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It has been a week since the attacks started voltuire entered mexico with the intent of conquering it after all no one could stop him his first attack was on Mexican senators and other important politicians soon though. He was clashing with mexico' s army and they did not stand a chance he soon gained national intention as reporters came from all over to see the monster that was slowly crushing mexico's government .it was when he was surrounded by reporters that he announced to the whole world his intention to take over mexico as he continues on his journey to crush mexico's government some will join him but many will oppose him and if they fail their will be nothing standing between voltuire and his goal.

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Okay, war. Now... I need a character...someone who is pretty strong...someone who can be beaten though...arguably still human. Fire Elemental Flame Wheel... lets go.


Narration as Flame Wheel.

"Bring him back, safe and sound." Rage Mage had told me. Like I was a damn telepath. His father, his first one is. So far, he is blocking all my attempts at locating the boy. Im surprised the guy hasnt tried to take my life. What am I thinking. If he had wanted me dead, Id be dead the second I stepped foot on Earth.

I see this crazy guy who just goes and declare war on a country. What can a single mutant do? I wondered. Nonetheless, he intrigued me. So I decided to help him.
"Combustion." I muttered, getting my old body to stand up. Every inch of my body lit up in fire, and I could feel my entire body dissolving in the fire, save for my eyes. As I close my eyes, I could picture the Earths core. Opening my eyes, I found myself standing on a sea of lava, moving. I took a momentary dive in, then propelled myself upwards like a missile, breaking through cracks in the Earths core, going up through the mantle and escaping through the crust, I landed right behind this guy.

"Hello, boy." I said, walking up to him. "Lets have some fun." I grinned, letting the fire on my body die down.

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@kidman560: @ownagepants: Leon rises from a nearby graveyard along with his twin zell from a separate casket. "I don't see anyone. where are they all

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The interlocked fingers of the Dark Arashikage distressingly rested against the sharpened definition of a chin that had not moved in hours. A reflective dulness framing the Knightfall's face in the illuminating hue of a technologically advanced wide screen monitor continuously streaming the horrific live events currently unfolding beyond the border of the United States. Mexico had become the latest casualty in an alarming trend of dictatorial invasions. More alarming still was the unavoidable realization that the World's heroes had remained complaisantly inept in allowing this latest invasion to go unchallenged and unavenged.

A deflated sigh audibly rushed from Quintus' sulking lips before the Prolific Polymath turned to look over his shoulder at the glass case housing the original uniform he had donned during the Registration War. Inadequate and outdated it was never the less the only remaining vibranuim integrated costume remaining after the pilfering LeBeau sacked the museum. Visions of a life long forgotten violently invaded the cerebral sub-consciousness highlighting the unreconciled mistakes of Quintus' past as he subtly traced his finger along the costumes trademark cowl. The death of Ziccarra, Ellie's coma induced beating, Isadora's strayed path, the False Arashikage's death march, and now, the invasion of Mexico....."Someone's gotta be a symbol, someone's got to make a stand."

Hours later:

A calamity of reporters had descended upon the impoverished country as all the major news organizations had continued to illustrate the catastrophic invasion. Although valiantly courageous in their defensive efforts, the Mexican army was simply overpowered and outmatched. It was only a matter of time before they, and subsequently the nation, fell. As another fright-filled day was ushered in by the suns morning rays, a low rumble could be faintly heard closing in from off on the horizon. Anchormen and woman diligently touching their ear pieces hoping to get an early conformation on a possible breaking news situation.

Suddenly a base filled boom of throttle induced afterburners shattered the heightened sense of suspension. An all black Bogati concept feat of engineering mastery streaking through the international border crossing leaving a sea of jaw drop journsalist in its wake. "Was....that, that was.....THAT WAS!"

Without hesitation the Living Weapon raced towards the El Presidente's fortified bunker. Formula one mirroring finesse gracefully navigating the impressive vehicle through a series of well designed roadblocks and military blockades. Stylishly spinning out in a 360 twirl in the driveway while simultaneously ejecting out of the cockpit, Quintus acrobatically dove through the second story window. Somersaulting to a crouched stop, his cape draped along the floor and around his body. Slowly rising to his feet in front of an astonished President and his family. "There's no time to explain. If you and your family want to live, come with me." monotone cadence authenticating the Knightfall's resolve.

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Agent Higgins, an honorable man, a slightly cowardly man too. But when situations become awry, like an invasion on Mexico by unregistered Meta-Human terrorist. The agents task was simple, oversee the protection of the president and report back to M.H.A after he was safe and secure.

"I need at least three more men on the main floor doing crowd control if you don't mind, those reporters just got a whole lot more crazy for some reason!" Higgins shouted at a few of the house's guardsmen that listened the the agent's orders.

The green clad agent would soon discover why exactly everyone outside seemed to roar with awe and confusion. One of the president's men informed him that a man literally came leaping through the president's window. Higgins responded by instantly pulling out his pistol and sprinting up the stairs by himself.

Higs kicked the room door open and pointed his weapon at the costumed man. 'FREEEEEE-..." He instantly froze up as soon as he realized who this man was, the costume, the stance, everything about him checked out. It was the caped crusader from so long ago, there was no mistake for someone like Higgins, someone who's task was to research him for half a year.

"No...No way.." Higgins mumbled, letting his gun drape in his now limp hand while his jaw dropped. He got the picture rather quickly, this man was clearly not here to harm the president, but save him. "Tell..Tell me what you need!" Higgins shouted, his stance once again firm and tall, ready to assist his favorite costumed hero.

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"Hey did you see the TV? that' one of your friends?" Cassius turning to the battered old box sitting high on the pub wall. His mind already expecting the fancy wheels of his brother Andres perhaps driving through Monaco or Rome at some fancy high class gig. His eyes narrowing as the flames and matte black finish of Quintus's specialized wheels shooting across the cameras frame. Slamming down a twenty and kicking his bar stool to the side " I got somewhere to be" Pulling bake the throttle of his his sporty red motorbike the crimson Knightfall shot off towards the border. The person driving that car was most likely Q's killer or somebody associated with him and this was the break he was waiting for.


