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Hey everyone who wants to start an RPG I had an idea. What if we worked to draw the RPgs to a central world where people can go back and forth through stories. I want to say this right because I know that we have a lot of sarcastic guys and gals with us. Plus it would help Buckshot to monitor stories if he had a way to clear people to help him as sub monitors for him, then he wouldn't have to spend all his time watching and could still participate. I saw that there are new RPGs and wanted to start one too, but it might be too much with the few number of people who actually RPG. I don't know if that makes sense write me back and let me know if you have questions or if you want to go for or against what I said. I would appreciate any criticizism positive or negitive.

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I'm not really in charge of anything (other than the one in the Arena where I ref).

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Why arent you? You should have a Staff Card.

Moderator Online
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I though red lamp said that you or autowoman were moderators for whatever happens. I thought that would take away from time that you would spend on your own threads.

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I think that sounds like a wonderful idea. Well both do, really. Buckshot for staff and an overall, centralised RPG planet

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I wants in.

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YAY, the more the merrier. Ok, GL, set something up for us!

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That works, I could do that.

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Yeah, do, thanks. I'd love to do some more RPG'ing, I'm just a lil lost with where y'all ended up