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Recently Jack had made some friends in the neutral team Bladed Angels, mainly one person, who seemed to be overlooked by many, despite his recurrences and being there for a lot of people when they needed it....Warrior Guyver X. A swordsman of epic proprtions, something he respected. Seeing that this man had not yet tasted what true fear or valour was yet, Jack had decided to let him up on a rather chance, but strange, offer.

He had asked the man if, under his terms, he would partake in a duel. Of course he accepted, Resonate was a well known warrior, and being able to fight him under your own terms was somewhat of a blessing to some. He had lost few fights, so he was reknowned for what he could do....and this fight, had taken him to a space station. A place where Guyver X would be "testing out" one of his new blades, a black light saber, by the looks and talk of it.

Standing above him on a railing and looking around at the blatant fighting arena they had laid out before them, he smiled slowly. One lip curled to the other side of his face, and his eyes narrowed quickly and unexpectedly into a death glare. He wouldn't go to hard on him yet....he needed to do something else first.

Jumping over the railing and landing onto the ground with his hand on his back drawing his blade he had received from Rayne as a gift for his birthday, not so long ago, he stood in his traditional stance, with two hands on it, the handle level to his forehead but the blade at a downward angle, perfect stance for blocking strikes, and switching to basically any movement or dodge...

The electricity coursed through the blade and the hilt shone bright in the void light of the stars from space. The Hangar like area was casted with shadows as he walked slowly to the left and charged him self with energy, waiting for Guyver X' first move...

You ready to be noticed?

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The man known as Warrior Guyver X was a enigma for he was a man of mystery who seemed like a man who doesn't seem like a warrior though he had the warriors spirit within him. All that mattered to him was to temporarily appease the part of him that naturally wanted to fight to shed the blood of his opponent for that is all that mattered to him in his mind. X knew Jack was his friend though a part of knew this was a fight to the death so he had to numbed himself from all emotional ties inside of him as he let the darkess within him flow. Roaming through the space station in silence as he made no noise as he moved as he roamed through the darkness on the high platform above as he was watching Resonate while still trying to get a lay out of his surroundings to get an advantage over him. The darkness that shrouded him from being seen ws like a extension of himself for it was like he knew that he could move through the darkest parts of the space station without being seen or heard.

Soon X was quietly climbed over the railing as he jumped down making a noise as he landed looking around him as he had quickly ducked into the shadows to make it tougher for Resonate to find him. Taking his left hand he quickly pulled out the hilt of the lightsaber from the inside of his jacket without activating it in which would notify his prey of his location. For right now he was going to toy with his prey for he wanted to see how powerful his opponent was for he knew nothing of Resonates capability so he knew he had to think wisely before he struck. In his mind he pondered summoning his bio organic armor though he knew that somehow it would be like showing his hand to his opponent which he could let him have the upper hand on X. Inching closer he could smell him with his superhuman sense of smell which made it a lot easier for him to find him no matter where he was by just tracking his smell.

Now that he was in front of him he was now to put all thoughts in his head for he was willing to kill like a good little soldier for he will not show any remorse for his opponent for he had become his enemy in this fight. Showing his face to Resonate for a second as he disappeared back in the shadows as he had kept moving through the darkness without his opponent realizing he as silently moving behind him. Firmly he gripped his lightsaber in his left hand as he activated it which made this humming sound as he moved forward towards Resonate as he tried to attempt to slash him in the back as he quickly tried to returned to the darkness. Warrior Guyver X shut off his lightsaber for the sound would of given his opponent his location so he knew that the only way for him to be able to sneak attack on his oppoent is by not making the sound. He honestly respected his opponent Resonate for he believes that he is a honorable person though he will temporarily hold himself back till he can get a better understanding of him.

"You ready to be noticed?" Those words were ringing in his head as he was watching his opponent Resonate with his cold yet unemotional silver eyes as he spoke in a equally cold yet unemotional tone. "Yes in fact I am though the real question is here is that are you ready to face me for I am more then willing to do anything in my power to win this fight." Stepping out of the the darkness showing himself to Resonate as he disappeared again as he was roaming around as he was kind of taunting him. For he realizes that after watching many hours of history channel he knew that if he got his opponent angry enough it will cause them do make mistakes while fighting him. If his opponent makes mistakes while he is angrying him while he tries to keep himself calm so he doesn't make any mistakes so he could win the fight.

All the thoughts of friendship has faded from his mind as he became the unemotional machine as he kept moving around not staying in one place. Warrior Guyver X knew not to make the same mistakes like when he fought Warsman for that was something he rather not have repeated while facing off against Resonate. Last time he tired barreling through trying to use his skills to try to defeat his enemy which worked kind of so he had to try to think much wiser this time around in his fight. Looking at his oppoent trying to utilize his surroundings to his advantage even though he doesn't know the place as well he knew he had the better advantage for the look of the place it was poorly lit place. Smirking as the evil thoughts crept into his mind was he pondered what he could do next against Resonate without him realizing where he was located...
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He could sense that his opponent was a rather cautious man, he had not seen him fight before, so he knew that that may have been somewhat of a reason for him to hide his ability. The saber swung to him from behind him and he leapt back, rolling on his shoulder over and resuming his stance perfectly, albeit the bottom of his cape was slightly singed, and ha d a strange burnt smell to it because of this.  Activating his blade with the power it had dormant, it offered the same functionalities as a light saber did, and with no force at all he could rip through whatever this man who called himself X was made of.

