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Behind the Curtain

It has been ten years sine the mask fell, showing that Vampires to live amongst us, At first we refused to except them, hunting their nest and destroying them at every turn, They where no match for our technology at first, Then the Vatican came forward brining with them the entire force of the Vampire hunters men who had given their lives to train and hunt.

But a few of them found safety under the protection of various governments, After a while we saw their gifts as a too, Not only could they tell us of a past we long thought lost it turns out each clan has gifts and each gift came another idea for what we could use it for, In return our blood banks feed them and a peace has been found.

But how long can it last with opposing forces on each side the world seem to be lining up on a dangerous rope, As each side barks how long before someone bites, The government have brought in an act for the Vampires to be policed by their own instead of the Hunters which has caused an out cry in the Vampire community as aristocracy of the vampire nation is flipped on its head.

Normal rules apply.

If you are a member of a clan you cannot act with out your masters permission, unless you are going against them.

Hunters will be normal humans some with advanced tech giving them strength or stamina.

Each clan has changed a little since we met them last , Here is their stories so far.


After the loss of Valadour they have all but dissappered , But latly small tags have been left round london showing their mark, They attack Human supply and blood banks leaving only their mark, They have caught the eye’s of todays media with their outlandish behaviour and seem far to organised to be forgotten.


One of the few clans that are still being hunted, They are blamed for many things that have nothing to do with them , Vampires and Humans see them as a problem but both side disagree on how to deal with them, They are a clan in limbo hiding from both side with no one to turn to but each other.


There is only a few left of this once great clan, Seeking nothing more then to be left to their madness, But the hunters know the threat they truly hide, some goverments now use their powers to achive tasks once thought impossible.


This clan was destroyed in the hunts, Their looks destroyed them in the end, The one thing they where so proud of was their undoing, Hunted like dogs They where made short work of with modern day weapons, Some reportings have come in of sightings around the Navada deseret of a creature that stalks the Animals at night, But it has been brushed aside as a hoax.


They have lived with in our sociecty for years, they see the new age coming , Now able to share their beauty with others , Their hand played a big part in the down fall of the Nosfertu’s , They have made friends in very high places and now use them to their advantage.


Many Tremeres have fled to main land europe in hopes of staying out of the other clans way, They have been given homes in Denmark and Germany in return for their knowledge magic, Still some Masters and Goverments see fit to keep an eye on this silent clan for there power is not to be under estimated.


Lost a lot of power when the two worlds joined, Humans they had bribed and black mailed over the years suddenly turned on them, But the Ventrue still have much power in the Vampire world , Seen as the greatest of the clans , But not as feared as they once where, They fight the new act of Vampires ploicing vampires with everythin they have, For it would be the end for this once great clan.


The newest clan and the most hated by all vampire clans, Their lack of the respect for the old ways have earned them no respect from their peers, They will allow anyone in to their clan as long as they get what they want from them, They have gained many followers this way and gain more with each passing day,

Okay go have fun.

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It had been so long since he had felt the cold air on his face, Nine years dipped in the blood from the local blood banks had still not healed his wounds , He rembered the night , The moon was high in the sky, The roar of the bikes engine screamed into the night air, But then the a flash followed by pain.

Arrows silver buckshots tore into his flesh , Almost killing him, If it had not been for his alliance with Cyro wolf, he would never have lived, the Gangrels had come and taken the difigured body back to his clan, The soaked him in blood daily waiting in the shadows of this new word for their master to heal.

The right hand side of Valadours pale face was still cut to ribbons,His eye wa pure white on that side as well, Every time he flet it, Arrow's face appeared in front of him, But it seems the Vampire world no longer existed, For one year now Valadour had been building the numbers of his clan back up, Attacking here and there making it look like random attacks on blood banks, But he was not after the blood , Valadour had been after the donors, The under ground of London now belonged to Valadour and with it came his plan to make his grand return to Vampire world.

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Vakko sits in the room they gave him. Thinking how such an act could happen to his once great clan.

"These fools, controlling us with these buildings and weapons. For what? The ability to have our powers, hmph. This is not what the Malkavian were here for. Obeying humans how atrocious, me obeying these fools. AHHHHHHH" Vakko talks to himself in his room. Finally sitting down in the corner of the room.

A man stands guard of Vakko staring into his room watching him. "I swear this guy grows weirder and scarier every damn day." He says looking through the bars.

Vakko turns towards the guard and rushes the door slamming his fist into the bars. "FOOLS!!!!" He screams before reclining back to his position at the corner of the room.

The solider backs away from the door drawing his gun, then holstering it back into place. "Crazy old Coot."

Vakko sinks back into his mind. "Am i really an old coot, no one else has shown themselves from my clan, maybe i am the last of my clan...this isnt how i am to end, a lap dog of the government hell no. This old coot still has some tricks up his sleeve."

A few minutes later Vakko begins to scratch at himself and convulsing in what looks like a seizure. The guard notices this.

"HAHAHA hey come and look at this i think the old coots finally biting the dust this time." The guard continues his laughter as his fellow guardsman comes up and asks "You think we'll get in trouble for just watching this happen and not alerting anyone or helping."

"Oh sh!t your right." The guard rummages through his keys finally finding the one that unlocks Vakkos room.

The two guardsmen rush into the room. One kneels down next to Vakko

"Sir you alright?" He touches Vakkos body and it vanishes out of sight. "Wha whats going on?"

A cackling can be heard behind both Guards. "Fools" says Vakko

He grabs the guard closest to the door and tosses him aside into the wall knocking him unconcious. Walking over to the guard who mocked him for so long.

"You mock the great Vakko, and now you shall pay." Vakko with lightning quick reflexes he picks the man off his feet and dangles him over his head before pulling him close to his face.

"You will feel my wrath you impudent fool." Vakko looks at the man once more. And the guard erupts in a spell of screams. Vakko drops the man to the ground.

The guard convulses and then is finally still. His eyes twitching and darting but nothing else.

"Havn't used Prison of the Mind in a long time...felt good." Vakko says with a evil grin on his face.

Vakko walks out of his "cage" that kept him controlled for so long. And he embarks on a night of revenge on the facility that held him for so long.

The doors to the entrance burst open and Vakko steps from his prison and back into the world.

Breathing in the open air he speaks " This will be quite a spell of fun dont you think." speaking to himself his grin widens as he vanishes into the night.

