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Heroic Park 6.56 a.m.

It was still early in the morning and the city was still awakening. Slowly the red ball of the sun rose on the horizon and painted the city in comfortable, almost drowsy colours that were reflected by the mirrored facades of the towering skyscrapers. The night owls were already back from the clubs and bars while the commuters just got ready to jam the highways on their way to work. Champion Island was caught in an almost magical state between night and day, blissful serenity and brimming activity.

Heroic Park was no exception to the general rule. Often called the emerald lung of the city it had somehow managed to survive the recent flooding and still supply the citizens with a place to take a stroll, have a picnic, to jog or have a romantic date. In the usual manner of big cities the people had quickly repressed the recent events and had continued their daily life and thus many dog owners could be seen taking their little darlings for a walk.

Routine comes quick for humans and seems to be somewhat necessary to the human mind. It appeases them and give them some sense of security. So those doggy walkers could not be blamed for their reaction when their routine, their security was broken this morning.

Still sleepy and wishing themselves back into their comfortable, warm beds they still took some joy in seeing their pets rolling around in the grass, digging in the soil or chasing after thrown sticks. Loveable dog reality in a city built for crazy super humans.

This was all over out of a sudden. It started with a display of precognition that let all the owners shudder in discomfort at once.

Without warning the dogs stopped. No matter what they were doing, digging, rolling around, chasing or just walking, the animals stopped dead in their tracks as if something had hit them on the spot. Their ears pointed straight up into the air like their tails and even to an inexperienced watcher it was clear that the hair on their back was standing equally erect. Like a snapshot they seemed to be removed from time in their immobility and strange silence.

Later no one could remember which dog had started it, if there had been an instigator at all. Instead they would agree that all the different dogs, massive St. Bernards, dangerously looking Rottweilers, family friendly Golden Retrievers, grumpy Badger Hounds, tiny Chihuahuas, lovely hybrids, even a huge wolf hound, started howling simultaneously. An elongated, melancholic, even heart tearing sound that echoed over the green tops of the trees wide into the still abandoned urban canyons of the city. For a moment this howling seemed to fill everything, to hover the city and lay on everything the sun touched. The owners themselves were speechless, helpless even when confronted with the situation, never before had they seen anything like this. There was sure something greater behind this but they did neither know what nor how to react on it. Concern gripped their hearts with iron claws.

And then it happened.

A flash of blinding intensity with a bang like thunder. It was almost like reality, time and space ripped at the same time in an unbelievable display of power. Where before the relatively calm wailing of the dogs had hung in the air the boom of the new event replaced it in a rather brutal way shocking with echoes throughout the whole metropolis. But almost as quick as it had begun it ended as well. And where moments before nothing had been, infront of the famous Andferne statue a strange group of individuals stood.

The statue was more than a simple statue, it was an icon, a symbol for one of the greatest hero the world ever knew. Although it was not the original which rested in the lobby of the Champions Tower it had quickly became a trademark of the park and a rallying point for young artists and other people who wanted to revel in the image of the American legend. The freshly appeared group was not composed of those ordinary people though. Power radiated from their very bearing and although the citizens of Champion City were used to a lot of freakish super humans some like the bat man or the ever colour-changing living crystal in the form of a woman were something entirely new even to them.

For a moment there was silence as the visitors took in everything around them and the onlookers stared at them in disbelief. The tension was sensible in the air hanging there like a thick curtain which could be only cut with a chainsaw.

Then the dogs started to bark and fled with their tails between their legs. Their terrified owners were shortly behind them.

10 minutes later:

It did not take long to cordon the area and the red and blue of the police cars flashed everywhere turning away the former romantic scene in favour of a hard and fearful background of hard colours and sharp shadows. One of the cops had drawn the shortest straw while they were still waiting on the special units and of course on the Champions Of Peace and had been chosen to make first contact. Nervous, twitching and sweating he made his way over to the intimidating group. One step was harder than the next. On his mind he had the image of his family who lived only a few miles away. He felt like the drops on his forehead would evaporate every second. Closer and closer he came hoping the visitors bore nothing evil in mind.

And then as one of them, a beautiful blond blue eyed girl in an exotic costume, stepped forwards his hand flashed to his service pistol. Only to be held inches away from it by an invisible but irresistible force. Seductively the young woman smiled and spoke.

