security systems. It was quite interesting how it worked in Utopia but just not what the Lone wolf needed.

 The last words from the resident of Utopia had Lone thinking about all the damages he’s done. However the damage he has done in the past including threatening a children’s American television Icon on live national tv and many other deaths including helpless warriors and demolition of public property; Lone came to the conclusion that the people he had added to the body-count were not at the top of his list.
 For now he would just take advantage of the accord the two had and go on his way to his destination. 
BL then turned around “Now where’s project Cruz?” He wondered as he checked his scanner which pinpointed the location.

Project Cruz containment lab:

Quarantine area:

By pass the future subjects of experimentation Band had entered a chamber in which all the experimental subject were kept. Ignoring the Biohazard signs he fallowed on his journey to reach his goal. In the laboratory there were several experiments in progress. The scientist were trying to find the reason why they were able to bond the experimental serum with project Cruz but not with the other subjects.  “Hum..” Lone watches the different stages of the serum’s rejection live. Each test simian looked worse than the other until the last was just a pulp with fur and a simian skeleton. Lone was having second thoughts about the formula as he stared at the dead monkey. “If this is what awaits me… Then so be it!” Lone tuned around and headed to the freezer where the blood test of Cruz were kept. Browsing through the lab he found a portable cooler design for temporal transportation. “Perfect.” He said as he returned to the fridge and confiscated the blood and finally the actual simian serum. Lone sealed shut the cooler and was ready to activate the teleportation device on his wrist but then he remembered the actual carrier of the healing factor was in the building and most likely very close by. “I’m sure this is enough.. But maybe I should take some insurance.” Lone grabbed the trash bag from a garbage can and empty it on the floor. Then he confiscated the project’s files and medical history. “Now to meet the monkey.”

The swordsman reckoned the lab and finally reached a door which gave another warning claiming there was danger ahead and demanding for the door to be kept shut at all times. Ignoring the warning and fallowing his scanner Lone entered the room which was absent of light. According to the scanner something was inside the room moving around.  “Hum, they keep something like that lose?” He said to himself. “Hit-Monkey’s clone.. I’m the clone of Elian and I turn out to be just like him, if not worse..” With that said Band prepared himself arming himself with a single arrow at hand. "Better not to underestimate this thing" 
Ready to face a possible threat Lone entered the room by kicking the door open with authority. The room was pitch black “Night vision on” He commanded. The helmet recognized the voice and did as requested.  “Okay now, were are you little bugger?” He wondered as he browsed the room. Finally the lone wolf’s target had been found. “There you are.” balled up and exposing its fangs as a warning of feeling discomfort at the presence of the stranger.

“Odd, thought he’d attacked by now.” thought Band. “Maybe it needs a little motivation.” By bending the arrow as far as it went backwards and pointing it at the simian he let go of the tip which made the arrow just shot out straight towards the monkey. Realizing a threat was on it’s trajectory the monkey step onto action jumping off the way of the arrow which ricochets and loses momentum after hitting the wall. Shrieking loud while showing its fangs and enraged glare Cruz finally decided to go on to battle the intruder. The simian clone sprint towards the infiltrator “Here he comes” Said Lone to himself while arming himself with his bow and arrow. “Lets see if your near as good as Hit-Monkey!” Three arrows are then shot toward the simian which he managed to escaped by dodging without problem. “Impressive” recognized Lone. “But because of my height and your instinct I know that-” He said as he lowered his bow and reached for an arrow which he concealed. Lone awaited the simian which was running right into a trap. Cruz reached a close enough quarter before it jumped hoping to cause damage with it’s claws.. But it backfired. The intellect, quickness and reaction time of Lone were proved superior as he basically read his opponent’s next move.  “You’re jumping!” He declared before impaling an arrow straight up the monkey’s throat and into it’s brain. The simian’s nerve reflex were going berserk due to heavy trauma before the body of the monkey went limb while still hooked on the tip of the arrow. “The attacks was too direct, fool.” Tough talked the swordsman to his catch.  

After securing the catch in a portable cage and assembling the needed items for his science project the swordsman reckoned he had everything he needed for the king’s return. He reached to his teleportation device and activate it for long distance. “Mission accomplished..“ The wormhole opened just behind Band Lone. He activated the explosive arrow and left it behind on the lab before he was vacuumed into the wormhole along with his belongings. Electric lines, chemicals, gas lines.. An explosion suddenly trembles the tunnels of Utopia. Fire alarm had been activated by the smoke along with the water sprinklers. A good part of the laboratories in sector 4 had been completely destroyed along with all it’s research compliments of Lone.
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Two Hours Later...

