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The Black Lantern leader, Nekron has decided to travel to different universes, in order to create more Black Lanterns. His first destination is the Comicvine Universe! 
Players can either become Black Lanterns or heroes and villains making a stand. Someone can only be a Black Lantern after having been killed by another Black Lantern and had a ring sent to them. 
The first Black Lanterns will be deceased characters who are close to you specifically (e.g. if one of you guys had their parents killed like Batman, their parents will be Black Lanterns). 
Enjoy, and also if anyone wants to make any smart-arse comments about "there's already a Blackest Night RPG" then I'm sorry and don't bother making a comment. 
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Sure page me when ever your ready

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@Ultimate Lantern said:
"Sure page me when ever your ready "

Will do, when more people join.