"Hey can you do me a quick five minute favor?, i will bring you back a gift from south of the border if you do. What ? ...yeah i'am in Mexico, can you find a broadcast location for me then. Live news broadcast about four to five hours ago channel 6 in NYC must of been sourced from a local network. I need a location as a start point. Yeah yeah i know you have other things to be doing but i am trading info for a gift, its not like last time. Ok send it to my mobile.. yeah thats the one. I owe you one, see you when i'am back" Walking over to his bike as the cargo planes pilot smiles counting his money "You must of really needed this flight" straddling his bike cass looked up the gesture of his visor meeting the pilots eyes "Somethings money cant buy, others the cost doesn't matter"


N 19° 25' 37.6566", W 99° 7' 40.026"- Central mexico city Happy Hunting.

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Subject: Kid Shade Time: 0820 Location: Unknown Village, Mexico

The newly established schizophrenic mutant, Shade stands atop a mountain that seems to be towering over a desolate environment with the exception of a few surrounding farms. His hair is combed back with a few strands strategically placed along his temples and is dressed in his traditional black Japanese suit that seems flawless and almost untouched. After the recent events that had occurred at the famous Xenon Mutant Academy before it was closed down, Shade began to wander the unknown borders of South and North America in search of meaning and purpose. Resting at a local village in the foresty area of Mexico, he had a few run ins with no name hired guns that had attempted to collect a relatively large bounty on Shade's head for his heroic acts in busting a drug and prostitution ring.

One night he was overpowered as he slept and he was beaten severely and almost crippled. Trying to find shelter he crawled for miles towards a rural farming area where a few families offered him basic medical help and food. Shade, rarely accustomed to kindness, accepted reluctantly. Ever since that incident a few months ago, he has been protecting the farms of the familes that helped him from oppressive police and military, and fighting off thugish cattle rustlers.

The rocky terrain surrounds his view, the mountain he stands atop casts a large shadow upon the farm's houses. Recent news of brutal attacks and raids in Mexico have tugged at Shade's sense of justice and moral duty. Reflecting upon what he should do, he finally reaches his decision. These families only have me for a means of protection. Not everyone can feel safe as I have made them feel. I can do more than this. I can become the Shade of protection that is needed on a much larger scale.

The dark figure jumps down a rocky side of the mountain, eyes red and filled with fury, there is no sense of his usual humor, but only a large grin plastered on his face. His body becomes a solid black steel like material as he rapidly descends down the mountain. Reaching the bottom he doesn't stop but sprints almost immediately towards his next destination, the last known location of a villain raid in Mexico in attempt to conquer it. "They will know our fury!" He yells to no one in particular, preparing his mind for any upcoming opponents.

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After a series of blowing people and things up, the war finally ended. Flame Wheel did not get the challange he thought get. It was just the Mexican army with their tanks and jets and missiles. They were easy to blow up. Most of the time, he was barely flailing his hands, and snapping his fingers. It was barely enjoyable. He bid farewell to the initiator after the war was over and done with, then departed. He still had a job to do, and his king was not the sort to forgive laziness.

"Farewell son, and good luck." He said, disappearing into the ground.

Being a flame elemental was easy. Being a strong one like himself was even easier. Unlike others, Flame Wheel requires little magic to get by the dimensional barrier. Since flames in the realm and flames on Earth has zero difference, he could go back and forth without a hassle. This was the only reason he was chosen to go and retrieve the boy. Only the Phantoms had a spell strong enough to be used to get by the barrier, but they were relunctant to let more people seep through to Earth. After all, they were contained along with their master for a reason.

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Promptly arriving in Mexico upon hearing of the almost unbelievable invasion of such a continent going unchallenged by world authorities, once again the world stood idol in the face of certain danger, Venezuela and the Statue of Liberty recent playing testament to the fact the world simply had no care for the innocent man, nor the iconic structures of liberty unless they were personally confronted with certain death. Having arrived with his recently acquired ally @arquitenens through other exploits regarding an undertaking in Venezuela, the duo of Archers agreed that this venture into Mexico would serve as a suitable and needed transition through the lands leading into their eventual destination, while being able to help the civilian population and perform the necessary heroic and humanitarian efforts which the world so heavily relied upon in times of hardship, yet so rarely received.

Currently attired in an elusively mysterious red robe disallowing for any prying eyes to view him, wanting to remain totally without his face being seen just in case anybody recognized him as a hero due to his shortly lived fame on TV in the Paragon Era. Quickly transcending the hot streets before slyly slipping into an abandoned hotel now turned watching post which Abigail was inside, "I'm back..." Quietly murmuring before slipping off the robe, his iconic green attire being visible once more, "Intel says the invasion is almost unavoidable...I think we best hold our efforts into helping the citizens, you agree?" Kurt manifested himself an emerald quiver of arrows and strapped it into his back awaiting Abigail.

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@lowlaville: Voltuire stood up as he felt all the energy around him no doubt his onslaught was gonna bring fierce opposition but the man who helped him earlier although he did not need it proved that he was also gonna meet powerful allies this war was gonna be interesting after all he wondered if their was gonna be someone who he could fight at full power he doubted it he would probably have to hold back so he could fight them at their level but still he had hopes.And with that he was back on his way after all he had a government to destroy and a kingdom to build in it's ashes he did not have time to daydream if anyone wanted to oppose him then they would be dealt with but he would not stop until his goal was complete.

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A young man stands alone in abandoned wrestling gym. The lights flickered as they gave off a weak light, just illuminating the lone wrestling ring located in the center of the gym. It's ropes strong but filled with dust, the wrestling mat stained with sweat from hopefuls and legends; with each one holding a memory. A strange smell lingered in the air from all the mice poop and probably some gym socks rotting in the locker room. To some, this gym was just a place to start ghost stories, but to others it was where dreams began. To the former luchador it was exactly that, a place where his dreams began.

The former world champion entered the ring and envisioned what was. He imagined a gym full of young athletes aspiring to become great at what they love: lucha libre. He remembered the training regimen everyone did each day; from running to weight lifting. Finally he remembered his younger self entering the gym for the first time and taking in what he would do for the rest of his life. Suddenly the image in his mind swirls around as the former gym turned into a massive stadium where he alone stood facing the crowd with a belt raised high above his head. The number of flashes from the crowd, the number of fans screaming for joy and chanting his name, happy at what he had won. The luchador known as Raiyo accomplished his life goal, to be a legend.