The Hunter and Whisper both raced through the underground passageways beneath the magnificent Utopian empire.  "I have his scent...." the Hunter said to Olivia while they ran.  By then, all of Utopia would have been aware of Wolf Pack's presence within their borders; and it was only a matter of time before Utopia's lethal forces would be upon them.  However, Greystoke wanted his team to inflict as much damage upon Utopia as possible.  Destroying the empire would be impossible; but slowing down its growth would be the next most lethal course of action.
Through all the wars of which he had been a part, William Greystoke had one firm conviction - never leave a man behind.  Whenever one of his team mates had been taken or had fallen behind, the Hunter had done everything in his power to bring them back to safety.  Now, Kurrent, a hero of all heroes, was being held in the sadistic clutch of pain and suffering.  Before Wolf Pack had escaped from Utopia, the Hunter would make sure that Kurrent was rescued.  A man once said, "The world still needs heroes....." and now, with the looming threat of a Dark Utopia, that was true more than ever.
"Did it ever occur to you that this was all a trap?" Whisper said, kneeling down behind cover.
As he crouched low behind her, William replied, "Of course; but it is a necessary risk - hence the reason why I brought you with me."
"We need to know exactly where he is and how we can get him out." Olivia said in a skeptical, slightly impatient tone.
"I've got that covered......" he said.  "Wait here."  Maintaining his crouched position, the Hunter quietly moved to the other side of the large corridor and hid behind a large container.  As he sniffed the air, he turned back towards Whisper's position and mouthed the words, "Band is here..."  His finely-tuned sense of hearing could pick up the scattered bursts of gunfire, explosions, and death.  Turning back, the Hunter motioned for Whisper to follow him, but to keep her distance.
As the two silently made their way in synchronization down the corridors, they came closer to Band Lone's position.  "He's in there...." he whispered back to Olivia while pointing towards a section.  Just as they were about to approach the area marked "Sector IV," the distant sound of unison footsteps rushing in could be heard.  Together, the Hunter and Whisper both got down behind cover just as a detachment of ten heavily-armed guards made their way onto the scene.
In the midst of the men was a scientist.  From the look of things, it appeared as if he were instructing the men on what to do.  Apparently, they needed his expertise when dealing with their entry.  Dangerous materials were inside the lab that required the scientists attention.  One wrong move could spell their doom.  When the scientist gave the information to the commanding officer, the the officer gave orders to the men and the scientist was sent to the rear to be out of harm's way.  From the look of the guards, it was almost as if they were more concerned with protecting the scientist than taking down Band Lone.
"You ready to get your hands dirty?" the Hunter said to Whisper as his adamantium claws silently came out of his hands.  She responded by drawing her blade and giving him a dark grin.  With a nod of his head, the Hunter turned back towards the guards and crouched down low.... like a predator about to spring upon its kill.....
Suddenly, the doors to Sector IV were blown apart from the inside as a massive explosion ensued.  The shock sent the entire detachment falling to the ground as they were struck by flying debris.  Band Lone was gone.  Without hesitation, the Hunter emerged from his hidden position with a powerful lunge - letting out a thunderous roar as his powerful body flew through the air.  As his cruel claws impaled the first victim, the Greystoke Legend was joined by the Anderson Legacy in fierce combat.  Olivia smoothly tore threw her opponents with her blade with absolute grace and balance.  Truly, she had learned to turn death into an art.
Meanwhile, William howled with rage as one of the guards unloaded four .40 caliber rounds into his back.  Dropping his latest kill to the ground, the immortal lycan's hand shot out and grabbed his assailant by the throat.  He then drove the cold adamantium claws of his other hand threw the soldier's face and tore straight down - literally ripping off the man's face.  Out of the corner of his eye, Greystoke spotted the scientist making a run for it.  Noticing the Olivia had the last guard subdued, the Hunter gave chase to his helpless victim.
As he ran down the corridor after the fleeing scientist, William took to all fours and unleashed a powerful lunge.  With that, the Cerebral Assassin drove his fist into the scientist's lower back - precisely breaking through the man's lower vertebrae and instantly paralyzing him from the waist down.  Screaming in pain, the man fell to his knees and dropped to the floor.  William's eyes faded into a feral yellow color as he grabbed the sobbing paraplegic by the back of the neck and lifted him up off the ground.  Allowing his teeth to become sharpened and slightly elongated, Greystoke let out a menacing growl just for the sake of scaring the already-terrified man even further.
"Where is Jayden Salvador?!" the Hunter demanded.  The only answers to come out of the man were tears, saliva, and uncontrollable crying.  Whisper came up to him with a disapproving look on her face.
"There are OTHER ways to get answers...." she said with a challenging tone.
