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"Whiskey Company! Fall in"

Logan Szautner, codename ElusiveStorm and his team of renegade soldiers called Whiskey Company were sent in by the Umbrella Coporation to track down one of their projects, codename Charlie.

So where we heading to sarge? Its been awhile since our last mission, i thought our bosses fogot about us

"Well Joe, were going to find one of Umbrella's sicence projects and well were going into the hive to see if we can pick up any trace of this thing to give us a hint on where its heading to."

The group of five looking at ES all gave their own signs of grief for they didnt want to head into a zombie infested lab to pick up a "Scent" of a project they figured the company didnt even cared about.

What about that Project Alice? I thought we'd be assigned to her due to the many failures the other field ops had

ES shook his head, he didnt want to talk about project Alice. The two once had history before she worked for the company, back then he was a security guard at the hive and she was a waitress at a diner who were about to be married until he was discharged from the corporation and banished from Racoon city.

"lets head inside ok?"

ES let the group inside the dark corridors of the hive where the team members started to joke around about zombies and monmsters, while two of them started to argue about a specific issue.

...I mean jesus christ Slade, you know better. ES and Alice had a relationship back in the day before Whiskey company. Why bring that Sh!t up?

Because stuff like that keeps him on his toes, i'm his best friend and know more about him than you do about your own brother so shut up will ya?

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Chico opens his eyes. He hears ringing noises in his head. His vision is blurred, he tries to get up and catch his balance. He puts his hands to his eyes and rubs them; his eye sight gets a bit better. He then sticks his fingers into his ears to try and get his hearing back to normal. The ringing noise is not louder than it was.

When he looks around properly, he realises that he is in the stairwell.

"My back hurts like hell." He says while stretching it.

"How the hell did I end up here? Last thing I remember was being in my apartment room." He says with a confused look on his face.

He looks at the sign on the wall. It says ‘4th Floor’.

What! My apartment is on the 9th floor. How the hell did I end up down here?" He says with a more confused look on his face.

Chico runs up the stairs to apartment level. When he reaches his level he opens the door. And then walks to his room. He opens the door and sees his room is in a total mess.

"What the fck happened to my room!? It’s totalled!" He says

Looking at his room, he sees that his windows are smashed; the furniture is all over the place.

He goes to his bed, kneels down and buts his hand under. He pulls out a brief case.

"Thank 'Dios' this is still in one piece." Chico says

He opens it up and there lays his costume. He smiles, and looks at his bathroom.

"Time for us to see just what the hell is going on." He says.

He puts his costume on. He runs for the window jumps out. There are 9 floors of empty space between him and the pavement. He reaches the other side of the hotel and digs his spiked gauntlets into the wall of the hotel and starts to descend at a stead pace. He reaches the 2nd floor and pushes himself off the hotel; back-flips onto the floor and lands on his hands & feet. He gets up and looks around, then he moves away from the hotel.

"First thing am gonna do is find out what the hell happened here and why this place looks a tip." He says.

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" Project Charlie-Cluster 7."

A scientist in a white robe spoke out to five others in a lab filled with stasis tubes and computers,it looked as if it was something out of a sci-fi movie.One man punched numerous keys into a nearby computer,it triggred a stasis tube to flush the water out and the man that was in it fall to the floor.It opened and the man had tubes in his chest,abdomen,legs,and arms.He was shivering and apparently alive he got up on his own,analyzing the area and men in robes wh awakened him.

The head scientist called out to the lesser ones,ordering to put a towel over the naked mans body.Once the man was covered,the head of scientist walked to him and looked him up and down,as another scientist wrote what the man did.

"Normal functions,pupils dialated,shows signs of previous Clones."

The scientist handed him a pen.

"Now,do you know your name?"

The man till shivering spoke ut in a stutter.

"Ch..ch...Charlie 7.

"Very good,im Dr.Rictus,ill be taking care of you.Now just stay put while my men check your vital signs."

Charlie shook his head yes.

"Men,i will return after he is up to speed."

A young women replied.

"Yes sir,Dr.Rictus."

"Oh and make su..."

A pen went straight threw Dr.Rictus's throat.He died instantly.The young woman was on the floor crying,and before another scientisr could reach the button to signal the guards Charlie lept into the air and cracked the mans neck.