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Standing on the parapet outside her study, Lady Tlieso looked out over the water that surrounded her home. Castle Tremere had existed for over a 1000 years, longer than the clan themselves had been around. Resting her hands on the ancient stone she felt the slight tingle of the incantations and spells that had long protected it's walls. Focusing her will she cast Eyes of the Sea, allowing her to see everything that had taken place on the edges of the lake. Nothing more than the usual animals and the humans that hunted them.

Ever since the Masquerade was broken 10 years ago the humans had been growing more bold. A look of disgust crossed her delicate features, "sheep, nothing more" she thought to herself. The castles location in the deep woods of Denmark kept the humans away, mostly because of their fear of the warlock vampires. A fear that was encouraged and fed by the vampires of the clan.

A soft chiming in the background caught her attention and she walked back inside.

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Were on the rise my friends,on the verge of unlimited power!Superior technology,More connections then the other clans,were getting there people,were getting there.

Akira the leader of the newest Vampire clan,hated by all the others.It only gave him further entusiasm to kill and make it to the top of the food chain.The crowd of followes the bellowed at the feet of Akira raised there heads an shouted out ganders of comments flew fom there blood lusting mouths.He lept from his levitating chair and landed next to a flimsy man who punched in matrices on high tec computer,Akira bent over to speak to the man.

Is it almost ready?

The man kept his eyes on the screen,as the green light refelected on his round glasses,typing in one more key,then finally answering the Clan leader.

Yes..the code is nearley complete,once we use this code half of all the Clans funds will be ours to use

Akira cracked a small smile,revealing his daggering Vampiric teeth.He placed his hand on the flimsy mans shoulder and spoke once more

Good,man.Have it ready by sunrise,our familiars will carry out the rest

He then vanished as if he was just a mere hologram.

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Methos stood alone in the rainy night... the rain and wind whipped around him and the bloody corpse at his feet, pooling the blood around his feet.

'this was nothing like the movies.' He thought as he slung the shotgun over his shoulder and reloaded with silver shot. in real life the vampires didn't turn to dust, or vanish when they were killed. they just lie there, looking almost human, if you didn't know what you were looking for then you'd think the monsters were humans.

he's trained several Vampire hunters in his time, people to pick up the slack when it was time for him to retire, or when he got too slow and one of the monsters got lucky, it was bound to happen eventually.

Dragging the body further into the ally he covered it with trash and cardboard, by the time anyone noticed it he'd be long gone from here, and with no fingerprints or proof her was there, there was nothing to tie him to the dead body.

Methos flicked open his zippo and lit the smoke perched between his lips as he walked out of the ally, ignoring the strange looks he got from people as he thrust the shotgun into his trench coat, concealing the weapon completely.

there were more of these monsters in the city, he was sure of it, and he was going to find them...

and kill them all


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The President of thee United States sat in the Oval office, as his administration looked on.

So, how bad is it? asked the President.

Well sir, clearly several of the Hunters have gone of the grid. This recent attack makes 30 in the last week. We believe there following the orders of this man. the Secretary of Defense handed the President a folder. His name is Arrow, all we have is that photo and a name. The Vatican isn’t releasing anymore information, and quite frankly sir, they’ve been rather uncooperative throughout this whole ordeal.

The President sat studying the picture. Long ago the President was forced to align himself with an ambitious Vampire named Cassander. At the time, it seemed like the only solution to an even bigger problem. And for a time, both parties prospered. But now, with these rash of killings, the Vampires would want blood, blood the President couldn’t afford to forfeit, even if he knew how.

As he sat and thought about the past, his secretary came rushing in.

I tried to tell him you were in a meeting b……

Before she could finish her sentence, a tall well dressed figure stood in the door way. Slowly the figure removed his sun glasses and in a flash, he was standing next to the President.

“You and I have much to discuss, Mr. President.”

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A small house sit on a silent mountain A father points up at the horizon and say to his daughter, " Red sky in the morning shepards warning" Little did he know what that red sky was actually telling him a tale of much more woe then of a childrens tale.

Crimson flames clawed round the bear like figure s who stood in the center of the burning timber hut surrounded by flaming ash, A cigar hung from his mouth as he lit it of the piolit light of his flam thrower, Taking a deep breathe he exhaled the grey snake like smoke into the air.

Some of the bodies fell to ash others burned thier flesh bubbling and popping around him, Have tou ever smelled flesh burning, People say it smells like pork but in truth nothing smells like a human brurning let alone these ceatures, They smelled like solphar, Then mix that wih burning flesh and you got a smell that would make the devil sick.

But not this man, He sucked it in like oxagen, It was the smell of a good mornings hunting "still plenty of light in the sky to get a couple more in before lunch , Oh O love m job" He said to himself as he stood over flaming remains and made his way to a large black jeep

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Sir Donovan strode through the halls of the castle, admiring the stone of it's walls, the ancient tapestries, and the paintings of his ancestors. His eyes fell on his beautiful mistress as she walked back inside of the castle. She had always carried herself with such grace, walking as if she hovered above the ground itself. He approaches her, placing a single hand on her lower back, feeling the softness of her skin underneath the cloth.

"M'lady a special meeting has been called, there is treachery in our midst" he spoke.

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Kain was standing out on the balcony of his penthouse, the icy winds bashing him as he looked upon the London streets. The city lights looked like fireflies down below in this jungle of metal and concrete, glass and electricity. His long black and white hair was in a ponytail while some of it covered his eye. A young female vampire emerged from inside the penthouse wearing only his long white shirt. She licked her lips and pulled him around to face her.

Lord Kain, come back to bed, we were having so much fun. I promise if you do I’ll make it worth your while. Her fangs showing as she had a sinister grin on her face.

“I wish it was that easy Jill, however something runs through my mind. I sense a disturbance, something that can bring our people harm. I must figure it out.”

Oh stop worrying yourself, c’mon on back we’ll figure it out tomorrow.

Her lips met his ear, as she threw his arms around her. Kain’s teeth sank into her neck and her nails began tearing at his back. Although he went back inside with his love, he couldn’t help but think something was going on. Kain had much to do the next night; he had to find the rest of his clan in order to move along. Kain had the goal of finding the rest of his fellow vampires, and clearing the name of the Gangrels. He would no longer accept being falsely accused. Kain would rise.

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Looking up at the tall vampire beside her a slight smile crossed her face. The weight of his hand on her back was reassuring. As High Priestess of the Tremere showing such forwardness would be a swift death sentence for all but the man walking next to her. Donovan had existed almost as long as she had, they had been through decades together. She trusted him completely.

