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Welcome, Warning: Enter At Your Own Risk.

Bewitched: A Place For The Enchanted And Charmed Ones
Front Entrance View

Located in the heart of New Orleans lies a place for those who interests lies in the occult. Concealed behind beautifully decorated doors lies an enticing place of tantalizing knowledge and expertise regarding all things magical and supernatural. Birthed from the mind of the Eastern Enchantress, a location populated by versatile items and collections of texts with uncommon, unearthly properties. Behind masterfully crafted doors, the elusive Madame Blossom awaits all visitors seeking guidance or tutelage in the ancient art of sorcery. Owner of a vast array of alchemical substances, artifacts of exotic magical power, maps to the world's most elusive locations and beyond, books imbued with the knowledge of innumerable spells and incantations, Bewitched serves as the fundamental location for those seeking all psychic and magical phenomenon. Never alarmed by those who walk past her doors and into her artistically constructed abode, the knowledgeable Madame Blossom offers aid to all, provided that all is revealed in order for maximum help to be lent. The incomparable guidance of mysterious tarot cards, and far more is available to all who seek her aid. At times even accompanying troubled souls to rid them of their demons and torment, her altruistic intentions know no bounds. The shop also serves as a meeting ground for those sharing the same interest or those seeking a path in spirituality. Nonetheless Bewitched is a welcoming shop for all kinds even those who share no taste in the occult.

She seeks no measurable payment for her desired services, simply a physical souvenir to forever remember each of her misadventures and spiritual journeys, souvenirs she contains in striking jars, testaments to the malevolence she had aided in vanquishing. A cryptic woman of countless secrets, perhaps the greatest mystery revolving around the Eastern Enchantress remains the enigma that is her origin.

(Thank you Impero, for summarizing this section ♥)


The Eastern Enchantress Services

The shop caters many services for customers in need or for those who peak an interest in the occult and supernatural. Among the many services enlisted are:

Divination; Fan is able to use series of different methods for divining the futre, through the use of tarot cards, bones, or whatever method workds for her. Though it is important to know that the future is hard to make a full and concise prediction, the timing is also a factor what Fan may perceive maybe events that has yet to come. The nature of future is ever-changing and fluid, like water it is affected by other forces.

Potions; Fan sells a variety of potions for many purposes all which are potent, most are for healing ailment like any other regular medicine would be able to do but with an additional kick. She can also brew potions with with explosive like effects, a favorite of hers, or to poison others with severe symptoms of nausea, death, ect. Ingredients for certain potion are also a factor to take into account, some are limited at her disposal, requesting before hand is well advised.

Seance; Fan can perform seances to contact the decease one for another, acting a medium to bridge the gap between the living and dead. In order for the session to be successful the client must have a certain connection with whom they yearn to contact and communicate with, or else Fan runs the risk of contacting foreign and/or vile spirits.

Casting; Fan is reluctant in casting a desirable spell for her clients, ranging from prosperity, luck, love, and fertility or from removing hexes and enchantments place upon them from another. What she does not cast for others are hexes and curses unless she finds their reason justifiable. The spells manifestations are indirect rather than direct, they will not happen immediately but the effects are immediate, meaning the spell is activated but it will take time for the spell's purpose to come into play.

Teachings; Fan is able to help those who lack and those who are interested in expanding their spiritual path and knowledge in the occult. Note that the teachings are long, tedious, and extensive, as it may takes months to years to even gain even the slightest experience and knowledge in a certain subject or lesson.

More coming soon.


The shop is heavily guarded against foreign threats. There are series of defensive wards and barriers to prevent harm against those in the shop and the shop itself. Gargoyls are place outside to help ward off evil influences and negativity as well are used as a form of detection to warn Fan of in-coming customers or threats. As well as intricate illusions to conceal or fool others.


  • No godmodding
  • Please sell if your invading
  • No stealing is allowed within the shop without my permission
  • If your desired assistant requires the use of another rpger please asked them for permission before coming to me
  • You may use the shop as a library to study various subjects regarding the metaphysics and New Age related
  • Given the nature of some events, Fan will perform spells of either morality if she finds it justice.
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Nawlins! first time I think I've missed my Gambler account since starting over.

Looks awesome with the pics.

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NIce, its finally up :)

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Hmhah! I should probably take a visit to you here or in the astral plane.
Blows the place up. Leaves.

