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The Cyborg Courier Asura was in one of the most famous cities in the whole world. New York City, one of the “jewels” of civilization, a node of culture and technology, as well one of the cities with one of the most beautiful skylines in the world. Az came here for a simple delivery job, taking a package in New Jersey and taking it to Liberty Island. The Deva Cyborg was slowly starting to have his doubts about his work as a delivery man, each delivery he made in the last weeks, was one shadier than the last and this was the shadiest of them all. A white van was waiting him in the rendezvous point that the customer arranged and a group of suspicious people with thick accents gave him the package. The lead coating stopped his Bodhi SYS to take any reading about the contents of the case, and the uneasiness only increased, yet he trusted Catherine judgment, even if lately she was being too bossy and demanding, and each time he lost a package she would get into a Drill Sargent mode to shout at Asura, that feel compelled to obey her. –Wait a second, why do I feel compelled to obey her every word? I’m a really powerful Cyborg and I get scared and nervous only by the words of a regular human, something must be wrong, something is off… I think I get it I.. I…-


The boat siren made Asura lose his train of thought and he moved towards the dockyard, right besides Battery Park, where he was taking a break and eating a hot dog. The sudden shift of attention made him forget what he was thinking about, partially thanks to the Bodhi SYS and the Darwin Drive redirecting his attention to the task at hand, forcing his mind to stop idling and thinking about things the system considered that weren’t important. Something was truly off with Az, and somebody already knew that. Back in “Nike Deliveries”, or better said what lied under that façade, a group of people were monitoring Az development and performance thanks to a series of sensors and screens, that showed the hacked images of N.Y security cameras. –The Darwin Drive already erased the conclusion he was about to reach, and the cleaning of his memory is re-starting, but this won’t last, sooner or later DEVA XIX will awaken and we won’t be able to do anything about it.- One of the operator talked to the woman overseeing the room from a glass window. A woman with a cascade of reddish hair falling over her shoulder, delicate and stylish glasses, a blouse a skirt and a lab coat looked at them and used a button to turn on the microphone.

–Well, when that moment comes we will exterminate it. I told the Chief of the SHINKAlabs, that the XIX concept was a bad idea, giving a weapon humanity wouldn’t improve its judgment, it will only make it weak, all the data we gathered clearly show that sticking to its humanity only made this DEVA took stupid decision and endanger itself. It isn’t even capable of tapping into the Chassis and the Darwin Drive true power.- The woman sighed with frustration. –After this mission I Catherine Saint Croix will give the order as Brahma Corp Operations Commander to destroy DEVA XIX codenamed Asura.- Az didn’t knew, but this day would change his life

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Vice President Blaire left the New York City office of Governor Cuomo. There had been recent talks of how much funding exactly was the state going to get for the instant rebuilding that was require because of the high populace and crime rate that came along with it. "Listen, Andrew, this city is loved by everyone. Paving it like it is isn't even an option, but having it as a constant liability is also not an option, so we have to meet in the middle. Come up with an infrastructure plan that either cuts down on the crime rate or builds your architecture with enough strength to where it doesn't matter anymore. I think the former is the best decision for you." The Governor gave a "duly noted" look and Atticus left the office. Even though politics was his life, the bargaining and constant finagling that had to be done was just too tedious for him. But it came with the job, and had to be done.

Returning his limousine awaiting him outside the governors office, they began to drive down 5th Avenue, when he received a call. "Sir, there has been a recent development signing Homeland Security. It has come to our attention that yellowcake has been smuggled into the city. It's enough to generated fusion for a bomb. What would you like to done?" The females voice was strong and steady. "We need to keep this as low profile as possible, if you can tell me where it's at, I'll handle it myself." She responded with a simple "yes sir". Giving him the approximate coordinates they both curtailed the conversation and hung up.

The Vice Presidents eyes instantaneously blackened to a spinel like cast, and he was engulfed an impenetrable darkness lifting him from the car, and teleporting him to Battery Park. He managed to keep a low profile, as he watched over the masses. Looking over at the harbor, fog began to roll in with the tide. The salty air stunk of industrious scents and humans. It was going to be a harder than he though to pinpoint the messenger of destructive material. Or maybe not. Just witnessing the end if a fantastic evasion, Atticus marked him. "Excuse me sir, but you wouldn't happen to know what's in that heavy briefcase if yours would you?"

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-Hm? - Az turned around when he heard the question, a man in a suit asked him. For a second Asura thought that he recognized him from somewhere else, but he quickly scrapped that idea to deal with the situation at hand rather than worry about it. –No I don’t, what kind of delivery man peeks the package inside the package he is carrying?- The Cyborg Courier hoped that his wasn’t an incoming fight, he was dead tired of fighting against people that wanted the packages he carried.