A tear ran down the obscured face of the young adult as his dream ended in a month as he was stripped of his title and banned from wrestling. The hero known as Raiyo became a villain and was hated throughout the Lucha community; all for something only he knew.

The 19 year old wrestling prodigy gripped the mask he had in his hand as he left the ring, grabbing his backpack he left by the entrance. Wiping the tear off his face he placed his mask inside the backpack and reemerged back to the hot sun of Mexico City. The young man wandered about as policemen were running toward the government buildings.

People were murmuring as rumors circulated regarding what was happening.

"Creo que alguien mató el presidente (I think someone killed the president)."

"Regresaron? (Did they come back?)."

"No creo (I don't think so)."

The young man walked through the crowds of people as he inched toward the government buildings. Mexico was attacked by a strange man a week ago and parts of Mexico was being threatened or have been taken over. Senators have been killed. It was said that Mexico City and Mexico in general was in safe hands, but in these worrisome times who could really confide in that?

"¿Qué pasó? (What happend?)" The young prodigy asked an old man as they were stepping back via orders from the police.

"Parece que los hombres con poderes aparecieron de nuevo, aunque otros no creen (Looks like those super powered men came back, even though others won't believe it)."

"¿Y la policía?(and the police?)"

"No creo que le pueden parar. Necesitamos un heroe. (I don't think they can stop them. We need a hero)."

The former lucha legend stared at the ground as he slipped his back pack off of his shoulder and spoke one word.


"¡Mira! (Look!)." A young girl shouted as she pointed north. A black car sped down the road as it drifted into a 360 degree spin and ejected its pilot into the window of the building.

The old man smirked, "Parece que ese heroe llegó, pero un solo hombre no puede liberar Mexico de este tirano (Looks like that hero arrived, but one man cannot liberate Mexico from this tyrant)." He turned to the young man, only to find him gone.

One hour Later

Policeman were pushing people away from the buildings, urging them to go home. People were either curious of the caped crusader and stayed or were smart enough to leave the vicinity. The group of people that left walked through the streets, still muttering amongst themselves as to what could be going on. Soon, they crowded around a radio.

"Parece que Voltuire no mató a todos los senadores. Hay rumores que algunos están vivos pero nadie sabe adonde están (It appears that the super human Voltuire did not kill all of the senators. There are rumors that some are alive but no one knows of their exact location)."

The masked marvel known as Raiyo was already at the location of one of the senators. There was a bunker hidden within his own home and the former luchador was already present with his lucha gear on. The prodigy stood at the foot of the entrance of the bunker with his white mask and golden accents softly shimmering in the light. He was shirtless, revealing his chiseled body but wore his white and gold tights. He slowly stretched his muscles as the senator looked at him.

"¿Que puedes hacer? ¡Un humano! ¡Desapareciste! Este hombre te va a matar. (What can you do? A human! You disappeared! This man will kill you.)"

The former world champion pointed to the entrance of the bunker as he glared through the eye holes of his mask.

"¿Quien dice? (Says who?)"

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@raiyo: Voltuire made his way through the panicking city until he had reached his target's house he could feel that his target was underground so he burst through the ground making a hole under the floors as he landed in front of the bunker in which the senator was hidden he quickly dealt with the security guards he had hired they had not even presented a challenge which was when he felt a strong presence. He turned towards it " and who might you be you put out a stronger aura then these guards here motioning to the dead security team and if your here to fight you i will only warn you once that i am very powerful".

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@quintus_knightfall: @agent_higgins:

Ash and dust sifted through the air as Zara Thibedeaux drove at speeds that borderline broke land records. The specially engineered bike had been constructed for missions such as this, specifically. In quick, unbeatable maneuverability, and a weapons payload that could melt through steel and demolish concrete into dust.

The coordinates that had been routed into the in-system GPS, allowing her ease of access with live updates that included the positioning of personnel. The combined resources enabled Zara to get her way through the city to the destined location without taking any fire, or having a need to return any of her own.

"There's a friendly approaching. Look for the little cat." Ellie's voice echoed in Quintus's head, cold and monotonous as she relayed the incoming information.

Coming to a veering stop in front of the bunker, Zara enabled the infrared lenses that were embedded in the goggles she'd strapped onto the cowl. It was simple to place the position of the Caped Knightfall and less simple to account for the milling agents as they effectively and efficiently created a tight perimeter around the bunker.

Every gun was on her as she sped through the cul de sac driveway, bullets zipping in her line of sight after agents had ordered her to halt and she had failed to do so. Within seconds they had halted as she held her hands above her head and recited a number and letter combination that had been fed to her through the comms established by Ellie Knightfall.

Confused looks passed between agents as they realized she was not foe, although wisely, none regarded her as friend.

It was several moments of tense, terse silence as they mumbled amongst themselves, all while faithfully performing their job requirements, while the little thief awaited the departure of Quintus with El Presidente and his family.

Quintus expedited them from the building with speed and stealth, still it didn't matter. The vaguely serene mulling of agents was broken as the crack of a gunshot splintered through the air. All agents immediately formed a tight perimeter in direct circumference to the president and Quintus. Due to top of the line training, they were all working out where the bullet had come from due to trajectory and were taking aim in that vicinity to provide cover fire.

Three agents had separated and were combing the property, at greater risk to their own lives in the process.

Zara caught Quintus's eyes for a brief moment as he ducked the head of the President's wife into the specially outfitted multi-personnel vehicle that had been retrofitted for this particular purpose. She had no expectations that he would recall her, due to the circumstances of their previous meeting, but she still carried the ring with her as a token of good luck. Never before had she paid witness to something so extraordinary.

Switching off the infrared in her goggles, the Princess of Thieves hunched over the bike, revving the engine in preparation for their departure. Ellie had coordinated comms between the two of the, feeding her both simultaneously to both as she piped in coordinates and a sit-rep.

A barrage of bullets rained down on them as agents faithfully returned fire, the two cohorts departing from the location with the utmost speed as they began the flurry of navigation through the streets in order to arrive at a safe haven.

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Flame Wheel decided to pop back up. He appeared behind Voltuire.

"Need any help, kiddo?"

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@lowlaville: " No if you wanna help go find and kill the Mexican president I am sure he is being guarded by strong people".