Present Day

Bam Bam A zombie fell to the ground,fllowed by two more.Charlie-Cluster 7,the last of his brothers was conducting a clean-up,as he walked down the chaos filled streets,his jacket flew in the wind.He pondered on how he had no negative affects of the T-virus,yet these poor souls did.Forced to wander around feeding of there own kind.

He sniffled a little,then jumped onto a roof in a sweep of acrobatic moves.Continuing his hunt for survivors and a cure,for he only had 48 hours to live.

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The explosion came upon them. A piece of the hellicopter went flying for Alice. He moved her out of the way as it gashed into his midsection. He as dead, and Alice escaped. Then the nuke came and blasted the building they were on. The building gave way, his body falling upon the rubble. The night sky lit up with the sun, and went dark once again. Days faided into each other, Nemesis was dead.

But then the virus kicked in. It started to mutate his body and mind even further. Tendrils wrapped around his open wounds, laceing them and healing them. With his great strength he moved rubble after rubble until he was free. There was no man anymore, only a monster.

The sun hurt his eyes as he hide for cover until the night fell upon him once more. He heard some noise and went to find it. Inside a building was a family, trapped but alive. They were safe from the mosnters, but would soon run out of food and water. Nemesis did not pity them. He wanted to kill them, to turn them into creatures like he was. Chargeing with all his might be bursted down the wall. Cement went everywhere and a lrage smoke filled the area. The family screamed in terror, only to scream once again when the smoke cleared.

Standing before them was a large monster. They ran trying to escape it. Without moving he sent a tendril flying at the father, it peirceing his stomach. Blood splattered all over the mother and little boy. He stalked in closer and the older daughter screamed. She took off to run out the hole he had made. Nemesis went to send his tendrils at her but the mother jumped up screaming and running at him. Pounding away "LEAVE MY DAUGTER ALONE" he grabed her by the head and lifted her high off the ground. Squizing he crushed her head in a instant. Then sent his tendril to the little boy. It wrapped around his small frame and crushed him likte a spunge. The girl had gotten away but it did not matter. Nemesis had three people dead already, and within the hour they would raise up as a Licker.

The teenage girl went screaming into the streets running and crying, her skin as white as snow from fright. She had to run, thats all she knew, she had to hide.

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As the team was searching around the laboratory, Joe stumbled upon two glass spiral containers, one filled with a blue liquid and one with a green liquid. He picked up the vials and brought them to ES and the rest of the team.

Sir, what the hell are these?

ES turned around and his eyes widened, he shook his head and grabbed th vials.

"The blue one is the T-Virus, the source of the hellish world we live in and the green one is te Anti-Virus. The T-Virus is fully effective while the Anti-Virus only works randomly which coud mean that maybe depending on the type of person, the Anti-Virus will work or not work."

ES placed the T-Virus on a nearby desk and bagged the Anti-Virus.

"If any of you find more of these green vials, bag them. they'll hopefully be useful it you become infected, now lets move i picked up something and it seems that it left out of here in a hurry"

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“Come on, come on. GOD DAMMIT!” a frustrated Dawn yelled. Her fingers slipping off the car door handle as she repeatedly tried to open it. The moans and groans of the undead moving in ever closer. Turning her head and shielding her eyes, the young woman reared back with her elbow before letting it fly smashing out the window.

Quickly she scrambled to get inside but her progress was halted as she was grabbed from the outside. She screamed out even though she knew it was useless, as she was yanked from the vehicle the determined former tattoo artist managed to grasp the glove compartment handle, opening it and watching as a Snob Noise revolver trickled down to the floor.

The broken glass cut along her stomach and ribs. The creature, mouth gaping, lunged in for the maul but was met with several quick kicks to the face, causing it to stumble backwards before gathering itself and moving in once again.

Quickly Dawn scrambled back in through the window grabbing the revolver and wheeling back outside.

One shot rang out, blowing a decent size hole in the creatures head dropping it immediately.

“Eat that you sonnovabitch.” She smirked.

With little time to spare the young woman ransacked the vehicle for any and all supplies. She managed to gather a couple blankets and road flares before disappearing back into the smoke filled city of Racoon.