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@Madame_Blossom: Creed hums the Harry Potter theme while sitting in a chair, waiting to see the mysterious madam. Come one man, magic? "Hell yeah magic! Im all about stuff I can't explain!".

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(This should prove quite interesting)

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@Madame_Blossom: I wanna do an rpg with you now. Idea hit me like a ton of bricks.

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I love this place. Nice work!

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@Quintus_Knightfall: I miss him too ;( ♥ he was supposed to be my pupil

@Isis_Liafador: ♥thank youuuu wifey<3

@Impero: all thanks to you<3

@Zauberin: No the shop was just barely made >.< arghhhh, cute♥

@Inner_Demon: ;) heheheh, come terrorize us soon :D

@_Creed_: LOL. Ooh Creed ^__^

@Decoy Elite: ;) May all your wishes come true.

@Clara Mass: thanks Babydoll <3

@Tranquil: Hit me up, pm ♥

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@Inner_Demon: And so it'll all soon begin.

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Amazing work Charmy I will defiantly be using this place often! ^_^

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@Madame_Blossom: Deep in the city of New Orleans, home of the rap icon Lil Wayne and survivor of one of the most horrendous hurricanes in recent history, Milo headed down a dark cobblestone path, into a small hut like building. After requesting some leave time to investigate a lead he'd discovered among his keijijo studies, Milo contacted the wife of his sensei, Madame Blossom. Recently, she'd opened up a shop, home to an imaginable list of archives and artifacts presumed lost to time. Maybe, just maybe, among her vast library she had what Milo was looking for. He rang the doorbell, unsure if the shop was open to just anyone and waited patiently as the rain slid down the hooded cloak wrapped around his form.

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@Lumen_: Hehehe I hope so and thank you <3

@Tranquil: The ringing buzz had alarmed her, curiously it was no one of harm. The shop was seconds away from being opened for others to come and visit. Walking silently like a venomous snake would when it sees its prey the Eastern Enchantress peeks through the window to see a man concealed in a cloak and hood, hiding his face which brought forth a stir of mystery in him. "Welcome." she said with a welcoming tone, the warm air and soft relaxing lit incenses surely would bring her guest comfort. "Come, sit down, and tell me of your troubles." she said guiding the man to a seat with a large oval table separating the two person, fresh tea was served and she would now hear his requests.

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@Madame_Blossom: ^_^, do I get a response lovely? XD

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@_Creed_: of course ;)

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@Madame_Blossom: The hood was pulled back and Milo's glowing grin was the first thing she would see. "I like what you've done with the place. We've spoke before. I'm Milo Archer, Ishin's protege. I'm wondering if you have anything relating to the Daimyo. Maybe some texts they wrote or information on their endeavors outside of the warring clans?" The smell of incense filled his nostrils and his once cold, tense shoulders fell back into the cushion of his rather comfy seat tranquilly. He grasped the tea cup placed before him and quietly took a sip. He'd never tried tea before, but he didn't want to come off as disrespectful either. The taste was rather bland, but nothing to complain about as it intensified the feeling of peace that flowed through his body.

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@Tranquil: The instant he revealed his fresh face the memories of their introduction was remembered in the enchantress's mind, "Of course, sorry. I didn't recognize you under your little mask." she said with a teasing voice of course he wasn't mask but hid his face in his hood, though her little joke was a play on his studies from her husband, Ishin the Impero. "Unfortunately I have but one scroll in my possession. The rest are with Ishin. I'm guessing you've already checked the archives in Reisho." folding her legs over the other the witch blended her tea with a pinch of unknown herbs. "Would you care to see if it may be of interest to you?" getting up from her seat the witch walked over through another room, the dangling hanging beads jingled as she passed through them, leaving Milo alone until she fetched the scroll. Upon returning she sat back into place and revealed the scroll of fragile form. Offering it to him to read aloud before the two.