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@voleuse: @quintus_knightfall (more background) Oliver had been interested in the developments going on in Mexico. he was the newest member of the Spectacular squadron, he was excited when Dave gave him the assignment to help the capture of Mexico. Strong leadership was needed for the country to survive and under Voltuire would give just that!

He suited up and took off flying at superhuman speeds thanks to his control of light.

he was flying to the Presidents location when he saw three members loading the president and his family into the car "oh this just wont do" he sent a blinding light down and landed "the president comes with me! and i wont take no for an answer my dear!"

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"President....? And where is he.. Mexican President?" Flame Wheel asked. ( @kidman560 lol set ablaze something next to the president. Cant just teleport to an unknown location without something to home in on... ) He set himself on fire, to try and find anyone that fits the description of the Mexican president. Nothing came up. The president wasnt likely anywhere near a source of fire, or even a spark of flame. Flame Wheel could easily find what he was looking for this way. His level of omnisciency is unmatched in his fire form. His teleportation capability is limitless, and his power over the element of fire is unimaginable. But, he had a hard time finding the Mexican President.

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All of a sudden, Flame Wheel saw a car and someone being loaded on. He could immediately tell this was the one he was looking for. Without moments notice, he whizzed out, then materialized out of a small, but a flame sufficient enough for him to appear through. There was a kid, who didnt appear to be doing much of anything, except throwing a lot of light.

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After around 10 minutes the two archers had fully prepared and gathered enough intelligence to actively attempt to help the innocents stranded inside of the war stricken country. Knowing that the military and heroic efforts trying to avert the invasion would be inherently futile going by the recent trend in international events and aid during times of crisis.

The two secretively made their way outside, Kurt keeping a keen eye on the actual location they were moving towards making sure to not get lost as Abigail followed closely behind covering the back hoping to stop any planned ambushes by the recent anarchists and trouble makers roaming around the country due to its unfortunate events leading to the local Militia's and Police Squadrons away from the populated areas into the warzone...effectively leaving the innocents at the mercy of drug barons, illicit gangs, and simple criminals looking for to pray upon the stranded civilians. After a short and successfully stealthy trip the two archers had reached their desired location being an evacuation checkpoint.

Kurt stationed directly on the ground while Abigail tactically positioned herself above taking a higher point of view, ready to aid Kurt in case he was ambushed. Knowing he had one agent who would probably be here, and assuming that this situation would inevitably spiral out of control Kurt had contacted @agent_higgins ready for backup, the Accurate Archer and the Paragon watchfully awaited the anticipated arrival of Higgins while keeping a steady eye on the roaming crowds leaving the country stopping any attackers.

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Leon walked out of the shadows next to (whoever kidman is today) and pulls his double bladed knife. "Who is it were killing" he asked in his normal emotionless voice before looking at all the damage and flames all around. "So this is mexico....looks like a piece of sh!t if you ask me."

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@agent_higgins: @quintus_knightfall: @voleuse:

Fastidiously conducted observations by the Future Fraga of ensuing global affairs enabled the prompt incitement of Yana's inherent altruistic intentions. Discontent with the blunt absence of necessary heroism in the morally ambiguous times of the 'past', the Future Knightfall liberally immerses herself into the abruptly commenced invasion of Mexico. Enigmatically cast shadows and the visual obstruction from her eerily expressionless mask appropriately veiling her facial disgust for the ambient anarchic mayhem. Pragmatically relying on relatively gathered information of the prominent militant event from her temporally forthcoming timeline, Yana tasks herself with methodically seeking out the invasion's historically documented predominant heroes.

While particularly tantalized by the tangible plausibility of encountering close relative, Quintus, Fraga instantaneously finds herself circumstantially immersed in the magnanimous practice of aiding the frantic and vulnerable civilians. Effectively making use of her intellectually ingrained geographical knowledge and genetically-originating teleportation for the speedily efficient relocation of a cluster of pedestrians, benevolently cultivating ambient safety by transporting the surrounding civilians to a relatively approximate, secure location. In the midst of transferring yet another civilian via aesthetically flickering teleportation, Fraga's biologically escalated sensory perception alerts her of the positionally bordering presence of a familiar individual of familial communion.

Subsequent detection of the muscularly generated electric fields via potent electro-perception identified the emitted electric fields of Quintus Knightfall, a more vibrant, energetic emission than that of her aged relative from her future time. Completing her concluding transportation of the previous civilian, Fraga commences her immediate trailing of the Living Weapon, maintaining considerable distance while allowing remaining of his frenetic movements via evolutionarily progressed sensory perception. Subsequently detecting the presence of two other unknowns in Quintus' proximity, save for the president and his family. The ensuing gunfire was rapid in further fueling the Future Fraga's inherent heroic tendencies.

Careful to remain exempt from the path of antagonizing bullets, harboring no form of accelerated regeneration and strictly promising herself against immersing herself into unnecessary combat, prioritizing the safety of civilians over reckless battle. Taking an unforeseen gamble, she teleports to the side of the Living Weapon's mechanically innovative vehicle, maintaining relatively comparable speed via the feverish work of her powerfully carved leg muscles.

Peering into the aesthetically built car's window, Fraga executes a quick hand gesture, instructing the cowled Knightfall to follow her as a speeding bullet violently grazes past her shoulder, graphically tearing away flesh as a momentary facial wince overcame her. Uttering her only words through controlled, monotonous vocality, Yana promises a save haven for the president and his family, "Quintus!", voicing his name in an effort to appropriately capture his attention. "Come with me. I know a place".

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@voleuse: @cassuis_slay_knightfall: @lowlaville: @kidman560: @agent_higgins: @fraga:

Having safely evacuated the presidential compound, the impromptu protective caravan streaked towards the border. Agent Higgins, Quintus, and the El Presidente, were jostled about inside the Knightfall's confined Bogati cockpit as it aggressively raced across washed out trials and barely recognizable roads. The unexpected arrival of an unidentified ally had given the group a tactical advantage with her revelation of a strategically safe location. But a predetermined rendezvous with two of the comedic agent's archery based companions needed to be upheld first along the border. This would also aid in a protective exodus of the Presidents family though he himself, as the democratically elected leader of the people, would never abandon the country in her time of need.