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The mall was pitch black, even though it was almost noon. The generators had shut down, turning off the electric light and leaving only the little light filtering in from outside to illuminate the shops. Daniel woke up in the dark and groaned softly. His body was aching, no doubt from being thrown bodily across the room. When the nuke had hit he and two other survivors had been playing poker to pass the time, the blast had thrown all of them into the air, sending them spinning through the store. Slowly Daniel got to his feet and peered into the shadowy rows of goods. Nothing moved. With almost exaggerated caution he fumbled for a weapon, all the time looking for movement in the darkness, looking for a reason to run. His fingers brushed a smooth wooden handle and he picked it up, smiling when he realised that he had found a baseball bat.

"Hey! Mike! You around!" he shouted, feeling more confident.

Something rustled softly, like a coat flapping as its wearer turned suddenly. For a few painful moments there was silence before the sound of halting footsteps could be heard. Daniel readied his bat, like a played readying for the pitch. Mike staggered out of the darkness and fell against one of the aisles, obviously hurt. Daniel started forwards but Mike waved him back.

"I got bitten," he gurgled, blood flowing down his face "You need to kill me or get out of here."

Daniel stood for a moment, horrified, before he turned and ran out into the sunlight. Blasted buildings and burnt out cars sat, low and squat by the road. Daniels coat flapped around him as a strong wind swept through Raccoon City. Turning his head he took in the whole street, noticing every little detail. Like the two dead cops in a crashed car. He jogged towards the wreck, expecting at any moment to see the bodies jerk and come to life. But they remained still. With a grunt he tugged at the door, fighting against twisted metal to open it, but in vain. The window was already blow out so he reached inside, grabbing the shotgun from its position in the center of the vehicle.

Something padded down the street behind Daniel and he span around, the shotgun pointing unwaveringly at the distant figure. A dog looked up two hundred meters away, its dead eyes catching sight of Daniel. A low snarl escaped from its lips and it started to run forwards, jaws agape. Swearing Daniel reached back into the car, pulling one of the cops 45. The dog was covering the distance with frightening speed, drool and blood flecking its lips. Daniel jumped over the car and dashed to the nearest building. Moving quickly he threw the shotgun up and stuffed the gun in the back of his jeans before jumping onto a drainpipe and clambering up. A second to late the dog gnashed its teeth at him, jumping up in a futile attempt to reach its would be prey. Daniel swung himself onto a small balcony where he'd thrown his shotgun. He turned and peered over the edge, drawing his pistol. Casually he chambered a round and took aim.

"Down boy."

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Bursts of firing could be seen high above the city, the hellish screams and moans of the undead marching forth for one purpose... flesh. The yelling and cries from the men firing upon their enemies were silenced by the loud explosions nearby, their leader was getting nervous. He looked around and saw nothing but moving corpses approaching to feast on the fresh meat they sensed just moments before, Whiskey Company was doomed.

"Thats right i need a heli evac from Racoon city immediately!...... no you tell your supervisors that they can go anf Fu..."

Agh! Logan!

ES dropped his radio and turned around to watch his best friend Slade being devoured, there was nothing ES could do but watch and escape this madness. He grabbed joe's collar and dragged him back into a nearby office building and barred the door. there was no radio signal inside the building. They both dropped to the ground breaathing heavily listening to the carnage outside.

Why... Why did we leave them?

"Because there's no hope, i knew this mission would be Whiskey Company's last. We've always been a thorn in the side of Umbrella ever since they created this F*ing military group. They want us out, they think we'd turn against them just like the other Umbrella projects. There's also something i need to tell you, when we were first recruited, during our medical checks, they injected us with small doses of the T-Virus for weeks."

Joe pulled back his fist then rammed it into Es's head, no words came from the young soldier. He got up and walked into the darkness of the nearby hall, moments later gun shots here heard in that direction followed by a cry for help then a grueling scream cut off by the loud roar of a mutated monster. ES's senses detected the creature moving fast towards him, he picked up his weapon and fired towards the source of the noise. from the shadows, a licker fell into a spot filled with light.

"time to get moving"

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Above the streets Charlies could see things no one else could,his enhanced senses allowed him to analayze and sense which was human,and which was infected.He got a whiff of something unusual,a licker.One of the more dangerous zombies,that could tear a man from limb to limb and leave the scraps for the regulars.

