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Ashes of a Legacy

~Kamelot Falls~

For reasons still yet to be verified, President Stark, alongside the murderous villain turned would be mutant messiah, Darkchild; conspired in unison in an attempt to dethrone the self-titled Modern Day Kennedy, Quintus Knightfall. Their deplorable efforts were further strengthened by the Arcani legend, Amaranth. Who's thirst for vengeance over the sacrilegious desecration of his brother's grave at the hand of the former Noir Rose, had elevated the warrior's battle tested mettle in an inaugural deceleration of vendetta. Together this formidable trinity laid waste to the Knightfall's crowning accomplishment, Kamelot. Turning the New York City streets into an urban warzone in an afternoon that would forever be etched in the minds of its citizens. And when the debris filled dust and smoke had finally settled, the Perennial Polymath was presumed dead. There would be no aggrandized ceremony paying tribute to the one time hero. No church bells would be wrong for the fallen family. The Patriotic Iron President had successfully erased the Knightfall legacy in a methodical undertaking that further illustrated his level of masterful public manipulation. And for a time it seemed as though the Knightfall era had been bloodily laid to rest.

In truth, though severally injured, the Living Weapon had survived the magnificent maelstrom of destruction. Thanks in large part to his sister, Ellie. But with everything seemingly lost, Quintus embarked on a transcontinental pilgrimage around the globe. Indulging in an exploration of the human/mutant condition. Analytically surveying a wide range of social in-differences, interactions, and living conditions. Prejudices and hate, but also acts of kindness and redemption. Children of the Atom and Homo-Sapiens living together side by side dealing with the same bilateral concerns as the every day blue collar individual. And more then anything, Quintus bore witness to hope. Hope of a shared planet in which mutants, humans, and even the next generation of evolutionary enigmas co-existed peacefully. However in order to facilitate such a dream the newly-anointed Noir Nagas understood the currency for such an idealistic vision would be blood.So he began touring the World not only for his own observational commentary, but also in an effort to collect like minded mutants (and humans) who could help facilitate his ambitious maneuver.

Fuaigh Mòr Island - Western Isles of Scotland

Relatively abandoned, this picturesque L-shaped isle became an impromptu home for the Knightfall Polymath as he recuperated and manufactured his visionary design for the future. With allocated funds from his shares as CEO of Kamelot, the Black Mamba engineered the fabrication of an extraordinarily prestige's island estate. Stretched along the coastline, its blend of post modern and meta-modernism compositions mark it as a truly one of a kind exclusive. But unlike prior Knightfall habitats, its construction was completely tailored with the idea of multiple dwellings inside a larger singular structure. An Ark for those the Noir Nagas' had deemed worthy of refuge.

Sub-Level (under-construction)

True to form a Knightfall home would not be complete without its underground dwelling. And like its predecessor's before it, the Black Eden Estate is no different. Far from being completed this labyrinth of carbinadium construction stretches several miles below the base of the mansion and even under part of the Atlantic. As of yet, this area is completely off limits. But blueprints show an innovative if not ambitious plan for its final stages of completion.

  • This is a location thread that will eventually be a team base thread
  • Anyone is welcome. Any rp is welcome provided the story fits the concept
  • No destruction without first pming me (Quintus)
  • Normal Rules Apply
  • Thread will be Updated for those interested
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Someone likes to make an entrance.

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@shadowswordmaster: If you wanted, you could say you found a map atop that mountain Priest sent you to and its directions led you here? Doors open if you want lol

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Hot damn

Did you wanna meet here instead of locale?

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Totally ready for this!

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@quintus_knightfall: I KNOW! Even a smaller role like Quicksilver had would have made me happy. I do feel that it would be very smart of them to bring her in the next film. Seeing as how she kinda was a Horseman for a good min in the books they could totally use her as one of the four. *fingers crossed for Archangel.*

Have you been reading the new X-Factor series with her?

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Mano this is epic

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When he climb the cold rocky mountain in France he was expecting to find a mansion or even a castle of all things here. What he found was something that made him groan and the laugh at the same time.He found a old 18th century chest with a map in it.The map was old but not 18th century but a bit later then that from the markings on the map.Spending about a good minute and a half looking around for anything and from what he saw there was noting else their but the chest itself."This seems awkward now coming up this mountain just to find a map ." He said while seeing his breath in the cold.The VoidHawk wonder if this was some sort of test that he need to pass but he had a map that lead a place in U.K."Well looks like I have a long way down now this should be terrific ." Saying in a sarcastic manner and trying to make himself laugh at least.

