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1/ IC Smart Mouth the Characters Costume Above,

2/ Whats the corniest joke/pun your character makes about powers (theres a gift for the worst pun)

3/ whats you character say when they can't think of anything smart or funny

example of mine

1/ You know your not supposed to apply clown make up on a bouncy castle right ?

2/ Lets not make a big circus out of a little clowning around


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Like, of the character above us?

  1. Hey, did your mum do your make up?
  2. You'll find I can absorb things quite well
  3. B!tch, I will cut you!
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1. Dude I think a saw some emo kid with the hair. 2, 3. “ Shut the f*ck up you ugly motherf*cker”

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  1. Demons? what is this, the nineties?
  2. I heard star trek has better masks than you
  3. Horns, bad skin and ugly teeth. Is that supposed to scare anyone?
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1/ they broke the mold before they made you,

2/ If you will not kneel then you will master pain as i lord it over your agony

3/ he'd just lock at you thinking horrible things

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1. A hoodie? And not even one of those fancy ones those four kids have? Come on man...even trashy boy bands can do better than that.

2. Keep up your bad attitude and you're gonna be outta time.

3. Weren't you on Doctor Who?

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1. Hey you know your super power is having the smallest brain in the world right ?

2. Bug me and I'll use a magnifying glass to fry your fricking face off


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1. Why the hell are you dressed up like a clown? you look crazy!

2. You suck!

3. Mmmh, I don't know what to say.

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  1. Hey did your boyfriend help you with your makeup?
  2. You got a knife? Cause I'm gonna ram it up your a$$
  3. *Smashes your head into a wall repeatedly.*