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He seemed to be of similar age to Atticus, but from the bat, he could tell there was a difference in them. They had two very different ideas when it came to occupational hazards. "The kind that don't want to be labeled as aiding and abetting terrorists and terrorists' acts. That's the kind of "courier" I think you are." His look was stern and emotionless, even with his apparent sarcasm.

"Now if you don't want any trouble I will just take that package off your hands. It's obvious your just a pawn in this...so relive yourself of that burden and go home" Atticus reached for the package, ready to instantly teleport back to the Pentagon. But there seemed to he hesitation on the young Kane part... There was that honor binding presence again.

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-Sorry but I can’t give you this, I’m working here and not even rain, snow or a tornado will stop me from doing my job.- Asura may have sounded a little bit more demanding than he usually did, but he was dead tired of this kind of things, always some weird guy trying to mess with him at his job, always somebody trying to steal what he carried. The Darwin Drive A.I made a suggestion thanks to the Bodhi SYS environmental analysis and Az decided to follow it. In a split second he used his right blaster node to propel himself upwards alongside with a jump, the blast mostly to lift a cloak of dust to hide him. He reached a lamppost that in a single second he used as trampoline to jump towards a boat that was leaving the dock. Grabbing the briefcase with his mouth mid-air, he used both Blaster Nodes to propel himself in the air and elongate his jump thanks to some fain magnetically repulsion to keep him afloat, and then getting near to the boat he changed polarities to get attracted to the metallic vehicle, stick into the hull. In a couple of movements he climbed and hoped that 200 mts were more than enough distance to avoid the strange imposing man.

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After displaying a rather miraculous string of acrobatics, it was clear that Atticus was going to have to give chase in order to diminish any opportunity for media exploitation. If it got out at all that the VP had taken it upon himself to entertain the idea of vigilantism, rather than allow the government to do its job in securing the peace of this nation, the rest of his reign would be riddled with the shadow of scandal. This had to end quickly.

Once again, his eyes darkened, his hand nearly emanating with hazy clouds of shadow energy, Atticus slashed at the nothingness before him, opening a portal in mid air. Within the thought of the action, it was complete and he was standing ten feet in front of the pursuit. "I won't ask again" and he meant it. He rushed the acrobatic performer, aiming to deliver a swift hit punch, but what he truly concealed was his other right hand embalmed with dark energy ready to teleport the package away.

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Asura thought he was safe, by the strange man teleported right beside him. -I won't ask again.- He said with a grim and demanding tone. He was the kind of man that didn’t took no for an answer or at least that was what Az was thinking as the opponent rushed at him with his fist prepared for a strike. The Cyborg Courier A.I analyzed the energy used by Atticus Blaire to teleport and managed to establish a proper detection system for it, thus the energy being focused on his concealed arm wasn’t ignored. Swiftly the Darwin Drive noticed that the attack was only a cover to hide the teleportation, probably aimed to the package. With equal swiftness, this being milliseconds, the A.I made a tactic and ordered the Implants to move.

Asura accepted the proposed plan and with a powerful back hand throw, he sent the briefcase to the roof of the ship control room, he followed it with a perfect backflip, moving more upwards than backwards, thus avoiding the punch. As he finished the backflip still head down he aimed to Atticus with both Blaster Nodes, with his hands partially tilted to the side palms looking to the Ship Control Room metallic wall. After the events in the Artifical Island, he decided to train his Blaster Nodes, thus getting new and less dangerous ways to throw them. This was a Magnetic Rebound Blaster, the would throw the energy projection against a metallic surface and thanks to his advanced targeting he could make a perfect rebound to channel it all in a single blast and pin-point his attack to a single objective, this time Atticus.

-And I won’t say it again, leave me alone and let me do my job!- The blast bounced from the wall and went directly to Atticus aiming to push him off board rather than damaging him, the blast was at a low setting, so there would be no damage to the surroundings or bystanders. Az landed in the roof and took the briefcase in his hands once again, hoping to at least throw his persecutor off.

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As far as reaction time, Atticus was fair. He had no extrasensory abilities that would allow him to predict an attacker movements based on minuscule facial expressions or muscle tautness. Really, it was only the time he spent in various battle settings that allowed him to deduce the that his known obsticle was already prepared for an assault such as his. Effortlessly he dodged the port-punch, unleashing his own offensive maneuvers.