“We are the Future Champions and we have come to see the Future Champions.”
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"Dahlia it's geting late you need to go." These words came from the bartender a scruffy old kind eyed man. His small corner pub was still under renovation from the flood still it was a happening place in the town. Customer service was priority and so everyone who worked there was greeat. The older crowd loved the place it fealt like home and was the perfect cross between clean and messy. It wasn't spotless it wasn't even glossy. It was simply dust free, a place aged and acustom to many people. This made people feel free to be themselves The customized music station had songs added by dozens of customers, and if a song didn't fit ones mood all they had to do was ask for a change. Dahlia one of the newest to the Champions of Peace came here often. She served the Future Champions and had grown to love the city, in her brief time here Requiem and Overkill had become some of her closest friends she ever had.. Looking up from her seat the cyborg smiled and gave her response.

"Late? Its dawn it's early old man." The bartender smiled before pointing at the door the two roling their eyes in mock anoyance with eachother. "Can I atleast get a pint to go?" The answer was always the same. She was underarge she had tried to argue it but the man wouldn't have it. She had if nothing else the apearence of a sixteen year old and that was enough to suggest she wasn't legal age. So with that the black and blue haired automation exited onto the busy streets. Night crowd heading home and early birds fetching their worms.  The city was beautiful at this kind of hour. The sun making the glass seam to glisten like rare jems. This was unmistakenly a beautiful day. The beauty just made the persistance of these people more aparent and inspiring. Call it childish but after the flood Dahlia had adopted a belief that the public as a whole were becoming champions at heart. Everyone did there part to mending the damage it was really quite enchanting. Requiem once told her a city was not a haven to love by the walls but by the soul. You could have the nicest home of homes but it was still dark if darkness dwelled with in. Champion City though was light it had a sence of shielded divinity.

Techno punk rock music blasted in her ears as the young teen enjoyed the morning air. Casually she greeted passer bys and most of them did so in turn. Beyond this hub was a world falling apart where tyrants ruled and blood was spilled. The people here though believed they could change it or that their guardians could. The club night after her shift had left her in a black tube top suporting one of her numerous bands. A short skirt helped show off her legs and high healed boots. In theory it was a  bit extreme but people were used to it. That and she was publicly known to be a cyborg it was ruled off as just part of the asthetic. Atleast today was one that seamed free of hardships a rare day in a dark world. Boping her head to the music nobody else could hear as the music source was located in a chip in her brain she strolled. Her mind wandering on ways to make this rare treasure of a day a comon serenity.

Ahead was the park where a perfect replica of Andferne's statue in the Champions Tower was. Dahlia was going to go hang out there before heading back to the campus. Maybe catch a lesson from the empath Dispair. Or maybe see if KD wanted to catch a rated R movie. Dahlia always could manage to get them in. After all what was there she couldn't do when it came to technical chanels. Thats when there was a burst of howling various dogs at the park whining about something. Curiosity peaked and going that way anyways Andromeda chose to go and investigate. Her music shut off and she released a howl much like the wolf that was at the park. A slight laugh parting her pale lips as she continued not in any real rush. Atleast it was not till the howling was stoped by a loud bang. The sound forced her ears to dampen the sounds for a minute. One of the many cybernetic aids for her bodies conditions. When theres a bang that sounds like an aircraft droped a bomb you don't  have to have a cybernetic brain to know something was going on.

Sirens could be heard aproaching and Dahlia then knew that this needed checking on. She also was picking up a massive energy reading. Quickly scaled the buildings wall hand over hand till at the roof. Runing to the sight was much easier from the high ground and so her feet caried her as swiftly as they could. Machines hissing and gears grinding with every step till she could catch the reflection of lights on building windows. Grabbing the ledge the young machine leapt over the edge and landed beside the police. The officers were speachless some pointing to what was before them more though simply staring wide eyed. She couldn't blame them it was hard to grasp fully. When your mind is comprised mostly of computer chips you tend to know technology. Where ever this group came from she could tell off the back they were not from this planet or atleast its time frame. Before she could try to make contact though one of the strange people looked to the others.