"Tell me Sir Donovan, what news do you have? Is this treachery from within or another futile attempt by one of the lesser clans?" All the clans were lesser as far as she was concerned. The less she had to deal with them the better. In her many years she had dealt with numerous upstarts and attempted takeovers. This meeting could be cause for concern though.

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Men dressed in black watched intently. Glasses covered their faces in a feeble attempt to hide their gazes. Their stance was sloppy. Some were crouched forward and still others were too far to the wall. Fear. She could smell it from them. Cowards. She thought in her mind. Humans always were. They multiplied like the insects that they were and feared anything that could disrupt their fake peace. But always they came back. And always did they want help from her kind.

Long White coat billowed after the blonde Vampiress. White lips neatly symmetrically ajar from the other as she followed Cassander within the American President's office. His secret service moved far too slowly, one attempting to undo his gun from his holster but she was already infront of him, hands grasping onto the humans wrist.

"Tsk. Tsk. We wouldn't want to cover your President's walls with blood, now would we?" Her lips curled in a smile, as her voice drifted to each of the men in the room. "Now, human...." Her tone sensual and calm. "...Remove your hand from there." She smiled once again, running her hand across the mans cheeks. Part of his glasses fell from his face and she could see the look in his eyes. But she could feel his actions as he moved his hands straight to his sides.


Licking her lips, the blonde Vampiress stepped back and moved after Cassander. Her dress almost floating in the air with her graceful step she took. She watched with interest as her leader moved to the President's side and she stood off inches from them. She turned to look at other men in black and snapped her fingers. "A chair please and then you can all leave." And her wish was granted as one came up behind her and pushed a chair behind her and footsteps scurried out of the door.

Victoire sat comfortably and awaited what was to come.

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Methos sat down at the bar... a strange sense of calm washing over him as he downed another shot of bourbon, he grimaced as he felt the liquid run down his throat, burning the sensitive scar where he had been bitten all those years ago.

He took the time to glance at his mark again, he'd noticed 'her' already, dancing with a bloke on the floor. he glanced up at the mirrored celling and double checked, vampire alright. didn't these blood suckers ever learn? most of them were at least human level intelligent, but the ones he'd come across recently must have been raised on Telletubbie reruns or something.

Finishing the rest of his drink off with a quick gulp he moved quickly across the dance floor to his mark, pushing the bloke out of the way and ignoring his protests and he ran his hands over the vampire's body. it took all his self control not to grimace as he felt her cold hands snake round his waste and up his back under his t-shirt. the cold, clammy hands of the dead.

he lent forward and started kissing her on the neck softly, teasing the flesh with his teeth. he knew this always excited the vampires, especially the female ones. this was his best chance to get 'her' away from the crowd so he could do what needed to be done.

'she' took the bait.

'she' walked to the edge of the dance floor, pushing her way through the people and holding onto his hand tightly, almost inhumanly strong. this vampire wasn't old, maybe a century if that, nothing he couldn't handle without his 'special equipment'. smiling reassuringly at her he staggered a bit, to put across the impression that he was more drunk than he actually was.

in actuality he hated drinking and drunks, but vampires would be able to smell if he'd been drinking, and the only way they could imbibe alcohol was if it was already in the blood stream of someone they drank from. so this was the best way to hunt them, convince them they he was the 'helpless human'.

as they left the club he shook his head, trying the clear his ears as the quiet assaulted him. it was always disorientating leaving a loud club, especially if there was noone else around. The vampire took hold of both his hands and led him round the corner, obviously intent on feeding away from the prying eyes of mortals.

as soon as they rounded the corner he shook his hands free and thrust them into his pockets, pulling out the small silver dagger and a garotte wire. spinning round he thrust the dagger into her heart with all the strength he could, it wasn't long enough to pierce the heart completely but it would hurt and slow her down enough for him to do what needed to be done.

"I'm sorry." He whispered as she fell to her knees in front of him. he grimaced slightly and wrapped the garotte around her throat, twisting sharply then pulling with all his might. her head came away from her neck with a sickening rip and blood splattered up his shirt and across his face.

making the sign of the cross across his body quickly he left the scene, moving away from the area as quick as he could, taking his shirt off and dumping it in the bushes by the road side.

"Two for tonight." He muttered to himself as he got into his car and drove off into the night.

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Danny Cassidy snuck through the city streets, being careful not to be seen. There were hunters, and as a Gangrel he would be first to be hunted. As a Gangrel, he could change his shape into any predator he wanted. This was a very useful trait for trying to get around an area unnoticed. He had become known as Chameleon because he always chose to be in a half human, half reptillian form. He could change back whenever he wanted, but as he said

"I shouldn't have to look like everyone else."

Gangrels had been blamed for countless crimes, always being the scapegoat. Chameleone had to be even more careful than any other Vampire. Dawn was coming and he would have to find a place to stay until dusk. He knew the person who would unite them, he had to find Kain.

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He felt her relax against his touch. He looked down, gazing into her dark, almost void-like eyes. His hand moved up an down, rubbing her back. He smiles at her, baring his teeth for her to see.

"It is the latter. There is word that the mischievous Techno clan hath made an attempt to plunder our currency, taking it as their own" he spoke, snapping his teeth.

He knew how she felt about the lesser clans and their futile attempts to usurp their throne. He despised the other clans, they were worms as much as he cared.

"Let us walk, the other elders await our arrivel" he spoke.

He ushered Lady T down the hall, softly pressing his hand against the small of her back.

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Vakko walks the wilderness of his surroundings. Listening to the sounds around him they make him...sick.

"AHHH too many noises going on. Need to find others." The elder finds himself a cave deep within the forests of the forests.

He sits in the corner of the cave and uses the madness network in an attempt to find his fellow brethren. His eyes roll into the back of his head as he speaks with his mind.

Fellow brethren i have escaped the shackles of those disobedient hounds, damn whelps using me as their weapon. HA finally they saw my true powers..... Vakko grew silent both in mind and body he was searching for his brethren but gaining no response. He knew what this meant

Vakko flew into a fit of laughter. "HAHAHA Im the last one hahahahahaha, maybe this is why they were so adamant on keeping me alive for their use. I know i was a problem from the get go that was my plan, but i never realized that i was the la.."

Vakkos speech to himself was stopped by a whisper within the network.

Another? Where?

He searches the network trying to find where the whisper came from.