The savvy motorbiked expertise of the artistically dexterous thief continued to lead the rebellious heroes toward their destination, head down and throttle cranked back. Leaving a roastertail of dust and dirt in their wake. Activating a tracking beacon courtesy of the techoweaver, Ellie Knightfall, Quintus intended and hoped, to attract the attention of his wayward brother Cassius. Though the two had never seen eye to eye the Living Weapon knew it was imperative to gain the Crimson Knightfall's aid in safely evacuating the political faction of the war torn country. And if they were to mount any viable counter attack against the would be conquers, Cassius' stylish urban guerrilla tactics would be an invaluable weapon.

Suddenly a flash of unbridled light burst with blinding repercussions, "HOLD ON!" roared Quintus as the vehicle flipped. Violently smashing end over end in a horrific series of destructive rolls creating a metal field of strong out debris and carnage. Thrown from the cockpit, the martial arts masterpiece lay in a motionless heap not far from the flaming wreckage, the condition and location of the others unknown.

With streams of tempered smoke rolled off the trademark cape and cowl, Quintus attempted to regain some semblance of composure. "Geee...t, the....get the first lady and the kids out of here...." barely able to spit out the words. The command received and acknowledged by the Presidential armed guard.

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@quintus_knightfall: Oliver landed and saw the caped man on the ground "if you are smart you will stay down!" he moved on looking for the president he saw them being taken by the guard. "Foolish humans they cannot out run light" when something else caught his attention where were the other two heroes? he started to look around unsure of their location when he no longer felt their presence he shielded himself and his companions in light force fields. "move quickly people watch for civilians we are here to help bring peace to this troubled land not put it into chaos." and now for the president

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@cassuis_slay_knightfall: @voleuse: @fraga: @lowlaville: @pyrogram: @kidman560: @quintus_knightfall:

As much as duty called, protecting the president and his family, Higgins could not help but stare in awe at the man sitting next to him. This was one of the men who started it all, years of crime fighting, years of mastering that art, equaled him. "We..We thought you were dead.." His voice trembled from just how excited he was to be near his idol. "When this is all said and done? You are TOTES going to tell me where the hell you have be-!"

That's when the light happened, the car being sent into a swerving frenzy that the hero could not even control. Higgins, who seemed to have a almost inhuman pain tolerance, was thrown about in his seat, head smashing against the window a good few times, the only thing he could hear was the crumpling metal and the screams of the family.

Not even that though, lasted long, as Higgins was thrown out of the vehicle too a few moments after the caped crime fighter. "HHMPF!" Was the only noise he could make as his fall was completed with landing face first into a pile of sand.

"Guuh..Face..Body..Sooo much pain.." Higgins groaned while getting to his feet, his hand shield his goggled eyes from the still present light that beamed down on all of them. Even with such an intense light, his eyes went wide as soon as he saw the caped man on one knee, he seemed to be rather banged up.

"Crap!" Higgins shouted in a panic, sprinting through the sand to kneel down beside him and check to see if he was alright. Before he could even ask that though, he told Higgins to get the family to safety.

The sneaky agent only gave a stuttering nod while pulling out a large shining quilt of some kind, gesturing the family to come over to him quick as the group ran for the hills, Higgins activating the quilt to make them camouflaged to assist their escape, Higgins only hoping Quintus would be able to deal with the shining villain.

Next, he texted Kurt while still running with the family that he would be bringing important cargo to the border and to be ready.

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@quintus_knightfall @agent_higgins @kidman560

Flame Wheel noticed the explosion, and a caped figure on the floor. While the shining knight attented to him, he himself couldnt help but notice a group, a kid, a woman, and some men quickly making their way out in a single file. They looked important. Carelessly gesturing towards this group, he let out a timid streak of flames to a point inches from the group trying to escape, intending to stop then. The people tho guards were trying to protect, is a prioriy beyond priorities. His job was to make sure the president, or anyone related met a cruel end. The only guy who appeared to be of even a slight challange lay on the ground and trying to get up.

It would not hurt to play around. Flame Wheel decided then and there. Things back where he came from was a way more controlled. Every action by him or anyone inside the realm was usually dictated by a man wearing a white robe. "No one is escaping on my watch..." He said, flames escaping the palm of his hand endlessly.

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BEEP BEEP { Tracker for Q active... Just came live either they are laying a trap or the vehicles emergency system has been activated. Repeater signal activated 15 minutes ago. Sorry it took so long had to plan route and get this dam message to get through roaming. Good news is that the signal is no longer moving, bad news is its 30 miles of dirt roads between you and the signal. Not to mention your more than likely drawn some attention to yourself by now... I have radio chatter in your vicinity, confirmation your presence is known }

"Typical in a bloody war zone and people are already worrying about a dude on a motorbike." Cass thought to himself.

Pulling back the throttle and ducking his head Cassius weaved through the city streets avoiding as much of the chaos around him as he could the streets scattered with horrific scenes the Knightfall's heart sinking as he came to corner 3 armed guards walking a group of women and children towards a truck. "Dammit" Slamming down the brake the matte red bike come to a halt in a cloud of dust. Using the most of this brief cover Cassius instinctively went for his guns stepping through the cloud towards the three armed guards. Take out two question the third hope he is the one that speaks English. Cass could hear the commotion his sudden stop had caused and the guards began to shout in Spanish at him "If only i had listened to Andres about learning Spanish" he though. As the dust dropped and the Knightfall's form emerged from the cloud a chorus of gunfire echoed through the streets.

Laying on his back Cass lay perfectly still, two guards down one to go. His armor taking the brunt of the hit nothing more than a few bruises to his chest and slightly emptier lungs. But a few well place squib packs stored within his armored chest plate portrayed a different story. The claret liquid pouring out over his trademark armor. The last guard began to approach to finish the job the Knightfalls eyes hidden beneath his helmet his right hand resting atop his knife playing possum yet coiled like a viper ready to strike. Hearing the sound of the guards safety Cassius struck one hand sending a cloud of dust over his opponents face his other shooting out and firmly slamming home a blade deep into his would be killers thigh. The Knightfall's instinct kicking in as he stepped under a ferocious attempt of a riffle butt strike, the attackers attempt leaving him wide open for a strong knee to the abdomen as Cassius returned to business placing the barrel of his pistol inches from his face.