The shadow of Andferne kept the details hazy and the light acenting there outline. It looked more like a painting than a real life scene. Then a woman stepped forward a man behind her. And Dahlia Nightingale well she could of sworn her mind was short circuiting it was truely surreal. Her skin was as pale as that of a corpse her eyes flickered like lights. The majority of her body was a machine. Staring at her was like looking into a mirror. The woman kneeled down a bit to look the young cyber punk in the eyes. "First contact isn't yours love still got to earn our stripes." She said our? Why would she say our this couldn't be? "Names Nightingale and this is  Jason Salvat Ion or Angel of Fate."

Dahlia could except Jason clearly he was related to Requiem. A cybernetic giant of an angel that radiated of power and devotion. The cyborg was cool with that no big deal, it was the woman looking her in the eyes that still had her at a lack for words. "You're me? Holly sh!t" a teen age girl with a genius mind. Who was just minutes ago dreaming of a brighter world and being sweet to half the city was now at a loss of words. The most chatty little machine was now completely silent.

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Imari’s eyes opened, feeling the warmth of the morning sun on her olive skinned face she let out a deep stretch and yawn. The night before left her body physically exhausted, she could barely lift herself up from her bed because the muscles in her abs were so sore. Looking around the tower she searched for Scarlett, however her red headed friend was nowhere to be found. She met Scarlett a while ago back when they both were living in Solace City; the two met back up here in Honor City and both took up residency at the clock tower. Scarlett was currently enrolled in Honor University, trying to get a law degree; with the murderous Honor Avenger running the city it didn’t seem like a good idea to Imari. HA was making it her business to murder public defenders, as if it were some sort of lottery. Imari took a brief moment to think about Honor Avenger, and how her job in the city became a bit tougher. Finally, getting out of bed she walked over to the table on the far side of the room and grabbed her penny. Most of her days belong to her, there wasn’t much to accomplish during the days and she often found them to be boring. Today however, she had it on her memo to check back with the Future Champions. Imari pretty much did things on her own accord, she didn’t really relate to anyone on her team so she spent most of her time in Honor City.

Deciding to wander away from her usual dark look, Imari put on a pair of dress black pants, a black tank top and on top of that a low cut yellow blouse, with a small half jacket vest over that. To finish her outfit she had a pair of black flats to support her toes; out of all of this her shoes seemed to be more important, as she usually gained back problems from being in boots all day. Leaving through the back way of the clock tower, as to not show the outside world that someone lived there, she chose to take the bus. The 3am Specter wasn’t a fool at all, she kept her Honor Legend uniform very close at all times just encase she had an emergency.

From Honor City to Champion City by bus was actually a Two Hour Bus ride, but the express bus would take her directly from Honor City to Champion City without all the stops in between. As she sat on the bus watching the scenery zips pass her face she kept her mind focused on trying to piece the little clues she had together about Honor Avenger. It couldn’t be helped; Imari was a member of the Champions of Peace so for today she would have to keep her mind focused on Champions of Peace matters.

The bus stopped not too far from Heroic Park, which wasn’t too far from the FC HQ. Exiting the bus, she turned up the block and slowly began walking towards the FC HQ. She continued walking up the block until the commotion and flashing police lights coming from Heroic Park caught her eye. Raising an eyebrow she slowly walked to the park where multiple members of the Champion City Police were. There was a huge wave of fear surrounding everyone in attendance. It didn’t take long for her to realize what was making them all jittery, there were unidentified beings standing in front of Andferne’s statue. “We are the Future Champions and we have come to see the Future Champions” a blonde said sweetly. Imari’s autism began to flare, she couldn’t detect if these people were friendly or not. Wincing Imari activated her Echosphere and transformed under the cover of some shrubs into Honor Legend.

Slowly, very slowly, she walked around the shrubs drawing the crowd’s attention. She then stepped in between the policeman and the blonde woman standing as a representative for the Future Champions. Imari didn’t know how to speak English at all, except for Blair’s name and the “S” word because KD used it whenever he stubbed his toe. Imari looked the woman in the face and gave her a paralyzing death stare; which was quickly broken by the movement of another woman. The two women locked eyes and believe it or not, it was not a friendly stare; Imari could feel the other woman’s Autism scanning her body, much like her Autism was scanning the woman’s. Imari’s heart began beating faster, quicker, faster, and faster quicker. A huge feeling of doom befell her she couldn’t hold it in much longer she had to leave, Without saying anything Imari ran leaving the crowd in mystery.

