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The fashion icon known as Claire Swanepoel has transcended the industry. At the ripe age of 25, her modeling career has come to a seeming halt; her portfolio not seeing any material for months now. While the woman remains a powerful figure in business and politics, her face is seen less and less in magazines and newspaper, despite media efforts. The illustrious Hellfire Club still maintaining a steady income along with her continuous fashion earnings from previous career endeavors, her step into the shadows seems to not have affected the supermodel's business reign.

After purging her body of human emotions in Tibet, the Enchantress traveled to another temple residing in Greece. Home to the most legendary divine figures, its land maintained the strongest connection to their magic energy. There she appealed to the gods themselves, convincing them to grant her the very divine energy that ran through them. Not all seekers of divinity were so lucky. Two of the three steps had been completed as she could feel her very being growing stronger, closer to ensuring her new found power was irrevocable.

A massive Greek-styled temple floated in the middle of the infinite blackness of space, bright stars illuminating the sky around the grandeur sanctuary. New found mystic power allowed her to create the pocket dimension; her very own universe within her mind. Accessorized with gold jewelry, fine teal cloth wrapped around her chest and waist to cover her scarcely while still displaying her undeniable elegance. Firelight danced onto her regally structured face from the circular pit, centered in the circular courtyard. She sat still, watching the fire as the flames danced in her ice blue eyes.

Her short life had been filled with love and loss; power and pain. It was sometimes hard for her to think back on her life before immortality. The memories were still there, but as if a thin layer of ice had frozen over them, she was unable to feel the emotions they once brought her. Now she felt nothing but a cold drive to obtain what was destined to be hers: divinity. Her hand rests on the head of a curious peacock, her only companion in the empty dimension. Slowly the Enchantress rises to her bare feet, stroking the exquisite bird's head one more time before vanishing, leaving only a ripple in the air where she previously stood.

Back on Earth, she stands surrounded by dense forestation. Her lithe frame now covered in nothing but a cape made of peacock feathers, she makes her way calmly through the forest. The portion of the Chinese forest was known of by few, and discovered by less. The rich soil cools her feet as she hears the sound of trickling water not too far away, along with sightings of smoke rising through the lush vegetation. Her surroundings were teaming with an unnatural abundance of life, as if this portion of the Earth had remained as fresh as the day of its creation. The sound of running water was joined by the sound of muffled voices, the invisible noises growing increasingly audible as, with a burst of sunlight, Enchantress entered the Yuansu Clan.

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An unanticipated period of climactic and and cataclysmic events had unfolded, unwillingly engulfing the world in a state of feverish occurrences that transcend beyond the normality of even a reality so densely populated by an immeasurable amount of super-powered individuals. And somehow, the eternally desirable enchantress, Claire Swanepoel had unexpectedly vanished from the public eye. An alluring celebrity that had become one of the world's most premier figures and widely known for a powerful socially dominant personality had abruptly vanished, and mysteriously, no apparent trace had remained of her existence since her unforeseen disappearance. The undisclosed location of her presence was unknown even to the relentlessly watchful eyes of the world's apex predators, Impero and Gambler.

While not harboring any particular objective in locating the lovely enchantress, the cunning puppeteer's lack of initiative in searching for Claire had uncharacteristically brought Claire before him weeks before when the former model had graced Iberia with her desired presence. Seizing the unexpected opportunity to meet with the blonde beauty after curiosity over her current predicament had briefly overcome him. However, the fated encounter saw to it that mysterious Impero did not converse with Claire Swanepoel that he knew prior to her unexplained vanishing. No longer was she the flirtatious, alluring enchantress that she once was, she had seemingly been forsaken by her emotions and once playful demeanor, her arctic blue eyes were overflowing with an unspoken hunger for divine power, they were empty and void of any emotion. However, the most prominent alteration that the masked enigma had sensed in his former Court of Owls teammate was the sudden inclusion of elusive divinity in her inner chi, a grand-master of mystical martial arts, it was virtually impossible for perceptive Impero to ignore.