"You're right." he replied.  "There are....."
With that, the fierce immortal sank his teeth into the scientist's neck.  As the man's blood gushed into Greystoke's mouth, memories began to flood his mind all at once.  Out of all the memories, scenes of a room began to stand out.  It was as if the Hunter was actually watching the group of scientists as they all gathered around their test subject - Kurrent.  Just then, memories of a room number and a combination entered his thoughts.... he had it......
As he released the scientist, the man's blood had spilled down the front of his mouth and his eyes had faded nearly to white in color.  Slowly, the Hunter's teeth and eyes reverted back to their original form and he wiped the blood from his chin before swiftly decapitating the scientist.
"WHAT THE HELL?!" Olivia protested.
"Follow me......" the Hunter replied.  "I know where he is now....."  With that, the two of them began racing down the corridor towards Kurrent's cell.  As he ran, scattered images of the scientist's memories faded in and out.  The important thing was that William had managed to get the location and access key that they needed to free Kurrent.  All the other images and meanings were not important.
As they reached the cell, William held onto his head as he tried to cope with the flooding visions.  "4-1-7-4-1-0...." he said to Whisper.  As she keyed in the code, access was granted and the door to Kurrent's holding area was opened.  Just then, the rest of the scattered images finally came together in the Hunter's mind like pieces of a puzzle.  "Wait....." he said as the doors unlocked and opened up.  "Oh sh........."
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Moments ago a commotion caused the continuous EMP to stop and Kurrent was able to access his power for long enough to escape. Now a venomous rage had taken over the Electric Ace as he ferociously pummeled on the scientist who had stuck a shard of pure Black Vibranium. The site where the BV shard penetrated his skin was volcanic with blood pouring out of it. His body was beaten but he still functioned like an oiled machine. His eyes were completely darkened and the veins that lead to his sockets were visibly colored purple. As he continued to drop left over right on the scientist 
 like a primal beast he could hear the door open.... 
Breathing heavily with the mans blood that he was annihilating covering his lightly tanned skin Kurrent looked towards the door. His eyes still blacked out he screamed loud "LOOOOOCKHART" and reached for the scientists side arm. Quickly pulling it he stood up in all his glory painted in red pointing the weapon at the man that just opened the door. "You think you can just kidnap me and keep me here on this boat MIchael...Oh and you brought the Mistress too she was in on this" said The Electric Ace as blood starting pouring from his nose only a bit slower then the one pouring from his wound. 
Suddenly the man beaten on the ground spoke as best he could considering his tongue was cut almost clear off..."Hallucinat.....tion.....fr...fr..from......the Blla.....Vibrani....." , but before he could finish his sentence. BANG! Still with his eyes on who he believed to be Sovereign Son, Kurrent pointed the gun towards the floor and silenced the man who was running tests on him for good. He quickly turned his attention  and the weapon back to his front. "We were like family, the three of us and this is what you do to me" he said and then without giving it a second thought opened fire...
He fired three shots toward "Sov" and two towards "Redhead" respectively The Hunter and Whisper while running towards them and the door trying to escape the confines of the cell. In his mind he was in the cabin of a boat and needed to get up to jump off the ship to freedom. As he crossed the threshold of the cell door passing Hunter and Whisper he forcefully pushed anything in his way. Running down the hall when he was a good distance away from his cell a sharp headache attacked him. He hit the deck grabbing his head screaming in pain and suddenly the image of a yacht that was real to Kurrent changed to a corridor  with cells on each side then intermittently started to change back to the yacht. Back and forth the image of where he was began to change. At this point the only reality for him became to get out of dodge.
He closed his eyes and began to crawl step by step up the stairs in front of him on grit alone until he heard the door open. In front of him a was single guard who was instantly rushed by The Hero as soon as he opened his eyes. After rapidly pistol whipping him four times the guard was knocked out and Kurrent, with what little sense he had left pulled the guards over coat off and put it on covering his naked body up. He went through the door that the guard had opened not knowing what was what. His mind was playing tricks on him and he could not stop thinking about the fact that he might have killed Sov Son and Mistress Redhead. He aimlessly traveled up the levels of the building for several minutes, flashes of the yacht still coming to him. 
Suddenly to his surprise he saw a familiar face, a face of someone he could unconditionally trust Despair. "Despair where the hell are we, I'm hurt pretty bad, where is the rest of the team we gotta get out of here" It was pretty bad that Kurrent was talking about a team did not exist and it was even worse that it was not Despair he was talking to but the Lebeau Legacy herself Angelique Lebeau.