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"Woof! Woof!" In a sudden jolt i open my eyes to see Zachery facing the window while barking up a storm. Looking towards the curtains i could see light barely shining into the room. "Errrr Woof!" I've never seen him bark that much. For a small puppy he does look very adorable when he attempts to look intimidating.

I get out of bed to see what he is barking at. I slide my bare feet into my soft pink slippers which matched my pale pink nightgown. I kneel beside him and turn my head to the left to look outside of the window. There is nothing outside. Unless if there is an invisible villain outside, but i'm sure Despair or someone else could have sensed them by now.

Zachery takes a few steps to stand in front of me as he kept barking at the emptiness that filled the air. I feel a warm feeling growing inside me to know that even though he is still a young puppy he'll do anything to protect me. "Good boy"

That is when we both see it. A large confusing light brightens the sky. It catches me completely off guard even makes me unable to see through the light. It's.. Light that i haven't really seen before.. It is different.

As the light quickly fades away Zachery lets out a long growl. I think it is about time i figure out what made that light appear. As i open the door Zachery follows me like he wants to take a bite out of whoever it is outside. "Puppy, stay right here for now. You did a really good job at protecting me earlier thank you. Now it is my turn to do the same for you. I'll be right back i promise."

Minutes later i'm heading towards the direction Zachery was barking towards. I can feel constant chills crawling down my spine with each breeze of wind that hits each part of my body. I then see bright red and blue lights that are coming from cop cars that are surrounding Andy's statue. What is going on here?

Then i see a group of people standing in the center of it all. Who are they? As i get passed the cops i see Dahlia already making contact with two of them. "Dahlia! come here for a second.." I don't think they could be dangerous.. yet. A tall vibrant blonde woman walks towards me. She is beyond beautiful. "As i said before we are the future champions looking for the future champions." she told me with an elegant smile. The future.. Explains the odd light it wasn't from this time. I turn to Dahlia. "We need the rest of the team here pronto."

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“Kid, put the man down” A police officer yelled with authority through a megaphone. Kid Devil had once again started his day holding a cat burglar upside down over a building, over five stories to the concrete pavement, it was starting to get bright the sun was rising. Warren tightened his grip, the burglar screamed, he was scared, the young demon grinned it he took enjoyment in the pain and suffering of the wicked even if it was only an average crook. Without warning Warren dropped the crook. It takes over a minute to fall from these heights. The cop dressed in black looked scared as well the screaming of the falling crook annoyed KD after only fifteen seconds he flipped himself off the building straitening his body as he felt speeding up his fall. “Shut the f*ck up you stupid f*ck!” KD yelled in anger. The burglar was petrified with fear Warren could now see the ground perfectly, the gum on the sidewalk, even the small cracks. Warren grabbed the crook and teleported to the ground safely. The crook still petrified with fear was hand cuffed and shoved into a cop car.

Seconds after the crooks arrest Warren closed his eyes letting his enhanced senses find something else for him to attack six blocks from where he stood there were dogs barking and howling non-stop he hardly needed demonic senses to hear the dogs there were probably people there as well a possible fight. Unexpectedly the barking stopped, silence was never good.

Kid Devil scanned the area he needed a ride, the park was too new he hadn’t memorized a place there completely yet. As if on cue a biker rode by The Demonic teen grinned as the street light turned strait to red. He slowly walked over to the biker the motorcycle was a Harley iron 883 fast and new. Warren pushed him off with ease “borrowing this fat ass.” He revved the engine twice as he sat down, the engine sounded good “awesome bike might have to keep it” Warren thought as he took off towards the park.

It took Kid Devil five minutes to arrive outside the park mostly because he weaved his way through early morning traffic and ignored stop signs, street lights and cross guards. From the entrance to Heroic Park he saw nine costumed people. Once again revving the engine he drove into the park tearing up grass and dirt he drove up to the costumed people he saw Andromeda Talking to one of them and another talking to Cellphone girl. He debated if they were friends or foes for a moment he hoped foes. KD swung his leg over the bike, getting off “Alright…” Warren said seemingly calm “… Who the f*ck are you people and what the hell is with your clothes!? Ya got a purple chick some armored dude and some f*ckin’ robots!” He yelled, showing he was clearly pissed. “AND DON’T SAY THE FUTURE CHAMPIONS! THAT’S OUR SUCKY NAME!”