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@Madame_Blossom: A playful smile surfaced before the powerful witch made her way into one of the various rooms inside the mystical storage. Milo continued sipping his tea and when she returned an eager look met her elegant eyes. The scroll,s golden parchment was unraveled and Milo began to audibly read the excerpt. "... My search for the fabled Muramasa and his legendary forge have brought me to a small town embedded deep in the Mountains near Reisho. The townsfolk deny the existence of such a man, but my previous sources said only through here can the master Blacksmith be reached. The townsfolk instead spoke of a nihonto with an ebony colored blade of immeasurable strength, deep within one of the mountain's snow capped caverns, guarded by countless traps and ghostly spirits. Surely this was the residence that the weapon crafter had taken in recluse. " Further down the page was another paragraph, this one a bit less detailed. "Chie has informed me that the clans survival is at stake. The war will truly destroy them and my brothers cannot end this without me. I was so close to the sword that I could feel the metaphysical pressure all around me, but this will have to wait, my family needs me..." Milo looked up from the page with utter shock. "I recognize this writing. Its Chinmei. And if this is accurate, I think I know which village she's referring too. We have to contact Ishin." Milo was welled up with excitement at the thought of an adventure for the fabled weapon and its legendary creator.

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@Tranquil: The tasteful history of the Reisho clan was parallel to the secrecy of the Celestial Clan from which the witch of the east hail lineage from. The description of adventure and loss was very well familiar to history, love also shared the same fate. A slight stress of nervousness crawled in her mind, the passages from the ancient scroll spoke of ghosts, that she feared them but she fear the type of spirits that wondered in her father's homeland. She was unaccustomed to the Eastern tradition, the highly guarded arts of the Miko priestesses forbid her from learning their valued secrets. Instead the witch was more attuned with their esoteric western counterpart. Every culture had their ways with dealing with the occult, shamans practices were varied but the metaphysical energy they used were all the same. "I'm telepathically informing him as we speak. My psychic connection with my husband knows no boundaries nor distance." her physical voice was directed towards Milo while her telepathic call was to Ishin, "Ishin my dear. Milo has just discovered something quite interesting, regarding one of the Seven Daimyo, Chinmei. I'll be linking us now, to the astral plane.". "Hope don't mind a little visit into the spiritual side, the astral plane." without his consent the witch dragged his essence along with hers to meet Ishin in the fluid sphere where psychics were the main populace.

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@Madame_Blossom: @Tranquil: WIth his interest instantaneously peaked at the mention of both his friend and protege, Milo, as well as the Keijijogaku prophet, Chinmei, Ishin patiently awaited simultaneous transportation to the bleak astral plane with his beloved wife and ambitious pupil. "Well, this has caught my interest. I'll wait for you to move us all there then my love", he responded, terminating the telepathic conversation.

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The new young Decoy glared up at the shop, he felt as if he was standing on a line and if he crossed it all kinds of bad stuff would happen to him. Like if he pull out his guns he'd get shot down in a second. Like if he tried to scan the minds of those around him he'd pay dearly. It was a weird feeling, it made the whole place seem sort of off putting to him. But the Guild of Killers had given him a job and thus here he was, there was no backing down now. He calmly walked into the shop, trying his best to be as nonthreatening as possible, the suit didn't really help. Nor did his clearly visible holstered guns. Usually he'd hide them with illusions, but that feeling the shop gave him kept him from trying. He combed through his hair as he peered around at the wondrous oddities of the shop.

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@Impero: @Madame_Blossom: Milo had noticed the intense strength of both her mental and spiritual chakras upon first meeting her. It was no surprise to him that she able to use telepathy, nor was he shocked when the air shot out of his body and he was thrown into the astral plane. This felt similar to the journey into his mind he undertook with his new psychiatrist, Dr. Steele. After resurfacing Milo glanced around, noticing that his clothes had remained the scroll was still in his hand. Instead of feeling like he was in a dream state, this realm felt more real, more physical. "So, what's the plan of action? Discretion?" Milo posed the question to the star crossed lovers, further investigating the scroll for any information he might've missed.

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@Impero: @Tranquil: The arrival of three warriors landed in a secluded area within the spiritual plane, creating a dome of thick energy the used this protection to mask any view as well as ears from peering in the conversation. "It's not that simple. We may have the scroll but we don't have any other clues just memoirs." the witch admitted through her tone of beingunfamiliar with the situation she had hoped Impero may informed the two more on the clan's hidden years and knowledge regarding Chinmei. Hesitantly speaking the witch proposedsomething that may or may not work, a gamble of faith by divination, "I can try to reveal the location of the sword, if I can just establish a connection with Chinmei we may be able to receive answers. Of course that is, if her spirit is willing to participate. Hopefully this doesn't disturb her peace."