"Two blocks north,several survivors.In contact with a highly infected weapon."

Charlie's computer like mind synched right into the situation as it connected to a secuirty camera,he could see the situation.These men were well armed,but had no chance against a HIW.He ran on the rooftops while manuveruing through the steel and rummage of the chaos,he was almost there.Twenty feet away,ninteen,eighteen,seventeen,sixteen.Charlie lept of the roof and landed on top the licker and but a whole round into its head.

The beast fell,and Charlie looked up too the men,and noticed one was diffrent.Perhaps a HIW like himself and the now dead Licker.He greeted the man.

"Your name is Elusive Storm,ES for short.Ive been watching you,database tells me your in relations with Project Alice."

He holstered his gun and continued on.

"Im project Charlie....7"

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ES's eyes opened wide, he didnt have to do too much work to find project Charlie. Even though the project had put away his weapon, he was still as dangerous without it and ES placed his hand on his own holstered pistol.

"Umbrella sent me to look for you and bring you back to them, will you comply? Or will i have to drag your mutated ass all the way back to the evac zone?"

ES ignored the last part about Alice, everytime he remembered about her, pain was all he could feel. ES's phone suddenly rang, he looked down at his belt then directly up at Charlie, he nodded and answered the phone.

"Yeah... Move out? But sir our target is right infront of me an just introduced himself!!!... ... ..."

ES dropped his phone and looked back at Charlie stunned and scared, his boss had told him a terrible truth about the mission and had to leave right away for de-briefing. He turned off his cell phone and started to back away from Charlie, he pule out his pistol and aimed at his recent target.

"Dont follow me"

ES backed up to a door where he vanished from site, heading to the evac zone to be transferred to another job.

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Post Deleted.

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Chico, riding across the long motorway on his motorcycle. The wind brushing his hair back. He has his ipod in and is listening to Velvet Revolver's Slither. He sees a sign saying Welcome to Raccoon city. Please enjoy our hospitable environment.

"Best stop and refuel in this town" He says while driving

Chico enters the city to find it being a nice place. He drives around, looking at all the sites. He decides to stay a bit longer, knowing when he leaves its back to training. He looks for a hotel to stay in. While driving, he spots one he likes and enters the building and gets a room for the night.

Chico goes to sleep for a few hours and wakes up around 8pm. He does his usually routine of; five hundred: sit-ups and press-ups. By the time he is done, he hears gunfire from a distance; he instinctively knows that it is a shot of rounds from a gun. He goes to his door and opens it, he then goes towards the stairs and hears an explosion. The explosion hits his building and knocks him down the stairs and rending him unconscious.

Present Time

While he runs through the streets, he sees people eating other people. He runs over to help them out, when they all turn on him and slowly move towards him. One goes to bite his arm but, Chico reaction by hitting him in the head, sending him a few meters away from were he stood. Another one bites him on the arm, he punches him on the head, but his punch goes through the head and destroys his brain.

"Oh, sh!t! I didn’t punch him that hard." he says

When the guy that bit him falls to the floor, he sees that the bite never penetrated his costume. He then takes out batons and beats them up, but they keep on getting up apart from the person whose head he destroyed.

"Hospitable environment my arse! Just what the fck are these people?" He openly asks.

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Lee wakes up to an alarm. It's 8am, he lays in a bed inside his underground bunker just a few miles outside the city. This is the day, the day he opens the door to the outside world. He would have stayed in his bunker forever if his water had not run out. But there was no more.

Lee climbs up the stairs not knowing what was on the other side of the door. His parents had lived through Hiroshima, and told him of the destrution that a bomb of that size would make. It was time he found out for himself.

A thick cloud of dusk flew up as he slammed the heavy steel doors open.


It's dark even at 8am, dust is everywhere like a blanket of snow.



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Connor sprints through the practically deserted city he jumped over a car bonnet and kept running constantly checking behind him. Life had been horrible when he got back after finding out what happened to his city while he was away fighting a war, his family was gone he knew that know but he had to go and check that’s the reason he’s in this mess.