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The beat of the music pumping through you’re chest, the flashing disorientating vibrate lights. God it had been ages since he’d been out like this, cutting loose with a little bit of partying would do him good and he’d defiantly be back to this club again even though he was still underage he’d managed to sneak his way in. Innovation and a little magic touch went a long way and there that’s what he loved about the night it always had the things he liked.

As the final song finished up and the exits opened Michael and the other night owls happily made their way out into the now dazzling warm of sunlight, it had been hours but seemed like minutes ago he was standing outside with the brisk night air nipping at his skin. Very seldom was he ever up as early as this he never was an early riser even as a kid he would always love those Saturday and Sunday morning sleeps-ins.

Realising that he overdone it again he started running towards the tower hopefully he’d be able to sneak in and make it look like he was up early ready for work when really he was partying the night, Despite the early hour the city’s was bustling with early morning commuters each to lost in his or her own work to really take in the environment. He wasn’t very far from anywhere on the Island to be honest he was actually in the centre he could see the tower in front of him stretch towards the sky, it was a beautiful sight the sun reflected of the glass and metal and it shone like a beacon over the Island. That wasn’t the only light though, a source of light shot upwards into the sky from the park blinding him for a few moments. As the light subsided Michael instantly took off into the air anyone would have known that was unusual, he wasn’t very far off from the park but high above the city Michael saw a speeding blur dash and dive through the park streets heading for the general direction of the park too. Coming out of his daze he flew faster through the soft blue skies. Gracefully floating above Heroic Park the bike he had saw earlier was there and he should have suspected the driver it was Kid Devil but he wasn’t the only being there, Cell Phone Girl and a new team member Andromeda were also standing talking to people who Michael genuinely could recognise.

Landing on the grassy dirt with a gentle thud Michael made his way over to Blair but one of the male member’s of this new group of people obstructed his path. He was slightly older than Michael and around the same height but what interested him the most was his facial features they bared a remarkable resemblance to his own, the most striking features he noticed was the man’s hair, jet black just like his own and his eyes they were the same colour bright silver.

The man stopped right in front of Michael’s face and kneeled before him “By the gods of Olympus Michael Frost you have no idea how much of an honour it is to finally meet you to even be in you’re presence” a little taken back by the man Michael looked over at his fellow team-mates with a confused look.

Unsure as to how to reply Michael blurted out “Um thank you…..you can get up you know or rise or whatever….well you know. Also who are you?” the man rose from his knee’s slowly and walked over and stood behind a tall blonde woman “As she has said we are future champions seeking you future champions.” Michael was utterly confused at the situation but he knew that this was going to be an interesting day even for him.