"Now what the hell where you gonna do with these women and children?" the guard frantically mumbling something he couldn't understand. "He says he is just an underling, he works for another for a better country. He is a traitor to Mexico and our people so he doesn't deserve your pity. You see these streets? his and men like him's handy work. Your clearly not government and certainly not one of mine so are you here to help stranger"

Turning towards the voice over his shoulder Cassius looked at the rag tag group in front of him. " You think one man can help stop this?, you must think highly of me."

"We know of you senor Knightfall, and we ask you to teach us. Help us get our families over the border by drawing the fight to us."

intro done will be getting properly involved tomorrow

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- THEN -

His irises glistened under the promising glow of destruction as he watched the headquarters of the League of Liberty burn before him. He could hear the faint sound of a grueling resistance echoing from within it's breached and blackened walls. Remnants of the League, his former teammates, were now making their final stand against a force melded by hell-fire and brimstone. A force that had attacked them after a string of assaults had already battered his physical well being and crippled his false sense of superiority. Once thought to be invincible, he stood now defeated and broken. He didn't know if his teammates would survive the war that raged on within his former base of operations, but one thing was for certain. He wouldn't stick around to find out.

Abandonment was nothing new to Bluff. He had lived in numerous countries under countless identities and not once did he hesitate to leave any person behind for the clutches of uncertainty or impeding doom. This was him doing what he did best. Changing the factors of everything around him to better suit himself for the best possible outcome. In this case, the best possible outcome for Bluff would be to leave and move on to bigger and better things.

- NOW -

Beneath the facade of stillness, his hands clenched as if the very action somehow made the rest of himself stronger and more complete. His closed fists seemed to be clutched to an invisible thread that spread to every nerve, bone, muscle and organ in his fibrous body. From the soles of his toes to the chords in his neck, this thread seemed to vibrate; the rest of his body still motionless. He was now like a finely tuned lethal instrument. Should a single variable disrupt this harmony it would find itself faced with the occasion of music. Music that promised blood and the creation of violent tendencies. Music that most would not consider dancing to.

His eyes met that of a cornered diplomat. A politician turned refugee now hiding behind a dozen armed body guards from the comfort of his coastal villa. A predatory animal in and of his own right. A cheater and a thief who used his status and his last name as a means to further his own personal agenda of extreme avarice and corruption. All of these things, Bluff was certain of. He had chosen this man as his mark for this specific reason and had been hunting him since the start of the invasion with the promise of a descent payout should he return him back to Juarez.

With guns raised and aimed, Bluff's fists unwound slowly like a deadly cobra straightening itself out to reveal just how mighty and deceiving it could be if given the opportunity. The invisible thread now tightened, unnerved and ready to strum once more. The melody of contemporary gunfire echoed throughout the small castle's hallways. Bullets grazed towards, through and past the man with the face scarf, but not one seemed to phase him in the slightest. His arms and his torso crumbled and bent while his legs followed every beat of gunfire with a booming echo of their own. The first meeting of flesh and bone with Bluff and his newly acquired enemies was the joining of steel-toe-boot and face. A loud crack broke the illusive trance that both he and his enemies shared.

Holding nothing back, Bluff quickly overwhelmed the group of armed goons. One by one each fell to their own demise, whether by return gunfire of his own or a quick motion of slight and hand. In a matter of seconds only two men remained unabridged over the blood caked linoleum.

"You think you've won? You think that just because you have me in your custody that I won't fight back? Well iv'e got news for you, Cabron. I'm a leader but a soldier first. You'll never get me to comply willingly with you. You won't take me back alive. I'll make sure of it."

"I know who you are, Gobernador." Bluff smiled paying only half his attention to the politician who now had a grimacing cowl plastered on his face. The rest of his attention focused on the large knife that rested on his hip.

"And Who said anything about taking you back alive?" Bluff's smile faded as he made his way to the now whimpering politician.

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Shade continued sprinting through the warm and smokey debris that littered his path. Roads had become empty and gloomy soon after the violent conquest began. The war that Shade had feared had finally reached his newly found borders that he called home. He quickly glanced into nearby vehicles abandoned on the side of the road with his extremely enhanced night vision to search for any surviviors or refugess that had sought shelter nearby, but had yet to find anyone. A mission that comes second to his primary goal, seek and destroy the person or group responsible for the imperialistic invasion of his new home and deaths of the people he now called kin. Shade's running comes to a quick halt as a hill blocks his path.

A small obstacle when compared to ones dealt in his past. Shedding his skin, the ultimate carbon shield blooms from his finger tips up towards his forearms to reveal extended razor sharp claws like that of a bear. Crouching slowly he eyes the mountain and leaps instantaneously, slamming his paws into the side of the mountain before climbing the as if it were his daily activity. The images of Mexican families race through the Carbonated Hero's mind as he pumps more adrenaline to speed up his ascent. Finally coming to the top a loud crash is heard nearby followed shortly by a rather intense and threatening conversation,

"No one is escaping on my watch..."

Peeking his head through the night atmosphere and using his enhanced vision to see completely though the natural flora that conceals him, Shade views a caped man in dark attire in what looks to be highly advanced armor, kneeling on one leg obviously brought on from the nearby wreckage. Shade turns his head to a duo of nearby figures, that seem to be unharmed and reak of unearned confidence. Simply taunting the injured hero has he is down.

Well that just isn't right, is it? A detour is necessary as it seems one of these men must know who is responsible for the chaos.

Once again squatting down to bring his knees to his face, Shade leaps into the air and slams his carbonated legs onto the ground creating a loud impact that causes any nearby wildlife that sense the oncoming danger to flee. Fully clad in his Carbon armor, Shade faces his back towards the intense oncoming flames that were targeted towards the kneeling hero. Shade lets out a painful "Ugh" as the intense flames scorch his grey back. Even with the protection of his shield, the pain is relentless and stinging...But not unbearable. Still withstanding the inferno, he smiles and finally speaks through his own interrupted laughs to the group of conquerors and Liberators so quietly, his voice seems like a calm whisper within the eye of the storm,

"Who...Are the imperialist cowards...That attempt such unwanted treachery?"

Teeth bare and talons at the ready, he waits for the next move.

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Suddenly, there was a ruckus, momentarily stealing Flame Wheels attention, at a grey skinned figure came in between the torrent of flames. For a moment, Flame Wheel is taken aback. "Beyya..?" He asked, somewhat shocked. Back where he come from, a warrior of unparralalled physical strength by the name of Beyya roams freely. He has skin the same as this mysterious man, but a darker tone of oily black. Although since Beyya is known to be able to change the color tone of his skin, Flame Wheel wouldn't be surprised.