After hearing his reply to his slightly sarcastic question, he knew that X was worried. he had fought many humans and monsters alike, he could easily see what their emotions were, he read people like they were books. This Guyver X was no different, just a bit more precautious. No matter, this would end rather easily if he were to make one wrong move, so there wasnt any reason for him to go all out at all. Of course, he never liked instantaneous death blows in duels..they were far too fun.

Looking around the dark room he could feel the slight presence of the man around him, he was trying to hide. Resonate didnt like the idea of a coward striking from the shadows, it made for a pathetic fight in a whole. Reaching up around him he summoned the electricity from the space ship that he could reach around him, and shot it up into the air, lighting the whole black room up like a flare, and it would last until his concentration broke, which,....it wouldnt.

"Come on now, if these sneak attacks were what you thought was going to end this, Im not slightly impressed, Show me a little something more...or maybe, I'll show you."'

As he said these words, he had already pin pointed the man's location behind him and charged him in a leap, he had no fear of the light saber, this new blade would hold up easily and fine. With several swings of a master swords man, his strokes came down upon the man he targetted.

With his blows came several bolts of lightning, and to finish it off he would send a kick towards the man's chest area, and leap off of him, hopefully if he was any challenge at all and these blows landed he would be alive still...he didnt know.

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Warrior Guyver X has to be cautious for his enemies could strike at him at any time that is why he always has to watch his back ensuring nobody tries to attack him from behind. Being unemotional he has a advantage over him since he has no emotion holding him down so he could supress his full capabilities to try to understand his opponent before he defeats them. With his abnormal sense of smell which semlt like burning clothing he could tell he had missed though he knew that this person was agile which meant he had to account that in his next plan of attack on Resonate. Though he had noticed the weapon he carried in his hand which meant he was armed as him so he knew to be careful to avoid that weapon for it could possibly damage him if he got too close. It was easy to move through the darkness with ease for it seems that his usual set of silver eyes made him capable of seeing the dark just like how people see in the day.

There was no worry in X for he let his enemy know he was afraid then they already won that is why he has no emotion for he was completely fearless which he can utilize to help him keep pushing himself through any limitation he has in himself. Being completely devoid of emotion making him completely unemotional makes him unable to sense him though he is somehow capable of sensing him through his emotions like a extra sense. After all the strange things that has happened in his life he is starting to believe is something else for he was starting to think Trauma right be right be might be a Martian though he doesn't exactly know the details of hat happened to his species if he is indeed a alien from outer space. Bidding his time was his plan of actiona t the time to surmise the complete power level Resonate is at then try to use that knowledge in his head to defeat him. Now he was tryng to strategize his next plan and his back up plans if they fail to try to figure out a way till he had find a way to strategically to be able to defeat his opponent.

A person like him knew it was best not to make any mistakes for one false move it could be his last hence the reason he wisely doesn't underestimate any opponent that is why he tries to figure out his enemies potential before he destroys them. Hiding in the shadows wasn't the way of a coward for a person has to be strategic the entire time to ensure that theey will have a victory instead of a defeat.  Though he notiiced the light above which had lit the entire room which he thought that was wise of his opponent though that will not help him against X. His words were empty to him for he knew that a person who utilizes all of there surroundings around them wisely they will most likely win the fight instead of a person who takes such brash actions.
"Nope you grossely underestimate me for you have to realize you have to use your surroundings for they can be a great tool against your enemies if you haven't realize it yet. "

After seeing Resonate trying to leap at him he quickly acted using his unusually quick reflexes as he rolled on to ground to get out of the way of the attack as he got in a fighting stance which could be used for lightaber techniques from both Sith and Jedi. Reactiving his black lightsaber he made sure he blocked the lighting as smirked at how well Resonate was going at the time while facing off with him. Soon he deactivated his lightsaber as he threw it down onto the ground feeling like it was better to fight his hand to hand in combat to see how verse Resonate is in unarmed combat. Warrior Guyver X had soon disappeared as if he teleported as he was running at hypersonic speed as he avoiding the kick to his chest as he ran around in a circle since the space station was rather small. Gathering momentum as he was running as he was running towards Resonate as he was running at him from the side as he tried to ram him through the wall of the space station.