Their conversation was brief, however, Claire's subliminal suggestions had made clear her desire for enormous power, it appealed to her objectives. At the inevitable conclusion of their conversation, the Yuansu Grandmaster could only hope that a future meeting with Claire was in order, unknown to him though, it seems that the fates have orchestrated the upcoming events to his favor. Since his predicted divorce from Clarice Zeraz, the elegant Emperor has exponentially increased the amount of powerful allies in his inner circle, establishing several alliances with numerous key figures in the world, as well as aiding in the founding of several secretive organizations designed for the mere purpose of indirectly governing the happenings of the globe through various meticulously manipulative master-plans. And of course, it should come as no surprise that the Nefarious Neutral intends on adding Claire to his collection of invaluable allies. Her talents and influence would function smoothly in his favor.

Isolated in an extravagant room with undeniably lavish decorations and portraits of past Yuansu Grandmasters, enigmatic Impero practices his legendary Huo Yuansu (Element of Fire) martial art, having become the Huo Yuansu Clan Branch's most powerful and skilled master since the memorable assassination that had once claimed the existence of his clan, an assassination, fiendishly orchestrated by Impero himself. Performing graceful arm movements and fighting maneuvers with scintillating flair and technical brilliance, the instinctively magnetic yet foreboding golden eyes of the masked Yuansu Grandmaster widened with brief surprise as he instantly detected a powerfully familiar life-force in the vicinity, one that is distinct from that of every other clan member. Calmly halting his training, Impero was quick to realize who had located the home of the fabled Yuansu Clan. Claire Swanepoel had come, no doubt with an unquestionable agenda.

Clad in a ceremonial yet stylish black hooded cloak decorated with artistic blue flame-designs, his iconic alabaster mask, his trademark gloved gauntlets, and twin ebony Jian swords strapped to his back in the form of a symmetrical 'X', deadly Impero emerged from the grandmaster's personal training room, instantly heading to meet with Claire. Making his way towards her, Impero halted a mere two feet away from the blonde beauty, his naturally alluring yet frightening golden eyes calmly meeting hers in a calm yet somewhat instinctive stare, characterized by unwavering intensity. "Ms. Swanepoel, your visit to my clan is... interesting to say the least", he stated, verbally addressing her, his arms regally folded behind him, a posture of undeniable class and confidence piercing the very atmosphere. "So, why have you come here?".

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Her arrival had begun to draw the clan members' attention as all eyes peered in irresistible curiosity. The clan possessed the peaceful nature of peoples unsoiled by the outside world for centuries, making the elegant emperor’s calculating demeanor all the more distinguishable. He stood before her, calm and confident as always; the key to his impressive success. However the casually arrogant front Impero wore had no identifiable affect on her as he asked her the origins of her visit to the monastery.

“Thank you for allowing me this visit, it is indeed a rare experience,” she started. The new found coldness to her aura held no conscious effort in it, the frigid energy of immortality that ran through her made her apathy a natural behavior. Her eyes moved from side to side to examine the increasing crowd of clan members before aiming back on Impero's golden irises. “Perhaps we should take this conversation somewhere more private?” she suggested, with little option to say no.

The elegant Enchantress followed the Yuansu Clan leader out of the beautiful forest and back into the clan's monastery. Inside was a careful contrast the the natural elements of the the forest; filled with regal furnishings and decor. As they proceeded deeper into the monastery toward Impero's personal office the number of clan members thinned until the only noise shared on their trip was their own steady footsteps. Halting between a pair of grandeur double doors Enchantress watched as Impero casually performed a style of chi martial arts to open the doors, granting them access into the clan leader's office.

As they settled into two seats facing one another, the goddess' eyes wandered throughout the office, examining the careful detail that went into creating the noble room. The excessively large peacock robe had, barely, kept body covered thus far, but as they sat a swirl of bright yellow energy replaced the robe with infamous green attire. Focusing her attention back on her host she straightened her back to sit in a regal fashion before speaking.