Connor sat in a waiting room he had a sports bag next to him he was wearing a light grey hoodie and a black t-shirt on with Jeans and black fingerless gloves. Connor was called into an office it was cool from air conditioning he sat in a chair across a table from a short fat man his face was red and his hair was greasy and combed over. He informed Connor on all that had happened in his city. Connor walked out of the office in shock and sat down he put his head in his hands and thought about his family and what had happened. He stood up as his commanding officer walked up to him and saluted.

“How would like to go back home and get some revenge on those freaks” The officer said Connor nodded

“We’ll be sending you in alone to meet up with another squad,” The officer said

“Good luck” and with that he walked off


So now Connor was trapped in this hellhole with no communication or any way out.

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Lee's only concern was for his brother, Kim. Did he get to a shelter, did he die. Not knowing were else to look, Lee goes to his families martial arts studio. Praying all the way there he would find his brother. Driving through the city Lee used as many backroads as he could, fearing what he would find on the main strips. Pulling up to the studio, Lee rushes to open the door.

Kim, Kim are you hear?

He hears no words just creaking in the back. Looking over at the wall full of trophys and pictures from competions all over the world, he sees what he needs. His families sword. A black ivory of the nihontō danced in the light. It was perfectly made for a masters hand. This sword had been in his family for hundreds of years, past from father to son, father to son. Lee being the oldest brother would recieved the sword from his father on his death bed.

Lee shed a tear knowing that his father would not be able to do that, he was dead. Slipping off his shoes, for stealth he grabbed his blade and made his way to the back of the studio

Turning the corner ever so quiet, he saw a man standing over a body. There was blood everywhere. Lee was trying to hold back the vomit building in his stomach. This wasn't a man at all, he was a monster.

Drawing his sword as the monster turn towards Lee. Lee didn't expect the speed at which he came. He took a hit that put him right though the wall behind him.

Ok that hurt

Getting up quickly the thing was coming at him again. Lee quickly kick at the thing, but was blocked as if it knew the kicks were coming. Lee stood back in awe. Looking over the monster carefully. Then he saw something that would change his life forever. One the forarm of the monster is what looked like a three lower case T. In english 777 his family trademark.

It was his brother.

Kim, Kim is that you

Nothing the monster was coming at him again. Tears filled Lee's eyes as he started in on his brother. He was trying to fend him back. Kicks and punches were countered and block just as they had practiced as boys. Hands a feet were flying fast. Kim was stronger now than ever before. Lee didn't know how long he could keep up this furious pace. Lee place a kick right into his brothers kneecap, trying to slow him down. No pain ever crossed his brothers grossly disfigured face.

Kim stop it please!

He kept coming. Lee knew this monster who moved like his brother, would kill him if he didn't end it quick. When a master martial artist's strikes to end a fight, the fight will end. Lee gathered his nerve and hit Kim in the chest with all his force. Lee could hear ribs breaking like glass. Kim fell to his knees.

I'm sorry brother

He pulled his sword.

"Those who cling to life die, and those who defy death live."

He swings his sword.

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As Chico stares at the people coming closer and closer to him a piece of paper blows to his feet. He looks down at the paper and sees that it says Zombies on it. He quickly looks up at them. Their faces covered in blood, not from their own bodies, but from others.

"Oh sh!t! This ain't gonna be to good." he says

Chico punches one in the face, but he lands his fist in the zombies mouth. The zombie trying to bite his fist, cannot penetrate the costume. He grabs his jaw, he pulls on it to give him a lift to kick the zombie behind him, while kicking him he rips off the zombies jaw. He knocks the other zombie down to the floor and stands on his head squashing it. He then elbows the jawless zombie in the head smashing it, nothing but the neck down still there. Chico sees one more zombie left. He kicks him in the chest only to go through it.

"Crap!" he says while struggling with the zombie

He then gabs hold of the zombies head and pulls it off of its body and troughs it away. He gets back up and hears noises coming closes and closes.

"That's 2 helicopters, coming this way. Hopefully that's the cavalry." he hopefully says

He then hears screams coming from behind him. He starts running to were he heard the screaming, but while he's running the screaming stops. Chico stops in his tracks, cautiously moving forwards. The lights around him are flickering, making the shadows move around. He sees shadows on the wall, he moves closer to them. He takes out his collapsible Bō, he jumps and swings it around the corner, he stops quickly because there is a woman there, his bō not but a few millimetres from her face.

