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Location: A volcano on the coast of Fiji

Time: High Noon

she whipped out her pistol and gazed at the cowboy with hatred in her eyes.

How dare you offend me NoOb!

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Gleaming surreptitiously through the female's quintessential gaze, his eyes twitch, ever so slightly, as the afternoon sun danced majestically off of her wielded pistol.
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You are king of all things lame sinn!

Takes her daggers and throws them at him repeatedly in an attempt to knock the pistol out of his hand

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He knew the deep seeded evil that lurked within her heart; an evil so sinister that it compelled her to chuck virgins into the nearby volcano, violating the supreme courts religious exemption clause. Her impulsive actions could only be the result of the Evil Dr. Besso's influence on her malleable mind; but he never the less knew what had to be done, and prepared to eliminate this threat to virgins everywhere

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SilentStorm flies into the scene, he looks down at both beings then lands beside BatGirlBabs and places his arm on her shoulder showing not only his supprt but also his height over Babs. He then points at her with his thumb to notify Sinn that she invited SS to this battle.
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she held a virgin above the volcano

You make one more move and she's going in. I don't care if I am violating the religious exemption clause,...you can take your law books and eat them cowboy!

she held the virgin in her right hand over the flames and with her left she held a silver pistol, cocked and ready, aimed straight at his heart.

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he smirks, amused that batgirlbabs needed a mans help to fight her battles.

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he quickly sprints to the right faster then her pistol wielding arm can follow, grabbing a small serrated volcanic crystal and firing it with deadly accuracy at her head, before disappearing behind a nearby rock formation.

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Looks over at silent sorm and angrily drops the virgin into the volcano


How DARE you offend me you fool!? Inconsiderate nincompoop

she glides swiftly toward him, grabbing him by the collar she throws him down onto the ground

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she rolls and dodges out of the way from his quote/unquote deadly accuracy and hits him over the head with her Federalist Papers

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Post Deleted.

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SS rolls his eyes then just notices a bullet comming his way. With near-photographic reflexes he evades the path of the bullet then decides to take Babs advice and leaves knowing this fight was getting too boring anyways.

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he gasps, surprised by her unusual strength and quickness

you really think i care about those virgins? he asked her with a sideways glare this was a personal vendetta, mano a mano. My interest in the virgins was purely strategic, as your taunting has lured you dangerously close to the volcanos edge... with your back to its gaping mouth of fire.

he quickly snaps her arm away from his chest, grabbing a dagger from her belt and rifling it through the air towards her off balance figure

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With one quick move she unsheathes her katana and thrusts it forward and upward blocking the sharp thrust he attempted to make at her. She could feel her feet slipping off the edge of the volcano, as the sweat beads accumulated on her forehead. She glared at him.

Don't think I will go down so easily, fool!

With one single and powerful thrust she pushed him backwards onto the ground, and stood over him holding his Katana out over his head aiming for her neck.

*Give me one good reason why I shouldnt end your life right now

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well for starters he begins in a mockingly familiar tone if you kill me, you won't have anyone to bar hop with in Hartford next week. But more importantly, if you do kill me now, that guy over there nods slightly towards the right with his head will most likely dispose of you in seconds without my help in the fight

he quickly springs his right leg vertically, impacting her shoulder blade from behind; driving the katana into the ground where his body had been just milliseconds before
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*Her katana was suddenly stuck in the ground. She grew frantic; panicking she reached into her back pocket and taking the original Magna Carta proceeded to beat him with it, whilst singing "God Save The Queen."

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perplexed that this maneuver was slowly breaking his patriotic spirit, he leapt forth to escape the wretched sound of the Brits We will meet another day you bloody englishman, and next time you won't have your redcoats to save you!

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As she watched him leave, she put on her Guy Fawkes Replica mask and all of a sudden, an orchestra rose up and out of the volcano playing "The 1812 Overture"