Blue Hawk

The way down was much tougher then the way up since he would be moving much faster and not on purpose.He finally made to down the mountain after what it seems like three days but it only has been about two it seems.He need something to drink and maybe a good shower but that has to wait he had another location to go .Making his to the Blue Hawk that had about five people looking at in wonder."Don't worry people this is mine and not some crazy person."Saying this in english and not in french which confused the locals .Going under the park Blue Hawk front end and click a button on his bracelet and the ramp to the cockpit was open.He whistling his way up the ramp flipping some switch and pressing a few buttons that made the ramp closed up and the engines start up.Putting his seat belt on and activating his Alpha-12 which materialize around his head.The Blue Hawk hovered about ten feet in the air before he active the thrust to go forward to merry old England.

It took him a while before realize that this map lead to a island .He was in the air when he saw what it looked like a L shape."Well this looks like the place I don't know any other L shape island around I hope that I'm not in some sort of restricted area because it will be kinda tough explain why a missing air force pilot piloting a space ship."He made his descent to the island to find a perfect or something close to perfect that he can land in.The roaring of the engines could wake or scaring anything about a mile.Parking the Blue Hawk about a thirty feet in front of a mansion .Making a near perfect landing on the green grass and the ramp drop on it."I really hope this is the place"Saying while deactivating the Alpha-12 and stretching the back of his head.Taking a long walk to what it seems like the front door and knock on the old and beautifully crafted wooden door.

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a man i simple clothes that look like he could be no more the 30 slowly walked up to the estate weary and worn he knocked on the door

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This is badass. Looking forward to seeing what havoc your going to wreck on the vine.

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Gravel crunched under the wheels of the sinfully exquisite gunmetal grey Lamborghini Aventador, one of the prized possession of Avalon's public relations perfectionist, as she swiftly navigated through the gates and up the drive of Quintus Knightfall's most recent venture. Like all associates and high-stakes figures, a file had been kept and steadily maintained on him. But unlike others, it was not one that was updated with the cold calculating wits and machinations that Lena was so renowned for. The file on Quintus was one of a much more personal nature, considering their previous short entanglement, and the work that she had done for him, not to mention all that he had given and sacrificed for what he had believed to be a better world.

There had been rumblings in her community for the past several weeks, and prior to that she had been tipped off to the construction and setup via Ellie, who somehow managed to still stick her nose into everybody's business from the vast expanse of space, a place where Lena questioned she would ever come back from.

There was a slight click as she exited the car, the soles of her black leather Christian Louboutin knee-high boots quietly hitting the ground. She looked like nothing less than perfection, even in the overly gusty winds of the Isle breeze, located in one of the most unforgiving climes. Her signature flared leather Alexander McQueen jacket conformed to her, acting as a barrier between what qualified as a chill even in the month of June.

"Any locale to choose from and he picks this," the words were muttered quietly under her breath as she slid her hands into the pockets of her skinny jeans, warming them momentarily before brushing a stray wisp of bangs off of her face.

The sleek white and gold iPhone 5s that was tucked into her pocket buzzed, and she swiped open the screen, rolling her eyes as she brought the device up to her ear. "Pierce, remain with the plane. I'm fine, you can stop mothering me." Her closest confidante and occasional pilot had the tendency to worry, a habit that never failed to simultaneously irritate and amuse Lena. Her taunt was met with grumbles as he hung up, and she continued up the sweeping drive, approaching the front steps leading into the manor.

Looking up at the corner of the door, where she had spotted the minute traces of a high tech surveillance system, Lena broke into a dazzling smile, holding up two fingers in a slight wave, knowing full well that somewhere on the property Quintus was observing.

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@rezurrection: Thanks! I've gotten very into fashion in posts in the past year or so haha. I....may have folders of clothes on my laptop haha

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@lea_drago: I used to do that with my writing. It helps keep the wardrobe fresh in RP.

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@rezurrection: Exactly, and it's gotten to a point where I almost need to do it now lol

Who's your main btw?

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Amazing! Loved the OP.

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@quintus_knightfall: I'll get Kurt to join this place later if you want? I can see you're already being loaded with interactions :P

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Oh my...

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So yeah, obviously i will drop by.