He slams his fist into the wall of the cave out of anger. "Why? Why can i not locate this one." AHHHHHHH

His fit of rage was cut short when he hears the snapping of twigs.

He sniffs the air. "Hmmm looks as if i was to be destroyed either way tonight mmmm fresh meat."

He clings to the walls into the shadows as a man walks into the cave, his gun ready for the kill.

"Come on you vile creature of the night i saw your tracks i know your still in here. Come on out you creature of the damned." The mans steps were cut short as Vakko pulled his feet out from under him. His body connecting with the floor and his weapon falling out of reach.

Vakko walks out of the shadows and corners the man. " So i see they knew that something like this would happen and had you ready am i not correct?"


Vakko grabbing the man by his throat and lifting him into the air. "Tsk tsk tsk. no threats now i might keep you alive long enough to be my pet." Vakko studies the man he doesnt tremble at all in the face of his doom. "Your strong but will not turn you only..."

And before Vakko could end his sentence he crushes the mans throat. He drops the man and the man begins to spasm in pain. "I think next time they send a hunter to kill a Malkavian they send a better one, one that doesnt sleep with the very kind he has been sent to kill." Vakko rips an icicle from the roof of the cave and throws it at the hunter hitting him in the stomach and pinning him to the wall. He leaves the cave and heads out back into the forest.

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"The Techno are no better than the humans. They are an embarrassments to all the clans and should be removed from this earth!" After taking a deep breath to calm herself a mischievous grin came to her pretty face.

"Once again they have underestimated our defenses. We will take care of this affront against us once and for all."

As the pair approached came to the end of the hallway a male vampire quickly opened the door. "Greetings Mistress, Sir Donovan," the young vampire looked at her with adoration. "The others have not yet arrived but I have prepared the sitting room to your liking." He bowed and quickly moved out of their way.

"Thank you Trevor, I am pleased." She smiled at the young vampire and he nearly glowed with pleasure. Trevor was one of her blood bound childers. He had made several mistakes and was only spared from watching the sunrise because of his Thaumaturgy skills.

The pairs footsteps were silenced by the thick rug that covered the floor and concealed the numerous arcane symbols that had been carved into the floor to protect them. The entire castle was protected with their magic and modern day defenses. Lady Tlieso and Sir Donovan took the chairs on the slightly raised dais and waited for the others to arrive.

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The true Akira was holsterd above the ground in his dark room filled with computers and loads of codes that scrolled down its screen,smiling nonchlantly as if there wasnt a care in the world.He levitated down back to the gound and walked towards another computer in the far corner,within a instant the coputer turned on as if Akira had used his mind to activate.He punched in a word then turned the computer off as easily as he turned it on.

Walking to a set of huge victorian doors he opened them and was meet by his followers who were enjoying a simple party,they were dressed in modern fashion,they looked as he entered and woman placed a black blazer over his shoulders.He grabbed a glass of Brandy from a Vampress that passed him.He greeted men who were Human,and some were even Lycan.As he reached the center of the gigantic room the crowd of many silenced and gathered around him as he raised his drink,and the men replied by rasing theres.

Ladies and Gentelmen,Vampires and Lycans.This.....this is the new age,were we belong,not the these old prophets and delusional leaders.There the past,its time for us to have all the money and, all the power.Time for us to lead this worl,not the crummy ones who are in power now.This time tomarow we take everything by storm,and rejoice as the most feared Clan there is

The audience cheered,and clanked there glasses together.Two women joined Akira's side and he grabbed by there waist,before heading back to his quarters he signaled the DJ to start the music,then Akira took his ladies and walked back into his room,shutting the victorian doors behind him.

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Jade stared out the window of her flat... the deep red drapes flowed around her like blood dripping from the air as the wind wrapped them around her body.

Slamming the window shut she made her way out of the room, the dark was nothing new to her and the smashed lightbulbes above made no differnce to her vision now. as she apprached the thick wooden door, she picked up a shard off mirror from the floor. a mirror she had broken in one of her many fits of rage about her new deformed appearance.

slamming open the door she grinned as the occumant of the room stared at her in fear, his eyes wide and the sweat dripping from his skin as she apprached.

"It's time." she said, smiling evilly as she raised the sharp slice of mirror to his face as softly teased it around his features.

"please, please..." The man's voice dropped into meaningless sobs as she reached up with her other hand and gripped his throat, hilding him in place.

"Don't be shy, i'm sure you have a lovely face under all of this skin." She grinned slyly and started to cut by his ear, making her way slowly down to his jawline where she paused for a second.

"You know, i can't turn you into a work of art if you keep screaming like this."

The man just screamed more and tried to wriggle free, it was useless of course, the chains that held him there had held vampires before, a mortal was of no consiquence to their strength.

"Please don't do this..." The man managed to get out between incoherant beggings.

"Don't you want to look like me?" Jade asked, pausing for a second, tilting her head to examine the cut closer. moving forward she licked her tongue around where she had started to remove the skin from the mans face.

"What are you, you... freak?" The man shouted, bucking to push her away bravely.

"FREAK?" Jade shouted back, lashing out with the shard of mirror and slicing clean through his throat.

the blood spray covered her dress, her arms and face. the deep red pools turned black against the white carpet as it pooled around her.

"CALL ME A FREAK!" She shouted again, slicing madly at his chest and face with the mirror until his heart stopped. by now she was completely covered in deep red, the color clashed with her green dress and made it look all the more grusome and dark.

pausing for a second she looked at her work, where the skin and flesh had been torn away the mans lungs and ribs were clearly visible underneith the dark vixcous liquid the dripped down his pale skin. turning around she went to a draw and took out an one fashioned instant camera, snapping off a few pictures of her 'work' she quickly headed out the door, ignoring the messy footprints she left on the white floor of the room and hallway.

Stopping by the door she considored a coat before discarding the idea completely, the fresh rain of the night would wash the blood from her and leave her looking vulnerable, just the look she needed to entice a fresh victim to her home.

stepping outside she smiled as the rain beat down on her green dress, making it cling to her curves and matting her hair against her head. it was going to be a hell of a night tonight... maybe she would finally find what she needed to be whole again

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The following night had arrived, Kain’s eyes opened, as the sky became pitch black and the city lights were the only protection from the ghouls and goblins. Too bad Goblins never existed and Vampires ruled here. He got out of his bed, tossing his velvet sheets on his sleeping wife. The Gangrel leader washed up before waltzing into his closet to find suitable attire for the night. He found a white pair of pants and a silk black collard shirt. After getting dressed, he started putting on his shoes when he felt a pair of ice cold hands touch his cheek. Turning his head to face Jill, he laughed a bit before speaking.