@Decoy Elite: "Welcome." she said ominously, the vibe emitted from the man was strange as if he was using his own gifts to fight her off. "How can I help you. My shop provides many things from herbs to remedial potions.".

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@Madame_Blossom: "I come here as a representative of the Guild of Killers." He tried to sound as intimating as possible despite his nervousness. "I have reason to believe that you are in possession of some magical weaponry that we would want to claim." His reason to believe was here say and rumors, but he didn't let that little factoid effect his calm tone. "We would be interested in claiming one of these weapons."

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@Madame_Blossom: @Tranquil: Upon more focused listening of the spoken words between his wife and protege, Ishin calmly dismissed the necessity of communicating with Chinmei's departed spirit. "We don't need Chinmei-sama", he assured, "I have what we need in Reisho", he paused, turning to Milo, "Milo-san, don't lose that scroll. It'll be fundamental to finding that sword", he advised prior to returning to his attention to his dearest Fan, "If you have any more information my dear, please don't hesitate to use it. But for now, I'll wait for you both at the monastery while I prepare what we need to uncover the blade's location", he concluded, his ethereal form vanishing via his own psychic talents.

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@Decoy Elite: Due to the nature of the shop, wild magic made protection unpredictable, sometimes waning and waxing in power but never gone. His tone was more blunt and aggressive, but she felt no installation of fear within her instead she replied calmly "Would you care to elaborate more?" a sculpted eye brow was raised into what exactly was he was looking for, her shop provided many things, which weaponry did he wished to have. Surely he wasn't interested in the normal ritualistic tools but something more arcane.

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@Madame_Blossom: Decoy looked around nervously, he was not expected any resistance and yet this woman seemed to not have the tiniest twitch of fear in her voice. It seemed his plan had been flipped on his head. Luckily he had a back up plan, pure simple bartering. "I want a magic gun." He said, keeping a strait face despite the ridiculousness of his demand.

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@Decoy Elite: His posture and facial expression was still and consistent, not changing but static. "A gun." she said quietly, "You must be talking about the colt." the so called magic gun was of his interest, the history of such was bare not fleshed, other than it was formed during the civil war era, engraved with a pentacle and only two bullets were used. The effect of such weapon was even unknown to the witch, all she knew that the bullets were treasured as only four remained. A weapon of high value, "The colt isn't magic, like those presented in fiction. Its a mystery. I'm afraid I cannot sell it." her eyes steadily observing the man, awaiting any resistance or movement that might provoke harm. The witch was ready for him as this was her domain not his. "Perhaps an athame may catch your eyes, it seems a man of you talents may find it useful." flashing a ceremonial blade the athame was vital for Wiccan rites, though it wasn't necessary to have. It was mundane nothing special just available.

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@Madame_Blossom: So the gun did exist, what it did, how powerful it was, the effects on magical opponents, all that didn't matter. Decoy needed that gun. He brushed aside her attempts to take his interest away from the weapon he'd come here for. "I am here for the magic gun, some crusty old sword isn't going to convince me otherwise." He tried his best to give a good threatening glare. "Money is of no value, I can offer you all you want for the gun."

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@Impero: @Madame_Blossom: Ishin left the two of them to themselves and Milo turned to Fan, curious as to where they go from here. "So, you got a spell that can transport of across the world in an instant?" He asked, assuming the answer was a definitive, yes.

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@Decoy Elite: He was adamant in having possession of the colt, not even the slightest attraction could sway his attention. She was quick to defend the tools of witchcraft, "The athame is not a crust old sword, it a tool for energy work." sipping her cup of tea, the fresh aroma that the tea gave off was relaxing to her nostrils and body. "You say money is of no value then what is? I have everything I need in life, this shop is just a hobby you can say." directing her attention back towards the mysterious man, she was unimpressed by the glare he gave her. "I'm sorry the colt is not for sale, I may have to ask you to leave." it wasn't his appearance or voice that made her wary but his vibe, it was full of negativity, something that would disrupt her. But she knew he wouldn't abide by her wishes, the witch was now chalking up a series of spells within her mind awaiting her command to be displayed.

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@Madame_Blossom: Worry flashed across Decoy's face, he didn't want to fail a mission so easily. "No one has everything they want." He said nervously, sensing the dark presence of some sort of defense for the shop. He was still very weak when it came to magic, but he still could tell when he was overpowered. "Surely there's something of equal value I can get you..."