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There was blackness. 
There was now the constant and distant sound of drops hitting water, or what was assumed to be water. There was now a lone light in the distance, shining at the event that had occurred. A pool of crimson liquid surrounded lifeless bodies. Some bodies had bones broken in multiple places, internal organs outside the bodies with their stomachs ripped open. The cause of the atrocity stood in the ,middle. He was holding an arm, its blood dripping and hitting the pool of the crimson  liquid.  He smiled out of delight and chucked the arm aside, he looked up. There he was, the Crimson Eagle, a crimson murderer.
NO! Ryan screamed as he awoke sweating. He was having nightmares everyday in the past week, all having to do something with death and bloodshed. He couldn't pinpoint the source as to why these were happening, he thought it was just something temporary. Ryan then motioned his body out of bed, he held the pain in as his body was still sore from the events of the giant wave hitting the island.He walked towards the window and looked out, the sun was rising into the sky and the people were already out enjoying the coming day. He looked towards his left and grabbed some pain medication, Ryan popped two pills in his mouth and swallowed them. He then walked towards the sink and drank some water from the tap. He needed to relax a bit, he needed to enjoy the day. 
Ryan pulled out a pair of jeans, a red t-shirt, and a black hoodie. He rolled the sleeves of the hoodie after he put it on and began to pack his suit into a backpack. Ryan assumed that it was an 'old school' method, but either way, it was effective in times of need. He left his apartment in Heroesville and went to a deli nearby. He waited in line to order his coffee and he finally got his chance to order. A coffee with milk and 2 sugars; that was all he needed, he could go without eating until 1:30. The teen finally got his order and was walking towards the door until he heard someone shout, This isn't what I ordered! Are you stupid or something? Get me what I want! Some guy was throwing a tantrum for not getting what he wanted, Ryan then walked over to the man as he saw that the people were a bit intimidated by his bulky stature. The teen said, Hey buddy, calm down alright, they'll get you your order. Keep your voice down. The man turned to Ryan and smirked, What do you care kid? he said has he pushed Ryan on the shoulder in an attempt to intimidate him. The teen began to get agitated, I care because I hate douche-bags like you. The man went closer to Ryan. What'd ya say punk? he said as he knocked the teen's coffee on the floor. Ryan grew mad and grabbed the man's head and pulled him down, getting a face-to-knee contact. After a moment, he realized what he had done and eyes were staring at him as the man was bleeding and unconscious. The teen was in shock, he had no control over what happened and he ran out of the deli in shame. 
The teen ran and ran until he stopped in an alley, never he had used rage like that, the last time he experienced rage was... when the wave hit.  Ryan came upon the realization rather slowly, but there had to be another reason as to why. But that moment would not have mattered as he was close-by Heroic Park and a swarm of people were in the park. A suspicious incident had occurred, perhaps it was something that could take his mind off of what happened. He unzipped his backpack and suited up, he threw the backpack to the roof of a nearby building and memorized its location. He flew to the scene and he saw a couple of his teammates already at the scene. The source of the attraction was revealed, mysterious people standing in front of the statue of Andferne. Ryan walked closer to the scene and the police let him through as they knew of his team membership. He over heard one of the mysterious people say that they were the Future Champions looking for the Future Champions. Ryan was a bit perplexed at the situation as were the people, but one of the mysterious visitors walked towards Ryan. He was wearing some sort of armored suit, his mask fully concealed his face, the suit was obviously advanced in technology to a point where it had surpassed even imagination itself. The armored figure looked at his forearm and a hologram appeared with the words DNA MATCH appearing. He looked at the teen and said, I can't believe I finally get to meet you. My name is Theo Roberts and I'm your descendant.
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A Glimpse.

Light shines past my soul showing me what the future may hold for us. Most of the time everything that happens can't be changed, and rarely they can. The future is a difficult concept to understand since it can be changed constantly. Multiple futures hanging on the chances on what may happen.

I feel a cool night chill brush against my skin as i follow the sounds of the constant sirens and gasps. People are shocked as to why these people are here. I felt them coming a few moments before the blinding light alarmed the civilians.

I listen to them as they make contact with my teammates. They know they are better than each of us. Why did they come back to this time period in time, and not early in the team's history when Mistress Redhead lead the team?

When i begin to step out of the shadows i can feel the presence of my so called future decedent. I can see her in my mind. She wears a teal mask that covers the top half of her face. Long brown hair that flows down her back. A blue vest that covers her chest. Teal sleeves that fall past her hands hiding anything deadly weapon in her grasp. Teal skin tight pants, and blue boots.

Never feeling alone because of her blindness. Her spectacular visions help her cope with it. She dances with the knives that dangle in the tips of her hands. Free of any pain that could constantly stagger her thoughts. Her feelings. If i took of my blindfold i could see the colorful world that surrounds us. If she took over her blindfold all she could see is nothing but black.

"I want to dance too.." I shake my thoughts to bring myself back to reality.

"We can dance like the illuminating fires that sway around the stars great grandmummy." I hear her. Standing right in front of me. The nearly silent sound of her sleeves slowly moving up to reveal her hands. I reach for her palms to discover that they are empty. I.. Can trust her. "Great Grandmummy. I see a blue birdie. It's flying away from me. Now there are more. Their colors blending into each other. Flapping their delicate wings as they escape the Island. I fear for what is to come."

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It was crazy as trying to play techno on a generic guitar. It literally seamed imposible, never the less it was truely happening. Dahlia was looking into a eight thousand year old miror of herself. Same age in features but the tech so out of her league it was madening to dwell on. Drom just couldn't believe it this seriously was unreal she found herself poking at the skin remained captivated simply by the fact it was still there. Eventually she moved to tech and fell in love admiring the gadgets on herself and the grand baby of her angelic friend. She circled them continuously looking over every little gizmo. It was atleast five minutes before she noticed CPG was geting a bit annoyed with her. Looking up at her far more dead scifi self she smiled. "Don't go anywhere, I got to do something" she darted off with a sence of childish youth she was practically seeing this tech arival as christmas.