“You never get tired of us having fun do you my love? I told you, this night, your master would have much to do. My dear, when I return later this night, we will have fun. Unless you choose to come with me of course.” His hand shot out, bringing her to him for a long kiss.

Fine, just give me a few moments to get dressed my love. We have to find another, one who walks among us.

After another hour, Kain and Jill left their home they stood on the railing of their London Penthouse staring outside to examine the city streets. After looking at each other with an sly grin, they held hands and dropped down from the 40th floor. The wind was hitting them at incredible speeds, the felt it cut their skin, but they didn’t care, they continued falling and at the last possible moment, they shape shifted into falcons and pulled up. The couple was flying through London, seeing everybody, smelling everything and sensing it all. Kain was homing in on a vampire. A fellow Gangrel was nearby, this one remained hidden for quite a while.

“My love, I’ve located one of ours. He’s been hiding for sometime my dear. Let’s go find him so we can discuss certain issues. Hopefully we won’t find any Hunters.”

Kain finally locked onto Chameleone’s position. He was walking along down a lonesome street that had only light. He could hide from most vampires, but not from his own especially not his leaders. Kain transformed into his normal self with wings, grabbed Cham and flew back out in the black abyss of the sky. After a few more minutes of holding a struggling Vampire, they arrived on Big Ben, the giant Clock Tower.

“Nice to see you… brother.”

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Grayson had been hunting vampires the whole night, yet he hadn't been able to find any.

-"I know that this is the first night that I go hunting, but I thought that I would find one vampire"



-"What's the problem kid? I thought that you wanted to see a vampire?


After this the young boy started running to the forest

I'm freaking. Stop it. Don't panic. I'm dead if I do

-"Come back here kid, I haven't bitten you yet"

Remember what he tought you grayson, remember. "Your mind is your greatest weapon"

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Outside a small New Mexico town, the loud roar of a 79 Harley Davidson came to stop. The sun beat down unmercifully upon the un paved desert road. Taking his boot, and slowly lowering the kickstand, Gambler un-mounted the steel horse. The cackles of an old native women rang out as she rocked back an forth in her chair.

Dressed in all black, Gambler threw his cloak back over his shoulder revealing a silver Colt .45 dangling from his hip. A day old cigar rested on his lower lip, as if held there by glue. The town was barely livable, all that remained were a few stubborn locals, a bar, and a church. It was the church that interested Gambler, and as he made his way up the old wooden steps, the smell of death filled his nostrils. Upon entering the church he dipped his finger in the bowl of holy water and took a knee. After sighing the cross on his forehead, he continued on.

Gambler made his way past the alter to the back room. As he brushed back the curtain, several men, all loading and checking weapons looked up. With a small sinister grin, Gambler smirked,

“Tis huntin time boyz”

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The flight had been long, Valadour had always hated travelling over water , Most vampires dreaded water it seemed to remind them of old times , But it had always stuck a cod in him, In truth he did not n why.

Valadour was dressed in a black suit with no tie, a cane with wolves head peered out over the small village that surrounded the bottom of the castle, A small smile creaked on to his deformed face, it was like an old hammer movie, He waited to see if Christopher Lee to jump out and sink his teeth deep into his pale neck.

It was a long hike up to the castle and he could feel the humans faces, They knew what he was but did not venture to close to him, Obviously lady T had been keeping the myths of old alive, It had been so long since he had laid eyes on another Master, He wondered if she would notice the change in him and the change of his clan.

A pale fist with a long black Celtic tattoo rapped on the door, A reminder of his past, How brazen he had been, So open with his plans and feeling, He owed Arrow and Cassander much, They had taught him much with out knowing.

His hand had barley left the door when a regular answered, Valadour hated them , Bottom feeders , They only did a vampires bidding to gain a place in the clan, If it was not for his respect for the lady of the house he would be dead, There clans had a silent respect for each other.

“how may I help you “

“I am here to see the lady of the house”

“I am afraid she is not seeing anyone on this night”

The large door began to close , But came to a sudden stop as Valadour held it open with one hand.

“She will see me” He handed the regular a ring with the crest of his clan,

“She will see me” He removed his hand from the door and looked at the regular with deadly eyes.

The human turned, ring in hand and began to mutter to himself as he walked down the hall, No doubt trying to come up with a good story why he had to disturb his master.

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The hanger buzzed as Arrow entered his work shop, a cage surrounded an old oak bench covered in cuts and tools, Hanging up the flamethrower up on the cage next to the array of weapons he had collected over his time as a hunter, A small black and white TV sat at the end of the workbench it slowly sparked to life as Arrow sat on an empty stool.

“It has been suggested that a Vampire will run for office in the next election, Some people have welcomed this as a new challenge and see it as the next step in human ad Vampire relations , But there is always to side to a tale , More on this story at nine”.

The bench was flipped in an out burst of rage, “Putting em in bloody office, What’s next give em the bloody presidency, That’s what they want , Stupid blind fools on the hill don’t see em for what they are” he slowed his breathing and bent to pick up the table.

“But I do, I seen em, I know what they ae capable of , Me and the boys will put a stop tae them , wait and see, We got a plan , they wont know what bloody hit em”

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The President quickly waived his administration away, he didn’t want to upset the sinister Vampire anymore then he already had.

We’re working on it. But the Vatican isn’t releasing any information about the rogue Hunters. whimpered the President. His hands shook uncontrollably as he reached for the manila folder he had just received. Quickly, Cassander grabbed a letter opener and plunged into the President’s hand, pinning it to the desk.

As he snatched up the folder and opened it, his evil smirk slowly disappeared.

“Is this some KIND OF JOKE!!!” he roared, looking at the photograph.

N…..No……we………we…..just received it………its…..its…..really him.

Cassander hissed as he pulled the letter opening up. Staring at the blood running from the Presidents hand, he gathered himself. Straightening his tie and re adjusting his suit, he pulled his purple handkerchief with gold trim and tossed it to the President. With a snap of his fingers, his entourage started to file out of the oval office.

“We’ll be in touch.” He snarled before turning to leave.

As they entered the stretch limo, he gazed upon the beautiful Victoire and handed her the photo,

“This needs to be addressed, and now. If Arrow truly is alive and leading these…Hunters, we are all in grave danger. I want you to contact the heads of all the Clans. Invite them to our Paris compound. Tell them they have my word, no harm will come to them. We have urgent business we must address."