“Before I say anymore, I want to thank you again for allowing me into your seclusive home,” she said indifferently, as though the gratitude was forced out of formality. “I visit you and your clan today to complete a goal I have pursued for months now. Visits to Tibet and Greece have replaced most of my humanity with divinity, granting me the immortality, power, and knowledge of the gods themselves. However your clan's connection to nature itself is the final factor in my path to divinity,” she explained, remaining frigidly motionless throughout her story. Her arctic eyes remained aimed on him as she awaited his response.

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Having comfortably seated himself, the elegant Emperor briefly examines the apathetic Enchantress with mesmerizing, ominous golden eyes, silently stripping her entire figure as he assumes an instinctive posture that radiates regalia and class. Calmly establishing intense eye contact with the lovely Swanepoel, Impero responded, "Do not thank me, Ms. Swanepoel. You care not for it. Your only desire, it is divine power and might", he pointed out without hesitation. Indeed she had forsaken her humanity in exchange for the supposed gods' most prominent attributes, both physical and non-physical. "Your recent lack of humanity is something that I took notice of during our conversation in Iberia", he pauses, "But it is of no importance", indeed it was not, Impero himself is no human, he was not an individual spawned from mutation either, or a being of extraterrestrial origins. A mysterious anomaly among of a nature unknown. Whether or not Claire had realized this with her new-found senses and knowledge remains to be seen.

Unaware of the fabled Yuansu Clan's alleged indirect connection to the divine, the masked enigma adopts a pensive facial expression underneath his eerie alabaster mask, briefly considering the countless theories that would explain such a connection and the potential fruits that could be grown from experimentation. "My clan's connection to nature is a simple one to establish. Meditation leads to a mastering of one's inner and external chi. External chi granting a far greater connection to nature. So perhaps your path to undisputed divinity rests in the development of your external chi... unless, you have knowledge of something else in regards to my clan. Something that even I do not know", he concluded, the possibility of Claire's potential knowledge about the Yuansu Clan quickly teasing at The Genius' instinctive curiosity. While willing to aid her in her power-hungry quest, as always, there are certain terms to be met in exchange for the cunning schemer's unconditional help. After all, their past encounters is meaningless once the sacred Yuansu Clan is involved, a clan that Impero along with several elite clansmen assassinated thousands of years ago in order to prevent the reckless distribution of their mystical secrets and invaluable teachings.

Lending his assistance in such a manner would be a disrespectful insult to the philosophies and regulations established by the clan's abnormally powerful founder, the divinely beautiful Meili Yuansu. "I hope you realize my dear, that I do not do things out of mere generosity. Tis a fool's course of action to do something without return. In exchange for my help, I want something simple from you", he paused, allowing the possible implications of incoming request to tauntingly sink into Claire's power-governed mind. "I want your unconditional loyalty". His recent construction of an inner circle of powerful and trusted allies would only flourish with Claire's possible inclusion. The request was a reasonable one, there was much being sacrificed for Claire's objective, and while Impero did harbor a powerful respect for ambition at its finest, even Claire who's ambition impresses him, would have to offer something of significance in exchange should she deny his request.

"Why I want your allegiance to me? Perhaps you interest me, or perhaps it is something far grander", he chuckled calmly, his relaxed yet unquestionably confident demeanor showcasing itself. "My ex-wife Clarice, she has outlived her usefulness to me, and thus, our divorce was inevitable. Her value was no longer existent, but her power-hungry ambitions remained. She has told me in the past that she intends on taking over the world, it is not something that I can allow should she ever attempt to do so. The world is not meant to be ruled by a reckless woman who is constantly eluded by sanity and reason. The world in itself cannot fall under a single ruler, what it needs is change, be it through morally questionable methods or not", his Byronic Hero tendencies showcasing themselves as he speaks, "I aim to oppose Clarice if she ever makes an attempt on the world. She will amass allies for it, and I already have, you are one that must be a part of this. After all, who better to aid me in stopping her and perhaps killing her than the woman she hates the most?".