"Blair shes me, no seriously know it sounds hax but the Nightengale before you is also right over there. Anywho sorry I'll get to sending the message. She taped into the com network in her head and began to speak. "This is Drom not sure if all of Future Champions are here yet but even if they are main squad would probably like to know. At the moment FC is looking at well FC are uhm future counter parts are here." She struggled to anounce the last bit. It still seamed so weird to be happening. Finishing she shut it off and looked to CPG with an exstatic smile. "Was that ok? Still new to this whole thing" she awaited an answer and then began to beg the pretty woman in charge a favor. Her eyes grew big and glitered with light in a mock puppy like fashion as she pleaded to be allowed to go hang out in the training room at the tower with her megatechno self. Eventually be by annoyance or her adorablness the leader agreed.

Pleased to get her way she graped hold of her hand, well the hand of her counterpart and started darting off draging her along. The angel followed and Dahlia to excited to try and act mature trigered the speakers that normally directed only inwards for herself. A techno beet kicking in only for Nightingale to turn to Drom and use technopathy to kill the tracks. "Whoa whoa whoa thats oldschool stuff we got to do this right mini me." Herself spoke to her plesantly and a glow emited from her back before a soundsystem spawned from seamingly no where. "Slipspace coolest hack ever made. Trust me our soundsystem just kept, well keeps geting cooler, Now allow me to introduce you to Cybercore the techno of the future," With that a heavy familiar yet new electric ballad filled the street. The trio made way to the Champion Tower.

"Allright m probably giving a virus to time by doing this but I got to get you off your little urge to drink." Dahlia started to complain before her olderself cut her off. "No it does matter my little techno priest. Know why they wanted a cybernetic person over say a android or robot? Your the cross between human will and mechanical efficency. Really it is a grand thing to be apart of.  However there are some things the tech doesn't count for. Your mind and thus motor function is decreased now your body tends to make it only a point three decrease in mobility. I know you think that means nothing but trust me it does. However if you don't want to listen to yourself cool whatever I was just trying to give you a hack that might help you soon. Now come at me Micro make the gifts I brought worth it." And with that Drom charged forward her fist sliced through the air as Night apeared behind  her from a lightning fast teleportation and with a sharp ping of metal Drom was thrown towards the wall across the room.

Her feet snapped out in a kick to the wall stoping the blow and allowing Drom to flip in the air. Drom's index finger unfolded twisting into a small gun with a low bang a bullet is shot towards the head of her counterpart. The elder steps to side and jumps at blinding speeds avoiding the bullet. A palm strikes her still fleshy chest no cybernetic components to soften the blow. The hand pressed against her chest morphs and then there is a crack of thunder. A burst of energy shoots the young teen to the roof. Black oily blood specs the floor as Drom falls but the cyborg adverssary is far from done. Drom falls landing on her hands and was about to go into a back flip when the next attack came. A pocket opened on Nightngale's wrist and from it came a trio of whips. The weapons forged of hard light burning with almost solar like heat lashed out and struck her in the ribcage. The reinforced steel skeleton burned and the heat made Drom cry out in pain as she was knocked backwards.

The whips coiled around her left index finger and wrist. The second went around the elbow joint and the last around the shoulders socket. Her arm in a vice like grip and as it pulled drom towards the hightech version of herself. Her free hand came up ready for another plasma burst. In desperate refusal to avoid geting her metalic hide completely laid out Drom turned yanking the coils around her left arm. The limb blew up in a shower of sparks and heated metal Drom ignoring the pain kicked the left arm aside and landed on the future self knocking her to the ground. Her midle and index finger jabbed forward through the cybernetic eyes two small guns ready to fire into the womans brain. She was positive she had her this fight was Drom's, in hindsight that was a poor misconception. A glow emited between the technogods breast plate and from that glowing gem a sphere erupted forward.

The orb hit her square in the neck and hurled the cybernetic teen across the room and the tile cracked as Drom slamed into the ground. Opening a pouch on her left thigh two replacment eyes the round devices flickering to life as they snaped online. Walking up to Dahliah her advanced self offered her a hand. "Clever trick now I remember why I always liked you" she remarked smiling. "Here take these, the HLS X3 or hard light slaver times three was created by a group of alien hunters who enslaved various species as pets or work labor. Angel of Fate over here and I put them to rest and I adopted their tech. Im giving you six of these litle babies. They emit three whips a piece and have a grip that some of the toughest species cant even break." She handed the small devices over. "The other gift is something you got to work for." The glowing sphere stoped rotating around them and stoped between the women. She knew off the back that was going to be the other toy. She promised herself to do better to make sure she got the gadget.