"Well it's about time I saw somebody that is alive." he says

A small red slimy object comes from behind Chico and ties itself around him and troughs him into the air and through a window.

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Connor crouched behind the car and looked over it he saw three zombies coming towards him. He came back down picking up a lead pipe he stood up they were getting closer he prepared himself and ran at them shouting he smacked one in the head with the pipe, his army training helping him, one tried to bite his arm but Connor stepped back and kick the zombie he hit ion the head to the floor and span with the pipe knocking the second down leaving him and the last. He stared into it’s cold dead eye’s he swung the pipe at it but it grabbed it and tried pulling it away they both struggled but Connor managed to out strength it and thrust the pipe through it’s eye and into it’s head. And Connor took off running.

Connor was starting to get tired now he had been running all day he came to a house it was boarded up

“Is anyone there?” Connor called in but there was no answer. He walked to the front door and kicked it open. Connor walked inside where there was food and some drinks and a baseball bat rested on a bench. He sat down taking a sandwich and a bottle of water he started eating the sandwich. Once he finished he took some rope and tied it to the handle and end of the bat and put it on his back. Connor walked into the kitchen and grabbed a meat cleaver and a butcher knife then walked back into the room with food. He grabbed two sandwiches and put them in the pocket of his light grey hooded jacket, there was blood from one of the zombies on his white t-shirt, jeans and on his fingerless gloves, he too two bottles of water and put them in his other pocket and left the house to look for his sister again.

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Post Deleted.

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Lee sits in his 4runner driving 90mph through the streets of the city. The once crowded streets were empty and disolate. Ash still floats in the air, filling the sky like a dust storm. Between the ash and the tears in his eyes Lee can hardly see the road. His radio cranked to the max, Lee screams the lyrics at the top of his lungs.


Lee looks up just in time to see a man walk out into the middle of the street. Not a monster. A real man! Slamming on his brakes and swerving, he feels the 4runner rock one way then flips over once, then twice. His head slams against the window and everything goes black.

He wakes up with a warm feeling, running down his neck. He is clearly upside down, and he is hurt bad!

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Chico from being thrown trough a window, acrobatically lands on the floor.

"Oh the slim! What the hell was that thing?" He asks

He hears a scream from the position he was in before. He runs, abut the screams stop. He sees the woman on the floor. A shadow moves in the corner of his eye. He is not sure if it’s the light moving from above him, or if it is a person responsible for throwing him. He quickly gets into a martial arts stance, waiting for the person to come from the shadows. Chico’s nose senses a terrible smell. And from the shadows appears a monster with its brain showing.

"Whoa! What the fck is that?" he asks with a cautious look on his face

The monster’s tongue slowly comes out.

"So that’s the slimy thing that got me." he says

The monster shoots his tongue out at Chico, he moves in time, the tongue goes past his chest, then the tongue pushes Chico trough the wall behind him. He falls to the floor, the monsters tongue wraps around Chico’s ankle and spins him around in the air above the monster. Then the monster releases him, sending him flying through the air, but Chico acrobatically lands. He sees his bō, not far in front of him. The outside is the monster.

"You not going to out smart me you piece of sh!t!" he shouts

Chico runs and picks up his bō and runs at the monster. The monster charges at Chico, Chico sticks his bō into the ground and poll volts over the monster and stick into his back some gadgets. He lands and rolls while sliding across the floor, he takes a remote from his pouch. The monster lands then chargers again towards Chico, before he can get to him, he presses the detonation button and the monster explodes. All the body parts go everywhere.

"Just great! Slim, all over me." He says

He sees the woman on the floor and goes to her. She is cold and shaking.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" He asks her

"I...was bit...ten by one o...of the zomb...zombies. You have to...ki...kill me. De...stroy my br...brain. Umbrella are..." she stops speaking

Chico feels her pulse

"Damn" he whispers with disappointments when she dies

He stands and walk towards the door. He hears a noise. He turns around she's getting up.

"Hey your alive" he says with enthusiasm

The light reflects her face and Chico see her in the light.

"Whoa! Your not alive!" he shouts

She slowly walks towards him. He looks down and sees his Bō, he extends it. And he swings.