Simultaneous blasts went off, effectively creating the effect of a localized gale force wind. Without causing much physical damage, Atticus absorbed much of the blast with the residual energy of the port punch attack, but was still made to go overboard.

The barge was like a playground for his opponents superior agility, but they were already out at sea. Removing any surface area for an acrobat was usually the best way to imobilize their greatest strength. Not knowing if he could fly or or hover or whatever, as he dangled with one hand of the side of the ship, Atticus opened up a massive portal. As the barge began to slide into the inky blackness, water from the ocean poured in as well, creating a sort of vacuum. It would slow down his movements and hopefully his opponent as well.

Gripping, and pulling himself up to the deck, Atticus spoke once again. "That package is dangerous, for everyone involved. Either to down with the ship or hand it over. With land almost two miles away at this point, there was no where to run.

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The opponent managed to avoid falling off board and not only that as he also stopped the boat from moving thanks to massive teleportation gate that was forcing the ship to a halt. Az was surprised by the mysterious man ability, yet he didn’t had time to be impressed. - That package is dangerous, for everyone involved. Either go down with the ship or hand it over.- Atticus spoke with confidence, and the Bodhi SYS told the Cyborg Courier that he wasn’t lying. As Atticus Blaire spoke something snapped inside Az head, as a faucet suddenly breaking and releasing a string of information. Los Angeles, only weeks before suffered an industrial sabotage, just blocks away from where he left the package. A Ukrainian Hero died to stop a reanimated Joseph Stalin in Mykolaiv, days after he left the package there. A Industrial theft in England using the same kind of technological product he took to London. It was almost as if a veil was lifted from his eyes, information that he already knew but somehow was erased or at least obscured re-surfaced as non-stop stream.

He never jumped from the sky, he never escaped wherever he thought he escaped. Last week he discovered an underground base under Nike Deliveries, and he also discovered two weeks ago and even three weeks ago. Catherine… Catherine was using him, he thought he was doing honest to good job, yet he was only being used by them, like a puppet. She was working for them, for Brahma Corporation. In a single second he suffered from digital illumination as all the information blocked by them suddenly returned. All the times he thought that the Darwin Drive went automatic to protect him it was them forcing him into a Berserker Rage, turning him into a emotionless machine. How many people did Az hurt during that forced frenzies. The briefcase slipped from his hand as he fell on his knees. –What I have done?- He whispered as the memories of slaughtered people that only tried to stop him from doing evil deeds, he took the lifes of policemen and military, all under the Brahma Corporation pernicious orders.

With sorrow in his mechanical eyes, Az spoke to Atticus.- Take it, you’re right, I’m such a stupid bastard… I didn’t know… I really didn’t knew…- But Asura sorrow, as good as it was, as any human should feel sorry if he committed the horrible crimes that he was forced to do, wasn’t well received back in the hidden Brahma Corporation. –Idiots! All of you! I told you that this amount of humanity would be too much! It must be a perfect weapon, and weapons don’t feel sorrow, remorse or pain!- Catherine Saint Croix barked at the operators through the commlink. –Now you need to erase it all, activated the Vajra protocol.- Her orders were swiftly obeyed, and after introducing the activation codes that were sent to Asura mainframe. The Sorrowful Cyobrg, lying in his knees over the ship command room roof, started to be surrounded by a field of energy, as the self-destruct mechanism was activated. As his memory was clear Asura knew what this was about. –You need to teleport me away from here! Now! I’m going to blow up! Help me! Get me away from here.- He shouted at Atticus as around him a sphere of blinding crimson light was starting to pulsate.

The Vajra protocol is a self-destruct code that would destroy the DEVA Chassis in an atomical level and it would take a square km around him, possibly biting off Battery Park from New York

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As the ship floated into the seemingly endless void, the assailant mementoes his choice to run instead of following orders. Atticus, however realized that he was just a simple delivery man, trying to do his job. This entire situation, maybe, could have been avoided by him announcing his prestigious role as Vice President. Possibly, presenting an opportunity for information on the source of the yellowcake. Now, there was basically no chance for that.

All in all the situation was dissolved, and done with.

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Teleported by Atticus Az fell into the ocean as the wind ran through his hair. The sudden displacement threw the Brahman monitors off Asura trail and that was exactly what the Darwin Drive needed for doing its proper job at least once. The device that activated the Vajra protocol was taken out and ejected. Asura crashed into the ocean as the device exploded over him. In the base they thought he was dead, but now he was free to move and investigate, but first he needed some help to get through the pain the sins he was forced to commit were causing, and he knew the perfect place.