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Colina Verde, calm vilage in the countryside of the Iberian Empire, near Madrid, is secretly the hq for the Black Fire Organization, a dangerous group bent on stealing technology to achieve their goals of global domination. Black Fire is planning a theft of the Iberian marvel of metallurgy, the Trion. The organization haves several cyborg soldiers hidden in town and tries to remain undercover. A small group of street punks is causing ruckus in town, working as a "smokescreen" for the real criminal acts of Black Fire. A Festival is about to start in town "Fiesta Patronal de San Isidro Labrador" a catholic festivity of the Saint Isidro, patron saint of farmers and Madrid. The festival will be the starting signal for BF to move towards the cpaital city, using the ruckus of the popular party to hide their actions, as the extremely competent intelligence forces of the Iberian Empire.

This branch of the BF group is leaded by one of the Fabulous 7, Gelb The Slash, a sharp clothed individual of red hair and light yellow suit with mysterious powers.

Enrique Lopez de La Vega

Wealthy businessman with a Wine exporting enterprise, he owns half of the terrains around the town. His house is the biggest and best guarded; he is a fervent believer and always collaborates with free wine for the Festival. In public he is sociable and seems happy and easy-going, but his personal life is a mess, with his son being on drugs and his wife going in and out of rehabilitation facilities for her alcoholism. Rumors tell that strange people is entering his mansion lately, people from outside town with strange appearance.

Rodrigo Trujillo

The owner of the local bar “La Cantina del Toro Rojo” (Red Bull Bar, nothing to do with the drink the owner is a Chicago Bulls fan) former player of the Spanish national basketball team. He is 50 years old and inherited the bar from his father, but used his savings to remodel it and change the previous name. He is a modernist and dislikes the rural environment he is stuck on, wanting to return to the “civilization” once he gets the money to move and retire. He is extremely tall.

Father Carlos

Local priest, old school style, he even tries to give mass in Latin, but his traditional views collide against the nuns open-mind and the other priest, a young and idealistic young man that will be his replacement once he dies. He is a bit racist and headstrong, but he is a good guy whatsoever. He is the headmaster of the only school in town, Institute San Isidro Labrador.

Sister Esther

Head of the Nuns in town, she is a generous and open-minded woman that understands that the future is already here. She modernized the order and even keeps a Twitter running with teachings, advice or even jokes. She is good natured and permissive, an aspect of her that makes her clash against Father Carlos.

BF Mooks

They’re robots hidden as regular humans, working and living regular lives until activated. They sport black and red robes and plating. They are barely over peak human attributes and carry wrist mounted retractable blades, energy shields and a chest blaster. They lack intelligence but compensate it with efficiency and simulated skill. They can speak as regular humans, but in their robotic form their only phrase is “Our life for Black Fire”

Gelb the Slash

Leader of this HQ, Gelb is a well dressed individual with some sort of power that allows him to slash objects from afar. He is cynical and bit sadists, enjoying making the opponent slowly bleed to death. He is prideful and dislikes the stealth operations, but will try to accomplish the mission the best he can.

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I'll post the RP later.

Added the NPC's

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@kuma_far said:

I'll post the RP later.

Added the NPC's

Did you get permission from Impero?
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@_Punk_: He did.

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@Impero: Thanks for clearing that up

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@kuma_far: No worries.

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Posted the RP

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@kuma_far: dig the post man

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@Gibbet: Thanks, I got interrupted as I had to watch Stranger Than Fiction (for the hundreth time) so I took more time to polish the grammar and vocabulary...

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Bad @ss post, man! I love the description of the setting. Save some of your RPG ideas for the team, man :p

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@TheSpider_: Every time I have an idea I write a short description in paper and then I pass it to word, I have pages and pages of ideas....

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That's a good idea.

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@kuma_far: I want to tackle the owner of the red bull bar, is that okay

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@Gibbet: Go for it

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@kuma_far: I shall set it up

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Anybody up for this?