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You're what? Ryan asked again in shock. The armored guy in front of him examined Ryan from the feet up and said, I'm your descendant. Yes, this can be a bit too much for you to absorb, so let's go and get something to eat so that we can discuss about our arrival. Out of nowhere, a pair of wings spread out from the back of the futuristic figure; its wings were so unimaginable, so lifelike and fluid as it lifted him from the ground and into the air. The teen was astonished by the tech. Well? asked his descendant, You can fly correct? Or were the history files inaccurate? Ryan snapped out of it, Yeah... I can fly Ryan replied as he lifted to the air and took charge of the duo. What is this? Eagle thought, I must be dreaming... 
Let's eat here, Ryan said as he flew down to a diner. His visitor complied and retracted his wings into his back. You're not dreaming by the way, Theo chuckled. What? Ryan asked. Its the helmet, he pointed out, it can read brain waves and decipher thoughts. My invention. His tone had a sense of pride to it. Um, alright... let's just go in. And also, don't read my thoughts, its just weird. Ryan said with a hint of annoyance as they entered the diner. 

The duo had ordered the exact same meal. Maybe he is my descendant. Ryan thought. That's cause I am. Theo responded out loud. Seriously, you have got to stop with that mind reading. Ryan snapped. Look I'm sorry. Its just that, you're... you're my hero the visitor said gleefully. The teen began to slump down in his seat in shame. Sorry Theo, I'm just having a bad day... that's all. Ryan began to straighten himself up, So tell me about yourself . How's the future? Theo looked through his helmet, Ryan could tell he was smiling. Well, I gained my powers through perfecting the adrenaline serum and my knowledge on technology helped create the persona 'Falcon'. The future has made huge advancements in technology, we can now perfectly re-create scenes in history, this is how the Future Champions knew of your adventures. We're here, to ask you of how-

Order's ready! Called the waitress as she brought over two cheeseburgers. 
Thanks. The duo responded. Theo was about to lift his mask to eat his burger and Ryan was eager to see his concealed face, but of course, there had to be a disturbance. Someone ran inside the diner, the building next door is on fire! The people ran out screaming but the duo remained. They nodded at each other and left the building. Falcon and the Crimson Eagle flew to the buildings and rescued anybody trapped in the furnace of the raging fire. Ryan had entered the building, the red and orange blazes were making him sweat, and the sounds of wood creaking made him want to save the people and  get out quickly. He had found a woman under a fallen beam, he had lifted her up and took her outside to where Falcon was with a group of medics. I saved the rest of the citizens Eagle, pretty simple if you had a scanner from the fuiture, Falcon joked. This isn't time to joke around, let's put the fire out!  
Don't worry, let me show you what I can do. Falcon had flown in to the air with his majestic wings and flapped them rapidly in an attempt to put the fire out. 
No, Falcon don't!
But it was too late, the rush of air to a fire caused an explosion; debris was flying all around. Ryan quickly constructed a dome around the citizens with his blue iris. After the building had disappeared, he was confronted by his descendent. Where did you get those powers!? Ryan was disgusted by his demanding tone, Forget about me! What was that? A guy from the future can't realize that an explosion can happen?! Theo put his guard down, Sorry... The teen hero sighed, he had to watch his anger, It's alright, you're here to learn, right?  
Yes, and Eagle, I received a message from my team leader, she requests that we meet the rest of our teams at the junkyard of the island. Let's go. 
Alright, let's go. 
The duo flew to the junkyard all the way to the coast of the main island, away from the city.  So remind me Theo, why did you come here again? Ryan asked as he looked around for their teammates. But the teen was knocked aside to a pile of metal scrap in the distance. What the-? Eagle thought. The reason why I'm here, Falcon said as he took off his mask and tossed it aside, is because I'm a fan of yours. Ryan got up on his feet looked at his descendant; he stood there paralyzed. He looked at Theo, his face was an exact replica of his. I'm a fan, down to the DNA.