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@Tranquil: @Impero: The mental communication in the psychic sphere was concluded, now back to the physical plane, Milo asked of Fan to do something that magic could not do. "I'm afraid I can't teleport like what you see in television. Magic doesn't work like that. Not on my own." she said, revealing a stone of power that would soon show the two what it was capable of. "During my dig in Egypt I came across this magnificent treasure. By tapping into the shops magic nexus that lay underneath it I can try to do the impossible." walking to a block that acted as a cover for the witch, Milo's eyes were unable to pierce through it, it was a way for Fan to change privately. Once she was done, she donned anappropriateattire for work. "Here it goes." already knowing that Milo was prepared, she would now commence on using the stone. Elemental winds circulated around the two, it was the natural side-effect of using magic, the correspondence of energies and the elements. In the blink of an eye the two were now transported behind the walls of Reisho. The grand monastery where those who sought to obtain nirvana would come. Inside its quarter she ran to give her husband his given affection. "So here we are. We can now start."

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@Decoy Elite: She took his words with consideration and pondered if she would really give up the colt to the man or not. "If I were to give you this colt, compensation is ensured to follow." her eyes continue to shoot him not moving but blinking, he was her prime focus. She could feel something that was in his possession, it was calling to her, it was the Stone of Tears. "Stone of Tears." she said sharply. "For the colt in exchange for the stone. Deal?".

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@Madame_Blossom: @Tranquil: With various large human-sized scrolls ceremonially placed on the ground nearby the dimly lit spiritually significant altar of his quarters, Ishin calmly lit a lone candle that rested atop an artistically marvelous table. Burning with a captivating emerald flame, the candle was immediate in its production of metaphysically-augmenting smoke that would dramatically aid the esoteric trio in uncovering the blade that Milo so desperately sought. Ready to commence, the Keijijo Messiah simply waited in eternal patience for his wife and protege. Soon, both arrived, Fan quick to run towards him, offered him instinctive affection. Embracing it, Ishin responded with a brief kiss on her tender, soft lips. As much as the desire to continually indulge in romance with his beloved, there was business to be conducted. Gently breaking the kiss, Ishin greeted Milo with a composed nod, "Milo-san", he uttered, gesturing for him to seat himself, "Hand me the scroll please", he calmly requested.

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@Madame_Blossom: Decoy couldn't help but grin. He had the gun. "Deal." He said without thinking. Quietly it came upon his mind, the simple problem with the deal. "Uh, where is the Stone of Tears anyway?"

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@Impero said:

@Madame_Blossom: @Tranquil: With various large human-sized scrolls ceremonially placed on the ground nearby the dimly lit spiritually significant altar of his quarters, Ishin calmly lit a lone candle that rested atop an artistically marvelous table. Burning with a captivating emerald flame, the candle was immediate in its production of metaphysically-augmenting smoke that would dramatically aid the esoteric trio in uncovering the blade that Milo so desperately sought. Ready to commence, the Keijijo Messiah simply waited in eternal patience for his wife and protege. Soon, both arrived, Fan quick to run towards him, offered him instinctive affection. Embracing it, Ishin responded with a brief kiss on her tender, soft lips. As much as the desire to continually indulge in romance with his beloved, there was business to be conducted. Gently breaking the kiss, Ishin greeted Milo with a composed nod, "Milo-san", he uttered, gesturing for him to seat himself, "Hand me the scroll please", he calmly requested.

LOL I failed. Editting my response in Reisho.

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I like this thread :)

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@Decoy Elite: She said intuitively "You left pocket." with an opened palm she waited until he had dug it out and handed it over. The business between the two was now settled, a happy transaction between the client and the witch.

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@Tranquil: I already replied there its okay that where we were heading anyways <3

@Athame: I love you, wifey <3 about time you brought her out ;)

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@Madame_Blossom: "I don't remember.." He mumbled as the witch took the stone. He looked over the colt. "Uh, very well then. Nice business then." He said and then turned around hurrying out of the store, unknowing of just what he'd truly bought or the real price he'd paid.

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@Decoy Elite: "Its okay." she responded kindly as he placed the stone upon her open palm. As he rushed out the store she shouted a warning for him in hopes something had gone wrong, "Be very careful. All it not what it may seem." suggesting that the weapon had a curse place on it.

(My first client, woohooo<3 good business lol)