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A voice sprang out from all around Vakko like a thousand people speaking at once, "Hello how our you" m "You seem lost, or am I , I think I was meant to be here, Or was it some where else o well im here now", All the voices stopped at once a single man sat on a rock two meters from Vakko, He was large and was only wearing a long brown coat and a pair of jeans.

Blood came from his toes and boils of his feet, " I miss the maids, they where nice they looked after you, But then you let their blood flow like a river , All over the walls" The bird man stepped of the rock and walked towards Vakko, "I think we should fly to the city with the iron tower, I hear the food is grand and the people are bad, Or maybe it was the other way round, I can never rember these facts."

His head was now hanging to the left as if it was trying to escape his neck, as to giant yellow eyes, peered at his master, "What do you say O king of queens, Shall we dance in the moon light or beat the tribes of man at a game of play."

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A Smile formed on Vakkos face as the man spoke

"Your insights always made me ponder, which in itself means that you may be more insane that I am. I find the notion of a place with an iron tower just screams a melody of songstresses bathed in blood."

Walking up to Mandarke he tried to form a smile but all he could was a disjointed cowl which spoke to Mandarke in its own way.

"These men thought their traps and men could folly a man of my grace. The ultimate weapon they called me HAHAHAHA their downfall was their belief that they could control my insanity fools. So my fellow fiend where exactly is this iron tower i am in need of sustenance."

Vakkos eyes peer into the moon upon the sky.

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Victoire sat in silence listening to conversation between the men. Her mind traveled elsewhere, as she sat, her porcelain-like skin glistening against the lights of the oval office. The other night had been grand for her. An opening night Concerto at La Philharmonie de Paris. She could still feel the way the ivory keys moved along her tender fingers as she played her heart out. The standing ovation. The cries for encore. But that paled in comparison to the treat after her grand concert. Ahh, yes. To feed from a musician was always most satisfying to her, but to feed from a classical musician was a delicacy like none other.

His eyes so blue, they stared so tenderly at her as they moved to the dressing room. His eyes told her everything she needed to know. He thought they would partake in the carnal pleasures, if only he knew it was his doom. Her mind reared with the feel of the warm blood down her throat. Sweeter than anything she'd tasted in months. But then there was blood much sweeter and satisfying for her, although she would never dare say it verbally.

Her thoughts had been interrupted as the sound of steel against flesh came across her ears. She stared to the scene before her, Cassander and the President. Cassander seemed disturbed and this caused the blonde bombshell to raise a brow. She moved forward, her hair resting neatly against her back. She watched Cassander with some concern but dare not move. It was best for them both to keep their composure no matter what the situation, although she was ignorant to the happenings.

Her eyes followed Cassander's meeting his for a slight moment, and whatever had him riled up must have been serious. She stood, as he turned to leave and followed in close step. As she came out of the door, she made sure to flash the men in black a beautiful fanged smile before disappearing with her leader.

She entered the limo, and sat at the far end. Cassander soon laid a picture across her lap and her eyes widened in surprise. "That wretched man is worse than a cockroach." She hissed and threw the picture back towards Cassander, listening to his words. As he finished, she gave an awry nod.

"Very well then... What will you do in the meantime?"

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Chameleon looked at Kain somewhat surprised, but overtaken with joy that his leader had found him. His hood dropped slowly on his back as his lizard like appearance became visible, his large eyes looking at Kain in awe. The humble follower placed his right hand on his ‘heart’ and kneeled before Kain, now looking at the floor in obedience.

Yes my lord the same can be said for me. What is it that you need of your humble servant?

Kain looked at his servant. His face expressionless as he tensed his muscles and walked over. His massive hand resting on Chameleon’s shoulder as a sign to rise; this was not a time for formalities. Things had to be done, and they had to be done quickly. The Gangrel leader placed his hands back in his pockets and began to speak.

“Chameleon, something terrible is happening. A terrible storm is brewing and this storm will endanger all of us. I need you since you’ve been sneaking around for so long in the shadows, unnoticed by all others. I was only able to find you because you’re one of my own. I need you to go out and find the rest of our brethren. Both here in the city and in the forests, and heavily wooded forests; however I need you to stick mostly to the forests. I’ll handle the majority of the city. We cannot remain separated any longer brother. Now, will you do this for your master?”

Chameleon looked up, slowly rising. He had too much respect for Kain to rise even when told to. He slammed his fist into his chest to salute the Gangrel lord and looked him in the eyes.

Yes my lord, I shall begin my search now. However, how will I contact you and convince the others to contact you if there’s no way to reach you?

“Give them this number, tell them to call it the instant you give it to them. That’s how they contact me. How they can reach their leader. How we can assemble and defend our race from whatever’s threatening our existence. I refuse to allow us to die. Now go Chameleon. Begin the search!”

Kain walked to the edge of the tower and dropped with Jill. They would begin reuniting the Gangrels.

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Lady T was sitting with Sir Donovan in the parlor when there was a soft knock at the door. A brief scan of the thoughts of the person on the other side of the door revealed a confusing mix of emotions. She had been expecting the Elders to arrive, this was not them.

"You may enter."

A young human male entered with downcast eyes, she could feel the fear rolling off him in waves. As much as she hated the idea of humans in her castle this one had potential and it was lovely to not have to leave to feed. Taking a deep breath the man kneeled and waited for her to allow him to speak. Enjoying his discomfort she continued her conversation with Donovan for a few minutes longer.

"You had strict orders that I was not to be disturbed. Did you not?"

"Yes, yes mistress."

"Tell me then what was so important that you feel the need to risk your life by disturbing me?"

Sweat poured off the man as he tried to retain his composure. "There is a man here to see you, a Vampire Lord. I told him you did not want to be disturbed but he wouldn't listen. He said that you would see him and he gave me this." Holding out his hand Lady Tlieso's eyes widened at the sight of the ring he held. "Hmm a visit from Lord Valadour, this should prove interesting," she thought to herself.

"We will see him, show him in." As the young human hurried out of the room she sat back in her chair and ran over the defenses of the room, increasing their potency before the vmapire arrived.

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Donovan sat and watched the human sweat, no doubt intimidated by their powerful presence. He briefly glanced over at Lady T, taking in her features. He smiled as she scolded the young man. He liked to watch her exercise her authority, it was attractive.