As the guy starts talking, Flame Wheel realizes it can't be Beyya. Their voice is fundamentally different. On top of that, Ahmed, the king, would not allow Beyya to leave Shea, much less the realm. It would be too catastrophic. Shea is the smallest country in the realm. Invaders are always looking to conquer Shea, though they always manage to overpower the bigger countries. Sheans, though small in number; is home to the strongest warriors in the entire realm. Flame Wheel himself is from one of the strongest clans, Mankhan. Flame Wheel, real name Husain Mankhan, is the brother of the former dead Heavenly King otherwise known as Khan. His absense might not matter at all, because he is about one of the weakest in the countries warrior ranks, being the frail old man that he was.

"No...can't be him." Husain shook his head, disagreeing with his own deduction. Then, he turned up the heat of the flames, using both his hands now, adding just a bit more power to his flames. Whoever his opponent was, seemed to be fairly resistent to his fire. Though, he doubted would be able to keep taking the flames for much longer. There was nothing he could not burn. Not even the invincible IronHides can stop him when hes being serious. He may be old, and slow because of possessing little physical strength, but he was adapt at using the flames to immeasurable levels.

And his partner, the shining kid, seemed to have put an invisible shield around him. That would be sufficient to aid him in close range combat. Just as a safe measure, Husain acquired his fire form. Being fire gives him enhanced protection against physical attacks.

Image on the right is how Flame Wheel looks in Fire Mode.

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@ragman1138: @cassuis_slay_knightfall: @quintus_knightfall: @ownagepants: @bluff_: @true_kid_shadoe: @lowlaville: Oliver saw the destruction going around him. he looked over at flame wheel and saw him going to fight Shade. "oh damn Flame wheel is going to get hit hard" Oliver thought he focused his light construct into creating a skin tight field around Flame wheel to protect him from Shade's blows. he sent out a telepathic message to the team "from now on we talk through mental communication, furthermore i have given you very basic mental defenses, should give you some resistance to telepathy but it will not stop the a good telepath. I also think someone needs to get the president he and a hero are rabbiting. I myself will focus on our batman like figure here @quintus_knightfall and make sure he is put down! if you receive any major injuries let me know my light power has a healing skill i can heal you!"

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Altamira, Tamaulipas

I crouch behind a pile of metal barrels watching the world through the slender I, V and O of an aperture sight. A figure pops into my field of vision; metal glitters in his hand and flashes. I shift and squeeze. Gunfire fills my ears and brass clatters onto the concrete. He falls.

Spanish shouts emit from a freighter behind me. I hear boots on steel stairs and I know the last of the refuges are climbing on board.

The cartel makes one last push as the freighter breaks away. Twelve men leap from cover, submachineguns spitting fire. Something hot burns through my left calf as I roll to another position; slowly but surely they are diving me toward the water.

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@true_kid_shadoe: @lowlaville: @agent_higgins: @kidman560: @quintus_knightfall:

With their imminent escape impetuously interrupted by the ominous generation of a garish, white light, the uncanny heroic collective experienced frantic disorientation. Ocular sensory perception momentarily rendered functionless by the ostentatiously showcased light, the Future Fraga predominantly relied on secondary sensory awareness. Committing the bulk of her efforts into refined electro-perception for necessary perception of her ambient surroundings and apparent comrades, Yana unfortunately failed in immediately reestablishing her physical equilibrium, presently disoriented by the disruptive qualities of the previous, antagonistic light.

Aqua blue eyes protectively covered by her forearm with instinctive defensive response, the Forthcoming Knightfall lamely rises from her right knee, appreciative of the limited physical damage sustained due to relatively formidable durability. Subtly impaired by the combined potency of bruises from the previous impact of unexpectedly colliding with the ground at previously occurrent, superhuman speeds coupled with the present dysfunctional nature of her treasured eyesight, Fraga frantically searched for the muscularly emitted electric fields of the president and his family. Gradually comforted by Agent Higgins' efforts in relocating the president's family, the Martial Arts Reina attentively focuses on the armed guard's subsequent attempts at honoring Quintus' request of transporting the president elsewhere.

Gradually regaining her eyesight, Fraga instantaneously caught sight of uniquely hued, ebony flames targeting the momentarily impaired frame of the Living Weapon, Quintus Knightfall, the previous streak of commonly colored flames having been altruistically diverted from the brooding Knightfall and such by an abruptly manifested, armored stranger (Shade). In instinctive fashion, Fraga frenetically teleports, materializing herself inches from Quintus' right prior to lightly grasping his wrist, and subsequently teleporting him from the impending danger of the flames, her flickering frame however, sustaining visible burn wounds on her right bicep and forearm, a second prior to teleporting several meters from the villain. Wincing in facially expressed pain, Fraga stoically relinquished her hold over Quintus' wrist.

"Tch", subtly voicing her irritable disdain for their opposing antagonists, she offered her verbal tactical input, "Quintus, those idiotas are not our priority. Protecting the president and his family is. Your friend seems to have successfully transferred the family to a safer location", she continued, shifting ocular focus onto the fleeing armed forces and political juggernaut, "But the president is still here. We have to do something, vamonos", urging her past relative into action. Harboring no intention of waiting for his response, Fraga speedily maneuvers herself into a position of close proximity to the president via teleportation, hoping to offer protective cover for the escaping president with or without Quintus' aid.

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@agent_higgins: @lowlaville: @true_kid_shadoe: @ragman1138: @kidman560: @fraga:

The cerebral telepathic culmination of the opportunistic Oliver had premiered itself through an extension of those around him. Shielding the enigmatic invaders via a mental link potentially crippling the overpowered guardians who's run and gun style and acrobatic elusiveness continued to be their strongest advantage. Defensive minded machinations molded in an array of flourishing spectacular brilliance through unparallelled muscle control and bodily contortions. Leaping, flipping, spinning, sliding, and even teleporting, out of harms way. Narrowly weaving in and out of molten streams of fiery death which had been effortlessly constructed by the hands of the Fire Wheel and the menacing Ragman.

