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"Day 2, so I got a haircut yesterday, my hair started to droop down my mask and it didn't suit the persona I was aiming for, I needed a look that instilled fear to my enemies, even if it affected the good guys too, of course the barber asked about the face, I told him what I've always told anyone who asked about it, 'hot oil accident'. I went for the clean shave, as usual. I spend most of my free time on the internet really, trying to learn new internet memes and catch up. I'm especially liking the overly manly man meme as of now, and after what happened yesterday, I think I can relate a bit.

So, basically, I was walking down the street after my haircut and heard gunshots across the street, I'm no expert in firearms but they sounded a lot like AK-47's, looking at the direction where I heard the shots, I saw two men with ski masks shoot the roof and ordering the hostages to lie flat on the ground, and caught a glimpse of a group of men going to the back, so I equipped my mask, the one that looked a lot like Jason Voorhees' from the Friday the 13th series and crossed the street and entered the bank, they were to busy controlling the panicking hostages and confident that no one would enter the building full of armed men head first, I managed to enter the chaotic 'safe haven' for the citizens income. But my luck soon ran out when the two men who guarded the front and main door of the building noticed me, sure enough they were very trigger happy and sprayed 7.62x39 rounds on me, despite my healing factor, my instincts told me to cover my face, and that I did...with my arms. I persisted through the shots and managed to disarm them and incapacitate them with the good ol' one two!

Now, despite the shots fired, no one else seemed to notice, but amidst all the commotion, my ears were able to pick up the sound of two little children crying behind the counter, so I quickly slid across the beautifully made lutz marble counter, trying to avoid stepping on the hostages that were lying on the ground and surely enough I was right, they were children, both girls, probably in their eights taking cover from behind the thick marble. 'Hey, princesses, your going to have to believe me when I say I'm a good guy, I'm going to get you to safety, but I'm no superman, so you have to stay still alright?' I assured them as I carried both of them, carrying the larger child with my more dominant right arm, the healing factor prevented my blood from being smeared across their clothes, preventing them from further trauma.

As I exit the counter, I came across one of the robbers who had just finished reloading, both in shock, we stood still for a few milliseconds before he decided to aim the weapon at us, thinking quickly, I dodged the direction of where the barrel was aimed and used my shoulders to knock him down to the ground, forcing him to throw his firearm, using a kick to further incapacitate him. 'Ladies, go to the corner and cover your ears!' I ordered the two girls calmly but with haste. I waited for them to get to safety from the thick marble walls before I picked up the AK-47 that was lying on the ground, cocking it since I wasn't sure if it was already cocked. Almost near perfect timing, before I could get out from the safety of the small portion of the bank that hid us from the bank robbers to try and handle the situation myself, the cops had already arrived, I haven't even noticed their arrival due to the adrenaline that was surging all over my body.

But what happened next, I did not expect, the well armed thieves opened fire and now the police and the robbers were on a shootout. Luckily enough, their sides were facing me and, of course, I opened fire. Quickly eliminating the remaining robbers since their cover only protected them from the men in blue across the street, not from the hockey mask wearing man who had good enough aim to shoot them with near perfection from the side.

The cops swooped in and before I could lower my weapons, I was already tackled to the ground and cuffed. 'There are little girls in the back' I told them as two officers stood me back up.

Now, in a small prison cell, with grey tattered walls I hear a familiar voice, but I'll finish this up later after we talk with my old boss, Mark Castanza. I just hope my cell mate doesn't read this.

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@regal_rumble_man: Thanks! Did some few edits, but after the last one I decided to ignore some of the errors I failed to edit. So, apologies for the missed ones. Thanks again, I really appreciate the positive feed backs.

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Loved it!

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Neato :-)

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I really love the flow of how you write. You don't see first person a lot here and it doesn't always work when you do, but this was excellent.

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Nice work man I'm looking forward to seeing more.

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