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It was a bold move to venture towards the rumored reemergence of the Knightfall legend. If it was nothing she'd of wasted her time, if she entered she could be encircled by adversaries on all sides. There was with good reason no love lost between the Knightfall and Stark name. Any and all cruel games imaginable had a likely hood of being used against her. However Natasha Stark was not about to be weary just because something could go wrong. It was simple really, she had to strengthen her name.

She didn't hold her father in any ill regard. She however was also not a fool, he'd done nothing but burn bridges in his rise to power. Therefor Tasha needed to build bridges or safe guard the name.perhaps her emergence only weeks ago on the scene would aid in her established truce. No action had yet been made by her in a hostile manner, there was no reason to hate her other then her name.

A rift opens with a signature 'blink' sound it's coral and violet currents sparking in the air for a brief moment before the ocular opening vanished. Dressed in a simple blouse and skirt, her iconic weapon resting on her back she ventured to the gates. Admittedly having a rocket launcher on her back might not be the best for first impressions but she didn't go places without it. For all she knew she could be stepping into a lions den to not be armed was foolish. Eyes one crimson and one azure took a moment to admire the architecture before her hand moved for the intercom. "Natasha Stark requesting a visit."

(Aza hither, thought rather then say I want in I'd run with something and just let it play out)

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@natasha_stark: "She however was also not a fool, he'd done nothing but burn bridges in his rise to power. Therefor Tasha needed to build bridges or safe guard the name."

Nice angle.

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@natasha_stark: Displaying his new found telekinetic ability with but a simple gesture of his index finger, Quintus maneuvered a metallic pawn from one side of the decorative chessboard, to the other. Situated across the table with a look of pure concentration, the Knightfall's latest collected mentor, Priest, indecisively contemplated his next strategic move. The attention grabbing buzz of the front gate's intercom barely disturbed the mutant mentor's concentration, but Quintus, on the other hand, excused himself. "Dont think to hard old friend, you'll pop a blood vessel." he jabbed.

Making his way down the long drive, shaded by the canopy of trees, the Noir Nagas approached. "I must admit, seeing a Stark at my front gate was among the lower expected items on my daily list."charmingly smirking while simultaneously ready to bloodbend the unknown Stark into a pretzel. "What can I do for you, Ms. Stark?"

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"And it being his daughter even less likely. But I've never been one for the expected." She made no illusions of safety she was ready teleport away, to change her form any measure needed to safeguard her own survival. The Stark legacy would not end with her and particularly not today. "Would you rather be called Quin, Quintus or just Mr. Knightfall. I'd rather not the later formalities are less inviting. As for what you can do for me? I believe it's a matter of what can we do for each other? A lot of bridges were burned and I don't see a reason for them to be. Being the opposition of each other isn't in my opinion profitable." The teenaged hybrid offering further aid.

(<.< I can't add Blink gifs on a phone)

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"I sincerely doubt we weigh profitability in the same arena my dear, but never the less, your arrival has piqued my interest." pulling the moderately decorated gate open with a jerk of his hand. "Formalities of social salutations can be a bit, boring. So you may refer to me as you wish."parlaying his arm, psychically illustrating their designated path back towards the estate. "So am I to assume you are here of your own accord? Naturally the skeptic in me believes that had this meeting been preordained by your father, this preemptive conversation would have been a luxury null in void. Verbal communication does not seem to be your father's.....strongest quality." he jested. Slicing his arms behind his back with aristocratic overlay. "You are correct in your proclamation in regards to burned bridges however. President Stark is a man who is drawing breath on borrowed time. And neither his fascist army nor his beautiful daughter can change that inevitability." strengthened cadence displayed the Noir Nagas' unmitigated resolve in the matter. "So let us get to the point, Ms Stark. Fiscal empowerment and monetary gains aside, what is the real reason for your visit?"

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Now I wanna bump John Stark's age up and write another adult Stark >_< Dammit lol

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@anthony_stark: Stark benefited from Quintus trying to play by the misguided code of a hero . Them days are gone :P

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I wanna fight Quintus before I die :P

Bring it "Iron" Patriot

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@quintus_knightfall: Can...Can I...No, I would say "Can I attack this place" but that would be undermining Natasha's bridge lmfao Or I could do that, what do you want? Stark tracks Quintus down and tries to end the Knightfall Legacy elsewhere where nobody can see, or attacks you here?

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How bout I come f'ck up your House this time ;)

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I think not. Fraudulent President.

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@quintus_knightfall: Off topic, but I felt that Iron Man Vs Magneto fight in AvX was one of the better ones of that event :P