Agent Higgin's decisive action and strategical cloaking of the Presidents family had offered a small glimpse inside the highly trained agent's complex combat consciousness. Authenticating what the Shadow Cardinal had suspected since their brief but revealing encounter at the Presidential compound. And it had simply been a matter of luck that a powerful unknown ally (True Kid Shadow) arrived just in time to help combat the fire bending madman as he launched another of his flame based attacks towards the invisibly camouflaged refugees.

"Tha" Quintus began. Attempting to thank the masked ronin for the impromptu intercepting rescue of his own persons. But her fortified focus of procuring the Presidential family's safety had cut the effort off mid-sentence with unapologetic fortitude. And she was right.

With dexterity mirroring the typing prowess of a teenage hipster, Quintus initiated the matrix level encryption key via a specialized Animus mobile device attacked to his wrist gauntlet. Spontaneously activating the forward sweeping winged nightmare used in the initial invasion of New York to rescue countless civilians in the face of unmitigated evil. Its turbo thrusting engines belted out a window shattering boom while its state of the art autopilot navigated its streamlined design across the sky with its towline draped beneath it.

Executing a fluid backstroke the Dark Arashikage was instantly yanked off the ground in cohesive coupling with a voice activated transmission. "Agent Higgins send me your coordinates, we're not losing these people!"

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@quintus_knightfall: @true_kid_shadoe: @lowlaville: @agent_higgins Oliver communicated "guys we got the caped crusader (lol) rabbiting hold the line im going after them ill let you know telepathically where i am when we land" dodging the array of firepower and creating force fields to block those he could not dodge Oliver braced himself and took off after the dark black jet. going so fast as to not loose the vehicle but also not let the vehicle hear him. he cloaked himself but still the sensors could pick him up when, if, he got too close.

as they were flying he could not help but notice the pilots vast array of skill. "so far he has protected from my blinding light, become coordinated very quickly afterwords, called in a high tech jet, and now he is flying like an ace! what else is in this guys vast repertoire of skills and achievements..." oliver didnt have time to find out as it seemed he was going in a certain direction and now was the time to be focused

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@true_kid_shadoe: @ragman1138: @fraga: @quintus_knightfall: @kidman560:

If Higgins didn't know any better, he would think there was some sort of guardian angel watching over him, that or dumb luck. The green clad agent threw away the now singed cloaking blanket, not giving it a second glance as he helped the first lady slide down a dirt hill, knowing the president could handle that himself. "Alright..Alright we should be in the clear.." Higgins looked on ahead, in front of the group was some construction, looked like a milling site was going to be constructed here. The one thing an individual like Higgs noticed, that being a person who was always listing an escape route, was that the roof on the main site was still incomplete.

With a grin of relief but goggled eyes of slight panic, he gestured the group to follow him towards the site. "Hey! Sent you the coordinates into your..Holy crap..You're flying the jet! THE jet!..Ahem..Sorry.." Higgins slapped his palm against his face while climbing the steps, seeming like a total geek. "Anyway, they have been sent to the data bank inside your jet, we will be waiting up top!" He informed the cape before pocketing his PDA device. "We are heading to the roof, a jet will be there in a few moments to pick us up!..Wait.."

Higgins and company arrived to the roof, pulling out his PDA once more. "Also! We need to make one more stop before we get out of here, it's two of my friends, sending you their coordinates as well..Higgins out." He ended the transmission while taking a seat on a cinder block, now contacting @pyrogram "Kurt! It's Higgins, I have the president...Annnnd his family..Yeah it's a long story, look I am about to be picked up by the coolest dude of all time and then we are coming for you, so make sure you're ready!"

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@quintus_knightfall: @agent_higgins:

Leon vanished in a cloud of blue smoke and reappeared behind Higgens. He then used his illusion powers to attempt to make Higgins relive his worst fears and past tragedies for what feels like 72 hours but in reality id only a few seconds. He then sent a giant translucent blue dragon from his left hand soaring at Knightfalls plain.

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The man who had intitally attacked with a blaze of fire to the down hero, had now intensified his flames into an inferno that equaled to the heat of Hell itself. Shade's black armored skin protected the majority of his body, but could only withstand so much. Feeling the convection of the heat radiate around his body, in a qucik decisive move, Shade allowed the fire to consume him in an attempt to quell the flamethrower. The force of the flames caused Shade to be tossed like a child's useless ragdoll a few yards away from his intital stance and roll into positions that would cause an ordinary human to break multiple bones and sever important arteries. Shade though, was no ordinary man.

Standing back to his feet, he notices a few of the other combatants dash away and another rapidly get in a highly advanced military style aircraft from the scene of violence leaving only a limited number of allies and opponents in the vicinity of shade's super-human vision.

"Well now, firefly. It looks like we can finally play together."

Shade continued as his bodily shield hardened and saliva dripped in hunger from his carnivorous mouth,

"See...I call you firefly because even though you are a creature of heat...You are still an insect in comparison to me." Grinning as he finishes his quip. "You have only one chance...Leave Mexico and it's people. Or feel my wrath"

Shade Offers an ultimatum for the man across him standing in pride.

Take the olive branch, or feel pain as I ready my arrows.

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@true_kid_shadoe: The remark by his feindish opponent only made Flame Wheel laugh. He now seemed even tougher than before. Not that it bothered Flame Wheel. His flames were only barely strong enough. He could intensify them to unimaginable levels if he wanted to. His opponent was ever more proving to be a monster.

Meanwhile, a fly like creature had teleported what appeared to be his intended targets to safety, not without consequences though. Some distance from him, the kid suddenly took off into the air, destination; unknown. Not that it mattered. He only had very little doubt whether or not this particular opponent of his was going to be a problem. He looked like a physical brute, and mindless at that. Back where he come from, Flame Wheel had his fair share of beating down on such opponents. It was never easy if the opponents could resist his flames. But, he became one of the top ranking warriors of his country by fighting his way through the ranks.

Flame Wheel said, "Sting....Firefly sting..." He paused the endless torrent of flames from his hands. The Flames around Flame Wheel seemed to intensify as he brought both hands together into a fist. Flames began forming inches from his fist, concentrating in a spherical form. It was black in color, "Lets see you deal with this...." Flame Wheel said, releasing the tiny sphere shooting at incredible speeds. Upon contact, the sphere would explode, that would release a special kind of white flames that can even melt iron within seconds.