"Humans, such disgusting beings, don't you agree?" he said as the human hurried out.

He looked around the room, seeing the ancient magic that protected them. He concentrated, increasing their power. He brushes away his hair, revealing the strange markings on his face and he licks his teeth.

"Hmmmmm, why would Lord Valadour be paying us a visit?

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The human returned to the door, "You may enter" His eyes told of his hatered , Valadour pushed by the man knocking him down on to the hard stone floor , The anger in the mans eye's turned to fear, "You can sit there, I know where she is", Valadour swung round his long black hair swung as he turned reavling the scaring on his face.

He could feel the magic flowing out the room, Obviously Lady T was still as careful as ever, Valadour licked his lips wondering how she would react to seeing the once thought dead master, But most of all ow she would react to the favour he must ask, Lifting the cane the steel wolf knocked on the door.

Valadour took a deep breathe it had been ten years since he had seen anyother master, It seems he has missed alot, They had thought to keep their world under the curtain , But now it was all out in the open , some saw this as a blessing, He had sent an envoy to the gangrels , In hope that their alliance could still stand, But that is something that he will have to deal with later, Right now he had a Master and her right hand man to talk to , He stood and waited for the Lady of the house to answer.

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"It is a tower of Iron , Ladies dance on it and men watch" He ran a hand into his tangled hair and began to run round Vakko his arms flapping in the air like a bird, dust spraying in the air around the master, "We must fly, high in the sky to a land of good people and bad food" All of a sudden the man came to a stop his yellow eyes seemed confused as he turned to look at Vakko

"Or is it the other way round, Like a penny i never know how I will land, Up or down" He bent his knees and hung his arms between his legs and lifting the dust and dropping it, "Time is short, A arrow and a card , Are playing a game we can lose, they move like cowards in the shadows, dancing in my eyes, Playing on my mind, We MUST GO BEFORE IT COMES BEFORE WE LOSE OUR MINDS"

Mandrake fell backwards and began to wave his legs in the air, Then he lay flat and looked at the moon pointing at it " She always smiles , A forgotten master will help us decied the fates of the moon and wolves and our ears will listen but our hearts wont care".

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"I haven't the slightest idea, there hasn't been word of him in years." she replied. "Let's not keep him waiting any longer, my curiosity must be sated." She adjusted the string of red gems around her neck and sat a bit taller in her seat. All of the beautiful jewels she wore served also as talismans and amplifiers for her already deadly magic. A slight woman her powerful aura more than made up for her diminutive size. She was often underestimated because of this, it was a mistake the a person did not make twice.

"Enter please"

The doors swung open and their visitor entered the room. Watching him intently there seemed to be something odd about him. Casting her thoughts about all she could pick up was anger and humiliation coming from the human and Donovan's own curiosity.

"My dear Lord Valadour, it seems the rumors of your death have been greatly exaggerated. To what do we owe this unexpected pleasure?"

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Vakkos eyes grew smaller hearing about two people working against them. "So my mad brethren, who exactly are these men who have their minds made up about the Malkvians hmm."

Vakkos stood staring at the moonlight."Mandarke I have grown old in these years of obedience to these humans, where is this Iron tower and how do you suppose we get their, because as you can see I cannot fly."

Turning back to Mandarke his eyes flaring with rage "But we must get to this iron towered place, for these men WILL be dealt with. With the swiftness of the winds and the verousity of a wolf these mens blood shall flow and we will drink upon it."

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“I? I shall simply bask in your beauty my dear.” Smirked Cassander.

The limo pulled up outside there private jet, and the flamboyant duo exited the vehicle and boarded the plane. During there 10hr flight, Victoire placed calls to each of the heads of the Vampire Clans. Of course, the Malkavian leader was no where to be found, but his madness would only hinder any true progress in a meeting of this magnitude.

Cassander removed a priceless 18th century wine vase. The crystal lining was exquisite, and hand crafted. The crimson liquid which it contained was the blood of an American virgin, one of Cassander’s favorites. Pouring two glasses, he gracefully strolled over to the blond beauty and handed her a drink. He longed for her. It had been almost 100 years since he had but her lover to death, but the tension still lingered. To the Vampire nation, they were a power couple, but behind closed doors, they shared separate sleeping chambers. Staring into her eyes, lost in her grace, he spoke,

“Why my love? Why do you still resist me? I would give you the world, all you need do is ask, and you shall have it.”

He knew she would not answer him, but still he could not give her up. But as the captain gave the word that they were about to land, Cassander returned to his seat, angered and disheartened.

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"Ah favour my dear, A small one but that is why I am here", He sat down in a rather comfy chair when another knock came at the door this time it was an envoy carrying a letter, Which he placed on the desk in front of lady T , Valadour saw the letter and knew exactly what it was when he saw it, A summounce the clans where being called.

"And it seems I have come at just the right time" Placing the cain on in between his leg and the chair he smiled, "It looks as if my invation got lost in the post, But I think I will join you I have something on my mind that I need to share with cass."

He moved forward in his chair "As for the favour" he brushed back his fine hair reavling the scars on his face and the loss of sight in one eye "I need your help lady T, I need to be whole again?"

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The cargo plane touched down in paris, Two men walked from the cargo bay a flock of bodies sat in their wake, Mandarke was flapping his hands behinf Vakko as they headed to the meeting, The two men may be crazy but where more dangerous then most Vampires.

After the curtain had fallen they still acted like it was up killing freely as if it was the old days, some people looked others fled in doors as the two Vampires found there way round the city , The Eifle Tower looked over the two men and Mandrake pointed and screamed , "Iron Tower, Magic power".

They vanised into the night, No human eye could see them now , They knocked waiting for a replie , they had made it to the meeting, Mandrake stood mubbling and looking all around.

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"I hate eruope, It's a joke " Arrow spoke to a fellow hunter as they got of the train, As he picked up his bag off the platform, Six other men did the same behind him and nodded, Arrow had command of group one , A bunch of firce looking men who had all been trained under his eyes, They all know what they mus do and who where the targets, It would not be easy but they would make it happen.

They did not need to split up , A large group of men drew no attention at this time of year , If anyone asked it was Arrows bachelor party and they had decied to take in the view the french women had to offer.

They had come from all over the world, America the Uk and Africa, Now had been the time to strike the plan was in full swing , In an hour they would meet up with the other teams and plan from there, Arrow had rented out the whole top floor of the Hotel De Paris, Not to classy and not a dive ethier, It did what it would need to do.