All that mattered to him in his mind is the damage that he wants to cause to his opponent for the place will probably will be destroyed while trying to fight each other right now. A smirk appeared on his face as he jumped back giving them loads of space between the both of them as he pointed his right pointer finger as he had emitted a pressure cannon blast at his opponents firection without summoning his armor. Which was strange he knew he was capable of such a feat which he took note of his head to contimplate that information in his head later to try to figure it out in his mind. Soon the smirk faded his now unemotional look on his face as he stared deep at Resonate knowing he would survive it though granted he was only using a fifth of his true power since he doesn't want to over exert himself too quickly. "Resonate are you still alive get up and let us continue this fight like men without our weapons and let us just see which of us is better without using a weapon in combat."
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The ramming, hulking behemoth of a man missed him and crashed into the wall of the station before he could even inflict a single blow on the man. Jumping up and grasping one of the mans shoulder pads he flipped over him and leapt acrobatically through the hangar deck, still lighting with the energy he had summoned from the remainder of the deck of the space station. He had heard his words of using surroundings and took them meaninglessly, what good was the environment around you if you could alter it at a glance? All it tok was a bolt of lighting and there was nothing to cover him.

His cocky words of honour also failed to reach his ears, he wasn't going to fight without a weapon, it was pointless if he was fighting something born physically stronger than him.He walked slowly to the other side of the room, and raised out his hand, the electromagnecity in the bar of the light saber handle that X had dropped was manipulated very easily, and flew into Jack's hand, and he drew his other sword. Two against none sounded fine by him, and he stopped for a minute, examining how the blades workings formed.

After getting the basic idea, he surrounded himself with lightning, and sent it out in a vertical shockwave, forcing X to either duck down or leap up to avoid the blow, and he ran up to him with both blades in hand, flipped up, and swung them above and below him, something that would be difficult to dodge and easy for Jack to counter from. These were the actions of a master swordsman, and he would see just how well this man would react to them.

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Warrior Guyver X pulled himself from the wall as he made several holes through them as he turns around showing some of the bits was jammed into his body as they were sticking through his body which got there after ramming himself through the wall. Pulling them out one at at time as he showed no emotion on his face as the green glowing blood was flowing from his injuries as they quickly healed themselves as he noticed the holes in his shirt. Removing the floor length leather coat that he was wearing from his body as it made a sound as it dropped on the floor when he grabbed onto his baggy black sleeveless shirt as he ripped his shirt off which has exposed his athletic tone pale skinned body. There were traces of sweat on his body for he was beginning to prespire a bit though that didn't bother him for now he wanted to rip Resonate apart with his bare hands. It seemed more apparent to X for his wise words were going unheard for he was starting to believe in his mind that his opponent had no sense of honor so now he had to change tatics when he faces him.

Now he was starting to find this was actually fun for now he had more of a reason to take his head off and add it to the collection he was starting of his enemes skulls for he had taken the head of Warsman as a trophy. Watching him examining his weapon somehow insulted him as he quickly acted as he ran at superhuman speed as ran up to Resonate grabbing his Lightsaber with his right hand from his opponent before he could determine to how to use it as he easily flipped over his opponent as he landed behind him. Activating his black Lightsaber as he heard the buzzing sound which sounded beautiful to him as it was brought to life as he tried to attempt to slash at his back a couple of times as a punishment for stealing his weapon. In his head he was honorable for he rather fight somebody without a weapon though it didn't seem like his opponent grasped that concept which throughly disgusted him. Though he tried to figure out a way to kill him yet he knew that both of them are armed with weapons so he tried to strategize a way to disarm him so he can unleash hell on him with his black lightsaber.

Running backwards as he pointed his left hand in front of him as he formed a gravity shield which usually stemmed from his gravity orb in his armor yet he was capable of creating it without his armor. X was wondering about the strange things he was capable of without his armor as he saw Resonate powering himself up as he surrounded himself with lighting. Acting on sheer reflex he used the blad of his black lightsaber to block the lighting as he was trying to hold onto his position not wanting to get hit with the lighting. Soon he looked over at Resonate with his unsual set of silver eyes which was now filled with uncontemptable rage for all that he wanted is to kill him. Looking around him he formed gravity in his left hands to form a pressure cannon blast as he tried to emit several blasts at Resonates feet to try to push him back.

Since it was space station he wanted to let this place crash with Resonate in it though he doesn't exactly know how the space station work so he had to stall till he could figure out the schematics of the place. For he wanted to know the inside and outside of the place so he can find the nearest exit and get the hell out of this place as soon as possible for this place was not the greatest place to do battle. Gripping firmly with both hands on the hilt of his lightsaber he had a evil smirk on his face as he pondered what he could do without gravity as he tried to find the cannel that controls gravity with just his eyes. "Lets see how well you do here without gravity." Once he spotted it he ran at he slashed at it destroyed it as the light started to flash red which bathed the place in red light as he heard the computer systems mention gravity control has been destroyed. As he looked around him he knew that things were floating off the ground as he started to lift off the ground though it was rather easy to compensate for the lack of gravity.