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Kain had been locating more and more of his fellow Gangrels. Searching through the shadows and ally ways of London, more often that not catching other Gangrels feeding on humans. With each new vampire he found, the Lord of Gangrels found more hope of reuniting his people and restoring the original order of things in which humans treated his people like the Gods they were. On the other side of the city, Chameleon was finding brethren himself, causing Kain’s phone to ring off the hook but he kept each number. All of the other Gangrel were happy to hear Kain’s voice. They were filled with new initiative, a dominating pride that would overwhelm any who dared to defy them. It was an awe inspiring sight to see the masses of a forgotten race come together. Soon, the others would come together. Nosferatu, Malkalavian and the others would unite to take back first the city, then the country, and eventually the world. The order would be restored and the human race would fall. They would fall beneath the overwhelming numbers, them, and their pathetic hunters.

“Soon my love, soon we will destroy these blood bags. Jill, with time, our numbers will rise, our powers will triple, we will unite the other clans and eventually we will crush our human oppressors. They have only knocked us down for a brief period of time, they haven’t knocked us out yet though. This war is far from over for it will only end, when I say it’s over. We will breed humans like cattle. Raise different humans for different tastes. Musicians, warriors, virgins and artists, they will feed us for eons my dear, EONS!”

Oh my love how I wait for the day that happens. I wish for you to become ruler, no other can rule us Kain, only you! However I agree that we must plan this out my lord. We cannot depend on others for our plans to work out. Your efforts are working out perfectly and we’ve found the majority of our brethren in such a short period of time. I’m unable to maintain my excitement my love. Soon you will rule as King, and I, as your Queen.

Kain’s phone began to ring. Violent music began to play as it rang. He picked it up and heard a familiar voice. This voice brought a smile to Kain’s face. He immediately called several other Gangrel and told them to meet him by the airport where his jet was. Within an hour, Kain stood with Jill at the air port and the others arrived.. He had an entourage of 4 vampires with him. They were all dressed in black, Kain wearing a white gold ring on his pinky that had the symbol of Gangrel, a dark wolf.

The party of 6 Gangrel took the to the air, going to a remote location in Paris. This was it. The other clans would come together and Kain would have words. He wasn’t very far from Paris, so his flight didn’t last that long. When his jet landed on the ground, Kain emerged, holding his sword and his handgun. His black and white hair in a ponytail and his trench coat swaying in the powerful winds of winter’s night. Kain was now waiting for somebody. He was waiting for Cassander, and this would be an interesting night.

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Kain had been locating more and more of his fellow Gangrels. Searching through the shadows and ally ways of London, more often that not catching other Gangrels feeding on humans. With each new vampire he found, the Lord of Gangrels found more hope of reuniting his people and restoring the original order of things in which humans treated his people like the Gods they were. On the other side of the city, Chameleon was finding brethren himself, causing Kain’s phone to ring off the hook but he kept each number. All of the other Gangrel were happy to hear Kain’s voice. They were filled with new initiative, a dominating pride that would overwhelm any who dared to defy them. It was an awe inspiring sight to see the masses of a forgotten race come together. Soon, the others would come together. Nosferatu, Malkalavian and the others would unite to take back first the city, then the country, and eventually the world. The order would be restored and the human race would fall. They would fall beneath the overwhelming numbers, them, and their pathetic hunters.

“Soon my love, soon we will destroy these blood bags. Jill, with time, our numbers will rise, our powers will triple, we will unite the other clans and eventually we will crush our human oppressors. They have only knocked us down for a brief period of time, they haven’t knocked us out yet though. This war is far from over for it will only end, when I say it’s over. We will breed humans like cattle. Raise different humans for different tastes. Musicians, warriors, virgins and artists, they will feed us for eons my dear, EONS!”

Oh my love how I wait for the day that happens. I wish for you to become ruler, no other can rule us Kain, only you! However I agree that we must plan this out my lord. We cannot depend on others for our plans to work out. Your efforts are working out perfectly and we’ve found the majority of our brethren in such a short period of time. I’m unable to maintain my excitement my love. Soon you will rule as King, and I, as your Queen.

Kain’s phone began to ring. Violent music began to play as it rang. He picked it up and heard a familiar voice. This voice brought a smile to Kain’s face. He immediately called several other Gangrel and told them to meet him by the airport where his jet was. Within an hour, Kain stood with Jill at the air port and the others arrived.. He had an entourage of 4 vampires with him. They were all dressed in black, Kain wearing a white gold ring on his pinky that had the symbol of Gangrel, a dark wolf.

The party of 6 Gangrel took the to the air, going to a remote location in Paris. This was it. The other clans would come together and Kain would have words. He wasn’t very far from Paris, so his flight didn’t last that long. When his jet landed on the ground, Kain emerged, holding his sword and his handgun. His black and white hair in a ponytail and his trench coat swaying in the powerful winds of winter’s night. Kain was now waiting for somebody. He was waiting for Cassander, and this would be an interesting night.

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The charge is set boss

The vampire turnt around and looked at Akira as he set the c4 om outside of an old bank.The ank was the center if funds for most of the clans,the rest they would have to hunt down them sleves.Akira smiled and levitatied away from the bomb.Suddenly it exploded the doors,the heist wouldnt be so easy though guards had been waiting inside.

Someone tipped us off fellas,hmph,ill handle it go to the dataase and get our money

Akira's entourage had fleed the scene into the safes and computers hooking up there own devices,meanwhile the seven guards surrounded Akira.The first two lept into the air attempting to crash down on Akira,yet they were slammed down after Akira roundhoused one followed y an uppercut up the second.There was a breif moment of hesitation between the fight.

Another three attempted to put him down,the first guard's arm was snapped into two then thrown into another,the last was thrown into a glass window.The fight wasnt over,the last two were oviously the strongest hulking vampires.Akira underestimated his oppenets and rushed one with a haymaker only to e thrown into th air and slammed down by the second.

Hurry up boys

Akira spit up blood as those words came out,he got ack up and quickly slid under the biggest vampire landing a energy blow to the midsection ,had no affect and instead was thrown across the room.

Kay guys,hurry up now

3% left of download

Akira stood up once again,and was clearly getting angry.He charged his fist with energy and flew again at the two monstors this time with more power matched with speed,a quick ja to the face and one fell,the next one graed Akira y the neck only to e sent into the air by a metal door that Akira flung off the safe with his mind.

Game over

Download complete

The job was done.They fleed as if nothing happened.